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Detailed specifications for the Nokia 301:

At a glance : Main camera sensor: 3.2 MP Dual SIM: Dual Standby SIM Maximum talk time (3G): 6
Dis!lay si"e: 6.#cm Poto sarin$: Sare o%er &luetoot'(acebook'Poto sarin$ )it Slam
Design:(*e a%ailability o+ !articular !roducts, ser%ices and +eatures may %ary by re$ion. Please ceck )it your local -okia
dealer +or +urter details. *e s!eci+ications are sub.ect to can$e )itout notice.)
Dimensions: /ei$t: ##0 mm 1idt: 23 mm *ickness: #2.2 mm 1ei$t: #32 $
Display and User Interface: Dis!lay si"e: 6.# cm Dis!lay resolution: 45G6 (323 x 203) Pixel density: #66 !!i
Dis!lay +eatures: &ri$tness control, 7G& Stri!e Dis!lay colors: /i$ 8olor (#9:bit;262k) 6s!ect ratio: 0:3
Dis!lay tecnolo$y: <8D *ransmissi%e Dis!lay ei$t: 0= mm Dis!lay )idt: 3> mm
Keys and Input Methods: ?ser In!ut: @ey!ad (orm +actor: Mono block
A!eratin$ keys: 8all key, Bnd key, 0:)ay -a%i key )it select, 6l!anumeric key!ad
ard!are: "onnecti#ity:
Dual SIM: Dual Standby SIM 8ar$in$ connectors: Micro:?S& ?S&: ?S& 2.3, ?S& mass stora$e
65 connectors: 3.2 mm audio connector System connectors: Micro:?S&:& -(8: -o -(8 1i:(i: -o 1i:(i
&luetoot: &luetoot 3.3 &luetoot !ro+iles: Ab.ect Pus !ro+ile (APP) #.#, /ands:+ree !ro+ile (/(P) #.2, /eadset
!ro+ile (/SP) #.#, SIM 6ccess Pro+ile (S6P), Serial Port !ro+ile (SPP), Pone &ook 6ccess Pro+ile (P&6P) #.3, 6d%anced 6udio
Distribution Pro+ile (62DP) #.2, 6udio;5ideo 7emote 8ontrol Pro+ile (6578P) #.0, General 6udio;5ideo Distribution Pro+ile
(G65DP), Ser%ice Disco%ery 6!!lication Pro+ile (SD6P)
Data Net!ork:
18DM6 net)ork: =33 M/", 2#33 M/" 18DM6 max data s!eed D<: /SDP6 : >.2 Mb!s
18DM6 max data s!eed ?<: /S?P6 : 2.>6 Mb!s GSM max data s!eed ?<: BGP7S #>>.6 kb!s
GSM net)ork: 923 M/", =33 M/", #933 M/", #=33 M/" GSM max data s!eed D<: GP7S 92.6 kb!s
$o!er Management:(2*alk and standby times are estimates only. 6ctual times are a++ected by, +or exam!le, net)ork
conditions, de%ice settin$s, +eatures bein$ used, battery condition, and tem!erature.) &attery model: &<:0?
&attery ca!acity: #233 m6 &attery %olta$e: 3.> 5 7emo%able battery: Ces Maximum talk time (2G): 23
Maximum talk time (3G): 6 Maximum standby time )it dual SIM: 2# days 1ireless car$in$: -o
Memory: ?ser data stora$e: In de%ice, Memory card 76M: 60 M&
Bx!andable memory card ty!e: MicroSD Maximum memory card si"e: 32 G&
%oft!are and applications: $roducti#ity features:
Personal in+ormation mana$ement +eatures: Dictionary, 7ecorder, 8alculator, 8lock, 1orld clock, 8alendar, 8on%erter,
-otes, 6larm clock, *o:do list
Sync ty!e: 7emote SyncM< syncronisation, <ocal SyncM< syncroni"ation Sync content: 8alendar, 8ontacts
&ther Applications: Game +eatures: Da%a $ames Gra!ics +ormat: DPBG, &MP, P-G, 1&MP
%oft!are platform ' User Interface: S1 Plat+orm: Series 03 So+t)are release: Series 03
"ommunications: (mail and Messaging:(Some ser%ices may be a%ailable only %ia do)nloadin$ or
de!endent on te market. Anly de%ices tat o++er com!atible multimedia messa$e or email +eatures can recei%e and dis!lay
multimedia messa$es. 8ontent a!!earance may %ary. Some ima$es and rin$ tones cannot be +or)arded.)
