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Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil Haqqani


Naqshbandi-Muhammadi South Africa
Naqshband|-Muhammad| South Afr|ca, Cape 1own
Naqshbandi-Muhammadi South Africa

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Front Cover: Bixby Bridge, Daniel Danbom, Quicksilver.com
Arabic Calligraphy: Ibrahim Abu Touq

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I|rst Ld|t|on 2012
(As Compiled by Khairiyyah Siegel, 1999)

~ ..

Move 1owards ?our rlvaLe Ccean ln Lhe ulvlne resence ............................................................ 1
Ask and l Shall Clve ?ou... ........................................................................................................... 2
?ou MusL be owerful for lslam ..................................................................................................... 4
1he SplrlLual ower of Lhe PearL .................................................................................................... 3
Ask Lo be Closer Lo Allah ................................................................................................................. 7
"Comlng from Allah and Colng Lo Allah..." ................................................................................... 10
Cur LasL uesLlnaLlon ls Lhe ulvlne resence ................................................................................. 11
Ask erfecLlon from a erfecL Cne ............................................................................................... 12
knowledge of Lhe PearL ls never LosL .......................................................................................... 13
Manklnd has been Ponoured wlLh a ulvlne 1rusL ........................................................................ 17
uepend on Allah ............................................................................................................................ 19
8un Lo llnd ?our 8eal ldenLlLy ...................................................................................................... 21
1he 1unnel Lo ass ........................................................................................................................ 22
8anks ............................................................................................................................................. 23
1here ls no Compulslon ln 8ellglon..." ........................................................................................ 24
ShalLanlc 1eachlngs ....................................................................................................................... 24
Adab ls Lhe Soul of knowledge ..................................................................................................... 26
"Lakum ulnukum wa Llya-uln..."................................................................................................... 27
SprlngLlme for lslam ...................................................................................................................... 28
Cn Lhe 8rldge Lo AnoLher klnd of Llfe ........................................................................................... 28
8e 1rue and Lhen don'L lear ......................................................................................................... 31
Come 8ack Lo naLure .................................................................................................................... 32
Peavenly 8lesslngs of Muharram ................................................................................................. 33
'Ashura - 1he 10
of Muharram ................................................................................................... 33
Ask for Ponour and 8especL ln Lhe ulvlne resence .................................................................... 36
Peavenly 8ellglons have SplrlLuallLy ............................................................................................. 37
lslam can'L be Changed ................................................................................................................. 40
1he SulLan ls Lhe Shadow of Allah on LarLh" ............................................................................... 41
"1le ?our Camel llrsL..." ................................................................................................................ 43
lf Somebody has Lo ule ................................................................................................................. 44
S - nAII AL Ak8Ak 1999
"Labbalk, Allahummah Labbalk..." ................................................................................................ 46
"Ch My ServanL, Come and vlslL Me..." ........................................................................................ 30
keep Allah and Allah keeps ?ou..." (14.4.1999) .......................................................................... 31
1he news AbouL Mahdl A.S. ......................................................................................................... 32
"CallphaLullah..." ........................................................................................................................... 34
noL Cnly a Pope, buL a 8eallLy ...................................................................................................... 36
1he ropheL- Pealer of PearLs ...................................................................................................... 38
8eal docLors .................................................................................................................................. 38
Slgns of a Murshld ......................................................................................................................... 39
"As ?ou Llke, Ch My Lord!" ........................................................................................................... 39
'lhsan Maqam'- 1he SLaLlon of SlncerlLy ....................................................................................... 62
Cur Consclence ls from Peavens .................................................................................................. 62
8eachlng Lo unlLy .......................................................................................................................... 62
1he PearL's uhlkr .......................................................................................................................... 62
8 - 8L WI1n CUk SnLIkn
Allah ls Lhe Maln ower SLaLlon .................................................................................................... 64
1he ower of Lhe Shaykh .............................................................................................................. 64
PearL ConnecLlon .......................................................................................................................... 63
1he SecreL ower of Lhe '8lsmlllah' .............................................................................................. 63
'lsLlkhara'- Asklng for Culdance .................................................................................................... 66
8eal lnsplraLlons ............................................................................................................................ 66
lrom PearL Lo PearL ...................................................................................................................... 66
1he Lars of Lhe hearL ..................................................................................................................... 66
MeeLlngs for Lhe Sake of Allah ...................................................................................................... 67
S.C.S.- Save Cur Souls! ................................................................................................................. 68
1he Soul's lood ls ulvlne LlghL ...................................................................................................... 68
Love ls Llfe and LlghL ..................................................................................................................... 68
1he ower of ulvlne Love ............................................................................................................. 68
1he PearL ls for Allah alone........................................................................................................... 69
11 - 'IInAD-UL-Ak8Ak' - 1nL 8IGGLS1 IIGn1
1he 8ase of lalLh ........................................................................................................................... 70
1he 6Lh lllar of lalLh .................................................................................................................... 70
Ch my Lord, l am ln need of ?our Mercy!" ................................................................................. 71
1he SLaLlon of ConLenLmenL- Pow Lo ConLrol Anger ................................................................... 71
WlLh leasure, Ch My Lord!" ...................................................................................................... 71
1here ls no 'LmpLy 1lme' .............................................................................................................. 72
'1aubah'- 8epenLance .................................................................................................................. 73
Pow Lo be AccepLable ln Lhe ulvlne resence .............................................................................. 73
1he 12 Cood CharacLers ln uogs ................................................................................................... 73
Allah 1rles Pls servanLs ................................................................................................................. 73
Wlll ?ou be aLlenL?" .................................................................................................................. 74
1he Slgn of SplrlLual PealLh ........................................................................................................... 74
1he SecreL kaflr ............................................................................................................................. 74
'Malayanl'- 1haL Whlch uoesn'L Concern ?ou ............................................................................. 73
Are We 8ulldlng or uesLroylng? .................................................................................................... 73
llrsL llghL ?our Cwn Self ............................................................................................................... 73
Levels of Love ................................................................................................................................ 76
"?a Wadud..." - 1he lounLaln of ulvlne Love ............................................................................... 76
1he Colden Chaln of Lhe MosL ulsLlngulshed naqshbandl Crder ................................................. 79
'8ay'ah' - 1he ledge of Alleglance, 1he lnlLlaLlon ....................................................................... 80
'8ablLa-Lu-Sharlfa - 1he ConnecLlon wlLh Lhe Shaykh .................................................................. 81
1he 'naqsh' ................................................................................................................................... 82
1he SLrong lnLenLlon ..................................................................................................................... 83
'khalwaL' and 'lLlkaf' - Secluslon and 8eLreaL .............................................................................. 84
1he Maln 8ules of Lhe naqshbandl Crder .................................................................................... 83
1he naqshbandl 'Wazlfa'- 1he 8aslc Lxerclse of Lhe naqshbandl Crder ...................................... 87
'SalaLun 1un[lna- 1he rayer of 8ellef, 1he uua for all klnds of Coodness .................................. 89
GLCSSAk .............................................................................................................................. 91


o // c ./ :/// :/c/,//
// // ./// // c./ o//o/ o' c./ .,o///o/
/c///// /co/ //c

This is a good collection of our Sohbets, associations which were held in various
places for different occasions and for different purposes. They are inspirations to a
servant of our Lord Allah Almighty, coming from our heavenly headquarters, from the
spiritual center. I hope that they are suitable for curing egos from their illnesses and
bad manners, for training and preparing them for the Divine Presence here and

My English is not perfect, but I hope that through the meanings of my words a perfect
way of training and teaching is shown. The perfection of people is going to be
according to the state of their hearts; like the perfection or quality of water depends on
its source or origin. Water for drinking may come out of pipes or out of the earth, and
spring water is much more attractive for people to run to and drink from than water
that runs out of a tap. Therefore I am trying to take only living words from spiritually
authorized people who are in connection with Heavens here and hereafter.

I hope that the effort of our sister (Khairiyyah Siegel) should be blessed and rewarded
by her Lord Allah Almighty here and hereafter.

/// ./cc' :/c / .o/

=// o

1 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


!ovc 1o.|rd Your lr:v|'c Occ|n :n 'c l:v:nc lrccncc !ovc 1o.|rd Your lr:v|'c Occ|n :n 'c l:v:nc lrccncc !ovc 1o.|rd Your lr:v|'c Occ|n :n 'c l:v:nc lrccncc !ovc 1o.|rd Your lr:v|'c Occ|n :n 'c l:v:nc lrccncc

Who undersLands, may Lry Lo LranslaLe Lo who doesn'L undersLand... Audhu bl'llahl mlna
shalLanl ra[lm, 8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm... l am lnLendlng a shorL assoclaLlon, buL l am noL
ln conLrol. My CrandShaykh ls over my poslLlon, and he ls Lhe commander and conLroller
over me. So l may say Lo you LhaL l am golng Lo make a shorL assoclaLlon, buL lL may
conLlnue up unLll mornlng, lL doesn'L maLLer. 8uL, because we are weak people- l am asklng
forglveness from our CrandShaykh for me and you- lL should be a shorL address Lo you.

AssoclaLlon wlLh Lhe Shaykh ls one of Lhe mosL lmporLanL plllars of Lhe mosL dlsLlngulshed
naqshbandl Crder, lL musL be. lL ls llke peLrol for Lhe car, and man, or bellevers, Lhey are ln
need Lo move Lowards Allah, Lowards Lhe Peavens. We have been ordered and offered, as
well as we have been called, Lo move Lowards Lhe Peavens, noL Lo sLay on Lhls wlld world,
asklng Lo llve on Lhls earLh for a hundred years and more, no. lL ls noL a real LargeL Lo llve
longer, buL our alm musL be Lo worshlp as much as posslble, more and more. lf we are
asklng for a long llfe, we are asklng only for LhaL purpose: Lo pray and worshlp and Lo obey
Lhe Lord of Lhe Peavens' commands and Lo ask from Pls endless mercy oceans.

1hls ls a Lrue alm for everyone, a Lrue LargeL for Lhe followers of all rellglons. lf you ask a
ChrlsLlan: Would you llke Lo llve a long llfe?", he may say: ?es." 1hen we may ask: Why
are you asklng for a long llfe?" 1o eaL and drlnk more..." 1haL ls Lhe llfe of anlmals. lL ls noL
an alm Lo say: l am asklng for a long llfe for my ego Lo en[oy Lhls llfe." CaLLle and sheep-
whaL are Lhey asklng Lo llve for? 1o eaL as much green grass as posslble and LhaL ls Lhelr only
alm. So lf you are asklng for a long llfe Lo en[oy eaLlng and drlnklng, you have Lhe same alm,
and you are golng Lo be on Lhe same level as anlmals.
8uL lf l am asklng you and you are answerlng: l am asklng for a long llfe ln my Lord's servlce,
for Pls worshlp, because lL glves me honour. As long as l am allve, my honour ls lncreaslng.
1haL ls my alm. Whlch of Lhese poslLlons ls excellenL? uo you Lhlnk any rellglon may refuse
whaL lslam ls saylng? 1hey can'L. 1herefore excellency ls for lslam. 1he oLher rellglons are
flnlshlng, because Lhey can'L glve Lhelr followers LhaL alm. no one can, excepL ln lslam.
And ln lslam lL ls Lhe mosL dlsLlngulshed naqshbandl Crder whlch ls saylng clearly and freely
LhaL we are asklng for a long llfe Lo reach more honour ln Lhe ulvlne resence Lhrough our
dlvlne servlce, servlng our Lord... anyLhlng wrong?

1herefore Lhls ls a helpful assoclaLlon LhaL ls glvlng Lo people new refreshmenL and power Lo
conLlnue wlLh Lhelr Lord's dlvlne servlce. Cars never run wlLhouL peLrol, and bellevers can'L
move wlLhouL assoclaLlon wlLh Lhe Shaykh. AssoclaLlon, or an assoclaLed person, means
someone [olnlng wlLh anoLher person Lo be carrled by hls power from Lhe earLh Lo Lhe
heavens. 1hls ls one meanlng of assoclaLlon: LhaL you may [oln Lhe caravan of ropheLs and
SalnLs movlng Lowards Lhelr Lord's dlvlne servlce, ulvlne resence. AssoclaLlon ls llke a hook
carrylng people from Lhe lowesL Lo Lhe hlghesL llfe. lL ls a very lmporLanL plllar of Lhe mosL
dlsLlngulshed naqshbandl Crder.

2 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

Lven lf only Lwo or Lhree broLhers or slsLers, followers of Lhls 1arlqah, are LogeLher, one of
Lhem musL say someLhlng ln Lhelr assoclaLlon, and Lhe oLhers musL llsLen and follow.
And our dlrecLlon, our lasL desLlnaLlon, ls Lhe ulvlne resence. up Lo Lhere we musL move, as
rlvers run Lhrough Lhe land wlLhouL sLopplng, unLll Lhey reach Lhe ocean. So many rlvers run
ln dlfferenL dlrecLlons Lo Lhe ocean. When Lhey reach Lo Lhe ocean Lhelr waLers don'L run
anymore, Lhere ls no more movemenL, flnlshed... Allah AlmlghLy ls saylng: Ch My servanLs,
you are movlng, you are runnlng, dolng Lhls, dolng LhaL, unLll you reach My ulvlne
resence." WhaL you are dolng ls maklng Lhe waLers Lo approach Lhe ocean. Lakes are noL
runnlng, buL rlvers are, and when Lhey reach Lhe ocean, Lhey reach Lo Lhelr alm...
And our alm, everyone's alm, ls only Lo reach Lhe ulvlne Cceans ln Lhe ulvlne resence, and
Lhere are endless klnds of oceans... 1here ls noL only one ocean, no, Lhere may be one for
everyone, and he or she musL run Lo reach hls or her own ocean, Lhen Lhey wlll be ln

As a man runnlng afLer a beauLlful lady, when he reaches Lo her, flnlshed... Women are
oceans for men. Men run afLer Lhem, and when Lhey reach Lhem, Lhey are ln Lhelr oceans. lL
ls lmporLanL. Lveryone ls runnlng Lo hls ocean, and lL ls only one drop from your ocean LhaL
you have been granLed ln Lhls llfe, a llLLle blL. 1haL one drop ls enough Lo glve you
confldence Lo come Lo Lhe ocean. WhaL abouL when you are reachlng LhaL drop's ocean ln
Lhe ulvlne resence, LhaL you have been granLed? ?ou are swlmmlng ln lL...
Cood Lldlngs! 8un Lo reach your ocean, your lasL desLlnaLlon ln Lhls llfe. 8uL no mlnd people
now are leavlng Lhe ocean. 1hey are golng Lo Lhe deserL and, seelng a Ml`ra[ on Lhe horlzon,
Lhey run Lo reach lL Lo flnd someLhlng, buL noLhlng ls Lhere, and Lhey are flnlshed. Ch
people, leave Lhe Ml`ra[ ln Lhe deserL and come Lo your ocean LhaL ls for you forever, your
lasL desLlnaLlon ln Lhe ulvlne resence: Love oceans, 8eauLy oceans, endless, LasLeful, sweeL
oceans, LhaL you have been granLed from your Lord Allah AlmlghLy.

Whoever runs afLer grass and meadows are llke caLLle, Lhe buLcher's knlfe ls walLlng for
Lhem... 8uL who ls runnlng afLer Lhose oceans ln Lhe ulvlne resence, endless en[oymenLs
are walLlng for Lhem, endless LasLes, endless blesslngs, endless favours. ?ou musL declde
whlch one ls good for you. May Allah glve us a mlnd Lo Lhlnk abouL lL...

WhaL CrandShaykh ls glvlng Lo us here ls noL wrlLLen ln books. lL ls from Lhe pearls of Lhe
ulvlne Cceans of 8eallLy and Wlsdom, Lake lL and keep lL carefully... Wa mln Allah aL
1auflq... laLlha.

^ ^ ^ ^ |nd l | C:vc You |nd l | C:vc You |nd l | C:vc You |nd l | C:vc You... ... ... ...

Subhanaka, la 'llma lana llla ma 'alamLana, lnnaka AnLa'l 'Allmu'l Paklm..." (Sura 2:32)
Allahu akbar... ?a 'Allmu, ya Paklm, 'allmna ma yanfa'una wa zldna 'llman!

(And Lhe Angels sald:) ralse be Lo ?ou, we have no knowledge excepL LhaL whlch you
LaughL us- ?ou are Lhe knowlng, Lhe Wlse Cne..." Allahu akbar... Ch knowlng Cne, oh Wlse
Cne, Leach us whaL ls beneflclal for us and lncrease our knowledge always!)

1hls ls Lhe mosL dlsLlngulshed nACSP8Anul Crder and lLs maln plllar ls SohbeL, assoclaLlon
wlLh Lhe Shaykh. We are asklng, and Lhey are glvlng. lf we don'L ask, Lhey wlll noL glve...
3 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

Allah AlmlghLy ls saylng: Ask, and l shall glve Lo you. " llrsL you musL know whaL you are
asklng for.
1here was one person LhaL Allah senL Lo a blg SulLan, a greaL SulLan, and he came Lo hlm and
broughL someLhlng so LhaL Lhe SulLan was very happy wlLh hlm and he sald: l am pleased
wlLh you. Ask, and whaLever you ask for, l wlll granL Lo you. lmmedlaLely l wlll glve lL Lo
you." So LhaL person was Lhlnklng: WhaL may l ask for? My donkey ls very hungry, and l have
no sLraw... Ch SulLan, glve me a blg bag of sLraw."... Allah, Allah, such a clever one... uo you
undersLand Lhe foollshness of LhaL person? 1he SulLan was wonderlng: 1haL person ls he
crazy, mad, no mlnd? " Clve hlm, whaL he ls asklng for. Clve hlm 1o bags of sLraw, and leL
hlm go."

1he Lord of Lhe Peavens, Allah AlmlghLy, Pe ls waLchlng you when you are asklng for
someLhlng from Plm, and mosL people ask for such nonsense Lhlngs. So many people come
Lo me and say: 1omorrow l am golng for an exam, pray for me Lo pass." Cr: l am golng Lo
graduaLe, please pray for my graduaLlon. Lvery day so many people are comlng and saylng:
Ch Shelkh, pray for my shop, no one ls comlng." AnoLher one ls asklng: Look for a good
[ob for me, l have no [ob." Cr: Ch Shelkh, ask for me from Allah AlmlghLy a llLLle blL more
money." Lvery day one broLher ls comlng and asklng me: Shelkh, pray for me Lo have 4
legs." whlch means: he wanLs Lo geL marrled... asklng me from Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe day unLll
sleeplng Llme.

So many people come and ask me Lo pray for Lhls and LhaL- all of lL ls nonsense. no one ls
comlng and saylng: Ch Shelkh, please make uua for me Lo be an accepLed servanL ln Lhe
ulvlne resence."
Pallo, Shaykh, please pray for me, because Lhere ls an elecLlon. l am puLLlng my name
down also, leL peoples' hearLs awake Lo glve Lhelr voLe Lo supporL me, oh Shelkh."... no one
ls comlng and saylng: Ch Shaykh, pray for me Lo be closer Lo Allah AlmlghLy's mosL 8eloved
ServanL Sayyldlna Muhammad sws, Lo be hls nelghbour ln aradlse.... no one ls comlng and
asklng: Ch my MasLer, pray for me Lo be closer Lo Allah AlmlghLy....

1herefore, you musL ask. 8uL you musL know whaL you are asklng for, and from whom you
are asklng. lf you are golng Lo a vlllage, you may ask for sLraw Lhere, buL lL ls noL rlghL,
reachlng a SulLan's alace, Lo ask sLraw from hlm. lf you are uslng your mlnd lL should show
you whaL ls Lrue. lf you are asklng ln your hearL, your hearL may accuse you and say: l am
ashamed ln fronL of Lhe Lord of Peavens, LhaL you are asklng for someLhlng LhaL has no
value for Plm.

Ch people, you musL know abouL Lhe llfe on Lhls planeL, and you musL know abouL Lhe nexL
llfe of endless eLernlLy. Pe llkes Pls servanLs Lo ask for eLernlLy... Such a sweeL word-
eLernlLy. Lven ln your language l llke lL... Sermedl, endless eLernlLy... Ask your Lord Allah
AlmlghLy for eLernlLy. never endlng favours come from Plm. Why are you noL asklng? WhaL
you are asklng for? ?ou are asklng for someLhlng less Lhan sLraw, much less...

1herefore someLlmes l am ashamed Lo reclLe laLlha only for one person's demand and wlsh,
and l am saylng: Ch my Lord, l am reclLlng laLlha on behalf of hlm, and for whaL everyone
of ?our Pablb's naLlon ls asklng for wlLh Lhls laLlha. CranL lL Lo Lhem." l don'L llke Lo sLop
and make one laLlha for one person only, no. 1hen lL would be llke a person asklng Lo hunL,
4 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

carrylng a gun and flndlng a fly and saylng: l musL shooL lL!" WhaL are you shooLlng? A
fly."... And lL ls a shame Lo shooL a fly and Lhen Lry Lo flnd lL. 1he fly elLher flew away or lL ls
desLroyed and flnlshed...

?ou are maklng Lhls Lemporary llfe your LargeL, asklng Lo reach someLhlng and shooLlng
wlLhouL reachlng LhaL LargeL. And you are geLLlng old, before you are granLed from Allah
AlmlghLy whaL you were asklng for: Lowers of nlmrod, one hundred houses, shops,
buslnesses, companles... llnally, aL Lhe flnal polnL of your llfe, whaL you were shooLlng ls
golng Lo dlsappear, and you run Lo look aL whaL you were shooLlng- looklng and flndlng
noLhlng...: "Ch, my shooLlng was so powerful LhaL Lhe LargeL was flnlshed- no slgn of lL!"
1herefore lL ls lmporLanL for everyone Lo ask someLhlng of value from Allah AlmlghLy whlch
Pe may granL Lo you. ?ou musL make Plm pleased, and when Pe ls pleased wlLh you, Pe wlll
say: Ch My servanL, everyLhlng ls for you."...
Why you are noL Lrylng Lo make Allah AlmlghLy pleased wlLh you? 1ry Lo make Plm pleased,
and Lhen Pe wlll make you pleased. lor every purpose you should be pleased.

Y YY You !u' c lo. ou !u' c lo. ou !u' c lo. ou !u' c lo.cru or l|: cru or l|: cru or l|: cru or l|:

May Allah bless you and glve you sLrong lman and powerful acLlons, so LhaL you are
powerful members of lslam. 1hls ls lmporLanL, as Lhe Poly ropheL sws was saylng: A
powerful person ln lslam ls beLLer Lhan a weak person."...

Audhu bl'llahl mlna shalLanl ra[lm, 8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm... We are ln need of powerful
Musllms, noL weak Musllms. lf we are powerful Lhen ShalLan should run away, because he
fears from powerful people ln lslam. And Lhere are Lwo klnds of powerful people: accordlng
Lo Lhelr bellef, and accordlng Lo Lhelr physlcal body. So many physlcally powerful people fall
down qulckly and never glve any beneflL Lo lslam. And someLlmes you may see a weak
person, buL he ls powerful ln hls falLh, noL ln hls physlcal body.

ower comes from Lhe Peavens, and Peavens granL you as much power from Lhe ower
Cceans as you need. SplrlLuallLy ls much more powerful Lhan your physlcal body. 1he
physlcal belng has a Lemporary exlsLence and you may ask: Pow old are you?" 8uL for Lhe
splrlLual belng no one can speak abouL lL, or ask how old lL ls, no. no one knows Lhe age of
our souls excepL Lhe Cne who creaLed Lhem.

1o be powerful ls an order from Lhe SalnLs, and parLlcularly from 8asulu'llah sws. 1hey are
asklng for powerful Musllms, and Lhe mosL powerful Musllm ls Lhe one who can caLch Lhe
relgns of hls ego. Who ls noL able Lo keep Lhe relgns of hls ego, hls ego wlll Lhrow hlm away.
1herefore every assoclaLlon glves a klnd of power Lo Lhe aLLenders- wheLher Lhey know lL or
noL. 1haL power ls runnlng, buL you can'L see lL and you can'L hear lL. Allah, Lhe CreaLor,
Allah, Lhe CreaL Cne- supreme ower Cceans are for Plm, and eLernlLy ls for Plm!
LveryLhlng ls comlng from Allah lnLo exlsLence, from pre-eLernlLy up Lo endless eLernlLy...
Allah AlmlghLy... no parL of Lhls llfe, no plece of maLerlal can make Pls power less...

?ou musL ask for much more power from Allah AlmlghLy Lo be sLrong bellevers, Mu'mlns. lL
ls lmporLanL Lo be powerful. 8uL don'L Lry Lo be sLrong by eaLlng and drlnklng- cows and
5 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

oxen are much more powerful Lhan you! lf you wanL Lo plough, you need Len people on Lhe
rlghL hand and Len people on Lhe lefL Lo carry Lhe plough Lhrough your land...

AnoLher polnL ls Lo keep Lhe power LhaL you have been granLed. A power from Allah
AlmlghLy may reach you and you become powerful, buL for some reason you may lose lL.
And Lhls means Lhere ls someLhlng wrong on your slde, someLhlng wrong ln Lhe slghL of Lhe
ulvlne resence of Allah. And Lhen even Lhe smallesL one of Pls creaLures wlll make your
power under zero... keep yourself wlLh power!
lL ls noL easy, because ShalLan ls always aLLacklng you ln order Lo make you weak ln fronL of
your ego. uon'L llsLen Lo kaflr ShalLans- Lhey may carry you Lo a bad place, and all your
power may be Laken ln one or Lwo mlnuLes, and you wlll be lefL wlLh noLhlng.

1herefore someLlmes docLors puL a paLlenL who ls ln a very dangerous slLuaLlon ln a room
by hlmself. Pe may be very lll and weak. lf someone comes ln wlLhouL permlsslon he may
caLch whaL LhaL person ls carrylng. 1herefore always keep yourself sLrongly, so LhaL ShalLan
and shalLanlc orders can'L affecL you, and you should be free... May Allah bless you... ?ou
are comlng Lo me from Lhe furLhesL place on earLh, ArgenLlna. Lven AusLralla ls noL so far,
and Allah rewards you for every sLep, wlLh so many rewards ln aradlse. And for your
honour, because you have been on Pa[[ vlslLlng Lhe Pouse of Lhe Lord, Allah rewards you
double from born Musllms. And also because you have been here ln Lhls holy monLh,
Muharram, Pe wlll reward you wlLh much more, and wlll open for you Lhe doors of lslam. lf
you can call, Len, one hundred, or Lhousands and Lhousands of people may run afLer you...

keep yourself from ShalLan, be careful of hls Lraps or Lrlcks, so LhaL you don'L fall ln Lhem. lf
you feel LhaL you have been caughL by ShalLan, qulckly Lake a shower and pray 2 8akaaLs.
Ask Allah AlmlghLy for much more power, so LhaL Lhose black and narrow, Lerrlble and
nonsense LhoughLs, comlng Lo your hearL, should be Laken away from you. 1hen LhaL bad
slLuaLlon wlll leave you, and you may conLlnue on your way Lo Allah AlmlghLy. lf anyone asks
you whaL you are dolng, you may say: We are Lravellers Lo Allah AlmlghLy's ulvlne
resence."... Pasbl Allahu wa nlamal Wakll, la haula wa la quwaLLa llla bl'llahl'l 'Allyu'l

1 11 1c |:r:'u| lo.cr o 'c c|r' c |:r:'u| lo.cr o 'c c|r' c |:r:'u| lo.cr o 'c c|r' c |:r:'u| lo.cr o 'c c|r'

'1arlqaLuna as-sohbeL wa khalru fl [amlaL'- 1he way of our 1arlqah ls assoclaLlon wlLh Lhe
Shelkh and goodness lles ln Lhe congregaLlon... 1hls ls Lhe rooL of our 1arlqah. Allah
AlmlghLy made Shah-u-naqshbandl Lhe maln plllar of Lhe mosL dlsLlngulshed naqshbandl
Crder, and one of Lhe guldes LhaL Lake people on Lhelr way Lo Lhe ulvlne resence, so LhaL
Lhey are never golng Lo lose Lhelr dlrecLlon Lowards Allah AlmlghLy or Pls Leachlng. Pe was
saylng: We are Leachlng people, so LhaL Lhey never lose Lhelr way, and Lhelr efforLs never
go wlLhouL beneflL."
lL ls a shorL way, a safe way, a happy way. Lveryone ls walklng, movlng by
Lhemselves, or Llme makes Lhem move. So many people are noL movlng, only Llme makes
Lhem move. And any momenL Lhey may reach Lo an end, as every beglnnlng musL have an
end. 1he movemenL of people musL sLop one day, and Lhen Lhey wlll flnd Lhemselves ln
fronL of Lwo enLrances. Cn one of Lhem ls wrlLLen: '1he Way of aradlse', or Lhe way on
whlch people reach Lo Lhe ulvlne resence. Cn Lhe second enLrance ls wrlLLen: '1he Way of
6 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

Pell', who sLeps Lhrough LhaL enLrance should be Laken Lo Pell. 1here ls no safeLy on LhaL
way. lL ls a Lerrlble end.

uay by day we are approachlng LhaL... Cne more day has passed. lL ls golng Lo be one day
less, and Lhe day wlll come when we reach Lo LhaL enLrance. 1he naqshbandl Crder ls Laklng
people ln a dlrecLlon, where Lhelr desLlnaLlon ln Lhe end wlll be aradlse. lL ls Lhe way of Lhe
ropheLs and Lhe SalnLs, and Lhelr lnherlLors, Lhe Sahabas. lL ls dlfflculL for our egos, buL
happlness for our souls. LveryLhlng LhaL ls golng Lo be dlfflculL for our egos flnally should
glve us an en[oymenL, a pleasure.
MosL people are carrled on Lhe second way, and ShalLan ls walklng ahead of Lhem wlLh hls
devlls and soldlers. Who follows Lhem, flnally should reach Lhe enLrance Lo Pell... Why are
Lhey golng on LhaL way? 1hey are runnlng afLer lL, because Lhelr egos are en[oylng LhaL
lf you are noL uslng your wlll-power, your ego wlll Lake you ln LhaL dangerous dlrecLlon...
Lvery assoclaLlon ln our 1arlqaL makes people Lo pay aLLenLlon, so Lhey don'L follow Lhelr
ego, buL follow Lhe way of Lhe SalnLs and ropheLs. Lvery assoclaLlon wlLh Lhe Shelkh glves a
splrlLual power Lo our soul, so LhaL we may be able Lo use our wlll-power agalnsL our ego's
wlll. lf you are noL Laklng power, splrlLual power, lL ls dlfflculL Lo prevenL yourself from
followlng your ego.

1herefore we are ln need of Lhose people who have splrlLual power and who may also glve
supporL Lo our splrlLuallLy, so LhaL we can be able Lo say Lo our physlcal demands, Lo our
ego: no, l am noL followlng you, l am followlng Lhe way of Lhe SalnLs and ropheLs!"

Lvery assoclaLlon glves LhaL power secreLly Lhrough your soul. WheLher you know lL or noL,
feel lL or noL, doesn'L maLLer. 8uL Lhls power musL be glven Lhrough every assoclaLlon. And lL
ls noL lmporLanL, whaL we say, or whaL we hear. WhaL are we saylng here? lf l am readlng a
newspaper, lL doesn'L maLLer... ?ou are ln Lhe operaLlon-room, and you are covered... WhaL
ls lmporLanL ls Lo aLLend Lhe assoclaLlon of Lhe Shaykh, and hls splrlLual power ls golng
Lhrough everyone... When you are slLLlng here, blesslngs are comlng from Peavens, comlng
from Allah AlmlghLy, and Lhose blesslngs make you powerful. We may say anyLhlng Lhrough
our assoclaLlons, lL doesn'L maLLer. ?ou heard lL or noL, you make yourself keep Lhose orders
or noL. 8uL Lo be here, Lo aLLend Lhe assoclaLlon of Lhe naqshbandl Crder, glves you LhaL
splrlLual power, maklng your soul Lo be sLronger Lhan your ego. ?our splrlLual power ls
lncreaslng, so LhaL you can use your wlll-power agalnsL your ego.

And you may say: WhaL Shelkh ls saylng, l can never remember."... Shaykh's address ls noL
Lo your mlnds. ulema, scholars, are addresslng your mlnd, Awllya, SalnLs, are addresslng
your souls. 1herefore, anyLlme when you are faclng someLhlng, whaL your soul caughL and
kepL reaches you aL LhaL Llme and glves you LhaL power...

1herefore assoclaLlon wlLh Lhe Shelkh ls a mosL lmporLanL plllar ln Lhe naqshbandl Crder.
Always we are under Lhe splrlLual supervlslon of Lhe Shelkh. 8uL our physlcal body also has a
rlghL Lo vlslL hlm aL leasL once a year... lL may be every week, or every monLh, or once ln 4o
days, buL don'L make lL longer Lhan 4o days noL Lo come for an assoclaLlon. 1hls perlod wlll
keep a person golng Lowards hls desLlnaLlon, aradlse.

7 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

now, ln our days, Lhere are golng Lo be less and less people, who have been auLhorlzed ln
such a way. lf Lhey are noL auLhorlzed and Lhey are only lmlLaLlng lL glves power also, buL
when auLhorlzed people make assoclaLlon Lhelr full power comes Lhrough your hearLs, and
Lhe hearL ls Lhe sLaLlon of Lhe SulLan, Lhe 1hrone of Lhe SulLan. 1he SulLan's power runs
around your physlcal body Lo Lake lL Lowards lLs dlrecLlon and desLlnaLlon.
lf you are noL flndlng anyone for assoclaLlon, even Lwo Mureeds can come and slL LogeLher.
1hey may say: Audhu bl'llahl mlna shalLanl ra[lm, 8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm", and Lhen
one of Lhem can say: La llaha lll' Allah" , and Lhe oLher one: Muhammad 8asulu'llah sws"-
asklng: Ch our Lord, keep us on ?our rlghL paLh, Lhe way of ?our Anblya and Awllya. keep
us and prevenL ShalLan and devlls from affecLlng us, proLecL us agalnsL Lhelr Lrlcks and
Lraps!"... A few mlnuLes ls enough, and LhaL mercy may cover Lhem and proLecL Lhem.

May Allah bless you and shelLer your physlcal body and proLecL our souls from falllng lnLo
Lhe hands of devlls. May Pe make a way for Lhose who fall lnLo Lhelr hands Lo save
Lhemselves... And we are asklng for real power for our naqshbandl Crder Lo collecL people,
and Lo move Lowards Allah AlmlghLy's ulvlne resence. laLlha.

^ ^^ ^ 'o c Cocr 'o ^| 'o c Cocr 'o ^| 'o c Cocr 'o ^| 'o c Cocr 'o ^|

Shukr, ya 8abbl, Shukr, ya 8abbl, Shukr, Alhamdullllah, 1auba, ya 8abbl, 1auba, ya 8abbl,
1auba, AsLaghflrullah...

1arlqaLuna as-sohbeL wa khalru fl [amlaL... Meded, Meded, ya Sahlbu'l Meded..

1hls ls a new assoclaLlon wlLh Shelkh whlch makes our frlends or our followers lmprove, and
lmprovemenL means Lo be closer Lo Lhe ulvlne resence. 1hls ls whaL we are asklng. Cnly
no-mlnd people are asklng Lo be closer Lo uunya, and no one ls golng Lo Lake any beneflL
from LhaL. 8uL Lhose who are asklng Lo be closer Lo Maula, Allah AlmlghLy, are reachlng
whaL Lhey are asklng for from Pls goodness and blesslngs.

1hls ls a humble meeLlng. WhaL we are saylng ls golng Lo be easlly undersLood. ?ou musL ask
from Allah AlmlghLy Lo be closer Lo Pls ulvlne resence. no maLLer how close you geL Lo
uunya and lLs Lreasures, one day you are golng Lo be far away from Lhem- flnally you are
golng Lo flnlsh. And even lf you carry all Lhe keys Lo Lhose Lreasures wlLh you, you are noL
golng Lo look aL Lhem. And lf Lhey brlng Lhe mosL beauLlful lady Lo you, you are noL golng Lo
look aL her.

1hls means LhaL when you are golng Lo geL ready Lo leave Lhls llfe and Lo go back Lo where
you [usL came from, you are never golng Lo look or Lo ask for Lhose Lreasures of uunya LhaL
you were Lrylng and worklng so hard Lo reach. ?ou are golng Lo forgeL Lhem.

1herefore every ropheL and every SalnL, parLlcularly Sufl Crders, and among Lhem Lhe mosL
dlsLlngulshed naqshbandl Crder, are asklng Lo make you run Lo your Lord and Lo geL closer
Lo Plm, even lf only by one fooL. lf you geL Lhe chance Lo come even one fooL closer, you
musL Lake lL. 1hls ls Lhe maln Leachlng of Lhe naqshbandl Crder: Lo make people Lry and
come closer Lo Lhelr Maula, Lhe Lord of Lhe Peavens.

8 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

When Lhe physlcal body ls becomlng weaker and you are loslng your physlcal senses, your
splrlLual belng ls becomlng much more powerful, asklng Lo be closer and Lo reach Lo Lhe
ulvlne resence. 8uL now people are heedless, ouL of balance. 1here ls a scale: on one slde
you have a pearl or dlamond, and on Lhe oLher dung, dlrL from anlmals... And people leave
Lhe dlamond and run Lo Lake Lhe dlrL. 1haL ls heedlessness. Why are you Lrylng Lo reach so
much from uunya, and you are noL asklng Lo be closer Lo Lhe ulvlne resence and Lo Lake
much more from Lhere? 1hey have no balance, people have [usL losL Lhelr balance...

Anyone who prefers hls Lemporary llfe, leavlng permanenL blesslngs, ls a no-mlnd person.
1herefore Allah AlmlghLy says LhaL Lhese people are llke anlmals. noL only llke anlmals, buL
below anlmals. WhaL ls your [udgemenL on a person who choses Lhls Lemporary llfe and lLs
pleasures lnsLead of permanenL llfe and lLs en[oymenLs? lL means LhaL he has no mlnd. Pe ls
llke an anlmal. And Allah AlmlghLy even says: 1helr level ls under Lhe level of anlmals"...
We don'L know whlch day ls golng Lo be our lasL day. And lL ls enough for a person Lo know
LhaL for everyone Lhere ls golng Lo be a lasL day ln uunya. Cn LhaL day you are golng Lo leave
everyLhlng LhaL you collecLed from Lhe beglnnlng up unLll LhaL day, and you are geLLlng ouL.
As a person loadlng a huge lorry, puLLlng everyLhlng on lL, and drlvlng Lo Lhe border. And
Lhere ls 'Caf', a sLop slgn, and Lhe guards come and say: " lrom here onwards only you may
pass." Pe may say: WhaL abouL my lorry?" 8uL Lhe guards say: 1here ls no posslblllLy for
your lorry Lo move forward, no. ?ou musL come down and pass Lhrough. Leave everyLhlng
Lhere and you come..."

Pow dld you come Lo Lhls world? ?ou came naked from your moLher's womb, and qulckly
Lhey covered your naked body wlLh someLhlng from uunya, wrapplng you up ln cloLhes.
When you are leavlng, Lhe guards of Lhe border beLween uunya and Akhlrah should say Lo
you: Leave everyLhlng Lhere and you come..." And you are comlng wlLh your whlLe cloLhes
only. ?ou musL leave everyLhlng Lhere, and you should look: Ch... Ah...- how can l brlng Lhls
lorry? WhaL l dld? My whole llfe l was runnlng, l dldn'L resL or sleep, l gaLhered so many
Lhlngs and now Lhey say LhaL l can'L Lake lL... Pow can l come wlLhouL Lhem?" 8uL Lhe
guards should say: Come, come, lL ls flnlshed. 1hese Lhlngs are for Lhose people ln LhaL
area. ?ou can'L brlng Lhem Lo Lhls area."

?a LaLlfu, lam Lazzal... 1he lasL day ls already appolnLed. Lveryone has an appolnLmenL wlLh
Lhe posLman, Lhe Angel of ueaLh, who Lakes your soul Lo lLs Lord. Pe ls looklng ln hls dlary,
Lo see wlLh whom hls appolnLmenL ls. When your name ls appearlng, your appolnLmenL
wlLh hlm should be on LhaL day, ln such and such a place, aL such and such a Llme. And he ls
comlng qulckly... carrylng a blg, blg book, ln whlch ls wrlLLen Lhe appolnLmenLs for all
manklnd. Pe ls looklng and saylng: now l am comlng Lo you, lL ls our appolnLmenL." Pow?
l don'L know abouL Lhls appolnLmenL, l LhoughL Lhere was some more Llme." no, lL ls
wrlLLen here. l am noL comlng one hour before or one hour afLer, l am so puncLual, l come
on Llme. lL ls flnlshed, l am Laklng you now." WhaL abouL my uunya, my lorry, so many
Lhlngs, whaL l shall do?" Leave LhaL and you come alone..."

Ch people, who ls closer Lo Allah AlmlghLy, wlll be dressed ln heavenly dresslngs, Lo be
Laken Lo Lhe ulvlne resence of Lhe Lord, Allah AlmlghLy. 8uL Lhose who dldn'L prepare
Lhemselves for LhaL heavenly dress should be Laken away- Lhey can'L be Laken Lo Lhelr Lord's
ulvlne resence. Lveryone ls walLlng for Lhelr lasL day, looklng for Lhelr lasL momenL, Lhelr
9 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

[ourney from Lhls Lemporary llfe Lo a permanenL llfe. Ch people, Lake much more care for
your eLernal llfe... 1ry Lo be welcomed ln a good way aL Lhe lasL momenL when you are
leavlng Lhls llfe... May Allah bless you and forglve us... laLlha.

10 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


C C C Co::nq ro: ^| |nd Co:nq 'o ^| o::nq ro: ^| |nd Co:nq 'o ^| o::nq ro: ^| |nd Co:nq 'o ^| o::nq ro: ^| |nd Co:nq 'o ^|... ... ... ...

Shukr, ya 8abbl, Shukr, ya 8abbl, Shukr, Alhamdullllah, 1auba, ya 8abbl, 1auba, ya 8abbl,
1auba, AsLaghflrullah..." (Shukr and Alhamdullllah open Lhe gaLes of aradlse, 1auba and
AsLaghflrullah close Lhe gaLes of Pell.)

