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I am an electrical engineer with 4.5 years of work experience in power transmission and distribution. I have
been involved with several mining, gas field and utility projects, which include designing substations (primary
system and protection) and reticulation, and preparing specifications. I have prepared power and protection
single line diagrams, prepared general arrangement, layout and elevation drawings, and drafted several using
AutoCAD for substations up to 132 kV.

I have been involved with concept design and option analysis for different substation configurations and
comparing approaches for connecting transmission lines to substations. I have designed generation
protection, and have carried out soil resistivity tests and earthing studies. I have assisted in condition
assessment of 110 kV cables and ancillary equipment, and 66 kV cable installation design. I have also been
involved with low voltage reticulation designs for coal mine sites and road lighting, and cable selection and
protection coordination in substation low voltage circuits.

I wish to gain more experience in power transmission and distribution projects, and enhance my technical


1. Electrical Engineer (14/04/2009 16/08/2013)
Power Team, Parsons Brinckerhoff.
Level 4, Northbank Plaza, 69 Ann Street, Brisbane, 4001, Queensland, Australia.

Projects (significant projects are shown in bold text):
Ramu 2 Hydroelectric Project Full Feasibility Study (2013), Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea,
IPBC. Reviewed past studies, designed two 132 kV substations, prepared single line diagrams, layout
drawings and cost estimates, and wrote a section of the report.
Whyalla Substation Gantry Design Review (2013), Whyalla, South Australia, Australia, Tenix. Reviewed
short circuit force calculations on the 132 kV substation gantry.
Leichhardt Power Station Project (2013), Mount Isa, Qld, Australia, Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd.
Calculated short circuit forces on 132 kV substation structures.
Energex Substation Projects (2012), Brisbane, Qld., Australia. Secondment in Energex for six
months. Involved installing and upgrading several 11 kV and 33 kV Energex substations. Tasks
included preparing power and protection single line diagrams; modifying protection logic; reviewing
protection coordination, circuitry and layout drawings of low voltage AC and DC systems in substations;
carrying out an earthing study using CDEGS software and writing a report; and preparing cost
estimates with 5% accuracy.
Wandoan Coal Project (2012), Surat Basin, Qld., Australia, Wandoan Coal Pty Ltd. Calculated short
circuit forces on the landing span between 132 kV transmission line terminal structure and substation
Point Vernon to Toogoom 66 kV Power Line (2012), Hervey Bay, Qld., Australia, Ergon Energy.
Calculated electromagnetic field to check corona formation, edited 66 kV cable installation drawings
using Visio, and revised final report addressing internal review comments.
Curriculum Vitae of
Tel.: available on request
E-mail: rajinda_s@hotmail.com
Website: http://sites.google.com/site/rajindasenaratne/


