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Spec Sheet

Trailer Information

Bed Length/ 192 inches by 84 inches

Road Height Dependent on Options

Gross Vehicle Dependent on Options

Hitch 2” Ball and Socket

Wheel Size 15 inch Aluminum Wheels

Antenna Information

1.2 Meter Ku Band 1.8 Meter Ku Band 2.4 Meter Ku band

C band
Reflector Type Parabolic / 1-piece Parabolic / 1-piece Parabolic / 2-piece

Mount Type El/Az El/Az El/Az

Mast Pipe 3.00 in Dia 2.88-3.00 in Dia 6.63 in Dia

Feed Type Offset Feed Offset Feed Offset Feed
Prime Focus Prime Focus Prime Focus
Operating 13.75-14.50 GHz 13.75-14.50 GHz 13.75-14.50 GHz
Frequency 5.850-6.725 GHz
Receive 10.70-12.75 GHz 10.70-12.75 GHz 10.70-12.75 GHz
3.400-4.200 GHz
Polarization Linear, Orthogonal Linear Co or Cross- Linear Co or Cross-
Polarized Polarized
Gain 43.3 dBi 46.8 dBi 49.3 dBi @ 14.25 GHz
Transmit @ 14.25 GHz @ 14.25 GHz 42.0 dBi @ 6.138 GHz
Receive 41.8 dBi 45.3 dBi 47.6 dBi @ 11.95 GHz
@ 11.95 GHz @ 11.95 GHz 38.0 dBi @ 3.913 GHz
3 dB Beamwidth 1.2 0 @ 14.3 GHz 0.79 0 @ 14.3 GHz 0.59 0 @ 14.3 GHz
Transmit 1.3 0 @ 6.1 GHz
Receive 1.5 0 @ 12.0 GHz 0.99 0 @ 12.0 GHz 0.71 0 @ 12.0 GHz
2.10 @ 3.9 GHz
VSWR 1.3:1 Max. 1.3:1 Max 1.3:1 Max

Isolation 70 dB Min 80 dB Min 80 dB Min

Tx to Rx 60 dB Min
Standard Equipment

Inverter/Charger 1000 Watt Inverter/Charger with Remote Status Monitoring Panel

Upgrades to 2000W or 3000W Inverter/ Charger Available
Batteries 8 – 24 Volt Gel Cell Communication Batteries Accommodations for up to 12
AC Power Cord 150 Ft Shore Power Cable recharges batteries while running on AC Power

Power Distribution Remote monitoring of powers systems and AC and DC power distribution
Standard With Satellite Option

1.2m Ku Band Available 1.8 and 2.4 Ku Band Upgrade and 2.4 C band
Transmitter 2 Watt L Band Input Transmitter; available 4 Watt Upgrade

LNB Phase Stable Low Noise Block Down Converter

Optional Satellite Package Upgrades

Satellite Modem High Speed Satellite Modem (TDMA & SCPC)

GPS with Mounted Selectable Output Goble Positioning System with Topo USA Mapping
Industrial Laptop Software and Heavy-duty Laptop with SatMaster Satellite Information Software
Antenna *Requires computer option* Digital readout of Elevation and Azimuth allows for
Mounted quick and easy antenna alignment.
Ethernet Cable 150 feet of Ethernet cable with a portable reel to connect to a workstation or
Reel hub.
Wireless LAN Point to Multi-point wireless interface and hub

Mobile Network The transportable network consist of ten Laptops in a potable case connected
Workstations directly to the wireless LAN using IEEE standard 802.11b technology
Satellite Signal LF 942A BS/CS Signal Level Meter is ideal for antenna peaking and measuring
Level Meter signal levels and C/N ratios of BS and Cs digital broadcasting systems.
Spectrum ES A-L 9kHz 1.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Optional Trailer Equipment

Generator 2500 Watt Electric Start LP Generator with Dual 10-gal LP Tanks

Remote LP Level Dual LP Tank gauges with Automatic Switchover Regulator mounted on main
Monitoring control panel
Motorized Shore 24 Volt Wall Mounted Motorized Reel for Shore Power Cable and 150+ feet of
Power Reel Cable
UPS UPS strongly Recommend for RF equipment

Environmental Includes A/C for Equipment Compartment and Heating for Communications
Package Batteries

For more information email: sales@ftionline.com