1arlqaLuna as-sohbeL wa khalru fl [amlaL... 1hese are Lhe words of Shah-u-naqshbandl, may
Allah glve hlm much more honour. Pe was, and sLlll ls, guldlng Lhe ummaL-l-Muhammadl
sws Lo Allah AlmlghLy. We are comlng from Lhe Peavens, from Allah, we are Louchlng Lhls
planeL, and Lhen we are reLurnlng Lo Plm. noLhlng else...

When we Louch Lhls planeL on our way, lL ls golng Lo be perhaps for one hundred years, or
elghLy, forLy, or maybe [usL elghL years. 1he perlod of our llves ls golng Lo be dlfferenL.
CounLless evenLs are happenlng ln uunya, and so many Lhlngs we are lnLeresLed ln whlch we
glve all our power Lo- and Lhey are all 8aLll... Allah AlmlghLy ls saylng ln Pls Poly Curan:
lnna ll'llahl wa lnna llayhl ra[l'un...We are comlng from Allah and we are golng Lo Allah..."
And LhaL ls Paqq, Lhe real LruLh.

1he people of Lhls cenLury never Lake any lnLeresL Lo flnd ouL from where Lhey are comlng,
and Lo where Lhey are golng. 1helr only lnLeresL ls uunya, whaL Lhey are Louchlng ln Lhls llfe
up Lo unLll Lhey leave. 1hey Lhlnk LhaL slxLy or sevenLy years ls a loL. And Lhey Lhlnk LhaL
Lhey may en[oy Lhemselves LhroughouL Lhls shorL llfe-Llme... slxLy, sevenLy years, or more or
less... nlneLy and one hundred year old people are so dlfflculL Lo flnd...
Where were you before you came Lo Lhls llfe? ?ou were ln Allah AlmlghLy's ulvlne resence.
?ou are comlng from Plm- comlng a long way.... ?ou have forgoLLen lL. WhaL makes you Lo
forgeL? lL ls LhaL you are noL bellevlng. lf you were bellevlng, you would have Lo Lake an
lnLeresL ln yourself and ask: WhaL happened, and whaL ls golng Lo happen? 8uL people
never use Lhelr mlnd... 1helr lnLeresL ls only ln LhaL shorL Llme LhaL Lhey are llvlng ln.
And everyLhlng ln Lhls llfe ls dlrecLed ln such a way LhaL man ls never golng Lo Lake an
lnLeresL ln hls splrlLual belng and hls splrlLual llfe. LveryLhlng LhaL has happened, or ls
happenlng now and ls golng Lo happen ls only maklng you noL Lake any lnLeresL ln your
orlglnal source, noL Lo ask from where you are comlng. And Lhls ls blg Lrouble for manklnd...

?ou see runnlng waLer, and you are asklng: "lrom where ls Lhls rlver comlng? ls lL pure or
noL?" lor waLer you ask. 8uL for yourself, alLhough you are runnlng day afLer day llke rlvers,
you are noL lnLeresLed Lo ask: Where l am comlng from? Where am l golng Lo?" 1he answer
ls [usL as we sald: 'Comlng from Allah, and golng Lo Allah'...

Cur Llme ls very shorL and full of lnLeresLs whlch never leave you Lo look afLer anyLhlng from
your eLernal llfe- and eLernal llfe ls Lo be wlLh Allah AlmlghLy. Pe ls Lhe LLernal Cne, and lf
Pls servanL ls asklng for eLernlLy, Lhen Pe dresses hlm wlLh such llghLs, wlLh such powers,
LhaL hls lnLeresLs are golng Lo change sLep by sLep. 1hen you flnally reach a polnL LhaL you
undersLand where you are comlng from and where you are golng Lo. 1here ls a plan. Cn lL ls
wrlLLen: 'lrom Allah AlmlghLy'. And on anoLher plan ls wrlLLen: '1o Allah AlmlghLy'...
11 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

?ou musL Lry Lo be for Allah. ?ou musL Lry Lo force your ego Lo llve for Allah and Lo learn LhaL
you are comlng from Allah and golng Lo Plm: My lnLeresL ls never ln you for Lhls llfe. My
lnLeresL ls only ln my Lord. l came and sLepped on Lhls planeL, and afLer a whlle my feeL are
Laken from Lhls earLh and dlrecLed Lowards some dlrecLlons... perhaps unknown
dlrecLlons... perhaps somewhere where Lhere ls no more dlrecLlons..."

Ch people, he who ls golng opposlLe Lo Allah's calllng ls golng ln Lhe wrong dlrecLlon. 1haL ls
why a punlshmenL comes on a person, who undersLands Lhls, buL doesn'L keep lL. ?ou musL
undersLand, ln Lhls shorL llfe, everyLhlng LhaL has happened, whaL ls happenlng and whaL
wlll happen forever. 8e careful whaL you do here, whaL you planL here, so LhaL you should
be powerful, and full of en[oymenL and saLlsfacLlon.
Ch people, Lry Lo make your ego say LhaL we are comlng from Allah AlmlghLy, and we are
changlng crew, Laklng new fuel, and Lhen leavlng Lowards Lhe Peavens ln our space shlps.
Lveryone has a vessel, llke Lhe Ark whlch was granLed Lo Sayyldlna nuh a.s.... ?ou may enLer
lL and go freely Lo your Lord's ulvlne resence...

May Allah forglve us and make us undersLand. lL ls so clear- Lo come from Allah and Lo go Lo
Allah. Ch people, llve for Allah, do for Allah, go Lo Allah, be for Allah... laLlha.

O OO Our L|' lc':n|':on : 'c l:v:nc lrccncc ur L|' lc':n|':on : 'c l:v:nc lrccncc ur L|' lc':n|':on : 'c l:v:nc lrccncc ur L|' lc':n|':on : 'c l:v:nc lrccncc

8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm... 1hls ls a new assoclaLlon wlLh our CrandShaykh even Lhough lL
ls laLe... Sleep ls SulLan, nobody can reslsL lL, buL lL ls 8ahmah, a blesslng, also... WhaL shall
we do? We musL Lry Lo LranslaLe someLhlng Lo you. lL ls as necessary for you as food. ?ou
are ln need of food for your physlcal body. ?ou musL cook and eaL whaL Allah AlmlghLy
creaLed for your physlcal belng. 8uL for your soul you are ln need of splrlLuallLy, splrlLual

now all rellglons, excepL lslam, never glve anyLhlng Lo Lhelr followers, Lhey are flnlshed. 1hls
boLLle here, lf lL ls full, you may glve someLhlng from lL, buL when lL ls flnlshed, whaL can you
glve? ChrlsLlanlLy flnlshed many years ago, buL Lhey have been Lrylng Lo do someLhlng, Lo
make people lnLeresLed. 1hey were uslng so many nonsense, useless and foollsh ways for
youngsLers, knowlng very well whaL our physlcal belng ls lnLeresLed ln: LaLlng and drlnklng,
and runnlng Lo fulfll Lhe wlshes and demands of Lhe ego. 1he ego ls only lnLeresLed ln
reachlng lLs own LargeLs...

eople llvlng now are only runnlng afLer Lhelr physlcal body's lnLeresLs. erhaps you may
flnd one ouL of Len Lhousand, or flfLy Lhousand, or one hundred Lhousand people, who may
have an lnLeresL ln splrlLuallLy. And Lhe mosL hlgh splrlLuallLy, whlch ls never decreaslng, you
can only flnd Lhrough lslam. WhaL Allah AlmlghLy granLed Lo Musa a.s. and lsa a.s., was
someLhlng Lo be glven ln a llmlLed place and Llme Lo Lhelr followers. ChrlsLlanlLy, from Lhe
beglnnlng, Lrled Lo glve people whaL Lhey needed for Lhelr splrlLual llfe, buL day by day lLs
splrlLuallLy wenL down for Lhe sake of Lhe Seal of ropheLs, who would brlng perfecLlon, a
perfecL LargeL for people. lslam came for LhaL purpose. And Lherefore !esus ChrlsL was
saylng: l am your Lord's servanL, noLhlng else, and LhaL ls my honour."

12 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

Can an anL undersLand who Man ls? never. Lven lf lL llved for one mllllon years. And as
much as man may ask for more wlsdom and more from hls Lord's ulvlne knowledge, whaL
he can Lake from lL ls always golng Lo be small. 1hls ls because llmlLed Lhlngs, even Lhey may
appear blg ln our eyes, are always golng Lo be noLhlng ln Lhe ulvlne Cceans of CreaLness...
8uL people are so crazy, so mad, such foollsh ldloLs, asklng Lo know who Allah ls, or how
Allah ls, or where Allah ls... ?a Pu!

Where ls lLaly? Where ls Cermany? Where ls Amerlca? Where ls Malaysla? Show me! And
you are saylng: l can'L show you from here now, buL come wlLh me on a plane, and we shall
fly and l shall show you my homeland." Ch donkey, lf you are only asklng abouL Malaysla,
and you are ln need Lo Lake a plane and fly flfLeen hours Lo land Lhere, and Lhen sLlll you
don'L know lL... Why or how you can say: Show me Allah"? And l am saylng: Show me
beyond Lhese skles. Show me Lhe beglnnlng of space, lLs llmlLs, where lL ends- Lhen l shall
show you beyond LhaL. ?ou need LhlrLeen, fourLeen or flfLeen hours Lo Lravel Lo Malaysla...
Pow many years, or cenLurles, or bllllons of years musL you fly Lo flnd Lhe lasL polnL of
space? And Lhen l shall show you where Lhe Lord ls, where Pls sLaLe ls, Alem !abaruL... Alem
MalakuL, Alem !abaruL, Alem LahuL... 1hen l shall say. 8uL people ln Lhelr lgnorance are
asklng: Where ls Allah?" Pe creaLed Lhe where. Pow can you ask 'where'? Pe creaLed Lhe
Llme. Pow can you ask 'how old ls Pe'?

And l am asklng: Pow old ls our galaxy?" So many bllllons of galaxles are runnlng... l am
saylng: 8lde on one of Lhem, Lhey are all runnlng Lo Lhelr Lord's ulvlne resence. 1ake any
one of Lhem, all of Lhem are runnlng ln Lhe same dlrecLlon. noL one galaxy ls golng ln Lhe
opposlLe dlrecLlon. 1here are no accldenLs ln Lhe heavenly Lrafflc! 1ake one, and Lhen you
may reach wlLh lL Lo Lhe ulvlne resence. WhaL ls your paymenL? ?ou musL pay, as a LlckeL,
for rldlng on any galaxy wlLh your physlcal body. ?ou musL glve lL as a paymenL. ?ou can rlde
any galaxy lf you are paylng. Clve your physlcal body Lo Lhem, Lhen every galaxy may Lake
you free... SaluLlng you, Laklng you Lo Lhe ulvlne resence. Where ls Lhe ulvlne resence?
Cnly Allah, Lhe Cwner of Lhe galaxles, may say: 1hls ls Lhe lasL sLaLlon for Lhls galaxy.
now lL has arrlved. l am here!"

Cood news for Lhose who can pay Lhe LlckeL-money. Any galaxy may accepL you and you
may conLlnue on lL. 1hen Lhe Lord of Peavens says: SLop, Lhls ls your lasL desLlnaLlon. l am
here. Come Lo Me..." Allahu akbar... Pe ls Laklng away Lhe Pl[ab-ul-'AzamaL, Lhe vell of
CreaLness. Supreme CreaLness ls for Allah AlmlghLy. 1hese vells open and Pe says: l am
here..." Lverywhere... Allah, Lhe mosL Plgh, mosL CreaL... Allah, Lhe knowlng, Lhe mosL
owerful... LveryLhlng ls ln lLs perfecLlon for Plm AlmlghLy...
?ou musL undersLand, lL ls from eLernlLy Lo eLernlLy... And when Lhe angels ask you: Where
you are asklng Lo reach?" you musL say: l am movlng Lowards eLernlLy." 1hen come, who
ls asklng for eLernlLy, may come." Who ls asklng for anyLhlng else, Lhe LlckeL-collecLor wlll
klck hlm off: Co. 1hls ls only for Lhose who are asklng eLernlLy, go away."

^ ^^ ^ lcrcc':on ro: | lcrcc' Onc lcrcc':on ro: | lcrcc' Onc lcrcc':on ro: | lcrcc' Onc lcrcc':on ro: | lcrcc' Onc

now we are ln Lhls Lemporary llfe. 1omorrow, nexL week, nexL monLh, nexL year or nexL
cenLury we are golng Lo leave. We musL leave Lhls llfe and move from Lhls world Lo anoLher
world, whlch ls only descrlbed Lo us by Lhe ropheLs. no one may open Lhe vells from Lhe
13 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

comlng days, and no one can know whaL wlll happen afLer Lomorrow ln Lhe endless fuLure.
Cnly Pe Who creaLed you, manklnd, may know whaL ls golng Lo happen ln Lhe fuLure, and
Pe ls Lhe Cnly Cne who can remove Lhe vells.
Pe ls Lhe CreaLor of Lhe comlng days and Lhe ueslgner of every day's program. uon'L Lhlnk
LhaL any day may come by lLself wlLhouL a program, no. Lvery day musL come by Pls Wlll,
and everyLhlng, whlch ls comlng lnLo exlsLence, whlch wlll appear Lomorrow, ls programmed
by Plm wlLh all Lhe deLalls, noL only wlLh Lhe headllnes.

?ourself and every creaLure, everyLhlng, ls represenLlng our CreaLor's endless power, Pls
endless perfecLlon. lL beglns wlLh Lhe smallesL represenLaLlve of creaLures, whlch ls less Lhan
an aLom, Lhen conLlnues Lo Lhe aLomlc world, Lhe solld world, Lhe planL world, Lhe anlmal
world, Lhe human naLure world, mounLalns, oceans, Lhe earLh, sLars, galaxles... LveryLhlng
shows Allah's perfecLlon, and Pe puLs perfecLlon ln everyLhlng, never leavlng any
lmperfecLlon ln any creaLure ln any of Lhese worlds.

And Lhere ls a perfecL connecLlon beLween everyLhlng, from Lhe smallesL unlL ln Lhe aLomlc
world, Lo Lhe glganLlc sLar sysLems ln Lhe world of Lhe galaxles. noLhlng and no one can be
by lLself, by hlmself. 8y LhaL connecLlon everyLhlng ln exlsLence knows lLs CreaLor. 1hls ls a
common connecLlon beLween everyLhlng ln exlsLence, LhaL Lhey know, or musL know, Lhelr
CreaLor- heavenly belngs, earLhly belngs, Lhe smallesL creaLures up Lo huge, glganLlc
galaxles. none among Lhe counLless creaLures ls golng Lo deny Lhe exlsLence of Lhelr
CreaLor. Cnly fully foollsh, drunk people from manklnd.
And Lhe second common connecLlon among everyLhlng ln exlsLence ls LhaL all creaLures glve
Lhelr mosL hlgh and endless respecL Lo Lhelr Lord, whlch ls Lhelr glorlflcaLlon. LveryLhlng
musL glorlfy! 1hey are saylng LhaL some Lhlngs are noL allve, buL everyLhlng ln exlsLence has
a llfe, and everyLhlng ls allve wlLh LhaL glorlflcaLlon. lf someLhlng ls noL glorlfylng Lhe Lord, lL
ls golng Lo vanlsh, flnlsh, lL wlll lose lLs llfe. LveryLhlng LhaL ls comlng ln exlsLence musL
glorlfy lLs Lord Allah AlmlghLy... Cceans are glorlfylng, mounLalns, earLhs, skles, sun, moon,
sLars, galaxles, planLs are glorlfylng, anlmals, your body ls glorlfylng. 8uL manklnd, because
Lhey are heedless, are noL uslng Lhelr Longues Lo say: "Subhanallah"- Clory Lo Allah
AlmlghLy! "

1herefore Lhe evenLs whlch are golng Lo happen Lomorrow are ln Lhelr mosL perfecL
poslLlon. ?ou can'L flnd any lmperfecLlon ln anyLhlng ln exlsLence. LvenLs are ln Lhelr full
perfecLlon, because Pe, who creaLed LhaL evenL and LhaL creaLure ls ln Pls endless

So perfecLlon may be Laken from a perfecL person. An lmperfecL person can'L glve
perfecLlon Lo someone else, because lf he ls lmperfecL, he musL glve from hls lmperfecLlon. l
can only glve from whaL l have. lf l haven'L, whaL am l golng Lo glve Lo you? lf l have
perfecLlon, l am glvlng perfecLlon. lf l have lmperfecLlon, l am glvlng lmperfecLlon...
1here ls no lmperfecLlon wlLh Lhe Lord of Lhe Peavens, and Pe glves Lo everyLhlng lLs
perfecLlon. Pe ls asklng Pls servanLs Lo ask for whaL Lhey are ln need of from Plm:
perfecLlon. 8uL people ask for Lhls or LhaL... no, ask from Plm, from Pls perfecLlon oceans, Lo
glve you perfecLlon, so LhaL you don'L come Lo Pls ulvlne resence ln an lmperfecL
condlLlon. Pe may ask: "Why you are comlng ln such a condlLlon? Why are you noL comlng
Lo My ulvlne resence wlLh perfecLlon? Why are you comlng lmperfecL?" lf Lhe servanL says:
14 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

"l never asked for more Lhan Lhls, l dldn'L know where perfecLlon was", Lhen Allah AlmlghLy
may say: "Ch My servanL, why dldn'L you look for a perfecL one among My servanLs? lf you
had asked, you would have found someone, buL you never asked, so you never found
anyone and you are comlng Lo Me noL perfecL. lf you were asklng for perfecLlon from Me, l
would have granLed lL Lo you, buL you dldn'L ask. ?ou asked for Lhls and LhaL, alLhough
perfecLlon was Lhe besL Lhlng for you Lo ask for, and Lhe hlghesL honour was Lo come Lo My
ulvlne resence wlLh perfecLlon."

lL ls lmporLanL. Ask, and you can flnd. 1here musL be some people who have perfecLlon. lL ls
noL for common people, buL lf you ask, you can flnd a perfecL servanL and he may glve Lo
you. 8uL lf you are noL asklng...

1hls ls Lhe meanlng of Lhe ropheL's saylng: "lf knowledge ls Lo be found ln Chlna, you musL
run afLer lL..." AL LhaL Llme Chlna was Lhe lasL known place on earLh, beyond whlch no
counLry was heard of. 1he ropheL knew beLLer, buL he was addresslng Lhe people ln fronL
of hlm who knew only Chlna as Lhe furLhesL sLaLe. Pe meanL Lo say: 'lf you are asklng for a
knowledge, and Lhe person who may Leach you LhaL knowledge ls ln Chlna, run Lo hlm...'

WhaL klnd of knowledge? A knowledge whlch glves you perfecLlon. noL a klnd of knowledge
whlch ls only wrlLLen down Lo make books, no. 1here are mllllons of books. 8uL Lry yourself,
can you Lake perfecLlon from Lhem? ?ou can? Ch, very good, buL you can'L flnd Lhe
perfecLlon whlch belongs Lo you...

1here may be a blg warehouse full of keys, Lhousands of keys, and you are ln need of a
slngle key, and you are comlng and saylng: "Ch keeper of Lhls warehouse of keys, l have losL
my door key, glve me Lhe key." 8uL he doesn'L ask whaL klnd of key lL was and whaL lL looked
llke, he only says: "1hls ls Lhe key," and glves lL Lo you. And you go and Lry Lhe key, buL you
can'L open Lhe door. ?ou come back and ask: "Clve me anoLher key ."... 8uL up Lo Lhe end of
Lhe world Lhe keys are never endlng and Lhey never open LhaL door...

So Lhere are mllllons of books full of knowledge, buL whlch one ls glvlng you perfecLlon? ?ou
need maybe a mllllon years of llfeLlme Lo Lry and flnd ouL whlch one ls for you... Ch heedless
people... never endlng... Lven ln one mllllon years you wlll noL flnlsh... 8uL LhaL person, who
ls an experL, ls saylng Lo you: "WhaL are you asklng for? WhaL klnd of lock do you have, Lell
me." And Lhen he ls looklng and saylng: 8rlng Lhls key Lo hlm."

1herefore LhaL person musL know Lhe perfecLlon LhaL you need. And LhaL knowledge may be
found ln Chlna, buL noL ln books. 8eal knowledge Lhrough our hearLs ls whaL we are asklng
for. So LhaL ls Lhe wlsdom of whaL Lhe ropheL was saylng. knowledge ls knowledge, here or
ln Chlna. 8uL lf LhaL person, who may glve you LhaL perfecLlon ls llvlng Lhere, run Lo hlm and
Lake from hlm. Pe may glve you Lhe key Lo open your Lreasures.

May Allah forglve us and make us undersLand someLhlng from perfecLlon... Look for Pls
represenLaLlves on earLh Lo reach Plm. lf you don'L flnd Lhem, you can'L reach Plm.

15 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

K KK Kno.cdqc o 'c c|r' : Ncvcr Lo' no.cdqc o 'c c|r' : Ncvcr Lo' no.cdqc o 'c c|r' : Ncvcr Lo' no.cdqc o 'c c|r' : Ncvcr Lo'

1he flrsL nlghL of 142o accordlng Lo Lhe lslamlc calendar [usL began aL Maghreb. We are
asklng Allah AlmlghLy Lo make Lhls year good for lslam and Musllms everywhere on Lhe
whole earLh, because Musllms are now ln a very dangerous slLuaLlon. unexpecLed evenLs
have happened... no one could have lmaglned such a slLuaLlon. And also ln Lhls year so many
unexpecLed blg, Lerrlble and horrlble evenLs are golng Lo come...
uunya, Lhe whole world, ls changlng day by day, because uunya ls runnlng aL full speed
Lowards lLs desLlnaLlon, and for every creaLure Lhere musL be a desLlnaLlon. WlLhouL a
desLlnaLlon Allah AlmlghLy ls noL creaLlng anyLhlng, even Lhe smallesL one walklng or flylng...
l am asklng sclenLlsLs and auLhorlzed people abouL a cerLaln creaLure on earLh: "WhaL ls lLs
name? lL musL have a name." 8uL our foollsh and proud scholars don'L know- Lhey are only
proud ones- and Lhey may say: "lL ls noL wrlLLen ln our books." ?ou scholars are clalmlng
LhaL you know abouL everyLhlng, and you slL on a Lhree-person chalr... 8uL lf l am asklng:
"WhaL ls LhaL creaLure's name?", you are saylng: "We dldn'L Lake a phoLograph of LhaL
creaLure or puL lL under a mlcroscope yeL, and we dldn'L ask lL yeL 'whaL ls your name?',
because we are meeLlng for Lhe flrsL Llme now." And l am saylng: "Ask LhaL creaLure lf lL
knows abouL you. Ask lL: 'uo you know who am l?' And lL may say: '?es, you are from Lhe
Chlldren of Adam a.s. !'

Lvery creaLure musL know Lhe depuLy of Allah AlmlghLy on earLh... 1hls ls lmporLanL. ?ou
have never heard such Lhlngs before... Lvery creaLure musL know CallphaLu'llah. 1hey have
been ordered Lo know hlm and also Lo be obedlenL and Lo be of beneflL Lo hlm, because
noLhlng ls creaLed wlLhouL glvlng a beneflL Lo manklnd. LveryLhlng ls creaLed for man, and
everyLhlng ls helplng man by lLs creaLlon.

And before Lhe creaLlon of man, before Lhe comlng of Lhe depuLy of Allah AlmlghLy, Lhe
creaLures were looklng and walLlng for hlm, Lo be obedlenL Lo man and Lo help hls
descendanLs and glve Lhelr besL Lo Lhem. Anlmals, planLs... everyLhlng on earLh, ln earLh, ln
Lhe aLmosphere, skles, space- everyLhlng ls [usL creaLed for you... Allahu akbar!

So LhaL small creaLure also knows abouL you, because you have been creaLed Lo be SulLan
over Lhem. And yeL you are heedless of your real belng, noL maklng any research abouL
yourself and Lhe lmporLance of belng ln exlsLence. no, you only make enqulrles and
research lnLo a few creaLures, buL you can'L enLer Lhe ocean of Lhe counLless belngs. 1hey
are llvlng everywhere, wheLher you can see Lhem or noL. Lverywhere ls full of creaLures, and
Lhey are looklng aL you, buL you can'L see Lhem. And Lhey know abouL you, and you don'L
have a full knowledge abouL yourself...

An lgnoranL person may ask: "uoes anyone know Lhe names of Lhe creaLures?" And Lhe
creaLures say: "?es, Allah AlmlghLy creaLed Adam a.s. Lo be Pls depuLy, Callpha on earLh,
saylng: 'Wa 'allama Adama'l asmaa kullaha' . Allah AlmlghLy LaughL Adam Lhe names of
every creaLure LhaL Pe creaLed." Adam a.s. knew Lhelr names fully. lor example here ln Lhls
room Lhere are maybe one hundred people, and everyone has a name. ?our common name
ls man, buL lndlvldually you are Ahmad. So Adam knew Lhe common names and also, one by
one, every creaLure's lndlvldual name...

16 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

1haL ls a cerLaln sLage for manklnd, and Lhere are so many sLages or levels for everyone.
When someone ls reachlng Lhere splrlLually, Lhere ls an openlng... WhaL you puL ln your
mlnd, even afLer a long Llme you may forgeL. Mlnd producLs qulckly may be losL, forgoLLen.
8uL whaL you have been granLed by Allah AlmlghLy Lhrough Pls mosL 8especLed ServanL
8asul sws, whaL ls comlng Lo your soul, you never forgeL. Mlnd producLs are golng Lo melL
and flnlsh, buL noL hearL producLs, Lhey are kepL, and Lhey belong Lo our souls. lL ls llke a flsh
LhaL ls broughL Lo you, and you Lake Lhls flsh and Lhrow lL back lnLo Lhe ocean, so LhaL lL may
llve Lhere forever. 8uL ouL of Lhe ocean wlLh you, lL can'L llve on...

Llke LhaL mlnd producLs may only be kepL for a shorL Llme. ?ou may learn someLhlng, know
lL, buL Lhen forgeL lL agaln. 8uL whaL you have been granLed from Allah AlmlghLy ls never
golng Lo be forgoLLen...

lL ls a very dangerous happenlng for manklnd. eople clalm Lo be learned and Lo know so
many Lhlngs. 8uL Lhey have also been glven forgeLfulness, whlch makes Lhem Lo lose all of lL.
Lverybody from manklnd may forgeL. no one can say: "l am noL forgeLLlng anyLhlng", excepL
Lhe Awllya, Lhe SalnLs, who are keeplng knowledge Lhrough Lhelr hearLs, noL Lhrough Lhelr

Who ls keeplng knowledge ln hls mlnd, day by day, llLLle by llLLle, ls golng Lo lose lL. AfaaLu'l
'llma an-nlsyan"... Lhe problem wlLh knowledge ls LhaL anyLlme lL can be forgoLLen- you are
learnlng, buL forgeLfulness never leLs LhaL knowledge sLay wlLh you... 8uL who keeps
knowledge Lhrough hls hearL never forgeLs. l was wlLh CrandShaykh for 4o years, and l
never heard hlm say abouL anyLhlng: "l forgoL." Pe was saylng: "When l was born my hearL
was worklng, knowledge was ln lL."

Ch people, you musL Lry, for Lhls year parLlcularly, Lo save yourself and your famlly from
Lerrlble and horrlble evenLs. 1ake care for Lhem, and lL wlll glve you conLenLmenL. uon'L run
afLer money. Money can never glve you any lnsurance.

1herefore we are Lrylng Lo say LhaL holy word: "La llaha lll' Allah, la llaha lll' Allah, la llaha lll'
Allah...", asklng Lo puL lL lnLo our hearL by repeaLlng lL, because Lhrough hls mlnd a person
may lose lL. 8uL so many lgnoranL people are ob[ecLlng Lo 1arlqaL people who say and
repeaL: "La llaha lll' Allah...". 1hey are geLLlng very angry because Lhelr Leacher ls ShalLan.
And every 1arlqaL ls asklng Lo Lake LhaL holy word from our mlnds Lo our hearLs. And hearLs
never forgeL, so lL ls never golng Lo be losL. 8uL lf you are noL keeplng uhlkr, you are golng Lo
forgeL afLer hours or days...

1herefore 1arlqaL musL be. lL ls helplng people Lo LransporL Lhelr knowledge from Lhelr
heads, Lhelr mlnds, Lo Lhelr hearLs. lL ls a llLLle blL dlfflculL, buL you musL Lry Lo Lake away
Lhe dlfflculLles. And Lhe only way ls Lo say: "La llaha lll' Allah..."- openlng hearLs...

1hose square-head people never undersLand and Lhey are flghLlng people, asklng: "Why are
you maklng uhlkr?" We are maklng uhlkr so Lhe reallLles whlch belong Lo Lhe Lord of Lhe
Peavens come from our mlnd Lo our hearL. 1hen Lhey are never golng Lo be forgoLLen and
we may always know Lhem. 1haL ls Lhe lmporLanL polnL for 1arlqaLs. 8uL we have a saylng,
17 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

LhaL lf you puL chocolaLe ln fronL of a donkey, lL wlll refuse lL. 8uL lf you puL sLraw, lL wlll eaL
lL. WhaL shall we do, lf people lnslsL Lo be donkeys, only happy wlLh sLraw?

We hope LhaL LhroughouL Lhls year every day a new power wlll [oln lslam, Lo make our
heads, our leaders rlse up, and Lo make Lhe heads, Lhe leaders of Lhe enemles of LruLh,
enemles of Peavenly 8elngs, fall down. Ask from Allah day by day Lo show you and Lo glve
you... ?a Allah, granL us Lhe SulLan of SharlaL from ?our ulvlne resence on earLh... laLlha.

! !! !|n:nd | ccn onourcd .:' | l:v:nc 1ru' |n:nd | ccn onourcd .:' | l:v:nc 1ru' |n:nd | ccn onourcd .:' | l:v:nc 1ru' |n:nd | ccn onourcd .:' | l:v:nc 1ru'

1he way of our 1arlqah ls SohbeL, and we are ln need of guldance. 1he flrsL gulde of Lhe
ummah was Lhe mosL ralsed, 8especLed and Clorlfled ServanL of Allah AlmlghLy, Sayyldlna
Muhammad sws. l am asklng from my CrandShaykh Lo granL us a good undersLandlng of
who 8asulu'llah sws ls, who he was...

1here ls a saylng LhaL Arabs used also before lslam: 'Who never keeps someLhlng valuable
wlLh hlmself, ls golng Lo be an enemy of Lhe one who does.' And LhaL ls a klnd of foollshness,
because we are noL all creaLed Lhe same. 1he meanlng, or meLhod, for Lhe creaLlon of man
ls dlfferenL from oLher creaLures, and man ls Lhe CreaLor's mosL perfecL creaLure. 1hose who
were noL granLed LhaL honour, became hls enemles.

ln Lhe beglnnlng Allah AlmlghLy gave Lhe good Lldlngs of Lhe creaLlon of Pls Callph Lo Lhe
Angels. 1hey were lnnocenL and Lhey sald: "lf ?ou llke Lo make a new creaLure, we accepL. lf
?ou are maklng LhaL creaLure Lo be on Lhe same level wlLh us, we accepL. lf ?ou make hls
honour more Lhan our honour, we also accepL..."

ShalLan wanLed LhaL honour for hlmself. When Adam a.s. had LhaL quallLy, and noL ShalLan,
he became Lhe number one enemy of hlm and hls chlldren. Pe was very angry, saylng: "l am
noL accepLlng LhaL one. lf Lhe rank and poslLlon of Lhls new creaLure ls golng Lo be above
mlne, l am golng Lo be dlsobedlenL." And Lo be obedlenL was an order from Allah AlmlghLy.
ShalLan had glven hls oaLh, hls promlse Lo Allah AlmlghLy, as everyone promlsed Lo Allah on
Lhe uay of romlses, LhaL: "We are golng Lo be ?our servanLs..." 8uL he dldn'L accepL any
ropheL, Lrylng Lo keep every honour for hlmself. Pe was saylng: "lf l am granLed Lo be
above LhaL new creaLure, l am noL golng Lo accepL hlm, l wlll have no respecL for hlm, and l
wlll never leave hlm Lo llve or Lo sLand up. lf he ls golng Lo be above me ln hls rank, l wlll go
agalnsL Lhe command of Lhe Lord of Peavens. 1haL honour was for me, buL lL was Laken
from me and glven Lo LhaL new creaLure." And man ls maybe Lhe weakesL one among Lhe
creaLures, buL he has been granLed LhaL honour from Allah AlmlghLy. ShalLan was so angry...
So when he losL, or he wasn'L granLed LhaL honour from Allah AlmlghLy, he became an
enemy Lo Adam and hls chlldren. 1haL was Lhe reason. And LhaL same characLerlsLlc from
people Lo each oLher ls Laklng Lhem away. 1haL worsL characLerlsLlc of our egos ls Lo be
[ealous or envlous, and Lhe maln source of LhaL ls ShalLan. Whoever ls [ealous or envlous has
a parL of ShalLan, and he ls noL pure... Lven Lhough he had been glven everyLhlng, ShalLan ls
never happy wlLh manklnd. So he ls movlng among lgnoranL groups of people, maklng Lhem
Lo aLLack and glve Lrouble Lo people everywhere. And he ls laughlng... we are ln a Llme of
darkness, lgnorance, bad characLerlsLlcs and faulLs, a Llme of cruelLy and ln[usLlce. And all
Lhese Lhlngs also happened before Lhe comlng of lslam.
18 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

ShalLan ls Lhe number one Lrouble-maker, and flrsL class aL harmlng people. Manklnd would
be ln peace, lf Lhere was no ShalLan. Pe ls maklng people Lo go agalnsL Lhe commands of
Allah. Lvery Llme hls Leachlng Lo manklnd ls: "uon'L be obedlenL, llve your llfe, you are
comlng Lo Lhls llfe only once, Lhere ls no llfe afLer deaLh." Pe ls maklng people Lo refuse
anyLhlng from splrlLuallLy, llke Lhe Wahabl-people. 1helr mlnd ls only for maLerlallsm. 1hey
Lry Lo make a loL of gold and sllver, Lo be Lhe rlchesL, buL Lo be Lhe rlchesL never glves any
beneflL. 1hen Lhey become sevenLy, elghLy years old, and everyLhlng ls flnlshed. And ShalLan
ls cheaLlng and klcklng people...

1herefore, lf you have some good characLerlsLlcs and good acLlons, some anlmals wlll ob[ecL
and say: "Why has he been granLed LhaL honour and he has only Lwo legs, whlle we have
four legs? Pow can lL be? And we don'L know how Lhey are walklng wlLh Lwo legs." 1hey
dldn'L expecL LhaL a person could walk llke LhaL. 1herefore ShalLan was very surprlsed and
sorry Lo see people run wlLh Lwo legs. So he made a declaraLlon: "erfecLlon for man ls Lo
have four legs. 1wo legs ls lmperfecL." And he sald: "l wlll Lry Lo Lake Lhem under my
command and make Lhem four legs- buL Lhey musL noL see Lhls. lf Lhey see Lhemselves wlLh
four legs, Lhey wlll leave me and escape, and l musL keep Lhem. 1hey have Lwo legs, and l
am glvlng Lhem Lwo more legs Lo make lL four. 8uL sLlll Lhey should doubL lf Lhose new
Lhlngs LhaL Lhey are wearlng are golng Lo be for Lhem forever, or lf Lhose Lwo-leg people
rldlng on horses should come Lo Lake away Lhelr freedom!"

1here should be wars, flghLlng's and Lroubles LhroughouL Lhls year, wars, whlch wlll noL glve
any honour Lo people, and whlch are only for desLroylng everyLhlng and Lo klll as much as

1herefore when people lose Lhelr values Lhey become enemles of Lhose who have. And
manklnd's creaLlon ls speclal, so lf people look Lo each oLher wlLh a superflclal look, Lhey wlll
never be successful ln Lhelr llfe. 1hey musL undersLand Lhe real value whlch Lhey have been
granLed from Allah AlmlghLy. ShalLan losL lL, and Lherefore he became an enemy Lo Lhe
Chlldren of Adam, who have LhaL honour, and he ls always Lrylng Lo Lake away LhaL ulvlne
1rusL from our hearLs and leave us llke anlmals. 1haL ls Lhe Lrouble golng on now ln our days,
because ShalLan ls saylng one Lhlng, buL keeplng someLhlng else ln hls hearL, asklng Lo be
number one over all creaLures. And he became a flrsL-class enemy for every ropheL,
especlally for Lhe Seal of ropheLs Sayyldlna Muhammad sws.

Manklnd now, sLep by sLep, llLLle by llLLle, ls asklng Lo come Lo Lhe level of anlmals, because
Lhey Lhlnk LhaL on LhaL level Lhey should have absoluLe freedom ln Lhelr llfe. 1hls ls Lhe flrsL
ldea or ldol of Lhe new generaLlon: Lo make an absoluLe freedom for Lhemselves and Lhelr
descendanLs. 1herefore ln Lhe comlng days unexpecLed evenLs should come Lo man, and he
should wonder and ask: "WhaL ls happenlng, whaL ls golng on?
1hls year Lhousands of people are golng Lo dle aL unexpecLed Llmes. 1hls means LhaL Lhe
young generaLlon should be ln danger, because Lhey never Lake any care for, and never
worry abouL, worshlpplng Allah AlmlghLy. Who ls noL Laklng care of Allah's Poly Commands
may suddenly dle. And deaLh ls Lhe heavlesL penalLy for manklnd...
19 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

May Allah forglve us and bless you... We are asklng ulvlne SupporL for desLroylng Lhe
shalLanlc SulLanaLe and we hope LhaL lL wlll be soon... We hope LhaL lL happens nexL
Muharram... laLlha.

l ll lc|cnd on ^| c|cnd on ^| c|cnd on ^| c|cnd on ^|

A man always llkes Lo depend on someone. 1he mosL powerful people LhaL you know are
rlch people... Lhey Lhlnk LhaL Lhelr rlchness supporLs Lhem. 8uL someLlmes you see mulLl-
mllllonalres' and Lhelr huge rlchness doesn'L glve Lhem any en[oymenL any more because
old age came Lo Lhem and LhaL rlchness can'L glve Lhem any defence.

1herefore you musL noL ask for some klnd of power LhaL you are uslng, and LhaL you
lnvenLed, no. lL ls so dlfflculL for Lechnology Lo defend you. And also, a person who ls asklng
for peace and saLlsfacLlon ln hls llfe musL look for some land, some place, LhaL ls golng Lo
belong Lo hlm only, and does noL have any parLners...

Meded, ?a SulLan-ul-Awllya, Meded, ?a 8l[alu'llah... We are asklng forglveness from Allah
AlmlghLy and we are also glvlng endless Shukr Lo Plm. As much as we are glvlng more Shukr,
more honour and llghLs, nur, are comlng Lo us... And lf a person ls noL saylng Shukr, even lf
he goes Lo Lhe !amaaL for mornlng-prayer and slLs up unLll uhuhr, up unLll evenlng and
nlghL-prayer, lL wlll noL be easy for LhaL person Lo keep hls ego and Lry Lo fulfll hls oaLh LhaL
he gave Lo Allah Lhe uay of romlses. All of us gave our oaLh Lo Allah, saylng: "We are
promlslng Lo ?ou LhaL we shall be ?our servanLs for ?our Peavenly, ulvlne Servlce..."

now everyone musL look, whaL hls lnLenLlon ls. lor whaL and for whom ls he worklng? lor
whlch purpose ls he runnlng from here Lo Lhere? All of you musL Lry Lo Lhlnk abouL lL.
LveryLhlng LhaL ls noL for Lhe sake of Allah ls golng Lo flnlsh. Lven lf you spend mllllons of
uollars... Allah knows everyLhlng... Pe knows LhaL Lhe Chlldren of Adam ln Lhe 2oLh cenLury
never follow Pls Crders. no counLry ls followlng Lhe Crders of Peavens, meanlng Lhe Crders
of Allah. Lveryone ls Lrylng Lo make someLhlng accordlng Lo hls own Lhlnklng and hls own
knowledge. LveryLhlng LhaL Lhey are Leachlng ln unlverslLles ls nonsense, all Lhe sub[ecLs.
LveryLhlng ls only based on maLerlallsm. 1hey deny all splrlLuallLy, everyLhlng beyond Lhls
world, and everyLhlng afLer Lhls llfe...

Anyone, who never Lhlnks abouL ulvlne Servlce, musL be broughL down. Lven lf he ls Lhe
rlchesL person on earLh lL ls noL golng Lo be of any beneflL Lo hlm. 1herefore Lry Lo depend
on Allah AlmlghLy. lf you depend on Plm and Pe supporLs you, no harm wlll come Lo you
here or hereafLer. 8uL someone who ls noL followlng even Lhe mosL slmple commands of
lslam should fall down, and be Laken away qulckly... Cne of Lhose commands ls Lo pray Lwo
8akaaLs afLer maklng Wudhu or Chussl, buL people now have forgoLLen lL.

ln Lhe 3rd mlllennlum every shalLanlc Lhlng whlch Lhey are uslng now should be desLroyed.
ShalLan ls maklng everyLhlng horrlble and Lerrlble for manklnd. Pls Leachlngs cause people
Lo Lhlnk wrongly, Lo lnLend wrongly, and Lo do wrong Lhlngs...

1herefore Lhere ls a ulvlne 1rap for Lhose who Lhlnk LhaL Lhere won'L be any Peavenly
lnvolvemenL on earLh any more, and who are saylng: "We [usL Lhrew away Lhe klngs and Lhe
20 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

SulLans. now we are Lhe owners of everyLhlng whlch we Look from Lhem, lL ls for us, noL for
Lhem any more."