Burgos Wind Farm Due Diligence (2012), Philippines, Energy Development Corporation. Reviewed and
modified 115 kV transmission line and tower design review report.
Merredin Energy Power Station Project (2012), Merredin, WA, Australia, Merredin Energy. Wrote a
report providing independent opinion on the compliance of wiring identification methods in motor control
centre with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000.
Diamantina D Switchyard Specification (2011), Mount Isa, Qld., Australia, APA Group. Involved
preparing a specification for a 132 kV switchyard and associated transmission lines. Tasks included
visiting site; writing report; and preparing power, control and protection single line diagrams, general
arrangement/layout drawings and elevation drawings.
Power Development Concept Select Study (2011), Surat and Bowen Basin, Qld., Australia, Arrow
Energy. Involved developing options for supplying power to gas fields. Tasks included analysing options
for different substation configurations, comparing approaches for connecting 275 kV and 330 kV
transmission lines to substations, and preparing single line diagrams, cost estimates and multi-criteria
options assessment.
Rate 3 Road Lighting Electrical Remedial Works (20102011), Qld., Australia, Department of Transport
and Main Roads. Involved assessing whether the condition of existing road lighting installation comply
with standards, and recommending remedial works or designing new circuits if necessary. Tasks
included visiting sites, identifying technical deficiencies and safety risks, designing low voltage
switchboard and reticulation, drafting layouts and single line diagrams using AutoCAD, and producing
design calculations, cost estimates and brief of works.
RCR Energy Diamantina Project (2010), Mica Creek, Qld., Australia, RCR Energy. Involved preparing
concept design for a new combined-cycle power plant. Tasks included designing generator, transformer
and 132 kV feeder protection.
Alpha Hancock Coal Feasibility Study (2010), Galilee Basin, Qld., Australia, Hancock Coal. Involved
feasibility study to extend power supply to existing mine site. Tasks included preparing single line
diagrams and general arrangement/layout drawings of 132/22 kV substations, and designing power
reticulation of mine infrastructure area (MIA).
Cable Condition Assessment (2010), Ashgrove, Qld., Australia, Powerlink. Involved condition
assessment of 110 kV underground power cables and ancillary equipment. Tasks included visual
inspection of cable system and 2.3 km long easement, desktop analysis of cable records, writing final
report, and writing health, environmental and safety plan for site visits.
South Pine to Hays Inlet 110 kV Overhead Line (2010), Strathpine, Qld., Australia, Transfield Services.
Visited several sites and measured earth resistivity for earthing study, and wrote the health,
environmental and safety plan for the site visits.
Nebo Road Water Treatment Plant (2010), Mackay, Qld., Australia. Mackay Infrastructure Alliance.
Involved water treatment plant upgrade. Tasks included assisting in cable layout design for switchroom
entry and specification preparation.
United Project Pre-feasibility Study (2010), Singleton, NSW, Australia, United Collieries Pty Ltd.
Involved power supply study into proposed expansion of existing mine site, which includes a new open-
cut mine and a new underground mine. Tasks included reviewing existing electrical loads, estimating
required power capacity and preparing single line diagrams and general arrangement layouts of
66/22 kV substations and reticulation.
North West Queensland Electricity Demand Supply (2009), Qld., Australia, NWQ Major Energy User
Group. Assisted in proposal preparation. Tasks included calculating electric field to check corona
formation, and reviewing 275 and 330 kV transmission line systems study results.
Hidden Valley Project (2009), Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea, PNG Power. Involved
design/review and project management (owners engineer role) for construction of 132 kV transmission
line and associated 132/11 kV substations. Tasks included reviewing technical documents and
drawings, and preparing project correspondence.

2. Smart Grid Support Engineer (01/10/2008 30/11/2008)
Networks Intelligence and Automation, Network Development Division, SP AusNet Pty Ltd.
Level 31, 2 Southbank Boulevard, Southbank, 3006, Victoria, Australia.


Job description: Assisting the development of smart grid blueprint. Tasks included:
designing the integration of smart grid modules such as supervisory control and data acquisition
(SCADA); distribution, outage and asset management systems; work scheduling system and advanced
metering infrastructure
preparing documents detailing the benefits achieved by different smart grid modules towards electricity
distribution functions.

3. Undergraduate trainee (21 weeks: 08/11/2000 04/04/2001)
Ceylon Electricity Board, Sri Lanka.
The industrial training programme included visiting hydro, combined-cycle and Diesel power stations,
substations, main control room of transmission network, HV overhead line and cable
augmentation/maintenance depots, residential electricity meter maintenance workshop, elevator and air
conditioning maintenance depots, etc.


