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Interpreting The Vision Daniel

I wanted to relate a vision I had back in the late 90's that just this day the Lord revealed it too me as
concerning the wheres and why of what it represented.
The Vision in short has 4 parts.:

1. I was walking near some place and came across two huge stereo speakers and in between them was a
huge civil war canon. The radio station known as The Big Gun WGUN was playing this song by a Gospel
group called "Gold City" and they were singing their big hit "The Midnight Cry". They were at the point in
their song and singing it so loud where it says "At the Midnight Cry, when Jesus Comes Again" all of a
sudden this canon fired off a loud fantastic BOOM! It astounded me how loud it was, I walked on past it
and then:

2. I looked up over to the left side of the sky and saw 5 or so Stars just hanging there shining so big and
bright, when suddenly they begin twinkling and began moving into an organized fashion as if soldiers were
lining up to march, then once they did, they shot in a line over to the right side of the sky and began
entering one another till they became One Huge Star.

3. Off to the side over at the left where I seen the stars first there was a number of rainbows
interconnected with one another where they were touching one another. Then after the stars came over to
the right side of the sky, the rainbows appeared behind them again but this time they formed a triangle or
pyramid in the sky with a rainbow beam of light shining through them, the way they show a light striking
a prism then refracting as a rainbow out the other side.

4. The Star now began coming to stand over where I was and stopped exactly above my head, as it came
over to where I was it changed into a transparent white ghost like see through jet plane. as I looked up at
it all of a sudden a beam of beautiful light came and shined upon me and I was being lifted into the air
and passed right through the bottom of the jet to being inside it and then I found myself sitting in a chair
in the jet. I looked over to the side of me and there sat Bro George Pike my Shepherd. We greeted one
another and I seen a man by the name of Jim Smith a brother in the Lord was the pilot. Bro Pike said to
us as He pointed off in the distance, ok now all we have left to do is go get Daniel and it will all be over
and we shot off in a direction and the dream ended.

* I have had thoughts and ideas about what this dream has meant but it never altogether fit together until
last night as I was pondering things and the Lord began opening it up as only He can and showed it so
perfect. I will attempt to share this with you below. As you know the very extreme and deep things I have
been sharing as of late as this dream has to do with what has been being said.

Interpretation from the Lord:

1. The radio station Big Gun playing the song Midnight Cry by Gold City, indicated the Coming of The
Lord into my Life. Gold City typifying Atlanta being covered in gold as to its capital, also WGUN being an
Atlanta one time radio station. The Canon being the Civil War and burning of Atlanta being a typical end
of the world, then the Gold City was showing at the Midnight Cry the Lord comes and Brings His Faith as
Gold tried in the Fire. The Civil War typifying the War in heaven. also saying seek the old paths and you
shall find rest for your soul. The Canon Boom being the Thunders that utter their voices in our inner man
as the Lord Himself enters our hearts. This took place in my life in 2008. The Canon also showing what we
call The Bible as a "Canon" of Books, that it was to come to life and speak to me as the Spirit of The

2. The Stars indicated the 5 fold ministry being in a general form on the left side showing a carnal
interpretation of the Gospel. Once they began lining up like soldiers it indicated the Spirit of Revelation
revealing the Word so that Understanding could come forth then as they came over to the right side it
indicated seeing them in the "right" or proper perspective. The stars becoming One Huge Star indicated
the fullness of the understanding of the Gospels, coming into the One Mind of Christ, as we would say the
Lord putting all of the pieces together giving an understanding of the Word in its fullness.

3. The rainbows indicating the Covenants of the Lord all being connected yet not being fully understood
on the left side of the sky, they appeared on the right side of the sky and made a pyramid showing a
capstone message and the Messenger of The Covenant also a prism typifies Calvary as it was through Jesus
we seen the Promises of God, so as the Stars did, so did the rainbows show the Lord revealing the fullness
of the Covenant of God in Christ through Calvary as to now they would all make sense.

4. The Jet coming over and stopping over my head showing Christ in His Temple as it was like a cloud,
then the light coming forth and translating me into its seat was the revealing of the Translation, being
translated into Glory, The Jet indicating a spiritual authority just as Bro Pikes Jet The Commander did. Bro
Pike being there showing the message of Translation being The Revelation of Jesus Christ that i was too
receive. Jim or Gem Smith is one who works with precious stones showing the Melchizedek Priesthood and
the stones on the breastplate, also a man with precious jewels bringing forth the old and new, Jim Smith
also being what we call a "Body" Man showing that when you receive the Revelation it is the secret of body
redemption. Then Bro Pike saying as he pointed off in the distance we are going to get Daniel and then it
will all be over, indicated the Lord to reveal the Last week of Daniel, which is the same vision John seen on
the Isle of Man called Patmos. It is also the Thunders, being the Thunders sounded on the Mt. of
Transfiguration as the beginning of the creation of God took place. This was also the dark Thunders Moses
seen and heard on the Mount that burned with Fire showing the darkness that came over Calvary. The
Lord was saying he was going to reveal the Thunders that bring in the Law that adopts the Body back in
and brings wrath and destruction upon the world by the Great Tribulation.
When this takes place it brings together the 7 with the 483 to finish the vision God gave to Daniel. I am
speaking not only that Bodily Redemption being revealed, but comprehended and also manifested in a
transfiguration. Much concerning this has already been revealed and shared with some of you.