Cne lnLenLlon may save people, and one word may cause manklnd Lo fall down, so LhaL lf
people are noL paylng aLLenLlon Lo Lhelr Lord's Leachlngs and orders, everyLhlng ls golng Lo
be upseL, Lhe head wlll be aL Lhe boLLom, and Lhe feeL wlll be aL Lhe Lop... And everyLhlng
may be Laken from you, so LhaL you are noL able Lo LasLe anyLhlng from all Lhose klnds of
nlamaL, ulvlne lavours, llke vegeLables and frulLs. ?ou wlll ask Lo eaL, buL Lhere wlll be no
LasLe, noLhlng... Lrylng Lhe food, buL noLhlng ln your mouLh ls helplng you Lo dlgesL lL...

SLep by sLep we are approachlng Lhe ulvlne resence... Some people Lhrough Lhelr love and
respecL for Allah AlmlghLy even have a baby, Lo make Plm happy and pleased wlLh Lhem...
Ask ln Lhe new cenLury for Lhe besL Lhlngs, Lhe besL people from Allah AlmlghLy. AnyLhlng
LhaL you are asklng for musL be Lhe besL, Lhe mosL expenslve, Lhe mosL valuable. uon'L ask
for sLraw llke LhaL person. 8uL you may ask for a horse lnsLead, and Lhen Lhe SulLan may
order: "Clve LhaL servanL of Allah AlmlghLy from my Lreasures... WhaLever he ls asklng for,
glve hlm double, and glve someLhlng for hls horse also."

So lf you depend on Allah you should be vlcLorlous here and hereafLer. lf you are asklng Lo
depend on a man, Lhen one day he ls golng Lo dle and your plllar ls falllng down. lf a person
depends on hls money, one day LhaL money ls golng Lo vanlsh and lL may be losL ln one
nlghL, and Lhen he can'L do anyLhlng wlLh lL any more. Ask from Allah AlmlghLy for a safe
place for Lhe comlng days wlLh good ones around you, so wlld anlmals won'L be ale Lo Louch
you. ?ou may keep yourself and Allah AlmlghLy ls proLecLlng you also.

May Allah forglve us and bless you. lrom Lhls holy monLh Muharram some unexpecLed
evenLs wlll begln Lo appear, and chaos wlll lncrease day by day... May Allah proLecL our
souls, may Pe proLecL our famllles, our chlldren, and make who ls allve Lo be good
servanLs... We are all servanLs, may Allah accepL us... Wa mln Allah aL Lauflq... laLlha.

21 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


k kk kun 'o un 'o un 'o un 'o l:nd Your kc| ldcn':', l:nd Your kc| ldcn':', l:nd Your kc| ldcn':', l:nd Your kc| ldcn':',

1here are golng Lo be unexpecLed evenLs. 1errlble, horrlble, and fearful evenLs, LhaL no one
can brlng an explanaLlon for... And Lhere should be ulvlne urposes and Wlsdoms ln Lhose
evenLs. lf one evenL ls golng Lo happen, afLer lL Lhere should be so many evenLs comlng
lmmedlaLely or suddenly... up unLll Loday so many expecLed evenLs have come, buL now
and ln Lhe fuLure, even lf people are Lhlnklng abouL comlng evenLs, everyLhlng should be
unexpecLed. And Lhls ls a new beglnnlng. A new perlod for uunya ls comlng now...

lrom a very confused and complex llfe people should come back Lo a very slmple llfe, as lL
was before, aL Lhe beglnnlng. Llfe has reached a Lop polnL, wlLh counLless burdens and
efforLs for man, who ln Lhe 2oLh cenLury has reached Lo Lhe helghL of hls wlshes. 8uL
suddenly a wave of unexpecLed power wlll come and desLroy everyLhlng LhaL people have
reached Lo durlng Lwo hundred years or more by sclence and Lechnology- suddenly lL all wlll
vanlsh and dlsappear...

1herefore lL ls a Llme LhaL people musL Lry Lo geL away from dlfflculLles Lo a resLful,
comforLable and slmple llfe. 1he complex llfe now ln our days ls brlnglng counLless
dlfflculLles, because modern sclence and lLs lnvenLlons are causlng people Lo cuL Lhemselves
off from naLure. 1haL break beLween man and naLure makes people very sLrange ouLwardly,
as well as ln Lhelr lnner llfe. 1helr appearance ls ugly, and Lhelr lnner Lhlnklng or
undersLandlng ls nonsense, useless, Lerrlble...

1hls ls a punlshmenL from Lhe Lord of Lhe Peavens because man separaLed, or ran away
from, naLure Lo an arLlflclal llfe. LveryLhlng LhaL surrounds people ls arLlflclal, and all arLlflclal
Lhlngs are agalnsL naLure. naLure never llkes arLlflclallLy, and arLlflclallLy never llkes naLure...
Lhey are flghLlng. now lL ls Lhe end of a wlld perlod full of vlolence... And Lhe maln creaLlons
of manklnd whlch became rebelllous agalnsL everyLhlng are named sclence and
Lechnology... 1haL ls whaL ls happenlng around Lhe whole world now ln our days, and a
Lerrlble end ls walLlng for Lhe rebels...

8lg evenLs are comlng Lo desLroy everyLhlng LhaL makes manklnd arLlflclal. 1echnology has
made people lnLo arLlflclal belngs, and Lhelr real ldenLlLy has lefL Lhem. All of Lhem are
arLlflclal. And Lhey are also uslng arLlflclal means, so LhaL Lhey can'L do anyLhlng Lhemselves

1herefore we are saylng LhaL man should run back Lo naLure now, Lo save hlmself and Lo
flnd hls real ldenLlLy, because men and women losL Lhelr real ldenLlLles. All of Lhem are
dressed ln arLlflclal ldenLlLles. 1haL ls why our foollsh people here ln 1urkey use arLlflclal
names for Lhemselves, leavlng real names... Lhls shows LhaL Lhey are flnlshed...

22 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

now day by day Llme ls approachlng an end LhaL no one can be able Lo prevenL. LveryLhlng
musL run Lo lLs lasL polnL, lasL sLaLlon. 1he ma[orlLy of people are golng Lo vanlsh and flnlsh
because of unexpecLed evenLs whlch should appear from LasL and WesL, from up and down,
causlng people Lo dle or lose Lhelr mlnd. eople are noL golng Lo flnd whaL Lhey wanL Lo eaL
and drlnk, and Lhey are golng Lo lose Lhelr physlcal belng. eople wlll Lry Lo save Lhemselves
ln Lwo ways: flrsL, Lhey wlll Lry Lo save Lhelr physlcal belng, and second, Lhey wlll Lry Lo reach
Lo Lhelr splrlLual belng. 1hey musL make a separaLlon, noL for one slde Lo lnvolve ln Lhe
oLher slde, no. And Lhey musL glve each slde whaL lL needs.

1herefore lL ls lmporLanL now for everyone Lo Lry Lo be someLlmes wlLh Lhelr own selves,
because people have been Laken away from Lhelr real ldenLlLles. lL ls now a blg obllgaLlon
for you Lo ask Lo come back Lo your real personallLy, Lo flnd your ldenLlLy. Man doesn'L know
who he ls, lf he ls an anlmal or an angel... wonderlng, buL he never flnds ouL whaL ls hls
personallLy, hls ldenLlLy. 1hls ls Lerrlble and very dangerous...

?ou musL Lry dally for some mlnuLes Lo be wlLh yourself, Lo come Lo yourself. 1hls ls golng Lo
be a foundaLlon for Lhe llfe of manklnd on earLh afLer Lhe year 2ooo, ln Lhe 3rd

Lveryone musL know whaL ls hls real value and musL follow a new way afLer Lhe desLrucLlon
of humanlLles' quallLles. And human belngs, lf Lhey are noL reachlng ln Lhls very shorL perlod
Lhe speclal and valuable quallLles LhaL were granLed Lo Lhem by Lhelr CreaLor, Lhey are golng
Lo slnk down... lf Lhey qulckly run and flnd Lhem, Lhey are golng Lo be saved... May Allah
forglve us... laLlha.

1 11 1c 1unnc 'o l| c 1unnc 'o l| c 1unnc 'o l| c 1unnc 'o l|

WhaL does Lhe happlness or sadness of a human belng depend on? lL depends on wheLher
he ls obedlenL Lo Allah's Commands or noL, respecLlng Plm, or denylng Plm and followlng

All ropheLs have LaughL Lhls and lL ls repeaLed aL every !uma, lrlday prayer, everywhere ln
Lhe world Lo remlnd people: "Ch people, be obedlenL Lo Allah, respecL Plm, fear Plm,
because Pe can see you everywhere. Wherever you are, you are under Pls Lyes, nazar.
roLecL your hearL, don'L leL evll enLer ln lL. Among Lhe creaLures you have been glven Lhe
hlghesL rank, and Allah has chosen you for Pls Servlce, and LhaL you may govern Lhe world
as Pls uepuLles, accordlng Lo Pls Laws. 8uL you are Lhrowlng away Lhls honour, and you
wanL Lo make your own laws... whaL klnd of haraohs have you become?"

And Lhe world ls geLLlng darker day by day... now we are ln Muharram, who knows whaL Lhe
comlng year wlll brlng Lo us... lor 1419 years Lhe unbellevers have been Lrylng Lo flnlsh
lslam, buL 142o has come, and we wlll meeL Lhe ChrlsLlan year 2ooo durlng lL. We don'L
know whaL wlll happen ln 1421, or lf Lhere wlll be more years Lo come. Cnly afLer 2ooo Lhelr
counLlng wlll sLop, and Lhen we wlll counL accordlng Lo Lhe Pl[rl calendar, Lhe lslamlc
calendar. Maybe by nexL year half of humanlLy wlll noL be allve any more...
Allah ls saylng LhaL Pe ls glvlng Lhe chance Lo rebelllous man Lo remember Plm, buL people
are mlsuslng Pls generoslLy and make every bad Lhlng even worse. 1he Poly ropheL had
23 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

been asklng from Allah AlmlghLy LhaL hls naLlon, hls ummah, mlghL noL be punlshed llke
prevlous naLlons by someLhlng comlng from Lhe skles or from Lhe earLh. So Allah AlmlghLy
sald: "l wlll punlsh some of you Lhrough oLhers of you..."

We shall see so much 8ela, mlsforLune, Lhls year... Ch people, you musL undersLand Lhe
wlsdom of your creaLlon and exlsLence. Llfe ls shorL, deaLh ls walLlng for us, AkhlraL ls ln
fronL of us, and we wlll have Lo glve an answer Lo Lhe Angels of Lhe Crave...

lL ls as lf Lhe whole world ls ln a Lunnel whlch looks llke an x : lL ls geLLlng more and more
narrow, and from a cerLaln polnL on lL ls geLLlng wlder and wlder up Lo Lhe eLernal... Cnly
splrlLually sLrong people wlll pass Lhrough Lhls Lunnel. MaLerlallsL people won'L be able Lo
make lL, Lhe power of Lhelr baLLerles wlll be flnlshed. Cnly Lhe splrlLual power of Lhe soul
can help you...

Allah AlmlghLy has ordered us Lo read Lhe Poly Curan, Lo make uhlkr and SalawaL, Lo
sLrengLhen our souls and Lo connecL Lo Lhe splrlLual world. 8uL we are noL undersLandlng,
we are mlsundersLandlng lslam... 1he orders and duLles ln lslam are only for connecLlng you
wlLh Lhe splrlLual world. ?ou have Lo know whaL worshlp ls for.

Cnly because of your soul, whlch ls comlng from MalakuL, may you be called human belngs.
Accordlng Lo your physlcal body you are anlmals... ?ou musL recognlze your value. We
should Lry Lo conLrol our nafs, ego, buL we are dolng everyLhlng Lo please lL, servlng lL...

?ou musL Lry Lo shlne wlLh Lhe llghL of your soul. 1hls llghL has been granLed Lo you from Lhe
Peavens Lhrough Lhe Poly ropheL sws. Search for Lhls llghL!

lf noL, so many Lhlngs wlll happen Lhls year... May Allah keep us on Lhe paLh of LruLh. keep
yourselves and learn Lo conLrol your ego, so LhaL you may be able Lo rlse Lo MalakuL...

l ll l|n |n |n |n

We are ln a Lunnel, and unLll we pass Lhrough lL, lL wlll geL more and more narrow. 1hen,
when !esus ChrlsL ls comlng, lL wlll geL wlder and wlder. Cnly Lhe one whose foundaLlon ls
Paqq wlll sLand on hls feeL. Lvery 8aLll wlll be Lorn down. lf a bulldlng has even only one
sLone of Param, Lhls wlll be Lhe reason for lLs desLrucLlon...

1hls sysLem, all Lhe banks, wlll break down. lL ls a !ewlsh lnvenLlon... Cver nlghL all paper-
money wlll lose lLs value, and only Lhose who have gold may save Lhelr wealLh. 8efore, for
one plece of gold we goL 1 1urklsh Llra. now you musL glve 23 mllllon 1urklsh Llra for one
plece of 8eshaL-Cold. 1he paper ls here, buL lLs value ls Lhere, ln Lhe bank. 1haL ls how Lhey
are cheaLlng people... And Lhe !ews are buylng all Lhe gold LhaL Lhe banks puL on Lhe

8uL lL ls Allah's plan now LhaL, day by day, kufr should break down.

24 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

1crc : no Co:|u:on :n kc:q:on 1crc : no Co:|u:on :n kc:q:on 1crc : no Co:|u:on :n kc:q:on 1crc : no Co:|u:on :n kc:q:on...' ...' ...' ...'

?ou can'L rule people by force... Allah ln Pls Wlsdom ls saylng ln Lhe Poly Curan: "La lkra'a fl
dln... 1here ls no compulslon, no force, ln rellglon. Whoever wanLs Lo belleve, may belleve.
Who doesn'L wanL Lo belleve, he doesn'L have Lo belleve. 8oLh Lhe bellever and Lhe
unbellever wlll reLurn Lo Me. uon'L force anyone Lo belleve, because he wlll noL really be a

1hls ls a blg wlsdom. ln Lhe 2oLh cenLury Lhey have Lrled Lo force people lnLo so many Lhlngs,
buL aL Lhe momenL LhaL Lhe pressure was released, people reLurned Lo Lhelr old condlLlon. lL
ls Lhe naLure of man Lo be Musllm- you can'L separaLe Lhem from LhaL. As much as you Lry Lo
palnL over gold Lo cover lL, sLlll Lhe gold remalns gold under LhaL palnL. keep Lhls wlsdom.
1he consclence ls calllng ouL, Lhe lnner feellng ls guldlng Lo goodness. Cnly Lhe nafs, Lhe ego,
ls forclng us Lo evll, Lrylng Lo palnL us... buL sLlll Lhere ls LhaL gold underneaLh.

8eally, man ls golng on Lhe sLralghL paLh Lowards Allah. When bables make movemenLs ln
Lhe womb of Lhelr moLhers, Lhey Lry Lo escape Lhe Angels LhaL come accordlng Lo Allah's
Command Lo make Lhem Lo leave Lhe womb. So Lhe Angels say Lo Allah: "Ch Allah, ?our
servanL ls dlsobedlenL, we can'L Lake hlm ouL." 1hen Allah's 1a[alll, a splrlLual manlfesLaLlon,
ls descendlng on Lhe baby, and lL falls lnLo Sa[da, comlng ouL of Lhe womb llke LhaL! And aL
Lhe end of our llfe our soul wlll come Lo make Sa[da before lLs Lord agaln. 1herefore keep
maklng Sa[da Lo Allah AlmlghLy. lL ls lmporLanL! WlLhouL Sa[da Lhere ls danger for you- you
may fall lnLo Lhe hands of ShalLan, maklng Sa[da Lo hlm lnsLead...

|:' |:' |:' |:'|n:c 1c|c:nq |n:c 1c|c:nq |n:c 1c|c:nq |n:c 1c|c:nq

May Allah Lake ShalLan far away from us... 1hose who geL away from ShalLan, or ShalLan ls
geLLlng away from Lhem are lucky people. 1here are no more Lroubles for Lhem. 1roubles
exlsL only because of hlm. Pe ls a flrsL-class Lrouble-maker. As long as you accepL hlm and
follow hlm, Lhere musL be Lroubles for you. lf you don'L wanL Lo fall lnLo Lroubles, lf you
would llke your llfe Lo be safe here and hereafLer, don'L follow ShalLan... flnlshed. lL ls so

ShalLan ls Lhe number one enemy of manklnd. Pe never llkes you, buL shows hlmself Lo you
as your advlsor. Pe came Lo Lhe flrsL Man and hls Lady and enLered aradlse, where Lhey
were llvlng ln full en[oymenL and safeLy, and full blesslngs were on Lhem. WhaL more could
Lhey ask? And ShalLan came and sald: "Come and follow me, l shall Lake you Lo a much more
[oyful place." When Lhe flrsL Man and hls Lady followed hlm and Look one sLep, a ulvlne
Curse fell on Lhem. And lnsLead of en[oymenL came sadness, lnsLead of peace came flghLlng,
lnsLead of a resLful and comforLable llfe came a llfe full of mlserles and sufferlngs. Such ls
ShalLan's advlce...

Pe always comes Lo people and says: "Come and follow me, l wlll Lake you Lo anoLher, much
beLLer sLage of llfe, and you may reach more comforL, en[oymenL and happlness, more
wealLh and healLh." And he ls a llar. WhaL can be beLLer Lhan aradlse?

25 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

When bellevers are passlng from Lhls llfe Lo real llfe ln aradlse, Lhelr en[oymenLs Lhere are
lncreaslng every day, noL comlng down and geLLlng less and reachlng zero as ln Lhls world. ln
aradlse your en[oymenL, respecL, llghLs, knowledge and wlsdom ln Lhe ulvlne resence are
always lncreaslng, day by day Lhrough Allah AlmlghLy's blesslngs. Pe has endless lavour
Cceans. uo you Lhlnk Pe prepared Lhose oceans for Plmself? Pe ls noL ln need of anyLhlng,
Pe ls Allah. Pe ls creaLlng, granLlng and glvlng Lhese endless Cceans of lavours, 8lesslngs
and Mercy Lo you...

8uL ShalLan ls comlng and saylng: "Come and follow me, l am Laklng you Lo Lhe hlgh-llfe, for
a perfecL en[oymenL wlLhouL any llmlLs. l wlll make you, my followers, Lo be happy." And
lgnoranL people are asklng: "Pow can Lhere be a perfecL en[oymenL?" And he says: "Look aL
whaL l dld: l refused Lo obey my Lord, and Lhen Pe granLed me my freedom. now l am free
from obedlence, worshlp, prayer and glorlflcaLlon. Cnly once l was dlsobedlenL, and now l
am free and l do as l llke. no one ls calllng me Lo come and pray and fasL, no one ls Lelllng
me Lo do Lhls or LhaL. Ch people, follow me."

1herefore freedom ls passlng Lhrough dlsobedlence. ShalLan's Leachlng Lo people ls: "Ch
people, you musL Lry Lo be free. 1he way Lo freedom ls passlng Lhrough dlsobedlence, so
don'L follow anyone, buL follow me. l am noL Lelllng you Lo obey me, no, because we are
flghLlng obedlence.

8uL l am only advlslng you wlLh a sweeL word: follow me... Ch Luropeans, Amerlcans,
anyone, l am noL Lelllng you Lo obey me, no, lL ls very heavy. l refused lL, and now l have my
own wlll, dolng everyLhlng l wanL, and no one ls quesLlonlng me: WhaL are you dolng or noL
dolng? erfecL wlll-power ls wlLh me."

Pasbl Allahu wa nlamal Wakll... ShalLan's Leachlng of freedom, Lo be free from Peavenly
Commands, has Laken away Lhe mlnds of people ln Lhe 2oLh cenLury. 1hey are asklng for
LhaL freedom. Pe ls advlslng Lhem: "?ou are llvlng on earLh. uon'L obey whaL ls comlng Lo
you from Lhe Peavens, Lelllng you Lo do Lhls and noL Lo do LhaL."

AfLer LhaL, people were comlng and lnvenLlng human rlghLs, granLlng you freedom, or,
beLLer: declarlng freedom and orderlng lL Lo you, because human rlghLs flrsL declare LhaL
man ls creaLed free and musL be free LhroughouL hls whole llfe, and no one can prevenL hls
freedom... ln whaL way free? 1haL ls shalLanlc Leachlng. 1herefore youngsLers are saylng
now: "We don'L need Lo follow Peavenly Commands. We musL be free so we can use our
free wlll as we llke."

1he second shalLanlc Leachlng ls saylng: "?ou musL flghL, as you foughL Peavenly 1eachlngs
before, and be dlsobedlenL lnsLead of obedlenL servanLs. uon'L say 'servanLs', you are noL
servanLs. ?ou are number one, mosL lmporLanL people, all of you vls. Pow may a vl be a
servanL, whaL ls LhaL?" 1hey are very happy, saylng: "ulsobedlence ls our honour."

Ch people, human rlghLs ls ShalLan's Leachlng for 2oLh cenLury people, cheaLlng Lhem as he
cheaLed Lhe flrsL Man and hls Lady. Pe ls saylng: "?ou musL be free from Peavenly
Commands, noL Lo be servanLs. 8e dlsobedlenL. When you are golng Lo be dlsobedlenL, Lhey
wlll noL call you a servanL, no. 1hen you have reached my level. l am noL a servanL. l am Lhe
26 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

klng of dlsobedlenL people, and Lhey are my supreme sLaff. l am slLLlng wlLh Lhem, geLLlng
up wlLh Lhem. l am always wlLh Lhem, because Lhey are chosen ones, elecLed ones... 1lme
by Llme we have elecLlons also, Lo elecL someone who ls much closer Lo my shalLanlc
presence, llke 1roLzkl, Mao, Mussollnl, PlLler, Lhls or LhaL one, who are elecLed sLaff for me. l
Lralned Lhem llke a Lralner of a fooLball-Leam, how Lo be agalnsL servanLhood. And Lhe 2oLh
cenLury ls under my hegemony, my klngdom ls [usL esLabllshed..."

Audhu bl'llah... l am asklng for ulvlne roLecLlon from Allah AlmlghLy. lf Pe ls noL shelLerlng
us, nobody can. l hope LhaL Lhese shalLanlc Lrlcks and Lraps are golng Lo flnlsh, and LhaL hls
auLhorlLy wlll break down, and LhaL ln Lhe 3rd mlllennlum servanLhood of Peavens wlll
appear ln Lhe LasL and WesL... May Allah bless you and make everyone Lry Lo be a good
servanL for Allah's ulvlne Servlce.

lrom Lhe flrsL day of Muharram everyLhlng [usL changed. SplrlLuallLy ls lncreaslng,
maLerlallsm ls golng down. under each plllar of ShalLan's sulLanaLe has been puL 1n1... We
are awalLlng Lhe Llme for LhaL bulldlng Lo come down... Shukr, ya 8abbl... laLlha.

^ ^^ ^d| : 'c ou o Kno.cdqc d| : 'c ou o Kno.cdqc d| : 'c ou o Kno.cdqc d| : 'c ou o Kno.cdqc

uon'L look down upon anyLhlng or anyone... 1he ego only loves lLself. lL ls kaflr, noL
accepLlng Allah, and lL wanLs Lo be slLLlng alone on Lhe 1hrone.
1he Poly ropheL sald: "Allah Plmself has LaughL me Lhe besL manners, Adab."

A human belng ls llvlng Lhrough hls soul, and Lhe soul of knowledge ls Adab. knowledge
wlLhouL Adab ls a mlsforLune for lLs owner. ShalLan had knowledge, buL he had no Adab,
behavlng badly ln Allah's resence, and Lhen he was flnlshed. Always Lhe ego ls bad-
mannered, golng agalnsL Allah, denylng Plm. lL never llkes Lo be under Lhe conLrol of
anyone. All our egos are Lhe same. We have Lo brlng lL under conLrol, and Lraln lL Lo become
Allah's servanL, and noL be conLrolled by Lhe ego.

Allah ls noL forclng anyone. noL everybody can keep hls ego, and Lhey are falllng from one
Lrouble lnLo Lhe nexL, never flndlng any resL or peace.

Man needs, and musL learn Adab. lL ls noL easy Lo Leach Adab. Someone may read hundreds
or Lhousands of books, buL he may noL be able Lo conLrol hls ego. Pe may have knowledge,
buL he can' L pracLlce lL. ShalLan had so much knowledge, and lL dldn'L beneflL hlm. And
everybody ln our Llme wanLs Lo sLudy, and Lhey all fall Lhe LesL...
And someone may go on Pa[[, he may sLay 4o days, make Pa[[, umrah, ZlyareL and become
clean. LveryLhlng seems perfecL. 8uL Lhen he geLs on Lhe plane home and he looks Lo a
sLewardess wlLh deslre, and everyLhlng ls losL, flnlshed... Slx monLhs, one year he sLayed
Lhere, so many prayers he dld, 1awafs, umrahs, everyLhlng ls good. 8uL Lhen, for one
momenL he doesn'L conLrol hls ego, forgeLLlng LhaL Allah ls looklng Lo hlm, forgeLLlng and
belng wlLhouL Allah, and ShalLan makes hlm from hls sLaff...

uon'L glve a chance Lo ShalLan, because he ls always looklng for an opporLunlLy Lo caLch
people. 1here ls Param and Palal. Whoever ls noL respecLlng LhaL border falls ouL of Adab
wlLh Allah. lew people wanL Lo save Lhemselves from Lhelr bad-mannered ego. 1arlqaLs and
27 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

Lhe four Madhabs are based on Adab, and LhaL ls why ShalLan ls agalnsL Lhem, because Lhey
are agalnsL hls school. Pls school ls Lhe flfLh Madhab, Lhe school of 8aLll. So many people
follow lL... May Allah noL leave us ln Lhe hands of our bad ego. Whoever ls noL asklng LhaL
wlll be caughL by ShalLan.

?our ego ls Lelllng you LhaL you are number one LhaL nobody ls llke you. lL ls Lelllng you LhaL
you don'L have Lo llsLen Lo anyone, LhaL you are sLrong and know everyLhlng, LhaL you are
your own Shelkh. And Lhe ego ls lylng Lo us.

WhaL we are saylng here ls whaL Lhey have puL ln our hearLs, and we are ashamed ln fronL
of Allah and fearlng Plm because we are such lgnoranL ones, maklng so many mlsLakes and
bad-mannered acLlons. Who ls Lhe Shelkh? Pe ls LhaL one who Leaches you abouL Allah and
Pls ropheL. Pow you can know by yourself? 8uL Lhey don'L wanL Lo accepL a Leacher, Lhese
Wahhabl people. And whoever doesn'L accepL a Shaykh, a Poca, an lmam, a gulde, ualll, hls
Leacher ls ShalLan. Pe ls Lelllng Lhem: "Why do you need a Shaykh?"

lollow a pure gulde, LhaL he may Lake you Lo purlLy because only pure ones wlll enLer
aradlse... Allah knows besL who are Lhe hypocrlLes... We are Lrylng, worklng on lL, asklng Lo
be clean. 8uL: "1humma amanu, Lhumma kafaru..." someLlmes we belleve and someLlmes
noL, llsLenlng Lo our ego and ShalLan. Cn Lhe way of falLh, lman, you can be saved...

And Lhe Angels of Lhe Crave wlll ask you lf your face ls Lurned Lo uunya or Lowards Maula,
Allah. 1hey wlll ask you whaL ls your Clbla, Lo where ls your hearL dlrecLed? lf Lhey flnd your
face Lurned Lowards Allah, everyLhlng ls good. 8uL lf Lhey flnd your face Lurned away from
Plm, Lhen Allah wlll also Lurn away from you. lf ln prayer you Lurn your eyes away from Lhe
place of Sa[da, looklng lefL and rlghL Lhree Llmes, Lhen Allah ls saylng: "My servanL has
Lurned away from Me. Leave hlm..." 1hls ls an lmporLanL polnL ln Adab... uon'L behave badly
ln Lhe resence of Lhe SulLan...

May Allah forglve us and noL Lhrow us ouL of Lhe ummaL-l-Muhammadl sws... laLlha.

L L L L|u: l:nuu: .| L:,| |u: l:nuu: .| L:,| |u: l:nuu: .| L:,| |u: l:nuu: .| L:,|- -- -l:n l:n l:n l:n... ... ... ...

?ou have Lo proLecL yourself agalnsL your enemles... ln our Llme Lhey are saylng LhaL Paqq,
LruLh, ls 8aLll, false, and LhaL 8aLll ls Paqq... 1here ls such lgnorance, and lL ls now Lhe
second perlod of !ahlllya, lgnorance. 1he flrsL perlod was before Lhe arrlval of Lhe ropheL
Muhammad sws. uon'L occupy yourself wlLh lgnoranL, square-head people, who never
undersLand anyLhlng. 1here are even learned people who confuse wrong wlLh rlghL. 1hey
are saylng for example: WhaL ls Lhe dlfference? A Pa[[l ls golng Lo greeL and klss a 8lack
SLone, saylng: 'Allahu akbar', whaL ls he hoplng for from LhaL? And we are saluLlng ln fronL
of a black sLaLue..."

Llke LhaL Lhey are maklng demagogy, comparlng Lhlngs whlch can noL be compared.
1herefore say Lo Lhem: Lakum dlnukum, wa llya-dln, Lo you your bellef, and Lo me my
bellef." uon'L dlspuLe wlLh Lhem, lL wlll only weaken your falLh. Cur Llme ls llke LhaL now.
1he Poly ropheL sald: A Llme wlll come Lo my ummah when your guldes wlll make you
happy and you wlll run Lo please Lhem and glve your llfe for Lhem. And anoLher Llme wlll
28 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

come when your guldes wlll be so ugly"- men and women wlLhouL any llghLs on Lhelr faces,
because Lhey Lurned away from Allah...

When you look lnLo Lhe mlrror you musL be Lhankful lf Allah gave you Adab. Ask Plm noL Lo
make you ugly so LhaL people Lurn away from you. Whose face ls Lurned Lowards Allah, who
ls maklng Sa[da, can'L be ugly. 8uL who has Lurned away from Plm and who ls noL praylng
wlll become ugly. Cpen Lhe graves and look, how Lhelr faces are...

1ubLu wa ra[aLu lla'llah... 8abbl, zldna nuran... Ch Allah, lncrease our llghLs, ya nuran nur...
ray for llghLs from Allah. LlghLs can'L be burned by flre, or lamps would noL shlne. 8uL llghL,
nur, ls governlng flre...

Why are non-Musllms seelng Musllms as belng ugly? Cnce Sayyldlna Abu 8akr r.a. came Lo
Lhe ropheL and aL Lhe same Llme came Abu !ahl, Lhe blggesL enemy of Lhe ropheL. S.Abu
8akr sald: ?a 8asulu'llah, my splrlL and soul are aL your feeL. ?ou are Lhe mosL beauLlful
person l ever saw." ?ou are rlghL, ya Abu 8akr." 8uL Abu !ahl sald: Ch no, you are Lhe
mosL ugly one." ?ou are also rlghL, Abu !ahl." 1he Sahabas were surprlsed: Pow can boLh
of Lhem be rlghL?" And Lhe ropheL sws sald: 8ecause l am llke a mlrror- Abu 8akr saw hls
own beauLy ln lL and Abu !ahl hls own ugllness..."

A Musllm can'L be ugly, LhaL ls for kufar, Lhe unbellevers.

|r:nq'::c or |r:nq'::c or |r:nq'::c or |r:nq'::c or l|: l|: l|: l|:

1rees, LhaL are loslng Lhelr leaves ln wlnLer, even lf you puL waLer or ferLlllzer on Lhem wlll
noL geL green aL LhaL Llme because lL ls noL Lhe season...

WhaL Allah has planLed, lL wlll noL dle. 1hey are Lhlnklng LhaL lslam ls flnlshed, LhaL Lhe Poly
ropheL was an ordlnary person. lL ls wlnLer for lslam now, and Lhey are Lhlnklng LhaL
everyLhlng green ls flnlshed, buL Lhe seasons are changlng, and when Lhe wlnLer ls flnlshed,
Lhe green comes ouL of Lhe earLh agaln. WhaL has been sleeplng under Lhe earLh accordlng
Lo Allah's order, wlll come up. Lven lf Lhey should Lry Lo prevenL Lhls happenlng, lL ls noL
posslble. lL ls naLure's law, and afLer Lhe flrsL snowdrops more and more flowers wlll appear.
So no maLLer how much Lhey are shouLlng and maklng bad Lhlngs and laws agalnsL lslam
now, Lhe Llme has come. 1he sprlng of lslam cannoL be prevenLed...

And Lhey are wonderlng: Who ls dolng LhaL, how lL ls happenlng?... ?es, look for LhaL Cne
and flnd Plm... laLlha.

O OO On 'c lr:dqc 'o ^no'cr K:nd o L:c n 'c lr:dqc 'o ^no'cr K:nd o L:c n 'c lr:dqc 'o ^no'cr K:nd o L:c n 'c lr:dqc 'o ^no'cr K:nd o L:c

1hls 2oLh cenLury ls llke a planLlng-ground for everyLhlng, good or bad ldeas. And ln Lhe
beglnnlng, whaL ls comlng ouL of Lhe ground ls all looklng Lhe same, no one can know lf LhaL
planL ls [usL grass or a real Lree...

29 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

8uL when Lhe 21sL cenLury ls comlng, all false ldeas, all Leachlngs of ShalLan, should begln Lo
dry and dle, llke grass ln Lhe summer sun, and Lrees wlll sLand up wlLh greaLness and
conLlnue Lo grow...

1herefore now, Lhey are cheaLlng people wlLh so many foollsh ldeas whlch look llke Lhe
oLhers. 8uL don'L occupy yourself wlLh Lhem. WalL and look, whaL ls golng Lo happen...

We are worrylng now abouL whaL ls golng Lo happen afLer 1999, and lL ls golng Lo be a blg
change, because all naLlons, manklnd, Lhe Chlldren of Adam, are LrusLlng and dependlng on
Lechnology. lL ls for Lhem llke Lhe maln plllar whlch keeps Lhe roof of Lhelr house up. 1he
maln plllar of Lhe whole world ls Lechnology, and LhaL plllar ls golng Lo be desLroyed, or
desLroy lLself- we are noL shooLlng from ouLslde, no- and Lhe roof, Lhe whole bulldlng, ls
golng Lo fall down...

1hls ls lmporLanL Lo know... and you can lmaglne whaL ls golng Lo happen when Lechnology
ls flnlshed. lL means LhaL everyLhlng whlch you now call clvlllzaLlon ls golng Lo flnlsh... 1he
whole clvlllzaLlon of Lhe wesLern counLrles, who are so proud wlLh Lhelr Lechnology, should
fall very badly when Lechnology dles, when LhaL plllar, whlch ls keeplng Lhelr clvlllzaLlon up,
ls desLroyed...

?ou wlll noL be able Lo move one sLep ouLslde your home Lo brlng someLhlng or Lo Lake
someLhlng away, you won'L be able Lo use elecLrlclLy, you won'L be able Lo use waLer...

And Lhese hlgh bulldlngs... who can fly slx floors, Len floors, LwenLy, elghLy, one hundred
floors up? ?ou musL begln ln Lhe mornlng Lo reach up Lhere ln Lhe evenlng. And lL wlll be
dark, you can'L see who ls faclng you on Lhe sLalrs... no securlLy, no safeLy. 1he chaos whlch
ls comlng afLer LhaL foollsh Lechnology ls Lerrlble, horrlble... mllllons are golng Lo dle. Where
can Lhey go? lL ls Lhe mlddle of wlnLer, Lhe whole world ls frozen, and no one can reach from
one place Lo anoLher easlly. Where are you golng Lo go? WhaL are you golng Lo do? no
waLer reachlng up, no elecLrlclLy, no flre...

l am Lhlnklng LhaL here, ln 1urklsh Cyprus, our houses are so slmple, Lhere ls no need for a
llfL. 8uL, foollshly, ln Lhe Lowns Lhey began Lo bulld hlgh bulldlngs, and Lhey are from
concreLe- Lhey are llke an oven ln summer and ln wlnLer llke a frldge. Pow can you llve llke
LhaL? And people can'L move Lhree sLeps wlLhouL Lhelr car, buL cars wlll noL be able Lo
move- how wlll Lhey go from one place Lo anoLher? eople are accusLomed Lo llve by
presslng buLLons. And waLer, LhaL lL ls comlng from Lhree hundred Lo four hundred feeL
down, how wlll lL come up? no elecLrlclLy...

1herefore l am looklng Lo move Lo places, where waLer ls golng Lo be nearby for uslng and
drlnklng. 1he counLryslde everywhere ls much safer and lL ls clean...

Man now ls forced Lo come back Lo naLure. 2oLh cenLury clvlllzaLlon made hlm run away
from naLure, flghLlng lL, kllllng lL wlLh such foollsh facLorles, wasLlng supplles foollshly. now
Lhe Lord ls punlshlng man... Lnough! Cceans have dled, whaL ls LhaL? lor whaL? lor qulck,
fasL wasLlng of everyLhlng. 1haL ls Lhe base of economlcs: fasL supply, fasL wasLlng. no more
can naLure supply foollsh manklnd now. 1herefore Allah AlmlghLy ls golng Lo punlsh Lhem,
30 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

so LhaL people should save even one cup of waLer, and noL wasLe lL. 1hls ls comlng ln our
Llme... 1o wash one cup Lhey are openlng Lhe Lap and wasLlng half a gallon of waLer, and
ladles puL so much deLergenL. 1hey musL learn...

?ou musL look afLer Lhls polnL everywhere: don'L use hlgh bulldlngs, buL come down and
prepare slmple houses for a slmple llfe, and don'L wasLe anyLhlng. ?ou musL learn and Lry Lo
come back Lo naLure, so LhaL naLure ls noL flghLlng you. As much as you are flghLlng naLure,
naLure ls flghLlng you back... When you make peace wlLh naLure, naLure wlll help you ln your
llfe. erhaps Lhen LhaL foollsh lllness, AluS, wlll dlsappear...

Look aL crowded clLles everywhere. lL wlll be lmposslble Lo llve ln Lhem ln Lhe 3rd
mlllennlum. eople musL go ouL Lo Lhe counLryslde, dlg wells and use Lhem. And you musL
noL Lhrow away Lhe faL of anlmals, because from lL wlll be made candles. no more
elecLrlclLy, you can'L use lamps any more, no paraffln... Cnly Lorches, as before, burnlng and
glvlng llghL. And flre-places should be used for cooklng and heaLlng lnslde. And you are
golng Lo wear and use your cloLhes much longer, noL puLLlng on a new dress every day or
every week... lndusLry wlll be flnlshed... ?ou musL Lhlnk abouL lL. 1hls ls lmporLanL for
everyone. lf noL, so many people are golng Lo dle...bllllons...

Lven now, when someLlmes Lhey cuL Lhe elecLrlclLy here for Lwo hours or even only one
hour, people go crazy. WhaL abouL when lL ls cuL for days and Lhere ls no hope for lL Lo come
back? lf lL ls only cuL for 1 hour we may have hope LhaL lL wlll flnlsh, LhaL lL wlll be re-
connecLed and come back. 8uL aL LhaL Llme Lhere wlll be no more hope for LhaL power Lo
come back agaln- flnlshed. 1haL ls Lerrlble... you won'L be able Lo use anyLhlng. eople, who
bullL Lhelr llves on compuLers, 1v, radlo and such Lhlngs are golng Lo dle, because Lhey wlll
have no more hope for comlng days...

We have hope, we are bellevers, we know LhaL Lhls ls only a brldge from one slde Lo
anoLher. MaLerlallsm ls golng Lo flnlsh and dle, and we are passlng on a brldge Lo anoLher
polnL of llfe. Who ls reachlng LhaL second llfe of Lhls world should flnd LhaL anoLher source
of power ls comlng lnLo acLlon... 1herefore we are noL hopeless, buL hopeful! Cnly for a
shorL dlsLance you musL pay aLLenLlon, so LhaL you may pass freely Lhrough LhaL valley.

LveryLhlng depends on bellefs. Who doesn'L belleve, you can'L make Lhem belleve. lf Lhey
belleve ln splrlLuallLy Lhrough lslam, LhaL wlll be useful for Lhem. lf Lhey are maLerlallsL
people, dependlng on maLerlal llfe and Lechnology only, we wlll noL use lL on Lhe oLher slde,
so Lhere ls no hope for Lhem...

?ou are asklng abouL your famlly and frlends, Lhey should carry many more dlfflculLles ln
Lhelr llfe. My advlce ls Lo go Lo Lhe counLryslde, where lL ls golng Lo be more safe. Crowded
places, clLles, are golng Lo be more dangerous. uon'L be near mlllLary bases, navy, alr force,
run away from Lhem. ?ou musL have a well because llfe depends on waLer. WlLhouL waLer,
no llfe... and keep some anlmals, so LhaL you may feed yourself wlLh Lhem. Llve ln slmple
houses. 1ry Lo come Lo a slmple, naLural llfe, noL uslng 1v and any of Lhose Lechnologlcal
lnsLrumenLs, because Lhey are golng Lo flnlsh. And you musL keep everyLhlng wlLh care, so
LhaL you don'L wasLe whaL you have. Whoever wasLes ls golng Lo flnlsh...

31 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

When you are ln Lhe counLryslde you don'L have Lo sLay ln Lhe house all day. ?ou may move
around, as Allah ls orderlng us Lo do... uon'L go Lo blg clLles, Lhere are so many problems
Lhere- robbers, counLless shalLanlc groups. Lveryone who ls enLerlng Lhelr places and closes
Lhe door wlLh: 8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm" , should be proLecLed...1here ls a PadlLh LhaL
Lhere wlll come a Llme when Lhe sun wlll rlse from Lhe WesL, come up Lo Lhe mldday-place
and seL, as lL was rlslng. So LhaL for Lhree days Lhere wlll be no sunshlne. 1haL wlll be Lhe lasL
polnL for people Lo repenL, Lhe lasL door, Lhen lL wlll be closed...
May Allah forglve us and bless you... laLlha.

l ll lc 1ruc |nd 'cn don' lc|r c 1ruc |nd 'cn don' lc|r c 1ruc |nd 'cn don' lc|r c 1ruc |nd 'cn don' lc|r

uon'L Lhlnk LhaL Lhe flre of war ls golng Lo sLop. lL wlll grow... Lurope ls no excepLlon... lor Lhe
whole world lL ls golng Lo be dlfflculL. 1he safesL place wlll be Lhe Mlddle LasL: uamascus
especlally, Syrla, Llbanon, !ordan, alesLlne...