1. I was the main research contributor of the image processing component of the joint project on driver
fatigue detection, funded by an ARC grant, which involved collaborations with University of Technology
Sydney and Signal Network Technology Pty Ltd. 2004 2008
2. Co-supervising three groups of undergraduate students in Melbourne University who undertook three final-
year-projects in 2006 and 2007
3. Working as the assistant to the Program Chair of International Conference on Information and Automation
(ICIA) 2005, Colombo, by designing paper templates, managing reviews, paper reviewing, etc.
4. Member of the technical committee of IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence 2008
5. Research paper reviewer of ICIA 2005 and ICIA 2006
6. Managing the publication database of Mechatronics Research Group, Melbourne University, for 3 years
7. Working as the lab instructor in-charge for the subject Applied Electronics, Department of Electronic and
Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, 2003


1. Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Melbourne School of
Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Australia, 2008 (17/02/2004 01/09/2008)

Thesis title: Driver fatigue detection using facial features
Research areas: Computer vision, image/signal processing, pattern recognition, and the application of
artificial intelligence and optimisation

2. M.Eng. in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, Dept. of Electronic and Telecommunication
Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, 2004 (one year full-time course)(31/08/2002 12/02/2004)

3. B.Sc. (Eng.) in Electrical Engineering with first class honours, Department of Electrical Engineering,
University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, 2002 (25/03/1997 01/04/2002)

Ranked fourth in the entire batch of over 400 students from the final year examination
Final year project "Remote control of electrical appliances (through Internet)" was assessed as the
second best

4. School final examination: G.C.E. (Advanced Level - 1995), Sri Lanka; achieved district ranking of 37
(Island ranking - 104) in mathematics stream (Pure maths, Applied maths, Physics and Chemistry)

5. School examination: G.C.E. (Ordinary Level - 1992), Sri Lanka; achieved Western province ranking of 7


1. Diploma in Computer System Design (one year, full-time course) at National Institute of Business
Management (NIBM), Sri Lanka (02/10/1995 Feb 1997)
2. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning course conducted by Vidyani Institute of Sri Lanka (Jan - Jun 1993; part-time)


1. CDEGS: I can model soil resistivity and earth grids.
2. Power Tools for Windows: I can model/calculate power line voltage drops, etc.
3. Temcurve: I can model coordination of low voltage protection devices.
4. AutoCAD: I can draft single line diagrams, general arrangement layouts, etc.
5. MathCAD: for general mathematical calculations
6. Programming languages: Matlab, C, C++ (I have 5 years of experience in Matlab programming during my
MEng and PhD work, where most of the implementations and tests were carried out using Matlab. I have
also written C++ programs to perform some of the tests.)
7. End user applications: MS Office packages (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Photoshop, GIMP, etc.
8. I carried out a System Analysis Project on Advertising System at the Marketing Division of Sri Lanka
Broadcasting Corporation, as a part of Diploma in Computer System Design at National Institute of
Business Management (NIBM), Sri Lanka, 1996.


1. Invitations received: I delivered a keynote speech in the 7
International Conference of Mechatronics
Engineering (Automation and Technology 5), Monterrey, Mexico, 25-28 March 2009, upon a fully funded
trip on invitation.
2. International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) and Melbourne International Research
Scholarship (MIRS) from Melbourne University for my PhD study, 2003
3. Melbourne Abroad Travelling Scholarship (MATS) from Melbourne University, 2007
4. Mahapola Higher Education Scholarship for BSc study based on merit pass in GCE (A/L), Sri Lanka, 1995
5. People's Bank Scholarship for becoming the 7
in Western province from GCE (O/L), Sri Lanka, 1992
6. Credit award from Australian Mathematics Competition, 1992
7. Silver medal from International Children's Art Exhibition awarded by Japan, 1992


Training courses followed:
1. Voltage stability and transmission technologies workshop, Two-day training seminar, AMSC, 2013
2. Distributed generation and the electricity smart grid, Two-day training seminar, CPD International, 2012
3. Generator and power station protection, Two-day training seminar, CPD International, 2011
4. Project management training (instructor-led modules), Parsons Brinckerhoff, 2010/2011
5. Practical power distribution, Two-day training seminar, IDC Technologies, 2009
6. Writing skills development workshops, Parsons Brinckerhoff, 2009

