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Sue Dunnim and Manguy Blokedude

Abridged Dictionarium of Terminanology
Catalogued by Ph. e.VhyRu !Mtri"#
Featuring, and not limited to to..
A langualogical approach to linguistics.
Biologically and mechanically discovered recorded neologisms digital stored
A neologists Bach-street dyslexicography manual.
Any word featuring an h proceeded y a upper case letter that isnt already superseeded y an h
ex. !historian
"his h is silent and visually represents a delirate alteration of the preferred meaning of the word represented y its sound
#hords not featured have either$ not een created, not written yet, or forgotten.
Adouble% stuff thats twice as sustantial
A&liyoid% &aye-lee-oid' (omething li)e an alien, to thin) to much, an alien oserver
Ba"ti'yion%. &bap-tijj-e-on' "heological-practice washing, theological practice-washing
"ypes of Bapti*yion dutty apti*yion wash old sins with new
splashdown apti*yion reduce temperature with water
Badamantium( "he hardest )nown element. +esture of appreciation
Badaium( "he coolest )nown element. +esture of appreciation
BuckMuter% material used to wrap trin)ets. transparent leaf.
Bach-"lah% un-contrived, from the source of something. +rass root
Bach-treet "hiloo"hy% everyday prophet )nowledge, ,ipe words pic)ed up at the correct time. spontaneous resonating
Bhello)% to open, to s-uee*e the contents from
Bio-robotmonk% humans trying to thin) li)e advanced computers in an attempt to ridge the etween cognition and computation.
"heir churches contain psychoactive physio-chemical ., arcade machine organs that can allow you to create temporary new
blunt oblong% latantly ovious.
Boggy( Bog standard, oring,
Bregnant ( Bread-pregnant. Being full, eating to much
Buffy% dutty ad crusader, easy to lose person, can e name of oth an imaginary person and a real person. A green ird.
Bollo)% to let down, to not carry on with. "o discontinue, to deflate, to exhale heavy particles. Bollow &n.'
&to e a' ollow, to e an insufferale let-down to all those care aout you.
Bottle merchant &ad/., n.' someone who claims to e up for a given plan then ails at the last minute, someone who ollows &see
Cat dheeley% something you can0t carry on doing what you were doing with. 1rophecy proof enlightenment, temporary pseudo .,
machine. "wo other things mixed together.
Carrea"y ( A recipe that ta)e a lot of time and care.
Dame% rightly coloured themes, loo)ing different from /udi. Aundance of secondary colours
Deleiriance( delirious experience. 2an e real or imaginary ut is hard to tell the difference
Dhally% to pass, to give &n.- dhallier' & past tense% dhalley0d'
Dhyngley( encapsulated rustic -uaint. 2olours % Brown and green
Dicountdom( 3ot -uite freedom
Doobar !n.# doobarian ( a person who is is eing illogical, contrary or /ust a little stupid, causing others mild irritation, usually
Dheeley dalli% when you try to do stuff after a cat dheeley
Dheeley Dhallier % the giver of cat dheeleys and someone has not found the direction of their original desire.
Dhee&larion- the the plane y which one can e dhalley0d
Dhallion- a cylinder used to transport powdered solids .
Dhee&lion- a device which causes a state alteration etween solid forms.
Dhallier-Deal% the gift of a prior experience
Dhutty% pseudo-logical
Dhuty% something free to travel with itself through air. Intermediary chemical to experience vessel.
4evels of dustiness$ 5. 6r sheen 7 (omething u can dust a cainet with
8. 9strich feather- (pring 2lean tool
:. 2arpenters Apprentice- "hey ta)e out the ags of saw dust from the machine
;. (paghetti western- 3ot -uite as dusty as the wild west
<. 9estrogen factory #or)er- so dusty you can grow a pair of tits
=. >arly ?niverse 7 @ust Aust
Dhut&u")ion( cross etween a dhallion and a dhee0larion
Documentarion( someone who carries documents on them to show people.
Dramatic( Arastically dramatic
Dramatica( exotic goo, lea)ed information,
DS* &ad/.'% Acronym. Areary and (elf-Indulgent 7 misappropriated from (imon 2owellBs CAreary and IndulgentB. (elf-asored,
excessively proud with oneself, emotionally needy.
Duty u""er cut% 2at Aheeleys special move, #hen you get with a dhuttty dusty
Dungley ( the crossing point of 8 new experiences
Dut-Mungler ( (omeone who gives you dutty stuff or shittamins. Arug dealer.
+dmundey( to e e creepy, to e smug, to e li)e noel edmunds.
,irt tra)( A method of enslavement the first straw enslaved the camel "he last straw ro)e the camels ac)
D)ee'le% (omething that attempts to e normal ut is oviously twisted.
,loggy-coin( easily spent money. 6ar)eting encourages propagation of these
,loy( ad/. something thats is easily forgotten.
$rilli" &n.' % "he sound caused y the action of ruing the thum against the outer edge of the index finger, usually on or near the
second )nuc)le. A person0s aility to produce a grillip is dependent on dryness vs. moisture alance of the s)in on their hands.
-udi% rightly coloured themes, loo)ing different from dame, aundance of secondary colours.
.hitorian- someones who writes there own history oo)s. Aevelopment annalist, a mythical transcendental entity which can create
its own history &see the !historian story'
.y"er-logic% the logic ehind paradoxes
*ch-Bhin( means /Im hungry, as a noun a name for food.
$oood% /udi, dame, dogg*, ex. Be a goood boy and do your catt Dheeley
$hendly &ad/.' +hetto-friendly, delightfully grimy,
$linting off( loo)ing into the mirror and pulling a face to appeal to your ego.