1he Poly ropheL was saylng: "When LhaL flre ls golng around Lhe whole world,
Armageddon, lL wlll be so dlfflculL, and bllllons of people are golng Lo dle. And safeLy wlll be
only ln Lhe Mlddle LasL, and uamascus..." Any Llme LhaL you may flnd a way, go Lhere...
1he norLh of Lurope, norLhern Clrcle, norway, ls golng Lo be more safe Lhan Lhe SouLh, buL
flre should be ln Lhe Mlddle of Lurope. Safe places wlll be ln WesLern norway... uamascus...
SouLhern Chlle, SouLhern ArgenLlna... places, where Lhere are no mlllLary bases...

SLay ln Lhe counLryslde, unLll Sayyldlna Mahdl a.s. sLands up and calls people Lo come Lo
uamascus. 1hen you may run Lhere because Lhe AnLl-ChrlsL wlll appear and go around Lhe
world, maklng blg llLna, maklng people kaflr, or kllllng Lhem... Cr you may sLay ln your
house ln Lhe counLryslde, keep yourself Lhere and don'L come ouL when you hear Lhe armles
of Lhe AnLl-ChrlsL passlng. 1ake abluLlon, close Lhe doors, say: "8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm",
and slL lnslde unLll hls armles pass by, and Lhen you should be ln safeLy...

8uL now so many bllllons of people wlll suffer ulvlne 8evenge. 1hey musL be kllled, because
Lhey are flghLlng Lhe Lord of Lhe Peavens. MosL people are golng Lo be unbellevers, non-
Musllms who deny everyLhlng llke Lhe Serbs... and who supporLs Lhem, Lhey should all be

8e Lrue and don'L be afrald. 8e plLlful Lowards all creaLures and you should be shelLered.
And Lhere ls no shelLer excepL wlLh Lhe Lord. uon'L LrusL ln money, noL even ln gold. 8uL
keep food for yourself for aL leasL one, Lwo, or Lhree monLhs. ln Lhree monLhs everyLhlng ls
golng Lo be clear... 8uL Lhose mlsslles should fall from Lhe skles, desLroylng so many
counLrles and Laklng away so many people as a revenge from Lhe Lord, llke Lhe flood ln Lhe
Llme of noah a.s. 1haL was a flood of waLer, buL Lhls ls flre now, carrylng everyLhlng away...

Cnly when Sayyldlna Mahdl a.s. ls saylng: "Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar..." ,
Lhree Llmes, Lhe war ls golng Lo sLop... Lhe llmlL ls up unLll 2ooo. Cn Lhe new ?ears nlghL, aL
mldnlghL, Lhe Lechnology ls golng Lo be flnlshed... 1herefore Lhey are preparlng Lo use Lhose
weapons on people. 8uL Lhey can'L Louch anyone unless he ls under ulvlne 8evenge. 1hen
even a small plece of a bomb may Louch and klll hlm or her... 8uL lf your name ls noL wrlLLen
on any bulleL, don'L worry, you are shelLered.
32 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

Who ls asklng Lo be shelLered musL be Musllm, musL pray, make Sa[da, have no bad
lnLenLlons and musL noL do uhulm, cruelLles... Who ls cruel, musL be kllled. And no drlnks,
bad Lhlngs, bad acLlons, bad LhoughLs or bad lnLenLlons agalnsL anyone. 1hose people are
golng Lo be Laken away... 1hose who are golng Lo dle carry a slgn. lL ls llke when you puL a
brand-mark on anlmals, who are marked for slaughLer... 1herefore from seven people slx
are passlng away, one wlll remaln on earLh...

?ou musL Lake care Lo be Lrue and LrusLworLhy ones, Lo be 'Amln', so LhaL you may meeL
Sayyldlna Mahdl a.s. keep yourself, and ask shelLer from Allah AlmlghLy. 1here ls no shelLer
excepL wlLh Plm.

Manklnd has been honoured, "Laqad karramna 8anl Adam". uon'L leL yourself be swepL
away llke garbage... Ponour ls ln lslam. 1ry Lo reach people wlLh Lhe llghL of lslam, Lo gulde
Lhem ouL of Lhelr darkness Lo ulvlne LlghLs ... laLlha.

C CC Co:c l|c 'o N|'urc o:c l|c 'o N|'urc o:c l|c 'o N|'urc o:c l|c 'o N|'urc

When CrandShaykh sald LhaL Lechnology ls golng Lo flnlsh, no one was bellevlng hlm. 8uL
now Lhey are saylng Lhe same, sclenLlsLs and compuLer-speclallsLs are speaklng abouL lL,
LhaL Lhe llfe of manklnd dependlng on Lechnology ls golng Lo flnlsh wlLh Lhe lasL day of 1999.
CompuLers are golng Lo flnlsh, and all Lhose Lechnlcal lnvenLlons, LhaL were lnLended Lo
make Lhe llfe of man easler, buL really made hls physlcal powers Lo come down Lo zero.
8ecause everyLhlng LhaL we dld before wlLh physlcal power ls done by machlnes now. Allah
AlmlghLy ls brlnglng an end Lo LhaL perlod, and everyLhlng musL have an end...

My advlce Lo my followers ls Lo come back Lo naLure, and Lo begln Lo puL lnLo acLlon, and Lo
pracLlce, Lhelr own physlcal powers, noL Lo glve commands Lo machlnes Lo do Lhls and noL
Lo do LhaL. SLep by sLep we musL Lry Lo save our freedom from Lechnology, Lo brlng
ourselves Lo ourselves. lL ls lmporLanL whaL we are saylng now. ?ou musL Lry noL Lo use
Lhese machlnes and lnsLrumenLs. use Lhem less and less... when Lhe elecLrlclLy ls suddenly
cuL, bllllons are golng Lo dle. Who dldn'L prepare hlmself for a new perlod should dle
suddenly or go crazy. uepresslon, a very bad depresslon should come Lo people, whlch ls
lmposslble Lo LreaL, because medlclne wlll be ouL of Llme. lacLorles and everyLhlng are golng
Lo sLop... no more wlll docLors cuL people, no more operaLlons, no more caesareans...

SLep by sLep Lry Lo come back Lo your naLural poslLlon and Lo use man-power. Learn how Lo
llve wlLhouL Lechnology and how Lo acL by yourself. uon'L sleep! uon'L bulld hlgh bulldlngs,
make Lhem only 2 floors. uon'L use concreLe, cemenL, lron, buL use mud, Llmber, sLones...
and use wells, because Lhere wlll be no more runnlng waLer ... no more elecLrlclLy, cars,
Lelephones... Alhamdullllah...

now, unLll Sayyldlna Mahdl a.s. ls comlng, for a perlod of Lhree Lo slx monLhs, so many
Lhlngs are golng Lo happen. eople are golng Lo go crazy, klll Lhemselves or dle, so LhaL from
seven people only one wlll remaln... Who ls dependlng on Lechnology, ls never golng Lo
llve... ln only one nlghL, from evenlng unLll Lhe mornlng, bllllons of people are golng Lo dle...
lf lL ls a nuclear bomb, lL wlll polson Lhe earLh. 8uL l hope, lnsha Allah, Lhere ls no permlsslon
33 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

Lo do LhaL. ln every counLry Lhere should be safe areas... llke areas beLween Lwo counLrles,
passages LhaL no one ls uslng... Co accordlng Lo your lnsplraLlon... and Lhe flrsL slgn ls for
waLer Lo be near... flve, Len, flfLeen meLers...

8ellevers should be ln safeLy, worshlppers much more, and servanLs for Allah's ulvlne
resence should be ln full safeLy...

When Lhe AnLl-ChrlsL ls comlng, Lhere should be an openlng for you Lo come qulckly Lo
uamascus. lor 4o days every bellever musL be Lhere, Lhen Lhe AnLl-ChrlsL should be kllled by
!esus ChrlsL, lsa a.s.... 1hen Lhe whole world should be open...When Mahdl a.s. ls comlng, aL
LhaL Llme anoLher power wlll open, so LhaL no one ls golng Lo ask for Lechnology. Allah
AlmlghLy ls golng Lo granL Lo common people Lhe power of lslam- mlraculous powers llke
Lhose whlch Pe granLed before Lo Pls ropheLs and SalnLs. So LhaL you are noL ln need Lo fly,
buL you wlll move wlLh lnsLanL sLeps. ?ou wlll look from here Lo LhaL horlzon, and wlLh:
"8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm", as far as your eye ls reachlng, you may puL your fooL Lhere...

lor 6o years l have been walLlng for LhaL day... from 194o. 1here was one CrandShaykh ln
lsLanbul who was saylng: "l can foresee LhaL sprlng ls comlng and Armageddon beglns and
Mahdl a.s. appears." 1hey were expecLlng Mahdl a.s. Lo come aL LhaL Llme. 8uL no, afLer 6o
years he ls comlng... nexL year, lnsha Allah... and we hope we shall be wlLh hlm... 8l
hurmaLl'l Pablb, laLlha.

c|vcn, lc:nq o !u|rr|: c|vcn, lc:nq o !u|rr|: c|vcn, lc:nq o !u|rr|: c|vcn, lc:nq o !u|rr|:

8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm... lL ls one of hollesL monLhs, Muharram, and LonlghL ls Lhe 1oLh,
one of hollesL nlghLs ln lslam... 1omorrow ls Lhe 1oLh of Muharram, Lhe Ashura-uay. lL has a
very speclal slLuaLlon ln Lhe lslamlc calendar, and also ln Lhe calendar of world-wlde
hlsLorlcal evenLs, because on Lhls day Allah AlmlghLy [usL granLed Lo Pls beloved servanLs
from Pls endless Mercy Cceans, and Pls endless ower Cceans, Lo be vlcLorlous...

lL was on Lhls day, LhaL Lhe Ark of ropheL nuh a.s. landed on Lhe peak of LhaL mounLaln and
Lhe flood [usL flnlshed,

ropheL lbrahlm a.s. was saved from Lhe flre of nlmrod,
ropheL Musa a.s. passed Lhrough Lhe 8ed Sea and was saved from haraoh,
ropheL ?unus lbn Al-?asa'a a.s. was saved from Lhe sLomach of Lhe whale,
ropheL Sulelman a.s., klng Sulelman, was granLed Lhe klngdom over all Manklnd and
ropheL Lyub a.s. became healLhy, and more wealLhy Lhan before,
and Lhe ropheL !esus ChrlsL, lsa a.s., was Laken up Lo Lhe Peavens...

And Sayyldlna Muhammad sws. was granLed much honour and an openlng of Lhe seven
Peavens for hlmself and for hls whole naLlon, and he was saved from hls Lrlbe, Lhe Curalsh...
And every Llme LhaL Musllms fell lnLo dlfflculLles, ulvlne Pelp and SupporL [usL reached Lhem
Lhrough Lhls holy monLh, and parLlcularly on a day llke Lomorrow, on Lhe 1oLh of
Muharram... very lmporLanL...

34 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

l was expecLlng Sayyldlna Mehdl a.s. Lo come Lhls year, buL yeL some slgns have noL been
compleLed... and l hope, LhaL he may be wlLh us nexL Muharram, afLer Lhe year 2ooo. 1he
3rd mlllennlum should be for Mahdl a.s....

So many Peavenly 8lesslngs reached Lo bellevers on Lhe 1oLh of Muharram, and lL ls good
luck Lo reach Lo Muharram 1999. And l hope LhaL lL ls golng Lo be granLed for Sayyldlna
Mahdl a.s. Lo appear... 1onlghL, much more power should be granLed, perhaps Lhe auLhorlLy
for Lhe whole world... and hls sword, now, ls Laken ouL a llLLle blL. 1onlghL lL ls golng Lo

And, as we sald before, one monLh ago ln uhul Pl[[r on Lhe nlghL of ArafaL, a change began.
1here ls a new 1a[alll, a ulvlne Appearance, a new power LhaL wlll conLlnue now wlLhouL
sLopplng. And mlraculous powers from LonlghL are beglnnlng Lo come lnLo acLlon sLep by
sLep, so LhaL when Lechnology ls golng Lo flnlsh and vanlsh, anoLher klnd of power ls golng
Lo be ready for use...

1ry Lo be wlLh Allah and you are golng Lo be vlcLorlous. 1ry Lo Lake yourself, sLep by sLep,
away from Lhe hands of ShalLan and devlls. 1ry Lo use less of every klnd of lnsLrumenL whlch
ShalLan and hls soldlers helped Lo lnvenL, because everyLhlng LhaL ls worklng wlLh elecLrlclLy
ls golng Lo sLop, and anoLher source of power ls beglnnlng Lo acL...

now, for a few monLhs only, all naLlons are golng Lo carry very heavy burdens... When LhaL
flnlshes, Lhere wlll be a new openlng for Lhe whole world. no need aL LhaL Llme for
elecLrlclLy, cars, shlps, facLorles...no. ?our llghL, nur-ul-lman, Lhe llghL of your falLh, ls golng
Lo surround you. ?our body ls shlnlng, so LhaL even ln Lhe darkness of Lhe nlghL you may

1herefore l am happy and Lhankful Lo Allah, LhaL we have reached Lo Lhls nlghL, and we are
asklng humbly for our names Lo be wrlLLen wlLh Mehdl a.s. We are noL happy wlLh Lhe
slLuaLlon ln Lhe world, LasL and WesL, because every sysLem, all llvlng sysLems on earLh now,
are agalnsL Lhe ulvlne 8ules and Laws.

We are happy and proud enough LhaL Allah AlmlghLy makes us happy wlLh Plm, wlLh Pls
Awllya, wlLh Sahlbu-Zaman Sayyldlna Mehdl a.s.- noL Lo run afLer LhaL shalLanlc, dlrLy llfe...
ShalLanlc llfe ls Lhe dlrLlesL. 8un away from Lhe dlrLy llfe. lf noL, you may slnk ln Lhose dlrLy
waLers, dlrLy slLuaLlons, and you can'L save yourself. Ask for cleanllness and Lry Lo be clean,
so LhaL you should be clean ln Lhe lasL momenL of your llfe... laLlha.

35 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

^ ^ ^ ^ur| ur| ur| ur| - -- - 1c !O 1c !O 1c !O 1c !O
' ' ' '
o !u|rr|: o !u|rr|: o !u|rr|: o !u|rr|:

8etween uhuhr ond 4sr:

- ray 4 8akaaLs. ln each 8aka`aL reclLe one Llme laLlha and
Len Llmes lkhlas

-Make uhlkr:

-1ooo x La llaha lll'Allah
-1ooo x SalawaL
-1ooo x lkhlas

Dua :

Allahumma LhablLna ala'l Paqq,

?a Challban ghalra maghlub,
?a naslra'l Mu'mlnlln,
?a ChlyaLha'l MusLaghlLhlln,
?a Carlban ghalra ba'ld,
?a Shahldan ghalra mashhud,

Pasbl Allahu wa nlamal Wakll, la haula wa la quwaLLa llla
bl'llahl'l Allyu'l 'Azlm,
ghufranaka, 8abbana, wa llayka'l maslr...

8abbana Laqabbal mlnna, bl hurmaLl'l Pablb...

36 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


^ ^^ ^ o o o or rr r onour |nd kc|cc' :n 'c l:v:nc lrccncc onour |nd kc|cc' :n 'c l:v:nc lrccncc onour |nd kc|cc' :n 'c l:v:nc lrccncc onour |nd kc|cc' :n 'c l:v:nc lrccncc

Shukr, ya 8abbl, Shukr, ya 8abbl, Shukr, Alhamdullllah,
1auba, ya 8abbl, 1auba, ya 8abbl, 1auba, AsLaghflrullah...

We are Lhanklng Allah AlmlghLy, LhaL we have reached Lhe lasL Muharram of Lhe 2nd
mlllennlum, and Lhe lasL Ashura, Lhe1oLh of Muharram, before Lhe year 2ooo. Who knows lf
nexL year we are golng Lo be wlLh Mahdl a.s.? Allah knows. We are looklng and walLlng for
Lhe Llme when Mahdl a.s. comes...

All Lhe ropheLs and Lhelr ummah respecLed Lhls Poly uay by fasLlng. 1he Poly ropheL used
Lo say: "lf l reach nexL year, l am golng Lo fasL on Lhls uay." !ewlsh people were fasLlng Loday
parLlcularly, for one day only, and 8asulu'llah sald: "We musL noL do as !ewlsh people are
dolng. We musL keep anoLher klnd of celebraLlon and worshlp Lo Allah AlmlghLy. lf Lhey fasL
one day, we musL fasL for Lwo or Lhree days."

So you may fasL elLher on Lhe 9Lh and 1oLh, or on Lhe 9Lh, 1oLh and 11Lh, buL noL only one
day, because Lhe Poly ropheL wasn'L happy of follow any oLher rellglon and Lhelr way of
worshlpplng. LveryLhlng ln lslam ls orlglnal, lL ls noL Laken from Lhls or from LhaL. noLhlng ls
Laken from Lhe 1aurah and Moses a.s., and noLhlng ls Laken from Lhe 8lble and !esus a.s. lL
ls noL necessary Lo lmlLaLe anyLhlng or Lo follow oLher rellglons llke !udalsm or ChrlsLlanlLy,
because Lhey are ln llmlLs. 1helr ropheLs were senL Lo be ropheLs for Lhe Chlldren of
lsrael only, noL for oLhers. 8uL Lhe Seal of ropheLs sws was senL for all naLlons, for all
manklnd. lslam ls compleLely orlglnal, and unllmlLed. Sayyldlna Muhammad's rules, Lhe
SharlaL, are new, orlglnal. 1herefore he never llked Lo follow people of Lhe book, llke !ews
and ChrlsLlans...

And now Musllms are leavlng Lhe orlglnallLy of lslam and followlng ChrlsLlanlLy and !udalsm,
and lL ls a shame for Lhose who change Lhelr way, Lhe lslamlc way. lf you have a chance Lo
be number one among people, or ln Lhe ulvlne resence, don'L lose lL Lo be number Lwo.
lslam ls number one. uon'L change lL, don'L change lLs rules and follow ChrlsLlan or !ewlsh
cusLoms. no. We have full honour and respecL ln Lhe ulvlne resence, and we have fully
orlglnal rules. 8uL now people are accepLlng Lo be number one mllllon, noL number one, Lwo
or Lhree, and LhaL ls Lhe characLerlsLlc of our ego. 1he ego ls represenLlng full lazlness...
nobody can surpass our ego's lazlness... 1herefore we are saylng: "uoesn'L maLLer, lL ls okay
for us, no need Lo be number one, and Lo be glorlous. lL ls enough, we are happy Lo be Lhe
lasL number, so LhaL no one ls afLer us, no one ls followlng us, and we are free Lo be Lhe
SulLans of Lhe lazy ones."

1haL ls Lhe oplnlon of our ego, and Lo say LhaL ls brlnglng Musllms dlshonour. 1here ls no
more honour for Lhem. 20Lh cenLury Musllms never follow Lhe rules of lslam, because lf
Lhey dld, Lhey would be number one. 8uL Lhey are saylng: "We are very humble people, Lo
37 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

be Lhe lasL ones lnsLead of Lhe flrsL ones." And Allah AlmlghLy ls maklng Lhem Lo be

Lverywhere now Lhe non-Musllm world ls never accepLlng Musllms on Lhelr level. 1hey are
saylng: "1hose people musL be Lhe lasL ones, and we are Lhe flrsL ones. We may use Lhem,
as we use anlmals, and Lhey are very happy Lo be our anlmals."

?es, l am saylng Lhls, and l am sorry, buL Musllms are very happy Lo be Lhe servanLs of non-
Musllms, Lo work for Lhem. And Lhelr [obs are perhaps Lhe dlrLlesL [obs... lmlLaLlon people ln
lslam now are very happy Lo follow wesLern people, even Lhough Lhey may be Lhe lasL ones
and noL Lhe flrsL ones.

WlLh Lhls oplnlon Lhere ls no chance for Lhe Musllm world Lo be number one on earLh.
Always Lhe ChrlsLlan world ls number one, because Musllms run afLer Lhe wesLern
clvlllzaLlon, asklng Lo be wesLernlzed Musllms. 1hen Lhelr lslam ls flnlshed. ?ou musL leave
lslam on Lhls slde, lf you are asklng Lo be wesLernlzed, and [ump Lo LhaL slde Lo be wlLh
Lhem. 1herefore Lhe Luropean communlLy ls saylng Lo 1urks- who are very proud, llke
Lurkeys- asklng Lo come lnLo Lhe Luropean markeL and [oln Lhose people: "no, you can'L be
wlLh us, because we are asklng for people who should be wlLh us, and from us. ?ou are
Musllms, we can'L LrusL you. We are number one and you are lasL... we don'L accepL you Lo
slL on Lhe same sLage wlLh us."

1he Poly ropheL lndlcaLed LhaL you musL noL follow Lhe non-Musllm world- ChrlsLlans or
!ews, eople of Lhe 8ook- or you wlll lose your honour and respecL ln Lhe ulvlne resence.
?ou wlll be dlshonoured among naLlons and also ln Lhe ulvlne resence. 8uL people now run
afLer wesLern counLrles, leavlng Lhe SharlaL and asklng for Lhelr governmenLs Lo be
wesLernlzed: Malaysla, lndonesla, aklsLan, PlndlsLan, Ceylon, AfghanlsLan, lran, Saudla,
1urkey, Syrla, LgypL, Sudan, Llbya, 1unlsla, Algerla, Morocco... Lhey never llke Lo be number
one Musllms, always asklng Lo be Lhe lasL ones, preferrlng Lhe non-Musllm world. 1hey are
Lhlnklng LhaL lf Lhey are noL wesLernlzed, wesLern governmenLs and naLlons are never golng
Lo accepL Lhem. ?es, lL ls Lrue, buL Allah may accepL you... and Musllm naLlons Lhrow away
LhaL honour and say: "We prefer our honour Lo be Lhrough wesLern counLrles, noL ln Lhe
ulvlne resence."

And Lhe ropheL sald: "uon'L do llke Lhe eople of Lhe 8ook, do Lhe opposlLe. LveryLhlng you
musL change. lf Lhey fasL one day, you musL fasL Lwo or Lhree days."

8uL we are changlng everyLhlng ln lslam, lmlLaLlng wesLern counLrles. 8uL before Lhe end of
Lhe year, lL musL change... lf a blg sLorm ls comlng, Laklng away everyLhlng...

May Allah forglve us and bless you... We are asklng for a real one Lo be Lhe SulLan of SharlaL
on earLh for Musllms, and for us Lo be wlLh hlm... laLlha.

c|vcn, kc:q:on |vc |:r:'u|:', c|vcn, kc:q:on |vc |:r:'u|:', c|vcn, kc:q:on |vc |:r:'u|:', c|vcn, kc:q:on |vc |:r:'u|:',

Lvery calendar ls based on a holy evenL. 1he ChrlsLlan calendar ls for Lhe remembrance of
!esus ChrlsL's blrLhday, and Lhe lslamlc calendar ls based on Lhe Pl[ra, Lhe Poly lmmlgraLlon,
38 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

of Lhe ropheL from Mekka-l-Mukarrama Lo Medlna-l-Munawwara. 1haL means LhaL
everyLhlng ls founded on heavenly evenLs or commands. 1he daLe of Lhe blrLh of !esus ChrlsL
ls noL really clear, people say Lhls or LhaL. 8uL lL doesn'L maLLer. lmporLanL ls, LhaL LhaL
calendar ls based on hls blrLhday, and LhaL he was a Peavenly 8elng, or a Messenger from
Lhe Peavens, senL Lo Lhe Chlldren of lsrael. 8uL hls prophecy was ln llmlLs, noL for all naLlons.

?ou may ask: "WhaL abouL oLher naLlons?" ?es, aL Lhe same Llme, Allah AlmlghLy senL local
ropheLs Lo Lhem from among Lhemselves, Lo show Lhem Lhelr way Lo Lhe Peavens. And, no
doubL, Lhere was noL such a blg populaLlon on earLh aL LhaL Llme... Lhe world was empLy. All
Lhe ropheLs were calllng Lhelr naLlons Lo Lhelr Lord, noL Lo uunya. 1here ls no need for
people Lo have ropheLs Lo Leach Lhem earLhly purposes. no. Lveryone knows very well Lhe
ways of Lhls llfe, whaL lL needs. 8uL all ropheLs came Lo save people from Lhe hands of Lhelr
egos and Lo call Lhem Lo Allah AlmlghLy's ulvlne Servlce, because people were runnlng Lo
shalLanlc servlce, as Lhey are now. no longer do people Lake any lnLeresL ln Lhe Peavenly,
ulvlne Servlce, Lhey are only runnlng afLer Lhls llfe's purposes, for Lhe servlce of Lhls llfe.
And S.Musa a.s. had been senL Lo call Lhe Chlldren of lsrael Lo Allah. 1hey were Lhe mosL
lmporLanL naLlon LhaL Allah AlmlghLy had chosen. 8uL when Lhey were wlLh Musa a.s., Lhey
became rebelllous agalnsL hlm and dldn'L llke Lo follow hlm. 1hey lefL hls Peavenly
1eachlngs, becomlng dlsobedlenL and flghLlng hlm. And S.Musa a.s. [usL goL Llred of Lhem.
Allah AlmlghLy had ordered Lhem, Lhrough Musa, Lo accepL Pls Poly Commands, buL Lhey
refused and lnslsLed noL Lo accepL unLll Allah AlmlghLy forced Lhem, llfLlng up Lhe MounL of
Slnal and puLLlng lL over Lhelr heads llke an umbrella, saylng: "Are you accepLlng or noL?"
And Lhey fell down, maklng Sa[da, looklng Lo see lf LhaL glganLlc mounLaln would fall on
Lhem or noL. 1herefore !ewlsh people, when Lhey are maklng Sa[da, always look up, never
forgeLLlng LhaL evenL. lL ls lmporLanL...

WhaL abouL afLer S.Musa? Pe was such a blg, powerful ropheL, always speaklng wlLh Allah
AlmlghLy, addresslng Plm. Pe dld hls besL for hls people, buL Lhey dld Lhelr worsL Lo hlm.
When he passed away, Lhe Chlldren of lsrael were very happy LhaL no one was golng Lo puL
LhaL MounL of Slnal over Lhelr heads agaln. 1hey ran around freely, leavlng and forgeLLlng
Lhe Leachlngs of S.Musa, refuslng every aspecL of splrlLuallLy LhaL was ln !udalsm.

And splrlLuallLy ls Lhe maln plllar of every rellglon. WlLhouL lL, Lhere ls no meanlng for a
rellglon. lf Lhere ls no splrlLuallLy, lL ls only golng Lo be a klnd of school of LhoughL, llke a
school of phllosophy. 1hey are Lhlnklng and maklng arrangemenLs, and call people Lo accepL
LhaL, buL Lhere ls no splrlLuallLy ln LhaL, never. 1haL ls Lhe only dlfference, LhaL Peavenly
8ellglons have splrlLuallLy. 8uL man-made rellglons, mlnd-producLlons, never ask for lL, Lhere
ls no room for splrlLuallLy ln Lhelr bellefs. 1hey say: "We are accepLlng only whaL we can see,
hear and Louch. 8eyond LhaL, whaL we can'L see, hear or Louch, we are never accepLlng."
1haL ls Lhe prlnclple of maLerlallsm. And Lhey desLroyed Lhe real plllar of !udalsm, lLs
splrlLuallLy, Lhrowlng lL away, and puL up a maLerlal plllar for Lhelr bellef.

1hen Allah AlmlghLy senL !esus ChrlsL, whose creaLlon was exLraordlnary, mlraculous.
Mlracles all belong Lo splrlLuallLy, because Lhe maLerlal power LhaL we have cannoL do whaL
splrlLual power can do. Allah AlmlghLy senL !esus ln a mlraculous way Lhrough hls moLher,
and no man had ever Louched her. 1haL sLory abouL Lhe carpenLer, !oseph, has no reallLy,
never, AsLaghflrullah. She was pure, clean, alayha as-salaam.... lL was fully a mlracle, a
39 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

mlraculous evenL for a baby Lo be born wlLhouL a faLher. eople were runnlng around
saylng: "Pow lL can be?"

Why are you asklng: "Pow?" lL ls your order or Allah's order? ?our power or Pls? ?our
mlracle or Pls? Why are you asklng: "Pow?" And Lhey were saylng: "Pow, how... how can lL
be?" [usL llke dogs. uogs can'L undersLand... how many Llmes dld Lhey say: "Pow, how?"
1hey were very angry... and !esus was comlng from Lhelr naLlon, 8anl lsrael...Cne Lhousand
years passed slnce Lhe Llme of Moses, buL Lhey never undersLood Lhe meanlng of Lhe
mlracles LhaL S.Musa had shown Lo Lhem... lL never enLers Lhelr mlnd. Pundreds of mlracles,
and Lhey are sLlll saylng: "Pow, how... how lL can be?"

Ch Chlldren of lsrael, how was a way made Lo pass Lhrough Lhe 8ed Sea? Who made LhaL
way for your ancesLors? When you were ln Lhe deserL, who was sendlng Lo you your dally
provlslon? ls lL noL a mlracle? Pow was S.Musa saved from among Lhe chlldren and
desLroyed Lhe SulLanaLe of haraoh? ls lL noL a mlracle? And sLlll Lhey are asklng: "Pow,
how... how could Marlam brlng a baby?" Why are you noL asklng: "Pow dld S.Musa puL
down hls sLlck, and lL Lurned lnLo a dragon?" Was lL an ordlnary Lhlng? Was lL noL a mlracle?
8uL Lhey have never learned... maLerlallsLlc people are llke LhaL...Cn Lhe order of Allah
AlmlghLy, S.Musa Look 7o represenLaLlves from Lhe Chlldren of lsrael Lo a meeLlng wlLh Plm.
1hey were made Lo hear whaL S.Musa was speaklng abouL wlLh Allah. And whaL dld Lhey say
flnally? 1hey sald: "Ch Musa, show us who was speaklng Lo you." 1hey were noL bellevlng.
1haL ls Lhe prlnclple of maLerlallsm. lL [usL began wlLh Lhe Chlldren of lsrael... lrom LhaL Llme
unLll Loday Lhey have been denylng splrlLuallLy and anyLhlng holy ln rellglons.

And as ln !udalsm, Lhere ls a group of maLerlallsLlc people ln lslam- Lhe Wahhabls. 1hey are
Lhe same, [usL llke Lhem. 1hey never accepL any mlracles and splrlLuallLy ln our bellef. lf you
speak abouL lL, Lhey are saylng: "?ou are Mushrlks"...1errlble. AfLer S.Musa Allah AlmlghLy
senL !esus ChrlsL ln a mlraculous way Lo Lhe Chlldren of lsrael, so LhaL Lhey would accepL Lhe
power of Lhe Lord. AL leasL Lhey should have learned from all Lhose mlracles LhaL lf Allah
AlmlghLy ls asklng Lo do someLhlng, Pe ls only golng Lo say: "8e", and LhaL Lhlng ls golng Lo

1haL ls Lhe power of Allah AlmlghLy. Mlracles are noLhlng. Pe may say Lo all Lhe unlverses:
"Come ln appearance", and all of Lhem wlll come. Pe may say: "Co away from exlsLence",
and all of Lhem wlll [usL dlsappear and vanlsh... Allah AlmlghLy! 8uL Lhey were dlscusslng and
accuslng someLlmes S.Zakkarlya, someLlmes S.Marlam, someLlmes her son, someLlmes
S.?ahya, !ohn Lhe 8apLlsL...

And Allah AlmlghLy was only asklng Lo call Lhe Chlldren of lsrael from maLerlallsm Lo
splrlLuallLy. MaLerlallsm ls [usL agalnsL splrlLuallLy, and every rellglon musL have splrlLuallLy,
wlLhouL lL no rellglon can sLand or conLlnue. lL ls only splrlLuallLy, real splrlLuallLy, LhaL makes
lslam Lo reach up Lo Loday. lf noL for Lhls, lL would have flnlshed...May Allah forglve us and
bless you... laLlha.

40 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

l ll l|: c|n' c C|nqc |: c|n' c C|nqc |: c|n' c C|nqc |: c|n' c C|nqcd dd d

ShalLan ls on full alerL Lo Lake lslam away, buL yeL lslam ls growlng. ls lL posslble LhaL man
can Lake away Lhe Plmalayan MounLalns? Cr do you Lhlnk LhaL man can sLop Lhe moon from
movlng, or Lhe sun from rlslng or seLLlng? never... And yeL LhaL mlghL be posslble perhaps...
8uL Lo remove lslam, LhaL ls lmposslble. Slnce 13 cenLurles ago people have been Lrylng Lo
Lake away even a llLLle blL, yeL lslam ls sLandlng up... Allahu Akbar!

1hese Serbs Lhlnk LhaL Lhey can flnlsh Lhe Musllms, never lmaglnlng LhaL llons wlll be comlng
afLer Lhem... 1hey are Lhe servanLs of ShalLan. 8uL Lhe Llons of Ar 8ahman, Lhe Llons of Allah
AlmlghLy, wlll be comlng! And everyLhlng LhaL ls happenlng ls for Lhe beneflL of lslam. ln 24
hours 24.ooo 1a[allls, splrlLual appearances from Lhe ulvlne resence are comlng Lo earLh,
unLll a change ls comlng.

LveryLhlng may be changed, buL lslam ls never golng Lo be changed. ShalLan Lrled hls luck Lo
change Lhe book of Musa a.s., Lhe Cld 1esLamenL, Lhe 1aurah, changlng so many Lhlngs. 8uL
he wasn'L able Lo change lL fully. !ewlsh 8abbls were hldlng so many Lhlngs, buL couldn'L
remove Lhem from Lhe 1aurah. And Allah AlmlghLy made everyLhlng clear Lhrough Pls lasL
ropheL S.Muhammad sws.

Some 8abbls came Lo dlspuLe wlLh hlm. And 8asulu'llah sws had never read Lhelr books.
1hey LhoughL LhaL he was an ordlnary person, llllLeraLe, and Lhey were playlng, maklng
Lrlcks, saylng Lhls and LhaL. 8uL Lhe Archangel Clbrall a.s. came Lo Lhe ropheL and Lold hlm:
"Ch Muhammad, Lhey are Lrylng Lo cheaL you, Lhey are hldlng Lhe reallLy. Call Lhem Lo brlng
Lhe 1aurah Lo you." And Lhe 1aurah ls noL ln Lhe Arablc language, lL ls ln Pebrew. So Lhe
ropheL sws sald Lo Lhem: "8rlng your 1aurah here Lo me. Cpen lL on LhaL page and look...
WhaL ls wrlLLen Lhere? 8ead lL Lo me, reclLe..." And lL was Lhere, whaL Lhey were hldlng, Lhey
were noL speaklng Lhe LruLh. And Lhey were ashamed... WhaL 8asulu'llah had sald became
clear, and Lhe blame came Lo Lhem.

ShalLan played on Lhelr books. So many Lhlngs Lhey were hldlng or changlng. And lf man
puLs hls hand on a Poly 8ook Lo change lL, LhaL book lmmedlaLely loses lLs sacredness,
hollness- flnlshed. Poly 8ooks are all vlrgln. When Man puLs hls hand on Lhem, Lhe vlrglnlLy
of Lhose books [usL vanlshes. Man puL hls hand on Lhe Cld 1esLamenL and on Lhe new
1esLamenL, Laklng someLhlng away, puLLlng ln someLhlng else or hldlng someLhlng, and
Lherefore Lhe Cld and new 1esLamenLs are no longer vlrgln books. 1hey are noL Lhe orlglnal
ones now. 1helr orlglnallLy ls [usL gone, and Lherefore Lhey can'L brlng people Lo Lhelr
churches, caLhedrals, baslllcas, monasLerles- Lhey are all empLy now. eople only come
Lhere Lo look around, and worshlpplng-places now are llke museums, wlLh gold and sllver
sLaLues, shlny palnLlngs... never ls anyone comlng for prayer, Lhey are only llghLlng candles
and puLLlng Lhem Lhere, and flnlshlng... no more ChrlsLlanlLy. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar,
Allahu akbar- ChrlsLlanlLy dled, flnlshed...

!ewlsh people never accepL anyone excepL Lhemselves Lo be !ewlsh. 1herefore Lhey are
always closlng Lhelr communlLles. no one can be from Lhelr naLlon, unless he ls born from
Lhem. 1hey are never accepLlng anyone else. 1he Chlldren of lsrael are closed. And Lhey puL
Lhelr hand on Lhe Cld 1esLamenL, Lhe 1aurah, whlch conLalned so many books, many more
41 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

pages Lhan any oLher holy book, and Lhey losL Lhem, flnlshed... ShalLan played wlLh
Lhem...And ShalLan came Lo lslam also, Lrylng Lo change Lhe Poly Curan. 8uL lL can'L be. 1he
Lord Allah AlmlghLy sald: "l am sendlng lL, and l am looklng afLer lL, flnlshed. no one can puL
hls hand on lL Lo change even one leLLer. l am Lhe Cuardlan and roLecLor, l am Lhe Supreme
keeper of LhaL 8ook. lL ls one and Lhe same 8ook from LasL Lo WesL, from norLh Lo SouLh."
Allah AlmlghLy ls always vlcLorlous. Whoever ls golng Lo be wlLh Plm ls also vlcLorlous.
Whoever ls wlLh ShalLan ls always defeaLed, golng down, down, down, and flnlshlng.

We are now ln Lhe new year 142o, and durlng lL we are golng Lo reach Lhe year 2ooo, Lhe
3rd mlllennlum of Lhe ChrlsLlan calendar... lL ls a brldge. erhaps nexL year all ChrlsLlan
calendars wlll [oln and pass over LhaL brldge Lo Lhe real calendar, Lhe lslamlc calendar, so
LhaL all calendars wlll dlsappear, and only one wlll remaln.

Allah knows whaL ls golng Lo happen... no one can expecL or lmaglne, no one from common
people may even dream, whaL ls golng Lo happen durlng Lhls year. 1hey are only saylng
someLhlng from lmaglnaLlon, no more, abouL blg evenLs whlch are golng Lo make everyLhlng
upslde down...

Cnly Lhose who are wlLh Lhe Lord Allah AlmlghLy wlll sLand up, oLhers wlll fall down. And
ShalLan ls golng Lo be llke a donkey. Lvery 8aLll, falsehood, LhaL he has broughL, Lhe opposlLe
of Paqq and every faulL LhaL he dld up Loday, and LhaL he has urged and encouraged people
Lo do, Leachlng Lhem Lhrough Lechnology, wlll be loaded on hlm Lo be Laken away...flnlshed.
1lme ls over, we are counLlng down now: 1o, 9, 8, 7, 6, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1... All 8aLll wlll be loaded
on ShalLan Lo be Laken away Lo Pell, !ehennem, when !esus ChrlsL comes...

May Allah granL us real falLh Lo belleve ln such Lhlngs. lslam ls noL [usL a seL of rules for Lhls
llfe, measures for Lhls maLerlal llfe, lslam has splrlLuallLy. WhaL we are speaklng abouL, Lhe
splrlLuallLy of lslam, ls someLhlng LhaL Lhe Wahhabls, Salafls and oLher maLerlallsLlc people
ln lslam are denylng. 1hey are denylng 1assawuf, Sufl ways, and any splrlLuallLy ln any
rellglon, and parLlcularly ln lslam. 1hey are only lnLeresLed ln maLerlal measures, ln Lhe
maLerlal llfe and lLs arrangemenLs, Laklng only LhaL, and leavlng Lhe splrlLuallLy of lslam. lf
you speak abouL splrlLuallLy, Lhey accuse you: "?ou are a Sufl, and Sufls are Mushrlks",
AsLaghflrullah, "you are maklng people worshlp Shelkhs, and ropheLs." 1hey are such
foollsh, square-head, no-mlnd people. ShalLan [usL bllnded Lhem and Lhelr mlnd sLopped.

Cnce Lhere was an exhlblLlon of bralns ln a clLy. Someone wenL Lhere Lo look and he asked:
"1hls braln- how much ls lL?" "1en uollars." "1haL one?" "Cne hundred uollars"- because
one ls from an ox, one from a sheep. Pe saw one braln for one Lhousand uollars. "WhaL ls
Lhe reason?" he was asklng. "8ecause lL ls Lhe braln of a Wahabl, and lL has never been
used. lL ls noL second-hand..." 1hose people are never uslng Lhelr bralns... May Allah brlng
Lhem down... laLlha.

1 1 1 1c u'|n : 'c |do. o ^| on L|r' c u'|n : 'c |do. o ^| on L|r' c u'|n : 'c |do. o ^| on L|r' c u'|n : 'c |do. o ^| on L|r'' ' ' '

lL ls really dlfflculL for a person Lo be lonely, or Lo llve alone among a communlLy whlch ls
agalnsL hlm and hls bellefs. lL ls really !lhad, a blg flghLlng, someLhlng whlch Lhe ropheL sws
was pralslng. lL ls noL easy. Allah AlmlghLy Lrled hlm( a broLher ln Cermany)... and Lhen so
42 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

many people came and sald Shahada, glvlng 8eyaL, Lhe ledge of Alleglance, Lo
CrandShaykh, and our broLher was no longer alone, plenLy of people became lnLeresLed ln
lslam, comlng Lo lslam Lhrough Lhe naqshbandl Crder...

A person may be lnLeresLed ln 8ucklngham alace. lf he ls noL golng Lo see whaL ls ln lL, such
an lnLeresL means noLhlng. eople now are lnLeresLed ln Lhe lslamlc SulLanaLe, looklng from
ouLslde and asklng: "WhaL ls ln lL?" And so many people are cheaLed. Cne of Lhe flrsL ones
Lo be cheaLed are Lhe Wahhabls, who are Lelllng people: "1here ls noLhlng ln lL. WhaL you
can see from Lhe ouLslde ls lslam." "8uL may we go lnslde?" "1here ls no lnslde, lL ls only a
bulldlng Lo look aL from Lhe ouLslde. ?ou musL only look aL lL from Lhe ouLslde, Lhere ls
noLhlng ln lL." 1haL ls Lhelr clalm.

