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The Fastest Dual-GPU

Graphics Card In The Planet

Gigabyte HD 5970 Series
Media kit
Features  Date: 2009/11/18

 Dual Cypress GPU

 Full Microsoft DirectX® 11 Support
 DVI-I*2 / mini DisplayPort ready

 PCI Express 2.1 technology product and will deliver 16‐‐lanes of PCI
Express 2.1 bus interface for high‐‐bandwidth applications
 2GB of GDDR5 memory
 256-bit*2 memory interface
 40nm fabrication process
 Supports OpenGL 3.1 (3.2 Ready in 2010)
 ATI CrossFireX™
 ATI Stream ™ Technology
 ATI Avivo™ HD video and display technology
 Support Native HDMI(v1.3) and Displayport
Specification  Date: 2009/11/18

GPU Radeon HD 5970

Core Clock 725 MHz
Memory Clock 4000 MHz
Memory Size 2GB GDDR5
Bus Type PCI Express 2.1
Memory Bus 256-bit*2

Stream Processors 3200

Memory type 32Mx32

DirectX 11 Yes
DVI Port
(Support Dual-link DVI)
DisplayPort Yes (mini DisplayPort)
HDMI Yes (By adapter)
3DMark Vantage X X11608
3DMark Vantage P P19584
Outlook  Date: 2009/11/18
 6pin power connector
ATI Radeon HD 5970 GPU  8pin power connector
- DirectX 11 & OpenGL 3.2
- Shader Model 5.0

 GDDR 5 32Mx32
 Supports Crossfire

 mini Displayport

**650 Watt or greater power supply one 75W 6-pin and one 150W 8-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended
DirectX® 11  Date: 2009/11/18

Tessellation is a way to increase the detail in a 3D model
More detail= More realistic image
HDR Texture compression(高動態範圍材質壓縮
Delivers an intense level visual detail without increasing graphics memory footprint
with efficiency and incredible image quality
DirectX® 11  Date: 2009/11/18

Multi-Threading (多執行緒
Support for DirectX® 11 accelerates rendering by leveraging all
the CPU cores for overall faster gaming performance

Allows the graphics card to process “general purpose”
calculations, and improves PC performance by taking on some or
all of a DirectX 11-enabled applications’s processing load, freeing
up to the computer’s main processor to take on additional tasks.

Developers can utilize the massive parallel processing power of

ATI HD 5800 Series Card
 Video transcoding
 Artificial intelligence
 Stock market analysis
 Global weather prediction
ATI Eyefinity  Date: 2009/11/18

 Immersive Gaming with ATI Eyefinity

Wider field of view lets you see enemies before they see you
ATI Eyefinity  Date: 2009/11/18

 Expand Your Vision

Get a truly immersive entertainment (gaming and video) experience and
help boost productivity (home and office) with ATI Eyefinity technology,
extreme multi-monitor support
 Date: 2009/11/18
 Date: 2009/11/18
 Date: 2009/11/18
 Date: 2009/11/18
 Date: 2009/11/18

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