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Sign: Egiobe .
Prophecy: Ire ariku oyale lowo Orunmila (good health, thanks to Orunmila.
Aldim: Akara bibo. (Putting Orunmila 16 slices of bread with hulls and cocoa butter, accompanied with
2 candles.)
Governs: Yemaya
Care: Elegua
Flag: blue with red trim.
EBO : 1 - goat , one rooster, sea water, indigo, a stone reef . buzzard feather , white and blue fabrics,
land of the door of the house , earth shoes , hair goatee a Granada , smoked sin jutia smoked , roasted
corn, palm oil , honey, 2 coconuts , 2 candles, cocoa butter Opolopowo .
1 - The Butterfly wanted to fly prematurely and burned wings.
2 - All I have and all I lack.
3 - God gives not have beard Quija.
4 - A dead king, Crown Prince.
Born in this sign:
The waters and lands.
The unity and struggle of opposites.
The separation and discord.
The tidal wave and its disastrous consequences.
Wet the body with water and irrigate ailada ailada water inside the house, leaving it for a while and
then flushing it.
Plants of the sign:
Granada, ceiba .
Ifa says: We should be very organized in all aspects of life, to ensure a better way of life.
We should avoid hot flashes, as this would lead to adverse effects on our health and our relationships :
Ifa says .
Ifa says : Fill with Yemaya Olokun and according to the designs that we offer in religious and spiritual
accompaniment , our elders.
Ifa says: We should give us a snapper this year to head consultation .
Ifa says: We should avoid drinking alcohol, snuff and drugs.
Ifa says: We should esmerar care of our elderly , maintaining a good relationship with them , so as to
encourage them as this will make you much good.
Ifa says: We should make everyone in the house, ebo (cleaning, sacrifice ) in order to avoid losses and
tears .
Ifa says: We should wear white to debug systematically negative energies.
Ifa says: That when we invoke an Orisha must not forget the use of water.
Ifa says: It is recommended to always go to their elders, to have the blessing of Olodumare .
Ifa says: We should take care of diseases, digestive , cardiovascular , lungs, eyes, kidneys , spine and
sexually transmitted diseases .
Ifa says : That this year should make a track severe weather events , which lead to losses, ras sea ,
earthquakes , rains, storm surges , floods , hurricanes .
Ifa says: We should avoid eating fruits and sandy backward meals in order to avoid digestive problems.
Ifa says: We should keep both family and religious household.
Ifa says: We should be humble and simple and avoid arrogance, genius and bad form to others .
Ifa says: It is recommended to give it a goat Elegua , to keep the roads open .
Ifa says: That we should work with the health of both our bodies and our homes .
Ifa says: We should avoid ourselves embroiled in corruption or illicit businesses to avoid clashes with the
Ifa says: We must avoid religious disrespect among our blood as both religious and even among
coworkers family.
For general knowledge
The first of December 2013 , with the presence of a significant number of Cubans Babalawos and other
countries and members of the Cuban Council of Elder Priests of Ifa , the corresponding ceremonies to
Pre - opening of the Letter of 2014 were conducted in the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba .
The recommendations were:
What he called the 25 fundamental positions. In all cases the response of the deities were very
On December 30, 2013, corresponding sacrifices to the deities that were determined in the Pre -
Opening were made.

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