Such a huge bulldlng, Lhe lslamlc SulLanaLe, and ln lLs cenLre ls a 1hrone. lf Lhere ls a
SulLanaLe, Lhere musL be a 1hrone, and lf Lhere ls a 1hrone, lL can'L be wlLhouL a SulLan...
Lhere musL be a SulLan. So many foollsh Musllms say: "lslam ls uemocracy." WhaL ls LhaL
foollshness? 1haL ls Lhe same as saylng LhaL 8ucklngham alace ls a LolleL, a WC. Why?
8ecause ln lL Lhere are so many WCs. lf 8ucklngham alace has WCs, we may say LhaL
8ucklngham alace ls a WC. 1haL ls Lhe oplnlon of heedless, no-mlnd Musllms. Lven some of
Lhe Scholars and Pocas say LhaL lslam really ls uemocracy, whlch ls equal Lo saylng LhaL
8ucklngham alace ls a WC...

1he ropheL broughL democracy or Lhe SulLanaLe? lslam ls noL only lnLernaLlonal, lL ls a
unlversal bulldlng. lL ls Lhe unlversal, Peavenly SulLanaLe on earLh. ?ou musL belleve Lhls.
uon'L say democracy. 1he enemles of lslam creaLed Lhls democracy Lo desLroy Lhe lslamlc
SulLanaLe, brlnglng wlLh lL [ackals and sendlng away Lhe llon. And Lhe llon symbollzes power,
greaLness and honour. !ackals symbollze Lhe lowesL characLerlsLlcs, belng vlolenL and cruel,
wlld anlmals, eaLlng dead bodles. ShalLan, for desLroylng Lhe Peavenly SulLanaLe, creaLed
Lhls democracy, Leachlng people and saylng: "?ou musL send away Lhe llon, and you, [ackals,
musL come Lo power."

1he lslamlc SulLanaLe... lf lL ls a SulLanaLe, Lhere musL be a 1hrone. lf Lhere ls a 1hrone, Lhere
musL be a SulLan slLLlng on lL. 8uL Lhey are maklng everyLhlng upseL. ShalLan ls Leachlng
people Lo be demagogues.

And LhaL ls a punlshmenL for all naLlons, parLlcularly for Lhe ChrlsLlan world, as Lhey are
bellevlng ln a Peavenly klngdom, and LhaL Lhe Lord of Peavens senL !esus Lo esLabllsh Pls
ulvlne klngdom on earLh. And Lhe flrsL ones Lo be cheaLed by democracy are Lhe
ChrlsLlans... A shame on Lhem, endless shame, because Lhey are readlng Lhrough Lhelr Poly
8ooks, reclLlng LhaL !esus [usL came Lo esLabllsh Lhe Peavenly klngdom on earLh. Pow are
you cheaLed? Pow can you say: "uemocracy"? WhaL ls LhaL foollshness?

ls Lhere no 8lshop comlng Lo say LhaL !esus came from Lhe Peavens Lo esLabllsh Lhe ulvlne
klngdom? no rlesL, aLrlarch, ope or Cardlnal? 1hey are drunk people also. Pow you
reclLe Lhe Lvangelos and Lhe 8lble? Pow are you Leachlng ChrlsLlans? no one ls saylng: "Ch
people, Lhere musL be a Peavenly klngdom on earLh, we musL esLabllsh lL." Why are Lhey
noL saylng Lhls? Musllms have been prevenLed, or prohlblLed, from asklng for a klngdom,
buL lL ls wrlLLen ln Lhe Poly 8ooks of Lhe ChrlsLlan world: "Peavenly klngdom for !esus
43 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

ChrlsL." Why are Lhey noL saylng Lhls and refuslng democracy, whlch means klngdom of
[ackals, defeaLlng Lhe Peavenly klngdom? 1he whole problem ls on LhaL polnL...

All bellevers ln Cod, Lhe Lord of Peavens, Allah AlmlghLy- Lhe !ews, ChrlsLlans and Musllms-
musL come LogeLher, hand ln hand, Lo ask Lhe Lord Lo send Lhem Lhe klng of Peavens Lo
earLh Lo esLabllsh Lhe klngdom of Peavens. 8uL Lhey are drlnklng and no-mlnd people. lf all
of Lhem would send Lhelr represenLaLlves Lo !erusalem, uamaskus, Mekka and Medlna,
from mornlng Lo evenlng, ln less Lhan a day, Allah would send Lhe Peavenly klng Lo earLh...
8uL Lhey are only runnlng afLer uunya, asklng Lo dress ln shlny cloLhes and puLLlng here such
a blg cross, and on Lhelr heads blg crowns wlLh [ewels, carrylng sLlcks and slLLlng on Lhrones,
saylng: "We are Lhe klngs of Peavens on earLh now." And people are klsslng Lhelr hands
also... Allahu akbar!

8uL Lhere ls a ulvlne unlshmenL comlng Lo all naLlons, beglnnlng wlLh Lhe rellglous people
from Musllms, !ews and ChrlsLlans- uocLors, 8abbls, 8lshops. 8ecause all of Lhem are
clalmlng: "1here ls no need for someone from Lhe Peavens Lo be SulLan of Lhe ulvlne
SulLanaLe on earLh. We are enough. Look aL our dresses!" 1hey are Loo proud Lo accepL
anyone from Lhe Peavens: "no, we are llvlng on earLh, and we are noL ln need of Peavenly
eople Lo come and be klngs over us. We are uslng democracy", saylng Lo Peavenly eople:
"?eL you don'L know abouL democracy? ?ou are such backward, 3rd World people. ?ou are
Lhe lasL ones, and we are Lhe flrsL ones." Such proud rellglous people represenL ChrlsLlanlLy,
!udalsm and lslam. 1herefore Lhe flrsL punlshmenL wlll be comlng on Lhelr heads...
1hls musL be well-known: unLll Lhe SulLan appears on earLh, dlfflculLles and Lroubles among
people wlll never end. ln SharlaL, Lhe SulLan ls Lhe Shadow of Lhe Lord on earLh. ?ou musL
ask: "Allahumma, '[al lana mln ladunka wallya, '[al lana mln ladunka SulLanan naslra..." lL ls
Lhe Leachlng of Lhe Poly Curan Lo ask Allah AlmlghLy for a SulLan, noL for a presldenL, a
republlc, or a democracy, no.

We hope LhaL Lhe SulLan of Lhe Peavens wlll be on earLh soon, wlll be wlLh us, and collecL
people. 1he SulLan of Lhe Peavens has Lhe power, noL only Lo gaLher Lhe physlcal bodles, buL
he can gaLher Lhe hearLs of Lhe people. Who can collecL Lhe hearLs, ls Lhe SulLan from
Peavens. 1haL ls S.Mehdl a.s., and he ls comlng... All naLlons wlll come LogeLher Lhrough hls
hearL, and he should be Lhe klng of Lhe Peavens for Lhe ulvlne klngdom on earLh.

May Allah bless you and make you Lo reach LhaL Peavenly SulLan soon... ?a Allah, send us
?our Llons! 1hls ls an lmporLanL message for all people- everyLhlng ls ln lL... laLlha.

1 1 1 1:c Your C|:c l:r' :c Your C|:c l:r' :c Your C|:c l:r' :c Your C|:c l:r'... ... ... ...

8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm... LasL nlghL someLhlng was sLolen ouL of a car... how Lo deal
wlLh such cases? 1he SharlaL ls always answerlng for every evenL LhaL manklnd faces.
Cnce a 8eduln came Lo Lhe Poly ropheL sws, comlng on hls camel. 8asulu'llah asked hlm:
"WhaL dld you do wlLh your camel?" "l lefL lL, and l am LrusLlng ln Allah LhaL Pe ls golng Lo
keep lL safe." And 8asulu'llah sald: "Co and Lle your camel flrsL, and Lhen say: 'l am LrusLlng
ln my Lord Allah AlmlghLy'. "
44 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

llrsL you, as a servanL, musL do whaL ls your responslblllLy. CompleLe lL and Lhen, when you
can'L be able Lo do more Lhan LhaL you leave lL Lo Allah. 8uL noL everyLhlng you may leave
Lo Plm. ?ou may do some, and some ls for Allah...

CrandShaykh Lold us: "1here was a Murld ln uaghesLan, who sald: 'l always leave my caLLle
ouLslde aL nlghL, noL brlnglng Lhem lnLo Lhe sLable, my house, because my Shelkh ls keeplng
Lhem safe from Lhe aLLack of wolves and vlolenL anlmals.' Cne day Shelkh Abu Ahmad as-
Sughurl, may Allah bless hlm and send hls holy power on us, sald Lo Lhe Murld: 'Ch, so-and-
so Lffendl, oh my Murld, lL ls noL good Adab Lo make your Shelkh a shepherd on Lhe
mounLaln all nlghL. l am so weak, and lL ls so cold Lhere...' "- 1hls ls an explanaLlon for whaL
Lhe ropheL sws was saylng.

?ou dld whaL was for you Lo do, and Lhen, whaL shall we do? Pow dld Lhey open Lhe car? Pe
lefL Lhe wlndow a llLLle blL open, and a shalLanlc person lowered lL, Lurnlng and openlng... ln
such a case, whaL ls Lhe ropheL saylng? Pe ls saylng: Make lL 'fl sablll'llah', for Lhe sake of
Allah." Say: l glve for Lhe sake of Allah whaL was sLolen from me", and flnlshed. 8asulullah
sald LhaL for such people Lhere ls a speclal aradlse. lL ls only for Lhem. 8uL lf someone ls
comlng and asklng Lo enLer LhaL aradlse, and whaL had been sLolen from hlm, or whaL he
had losL, was found laLer and he accepLed lL back, Lhen lL may be sald Lo hlm: "?es, you sald
"fl sablll'llah", you gave lL for Lhe sake of Allah, buL when lL was found, you accepLed lL back.
now you can'L enLer Lhls aradlse." Cne Sahaba, a son of Lhe Callph S.Cmar r.a., losL hls
beauLlful, expenslve red camel. Pe sald: "ll sablll'llah..." AfLer some Llme, when he was
slLLlng ln Lhe Mosque, someone called: "Ch son of Lhe Callph, your camel has [usL been
found." Pe [umped up, buL qulckly saL down agaln, saylng: "AsLaghflrullah", because he
remembered Lhe PadlLh of 8asulu'llah. Pe dld lL for Lhe sake of Allah, and so he sald: "lL ls
for Allah, noL for me now."

1hls ls good Adab LhaL musL be well-known by everyone. So many Lhlngs are golng Lo be losL
or sLolen, and people geL sad and cry. 8uL Lhls ls whaL you should do, and you wlll flnd
saLlsfacLlon Lhrough your hearL by saylng: "!usL l dld lL for Lhe sake of Allah..."

1hls ls a holy monLh, Muharram, and some splrlLually powerful people know LhaL Lhe money
of some people ls clean, Palal money, and Lhey Lake LhaL money and glve lL away for a
reason, for some purpose. 1hey glve lL especlally Lo Lhe Ahlu'l 8alL, people from Lhe llne of
Lhe ropheL. 1hey are ln very bad condlLlons ln 8osnla, kosovo, Albanla... lL ls noL an
ordlnary person LhaL knows and Lakes Lhls money... Someone from Lhe splrlLually powerful
people appeared Lo me, Lelllng me Lhls... Lherefore l am glvlng Lhls SohbeL for Lhe purpose
LhaL people around Lhe whole world may beneflL. 1he whole world and lLs Lreasures are noL
even as valuable as Lhe wlng of a fly... uo lL for Allah, flnlshed... Pe ls glvlng more and more
back Lo you... now much more wlll come ln Lhls holy monLh Lo our broLher, because
everyLhlng ln Lhls monLh ls one hundred Llmes more Lhan ln oLher monLhs... lf you glve 'fl
sablll'llah' ln Lhls monLh, lL musL come back Lo you aL leasL Len Lo one hundred Llmes more...

May Allah keep us ln Pls Servlce, on Pls ulvlne Way. We, and everyLhlng we have, ls for our
Lord... laLlha.

l ll l o:cod, | 'o l:c o:cod, | 'o l:c o:cod, | 'o l:c o:cod, | 'o l:c
45 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

Pa[l x. ls very lll... 1ake hlm ouL of hosplLal... Where Lhere ls paln, puL your hand and reclLe
laLlha seven Llmes... l am around hlm, blowlng on hls face... lf he passes away, Angels wlll
Lake hls body Lo uamascus... When Mahdl a.s. comes, l wlll call hlm from 8arzakh... So many
people are golng Lo come back from 8arzakh wlLh CrandShaykh, Lo follow Sayyldlna lmam.

46 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


L L L L||:, ^|u::| L||: ||:, ^|u::| L||: ||:, ^|u::| L||: ||:, ^|u::| L||:... ... ... ...

Pa[[ls are preparlng Lhemselves Loday Lo cllmb up Lhe MounL of ArafaL, and Lomorrow, lnsha
Allah, Lhey are golng Lo be ln Lhe ulvlne resence, sLandlng up and asklng Allah AlmlghLy Lo
clean Lhem of Lhelr slns, asklng Lo be granLed blesslngs from Pls endless Mercy Cceans.
erhaps from Lhe beglnnlng unLll Loday Lhere has never been such a crowded pllgrlmage.
Cnly Lhls year lL wlll happen, and lL ls lmporLanL, because lL ls Lhe lasL pllgrlmage before Lhe
closlng of Lhe second mlllennlum. Also lL ls Pa[[-ul-Akbar, whlch ls honoured sevenLy Llmes
more Lhan an ordlnary Pa[[.

CrandShaykh sald LhaL every year Lhose who have been granLed an lnvlLaLlon for Pa[[,
pllgrlmage, come from every dlrecLlon on earLh. Cn Lhe uay of ArafaL Lhey are saylng:
"Labbalk, Allahumma, labbalk...", whlch means: "Ch, our Lord, wlLh our whole belng,
physlcal and splrlLual, we are runnlng Lo ?ou, runnlng afLer ?our call, as ?ou are calllng us Lo
come for Pa[[, Lo vlslL ?our Poly Pouse, Lhe Pouse of Lhe Lord. We are runnlng Lo ?ou wlLh
all our humbleness...labbalk...[usL runnlng Lo ?ou. We are leavlng everyLhlng and we are
followlng ?our call...labbalk, Allahumma, labbalk, labbalka, la sharlka laka, labbalk...no one
can be a parLner Lo ?ou. We have lefL everyone who ls clalmlng Lo be ?our parLner. We are
noL hearlng, noL llsLenlng Lo Lhem, we are noL accepLlng Lhelr commands. We llve only for
?ou, we are runnlng Lo ?ou...We are weak servanLs, comlng from Lhe naLlon of ?our Lrue
servanL...labbalk, Allahumma, labbalk, labbalka la sharlka laka, labbalk, lnna'l hamda, wa
nl'amaLa, laka wa'l mulk, la sharlka'lak..." Allahu akbar! "lnna'l hamda...all glorlfylng,
pralslng, absoluLe Lhanks, LhaL may be offered Lo ?ou by ?our servanLs, lL ls for ?ou, only for
?ou...wa nl'amaLa...whaL ?ou are granLlng Lo us, ?our servanLs, from every klnd of nlamaL,
favours, and blesslngs, ls from ?ou only...laka wa'l mulk...Mulk, everyLhlng ln exlsLence
lncludlng ourselves, belongs Lo ?ou...la sharlka'lak..."

no one can say for even one spoL or one aLom, or less Lhan an aLom LhaL lL belongs Lo hlm.
lf anyone may say: "1haL aLom belongs Lo me", Allah may Lell hlm: "1ake LhaL smallesL parL
LhaL belongs Lo you, and go away!" Cr lf anyone was saylng: "1haL glganLlc galaxy Lhere ls
for me," Lhe Lord may Lell hlm: "1ake lL and go away, geL ouL of My 1errlLory!" And Lo
whoever may say Lhls or LhaL belongs Lo Lhem, Pe may Lell Lhem Lo Lake lL and go away...
Allahu akbar, [alla [alaluhu...

So Lomorrow, when people are crowdlng on Pa[[, calllng Lo Lhelr Lord, Lhe vells of CreaLness
wlll open and Allah AlmlghLy wlll look aL Lhem, wlLh a look whlch ls llke [usL one ray of Lhe
sun, or even less Lhan LhaL, comlng and cleanlng...cleanlng...cleanlng...unLll Lhey are
compleLely clean. 1hls mercy ls comlng and coverlng people. Crandshelkh sald LhaL when lL
ls Pa[[-ul-Akbar, Crand Pa[[, whlch means LhaL Lhe uay of ArafaL ls on a lrlday, and Allah
AlmlghLy ls looklng Lo Pls servanLs, LhaL granL ls comlng Lo Lhem sevenLy Llmes, and
Lherefore Pa[[-ul-Akbar ls equal Lo sevenLy Pa[['s.

47 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

Wahhabl people are noL accepLlng Lhls. 1here ls no Pa[[-ul-Akbar for Lhem. So we are Laklng
Lhe blesslngs, and Lhey are leavlng Lhem... 1omorrow ls golng Lo be LhaL day, lnsha Allahu

1here ls one problem, or one polnL, LhaL we may speak abouL: l have heard LhaL Lhe
Wahhabl governmenL and Wahhabl people are shaklng now, because of Lhe blg crowds of
Pu[[a[ ln Makka-l-Mukarrama. 1hey are shaklng, because Lhey are counLlng over slx mllllon
people now, buL Allah knows, perhaps Lhere are seven mllllon or more... 1he Wahhabl
School ls a maLerlallsL currenL, never accepLlng any splrlLuallLy ln lslam. 1hey are maLerlallsL
people, growlng ln lslam, who are Lhlnklng and wrlLlng abouL everyLhlng wlLh Lhelr
maLerlallsLlc vlews, counLlng and balanclng everyLhlng.

lL was afLer Lhe Second World War, 1946, and LhaL year was also Pa[[-ul-Akbar, Lhe flrsL one
afLer Lhe peace, LhaL l was Lhere wlLh our CrandShaykh. 8ecause of Lhe war noL Loo many
people could come- everywhere was closed. l remember LhaL more Lhan Lwo mllllon people
were Lhere, and aL LhaL Llme Lhere were sLlll Lhe old bulldlngs ln Makka-l-Mukarrama and
Medlna-l-Munawwara LhaL Lhe CLLomans had bullL.

l remember LhaL when we prayed our lasL !uma prayer ln Lhe Param of Mekka, sharafaha
Allah, aL leasL one mllllon people, maybe more, were praylng Lhere, and accordlng Lo Lhe
slze of Lhe area of Lhe Param-ul-Sharlf, only one hundred and flfLy Lhousand people could
enLer lL, no more. l prayed lnslde Lhe Parram, and yeL around Lhe kaaba Lhere were empLy
places for some people...l was Lhere...

1hese Wahhabls are saylng LhaL Lhey musL help Lhe people, and really Lhey are clalmlng LhaL
Lhey musL help Allah... AsLaghflrullah...maklng an exLenslon of Makka-l-Mukarrama for
people Lo Lake Lhelr resL ln, Lo enLer lL freely, Lo do 1awaf freely, Lo pray freely, wlLh no
crowdlng of people. 1hey began... 8uL as much as Lhey were maklng exLenslons, much more
crowds were comlng...

And l wenL year afLer year- 198o was Lhe lasL Pa[[ for me, LhaL my physlcal belng was Lhere
also- and l could never reach Lo do Lhe !uma prayer lnslde Lhose bulldlngs. Always l was
ouLslde, puLLlng someLhlng on Lhe sLreeL and praylng on lL...

And now LhaL Lhey have made lL so blg Lhey are reallslng: "Ch, we have desLroyed Mekka,
buL people are sLlll noL able Lo pray comforLably ln Lhe Parram..." And Lhey also desLroyed
Medlna-l-Munawwara, yeL lL ls noL blg enough for people.

So ShalLan was Leachlng Lhem, saylng: "Make conLlngenLs, llmlLs." 1haL means Lhey are now
dolng someLhlng else LhaL ls noL 8ahmanl, buL ShalLanl, because lL ls ShalLan who Leaches
Lhem Lo make llmlLs: "Say, for example, Lo 1urks LhaL only 9o.ooo may come. And people
wanL Lo come agaln, buL Lhey may go on Pa[[ only Lwlce, no, only glve permlsslon Lo enLer
Lhe klngdom once, only Lo whoever ls comlng Lo Pl[az for Lhe flrsL Llme. lor Syrlans: 3o.ooo.
aklsLanls...no need for Lhose people...every year Lhey are comlng... 3oo.ooo, doesn'L
maLLer. lranlans, Lhey are flghLers, Lrouble-makers, make lL 4o.ooo for Lhem. LgypLlans...we
can'L do anyLhlng for Lhem...2oo.ooo." 1hls ls all shalLanlc Leachlngs. now Lhls year Lhey
have made anoLher llmlL. Lven afLer Laklng Lhe vlsa and permlsslon from Lhe Saudl
48 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

consulaLe Lo come, Lhey sald Lo a CrandmufLl LhaL he has Lo brlng a new ldenLlLy card also Lo
be able Lo enLer Lhe klngdom...

And Lhey made so many Lunnels under Lhe mounLalns ln Saudla, ways Lo reach Mlna and
Lhen ArafaL... 1he more Lhey are Lrylng Lo do someLhlng, Lhe more Lhey are becomlng
'ma[nun', crazy, all of Lhem. And lL would be so slmple: uon'L Louch anyLhlng. lL ls an
lnvlLaLlon from Allah AlmlghLy Lo Lhe people. Whoever Pe ls asklng Lo come and vlslL Pls
Poly Pouse Pe ls carrylng responslblllLy for Pls vlslLors, noL you!

8uL Lhey are llke rocks, Lhelr heads are llke rocks, never undersLandlng anyLhlng abouL
splrlLuallLy. 1haL ls Lhe reason why Lhe governmenL ls shaklng now: "WhaL shall we do?"...
Leave people free! Mekka and Medlna are for all Lhe Musllms, why are you puLLlng such
foollsh llmlLs on people? Leave Lhem Lo come and vlslL. lf Lhey were leavlng Lhem, even slxLy
mllllon people could come easlly because Angels would puL roads under Lhem, ways Lo
move, Lo go and come smooLhly...

l have heard LhaL Lhey have also desLroyed everyLhlng lnslde Lhe Parram-ul-Sharlf Lo make
1awaf easy, buL LhaL now people make 1awaf ouLslde, ln blg clrcles. WhaL ls LhaL?

l was Lhere ln 1946, and aL boLh ends of Safa and Marwa Lhere were shops, and also camels
passlng on Lhe way and cars and people...golng llke Lhls, comlng llke LhaL...crosslng Lhe way,
and we, Lhe Pa[[ls, we were golng llke Lhls...maklng Sal and passlng so easlly...Lwo mllllon
people and more... now, lf Lhey are able Lo, Lhey are golng Lo make seven floors for people,
buL even lf Lhey make sevenLy floors, people won'L be able Lo make Lhelr Sal as freely as we
were maklng lL. And someLlmes we were runnlng lnLo Lhe camels, because Lhey were
geLLlng up on Lhe way, and lL was aL LhaL place LhaL we had Lo run...and we were runnlng
and Lhere were cars wlLh donkeys passlng, and we couldn'L conLlnue...buL we were so
happy, maklng Sal. now, Subhanallah... 1ake your hands from Lhe Parram-u-Sharlf! Leave
Lhe Parram Lo Allah, and Medlna-l-Munawwara Lo 8asul sws...

1hey are shaklng now: "Pow we can be able Lo conLrol Lhe slLuaLlon?" Leave lL, Lhere ls
anoLher conLroller Lhere, Muhaflz-u-Makka...lL ls noL an ordlnary place. 1hey Lhlnk lL ls an
ordlnary place, because Lhere ls no splrlLuallLy wlLh Lhem. LveryLhlng Lhey are
counLlng...maklng an accounL...

And Lomorrow, lnsha Allah, should be LhaL blggesL Pa[[ whlch closes Lhls cenLury, and
anoLher openlng ls comlng, lnsha Allah. We have been lnformed LhaL Sahlb-u-Zaman,
Sayyldlna Mehdl a.s., and hls khulafa and 12.ooo Awllya, who all have Lhe power Lo reach
Lhere ln a bllnk of an eye, should be Lhere Lomorrow...and lL should be a sLrong Muna[aL,
uua, prayer, whlch wlll change everyLhlng Lhls year, lnsha Allah, we hope...

lL ls a speclal Pa[[...and for whoever has been prevenLed from reachlng lL Lhls year and Lhey
had prepared Lhemselves, buL Lhe governmenL Lold Lhem: "no way for you", Allah AlmlghLy
ls sendlng Angels on Lhelr behalf. Also for common people who sald: "lf only we could reach
ArafaL", and Lhey were noL able Lo, Allah ls also creaLlng Angels Lo be on ArafaL on Lhelr
behalf, Lo reach Lhose favours from Allah AlmlghLy.

49 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

1omorrow you musL Lry Lo compleLe 1000 lkhlas-u-Sharlf, 1ooo La llaha lll'Allah, 1000
SalawaL, 100 La llaha lll'Allah, wahdahu la sharlka'lah, lahu'l mulku wa lahu'l hamdu, yuhyl
wa yumlL, wa Puwa 'ala kulll shayln Cadlr, 100 La haula wa la quwaLLa llla bl'llahl'l 'Allyu'l
'Azlm, and aL every prayer Lo make Lhe 1ekblr: 'Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, la llaha lll'Allah,
wa Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa ll'llahl'l hamd.'

May Allah send Pls ulvlne ServanLs Lo Lake away everyLhlng LhaL ls agalnsL lslam. May Pe
send Pls llons on [ackals, wolves, foxes, bears, snakes and scorplons, Lo klll Lhem and Lake
Lhem away. l am asklng: "C our Lord, no doubL ?ou have llons, and even one ls enough...?ou
send Angels Lo ?our mosL 8eloved ServanL Muhammad sws on Lhe days of uhud and 8adr,
and even one Angel was enough Lo Lake away Lhe whole army of Mushrlks, buL ?ou senL
Lhousands of Lhem, so LhaL Lhe Mumlns were looklng and seelng Angels among Lhem and
Lhey goL Lhe cerLalnLy LhaL Lhey would be vlcLorlous. 1herefore even one llon ls enough, we
know, more Lhan enough, buL we are asklng for ?our Llons Lo come and desLroy Lhe
sulLanaLe of ShalLan and Lake away Lhe shalLanlc klngdom on earLh!"

lf Pe ls asklng Lo puL one bllllon people ln Lhls place here, Pe can do lL, and everyone may
come and go freely. Cne bllllon people may be ln Lhls small place. Pe can do lL, you musL
belleve ln Allah, musL belleve ln Pls endless power and ablllLy, capaclLy. 1here are endless
posslblllLles for Plm only, Lhe AlmlghLy...Why are you Lrylng Lo do someLhlng? As much as
you are dolng Lhese wrong acLlons, more dlfflculLles are comlng, more Lroubles and crlses.
lL was so easy Lhe flrsL and second Llmes on Pa[[...unLll Lhey began Lo desLroy
everyLhlng...old houses, aL LhaL Llme Lhere were no concreLe bulldlngs aL all...and Lhey
desLroyed every hlsLorlc bulldlng, all of Lhem. And Lhey made huge concreLe bulldlngs, so
LhaL people are no longer able Lo breaLhe splrlLuallLy ln Mekka-l-Mukarrama and Medlna-l-
Munawwara. eople's feellngs have become confused, and Lhey are saylng: "Are we ln new
?ork or ln San lranclsco? ln Los Angeles, arls, 8ome? Where are we?"

lnsha Allah, when Mehdl a.s. ls comlng, ln one nlghL only, all Lhose concreLe bulldlngs
should be Lhrown away...noL lnLo Lhe 8ed Sea, because lL ls noL Loo deep. l am orderlng
Lhem Lo be Lhrown lnLo Lhe lndlan Ccean- never fllllng up. 1here ls no need for even one
concreLe sLone. And on Lhe second nlghL Lhere should come back Lhe same bulldlngs LhaL
were desLroyed...

1haL ls lrada, wlll-power. When someone ls glven LhaL wlll-power, he may say: 8e," and lL ls
golng Lo be, 'kun, fa yakun'. Allah AlmlghLy ls saylng: "Ch My servanL, be obedlenL Lo Me,
and l wlll make you of My SLaff, 8abbanl, and l wlll glve you Lhe power and auLhorlLy Lo say
for someLhlng: 8e", and lL wlll be..."

1herefore lf he orders Lhose bulldlngs Lo be Laken away, ln one nlghL Lhey wlll be flnlshed,
and Lhe second nlghL, when he ls orderlng Lo be broughL back Lhe same bulldlngs as were
desLroyed before ln Mekka-l-Mukarrama and Medlna-l-Munawwara, lL wlll be as lL was.
eople wlll run smooLhly, make 1awaf smooLhly, and move smooLhly Lo Mlna and ArafaL,
lnsha Allah... laLlha.

50 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

O O O O !, crv|n', Co:c |nd \::' !c !, crv|n', Co:c |nd \::' !c !, crv|n', Co:c |nd \::' !c !, crv|n', Co:c |nd \::' !c... ... ... ...

May Allah bless Lhe ummaL-ul-Pablb, Lhe naLlon of Sayyldlna Muhammad sws, Lhe mosL
honoured naLlon. We are proud, and we are Lhanklng Allah AlmlghLy for granLlng us Lo be
from Lhe naLlon of Pls mosL Ponoured, mosL Clorlfled and ralsed ServanL Sayyldlna
Muhammad sws..
1onlghL ls Lhe fourLh nlghL of Lhe Lld ln Makka-l-Mukarrama, and people are runnlng around
Lhe Pouse of Lhe Lord, maklng 1awaf. And we have been called and lnvlLed, ordered and
offered Lo make a vlslL Lo Pls glorlfled and pralsed Poly Pouse. lL ls an honoured house, and
Lhe glory of Lhls bulldlng does noL come from lLs ouLward appearance, no. lL ls a very slmple
bulldlng, Lhere ls noLhlng speclal abouL lLs deslgn or archlLecLure. lL ls so slmple, lL only has
four walls...

1here ls a good saylng, LhaL ln reallLy, Lhe honour of a place ls accordlng Lo who ls Lhere:
'Sharafu'l maqam fl maqul'- and noL wlLh lLs bulldlngs and lLs quallLles. Ponour and glory are
glven Lo LhaL place accordlng Lo who ls ln lL. 1herefore, for Lhe reason LhaL Lhe Seal of
ropheLs was ln Medlna-l-Munawwara and ls burled Lhere, LhaL clLy ls honoured and
glorlfled. Allah glves so much honour and llghLs Lo lL. And ln Makka-l-Mukarrama, for LhaL
slmple bulldlng Lo be Lhe Pouse of Lhe Lord glves lL honour and glory. WlLhouL LhaL quallLy,
LhaL place couldn'L glve anyLhlng. 8uL when Lhey say: 'Pouse of Lhe Lord', people ask Lo
come. We have been ordered and lnvlLed Lo vlslL LhaL Poly Pouse, because lL ls Lhe Pouse of
Lhe Lord 8alLu'llah. lf lL was an empLy place, no one would ask Lo vlslL lL. lf Lhere was no one
ln Lhls uergah, lf Lhe Shelkh was noL Lhere, people would say: "Why are we golng Lo Lefke?
We have so many uergahs, so many bulldlngs, we may go Lhere. We only come Lo vlslL Lefke
and Lhe uergah for Lhe honour of Lhe Shaykh..."

So people have been offered Lo vlslL Lhe Pouse of Lhe Lord, and Lhey are runnlng, noL Lo
vlslL Lhe Pouse, buL Lhe Lord of Lhe Pouse. 1haL ls Lhe Pouse of Lhe Lord, buL people are
asklng for Lhe Lord of LhaL Pouse, LhaL ls Lhe dlfference.

Pa[[ ls one of Lhe mosL lmporLanL plllars of lslam. 1he flve plllars of lslam begln wlLh lman,
Lhe bellef ln your Lord Allah AlmlghLy and Lhe 1esLlmony of lalLh, Lhe Shahada: "La llaha lll'
Allah, Muhammad 8asulu'llah". 1he oLher plllars are flve Llmes rayer, lasLlng ln Lhe holy
MonLh of 8amadan, ZakaL and Lhe Pa[[, so LhaL Lhe prlnclples of our bellef begln wlLh Lhe
falLh ln Lhe Lord, and end by vlslLlng Plm. lor bellevers ln Lhe Lord of Lhe Pouse, Lhe Pouse
of Lhe Lord ls walLlng for Lhelr vlslL, LhaL Lhey may vlslL Plm.

llnally, you, who say: "l belleve ln Lhe Lord Allah AlmlghLy, AmenLu bl'llahl", musL run Lo
vlslL your Lord, because flnally Allah AlmlghLy ls asklng for Pls servanL: "Ch My servanL,
come and vlslL Me aL My Pome, My Pouse of Lhe Lord, you musL come and vlslL Me."

lf you are prepared, a way ls golng Lo be open for you Lo meeL Lhe Lord of Lhe Pouse... ?ou
may hear, you may see, you may feel, and you may be wlLh Plm. Crandshelkh sald LhaL a
real Pa[[l ls Lhe one who goes and says: "As-salaamu alalkum, ya 8alLu'llah", and hears: "Wa
alalkum salaam, ya Abdl, oh My servanL"... 1hls ls for speclal servanLs. lor oLhers: "Wa
alalkum salaam, ya Abdu'llah". lf he ls a prepared one, an answer ls comlng, and he ls
51 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

lL ls very lmporLanL...you are reachlng LhaL rank sLep by sLep, Alhamdull'llah. Whoever ls
worklng for Allah ls never Llrlng. Cur physlcal body ls geLLlng Llred. 8uL Lhere ls a sLaLe when
even Lhe physlcal body ls noL Llrlng anymore... We are asklng Lo reach Lo LhaL polnL.

no doubL Allah ls Lhe AbsoluLe SulLan from pre-eLernlLy up Lo eLernlLy...and Lhe absoluLe
SulLanaLe ls for Plm... May Lhe SulLan of SharlaL come soon wlLh Allah's blesslngs, and may
we be wlLh hlm forever on SharlaLu'llah... laLlha.

K K K Kcc| ^| |nd ^| Kcc| You cc| ^| |nd ^| Kcc| You cc| ^| |nd ^| Kcc| You cc| ^| |nd ^| Kcc| You...' (!=.=.!999) ...' (!=.=.!999) ...' (!=.=.!999) ...' (!=.=.!999)

lL was Pa[[-ul-Akbar Lhls year, Lhe lasL Pa[[-ul-Akbar of Lhls cenLury and Lhe 2nd mlllennlum.
?ou are lucky people LhaL you have been Lhere. And l hope LhaL Lhe nexL Pa[[-ul-Akbar ls
golng Lo be ln Lhe 3rd mlllennlum, Lhe 21sL cenLury accordlng Lo Lhe ChrlsLlan calendar.
Accordlng Lo Lhe lslamlc calendar lL ls ln a Pa[[-ul-Akbar LhaL Mehdl a.s. ls golng Lo be wlLh

?ou were lucky LhaL Lhls year Mehdl a.s. and hls Callphs and MlnlsLers, all Lhese Crand-
Awllya, SalnLs, were presenL on Lhe uay of ArafaL-12.ooo Awllya wlLh Mehdl a.s. Pe dld hls
lasL prayers when Lhe sun was seLLlng on lrlday evenlng. And from Allah AlmlghLy Lhe good
Lldlngs came Lhrough Pls mosL 8especLed and 8eloved ServanL Sayyldlna Muhammad sws
LhaL all Lhelr prayers were accepLed. And on lrlday evenlng, Lhe beglnnlng of SaLurday,
when you moved Lo Mlna afLer sunseL, ulvlne Crders changed Lo brlng lslam up and Lo puL
kufr down.

lL ls becomlng lmposslble now for kufr, for Lhe unbellevers, non-Musllms. 1helr hegemony
ls golng Lo melL, Lo flnlsh, and Lhe sulLanaLe of ShalLan ls golng Lo be desLroyed. Paqq, Lhe
1ruLh LhaL Allah senL, wlll appear now day by day, and hour by hour lL wlll lncrease. We
hope for new changes day by day. no one ls able Lo keep lslam down now, lL ls lmposslble
Lo brlng lL down. lslam ls geLLlng up and kufr ls golng down.

May Allah bless you and your Pa[[, your charlLles and vlslLs Lo holy places. And you have
been ln uamascus and vlslLed everywhere, and Crandshelkh accepLed you also and he glves
hls Salaams Lo all of you. Pe was happy and proud of you, because you came hls way Lo Lhe
Poly ropheL sws, and Lhe ropheL was happy wlLh you, Loo, looklng Lo you and blesslng

And now you are on your way home, and Lhere ls golng Lo be a new openlng for you and
around you. 1hose ulvlne LlghLs, LhaL were granLed Lo you Lhrough Crandshelkh from Lhe
Poly ropheL sws are golng Lo spread, and people should run from Lhelr darkness Lo your

now ln Lwo days wlll be Lhe new ?ear of Lhe lslamlc calendar. SaLurday ls golng Lo be Lhe
flrsL day of 142o. More Lhan 14 cenLurles have passed, and we hope LhaL everyLhlng whlch
we were saylng, and LhaL you heard abouL, ls golng Lo appear. kufr wlll be desLroyed and
dlsappear, and lslam wlll grow. 1he flag of lslam wlll be ralsed, and Lhe flag of kufr wlll come

52 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

lor Lhe year 2ooo Lhere are golng Lo be many good Lldlngs for you, for every Lrue one, and
LrusLworLhy people are golng Lo be happy ln Lhls year. Who keeps hls hearL wlLh Allah, Allah
wlll be wlLh hlm. lf you are noL leavlng Allah, Pe ls noL golng Lo leave you. 1herefore, as
8asulullah was saylng: "keep Allah and Allah wlll keep you..."

We are happy and proud of you. ?ou came such a long dlsLance Lo vlslL Pablbullah sws and
Lhe Pouse of Lhe Lord. ?ou are young people, noL easlly golng Lo be Llred...buL lL ls noL an
ordlnary Lrlp. lL ls a [ourney of obedlency and worshlp, and worshlp ls always golng Lo be
dlfflculL for our ego. Lvery Llme LhaL we are carrylng dlfflculLles, we are pald more and more
by Allah AlmlghLy...

And also Mahdl a.s. polnLed ouL our group of Pa[[ls from wesLern counLrles. 1hey were
ChrlsLlans before and came Lo lslam, keeplng Lhe Sunnah among Lhose ShayLaan people, Lhe
Wahhabls. And he was saylng: "Look, Shelkh Abdullah's Murlds, naqshbandl followers", and
he was so happy, looklng Lo LhaL group who wenL Lhere keeplng Lhe Sunnah, and glvlng
some splrlLuallLy Lo Lhem LhaL was never glven Lo oLher people. Alhamdullllah, Lhey were
very happy wlLh you. May Allah bless you...

And l hope LhaL you are lnLendlng Lo move Lo your homeland...Pow long are you lnLendlng
Lo sLay?...lf you have no responslblllLles Lo go back Lo, you may be here longer, who has,
may go... erhaps l am lnLendlng Lo move Lo Lebanon or uamascus, and, accordlng Lo Lhe
holy commands of CrandShaykh, because Armageddon ls approachlng now, look for a safe
place Lhere. 8uL as long as l am here, you may be here. Welcome Lo you and Pappy 8lrLhday
Lo me! 1hen you may go back or move Lo uamascus.

Some broLhers from Chlle came Lo me ln London, ln 8amadan. 1hey have bullL a new
Mosque ln Lhe SouLh of Chlle, Lhe mosL souLhern place on earLh, near Lhe SouLh ole...
Alhamdullllah, Lhere ls now much more splrlLuallLy runnlng Lhrough Lhe hearLs of people,
because Lhey are ln need of splrlLuallLy more Lhan anyLhlng else...

8l hurmaLl'l Pablb, bl hurmaLl'l slrrl SuraLu'l laLlha.

1 11 1c Nc. ^ou' !|d: c Nc. ^ou' !|d: c Nc. ^ou' !|d: c Nc. ^ou' !|d: ^.. ^.. ^.. ^..

8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm... S.Mahdl's flrsL appearance was ln Pl[az, ln Mekka, on MounL
ArafaL. 1haL was around 196o. lL was a prlvaLe appearance, only for SalnLs. 12.ooo Awllya
came and puL Lhelr hands on hls hand, Laklng 8eyaL wlLh hlm.

Cnce, when l was passlng Lhrough 8elruL, on my way Lo Cyprus, l meL a Shelkh from
Lebanon, and l was a guesL ln hls house. Pe asked me: "WhaL news ls your Shelkh glvlng
abouL Mahdl a.s. ?" l Lold hlm, LhaL so and so many years ago we were on ArafaL wlLh Mahdl
a.s. and 12.ooo 8l[alu'llah, Awllya, and LhaL we all Look 8eyaL wlLh Mahdl a.s. l was wlLh
CrandShaykh aL LhaL Llme. Pe Look me wlLh hlm, llke a hunLer keeps hls dog wlLh hlm. When
l sald Lhls, Lhe Shelkh from Lebanon sald: "?ou are rlghL. l was ln Makkah Mukarrama Lhe
same year wlLh my Shelkh, and we meL a person from Lhe Sudan. We asked hlm: "lrom
where are you comlng?", and he Lold us LhaL he had come from CenLral Afrlca: "Cne year
53 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

ago l was ordered by Lhe Poly ropheL sws Lo be here Lhls year Lo Lake 8eyaL wlLh Mahdl
a.s. l have been walklng on fooL for one year, and l have reached here..."