*Events - I came to this Island which is a paradise of heaven in 2008 close to thanksgiving. It stormed and
lightning and poured heavy rain on us the whole 5 hour trip here so much that we was never able to go
over 40 mph for the rain and storm was so heavy that night. we crossed the bridge called Graves Bridge
from the mainland to to the island called Hilton Head. Someone said "Hit on the head" as to like a
circumcision where the stone strikes the head of the organ to remove the veil. The storm showing the
revealed thunders that were to conquer death and remove the veil to be translated into heaven. The night
time showing the thunders Moses heard on the mountain as well as Calvary in that darkness too. it was on
this island early one morning, the Lord came to my room and revealed to me The Kingdom of God.

* I ran into a warfare with another person after i got here that typified the Jews and the midnight cry via
another person named Prince who was a black man and used the law to attack me with. During this time I
met a great man named John who was big and tall and strong and had long blonde hair who stood by my
side during this time to help me and from the time the warfare begin it was exactly to the tee 96 days
later it all ended. This again showing the Law and John on the isle of Patmos seeing the revelation in
96AD, the Prince of Darkness coming and being cast out at the midnight cry. it was during this time the
Lord revealed to me what he had given me and how it was The Faith of The Lord Jesus Christ.

*Last year working with a company that typified the Body they held a great gathering in downtown
Atlanta, inside a former radio studio where a Marketing company called Spy Plane Productions launched a
product with the name Level 9 in its title. 9 showing the last two candlesticks of Moses and Elijah coming
on the scene and the birth of the redeemed body. This radio studio was now a Movie production studio
where Hollywood Stars came together. we arrived there at midnight. Do you see what is happening? a
Radio studio (WGUN) In Atlanta Ga, (Gold City), at the midnight Hour, where they had a Canon outside, a
place where Stars and actors come together. I met another employee whom I was to work with there side
by side and she was a black girl named Danielle, do you see Daniel? The attendants were given a book that
was a contract or Covenant between them and this company. The main guy to speak was named George.
Do you see how the marketing company called Spy Plane showed the Invisible transparent jet in my Vision.
This all happened on June 10th the day Bro Pike went to be with the Lord.

* Close to Thanksgiving of last year a Pastor asked me to come and stay with Him for a few weeks so I did.
I had to go to a high place typical of heaven. I stayed in the apartment under the church. There I slept only
and upon awakening I would go to the pastors house. This pastor is also a Airplane mechanic. He teaches
the same doctrine Bro Pike taught and is a church established through His Ministry. (as I type this a rare
morning thunder storm booms forth) While I am there at his place, He takes off the wall of his study a
beautiful poster that reveals the Last Week of Daniel. He says I feel like I am supposed to give this too you
so here you are.This poster shows the bible opened to the Book of Daniel and the Words coming to Life
with the 483 years on it as well as it is broken down into 9 sections pertaining to the explanation. This
poster now sits in front of me in my study at my desk where i am typing this to you. The place where this
church is located is called Jess Smith road, remember in the vision Bro Pike as we sat in the airplane said
we are going to get Daniel and it is all over? This pastor being one who worked on airplanes? A man
named Jim Smith piloting the plane who has a son named Jesse Smith and this road is Jess Smith Rd.

*Conclusion - I do not know what is going to happen or what any of this means. I do know what the Lord
has shared with me and I have shared much of it with you. In The Vision Bro Pike said we are going to get
Daniel then it will all be over. So I went and got Daniel from the place I just mentioned, I also have been
shown the Thunders of what Moses seen and what the darkness was that came at Calvary, I seen what
Moses was shown, the hinder part which answers to the body and the Jews and is the finishing of Daniels
Vision of the Last Week. So I do not know what happens after this? Am I putting all of this down so that
after I am gone from this Earth it will be left for those chosen few to find? Is it all just crazy talk and I
should cast it all away? Am I just crazy? I did not have anything to do with all of this but was moved and
ordained to do all that was done. I had another vision where I revealed the Ark of The Covenant to the
People and once I did My Body became Transfigured in the Vision as I floated above the people in the
congregation as they looked up at me and as I looked down at them, There was Bro Pike and he was
smiling so big and happy and glowing, He said to me Pat, "I Knew You Could Do It, I Just Knew You
Could"! is that what all of this is? I am just a nobody, a helper of anyone's faith doing my very tiny part to
share what the Lord has shared with me to those who can receive it. I am not anyone special. I don't
expect to ever be. I barely even exist in this life and have my own share of problems.
I guess maybe one day in the sweet by and by we will understand. Thanks for your time. In Christ. PHN