Training programmes/presentations attended:
1. ABB Automation and Power World Exhibition and Seminar, ABB Australia, 2012.
2. Design, test and life management of power transformers, Wilson Transformer Company Pty Limited, One-
day seminar, 2012
3. The impact of solar PV on the Energex distribution network, EESA Qld Chapter presentation, 2012
4. Visit to Alstom transformer factory in Rocklea, Qld., 2009 and 2012


1. MIEAust (Member of Engineers Australia), 2009 - present
2. AACS (prov) [Provisional Associate of the Australian Computer Society], 2008 - 2010


In Australia:
Singing devotional songs in Buddhist choir, Sri Lanka Buddhist Monastery, Ellen Grove, Qld; 2011 - 2013
Organising and coordinating annual Olcott commemoration alms-giving at Buddhist Vihara of Queensland,
Goodna, Qld; 2013 - 2014
Organising a working bee at Buddhist Vihara of Queensland, Goodna, Qld; 2013
President of Melbourne University Buddhist Studies Society 2006/07
Treasurer of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Postgraduate Society 2005/06, Melbourne
Member of Meat-Pie Seminar Committee 2005/06 (committee that organised the departmental
presentation series of postgraduates), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Melbourne University
Wiring and testing electric bulbs and circuits of 2008 Vesak (Buddhist) pandol at Dhammasarana
temple, Keysborough, Victoria
I have travelled in Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, England, Wales, France, China, and

In Sri Lanka:
Performed (singing) in a number of musical events in University of Moratuwa
Treasurer of Science Society, Nalanda College
Participated in several inter-school general knowledge quiz competitions
Participated in inter-school mathematics competitions
Implemented LED light systems and other electronic circuits


Full name : Rajinda Suresh Senaratne
Nickname : Raji
Residence : Taringa 4068, Brisbane, Australia
Year of birth : 1976
Sex : Male
Relationship status : Single
Residency status : Australian citizen


Journal papers:
1. R. Senaratne, B. Jap, S. Lal, A. Hsu, S. Halgamuge, P. Fischer, "Comparing Two Video-Based Techniques
for Driver Fatigue Detection", Machine Vision and Applications, SpringerLink, vol. 22, no. 4, pp. 597-618,
2011. (This paper has been cited by other researchers in one journal paper, and one book chapter.)
2. Rajinda Senaratne, Saman Halgamuge, Arthur Hsu, "Face Recognition by Extending Elastic Bunch Graph
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3. Rajinda S. Senaratne, Saman K. Halgamuge, "Optimal Weighting of Landmarks for Face Recognition",
Journal of Multimedia, Academy Publisher, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 31-41, 2006. (This paper has been cited in a
conference paper.)

Conference papers:
1. N. Maddage, R. Senaratne, L-S. A. Low, M. Lech, N. Allen, "Video-Based Detection of the Clinical
Depression in Adolescents", Proceedings of the 31
Annual International Conference of the IEEE
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, IEEE, pp. 3723-3726, Minneapolis, September 2009.
2. I. Saeed, A. Wang, R. Senaratne, S. Halgamuge, "Using the Active Appearance Model to Detect Driver
Fatigue", Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Information and Automation for
Sustainability, IEEE, pp. 124-128, Melbourne, December 2007. (This paper has been cited in one journal
paper, two conference papers, and one book chapter.)
3. Rajinda Senaratne, David Hardy, Bill Vanderaa, Saman Halgamuge, "Driver Fatigue Detection by Fusing
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5. R. Senaratne, S. Halgamuge, "Face Localisation for Driver Fatigue Recognition", Proceedings of
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6. R. Senaratne, S. Halgamuge, "Using Particle Swarm Optimisation for Elastic Bunch Graph Matching to
Recognise Faces ", Proceedings of IEEE TENCON, IEEE, Melbourne, November 2005. (This paper has
been cited in one book chapter, one technical report, and one patent.)


References are available on request.

Rajinda (Raji) Senaratne
11 March 2014