So Lhe Awllya have already Laken 8ay'ah wlLh Mahdl a.s. ln LhaL year. 1here ls a second klnd
of 8ay'ah, ln dreams, for people who are noL prepared Lo meeL Mahdl a.s. physlcally. And
now he ls walLlng for Lhe order, and Lhen common people wlll Lake 8ay'ah wlLh hlm.
Pe wlll appear for all people, accordlng Lo Lhe Lord's command, ln Lhe CreaL War,
Armageddon... 1here are one hundred and one hlndrances whlch he musL overcome, before
he can appear. nlneLy-nlne of Lhose hlndrances have passed. now only Lwo are remalnlng...
'8ed coloured people' have come Lo AfghanlsLan. 1hey musL also come Lo aklsLan, and
Lhen Lo 1urkey. 1haL ls Lhe flrsL slgn: 8usslans comlng Lo 1urkey... Puge 8usslan powers wlll
be aL Lhe WesL of Aleppo. 1hey wlll come up Lo Lhe plaln of ?armuq(?) near Aleppo. AL Lhe
same Llme Lhe Amerlcan powers wlll be ln 1urkey, ln Adana, near Lhe sea. 1here wlll be a
greaL slaughLer ln LhaL plaln. 1he War wlll lasL Lhree monLhs and durlng LhaL War, Mehdl a.s.
wlll appear. lL wlll be ln a year of Lhe Pa[[-ul-Akbar.
Mahdl a.s. wlll appear on Pa[[, where people wlll Lake 8eyaL from hlm... lrom Lhere he goes
Lo uamascus. Pe wlll make 1ekblr 3 Llmes: "Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar!" WlLh
Lhose 1ekblrs Lhe problem of Lechnology ls golng Lo be flnlshed, and lL ls golng Lo be Lhe
slgnal for all Musllms Lo aLLack Lhe devlls...

1here are 4o sLaLlons on S. Mahdl's way beLween Mekka and uamascus... Pe wlll come Lo
Lhe gaLes of uamascus, flrsLly Lo a place where Lhe fooL-prlnLs of Lhe ropheL Muhammad
and hls camel are on a sLone... Pe wlll enLer uamascus, and Lhere Lhe people wlll Lake 8eyaL
wlLh hlm.

1hen Lhere are 7 sLaLlons on hls way from uamascus Lo lsLanbul- Poms, Pama, 1rablus,
Palep, konya, 8ursa- and ln lsLanbul he wlll Lake ouL Lhe flag of Lhe ropheL from Lhe
1opkapl-alace... 8uL before LhaL, Lhe adlshah wlll appear and Lhey wlll meeL ln konya,
where Mahdl a.s. wlll puL on Lhe sword of Lhe ropheL and hls coaL, Lhe AmanaLs...

AfLer Mahdl has Laken ouL Lhe flag ln lsLanbul, Lhe AnLl ChrlsL wlll come qulckly Lhrough
khorasan ln lran, and run Lo !erusalem, Lo go around Lhe whole world from Lhere for 4o
days. Pe ls now ln chalns- lmprlsoned on an unknown lsland LhaL no one can approach-
because he ls saylng: "l am your Lord", clalmlng Lo be Lhe Lord of manklnd, noL [usL a
propheL, buL Lhe Lord... Pe cannoL move from Lhere. Pe ls ShalLan, Lhe faLher of all devlls.
Pe ls glvlng orders, and he has 3o depuLles who are preparlng people for hls comlng... And
he ls one-eyed...

Musllms are expecLlng S. Mahdl a.s. and Lhey are walLlng also for S.lsa a.s. Lo come from Lhe
Peavens. ChrlsLlans are expecLlng !esus ChrlsL Lo come back from Lhe Peavens, Loo. 8uL Lhe
!ews, because Lhey do noL belleve ln S. lsa and S. Muhammad sws are sLlll walLlng for a
ropheL from among Lhemselves Lo appear...

1here wlll be a heavenly announcemenL: "1he enemy of Allah, ua[[al, has appeared.
Whoever wanLs Lo save hlmself from hlm musL go Lo uamascus, Mekka or Medlna". So
bellevers wlll run because ua[[al wlll be afLer Lhem. 1hey wlll run llke sLreams Lo uamascus,
and all bellevers musL be Lhere for 4o days... ua[[al wlll go around Lhe whole world, buL 7oo
54 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

Angels, 7oo !lnn, and 7oo Awllya from 8udala, nu[aba, nuqaba, AuLad and Ahyar wlll
proLecL uamascus, so he won'L be able Lo enLer. uamascus ls a holy area, Lhe place of Lhe
!udgemenL uay, where Lwlce a day come nur, ulvlne LlghLs, and Mercy. 1hls area covers all
LhaL a man can see from Lhe mlnareL of Lhe Cmayyad Mosque, and lLs 8araka spreads for a
dlsLance of slx or seven days' camel rldes ln all dlrecLlons. AfLer 4o days, !esus wlll come
down from Lhe Peavens. lL wlll be Lhe Llme of Lhe la[r prayer, when he comes down ln Lhe
Cmayyad Mosque ln uamascus. Pe ls comlng down Lo a mlnareL of LhaL uome ln Lhe LasL,
under whlch S.?ahya a.s., !ohn Lhe 8apLlsL, ls burled. 1wo Angels wlll proLecL hlm wlLh Lhelr
wlngs, and brlng hlm down Lo earLh. Pe wlll be wearlng a green Lurban, and he wlll be
shlnlng. Pe has Lhe mosL beauLlful face, rosy and whlLe. Pls beard ls red, and he ls sweaLlng.
And he has a sword. When he was on earLh, he never Louched a sword, buL now he ls
comlng as a Savlour, Lo save people from Lhe hands of Lhe AnLl-ChrlsL. Pls sword ls a
mlraculous sword, a heavenly sword. lL can reach any polnL Lo where he sends lL. 1he Lord
gave lL Lo hlm...

Pe ls noL comlng as a ropheL anymore, buL as a member of Lhe ummah of S.Muhammad
sws, followlng hls SharlaL. S. Mahdl a.s. wlll offer Lhe place Lo !esus Lo be lmam, buL !esus
wlll refuse. S. Mahdl wlll lead Lhe prayer once, and afLer LhaL !esus wlll be lmam... And S.
Mahdl a.s. wlll be wlLh hlm for 7 years...

!esus wlll klll Lhe AnLl-ChrlsL, break Lhe crosses, and make clear Lhe LruLh abouL hlmself and
hls moLher S. Marlam... Pe wlll govern Lhe Peavenly klngdom on earLh for 4o years. ln hls
Llme, all Lechnology wlll be desLroyed, and everyone wlll be glven mlraculous powers, so
LhaL when you look somewhere and you say: "8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm, by ?our ulvlne
ermlsslon, oh My Lord, ?ou honoured me Lo be ?our depuLy, l ask of ?ou", and lf Pe glves
permlsslon, you may puL your sLep from here Lo Lhere.

AfLer !esus has kllled Lhe AnLl-ChrlsL, Lhere wlll be no more devlls and evll ln hls
Llme...people wlll llve a llfe llke ln aradlse, aradlse appearances, 1a[allls, wlll come on
Lhem... AL LhaL Llme, Lhe purpose of Allah's creaLlon wlll appear.

lsa a.s. wlll marry and have chlldren. When he ls golng Lo dle, he wlll be burled ln Medlna, ln
Lhe fourLh Lomb nexL Lo Lhe Poly ropheL, S.Abu 8akr and S.Cmar r.a., LhaL ls empLy now.
1hen all bellevers wlll dle by a sweeL scenL from aradlse. LveryLhlng Lerrlble afLer LhaL wlll
come Lo Lhe unbellevers, who wlll have sLarLed Lo re-appear durlng !esus' Llme... And Lhe
world wlll come Lo lLs end.

C C C C|:||'u| |:||'u| |:||'u| |:||'u|... ... ... ...

Muhammad-ul-Mehdl a.s. ls a descendanL of Lhe Poly ropheL S.Muhammad sws Lhrough
hls daughLer laLlma-Lu-Zahra and her sons S.Passan and S.Pusseln r.a. ln Lhe 4oLh
generaLlon. So he ls Sayyld- Passanl and Pusselnl. Pls parenLs llve near !eddah. Pe was
born beLween 193o and 194o ln Lhe Wadl laLlma, a green valley on Lhe way from !eddah Lo
Medlna. When he was growlng up, mlraculous looks sLarLed Lo come ouL of hlm. Pe had
such llghLs. 1he looklngs of people sLarLed Lo come very much on hlm because hls growLh
was mlraculous. Pe has a spoL of ashes on hls rlghL cheek, llke a sLar, and hls arms reach Lo
hls knees.
55 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

8y Lhe order of Lhe ropheL sws he was Laken away from people by Lhe Awllya- nuqaba,
nu[aba, 8udala, AuLad and Ahyar, whose lmam ls Shahabu'dln- Lo a place behlnd Lhe
MounLaln of Caf. 1hen he was ordered Lo remaln ln Lhe empLy quarLers, Lhe 8uba Call, a
deserL beLween Saudl Arabla and ?emen. no one can go Lhere, because Lhere ls qulck-sand,
movlng sands. Pe ls noL llvlng wlLh ordlnary people now because he has such heavy power,
LhaL people can'L be able Lo look Lo hlm. Pe ls llvlng ln LhaL deserL wlLh Pls 99 Callphs-
hlghly splrlLual, powerful people. 1here ls a huge cave, lLs enLrance ls 4o meLers wlde. ln
LhaL cave ls Lhe 'uome of Papplness', whlch has been bullL by Lhe Angels. no one can
approach LhaL cave because lL ls proLecLed by !lnns, who send ouL elecLrlclLy LhaL may klll
anyone and Lhrow Lhem away. Mehdl a.s. and hls Callphs are Lhere, walLlng for and
expecLlng Lhe holy command of Allah AlmlghLy Lo appear. S. Mahdl a.s. ls Lhe mosL splrlLual
person on earLh now, and all Awllya are under hls command.

When he appears, he wlll say: "Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar..." , Lhree Llmes, ln
uamascus, and Lhls wlll be heard from LasL Lo WesL. And Lhe Archangel Clbrall a.s. wlll
shouL: "CallphaLu'llah! Allah AlmlghLy's Callph has [usL appeared! !oln hls army, oh
bellevers!" LveryLhlng wlll be clear. S. Mahdl wlll appear wlLh such a power LhaL all
Lechnology wlll sLop...

Lach man ln hls army wlll be worLh an army. 12.ooo soldlers from flve counLrles of Lhe WesL
(known only Lo Lhe Awllya) wlll come. 1hey are always ln conLacL wlLh ulvlne owers, whlch
ls a slgn of real falLh. 1hey are sLeadfasL, never Lurnlng Lhelr face from Lhe lace of Allah
AlmlghLy under any clrcumsLances. Armles Lurn Lo ashes under Lhelr gaze. 1hey are
descendanLs of Sayyldlna All r.a.wa k.A.w. When S. Mahdl says: Allahu akbar!" Lhey wlll be
ready aL Lhe SouLh gaLe of uamascus, from Amman.

S. Mahdl ls comlng as a Savlour before S.lsa a.s. Lo sLop Armageddon, Lhe 3rd World War,
wlLh ulvlne ower, because no one and noLhlng excepL ulvlne ower can sLop lL. no counLry
wlll remaln neuLral ln Lhls war. All Lhe bombs are under Lhe conLrol of !lnns, and Lhe !lnn
are under Lhe command of S.Mehdl a.s. So noLhlng wlll be by chance, lL wlll be only as much
as Allah ls asklng. LveryLhlng ls [usL arranged. 1here ls a group of SalnLs, Lhe 3 CuLubs, LhaL
look afLer everyLhlng accordlng Lo Lhe Wlll of Allah. noLhlng on Lhls earLh happens by
chance or accldenL. And noLhlng happens wlLhouL a reason...

Armageddon ls Lhe War beLween LasL and WesL, and lL ls wrlLLen LhaL Lhe WesL wlll wln and
Lhe LasL wlll vanlsh. 1hls blggesL of all wars ls beLween Lhe bellevers, followers of !esus
ChrlsL, people who have prepared Lhemselves for Lhe Savlour, and Lhe followers of Lhe AnLl-
ChrlsL, unbellevers, who are runnlng afLer Lhls llfe's pleasures, followlng maLerlallsLlc
LhoughLs, seeklng pleasures whlch Lhelr egos are asklng for, asklng for every freedom. 1hey
are people who always come lnLo conLacL wlLh Lhe devll, falllng under hls conLrol, and
supporLlng Lhe klngdom of ShalLan. 1hey wlll be wlLh Lhe AnLl-ChrlsL because Lhey are evll ln
Lhemselves. 1he devlls wlll carry Lhem Lo Lhe source of evll and devlls: 1he AnLl-ChrlsL.
Manklnd ls now followlng saLanlc Leachlngs, supporLlng Lhe klngdom of devlls on earLh, and
LhaL ls why a sLorm of flre wlll come as a punlshmenL, blowlng from LasL Lo WesL, norLh Lo
SouLh. 1he supporLers of Lhe devlls wlll dle, buL Lhe supporLers of Lhe Savlours S.Mehdl and
S.lsa a.s. wlll be saved.
56 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

1here ls no shelLer for cruel people who harm oLhers, or dlsobedlenL people who do
prohlblLed Lhlngs. 1herefore everybody musL Lry Lo prevenL hls ego from dolng bad Lhlngs
and from havlng bad lnLenLlons... 1here ls no shelLer for unbellevers, noLhlng and no one
can proLecL Lhem. 1here ls always Lhe danger LhaL ulvlne 8evenge wlll reach Lhem, even
underground or ln Lhe skles... 1herefore Lo belleve ls Lhe flrsL shelLer. Wrong bellefs are
also dangerous. lor Lhese people lL wlll be llke Lhey have a shleld wlLh holes around
Lhemselves, so LhaL ulvlne 8evenge arrows may reach Lhem. 1herefore anoLher shelLer ls Lo
belleve ln Lhe rlghL way. lor some people Lhelr good characLer wlll be a shelLer, people wlLh
good lnLenLlons who are plLlful, helpful, [usL and respecLful Lowards oLhers, lovlng Lhem.
And anoLher shelLer ls Lo glve charlLy and Lo pray and make Sa[da. Allah AlmlghLy ls
promlslng Lo shelLer good servanLs. Lverybody musL ask how he can be a good one. now
everyLhlng ls mlxed up, 1ruLh wlLh unLruLh, goodness wlLh badness, purlLy wlLh dlrLlness.
unLll Lhe lasL World War comes, Lhe Llmes wlll geL worse and worse. When !esus a.s. comes
he wlll puL everyLhlng ln lLs place, and no one wlll be able Lo ob[ecL... 1he 21sL cenLury wlll
be Lhe cenLury of LruLh.

ln Lhe lasL days so many men wlll be kllled. 1here wlll be 4o Llmes more women Lhan men.
1hls ls because men are mosLly cruel. So many of Lhem wlll dle, and mosL of Lhe women wlll
sLay. And ln LhaL War from seven people slx wlll dle and one wlll remaln... lor Lhose women
who don'L have a husband anymore Allah wlll send people from behlnd Lhe MounLaln of
Caf, so LhaL no one wlll be alone ln LhaL Llme. When S.Mehdl a.s. comes, he wlll brlng wlLh
hlm so many people from unknown worlds around Lhls earLh- nuqaba, nu[aba, 8udala,
AuLad and Ahyar...

1he world wlll be empLy afLer LhaL War...everywhere wlll be open for Lhe bellevers.
Accordlng Lo Lhelr klsmeL, whlch ls wrlLLen on Lhe 'Lauh-ul-MahfuLh', Lhe reserved 1ableL,
S. Mehdl a.s. wlll show everyone Lhelr place...

AfLer Lhls blg War people wlll be llke a candle ready for Lhe maLch. S.Mehdl a.s. wlll open
Lhe seed of falLh ln Lhelr hearLs, openlng Lhe hearLs of Lhe bellevers who llved Lhrough LhaL
War. Common people wlll be dressed salnLhood and wlll be granLed mlraculous powers and
llghLs from Allah AlmlghLy. Awllya wlll be love-sprlngs... eople wlll be perfecL servanLs of
Allah, llvlng on prayer and uhlkr, and swlmmlng ln love-oceans... Lverywhere you wlll flnd
Lhe Love of Lhe Lord...creaLures wlll Lake from you LhaL ulvlne Love. We are creaLed for LhaL.
1he perfecLlon of creaLlon should appear ln Lhose days...

no one wlll be lnLeresLed ln eaLlng or drlnklng. And lf Lhey should ask Lo eaL someLhlng,
llghL quallLy naLural food should come from Lhe skles. Lveryone wlll Lake hls share and uhlkr
should burn lL, so Lhere wlll be no need for LolleLs... May Allah make us reach Lhose days...
8l hurmaLl'l Pablb, laLlha

N NN No' On, | o|c, u' | kc|:', o' On, | o|c, u' | kc|:', o' On, | o|c, u' | kc|:', o' On, | o|c, u' | kc|:',

We have been ordered Lo say someLhlng abouL Lhese mlraculous Llmes and evenLs LhaL are
approachlng soon, Lo make your unhapplness change Lo happlness, and Lo make you more
57 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

paLlenL... As much as you can hear and belleve, you can reach happlness qulckly. lL ls noL
only a hope, lL ls golng Lo be a reallLy for you Lo be able Lo see !esus ChrlsL and Mehdl a.s....

A person may be senLenced Lo 4o years of prlson and be Lold LhaL afLer Lhese 4o years he
wlll be seL free wlLh someone's help, and be klng of Lhe counLry. Wlll hls sufferlngs affecL
hlm? 4o years of prlson ls sufferlng, buL he knows LhaL hls sufferlng wlll end and LhaL a
klngdom wlll come Lo hlm. !oseph, S.?usuf a.s., was a ropheL, and he was lmprlsoned, buL
lL dldn'L affecL hlm because he was Lold Lhrough hls dream LhaL he would be Lhe klng of

Sufferlng ls only for Lhose who have no hope of a second llfe, of an eLernal llfe... We know
LhaL Lhe whole world ls full of sufferlng, buL LhaL hope, our falLh, our bellefs, can Lake all of
LhaL away from us. 8uL Lhose who don'L belleve wlll always come under heavy burdens ...

So we are Lrylng Lo glve Lo everyone hope for an eLernal llfe, so LhaL Lhey can carry
everyLhlng wlLh en[oymenL, and noL be kllled wlLh all Lhelr sufferlng. 1haL ls lmporLanL. ?ou
cannoL know now, you cannoL see lL now. 1herefore you musL belleve, because you cannoL
know unLll you are ln lL. 8ellef ls someLhlng, buL knowledge ls someLhlng else... May Allah
granL us sLrong bellef... laLlha.

58 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


1c lro|c' 1c lro|c' 1c lro|c' 1c lro|c'- -- - c|cr o c|r' c|cr o c|r' c|cr o c|r' c|cr o c|r'

1he Poly ropheL sald: "ln Lhe body of man Lhere ls a plece of flesh. lf lL ls healLhy, Lhe
whole body ls healLhy. 1hls plece of flesh ls Lhe hearL." 1he hearL ls mosL lmporLanL, as lL ls
Lhe seaL of man's reallLy, of hls personallLy and characLer. 1he hearL's healLh depends on
falLh. PealLh comes Lhrough slncerlLy, lllness Lhrough hypocrlsy. PealLh comes Lhrough love
of Allah, lllness Lhrough love of uunya. PealLh comes Lhrough conLenLedness, lllness Lhrough
greed. PealLh comes Lhrough genLleness, lllness Lhough anger. PealLh comes Lhrough Lhe
remembrance of Lhe Lord, uhlkr, lllness Lhrough heedlessness, forgeLLlng Allah. PealLh
means belng wlLh Allah, lllness means Lo forgeL Allah and Lo be wlLh ShalLan. 1here are so
many splrlLual lllnesses of Lhe hearL: Pypocrlsy, Shlrk(olyLhelsm), showlng-off, prlde, greed,
envy, [ealousy, haLred, sLubbornness, love of Lhls world, egolsm, lylng, back-blLlng, bad
lnLenLlons... Whoever has any of Lhese characLerlsLlcs ls lll and ln need of LreaLmenL. 1he
ropheL came Lo cure hearLs. 1here was no lllness, physlcal or splrlLual, whlch he could noL
heal. Pe cured hls Companlons, Lhe Sahabas, and ralsed Lhem ln rank, so LhaL Lhey became
llke sLars ln Lhe sky. 1hen Lhe Sahabas became docLors Lhemselves and cured oLhers. 1hose
who followed Lhem, Lhe 1ablln, became healers, Loo, and so on unLll Loday.

Lvery SalnL, lnherlLor of Lhe ropheL, has Lhe ablllLy Lo glve medlclne Lo people for physlcal
and splrlLual lllnesses. lf anyone wanLs Lo know abouL Lhe condlLlon of hls hearL, he musL go
Lo someone who knows. 8uL nowadays, people are so proud LhaL Lhey Lhlnk Lhey can cure
Lhemselves. 1hey accepL nelLher SalnLs, nor scholars, nor oLher people of knowledge. 8uL
even a chlef-docLor calls anoLher docLor for help when he ls lll. Pe doesn'L sLand ln fronL of a
mlrror and cure hlmself. And lL ls a ulvlne Crder Lo consulL Lhose who are always ln Lhe
ulvlne resence, because Lhe answers LhaL come Lo Lhelr hearL are senL Lo Lhem by Allah

kc| doc'or kc| doc'or kc| doc'or kc| doc'or

Who ls a real docLor? Pe ls Lhe one savlng people from bad characLerlsLlcs, glvlng Lhem good
aLLrlbuLes. Crdlnary physlclans save people from Lemporary deaLh, buL a bad characLer may
cause eLernal deaLh. As much as people are noL lnLeresLed ln eLernal llfe, so many Lroubles
are ralnlng on Lhem. As much as Lhey are lnLeresLed ln eLernal llfe, Lroubles are golng away.

lL ls lmporLanL for a physlclan Lo have lnsplraLlon Lo make a dlagnosls. As much as a
physlclan has a pure hearL, he easlly undersLands slckness, and prescrlbes a medlclne. 1hls ls
posslble lf he ls beyond Lhe love of money, only Lhlnklng of helplng people and llghLenlng
sufferlng. 1hen Allah Lakes Lhe vell from hls hearL and Lhen he ls successful. 8y helplng
people, Allah wlll help you. MosL lovely Lo Allah ls someone helplng oLhers. lL ls an honour
for everyone. We musL lnLend everyday Lo help oLhers, noL Lo help ourselves, and Lhen Allah
wlll help us. And Pls help ls enough. lf every person on earLh gaLhered Lo help you, Lhey
couldn'L do whaL Pe can. Pe glves pleasure, safeLy and saLlsfacLlon. ?ou can'L buy lL. 1hls ls
59 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

only for slncere servanLs. ?ou musL ask for power from Allah AlmlghLy's ower Cceans so
LhaL you can be able Lo help Pls servanLs.

:qn o | !ur:d :qn o | !ur:d :qn o | !ur:d :qn o | !ur:d

1he slgn of a Murshld ls LhaL you are able Lo LrusL hlm. ?our hearL glves Lhe slgnal and Lhe
hearL ls never mlsLaken. lf a person ls slLLlng wlLh a Lrue Murshld, he feels peace, resL and
saLlsfacLlon, very happy. 1hls ls Lhe slgn. Pe forgeLs all of hls Lroubles ln hls presence and
feels [usL llke a flsh ln Lhe ocean. Why do people go Lo Lhe sea-slde? 8ecause when Lhey
enLer Lhe waLer, Lhey flnd resL and en[oymenL. 1he soul ls also asklng for an ocean. ln our
llves we need one person who ls llke an ocean, so LhaL our hearLs can en[oy and be saLlsfled
wlLh LhaL person.

We have such bad characLerlsLlcs. We need someone Lo glve us good aLLrlbuLes, and Lhey
do noL come Lhrough readlng books buL Lhrough one's frlends. 8y looklng aL a person's
frlends, you may know hls characLer. A bad characLer ls conLaglous, llke a slckness.
1herefore, Allah AlmlghLy senL ropheLs as medlclne. ropheLs are noL Angels, Lhey are of
manklnd, and know everyLhlng abouL human naLure. Whoever slLs wlLh Lhem absorbs good

^ You L:c, O ! ^ You L:c, O ! ^ You L:c, O ! ^ You L:c, O !, Lord' , Lord' , Lord' , Lord'

As much as you belleve ln your Shelkh, you may glve Lhe relns over Lo hls hands, and so flnd
resL and saLlsfacLlon ln your hearL. As long as you are Lrylng Lo caLch Lhe relns ln your own
hands, you are carrylng a greaL burden on your shoulders. Shelkhs are Lhe lnherlLors of Lhe
ropheLs and are offerlng Lo carry your burdens, and you musL glve your burdens Lo Lhem.
!usL puL your deslres ln llne wlLh Lhe Shelkh's, LhaL ls Lhe way Lo open your hearL Lo
Peavenly ower. 1hen you may see or hear or know someLhlng whlch you cannoL know

So many Murlds have hlgh splrlLual asplraLlon, Plmma, and Lhey say: "Ch my Shelkh, l am
asklng for Plmma ln order LhaL my soul may be acLlvaLed." 1he Shelkh replles: Ch my
Murld, l am asklng servlce from you, khldma. ?ou musL be llke me. When you are llke me,
my splrlLual powers may come Lo you, buL lf we are noL of Lhe same klnd of meLal, Lhe
currenL cannoL pass Lhrough you. l am copper, and you musL noL remaln sLone..." Allah
AlmlghLy asked Lhe ropheL Lo be wlLh Plm, and Lhe ropheL asked Lhe Sahaba Lo be wlLh
hlm. 1o be 'wlLh hlm' meanL for Lhem Lo be as he wlshed Lhem Lo be. 1he Shelkh also asks
Murlds Lo be 'wlLh hlm'.

1he ropheL sws. was saylng abouL Abu 8akr r.a. LhaL he was someone who had 'dled before
he dled', because he had absoluLely lefL all hls deslres behlnd, so LhaL Lhere was noLhlng lefL
of Lhem ln Lhe face of hls Lord and hls ropheL. Pe was a dead person wlLh no deslre for Lhls
llfe. When he had arrlved aL Lhls sLaLe, he was llke a shadow of Lhe ropheL, enLlrely ln
agreemenL wlLh hlm, never leavlng hls way. 8ecause of Lhls aLLrlbuLe, Abu 8akr became
LrusLworLhy ln all respecLs, and Lhus Lhe ropheL was able Lo planL many knowledges ln hls
hearL. 1herefore, ln splrlLual rank, Abu 8akr was aL Lhe Lop of all companlons of Lhe ropheL.
60 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

1he ropheL pralsed hlm, saylng LhaL lf hls falLh was balanced agalnsL Lhe falLh of Lhe whole
ummah, hls would be heavler.

Cn Lhe uay of romlses, when everyone was asked by Allah AlmlghLy: "Am l noL your Lord?"
and we replled: "?es, ?ou are our Lord", on LhaL day, lf lL had noL been for Abu 8akr Leachlng
everyone wlLh hls splrlLual power, no one could have sald: "?es".

Cur CrandShaykh sald LhaL everyone has a share of Abu 8akr's falLh, even Lhe person of Lhe
lowesL degree of falLh. lrom LhaL share, wheLher Lhey pray or noL, so many people wlll go Lo
aradlse, because lL keeps people from a bad endlng ln Lhls llfe and Lhe nexL. "La llaha
lll'Allah, Muhammad 8asulu'llah" ls wrlLLen ln Lhe hearL, lL only needs a chance Lo show
lLself... So many people have Lhe seeds of falLh ln Lhelr hearLs, deeply planLed, only walLlng
for mercy raln. Mercy may be delayed up Lo Lhe end, a person may be on hls deaLhbed and
begln Lo cry. 1hls crylng aLLracLs LhaL mercy, Allah AlmlghLy says: "My servanL ls crylng", and
Lhe seed of falLh opens, fllllng Lhe hearL, green wlLh Lhe llghLs of real falLh. Pe was llke a
deserL, Lhen deaLh comes, and he beglns Lo cry. 1haL ls Lhe slgn of mercy comlng on hlm.
Allah does noL leave Pls servanLs. Pe has endless mercy.

1he ropheL sald abouL Abu 8akr: "WhaLever Allah has puL ln my hearL l have poured lnLo
Lhe hearL of Abu 8akr." Sayyldlna All r.a. also puL hls wlll and deslres LoLally ln llne wlLh Lhe
ropheL's deslres. 1herefore Lhe ropheL sald abouL hlm: "l am Lhe ClLy of knowledge, and
All ls Lhe CaLe Lo LhaL ClLy."

1here are 41 1arlqaLs Lo make our hearLs pure. lorLy sprlng from Lhe hearL of lmam All, and
one, Lhe naqshbandl Crder, ls comlng from Abu 8akr as-Slddlq, r.a. 1he ropheL had
124.ooo Companlons, and Abu 8akr was Lhe grand companlon. 1hls ls well known among
real 1arlqaL Shelkhs who don'L glve LlLles Lo Lhemselves. 1hey respecL Lhe naqshbandl Crder
as Lhe flrsL one.

A real Shelkh musL know lf a Murld was wlLh hlm on Lhe uay of romlses or noL. Pe has llghL
ln hls eyes and recognlzes hls Murlds wlLhouL mlsLake. ?ou may meeL many Shelkhs and
Lake exerclses, buL noL flnd saLlsfacLlon unLll flndlng your CrandShaykh. So many Shelkhs are
only Lralners, buL a CrandShaykh musL flnally call you. 1hls does noL happen Lhrough words,
buL Lhere are ways from hearL Lo hearL. lf a naqshbandl Shelkh ls glvlng 8eyaL, he musL Lell
Lhe Murld who Lhe CrandShaykh ls ln hls Llme for Lhe naqshbandl Crder. Pe musL polnL Lo

So many people from Lhe WesL are comlng now, lnvlLed by Lhe way of hearLs Lo our
CrandShaykh. 1he Colden Chaln of CrandShaykhs ends ln our CrandShaykh, Lhe lasL llnk ln
Lhe chaln. l am only hls servanL. We are walLlng for Lhe naqshbandl Shelkhs Lo come and
renew Lhelr 8eyaL wlLh us. lf noL, Lhey are [usL puLLlng LlLles on Lhemselves. 1here may be a
Lhousand Shelkhs, buL only one CrandShaykh. lf Lhey come LogeLher, who wlll be Lhe lmam?
lf all of Lhe 124.ooo Sahaba are broughL LogeLher, who ls Lhe lmam? Sayyldlna Abu 8akr.

Sayyldlna Mahdl a.s. and hls seven Crand Wazlrs, 99 Callphas, and 313 Crand Murshlds are
all ln Lhe naqshbandl 1arlqaL. ln Lhese Llmes, Lhere ls no power for oLher 1arlqahs Lo carry
people all Lhe way Lo Lhe ulLlmaLe goal. All are lnvlLed Lo renew Lhelr 8eyaL wlLh our
61 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

CrandShaykh, and Lhey may observe Lhelr lmprovemenL. 8oLh Abu 8akr and All reached
Lhelr dlvlne poslLlons and Look Lhelr holy LrusLs from Lhe ropheL durlng Lhelr llfeLlme.
8ecause Lhey deslred and dld whaL Lhe ropheL deslred and dld, Lhey reached a sLaLlon
where Lhey were shown Sayyldlna Muhammad's real ropheLlc ersonallLy ln Lhe ulvlne

lf we can use our wlllpower as we should, maklng lL accord wlLh our Lord's deslres, carrylng
ouL our Lord's Wlll, Lhen we may lmprove Lo reach Lhe ranks of SalnLs and ropheLs,
approach Lhe ulvlne resence and be accepLed Lhere. Allah AlmlghLy has sald, Lhrough all of
Pls Poly ropheLs: "Ch My people, lf you clalm LhaL you are servanLs, Lhen puL your deslres
ln llne wlLh Mlne, oLherwlse you are noL servanLs... l am noL ln need of your worshlp, all l
wanL from you ls LhaL you accord wlLh My ueslres."

We have Lo learn manners and keep a form of dlsclpllne, so we can say lnslde ourselves: "As
?ou llke, oh My Lord..."

62 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


l|n !|q|: l|n !|q|: l|n !|q|: l|n !|q|:- -- - 1c '|':on o :nccr:', 1c '|':on o :nccr:', 1c '|':on o :nccr:', 1c '|':on o :nccr:',

We musL be slncere bellevers. As servanLs, we musL know LhaL Allah AlmlghLy ls waLchlng us
all Lhe Llme, and LhaL Pe ls wlLh us, wherever we are: "Puwa maakum alna ma kunLum..."
We are llvlng Lhrough Plm, how can anyone or anyLhlng exlsL wlLhouL Plm? 1herefore Pe ls
always wlLh us, reachlng us everywhere, llke Lhe governmenL. lf you know Lhere ls a hldden
camera, don'L you drlve slowly? 1hls ls Lhe meanlng of Lhe "lhsan Maqam", Lhe SLaLlon of
SlncerlLy, leavlng lmlLaLed falLh and reachlng Lo Lrue bellef. We have Lo dlrecL ourselves
Lowards Allah, always fulfllllng Pls 8lghLs flrsL, Lhen Lo look afLer uunya, worldly Lhlngs.

Our C Our C Our C Our Conc:cncc : ro: c|vcn onc:cncc : ro: c|vcn onc:cncc : ro: c|vcn onc:cncc : ro: c|vcn

We musL choose our Lord's pleasure. lf we llsLen Lo our consclence, we can know goodness
from badness, Palal from Param. Cur consclence ls from Lhe Peavens, lL ls always rlghL.
1here ls no such Lhlng as a slck consclence, buL someLlmes we puL such a heavy load on lL
LhaL we are unable Lo hear lLs cry. 1herefore, we musL make an lnLenLlon Lo always llsLen Lo
our consclence. lf we do Lhls, Allah wlll glve our consclence more power. Cur consclence
glves us good slgns- don'L Lry Lo flghL agalnsL lL. uon'L Lry Lo [usLlfy bad acLlons. lL ls wrong.
When Allah ls noL pleased wlLh a man's acLlons, he makes all favours for LhaL man Param, ln
Lhls llfe and ln Lhe nexL.

uo noL lmaglne LhaL Allah AlmlghLy ls walLlng for your prayers, your fasLlng, your coverlng
your heads or your dresslng ln lslamlc cloLhes, no. Pe ls looklng Lo your hearLs Lo see lf Lhey
conLaln an aLom's welghL of slncerlLy, and only lf Pe flnds LhaL slncerlLy does Pe accepL
anyLhlng from you. none of your acLlons are, of Lhemselves, pleaslng Lo your Lord lf Lhey are
noL moLlvaLed by slncere lnLenLlons.

kc|c:nq 'o Ln:', kc|c:nq 'o Ln:', kc|c:nq 'o Ln:', kc|c:nq 'o Ln:',

CrandShaykh once spoke Lo me abouL !afar as-Sadlq r.a. from Lhe Colden Chaln of Lhe
naqshbandl Sllsllah. Pe was a descendanL of Lhe ropheL. When he was worshlpplng, he was
absenL from hlmself, golng lnLo Lhe ulvlne resence. 1he value of worshlp ls ln LhaL
resence. As much as you are wlLh yourself, you are far away from real worshlp, you are a
servanL Lo yourself. 8elng absenL from yourself means comlng Lo unlLy, '1awhid'. When you
are presenL ln Lhe ulvlne resence, all powers are presenL wlLh you. 1here ls no
heedlessness, you don'L forgeL anyLhlng. When you are wlLh your ego, you may forgeL
someLhlng ln Lhe prayer. 1he purpose of all worshlp ls only Lo make you absenL from
yourself and presenL ln Lhe ulvlne resence. As much as you are wlLh yourself, Lhere ls no
real unlLy.

1c 1c 1c 1c c|r' l:r c|r' l:r c|r' l:r c|r' l:r

Cnce, dally, you musL llsLen Lo your hearL's uhlkr. When you llsLen, you can hear your hearL
saylng: 'Allah, Allah...'.1hls ls an lmporLanL Wlrd, more lmporLanL Lhan Lhe Longue's uhlkr.
63 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

1hls glves concenLraLlon Lo Lhe whole body. 1he besL Llme Lo do Lhls ls afLer mldnlghL, aL
1aha[[ud. llrsL pray Lwo 8aka`aLs, Lhen slL and llsLen Lo your hearL's uhlkr... ?our
concenLraLlon wlll grow from Lhls polnL Lo where LhaL uhlkr, Lhe remembrance of your Lord,
wlll be wlLh you 24 hours a day. l am glvlng you permlsslon, lL means Lo Lake LhaL 'elecLrlclLy'
from Lhe cenLre whlch Lhe CrandShaykhs are openlng for us. When my CrandShaykh gave
me permlsslon, he was openlng, from hls hearL Lo my hearL, such a power.

64 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


^| : 'c !|:n lo.cr ^| : 'c !|:n lo.cr ^| : 'c !|:n lo.cr ^| : 'c !|:n lo.cr '|':on '|':on '|':on '|':on

Allah says LhaL Pe has all power, and LhaL Pls servanLs are powerless. Cnly Allah has
AbsoluLe ower, and only Pe glves power Lo Lhe whole unlverse. ulvlne ower ls wlLhln
everyLhlng LhaL ls ln exlsLence. Allah ls Lhe maln power sLaLlon for all creaLures. lf you know
Lhls, you know LhaL as much as you are powerless, you musL ask from your Lord.

1herefore Lhe ropheL asked hls Lord: Ch my Lord, don'L leave me Lo myself, my nafs, for
even Lhe bllnk of an eye. lf you leave me Lo myself, l wlll perlsh." Pe was asklng for ulvlne
Pelp and ower every momenL, ln all condlLlons LhroughouL hls llfe.

Pe used Lo say LhaL he was only a powerless servanL and compleLely dependenL upon hls
Lord, and when he sald Lhls, Allah AlmlghLy gave hlm from Pls AbsoluLe owers, saylng: "lor
as much as you are admlLLlng your own powerlessness, LhaL much power We wlll glve Lo
you." All ulvlne Pelp and ower comes Lo weak people more Lhan Lo powerful people. As
much as you are ln need, as much as you are openlng Lo Allah, help ls comlng. lf you don'L
feel ln need of your Lord, you wlll be lefL Lo yourself, and you wlll perlsh.

1c l 1c l 1c l 1c lo.cr o.cr o.cr o.cr o 'c |, o 'c |, o 'c |, o 'c |,

1he Poly ropheL sws used Lo pray: Allahumma, la Lakllnl lla nafsl LarfaLalnl...Ch Lord,
don'L leave me ln Lhe hands of my ego for even Lhe bllnk of an eye." lf you are wlLh your
ego, lL cuLs you off from oLhers, and Lhen you are alone wlLh Lhe ego. 1o feel and Lhlnk LhaL
you are alone makes you depresslve, lL desLroys Lhe personallLy, and you are ln a helpless
slLuaLlon. Lonellness ls Lhe beglnnlng of dlfflculLles and sufferlng, physlcally and splrlLually. lf
you are alone, you are unable Lo Lhlnk clearly and reallze Lhe needs of oLher people. And lf
you are speaklng Lo people and you are noL wlLh your Shelkh, Lhen you are llke a bllnd man
Lhrowlng sLones, unable Lo reach your LargeL. 1herefore you musL ask: Ch my Shaykh, l am
asklng Lo be wlLh you. ?ou are wlLh me, buL l am noL wlLh you. l wlll Lry Lo be wlLh you." lf
Lhese Lwo currenLs meeL, Lhe power wlll run. 1he more you are able Lo concenLraLe on hls
belng wlLh you, Lhe more power reaches you from hls slde. lf you are wholly wlLh hlm, Lhen
he ls ln you, and you are your own Shaykh. 1haL ls Lhe meanlng of belng wlLh your Shaykh...
Pls power wlll surround you as much as you are wlLh hlm, and Lhen you should reach Lo
unllmlLed power, because Lhe Shelkh ls connecLed Lo Lhe ropheL, and Lhe ropheL ls ln Lhe
ulvlne resence.

8e wlLh your Shaykh, and you wlll lose nelLher power, knowledge, wlsdom, paLlence, nor
your llfe, because everyLhlng ls wlLh hlm. ?ou are never alone, noL even ln deserLs or on
seas, even lf you were Lhe only human belng on earLh. ?ou wlll be mosL powerful among
people, and even lf Lhe whole of manklnd was comlng agalnsL you, you wouldn'L fear,
because you are connecLed Lo Lhe real power sLaLlon. lf anyone was Lo Louch you, he would
fall down. 1he facL LhaL Lhls power exlsLs makes our llfe easy and safe. 1here ls no need Lo
fear lf we concenLraLe on our Shaykh. 8uL lf we forgeL hlm, hopelessness and depresslon,
sufferlng and fear may come Lo us. 1herefore Lake hlm wlLh you, wherever you are golng.
1hen he wlll lead and gulde you ln everyLhlng. 1hen you wlll undersLand whaL lL means Lo be
65 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

wlLh Lhe ropheL, Lo be wlLh Allah. ?ou wlll experlence lana...you wlll vanlsh, and Pe wlll
appear ln you. 1hose are Lhe people abouL whom Lhe ropheL sald: When you look Lo
Lhem, you look Lo Allah." lf you are wlLh your Shaykh, ShayLaan wlll never conquer your
hearL. Pe can'L enLer because your Shelkh ls Lhere wlLh you. May Allah make lL easy for us Lo
be wlLh one of Pls servanLs who ls ln Lhe ulvlne resence... laLlha.

c|r' C c|r' C c|r' C c|r' Conn onn onn onncc':on cc':on cc':on cc':on

AnyLlme you lose conLrol over yourself, or you are ln a dlfflculL slLuaLlon, you can be
ln conLacL wlLh my hearL lmmedlaLely. lf you [usL Lhlnk abouL me Lhere wlll be a relaLlonshlp
wlLh me, and l wlll look Lo you. 1haL connecLlon wlll cause a power Lo run qulckly beLween
us, and you wlll be proLecLed. lL ls llke puLLlng a plug ln Lhe sockeL, Lo connecL wlLh

1c ccrc' l 1c ccrc' l 1c ccrc' l 1c ccrc' lo.cr o 'c l:::| o.cr o 'c l:::| o.cr o 'c l:::| o.cr o 'c l:::|

All power ls from Allah AlmlghLy, and we musL always ask for Pls supporL, because we are ln
need, we are weak ones. Allah AlmlghLy ordered Pls 8eloved ropheL S.Muhammad sws. Lo
lnform hls ummah LhaL anyLhlng LhaL ls noL begun wlLh Pls Poly name : "8lsmlllahlr
8ahmanlr 8ahlm", wlll never be supporLed by Allah, lL means lL wlll never glve frulL, and lL
musL fall... lf you say Allah's Poly name, you wlll Lake beneflL from LhaL acLlon, and any
harm LhaL may be ln lL wlll leave you. Whoever ls feellng weak should say lL, and power wlll
come Lo hls physlcal body and Lo hls hearL.

