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)Complete this quote by Warren Buffet:

on the subway.

Q.) Where is this brand based out of?


Q.1 What is the relationship between strategic planning and financial planning?
Strategic planning explains why a company is aimed at a specific goal, and financial planning shows how to reach
that goal.
Strategic planning outlines the goals of an organization and financial planning outlines the results of the strategic
Strategic planning shows how to put competitors out of business and financial planning explores the cost-benefit
ratio of that action.

2) What is an example of a strategic planning decision?
what services the company will provide in 10 years
what equipment that company should buy over the next 10 years
how many new employees the company should hire over the next 10 years

3) What is a piece of information that would affect financial planning?
inflation predictions
predictions about the popularity of a given service
public impressions of a corporate name

4.) What are the two parts of a strategic plan?
mission statement and vision statement
evaluation statement and future plan
statement of principles and statement of goals

5.) What criterion is part of the SMART objectives system?

6.) What is an example of something that could reduce a company's profit margins?
a rise in the cost of raw materials it uses
an increase in the advertising budget of a direct competitor
a decrease in the popularity of its main product

7.) What will help ensure that a financial plan is most effective?
integrating it early on with the strategic plan
lowering the expectations stated in the strategic plan
making as many financial projections as possible

8.) How can a human resources department use a strategic plan?
using it to evaluate potential new employees
using it to determine how many new employees to hire
using it to justify reduced salaries

9.) What amount of time can a company's financial projections typically predict with a high degree of
six months to one year
three to five years
10 to 20 years

10.) What is the one extra factor that both strategic and financial plans should allow for if they want the
company to succeed?

11.) Strategy implementation and formulation is a challenging, on-going process. To be effective, it should involve
A. the board of directors, CEO, and CFO.
B. line and staff managers.
C. the CEO and the board of directors.
D. all of the above.

12.) Members of an organization's board of directors should, while working to prioritize and fulfill their responsibilities,
A. direct all actions of the CEO.
B. emphasize the importance of short-term goals.
C. represent their own interests.
D. represent the interests of the shareholders.
13.) Which of the following lists is the hierarchy of organizational goals in order from least specific to most specific?
A. mission statements, strategic objectives, vision statements.
B. mission statements, vision statements, strategic objectives.
C. vision statements, strategic objectives, mission statements.
D. vision statements, mission statements, strategic objectives.

14.) One strategic risk of outsourcing is that the firm may find itself subject to short term price fluctuations.
a.) True
b.) False

15.) An independent group of suppliers, such as farmers, gather to form a cooperative in order to sell their products to
buyers directly, replacing their previous distributor. This is an example of
A. forward integration.
B. backward integration.
C. threat of substitute products.
D. threat of entry.

16.) The bargaining power of the supplier is less than that of the buyer when
A. volume of purchase is low.
B. the buyer's profit margin is low.
C. cost savings from the supplier's product are minimal.
D. threat of backward integration by buyers is low.

17.) The most extreme rivalry results from
A. a high level of differentiation.
B. few competitors, slow industry growth, lack of differentiation, high fixed or storage costs.
C. numerous equally balanced competitors, manufacturing capacity increases only in large increments, low
exit barriers.
D. numerous equally balanced competitors, slow industry growth, high fixed or storage costs.

18.) Which of the following is an example of the interrelationship between the competitive and general environments?
A. A decline in a nation's educational standards results in a decline in the nation's productivity.
B. Increased awareness of personal health leads to lower demand, and greater rivalry in the alcoholic
beverages industry.
C. A country's technological inferiority results in its enactment of strong trade barriers against importation.
D. Greater awareness of the environment results in environmental legislation.
19.) ABC Corporation has streamlined its operations by cutting costs, such as
payroll or reducing its size through the sale of assets. You have to identify the
activity ABC Corporation is involved in.
a. E-Engineering
b. Re-engineering
c. Restructuring
d. Benchmarking

20.) Which of the following is not a strategic alliance?
a. Outsourcing
b. Expansion
c. Sharing resources
d. Joint venture
e. Partial acquisition

21.) Which is not a characteristic of an entrepreneurial mindset?

a. Constantly looking for opportunities
b. Seeing problems from the customers perspective
c. Being willing to take risks
d. Identifying a level of dissatisfaction with what exists
e. The ability to see something that isnt there

22.) Local mobile manufacturers like Huawei, Lenovo, Lava, Karbonn are currently beating the markets of Apple,
Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia

What is their idea for such a strategy?

a- Directly targeting big brands like apple & Samsung and creating identical products
b- Using heavy advertisements to reach their consumers
c- Catering to rising demand for affordable smartphones in emerging markets of India and China
d-Making collaborations with international players to increase their market shares

23.) Which of the following is a Diversification strategy?

a- Tata motor s launch of Tata Nano for a particular (low income) segment.
b- Maggi Noodles new market for added spices for making food/dishes
c- Parle products reduction of the quantity of products to increase their revenues.
d- WaltDisneys move from producing animated movies to theme parks and vacation properties

24.) Which of the following is not an internal factor while assessing the internal environment of company?