Bmail clients: Mail +or Bxcan$e, Direct mail Bmail !rotocols: SM*P, IM6P0, PAP3, IM6P0 ID<B
Bmail +eatures: 6l)ays u! to date, Multi!le simultaneous email accounts, Bmail attacments, 5ie)in$ o+ email attacments,
IM6P0 ID<B Su!!orted instant messa$in$ ser%ices: 1ats6!!, -okia 8at, e&uddy IM
Messa$in$ +eatures: 8oncatenated SMS +or lon$ messa$es, Multi!le SMS deletion, *ext messa$in$, Multimedia messa$in$
"all management: Su!!orted amount o+ !onebooks: # Su!!orts amount o+ contacts: #333
8all mana$ement +eatures: 8all )aitin$, 6utomatic redial, 8all +or)ardin$, 6ny key ans)er, S!eed dial
7in$tones: 32:!oly!onic rin$tones S!eec codecs: 6M7:1&, 6M7:-&
De#ice security: %ecurity:
General Security +eatures: De%ice lock, De%ice !asscode, PI- code Data encry!tion: ?ser data encry!tion +or memory card
%haring and Internet: )ro!sing and Internet:
Internet bro)ser ca!abilities: -okia E!ress &ro)ser Social a!!s: (acebook, *)itter
Poto sarin$: Sare o%er &luetoot, (acebook, Poto sarin$ )it Slam 1i:(i ots!ot: -o
Na#igation: *$% and na#igation:(Do)nloadin$ o+ ma!s o%er:te:air may in%ol%e trans+errin$
lar$e amounts o+ data. Cour ser%ice !ro%ider may car$e +or te data transmission. *e a%ailability o+ !roducts, ser%ices and
+eatures may %ary by re$ion. Please ceck )it your local -okia dealer +or +urter details and a%ailability o+ lan$ua$e
o!tions. *ese s!eci+ications are sub.ect to can$e )itout notice.)
-a%i$ation +eatures: 7e%eal te surroundin$ !laces <ocation tecnolo$ies: 8ellular net)ork !ositionin$

$hotography: Main camera:
Main camera sensor: 3.2 MP 8amera resolution: 2309 x #236 !ixels Main camera +ocus ty!e: (ixed +ocus
8amera di$ital "oom: 3 x FBISS o!tics: -o Main camera +:number;a!erture: +;2.9
8amera minimum +ocus ran$e: 23 cm 8amera ima$e +ormats: DPBG, DPBG;Bxi+ (las ty!e: -o (las
Main camera features: Main camera : oter +eatures: 6uto and manual )ite balance, (ull screen %ie)+inder
Image capturing: 8a!ture modes: Panorama, SeGuence, Sel+:timer, 5ideo Potos %ie)ed by: 6lbum
8olour tone modes: Se!ia, Greyscale, -ormal, -e$ati%e <i$t sensiti%ity: 6utomatic
1ite balance modes: 8loudy, Incandescent, Sunny, Sade, (luorescent, Dayli$t, 6utomatic, <i$tbulb
Music and Audio: Music format:
8odecs: 6M7:1&, 6M7:-&, A$$ 5orbis, SP:MIDI, Mobile EM(
6udio !layback +ile +ormats: 165, MP0, 668, 6M7, MP3, M06, 3GP
+adio: 7adio +eatures: 7adio recordin$(8ountry re$ulations may a!!ly on +eature a%ailability.), (M 7DS radio
,oice and audio recording: 7ecordin$: 5oice recorder 6udio recordin$ +eatures: Stereo
6udio recordin$ +ile +ormats: 165, M05, 668, 65I, 3GP, 61&, M06, 6M7, 3G2
6udio recordin$ codecs: G.>2=, 6M7:-&, mu:la), /B668%2, <P8M, a:la), GSM (7, G.>##, 668 <8
,ideo: Main #ideo camera:
8amera %ideo resolution: 45G6 (323 x 203) 8amera %ideo +rame rate: 33 +!s 8amera %ideo "oom: 3 x
5ideo !layback +rame rate: 33 +!s 5ideo !layback codecs: /.260;658, MPBG:0
5ideo scene modes: Portrait, <andsca!e 5ideo !layback +ile +ormats: MP0, 6S(, 65I, 3GP
5ideo recordin$ +ormats: 3GP;/.263, MP0;MPBG:0 5ideo recordin$ colour modes: -e$ati%e, -ormal, Greyscale, Se!ia
5ideo !layback +eatures: 5ideo editin$ 5ideo )ite balance modes: (luorescent, Incandescent, 6utomatic, Dayli$t
Main #ideo camera features: 5ideo recordin$ +eatures: 5ideo "oom
5ideo streamin$: Cou*ube bro)sin$ and %ideo streamin$, Pro$ressi%e %ideo do)nload
(n#ironment: (n#ironmental features:
Materials: (ree o+ P58, (ree o+ &(7, r(7 as in -okia Substance <ist
Bner$y e++iciency: ?n!lu$ car$er reminder, Bner$y e++icient car$er Bco content and ser%ices: 6%ailable at -okia Store
7ecyclin$: #33H reco%erable as materials and ener$y ?ser $uide: Ane colour !rintin$
Packa$in$: Made o+ rene)able materials, 8ontainin$ u! to 63H recycled materials, Minimi"ed !acka$e, Packa$in$ is #33 H
Accessi-ility: Accessi-ility features: /earin$: 5ibratin$ alerts 5ision: 5ibratin$ alerts, Foom
Pysical skills: S!eed dial, S!eaker!one
.hat/s in the -o0: )o0:
Sales Packa$e: -okia 33# Dual Sim, /i$ B++iciency 8ar$er 68:23, -okia &attery &<:0?, -okia Stereo /eadset 1/:#3=,
5isual user $uide