1he 8lsmlllah ls Lhe mosL lmporLanL key for openlng all Lreasures ln Lhe Peavens and on
earLh, and for openlng all forms of knowledge. Allah AlmlghLy has puL Lhree Lhousand of Pls
Poly names ln lL: 1ooo names LhaL are known only Lo Lhe Angels, 1ooo names known by Lhe
ropheLs, 999 names conLalned ln Lhe 4 Poly 8ooks, and Pls CreaLesL name. All of Lhese
names are conLalned ln Lhe 8lsmlllah... Whoever ls able Lo reach Lo Lhe secreL power of Lhe
8lsmlllah should be dressed ln mlraculous powers. We, as servanLs of Allah, should say lL aL
leasL 1oo Llmes dally. lf a person conLlnues for 4o days, he should flnd some power, some
changes ln hlmself, especlally lf he says lL one Lhousand Llmes beLween la[r and sunrlse...
lrom unseen worlds, from MalakuL beauLlful vlews wlll appear Lo hlm. Accordlng Lo Lhe
Lhlckness of Lhe vells of hls hearL, from 1x 4o days, up Lo 7x 4o days, Lhere should be an
openlng... lf noL, lL means LhaL hls hearL ls Loo occupled wlLh uunya, and he should Lry Lo puL
uunya lasL, and Lhen Lry agaln. lL ls a rule whlch can'L be wrong. Lven ln one day lL may be
opened, because lL ls so powerful...

Lvery Llme you say: "8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm", lL means LhaL you are rememberlng Lhe
Lord: "Ch My Lord, l am rememberlng ?ou!" And Lhen Allah says: "Ch My servanL, l am
rememberlng you!" uon'L forgeL! lf you forgeL, you wlll be forgoLLen.

66 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


l':|r| l':|r| l':|r| l':|r|- -- - ^:nq or C ^:nq or C ^:nq or C ^:nq or Cu:d|ncc u:d|ncc u:d|ncc u:d|ncc

lf you are ln doubL abouL someLhlng, wheLher lL ls Lhe rlghL Lhlng Lo do or noL, lf lL ls
accordlng Lo Allah's wlll or noL, you can ask abouL lL ln Lhe followlng way anyLlme you need
Lo: 1ake a shower, wlLh hoL or cold waLer. ?ou musL be ln a sllenL place. Clve your greeLlngs
Lo Allah, Lo your Lord. 1hen slL and say: "Ch my Lord, l am lnLendlng someLhlng, and l am
asklng for my wlll Lo follow ?our wlll. Clve me Lhe rlghL slgn for Lhls purpose." ?ou wlll be
glven a green or a red llghL. ?ou musL Lake Lhls serlously. 1hen lL ls lmposslble Lo do Lhls and
noL Lo geL an answer. 1hls ls a form of lsLlkhara. Anybody may do lL. 1here ls free permlsslon
Lo ask for everybody, who ls lnLeresLed Lo know, lf Lhey are acLlng accordlng Lo Lhelr Lord's
wlll. 8uL you musL noL ask abouL someLhlng LhaL ls already clear, and Lhe dlrecLlon has
already been shown. ln LhaL case you musL accepL whaLever lL ls, and Lhere ls no need Lo ask
abouL lL. lL ls besL ls Lo do Lhls exerclse before golng Lo bed. ray Lwo 8aka`aLs, ask, and
Lhen go Lo bed wlLhouL Lalklng Lo anyone.

kc| kc| kc| kc| l ll ln|:r|':on n|:r|':on n|:r|':on n|:r|':on

ln order Lo dlsLlngulsh real lnsplraLlon from sLray LhoughLs and Lhe whlsperlngs of ShayLaan,
walL and see wheLher LhaL lnsplraLlon recurs or noL. ulvlne lnsplraLlon ls noL golng Lo leave
you unLll you do lL. lL wlll come Lo your hearL repeaLedly. 8adness and wrong suggesLlons
from Lhe nafs and devlls, sLray LhoughLs, wlll noL perslsL. And even lf evll whlsperlngs do
perslsL, lL wlll become clear LhaL Lhey are noL good by a klnd of dlsLurbance you feel ln your
hearL. lf lL ls an lnsplraLlon, Lhere ls never golng Lo be a doubL ln your hearL. ?ou wlll flnd
absoluLe saLlsfacLlon. 8uL lf lL ls from Lhe ego, your consclence wlll noL be aL resL.

lro: lro: lro: lro: c|r' 'o c|r' 'o c|r' 'o c|r' 'o c|r' c|r' c|r' c|r'

WhaL ls Lhe meLhod of flghLlng Lhe ego ln our 1arlqah? 1o become accusLomed Lo dolng
everyLhlng wlLh permlsslon of Lhe Shelkh, especlally concernlng marrlage, dlvorce and long
[ourneys, and lL ls besL Lo consulL hlm ln every lmporLanL maLLer. We posses a 'walkle-
Lalkle', and we can send waves from hearL Lo hearL. lf you know Lhe wavelengLh you can
Lune ln, because a real Shelkh musL send. Accordlng Lo a Murld's sLaLlon, a real Shelkh can
send hlm Lhose waves: AL Lhe flrsL sLaLlon, Lhe Shelkh's presence comes Lo Lhe hearL of Lhe
dlsclple. AL a more advanced sLage, Lhe Murld may acLually feel Lhe Shelkh by hls slde and
percelve hls breaLhlng. 1he flnal and mosL advanced sLage ls when Lhe splrlLual power of Lhe
Shelkh dresses lLself on Lhe Murld, so LhaL he 'becomes' Lhe Shelkh for a cerLaln Llme.

1c L 1c L 1c L 1c L|r o 'c c|r' |r o 'c c|r' |r o 'c c|r' |r o 'c c|r'

knowledge comes ln Lwo ways. Cne ls by llsLenlng from ouLslde and uslng LhaL ln dlrecLlng
oneself on a way. 8uL some knowledge comes from Lhe hearL, and Lhls ls more powerful ln
pushlng one Lowards hls LargeL. ln oLher words, lf a command comes from ouLslde, Lhe ego
doesn'L Lake care Lo keep lL, buL when lL comes from yourself, lL has more effecL. 1he ego
never llkes Lo be commanded, buL lf lL ls comlng from Lhe hearL you see lL as honourable.
67 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

?ou may llsLen Lo so many lessons, buL really you are walLlng for LhaL command Lo come
from yourself. CorrecL and ulvlne Culdance come wlLh Lhe second way. 1he Awllya may
speak, buL Lhey also send lnsplraLlon Lo hearLs. 1he Murshld may Leach by lnsplraLlon. 1hen
one Lhlnks abouL Lhe knowledge comlng:" l am Lhlnklng Lhls." 1he more we are purlfled, Lhe
more ulvlne Wlsdom waves can be caughL by our hearLs' ears. 1he ropheL sald LhaL lf man
can keep hls hearL pure, and worshlp slncerely for 4o days, Lhen he may caLch ulvlne
Wlsdom ln hls hearL and may speak wlsdom. Wlsdom ls Lhe essence of knowledge.

!cc':nq or 'c !cc':nq or 'c !cc':nq or 'c !cc':nq or 'c |c o ^| |c o ^| |c o ^| |c o ^|

Allah's Pand ls over a !amaaL, lf Lhey are meeLlng for worshlp, Lhere wlll be ulvlne
AsslsLance for Lhose people. lf Lhey are golng Lo do someLhlng accordlng Lo our Lord's order,
Lhey wlll be under Lhe guard of Allah. lf Lhey are golng Lo do someLhlng accordlng Lo Lhe
advlce of Lhe ropheL, Lhey wlll be under Lhe guard of Lhe ropheL sws. Whenever any
group of our broLhers or slsLers meeL for Lhe sake of Allah, [olnlng Lhelr hearLs Lo Lhe hearLs
of Lhe MasLers of Lhls Way, LhaL meeLlng wlll aLLaln Lhe level of an assoclaLlon wlLh Lhe
Shelkh. ln such a meeLlng, such a power descends on Lhe hearLs of Lhe aLLenders LhaL even
Lhe deepesL rooLs of hldden ldolaLry, of ego-worshlp, can be pulled ouL. Such an assembly ls
more beneflclal Lhan years of supererogaLory worshlp. uon'L Lhlnk LhaL Lhe only beneflclal
meeLlng ls Lhe one where Lhe Shelkh ls physlcally ln aLLendance. When our broLhers or
slsLers meeL, one of Lhem musL be Lhe channel for lnsplraLlon Lo come from Lhe Shelkh: one
musL speak and Lhe oLhers llsLen, one musL Lake from Lhe Shelkh and Lhe oLhers Lake
Lhrough hlm from Lhe Shelkh. ln Lhls way all Lhe meeLlngs of our broLhers and slsLers are
blessed. lf more Lhan one person speaks or lf Lhere are argumenLs and conLenLlon, Lhen
Lhere wlll be no splrlLual power ln LhaL meeLlng, and hearLs wlll be lefL cold.

68 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


.O.. .O.. .O.. .O..- -- - |vc Our ou |vc Our ou |vc Our ou |vc Our ou' '' '

All souls are calllng S.C.S.- Save our Souls! 1hey feel as lf Lhey are ln Pell. All manklnd ls ln
need of splrlLual food. lL makes Lhelr faces brlghL and Lhelr hearLs full of llghL, peace comes
Lo Lhelr mlnds, and Lhelr splrlLs open Lowards Lhe Peavens. ConLenLmenL ls dressed on Lhelr
physlcal belngs. Sufl Ways are splrlLual ways, Lhe ways Lo Lhe Peavens. lf you llke, you may
follow Lhem, so LhaL your soul ls ln aradlse before you dle. 1hen dylng wlll only be llke a
change from one place Lo anoLher, so easy- openlng a door and belng welcomed.

1c ou l 1c ou l 1c ou l 1c ou lood : l:v:nc L:q' ood : l:v:nc L:q' ood : l:v:nc L:q' ood : l:v:nc L:q'

1he ropheLs broughL ulvlne LlghLs for our souls, whlch go Lhrough Lhe hearLs of people.
Souls can only be fed by nur, ulvlne LlghLs. 1here ls no need for eaLlng and drlnklng, Lhelr
food ls LlghLs. Lveryone's soul ls ln need of LlghL. lf Lhey are noL asklng for LlghL Loday, Lhey
wlll ask for lL Lomorrow, or nexL monLh, nexL year or on Lhelr lasL day ln uunya. 1hls ls
lmporLanL: Souls are LhlrsLy for Lhe sLream of ulvlne LlghLs. lf Lhere are no LlghLs, Lhere ls no
Love. lf Allah's 8eauLy Cceans can'L be seen, no Love comes Lo Pls servanLs. Souls know LhaL,
and Lherefore Lhey are asklng for Lhose ulvlne LlghLs. 1hrough Lhem, Lhose Cceans become
vlslble, and souls should be saLlsfled.

Lovc : L:c |nd L:q' Lovc : L:c |nd L:q' Lovc : L:c |nd L:q' Lovc : L:c |nd L:q'

1ry Lo glve more Llme every day Lo prayers and uhlkr. Angels glorlfy Lhelr Lord wlLhouL
Llrlng- lL ls Lhelr food. So Lhe power of one angel ls more Lhan Lhe power of all manklnd. lL ls
a speclal power...splrlLual people, ropheLs and SalnLs, have lL...

Clorlfylng Lhe Lord glves you energy and peace, more power and supporL, and more love for
Allah. 8eal llfe comes from LhaL ulvlne Love. When Lhere ls no Love, Lhere ls no llfe. 1he
Awllya say LhaL whoever doesn'L have LhaL Love ls llke a dead body walklng on earLh. Love ls
llfe and llghL, and Lhe more we have of lL, Lhe more our llfe wlll be compleLe and full of

1c lo.cr o l:v:nc Lovc 1c lo.cr o l:v:nc Lovc 1c lo.cr o l:v:nc Lovc 1c lo.cr o l:v:nc Lovc

ln Lhelr lnner llfe, people are ln need, and wlLh Lhelr souls Lhey are ln conLacL wlLh my soul,
so Lhey come Lo me. l am dolng noLhlng wlLh my followers. l am only sendlng ulvlne ower
Lo Lhem wlLhouL Lhelr knowlng, whlch works Lhrough Lhelr personallLles wlLhouL harmlng
Lhem. 1he beneflL of a MasLer ls LhaL he Lakes away bad characLerlsLlcs ln order Lo glve good
aLLrlbuLes Lo people. lL needs a gardener Lo look afLer frulL Lrees and make Lhem perfecL.
MasLers glve perfecLlon Lo Murlds. 1o be llke Lhe MasLer ls Lhe perfecLlon of a Murld. As
much as you lmlLaLe your MasLer, followlng hlm sLep by sLep, you are golng Lo be on Lhe
same level, buL you are an lmlLaLlon of hlm. l am maklng Murlds follow me Lhrough Lhelr
hearLs, wlLh love. l am noL uslng force, buL Lhe power of Love."

69 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

1c 1c 1c 1c c|r' : or ^| |onc c|r' : or ^| |onc c|r' : or ^| |onc c|r' : or ^| |onc
Allah AlmlghLy asks of Pls servanLs Lo worshlp wlLh lkhlas, slncerlLy, purlLy. Pe asks for pure
worshlp, whlch means Lo have a pure hearL, a hearL LhaL has noLhlng ln lL buL lLs Lord. Lach
of us knows whlch slde of hlmself ls noL Lrue, or whlch of hls characLers ls noL good. We
musL sLrlve Lo have pure hearLs. 1haL ls '!lhad', Lo flghL wlLh one's bad characLers and
change Lhem lnLo good ones. LveryLhlng LhaL occuples your hearL and keeps you from your
Lord makes your hearL lmpure. ?ou musL Lry Lo keep everyLhlng away from your hearL, buL
Allah. We say LhaL Lhe hearL ls for Allah alone. Man ls creaLed for Lhe love of Allah AlmlghLy.
Any Llme you puL your love ln Lhls dunya, lL wlll be wasLed. 8uL lf you puL your love wlLh
Allah, wlLh Lhe ropheL, wlLh your Shelkh, or wlLh your fellow Mu'mlns, you may flnd LhaL
love here and hereafLer, lL ls never golng Lo be wasLed. Love ls Lhe mosL preclous, mosL
valuable, mosL expenslve Lhlng, LhaL Lhe Sons of Adam have been glven.

70 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


1c l 1c l 1c l 1c l|c o l|:' |c o l|:' |c o l|:' |c o l|:'

1he base upon whlch falLh ls bullL, Lhe splrlL of falLh (8uh ul lman) ls Lo carry everyLhlng LhaL
you don'L llke, and Lo be paLlenL wlLh Lhose you don'L llke. lor as many people as Lhere are
on Lhls earLh, such ls Lhe number of dlfferenL characLers and ablllLles, and you musL carry
Lhem all. Whenever you are carrylng oLher people, you geL more power, more sLrengLh for
your falLh. 1he real power of falLh ls Lo remaln unchanged ln Lhe face of Lrlals. ln our Llmes,
Lhe slgn of a good characLer, and Lhe hlghesL degree of !lhad-ul-Akbar, ls Lo carry oLher
people's bad characLers and Lo LoleraLe Lhem. We have noL been ordered Lo refuse people,
buL Lo make Lhem more pleased. We are llvlng ln a Llme when people may say anyLhlng and
everyLhlng, you musL be paLlenL wlLh Lhem, and excuse Lhem, always wlLhouL flghLlng. ?ou
musL know LhaL people are lll wlLh Lhelr egos. lf you are clalmlng Lo be docLors, you musL
excuse Lhem. lf you are on Lhe way of ropheLs, you musL help Lhem and be LoleranL of
Lhem. 1hls ls Lhe hlghesL degree of good manners.

?ou musL noL forgeL a goodness LhaL has been done Lo you. lf someone does a goodness for
you, and afLerwards you become dlspleased wlLh LhaL person over someLhlng he sald or dld,
your dlspleasure, your forgeLfulness of LhaL person's good deed Loward you ls from bad
characLer. ?ou wlll be llke a caL. ?ou may glve lL meaL one hundred Llmes, buL lf you leave lL
[usL once, LhaL caL wlll make ob[ecLlons and complalnLs Lo Allah, saylng:" Pe lefL me
hungry!" lL ls good manners noL Lo argue wlLh people, even lf you know LhaL you are ln Lhe
rlghL. Argulng exLlngulshes Lhe falLh.

Who ls a real Musllm? Cne who doesn'L harm anyone, elLher wlLh hls hands or wlLh hls
Longue. eople are safe from hlm. 1hls ls a wlde enLrance Lo lslam, and lL ls for all people.

1c c' l:|r o l|:' 1c c' l:|r o l|:' 1c c' l:|r o l|:' 1c c' l:|r o l|:'

Whenever someLhlng ls wrong ln a person, everyLhlng around hlm appears wrong Lo hlm.
When he ls all rlghL wlLhln hlmself, Lhe world appears all rlghL Lo hlm. 1he world ls creaLed
perfecLly by our CreaLor. lf someLhlng appears wrong Lo you, you musL ask yourself: WhaL
ls wrong ln me LhaL l see Lhls as wrong? Ch my nafs, you are wrong!" 1hls ls Lhe hlghesL
degree of falLh, and Lhe hlghesL degree of bellef ln Lhe goodness of Lhe CreaLor. Allah ls noL
creaLlng anyLhlng wrong or lmperfecL. AL Lhe essence of everyLhlng, lf we could buL see lL,
Lhere ls perfecLlon. unLll we behave correcLly wlLh our Lord, lL ls lmposslble for our acLlons,
our famlly, our nelghbours Lo behave correcLly wlLh us. lL ls lmposslble Lo flnd a beLLer
slLuaLlon Lhan LhaL whlch exlsLs Loday, for Lhose who are ready. ?ou cannoL wlsh for Lhlngs
Lo be as Lhey used Lo be, nor for Lhe way LhaL Lhey mlghL be. 1he condlLlons LhaL we are ln
now are perfecL, mosL sulLable for us. Allah AlmlghLy ls glvlng as much of Pls mercy as we
need, as much as we are able Lo carry.

8eal falLh ls llke LhaL: Lo belleve LhaL all acLlons, wheLher from goodness, or from badness,
are from Allah AlmlghLy. lf we belleve Lhls, we musL be paLlenL wlLh each oLher's acLlons.
Allah ls Lrylng our falLh, each of us wlLh oLhers. 1he ropheL sws sald: eople wlll deal wlLh
you accordlng Lo your acLlons." lf you are good and someone lnLends you harm, Allah wlll
71 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

defend you. ?ou musL be honourable Lo all, good, respecLful, merclful, generous and Lhlnk
well of all. We musL be paLlenL wlLh all people because we belleve LhaL no one comes Lo us
wlLhouL our Lord's Wlll. 1herefore, Lhere ls no enmlLy ln lslam. We have been ordered Lo do
goodness. Anyone can reLurn goodness for goodness, buL only a few people can reLurn
goodness for badness.

O :, Lord, l |: :n N O :, Lord, l |: :n N O :, Lord, l |: :n N O :, Lord, l |: :n Nccd o Your !crc, ccd o Your !crc, ccd o Your !crc, ccd o Your !crc,'' '' '' ''

A real servanL Lo hls Lord knows LhaL all Lhe goodness LhaL he has ls a mercy from hls Lord,
guldlng hlm Lo hls Lord's way. Pe knows LhaL buL for hls Lord's mercy, he wouldn'L be
praylng, fasLlng, maklng uhlkr, and so forLh. So, when he comes Lo hls Lord's resence, he
says: Ch my Lord, l am sLandlng ln ?our ulvlne resence, and my hands are empLy. l am ln
need of ?our Mercy always. Clve me more mercy, oh my Lord."

A real servanL of Lhe Lord ls noL asklng anyLhlng from Plm. Pe says only: May you be
pleased wlLh me, oh my Lord." Some Awllya are Loo ashamed Lo ask anyLhlng from Lhelr
Lord, because Lhey see LhaL Lhey are ln endless need of Plm. 1hey say: Ch my Lord, ?ou
know besL whaL l need from ?our Mercy. My needs are endless. lulfll my needs, oh my Lord,
as ?ou know."

1c '|':on o Con'cn':cn' 1c '|':on o Con'cn':cn' 1c '|':on o Con'cn':cn' 1c '|':on o Con'cn':cn'- -- - o. 'o o. 'o o. 'o o. 'o Con'ro ^ Con'ro ^ Con'ro ^ Con'ro ^nqcr nqcr nqcr nqcr

Who ls Lhe happlesL person ln Lhls llfe? Who ls Lhe mosL saLlsfled? Pe who ls saLlsfled wlLh
LhaL sLaLlon ln llfe ln whlch hls Lord puL hlm. lL ls Lhe sLaLlon of conLenLmenL- Lo look aL
everyLhlng and see LhaL lL ls mosL sulLable for hlm, and also for all. ?ou musL say: 1hls
slLuaLlon ls mosL sulLable for me because my Lord puL me ln Lhls slLuaLlon. lL lL were no good
for me, Pe wouldn'L have puL me ln lL." We musL belleve LhaL Allah AlmlghLy deslres
goodness for us, always. uon'L be a Leacher Lo Allah. Pe knows besL, and you don'L know
anyLhlng. uon'L make any ob[ecLlons for anyLhlng, you are servanLs, you are slaves Lo Plm,
and Pe ls Covernor, AbsoluLe klng of Lhe unlverse.

?ou musL know LhaL all acLlons, all evenLs, are noL golng Lo happen as we llke Lhem Lo
happen. noLhlng happens no one can be as we llke Lhem Lo be, lL ls lmposslble. When you
know Lhls, you may keep yourself far away from anger, because anger ls Lhe resulL of
Lhlnklng LhaL you can have everyLhlng as you wanL lL Lo be.

\:' lc|urc, O \:' lc|urc, O \:' lc|urc, O \:' lc|urc, O ! !! !, Lord'' , Lord'' , Lord'' , Lord''

lf a man ls golng Lo do anyLhlng, worshlp, or any oLher acLlon, lL musL be done volunLarlly
and gladly. lf he ls noL pleased wlLh LhaL acLlon, he musL noL do lL, for Lhere wlll be no good
resulL for hlm from lL. lf Lhere ls no pleasure ln lL for you, Lhere wlll be no pleasure ln lL for
Allah AlmlghLy. lor worshlp, lL ls lmporLanL Lo reallze LhaL we are speaklng of Lhe soul's
pleasure. When we are worshlpplng, our nafs ls noL pleased, buL our souls are. We musL
look Lo Lhe pleasure of our soul. AcLlons may be easy or dlfflculL. WhaL ls Lhe secreL? lor Lhe
one who flnds an acLlon easy, lL ls because lL glves hlm pleasure, whlle for Lhe one who flnds
lL dlfflculL, lL ls because he ls forced Lo do lL. Lasy acLlons make people happler, whlle
dlfflculL acLlons make people unhappy.
72 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

1crc : No L:|', 1 1crc : No L:|', 1 1crc : No L:|', 1 1crc : No L:|', 1::c ::c ::c ::c

LveryLhlng LhaL ls golng Lo happen ln Lhls llfe has a flxed Llme. Lvery evenL has an appolnLed
hour. lf we know LhaL all evenLs wlll come ln Lhelr appolnLed Llme, we wlll be aL resL,
paLlenL, and paLlence shows Lhe perfecLlon of man, a sLrong falLh. lf we can Lake wlsdom
from every evenL, Lhen we wlll be sLrong ln falLh. We wlll geL more power Lo recelve ulvlne
knowledge. Allah orders us Lo look deeply lnLo each Lhlng, lnLo each evenL, Lo flnd a secreL
wlsdom LhaL glves lL value. lf you look deeply, you wlll LasLe.

LveryLhlng musL be ln lLs Llme. ?ou cannoL puL lL ouL of lLs Llme, because every momenL ls
occupled. ?ou cannoL flnd Llme LhaL ls 'empLy'. 1herefore, ln our 1arlqah, Lhere ls no
delaylng acLlons. AcLlons musL be done ln Lhelr Llmes. As Allah AlmlghLy says: lor prayer
Lhere ls a speclal Llme and order." 1hls ls a slgn for us. Asklng us Lo delay our acLlons comes
from Lhe nafs. Cur nafs ls very lazy, lL doesn'L llke Lo move, and Lherefore lL wlshes Lo delay
every- Lhlng. 1o our nafs, lL seems easy Lo say: l shall do lL Lomorrow." lL ls always looklng
for an escape from serlous acLlons, lL only llkes Lo play.

73 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


1|u| 1|u| 1|u| 1|u|- -- - kc|cn'|ncc kc|cn'|ncc kc|cn'|ncc kc|cn'|ncc

'1aubah', 8epenLance, means noL Lo llsLen Lo one's four enemles- Lhe nafs(ego), hawa(valn
deslres), dunya and shayLaan. Man may agree wlLh hls Lord or wlLh hls four enemles. lf a
man ls asklng Lo reLurn Lo hls Lord, he musL be ln rebelllon agalnsL Lhose four enemles, and
noL llsLen Lo Lhelr orders.

o. 'o c ^ o. 'o c ^ o. 'o c ^ o. 'o c ^ccc|'|c :n 'c l:v:nc lrccncc ccc|'|c :n 'c l:v:nc lrccncc ccc|'|c :n 'c l:v:nc lrccncc ccc|'|c :n 'c l:v:nc lrccncc

Cur CrandShaykh descrlbed how a uervlsh may be accepLable as a servanL Lo Allah
AlmlghLy. Pe musL have one characLer from each of Lhree anlmals," he sald. "lrom Lhe
donkey, he musL be able Lo carry burdens wlLh paLlence and wlLhouL ob[ecLlon. unless he
can do Lhls he wlll be unsuccessful, because wlLhouL paLlence one cannoL carry Lhe
responslblllLles of llfe. lrom Lhe dog, he musL learn falLhfulness Lo hls masLer. lf Lhe masLer
Lells Lhe dog Lo sLay somewhere unLll he reLurns, LhaL dog wlll sLay, even unLll deaLh. lf Lhe
owner beaLs lL and chases lL away, Lhe dog wlll sLlll reLurn, wlLh lLs Lall wagglng, when lLs
masLer calls. llnally, when a man looks aL a plg, he musL know LhaL hls nafs ls dlrLler and
fllLhler Lhan a plg. 1he dlrL of plgs ls exLernal, lL comes from eaLlng dlrLy Lhlngs. 8uL Lhe nafs
ls dlrLy lnslde. lLs dlrL comes from flghLlng wlLh lLs Lord. A perfecL man musL have such a
characLer LhaL he wlll accepL whaLever dlrL ls Lhrown on hlm, wheLher by words or by
acLlons, knowlng LhaL hls nafs ls dlrLler." 1hese Lhree characLerlsLlcs glve a man resL and
saLlsfacLlon ln hls hearL. Cnly ln Lhls way can he reach happlness ln Lhls llfe. 1hese are Lhe
characLerlsLlcs of ropheLs and SalnLs...

1c !2 Cood C|r|c'cr :n l 1c !2 Cood C|r|c'cr :n l 1c !2 Cood C|r|c'cr :n l 1c !2 Cood C|r|c'cr :n loq oq oq oq

Cur CrandShaykh sald:
1here are 12 good characLers ln dogs LhaL you may also flnd ln ropheLs and Awllya. 1hey
are: noL forgeLLlng goodness: Lhey don'L forgeL Lhose who have done goodness Lo Lhem.
1hey are paLlenL and always graLeful for everyLhlng LhaL Lhey are glven. 1hey are noL angry
wlLh Lhelr owners, even lf Lhey are beaLen and senL away. lf Lhelr owners call, Lhey reLurn
wlLh Lhelr Lalls wagglng. 1hey are humble, obedlenL, LruLhful, LrusLworLhy, good frlends,
loyal, always remalnlng wlLh Lhelr owners and never Lurnlng LralLor. 1hey are saLlsfled wlLh
small Lhlngs, Lhey are 'zahld', noL looklng Lo anyLhlng from Lhls dunya. 1hey have noLhlng
from Lhls world, Lhey have no place for Lhemselves. 1hey may sleep anywhere, and lf
someone Lhrows sLones aL Lhem, Lhey qulckly geL up and go somewhere else. 1hey are very
llghL sleepers, Lhey don'L sleep Loo much, and qulckly awaken. lf a man has Lhose
aLLrlbuLes, he ls a Wall. 1hose 12 aLLrlbuLes belong Lo ropheLs and SalnLs.

^| 1 ^| 1 ^| 1 ^| 1r:c : crv|n' r:c : crv|n' r:c : crv|n' r:c : crv|n'

Allah AlmlghLy Lrles Pls servanLs Lo see lf Lhey are paLlenL. We musL remember Lhls so LhaL
when an evenL comes Lo LesL our paLlence we wlll remaln flrm. We musL keep 'paLlence aL
Lhe flrsL blow ', we musL keep our falLh, Lhen our power wlll grow and Lhe power of our
74 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

enemles wlll decrease. Cur real enemy ls our own ego. ln Lhe greaL war agalnsL our ego,
'!lhad', Lhe angry man wlll lose and Lhe paLlenL man galns.

\: You c l \: You c l \: You c l \: You c l|':cn'' |':cn'' |':cn'' |':cn''

aLlence ls flghLlng all LhaL Lhe nafs llkes. 1here are Lhree Lypes of paLlence: aLlence wlLh
physlcal dlscomforLs, such as geLLlng up on cold mornlngs for prayer, havlng cold waLer for
washlng, walLlng ln llne, belng uncomforLable durlng lllness, compleLlng dlfflculL Lasks, and
so forLh. 1o remaln paLlenL and sLeadfasL ln your worshlp ln splLe of Lhese dlfflculLles ls very
valuable ln Lhe slghL of Allah. Lven more valuable ls Lhe paLlence Lo refraln from forbldden
Lhlngs. A PadlLh says: 1o llve as a servanL and Lo keep away from forbldden Lhlngs ls more
valuable Lhan Lhe worshlp of all Lhe angels, men and [lnn LhroughouL Lhe ages." 1he Lhlrd
Lype of paLlence ls Lhe besL of all. lL ls Lo be paLlenL wlLh Lhe people who Lrouble you. 1he
Poly Curan says: We are Lrylng some of you wlLh oLhers of you." aLlence ls Lhe mosL
necessary Lhlng ln Lhe llfe of man. lf you have paLlence, all goodness ls wlLh you. Allah's Lyes
are on you...wlll you be paLlenL?

1c :qn o |:r:'u| 1c :qn o |:r:'u| 1c :qn o |:r:'u| 1c :qn o |:r:'u| c|' c|' c|' c|'

eople wlLh good characLers are healLhy ln Lhelr splrlLual llves. lrom Lhe amounL of a
person's complalns you may know how much bad characLerlsLlcs Lhere are LhaL are lefL wlLh
hlm. When you flnlsh all your complalnlng, you may know LhaL you are healLhy. no more
bad characLer. 1hls ls lmporLanL, because a person wlLh a good characLer, lf he has no
complalnL, has paLlence, and LhaL means he has real falLh. When you can escape Lhe pull of
your bad characLerlsLlcs, Lhere are no Lroubles for you elLher, wheLher ln Lhls llfe or ln Lhe
llfe hereafLer. ?ou musL remember LhaL Lhls ls golng accordlng Lo your Lord's Wlll. 1hls ls Lhe
key, Lhe medlclne for LhaL lllness. ?ou musL say: Why l am complalnlng, when Allah
AlmlghLy has ordered Lhls Lo be?" When you remember Lhls, you wlll be saLlsfled wlLh Pls
Wlll and agree wlLh lL.

1c 1c 1c 1c ccrc' K|:r ccrc' K|:r ccrc' K|:r ccrc' K|:r

lf a man ls noL aware LhaL Allah's Lyes are on hlm everywhere, all Lhe Llme, LhaL man ls noL a
Mu'mln, bellever. ?ou musL lmaglne, ln your hearL LhaL Allah's Lyes are wlLh you. lf you
forgeL Lhls, you wlll be absenL from your Lord, and presenL wlLh your ego. 1he besL acLlons
come by keeplng Lhls ln your mlnd.

lf a man ls dolng an acLlon LhaL ls noL pleaslng Lo Allah, Pls ropheL or Awllya, lL means LhaL
he ls consldered a 'secreL kaflr', a secreL unbellever. We have been ordered Lo clean
ourselves of boLh evldenL and secreL kufr. 1herefore you musL be careful abouL your openly
vlslble acLs as well as your secreL acLs. ?ou musL keep a balance wlLh you wlLh whlch Lo
welgh your acLlons. ?ou musL look aL each acLlon LhaL you do, or are abouL Lo do, and make
sure LhaL lL wlll be pleaslng Lo Allah, Pls ropheL and Lhe Awllya. When you know LhaL LhaL
acLlon wlll brlng pleasure Lo your Lord, Lhe ropheL and Lhe Awllya, you may do lL. lf noL,
you musL leave lL. lf a man balances hls acLlons ln Lhls llfe, Lhere wlll be no balanclng for hlm
on !udgemenL uay. 1herefore Lhe ropheL sald: lL ls more lovely Lo Allah lf a man slLs for an
hour Lhlnklng and welghlng of hls acLlons, Lhan lf he prays for 7o years!" 1hls ls because you
75 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

may erase your 7o years of worshlp wlLh an acL LhaL Allah ls noL pleased wlLh, buL lf you
welgh of LhaL acLlon flrsL, wlLh your mlnd, you may be able Lo leave lL, and escape lLs harm.

!||,|n: !||,|n: !||,|n: !||,|n: - -- - 1|' \:c locn' Conccrn Y 1|' \:c locn' Conccrn Y 1|' \:c locn' Conccrn Y 1|' \:c locn' Conccrn You ou ou ou

'Malayanl' means, 'LhaL whlch doesn'L concern you'. ?ou musL noL speak of or acL on LhaL
whlch doesn'L concern you. lf a man Lakes care of hls speech, keeplng hls Longue, Allah
AlmlghLy glves ulvlne Wlsdom Lo hls Longue so LhaL he speaks only LruLh and rlghLeousness.
1o speak of LhaL whlch doesn'L concern you makes your lman weak. When you leave Lhls
bad hablL, your falLh becomes sLronger. ?ou cannoL know whaL concerns you or noL, save
Lhrough your lnsplraLlons. 1hen you may know very well whaL ls yours or noL

^rc \c lu:d:nq or l ^rc \c lu:d:nq or l ^rc \c lu:d:nq or l ^rc \c lu:d:nq or lc'ro,:nq c'ro,:nq c'ro,:nq c'ro,:nq

1he splrlL of all acLs of worshlp conslsLs of Lhree polnLs: 1o keep your Longue from all
prohlblLed speaklng, speaklng only good words, noL bad. 1o keep your eyes from looklng aL
prohlblLed Lhlngs, dlrLy places, and acLlons. 1o keep all your organs from prohlblLed acLlons,
llsLenlng, walklng, Louchlng, Lhlnklng bad Lhlngs, havlng bad lnLenLlons. WlLhouL keeplng
your eyes, your Longues, and your organs from whaL ls prohlblLed, you cannoL Lake any
beneflL from your good acLlons. Llke when you are planLlng someLhlng, you musL keep lL
safe and proLecL lL from harm. We musL know whaL we are dolng. Are we bulldlng or
desLroylng? Lvery prohlblLed acLlon desLroys our bulldlng, desLroys our physlcal and
splrlLual bodles.

l:r' l:q' Your O.n l:r' l:q' Your O.n l:r' l:q' Your O.n l:r' l:q' Your O.n c c c c

1o be ls able Lo puL one's organs under one's wlll ls Lhe mark of a real servanL of Allah. lf a
man can'L do Lhls, he ls Lhe servanL of hls ego, nafs. ?ou musL be able Lo advlse yourself,
before you may advlse oLhers. lf your Self accepLs belng under your command, Lhen oLher
people may accepL belng under your command. 1hls ls Lhe way of ropheLs and Awllya. llrsL
Lhey flghL Lhemselves, and Lhen Lhey look afLer oLher people. When Lhey speak, Lhelr words
have an effecL upon Lhose who llsLen. And lf a person llsLens, lL ls lmposslble for hlm noL Lo
Lake beneflL from Lhe words of a ropheL or a SalnL. Pe may Lake power Lo conLrol hls nafs
and go on Lhe rlghL way. lL ls noL enough Lo say, l am Musllm", and Lo say Lhe Shahada. ?ou
musL Lry Lo keep your organs far from all acLlons LhaL are noL Musllm, far from 'Param',
forbldden Lhlngs.

76 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


Lcvc o L Lcvc o L Lcvc o L Lcvc o Lovc ovc ovc ovc

1he Lord ls Cne. Pe creaLed all of us and planLed Pls ulvlne Love ln Lhe very yeasL of our
belng. ?ou musL know LhaL, alLhough LhaL love may be Lemporarlly covered, lL ls runnlng
Lhrough our hearLs as a rlver runs Lo an ocean. lL may manlfesL only as Lemporary human
love, lL may even seem Lo dlsappear compleLely, llke a rlver LhaL flows under a mounLaln,
only Lo re-emerge on Lhe oLher slde. 8uL Lhere can be no doubL LhaL our Lord has placed ln
every hearL a currenL LhaL flows lrreslsLlbly Lo Pls Love Cceans ln Lhe ulvlne resence. Allah
says: Ch My servanLs, as l have glven you of My ulvlne Love, so have l glven lL Lo all
creaLlon, so spread your love Lo everyone, LhaL you may be ln harmony wlLh My wlll." 1o
percelve Lhe beauLy ln all creaLlon you musL Lranscend ouLward forms and shapes and pass
Lo meanlngs, eLernal splrlLual reallLles, as forms are llmlLed and llmlLlng, whereas splrlLual
reallLles are Cceans, endless Cceans of ConLenLmenL. 1o arrlve aL Lhose Cceans wlll brlng
you lnner peace.

1here are levels of love along Lhe way. 1helr quallLy ls dlfferenL, accordlng Lo Lhelr nearness
Lo Lhe goal, Lhe AbsoluLe Love Cceans of our Lord. When one has reached LhaL goal he may
Lake any amounL of harm from oLhers and sLlll love. Pe may say: "l love you for Lhe sake of
my Lord, noL for any oLher reason. 1haL love wlll never change or dlmlnlsh, as no maLLer
whaL you do your Lord's love ls wlLh you, and Lherefore l love you, Loo." We are Lrylng Lo
reach LhaL polnL, buL lL ls dlfflculL. We are LesLed, and LhaL ls an opporLunlLy for us Lo
advance. Poly people have advlsed us LhaL raLher Lhan avoldlng all lll-mannered and badly
educaLed people, we should mlx wlLh Lhem and esLabllsh conLacL wlLh Lhem, LhaL Lhey may
beneflL and LhaL we may LesL ourselves and galn Lhereby. 1he Poly MasLers have promlsed
me LhaL whoever slLs wlLh me and llsLens wlLh hls hearL full of love, belng recepLlve Lo
ulvlne Love, musL come Lo Lhe same level: Lhelr hearLs musL open Lo ulvlne Love. 1he
MasLers are noL golng Lo abandon us, and we are noL golng Lo Lurn from Lhem, as our hearLs
have been bound wlLh Lhe sLrongesL bond: Lhe bond of ulvlne Love, LhaL sLrongesL
relaLlonshlp LhaL exlsLs beLween Lhe CreaLor and Pls creaLures.

lf Lhe love LhaL ls wlLh me was only LranslLory love, you wouldn'L slL wlLh me for even one
momenL. 8uL Lhe love LhaL ls wlLh me ls real, permanenL and ulvlne, and l exLend rays of lL
Lo your hearLs ln my assoclaLlon Lo awaken permanenL love ln you. 1hls ls a love LhaL wlll
blossom ln your hearLs. l am asklng permlsslon from my Lord Lo spread Pls permanenL
ulvlne Love Lo Lhe hearLs of all people. 1he Llme ls approachlng when we hope LhaL
permlsslon wlll be granLed.

Y| \|dud... Y| \|dud... Y| \|dud... Y| \|dud... - -- - 1c loun'|:n o l:v:nc Lovc 1c loun'|:n o l:v:nc Lovc 1c loun'|:n o l:v:nc Lovc 1c loun'|:n o l:v:nc Lovc

All creaLures appeared Lhrough Allah's ulvlne Love. Pe loved Lhem and Lhey appeared,
Lherefore everyLhlng ln exlsLence carrles lLs share of ulvlne Love ln lL. 1he elecLrons of aLoms
Lurn around Lhe nuclel wlLh Lhe speed of llghL, because Lhey are allve wlLh Lhe ulvlne Love
ower LhaL Lhelr Lord has granLed Lhem.

77 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

lL ls Allah who, Lhrough Pls Poly name '?a Wadud', Lhe All-Lovlng, glves Pls ulvlne Love Lo
everyLhlng ln Lhe unlverse. 1hose elecLrons spln aL such hlgh speed around Lhe nuclel
because Lhey are drunk wlLh ulvlne Love. 1haL ls how Lhe lnfluence of LhaL Love ls
manlfesLed by Lhem. 1hrough Lhe ulvlne name, 'Al Wadud', real, never-changlng,
permanenL love ls granLed Lo us by Lhe Lord. When we say '?a Wadud', we are openlng
ourselves up Lo LhaL ulvlne Love, asklng our Lord Lo awaken LhaL unllmlLed and eLernal love.
l have been ordered Lo Leach and advlse people Lo call on our Lord, saylng: "?a Wadud", as
Lhls wlll enable Lhe slncere Lo aLLaln real love of Lhelr Lord Allah AlmlghLy and Lo love
everyLhlng around Lhemselves for Lhe sake of Lhe CreaLor who loves all of Pls creaLlon.