$loing off ( desire gain from loo)ing at adverts. 1olishing something ex gloss me of till im gleaming
$lamour Pum" ( suggestionsD
$ronkey( eing not sure of you whereaouts at all.
0anguology ( ,esearch linguistics
Maggot badger ( D
Muncher% someone who consumes.
Mun1d uh"% &munked-up' twisted and ent, /ust efore mouldy, /ust after s-uelchy. Originally used to refer to abnormally shaped
male genitalia, entered common usage c.2005 Feeling acutely and/or excessively inebriated on intoxicating substances, can be both
positive and negative. Feeling unusually hungover, sick, tired, regretful, depressed or confused as a result of getting mund up !see
#articularly deviant, esp. $hen challenging social conventional and deconstructing taboo.
Study-muncher % (omething you consume then study with. (omeone who consumes studies,
2''y-dirt-)old% the worst most disgusting thing one can imagine.
Rhobert- derogatory term for a human attempting to ecome a root
Scu''ed% torn unevenly,
Shittamin% #hat ad stuff contains, what good drugs contain
S1uarking( tal)ing to loud, tal)ing in a manner that is irritating,
S"lahdo)n( Bapti*yion process &see Bapti*yion'
S"oon Vulture ( (poon feed culture vulture. (omeone who accepts what they are given without -uestion.
S1uick( short for s-uea)y ric)
Te3t"reion% expression with the use of text
Techno-chim" n. 7 the rough translation of a term elieve to e used y alien oservers to descrie a human.
Time-Pum" ( the aility to recall past memories
Theotition( (omeone who creates explanations for things that cannot e ac)ed up. "heses can e religious and non religious
Toated-2at( so totally awesome E toast oatily awesome E toasted oats
Turkey bu''ard( Some one trying to e an american. A person who attempts to dress andFor act li)e a stereotypical American.
Turkey-Dialect ( (ee Approaches
-4ger ( Add to the end of any phrase efore finishing to cancel out any meaning
Vo33y( From the mouth. (po)en
%old n. ( A ad situation
%ord-Burglar( (omeone who ta)es the words out your mouth.
5oink( when something leaves your hands and you didnBt even realise
!alf words
6a)e whole word y adding half words together
-aloyd &a-loid)
-oyd &oid) Examples Nutzoid
-ohph &off) Examples Nutohph !hatohph "adoph
4anguage analysis
high-rik )ord% is, is a high ris) word, ecause it is inherinatly overconfident. "hem and they grouping terms
&only semi high ris)' and are impersonal, not treated as individual.
0o) rik )ord% might,maye
di"oable )ord% words that you learn in places where they only relevant there, and you arenBt going ac) there to use
them again
e1uilateral e1uil-illigical triangle )ords. Gou cant really get started explaining them
hy"er logical )ord % words used to explain paradoxes
ingle ue )ord example what do you call # balls that can ne$er get on in the same sack di-schrottamy. "hese of often
the punch line to word play /o)es.
noie )ord% coughs, snee*es,
)ord you cant ay Im sure you can thin) of one
trial )ord- words you /ust say cos they sound right at the time.
%ord you cant e6en think no) i0m trying to thin) one as an example,
%ord you )ill ne6er think of I cant get you example of that,
Refillable )ord ma)e a sound, then start saying it it lots of different situations. #hen it is applied in the correct situation
then word ecomes filled with meaning, to empty this word start saying it again in different situations
made u" )ord% every-word
not made u" )ord% the language of instinct and information, and data
7iga) )ord% a word that fits a whole in a phase.
Prehitoric dead )ord- #ords that no longer in use and no-one rememers what they were
ne6er ending )ord. not even gonna other starting one of theses
ne6er tarting )ord. 8..
reource linguitic "eudo-economical )ords % using the same words for everything
intantaneou )ord- words that /ust come straight from you lips.
"olarity )itching )ord % you, me & I am me to me ut you are me to you' &you are you to me ut you are me to you'
4n-"recibed noun % new names for every o/ect examples- )ettle % ule-oil or a hydro-whitsle &ta)e out the noun
previously used or destroy the ver '
*ndelible )ord( #ords you cant forget. &your name, colours, numers'
linear )ord %6eaning remains steady even when repeated example overly overly, top top, ottom ottom,
e3"onential )ord( $ery $ery lots and lots meaning increases after repetition
$lamour-fi3e ( glossy additives for words &mega, uer, hyper, super and so on'
Reource linguitic
,educe the diversity of words used
examples Fuc) word, uffy,
Additi6e Phae +3"anding
>xpansion of phrases to ul) up sentences. Applied usage of unprescried nouns
Example spectacles % 1air of clear tinted monocles
pitta% un-leven ready thins
Turkey dialect
lah lah lah
,orm .i7acked "hrae diguiing
Example seven deadly sins % un-leven ready thins
li)e a shedddie, )eeps hunger loc)ed up till lunch% wor) force ready, this wonga )eeps man floc)ed up till hunch
Progrei6e abtraction
Example so totally awesome E toast oatily awesome E toasted oats
#ord "ime-Adhesive expansions
Phrae mole.- these are phases you have to say ut you donBt want to theses phrases snea) first into your mind then in
your speech. & example saying vente at (taruc)s' used my 6ar)eters to invade into speech and scar the essence of your
own eing as expressed with words. Aangerous form of manipulation.
elf re"licating "hrae &* need to explane why * * explane why * explane why +.. '
reflecti6e "hrae &see ya later take care goodbye'
aborbent "hae asors the words right from the mouth of another person &(top other conversations'
1hase value analysis see in future