A-financial ratios
B- Performance metrics
C-industry average
D-Survey data
e-none of these

25.) Which of the following could be a major strategy to reduce or cut down the costs?

a- Differentiation
b- Retrenchment
c- Geo-graphical expansion
d- Vertical integration

26.) Microsoft and Nokia
Joint Venture
Strategic alliance

27.) Facebook and Instagram
Joint Venture
Strategic alliance
28.) Google and LG for Nexus 4:
Joint Venture
Strategic alliance

30.) Seeking to increase its profitability, Amazon negotiates new contracts with UPS and FedEx that cut shipping costs.

31.) Complete this quote by Warren Buffet:
on the subway.
a.) Washington
b.) Wall Street
c.) Hawaii
d.) Bay Street
32.) Acquisitions fail for many reasons; which of the following is not one of them?
a. The acquirer overpaid
b. Management hubris
c. Cultures are incompatible
d. Ignorance about the business
e. Key personnel leave

33.) Which of the following is not a barrier to entry?
a. Distribution channels all tied up
b. Ability to forge strategic alliances
c. High capital investment
d. Developing a brand reputation
e. Competitors with lower costs

34.) Which question is not part of a Porters Five-Forces Model analysis?
a. Who has bargaining power?
b. How intense is the rivalry among competitors?
c. How concentrated is the industry?
d. How strong is the threat of substitutes?
e. How high are entry barriers?

35.) What is the term for a collection of competitors that produces similar or substitute products or services to a defined market?
a. Cartel
b. Market
c. Oligopoly
d. Rivals
e. Industry

36.) external factors are more important than internal factors for a firm in achieving and sustaining competitive advantage:
a. True
b. false

37.) Which management function includes breaking tasks into jobs, combining jobs to form departments and delegating authority?
a. directing
b. staffing
c. organizing
d. controlling
e. planning

38.) All of the following are key questions that can reveal internal strengths and weaknesses in the management department except:
a. Is the organizations structure appropriate?
b. Are reward and control mechanisms effective?
c. Are the organizations products positioned well among competing products?
d. Does the firm use strategic management concepts?
e. Do managers delegate authority well?

39.) The process whereby a firm determines the costs associated with organizational activities from purchasing raw materials to
manufacturing products to marketing those products is called
a. the resource-based approach.
b. value chain analysis.
c. strategic cost analysis.
d. the internal factor evaluation matrix.
e. cost-benefit analysis.

40.) Which is not a step in the planning process?

A) Determining a mission and goals

B) Formulating strategy

C) Appraisal and assessment

D) Implementing strategy

41.) A tool for identifying ways to create more customer value because every firm is a synthesis of a primary and support activities
performed to design, produce, market, deliver and support its product?

a- Value chain
b- Value link
c- Value connection
d- Value added tax

For the following, decide whether the management action reflects a strategic or Operational/tactical decision:
42.) Hewlett Packard announces it is acquiring Compaq Computer Corp.
43.) Procter & Gamble adopts new enterprise software to consolidate its worldwide
financial and tax reports.
44.) AT&T Card Services decides to upgrade the caliber of its customer-service
personnel through, among other things, raising their salaries by 10%.
45.) Wal-Mart decides to offer streaming of movies.
46.) BMW gets an exclusive license for Blaupunkt sound systems in its automobiles.
47.) Disneyland raises prices although doing so will reduce overall park attendance.
48.) Pep Boys finally decides to advertise on TV.
49.) At the last minute, Intel cancels release of its Pentium 2003 saying it is going back to the lab to develop a Super Pentium 2004.
50.) Amazon.com decides to go beyond selling just books to selling electronic products.


Q.1) Fill in the blank:
Data Information Knowledge Wealth (wisdom)

Q.2) In the illustration below, how many squares are there ?

Answer: 30

Q.3) She is managing director and chief executive officer of major bank in India. Who is she?

Q.4) Connect the images and tell who the person is and how is he connected to the first image?

Q.5) Which of te following is the current logo for Nivea Co.: