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Argentina Duck Hunting

A variety of factors climate, population, local flavor, and more have come together to make this location
one of the premiere duck hunting spots in Argentina and the world over. The climate is mild, vast areas of crop
land speckled with duck ponds and little if any local hunting pressure, create the perfect location for your duck
hunting vacation. Argentina Duck Hunting is world class hunting!
J ust a few hours from Buenos Aires lies a duck hunting paradise. During the early 1980s, the Pampas saw
heavy flooding. Now, high-quality farmlands mix with marshes, to provide the prefect balance of feeding grounds
and nesting habitat. The result has been an explosion of duck populations . With so few local duck and goose
hunters, this area has become one of the best duck hunting spots in the world. All this, combined with warm
Argentinean hospitality, worldwide famous beef and premium wines makes for an unforgettable experience.
Duck hunting thrives in Argentina from just southwest of Buenos Aires in the heart of the wet Pampas, to the
southern tip of Argentina in Rio Gallegos. You will find terrific opportunities to hunt new and different species of
ducks not native to North America. A total of 13 species of ducks, reside in South America only one of which is
seen in North America. Resident ducks are numerous, which along with additional species migrating from other
areas of the country provide opportunity to see many ducks not found in this country.
For any duck hunter who hasn't been in a blind south of the equator, the first sighting of birds coming into decoys
is a profound experience. Species seen here are varied, colorful, unique in a word, superb.
In Argentina, hunting takes place just a short drive from your estancia or lodge. The region is populated with
numerous small farms and varied terrain, including potholes, marshes and wetlands. With little pressure from
local hunters, this is a waterfowler's paradise. After a filling lunch at the lodge and short siesta, hunters head
back to finish the day's limit. Some afternoons may also include a hunt for pigeons or perdiz over dogs.
Accompanying each hunter is a guide who carries shells, places the hunters in the blind, sets decoys, calls the
birds and caters to every need. A typical hunt begins as soon as light comes. The marsh rises in thousands of
noises and the ducks start flying, flock after flock to the decoys while the guide calls them in. On any given day,
hunters will see nearly a dozen different species including: rosy billed pochards, Chilean widgeons, numerous
teal and mixes of pintail and tree ducks.
Argentina Duck Season 2014
Ducks: April - August
Duck/Dove: April - August
Combo: J une - J uly
Duck/Goose: J une - J uly
2014 Argentina Duck Hunting Rates:
Ducks: 5 days - $3,995 per person
Duck/Dove (Days: 3 duck, 2-1/2 dove) - 5-1/2 days - $3,595 per person
Ducks/Dove/Pigeon/Perdiz Combo - 5 days $3,995
Argentina Duck Packages Include:
Five (or more) days of hunting over decoys
Bilingual host from arrival into Buenos Aires until departure
All ground transportation as required by the itinerary
Assistance with the paperwork to clear the guns at Customs
Ground transportation in and out of the hunting area
Accommodations in private estancia - double occupancy
All meals while in hunting areas
Soft drinks, beer and wine
Hunting license
One guide per each hunter
Not Include:
Package price does not include ammunition($15 box), gun rentals($50 per day), Gun induction fee($125),
Argentina entry fee($160), airfare, laundry or guide gratuities.
Goose and custom hunts are not included in program price.
Custom transfers, tours and extensions are available. Please contact Gage Outdoor Expeditions for details and
The Estancia Monte Laguna
Argentina Duck Hunting Location
Argentina Duck Hunting Species:
- Rosy-billed Pochard
- White-faced whistling duck
- Speckeld teal
- Silver teal
- Southern Wigeon
- Brazilian duck
- Red Shoveler
- White-cheeked pintail
- Brown pintail.
- Fulvous tree duck
- Cinnamon teal
Detailed account of Argentina Duck Hunt
San J uan is a classic estancia built in 1886 on an operating cattle ranch. It has all the modern conveniences
but still maintains the feel of an historic Argentina estancia. There are seven double rooms, two private
bathrooms and two shared bathrooms. The preferred group size is eight with 10 hunters the maximum. The
service was impeccable and the food excellent.
One of the advantages of hunting from the estancia is the drive to the shooting areas are short - 30 minutes
or less. we have 22,000 acres leased, with about 50 percent of that total wetlands. The balance is used for
cattle grazing and the cultivation of corn, soybeans, sorghum and wheat. This combination of marsh and
agriculture provide excellent habitats for a wide variety of ducks and other water birds.
We arrived at our destination at dinner time and after hors doeuvres and cocktails, sat down to a sumptuous
meal of tender grass-fed Argentine beef, fresh baked breads, vegetables, fried potatoes and a glass of red
wine. The final course was one of my favorite desserts - flan with dulce de leche accompanied by a glass of
The next morning we were up early and after breakfast headed to the marshes. We met our bird boy J ulio in
the field and before long the decoys were set and we were ready for action. I was the first to spot a group of 10
in the distance and signaled to get ready. When they were 100 yards out, a few notes from J ulios call turned
them toward the decoys. The ducks settled in 25 yards above the decoys. J ulio said, "Go," and I threw the
shotgun to my shoulder, caught up with a target, swung past the dark form and pulled the trigger. A dropped a
bird on his first shot and I managed one as well.
We were out of the blind in a flash and quickly returned with a pair of rosy-billed pochards. This was his first
trip to Argentina and he was anxious to take a closer look at the birds. Rosy-bills are about the size of a mallard
and are technically diving ducks. However, they behave more like puddle ducks generally feeding in rice fields
and shallow marshes. Drakes are handsome birds, sporting an unmistakable bright red bill with a swollen knob
at the base. They are considered the finest eating of the South American ducks and later that evening we were
to find out just how good patopicazowas when marinated and grilled.
As the sky brightened, the birds began to fly in earnest. Some, like yellow-billed pintails, circled warily before
coming to the decoys. Others, including speckled teal, came in small flocks and pairs straight to the decoys as if
they were looking for their long lost amigos. White-faced whistling ducks never really decoyed but often passed
low enough for a shot. When the morning was over, we gathered our bounty and walked back to the pickup,
then headed to the estancia for lunch and a siesta.
I have been fortunate enough to hunt waterfowl in Argentina on many occasions over the past 10 years. One
of the things that draws me back time and time again is not only the volume of shooting but the variety of ducks
available. Depending on the area hunted, a single days bag may consist of a dozen or more species including
speckled, silver, cinnamon and ringed teal, Brazilian ducks, red shoveler, yellow-billed and white-cheeked
pintails, Chiloe wigeon, rosy-billed pochard, white-faced and fulvous whistling ducks.
Each time I visit Argentina I am amazed by the quality of the bird hunting they continue to deliver. With
minimal hunting pressure, good habitat and abundant stocks of waterfowl and upland birds, Argentina will
continue to shine as the jewel of South American bird hunting for decades to come. If you haven't been, it's time
to go!
Ammunition must be purchased on-site at $12.00 per box of 25 for dove hunting and $15.00 per box for
partridge and duck hunting. We ask our guests to clear the shell charges prior to their departure. Payment must
be in the form of a personal check, cash or traveler's checks.
Common liquors, such as scotch, gin, rum or vodka are available. However, if there is special liquor you want,
please let us know in advance or buy it at the duty free store in Miami or the Buenos Aires Airport.
It has become increasingly difficult to secure the necessary paperwork to import birds for mounting from
Argentina. You may find a taxidermist from outside the USA to import your Argentina ducks but Gage
Outdoor can not handle exportation.
Please note that all birds being imported must be cleared with the USDA upon your arrival in the US and then
shipped in bond directly to a USDA certified taxidermist.
If you want to take birds back, please notify us so that we can let our office in Buenos Aires know prior to your
Cash and major credit cards are acceptable for purchases in most of the stores. At the Lodge they accept only
cash, traveler checks or personal checks.
The easiest way to call the United States while in Argentina is to use AT&T USA Direct Service. Whenever
possible, call and you will be connected with an English speaking operator that will help you with your call. Be
sure and tell the international operator that you are using AT&T. This is by far the least expensive way to call the
United States. However, this service is unavailable in some areas.
While in the hunting areas, if there's a need to place a call, you will need to be driven to the nearest town or use
the guides cell dialing 0800-222-1288 or 0800-555-4288. If for any reason you need to change your airline
tickets, please ask your host. The office phone number is 011-54-11-4808-0111. The emergency phone number
is 011-54-9-11-6444-2379.
Right now, the Consulate permit is not requested by the airport Police. This could go back to the previous
procedure, in which case we will let you know it. For your information this is the mentioned procedure: If you are
bringing guns you will have to submit application at the closest Argentina Consulate, holding the equivalent legal
possess authorization extended by the local authority, identification document or passport, requiring the
applicable "temporary authorization and temporary possess permit" of corresponding material.
When arriving at Ezieza International Airport, in Buenos Aires, you will clear customs and proceed to the
baggage claim area to secure your luggage. If you are bringing guns-you will then proceed to the police office at
the airport (P.A.N.) where you will clear your guns. The gun introduction fee is AR$300 (around $100). A
representative from Four Seasons will greet at the P.A.N. office and assist you with this process (for Airport
security reasons our guide could not get into customs area). If you are renting guns, proceed to the exit where a
Four Seasons staff member will be holding a sign with your name. There may be quite a few people with signs,
so please be aware.
Before you leave the USA you must complete a U.S. Customs Form 4457, which proves that you did not buy
the guns in Argentinatherefore no taxes are due to the USA by you upon re-entry. Unfortunately, the Form
4457 must be completed in the presence of a US Customs officer.
This means on one of your days off, you need to go to the airport, or a U.S. Customs Office, and have this done.
Otherwise, plan to arrive at least four hours before your scheduled departure in order to have this verification
accomplished. Otherwise you may have to wait nearly an hour just to see an inspector that is available to help
If you prefer not to bring your own guns, you can rent them at the lodge. The rental cost is $50 per gun per day
depending on the Argentina duck hunting package you select.
Voltage in Argentina is 220 volt, 50 cycles. Make sure to bring a transformer if you are bringing electrical
As a guideline, standard tips for bird boys are $25 per hunter per day. For the house staff, a standard tip is $ 25
per day per hunter.
Spanish is the spoken language in Argentina. However, one of our bilingual hosts will accompany throughout
your stay in Argentina. Please communicate any concerns during your trip to your host. He is there to ensure
that everything runs smoothly.
Please check with airlines the luggage allowance. You may also carry on one piece of luggage providing it will
fit under the passengers seat.
Your guns must be shipped in a hard-sided lockable case. Please note that your gun case will be considered
part of your baggage allowance. If at all possible, please bring a soft case to transport gun to and from the field.
If you will be taking internal commercial air during your stay in Argentina, you may incur excess baggage
charges. The maximum baggage allowance is 15 kg. (around 33 pounds).
If you have opted to take advantage of our private air charters, please remember to pack light and in soft bags,
hard bags are stiff shaped and difficult to fit.
Personal Medication
Travelers clearing customs with medication are selectively stopped and referred to Federal Narcotics Agents for
questioning. They must prove that the medication is what they claim it is and has been prescribed by a
Since this may cause undue delay and the possibility of missing connections, it is suggested that you make sure
the container is labeled and has the prescription number from the pharmacist who supplied the prescription to
you, plus the date, your name and the name of your prescribing physician.

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