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Islamic Islamic
M th Months
(Learn the Islamic Months) ( )
Designed and compiled by the one in need of Allahs pardon
Aboo Imraan Abdus-Saboor bin Tomas Maldonado al-Mekseekee
-may Allah forgive him, his family, and all of the Muslims- may Allah forgive him, his family, and all of the Muslims
First Edition First Edition
Copyright 2008
(PDF Conversion: Umm Kutubah Samia al-Garland) (PDF Conversion: Umm Kutubah Samia al Garland)
[Permission is granted to all who wish to print this document for public or private use without the consent of the
compiler under the grounds that such printing be done solely for educational purposes without any desire for
monetary profit or gains.]
It is imperative that children as well as adult Muslims in the West learn and use the Islamic
calendar in their everyday life. Its significance in our religion is well known. By it we
determine the month of Fasting the time for Pilgrimage and many other important determine the month of Fasting, the time for Pilgrimage, and many other important
religious events. I had originally compiled this mini Arabic calendar for my children and
within a week of teaching them they had memorized all of the names in order. You can
utilize this chart to teach the Islamic months, to focus on Arabic reading, or even use it to g
focus on Arabic grammar as the months contain grammatical points that deserve special
focus and attention. My sincere advise is to avoid transliteration as much as possible and to
focus on teaching the child how to read without it. As time goes by the child will recognize
the names and will notice them in places where Arabic calendars are present the names and will notice them in places where Arabic calendars are present.
I ask that all who find benefit from this chart to make Duaa for me and ask Allah to forgive
me, and to increase me in knowledge, guidance, and sustenance, indeed He is the Noble, g g
the Generous.
Your brother in Islaam, the weak one,
Aboo Imraan al Mekseekee Aboo Imraan al-Mekseekee

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the Assistance of Allah
Most High
Daar-ul-Kutub Publications Copyright 2008
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