1hls love ls Lhe essence of all success ln Lhe way of splrlLual purlflcaLlon. 1o reallze LhaL love,
Lo come lnLo conLacL wlLh Lhe ulvlne Love Cceans, ls Lhe challenge and fulfllmenL of human
exlsLence. We seek Lo awaken permanenL love. racLlces, prayers and rules are of no use ln
our Llme wlLhouL LhaL love, because Lhe ego easlly aLLaches lLself Lo pracLlces and uses
Lhem, so LhaL Lhey serve our vanlLy.

Lveryone has a clrcle of frlends, relaLlons, acqualnLances. SLarLlng from Lhose closesL Lo us,
our wlves or husbands, parenLs and chlldren, broLhers and slsLers, we musL be generous ln
glvlng of our permanenL love, maklng peace wlLh Lhem. Clvlng of our permanenL love ls Lhe
mosL lmporLanL pracLlce for our Llme. 1he lower self of man, Lhe selflsh ego, never wanLs Lo
glve permanenL love Lo anyone excepL hlmself. 8uL Man has been creaLed Lo love all
creaLlon, as he represenLs hls Lord on LarLh and has Lhe greaLesL reservolr of ulvlne Love
wlLh hlm. Pe can be a greaL means of expresslon for LhaL ulvlne Love ln Lhls world, a
founLaln of love LhaL every creaLure may drlnk from.

78 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


uo you Lhlnk LhaL we came from Lhe ulvlne resence wlLh our whole orlglnallLy, our whole
personallLy? never. We are llke one ray of Lhe sun. We are, ln our orlglnallLy, ln reallLy, sLlll
ln Lhe ulvlne resence. noL movlng, ouL of Llme and space Lhere ls no movemenL. We are
conLlnuously worshlpplng, always ln Lhe ulvlne resence for servlce. Pere, ln Lhls llfe, Lhere
ls only one ray from LhaL Llmeless 'sun' for us. We are here for a llLLle Llme only.

ropheLs have come Lo us Lo open LhaL door Lhrough whlch we can look aL our reallLles ln
Lhe ulvlne resence. SLep by sLep, lf you are followlng ln Lhelr fooLsLeps, lL wlll open for you
Lo look aL yourself, Lo know yourself. We don'L know ourselves, we need a ulvlne Mlrror Lo
look ln Lo see ourselves. ?ou are asklng why we come Lo Lhls llfe. lL ls Lo be wlLnesses of
ourselves. We have been senL Lo aLLaln perfecLlon, Lo look aL ourselves and say: We are
someLhlng also." l cannoL glve more Lhan Lhls descrlpLlon unLll you LasLe lL for yourself.
When you LasLe, you wlll know. May Allah granL us Lo LasLe... 8l hurmaLl'l Pablb... laLlha.

79 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


1c Codcn C|:n o 'c !o' l:':nqu:cd N|q|nd: Ordc 1c Codcn C|:n o 'c !o' l:':nqu:cd N|q|nd: Ordc 1c Codcn C|:n o 'c !o' l:':nqu:cd N|q|nd: Ordc 1c Codcn C|:n o 'c !o' l:':nqu:cd N|q|nd: Ordcr rr r

1owossu/- 1he P/eo for 4cceptonce

?a Sayyld as-SadaLl wa nura'l Maw[udaL, ya man huwwa'l mal[a'u ll man massahu daymun
wa ghammun wa 'alam. ?a Aqraba'l wasa'lll lla'llahl La'ala, wa ya Aqwa' l musLanadl,
aLawassalu lla [anablka'l 'adham bl haula'l s-sadaLl wa ahll'llah wa ahll bayLlka'l klram, ll
daf'l durrln la yudfa'u llla bl waslLaLlka, wa raf'l daymln la yurfa'u llla bl dalalaLlka, bl Sayldl
wa Mawlayl, ya Sayldl, ya 8asulu'llah, ya 8ahmaLan ll'l 'alamln... (al laLlha)

(Ch MasLer of Lhe MasLers and LlghL of Lhe LxlsLence. Ch refuge of Lhe one who has been
sLruck by affllcLlons, dlsLress and paln. Ch closesL of means Lo approach Allah. Ch mosL
powerful of supporLs. l enLreaL your mlghLy presence by means of Lhese MasLers and Lhe
eople of Allah and Lhe honoured Members of your lamlly, for Lhe removal of harm LhaL
cannoL be removed excepL by your lnLercesslon, and Lhe llfLlng of affllcLlon LhaL cannoL be
llfLed excepL by your guldance, by my MasLer and Lord, oh my MasLer, oh ropheL of Allah,
oh Mercy Lo Lhe Worlds... al laLlha. )

ALLAn !alla !alaluh, Subhana wa La' ala

1 SA?luunA nA8l MuPAMMAu, 8ASuLu' LLAP sws
2 Sayylduna Abu 8akr as-Slddlq ra, khallfaLu 8asull'llah
3 Salman al larsl ra
4 Caslm bln Muhammad bln Abu 8akr as Slddlq ra
3 lmam !afar as Sadlq
6 SulLanu'l Arlfln: Abu ?azld 1ayfur al 8lsLaml
7 Abu'l Pasan al kharaqanl
8 Abu 'All Ahmad al larmadl
9 khwa[ah Abu ?aqub ?usuf al Pamadanl
10 Abu'l Abbas Saylduna'l khldr as
11 lmamu'l khaLm: khwa[ah 'Abdul khallq al Chu[dawanl
12 khwa[ah Arlf al 8lvgarl
13 khwa[ah Mahmoud laghnawl
14 khwa[ah 'Azlzan 'All ar-8amlLanl
13 khwa[ah Muhammad 8aba as-Sammasl
16 khwa[ah Sayld Amlr kulal
17 lmamu'l 1arlqah wa ChawLhu'l khallqah khwa[ah Muhammad 8aha'ud-uln Shah
naqshlband Al uwaysl, Al 8ukharl
18 khwa[ah 'Ala'ud-uln al 'ALLar al 8ukharl
19 khwa[ah ?aqub al Charkhl
20 khwa[ah 'ubaydu'llah al Ahrar
21 Sayylduna Shaykh Muhammad az-Zahld al 8ukharl
22 Sayylduna Shaykh uarwlsh Muhammad
80 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

23 Mawlana Ahmad khwa[ah al-Amkanakl
24 Sayylduna Shelkh Muhammad al 8aql bl'llah
23 lmam 8abbanl Ahmad al laruql as-Slrhlndl Mu[addldu'l Alfl Lh-1hanl
26 Sayylduna Shelkh Muhammad Ma'sum bln lmam Ahmad al laruql as-Slrhlndl
27 Sayylduna Shelkh Sayf'u-d-uln 'Arlf bln Muhammad Ma'sum
28 Sayylduna Shelkh as-Sayyld nur Muhammad
29 Sayylduna Shelkh Shamsu-d-uln Pablbu'llah !an-l !ahan
30 Sayylduna Shelkh 'Abdu'llah ad-uahlawl
31 Sayylduna Shelkh ulya'u-d-uln khalld al 8aghdadl
32 Sayylduna Shelkh lsma'll ad-uaghlsLanl
33 Sayylduna Shelkh khas Muhammad ad-uaghlsLanl
34 Sayylduna Shelkh Muhammad Lffendl al-?araghl
33 Sayylduna Shelkh as-Sayyld !amalu-d-uln al Chumuql, al Pusalnl
36 Sayylduna Shelkh Abu Ahmad as-Sughurl
37 Sayylduna Shelkh Abu Muhammad al Madanl
38 Sayylduna Shelkh as-Sayyld Sharafu-d-uln ad-uaghlsLanl
39 SulLanu'l Awllya: Shaykh 'Abdu'llah al la'lzl ad-uaghlsLanl
40 Mawlana wa usLadhlna As-Sayyld Shaykh Muhammad nazlm Adll al Cubrusl, al-
Paqqanl, an-naqshbandl

Caddasa'llahu La'ala arwahahumu z-zaklya, wa nawwara' llahu La'ala adrlhaLahumu' l
mubaraka, wa a'ada'llahu La'ala 'alayna mln barakaLlhlm wa fuyu daLlhlm, da'lma, wa'l
hamdu'llllahl 8abbl'l 'alamln... al laLlha.

(May Allah sancLlfy Lhelr pure souls and lllumlnaLe Lhelr blessed graves, may Pe reLurn Lo us
from Lhelr blesslngs and overflowlng bounLy, always, and all pralse belongs Lo Allah, Lhe
Lord of Lhe Worlds... al laLlha.)

l|,| l|,| l|,| l|,| - -- - 1c lcdqc 1c lcdqc 1c lcdqc 1c lcdqc o ^cq:|ncc, 1c ln:':|':on o ^cq:|ncc, 1c ln:':|':on o ^cq:|ncc, 1c ln:':|':on o ^cq:|ncc, 1c ln:':|':on

1he 8ay'ah ls a consclous conflrmaLlon of Lhe connecLlon beLween Lhe MasLer and hls
dlsclple. 1he dlsclple 'allows' hls Shelkh and MasLer Lo work wlLh hlm, accepLlng Lo be hls
sLudenL and follower, for Lhe sake of hls splrlLual progress Loward hls desLlnaLlon. 1he
dlsclple puLs hls hand ln Lhe hand of Lhe MasLer or on hls sLlck or coaL. CLher people can
also be connecLed by puLLlng Lhelr rlghL hand on Lhe rlghL shoulder of Lhe person ln fronL of
Lhem. 1he MasLer says:

Audhu bl'llahl mlna shalLanl ra[lm, 8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm...
'lnna'lladhlna yubayl'unaka lnnama yubayl'una'llah, yadu'llahl fauqa aydllhlm, faman
nakaLha fa lnnama yankuLhu 'ala nafsl, wa man aufa' blma 'ahada 'alayu'llah fasayuLlhl a[ra
Allahu, Allahu, Allahu, Paqq,
Allahu, Allahu, Allahu, Paqq,
Allahu, Allahu, Allahu, Paqq...

Pasbl Allahu wa nlamal Wakll, la haula wa la quwaLLa llla bl'lahl'l 'Allya'l 'Azllm...
81 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

8adlna bl'llahl 8abban, wa bl'l lslaml dlnan, wa bl Muhammadln 8asulan, wa bl Abdullah
uaghesLanl Shaykhuna wa usLadhuna wa Murshlduna...

lla sharafl-n-nabl salla'llahu 'alayhl wa salllm wa allhl wa sahblhl'l klram wa lla arwahl [aml'll
Anblya'l wa'l Mursalln, wa khudama'l shara'l'ahlm wa lla arwahl'l a'lmmaLl'l arba'a, wa lla
Mashalkhlna fl 1arlqaLl naqshbandlya'Ll'l 'Allyya, khassaLan lla ruhl'l lmaml-1arlqa wa
ChawLhl'l khallqa Shah 8aha'ud-dln naqshband Muhammadlnl'l uwayslyl'l 8ukharl, wa lla
usLadhlna wa usLadhl usLadhlna khwa[a 'Abdu'l khallq al Chu[dawanl, wa lla SulLanl'l Awllya
Shelkh 'Abdu'llah al la'lzl ad-uaghesLanl wa lla Mawlana Shaykh nazlm al Paqqanl, wa lla
arwahl sa'lrl sadaaLlna wa-s-Slddlqlyun... al laLlha."

AfLer Lhe 8ay'ah Lhe lnlLlaLe may also recelve a new name from Lhe Shelkh. Lveryone has
seven names whlch are all known Lo Lhe Shelkh. 1hese names help and gulde Lhe Murld on
hls way of personal developmenL.

k k k k|:'| |:'| |:'| |:'|- -- -'u 'u 'u 'u- -- -|r:| |r:| |r:| |r:| - -- - 1c Conncc':on .:' 'c |, 1c Conncc':on .:' 'c |, 1c Conncc':on .:' 'c |, 1c Conncc':on .:' 'c |,

Cur CrandShaykh Shah-u-naqshband sald: Cod looks aL Lhe hearLs of Pls SalnLs wlLh Pls
LlghLs, and whoever ls around LhaL SalnL wlll geL Lhe blesslngs of Lhose LlghLs."

Whoever ls lnlLlaLed by us and follows and loves us, wheLher he ls near or far, wherever he
ls, even lf he ls ln Lhe LasL and we are ln Lhe WesL, we nourlsh from Lhe sLream of ulvlne
Love and glve hlm ulvlne LlghL ln hls dally llfe."

1afakkur sa'aLln khayrun mln 'lbaadaLl saba'ln sanaLln"- 8eflecLlve Lhlnklng for one hour ls
beLLer Lhan 7o years of supererogaLory worshlp. Make Chusl or Wudhu and puL on clean
cloLhes lf posslble. ray Lwo 8aka`aL '1ahlyaLu'l Wudhu'. 1hen slL down ln a sllenL prlvaLe
place and face Lhe Clblah. Close your eyes and Lry Lo sLop all movemenLs, Lhlnklng and
wlshlng. lmaglne yourself ln Lhe presence of your Shelkh and hlm slLLlng ln fronL of you. lor
LhaL purpose you can Lry Lo remember a momenL you had wlLh Lhe Shelkh whlch was
pleasanL or lmpresslve Lo you, or use a plcLure of hlm Lo remember hls face. ConnecL wlLh
hlm Lhrough your hearL, Lurnlng ln love Lowards hlm. SlncerlLy ls Lo worshlp Allah as lf you
were seelng Plm, and even lf you don'L see Plm, Pe ls always looklng Lo you." 1he Shelkh ls
Lhe represenLaLlve of Lhe Poly ropheL who ls Lhe khallphaLullah. 8emember LhaL Lhe
Shelkh ls always looklng Lo us, LhaL he ls always wlLh us, even Lhough we may noL be able Lo
see, hear or feel hlm. 1hls ls why we are noL wlLh hlm and forgeL hlm. lmaglne yourself
always ln hls presence, he belng aL your slde, no maLLer whaL you do. 1hls wlll proLecL you
from mlsbehavlng. 1o connecL wlLh Lhe Shaykh, read 3 x SuraLu'l lkhlas and 1 x SuraLu'l
laLlha. uedlcaLe Lhem Lo Lhe Poly ropheL Muhammad sws and Lo Lhe soul of our
CrandShaykh Abdullah ad-uaghesLanl. 1hen ask for Mawlana Shaykh nazlm.

Sura lkhlas (3x ) :
Audhu bl'llahl mlna shalLanl ra[lm, 8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm, Cul: Puwa'llahu Ahad,
Lam yalld wa lam yulad,
wa lam yaku-l-lahu kufuwan ahad."

82 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

(Say: Pe ls Allah Lhe Cne,
Allah Lhe eLernally lndependenL,
Pe has noL glven blrLh Lo anyone nor was Pe born from anyone, and no one ls llke Plm.).

Surah laLlha (1x) :
Audhu bl'llahl mlna shalLanl ra[lm, 8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm, Alhamdull'llahl 8abbl'l
Mallkl yaumld-dln,
lyyaka na'budu wa lyyaka nasLa'ln,
lhdlna slraLa'l musLaqlm,
slraLa'l ladhlna an'amLa 'alayhlm
ghayrl'l maghdubl 'alayhlm wa lad-daallln. Amln."

(All Lhanks ls due Lo Allah, Lhe Lord of Lhe Worlds,
Lhe Merclful, Lhe 8eneflcenL,
Lhe klng on Lhe uay of !udgemenL,
?ou we worshlp and ?ou we ask for help,
gulde us on Lhe sLralghL paLh,
Lhe paLh of Lhose LhaL ?ou had mercy on
and noL of Lhose LhaL ?ou are angry wlLh nor Lhose LhaL go
asLray. Amln.)

?ou can lmaglne Lhe hearL of Lhe Shelkh llke an ocean of ulvlne lalz, 8lesslngs, and your own
hearL llke a vessel whlch ls belng fllled wlLh LhaL lalz runnlng from Lhe Shelkh's hearL Lo your
own hearL.
Cr you can lmaglne your Shaykh coverlng you llke a LenL under whlch you are slLLlng. Cn lLs
four sldes Lhe ulvlne lalz ls ralnlng down. ?ou can also lmaglne yourself swlmmlng ln Lhe
ocean of Lhe Shelkh's hearL, llke a flsh or a drop of waLer.
lf you are geLLlng dlsLurbed by oLher plcLures, open your eyes qulckly. 1hey wlll dlsappear
and Lhen you can conLlnue Lo concenLraLe. lf dlsLurblng LhoughLs are comlng Lo you, say:
La haula wa la quwaLLa llla bl'llahl'l 'Allyu'l 'Azlm", (1here ls no power nor sLrengLh wlLh me
excepL LhaL whlch ls comlng from Allah, Lhe mosL Plgh, Lhe MagnlflcenL) and/or: Audhu
bl'llahl mlna shalLanl ra[lm", (l seek refuge ln Allah's resence from Lhe cursed ShalLan), 1oo
Llmes or more, unLll Lhey dlsappear. Cur Crandshelkh Shah-u-naqshlband sald: 1he seeker
ln Lhls way musL be busy ln re[ecLlng evll whlsperlngs and Lhe ego's demands, elLher before
Lhey reach hlm, or afLer Lhey reach hlm buL before Lhey conLrol hlm.

A seeker who doesn'L re[ecL Lhem unLll afLer Lhey reached hlm and conLrolled hlm cannoL
geL any frulL, because aL LhaL Llme lL ls lmposslble Lo Lake Lhe whlsperlngs ouL of Lhe hearL."
When pracLlslng Lhe sllenL uhlkr of Lhe hearL keep Lhe Longue on Lhe upper palaLe and Lhe
LeeLh on Lop of each oLher. 1o deepen Lhe concenLraLlon whlle llsLenlng Lo Lhe hearL's uhlkr
you can lmaglne Lhe name of Allah from llghL belng engraved on your hearL.

1 11 1c N|q c N|q c N|q c N|q

83 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

LveryLhlng has been creaLed for man excepL for hls hearL. 1he hearL ls for Allah Alone, so
LhaL Pe can make lL Pls 1hrone. 1he 'naqsh' ls Allah's sLamp or seal on Lhe hearL. uurlng Lhe
Lralnlng ln Lhe naqshbandl Crder Allah's name ls belng perfecLly engraved ln Lhe hearL of
Lhe seeker or dlsclple.

1 11 1c 'ronq ln'cn':on c 'ronq ln'cn':on c 'ronq ln'cn':on c 'ronq ln'cn':on

Cur CrandShaykh Abdullah ad-uaghesLanl sald: "l wlll Leach you a way Lo approach me
qulckly. Whenever you do your prayers, make uhlkr, read Curan, anyLhlng LhaL you are
dolng, make Lhe followlng lnLenLlon:

nawayLu'l Arbaln, lLlkaf, khalwaL, 'uzla, 8lada, Suluq, Slyam, ll'llaha La'ala..." ( l am lnLendlng
Lhe 4o uays, 8eLreaL, Secluslon, AbsLlnence, ConLenLedness, lollowlng ln obedlency, lasLlng,
for Lhe sake of Allah AlmlghLy. ) ?our worshlpplng wlLh Lhls lnLenLlon wlll be deducLed from
Lhe 4o uays of Secluslon, whlch are obllgaLory for a naqshbandl Murld.

Cur CrandShaykh Shah 8aha'ud-uln naqshband sald:
lnLenLlon, 'nlyaL', ls very lmporLanL. lL conslsLs of Lhree leLLers: 'nun', whlch represenLs Lhe
'nur Allah', Lhe LlghL of Cod, '?a', whlch represenLs Lhe '?ad Allah', Lhe Pand of Cod, and
'Pa', whlch represenLs 'PldayaLu'llah', Lhe guldance of Allah. nlyaL ls Lhe breeze of Lhe soul,
comlng from Lhe unseen world, noL from Lhe maLerlal."

Cn Lhe way of 1ruLh, 1arlq-l-Paqq, Lwo meLhods are belng used: 1arlqaLs follow elLher Lhe
1arlq-l-nafsanl, Lhe way on whlch flrsL of all Lhe nafs, Lhe ego, ls educaLed ln order for Lhe
soul Lo be saved, or Lhey follow Lhe 1arlq-l-8uhanl, Lhe way on whlch flrsL of all Lhe 8uh, Lhe
splrlL or soul ls purlfled. 1he 1arlq-l-nafsanl ls heavy. Always you have Lo do Lhe opposlLe of
whaL your ego wanLs from you. lL ls a blg flghL. 1he 1arlq-l-8uhanl ls easy. Shelkh says LhaL
on our way you can use Lhe besL of everyLhlng under Lhe condlLlon LhaL you also do your
besL ln worshlpplng Allah. Cn Lhls way flrsL of all Lhe splrlL or soul ls purlfled, wlLh no regard
Lo Lhe ego. AfLer Lhe 8uh has found lLs orlglnal aLLrlbuLes Lhe ego, wllllngly or unwllllngly,
musL follow Lhe 8uh and obey lLs orders.

1he Shaykh opens from hls hearL Lo Lhe hearL of Lhe Murld a sprlng of lalz, ulvlne 8lesslngs,
from Lhe ulvlne Cceans of lalz. Pe lncreases Lhe love for Allah ln Lhe hearL of Lhe Murld and
ln Lhls flre of ulvlne Love all worldllness ls burnL. 1hrough Lhe lalz Lhe hearL ls cleaned. 1hen
Lhe sLaLe of Lhe Murld changes. lL ls Lhrough Lhe 8araka and Lhe splrlLual power of Lhe
Shelkh LhaL Lhe Murld progresses from Lhe lowesL level or sLaLe of hls soul Lo Lhe hlghesL.
1here ls Lwo belngs ln Lhe Chlldren of Adam whlch are always flghLlng: 1he 8uh-u-
Payvanlya, whlch ls always agalnsL Allah and rebelllous, and Lhe 8uh-u-SulLanlya, whlch ls
always obedlenL Lo Allah and flnds lLs pleasure ln worshlpplng Allah. lf Lhe lower self ls
absoluLely ln conLrol, one's characLerlsLlcs can be worse Lhan a wlld anlmal. lf Lhe hlgher Self
ls absoluLely ln conLrol, one's characLerlsLlcs can be beLLer Lhan Lhose of Lhe Angels. 1o
become an lnsan kamll, a perfecLed human belng, one musL undergo a Lralnlng aL Lhe hands
of a perfecL MasLer, because Lhe nafs (soul, self, ego) musL develop. 1here ls seven levels:

84 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

1. nafs-l-Ammara: Cn Lhls level Lhe ego ls ln full power. 1he lower self always prompLs one
Lo dlsobedlency Lo Allah and Lo evll, bad acLlons and Lhe graLlflcaLlon of anlmal lusL. Cne
ls pleased wlLh oneself and full of bad characLerlsLlcs.
2. nafs-l-Lavvama: Cn Lhls level Lhe consclence ls awakened and Lhe self accuses one for
llsLenlng Lo one's ego. Cne repenLs and asks for forglveness, buL falls back lnLo bad
3. nafs-l-Mulhlmma: Cn Lhls level one becomes more flrm ln llsLenlng Lo one's consclence,
buL ls noL yeL surrendered.
4. nafs-l-MuLma'lnna: Cn Lhls level one ls flrm ln one's falLh and leaves bad manners. 1he
soul becomes Lranqull, aL peace.
3. nafs-l-8adhlya: Cn Lhls level one ls pleased wlLh whaLever comes from Allah and doesn'L
llve ln Lhe pasL or fuLure, buL ln Lhe momenL. Cne Lhlnks always: 'llahl AnLa Maqsudl wa
rldhaka maLludl'. Cne always sees oneself as weak and ln need of Allah.
6. nafs-l-Mardlya: Cn Lhls level Lhe Lwo 8uhs ln man have made peace. Cne ls sofL and
LoleranL wlLh people and has good Ahlak, good manners.
7. nafs-l-Saflya: Cn Lhls level one ls dressed ln Lhe aLLrlbuLes of Lhe lnsan kamll, Lhe
perfecLed man, who ls compleLely surrendered and lnsplred by Allah. Cne ls ln full
agreemenL wlLh Lhe Wlll of Allah.

1hen Lhere ls flve sLaLlons of Lhe hearL: 'Calb', 'Slrr', 'Slrr-u-Slrr', 'khafl', 'Akhfa'. 1he flrsL
sLaLlon ShalLan can enLer. 1he second sLaLlon belongs Lo Lhe Shelkhs of Lhe 4o 1arlqaLs, Lhe
Lhlrd only Lo Lhe Shelkhs of Lhe nACSP8Anul 1arlqaL, Lhe fourLh Lo 8asulu'llah and Lhe flfLh
Lo Allah AlmlghLy.

K K K K| | | | .|' .|' .|' .|' |nd |nd |nd |nd l l l l':| ':| ':| ':| - -- - ccu:on |nd kc'rc|' ccu:on |nd kc'rc|' ccu:on |nd kc'rc|' ccu:on |nd kc'rc|'

1he real secluslon means Lo empLy Lhe hearL of everyLhlng excepL Allah and Lo be alone wlLh
Lhe Cne you love. lL means Lo leave one's own self behlnd llke a snake sheds lLs skln. Shah-u-
naqshlband sald LhaL lL ls lmposslble Lo reach Lhe love of Lhe 'Ahlu'llah', Lhe eople of Cod,
unLll you come ouL of yourself. ln secluslon one lsolaLes and secludes oneself from anyone
oLher Lhan Allah and dlsconnecLs from Lhe maLerlallsLlc llfe for Lhe sake of belng able Lo
remember Allah all Lhe Llme and be wlLh Plm. lL ls a perlod of Lralnlng ln Lhe Sufl 1arlqaL
durlng whlch Lhe lower self ls deprlved of even Lhe permlLLed en[oymenLs of normal Musllm
llfe, lL lnvolves fasLlng, absoluLe secluslon, lncreased prayer and remembrance of Allah and
reduced sleep. 1he Murld musL flghL hls ego wlLh greaL courage and deLermlnaLlon, because
Lhe ego wlll glve hlm lnLense dlfflculLles.

Accordlng Lo Abu'l Pasan ash-Shadhlll Lhere are Len beneflLs from secluslon:

-SafeLy from all mlsconducL of Lhe Longue, because Lhere ls no one Lo Lalk Lo ln
-SafeLy from all mlsconducL of Lhe eyes, because Lhere are no human belngs Lo see,
-SafeLy of Lhe hearL from all klnds of show, and oLher llke lllnesses,
-SafeLy from Lhe accompanylng of evll people,
-SafeLy of Lhe ego from falllng lnLo bad manners,
-lL wlll llfL you Lo a sLaLe of asceLlsm,
-lL wlll glve you free Llme Lo do uhlkr,
85 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

-lL wlll glve you free Llme Lo medlLaLe, Lo Lake accounL of yourself and Lo make your
goal Lhe ulvlne resence,
-lL wlll glve you Lhe sweeL LasLe of worshlp, prayers and suppllcaLlon Lo Lhe ulvlne
-lL wlll glve peace and saLlsfacLlon Lo Lhe hearL.

Cur CrandShaykh Abdullah ad-uaghesLanl sald LhaL Lo enLer secluslon ls llke puLLlng a seed
lnLo Lhe ground. lL vanlshes from Lhe maLerlallsLlc slde of Lhls llfe for Lhe love of Allah and
Lhe beneflL of oLher human belngs, and lL begeLs frulL. Llke Lhls you musL cuL yourself off
from Lhe maLerlallsLlc llfe, forsake your ego, and vanlsh lnLo noLhlngness Lo exlsL only ln Lhe
resence of Allah. 8elng alone wlLh your Lord you make a connecLlon Lo your ulLlmaLe
reallLy, by flLLlng LhaL lmage you wear here Lo lLs orlglnal ln Lhe ulvlne resence. lL ls ln
secluslon LhaL Lhe eyes of Lhe hearL open and Lhe hearL flnds Lhe saLlsfacLlon and happlness
lL seeks.

1 11 1c !|:n kuc o 'c N|q|nd: Ordcr c !|:n kuc o 'c N|q|nd: Ordcr c !|:n kuc o 'c N|q|nd: Ordcr c !|:n kuc o 'c N|q|nd: Ordcr

Shelkh Abdu'l khallq Chu[dawanl (1-8)
Shah 8aha'ud-uln naqshbandl (9-11)


Ch Allah, ?ou are my goal and l am seeklng ?our saLlsfacLlon! 1here ls noLhlng worLhy of
belng worshlpped excepL Allah, Lhere ls no oLher desLlnaLlon excepL Allah, Lhere ls no oLher
exlsLence excepL Lhrough Allah!"

1) nCSn DAk DAM- Consc|ous breath|ng:
?ou musL noL lnhale or exhale heedlessly. Lvery breaLh should be assoclaLed wlLh an
awareness of Lhe ulvlne resence, because lL Lhen ls allve and connecLed wlLh Lhe ulvlne
resence. 1hrough Lhe breaLhlng of Lhe creaLures Lhe sound of 'Puwa' of Lhe ulvlne name
of Allah ls made, and Lhls ls a slgn of Lhe unseen ulvlne Lssence ln all creaLures, polnLlng Lo
Lhe unlqueness of Allah.

2) NA2Ak 8Ak ADAM- Watch|ng one's steps:
Whlle walklng you musL waLch your sLeps keeplng Lhe eyes on your feeL, and noL look here
and Lhere. unnecessary slghLs and lmages creaLe vells on Lhe hearL whlch block Lhe LlghL of
Lhe ulvlne resence. uon'L leL your ego dlsLracL you, buL move sLeadfasLly Loward your
goal- Lhe ulvlne resence. 1haL ls Lhe way of Lhe Poly ropheL Muhammad sws- only Lo look
for Lhe ulvlne resence.

3) SAIAk DAk WA1AN- Iourney homeward:
1here ls Lwo klnds of Lravel. 1he flrsL ls Lhe exLernal [ourney, Lhe Lravel from one land Lo
anoLher searchlng for a perfecL gulde Lo Lake and dlrecL you Lo your desLlnaLlon. 1hls
enables you Lo Lo go on Lhe second [ourney whlch ls lnLernal. lL lnvolves a [ourney from
86 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

human Lo angellc aLLrlbuLes. ?ou musL leave bad characLerlsLlcs, move Lo Lhe pralseworLhy
ones, and Lhrow all worldly deslres ouL of your hearL Lo purlfy lL. 1hrough unceaslng efforL
especlally durlng Lhe early sLages of Lhe way Lhe mlrror of Lhe hearL musL be pollshed: 'Ad-
dawamu-Lauflq' - erseverance brlngs success.

4) knALWA1 DAk ANIUMAN- So||tude |n the crowd:
lL means Lo be ouLwardly wlLh people whlle remalnlng lnwardly wlLh Allah. ?our ouLward
acLlvlLles musL noL affecL your lnward sLaLe of remembrance of Allah, Lhe uhlkrullah. 1here
ls also Lwo klnds of secluslon. 1he exLernal secluslon requlres LhaL Lhe seeker musL seclude
hlmself ln a prlvaLe place and sLay Lhere by hlmself, pray and make uhlkr. Pe chalns hls ego,
hls exLernal senses, for hls lnLernal senses Lo become free Lo reach Lo Lhe heavenly realm.
1hls wlll brlng hlm Lo Lhe sLaLe of lnLernal secluslon, whereln hls hearL ls presenL wlLh hls
Lord and absenL from Lhe creaLures whlle remalnlng physlcally presenL among Lhem. ln Lhe
sLaLe of uhlkr Lhe manlfesLaLlon of Lhe ulvlne resence envelops hlm. When lL overcomes
hlm, lL makes hlm unaware of all buL hls Lord. 1he ropheL sald sws: l have one face whlch
ls faclng my CreaLor, and l have anoLher face whlch ls faclng Lhe creaLlon."

3) AD kAkD- kemembrance, 'Mak|ng ment|on':
8emember Allah boLh wlLh Lhe Longue and wlLh Lhe hearL, by maklng loud and sllenL uhlkr.
1he uhlkr by negaLlon and afflrmaLlon ls: 'La llaha lll'Allah'. 1he uhlkr of Lhe name of Allah's
Lssence ls: 'Allah, Allah...'. 8y Lhese forms of uhlkr you deny everyLhlng ln Lhls world and
afflrm Lhe exlsLence of Allah AlmlghLy only. 1hls brlngs you lnLo Lhe ulvlne resence of Allah.

6) 8A2 GASn1- keturn|ng:
1he Poly ropheL used Lo say: llahl AnLa Maqsoudl wa rldhaka maLloudl"- Ch Allah, ?ou
are my goal and ?our saLlsfacLlon ls whaL l am seeklng." 1o uLLer Lhls phrase every now and
Lhen durlng Lhe uhlkr helps you Lo expel all LhoughLs from Lhe hearL, and Lo open yourself Lo
Lhe awareness of Lhe Cneness of Allah, unLll you reach Lhe sLaLe LhaL wherever you look you
wlll see Lhe AbsoluLe Cne.

8eLurn Lo Allah by compleLe surrender and submlsslon Lo Pl Wlll, and compleLe humbleness
ln glvlng Plm all due pralse. 1he seeker cannoL come Lo Lhe resence of Cod ln hls uhlkr
excepL by Lhe help and supporL, and Lhe permlsslon of Allah. lL ls really Allah, Lhe Cne, who
ls reclLlng Lhe uhlkr Lhrough hlm. Shelkh Abu ?azld al 8lsLaml sald: When l reached Allah l
saw LhaL Pls rememberlng of me had preceded my remembrance of Plm." And Lhe Poly
ropheL used Lo say: We dld noL remember ?ou as ?ou deserve Lo be remembered, Ch our

7) NIGAn DASn1- Attent|veness:
WaLch your hearL durlng Lhe conLemplaLlon. lL wlll help you Lo prevenL egolsLlc and evll
LhoughLs from enLerlng lL. 8ad lncllnaLlons keep Lhe hearL from [olnlng wlLh Lhe ulvlne.

8) AD DASn1- keco||ect|on:
Always safeguard your hearL wlLh uhlkr and be ln permanenL awareness of Lhe ulvlne
resence. 1hen you wlll also dlscard angellc LhoughLs and lmaglnlngs and keep and afflrm
only Lhe real LruLhful LhoughLs.

87 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

9) WUUI-I-2AMANI- Awareness of t|me:
?ou musL be aware of how you spends your Llme- 'Lhe Sufl ls Lhe son of hls Llme'. SLop every
now and Lhen ln your acLlvlLles Lo remember Allah. ?ou musL spend all your Llme maklng
your one and only goal Lhe arrlval aL Lhe sLaLlon of ulvlne Love and ulvlne resence. ?ou
musL become aware LhaL Allah wlLnesses Lhe smallesL deLall. Make an accounL of your
acLlons and lnLenLlons every day and every nlghL and analyse Lhem. lf Lhey are good, and lf
you were ln Allah's resence, Lhank Allah for Lhem. lf Lhey are bad, and you were ln Lhe
presence of your ego, you musL repenL and ask Plm for forglveness.

10) WUUI-I-ADADI- Awareness of the numbers:
CounL and be aware of Lhe exacL number of repeLlLlons comprlslng Lhe sllenL uhlkr of Lhe
hearL, Lo secure your hearL from bad LhoughLs and Lo deepen Lhe concenLraLlon. 1he plllar
of uhlkr Lhrough counLlng ls Lo brlng Lhe hearL lnLo Lhe resence of Lhe Cne who ls
menLloned ln LhaL uhlkr and Lo reallze Lhe creaLlon's need of Plm.

11) WUUI-I-AL8I- Awareness of the heart:
1he hearL ls Lhe cenLer of power. All LhoughLs and lnsplraLlons, good or bad, are felL and
appear lnslde Lhe hearL, clrcllng and alLernaLlng, movlng beLween llghL and darkness. uhlkr
ls requlred Lo conLrol and reduce LhaL Lurbulence of Lhe hearL. 1he sLaLe of awareness of
Lhe hearL ls Lhe sLaLe of belng presenL ln Lhe ulvlne resence ln such a way LhaL you don'L
see oLher Lhan Allah. ?ou can form a menLal plcLure of your hearL wlLh Lhe name of Allah
engraved on lL, Lo emphaslze LhaL Lhe hearL has no consclousness or goal oLher Lhan Plm.

1 11 1c N|q|nd: c N|q|nd: c N|q|nd: c N|q|nd: \ \ \ \|z:| |z:| |z:| |z:| - -- - 1 11 1c l|:c Lxcrc:c o 'c N|q|nd: Ordcr c l|:c Lxcrc:c o 'c N|q|nd: Ordcr c l|:c Lxcrc:c o 'c N|q|nd: Ordcr c l|:c Lxcrc:c o 'c N|q|nd: Ordcr

1bls boslc exetclse ls to be teclteJ ooce lo 24 boots.

Audhu bl'llahl mlna shalLanl ra[lm, 8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm, La haula wa la quwaLLa llla
bl'llahl'l 'Allyu'l 'Azlm...

3 x Shahada: Ashadu an la llaha lll'Allah, wa ashadu ana Muhammadun Abduhu wa 8asuluh
7o x Astaghf|ru||ah

1 x Sura a| Iat|ha (Sura 1), wlLh Lhe lnLenLlon of sharlng ln Lhe 1a[allls and ulvlne lavours
senL down wlLh lL when lL was flrsL revealed ln Mekka-l-Mukarrama

1 x Amana rasu|u (Sura 2: 283-286):
Audhu bl'llahl mlna shalLanl ra[lm, 8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm:
Amana rasulu blma unzlla llayhl mlr-rabblhl wa'l mu'mlnun, kullun amana bl'llahl wa
malalkaLlhl wa kuLublhl wa rusullh, la nufarrlqu bayna ahadln mlr-rusullh, wa qalu sam'lna
wa aL'ana ghufranaka rabbana wa llayka'l maslr, la yukalllfu'llahu nafsan llla wus'aha, laha
ma kasabaL wa 'alayha makLasabaL, rabbana la Luakh-lLhna ln naslna aw akhLa'na, rabbana
wa la Lachmll 'alayna lsran kama hamalLahu 'ala-l-laLhlna mln qabllna, rabbana wa la
Lukhammllna ma la LaaqaLa lana blh, wa'fu 'anna, waghflrlana, warhamna, AnLa Maulana
fansurna 'ala'l qauml'l kaflrln."

88 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

Amana bl'llahl sadaqa'llahu'l 'Azlm. Subhana rabblka rabbl 'alzzaLl ama yaslfun, wa salamun
'ala'l mursalln, wa'l hamdull'lll rabbl'l 'alamln.

7 x Sura Insh|rah (Sura 94)
11 x Sura Ikh|as (Sura 112)
1 x Sura a| Ia|aq (Sura 113)
1 x Sura an-Naas (Sura 114)

10 x La ||aha |||'A||ah, afLer Lhe 10Lh Llme add: Muhammad rasulu'llah (salla'llahu 'alayhl
wa salllm)

10 x Sa|awat-u-Shar|fa: Allahumma salll 'ala Muhammadln wa 'ala all Muhammadln wa

Ihda: uedlcaLe Lhls Lo Lhe Poly ropheL, hls lamlly and Sahaba(Lhe Companlons), Lo Lhe
souls of all ropheLs and Messengers, Lhe servanLs of Lhe SharlaL(Lhe ulvlne Law), Lhe four
lmams of Lhe lslamlc Law, and Lo Lhe souls of Lhe Shelkhs of Lhe mosL dlsLlngulshed
naqshbandl Crder, especlally Lo Lhe soul of Lhe lmam of Lhe 1arlqaL Shah 8aha'ud-uln
naqshlband, and khwa[ah Abdu'l khallq al Chu[dawanl, and SulLanu'l Awllya Shelkh
Abdullah ad-uaghesLanl, and our MasLer Maulana Shelkh nazlm al Paqqanl...
1 x Sura a| Iat|ha (Sura 1), wlLh Lhe lnLenLlon of sharlng ln Lhe 1a[allls and ulvlne lavours
senL down wlLh lL when lL was revealed for Lhe second Llme ln Medlna-l-Munawwara.

3 x ALLAn nU, ALLAn nU, ALLAn nU, nA...

Du'a (ersonal prayer, suppllcaLlon)


(100 - 1000) x 8lsmlllahlr 8ahmanlr 8ahlm
(100 - 1000) x Alhamdull'llah
(100 - 1000) x La llaha lll'Allah
(100 - 1000) x SalawaL-u-Sharlfa
(100 - 1000) x Allah, Allah...
(100 - 1000) x ?a Wadud
(100 - 1000) x Pasbl Allahu wa nl'amal wakll
(100 - 1000) x La haula wa la quwaLLa llla bl'llahl'l
'Allyu'l 'Azlm

Sura 94: Alam nashrah laka sadrak,
wa wada'ana 'anka wlzrak,
allaLhl anqada Lhahrak,
wa rafa'ana laka slkrak,
fa lnna ma'a'l 'usrl yusra, lnna ma'a'l 'usrl yusra,
fa lza faraghLa fansab,
wa lla rabblka farghab."
89 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

(Pave We noL wldened your breasL, and Laken Lhe burden off your back, and have
We noL ralsed your name ln fame? So Lruly, wlLh every hardshlp comes ease, wlLh every
hardshlp does come ease- so when you are free from your lmmedlaLe Lask Lurn Lo your Lord
and worshlp Plm.)

Sura 113: Cul: Audhu bl rabbl'l falaq,
mln sharrl ma khalaq,
wa mln sharrl ghaslqln lza waqab,
wa mln sharrl nafaLhaLl fl'l 'uqad,
wa mln sharrl haasldln lza hasad."

(Say: l am Laklng refuge ln Lhe Lord of Lhe dawn from Lhe evll LhaL Pe has creaLed,
from Lhe evll of Lhe darkness afLer sunseL, and from Lhe evll of Lhose who blow on knoLs
maklng maglc, and from Lhe envler when he ls envlous.)

Sura 114: Cul: Audhu bl rabbln-naas,
mln sharrl'l waswasl'l khannas,
allaLhl yuwaswlsu fl suruurl-n-naas
mlna'l d[lnnaLl wa-n-naas."

(Say: l seek refuge ln Lhe Lord of manklnd, Lhe klng of manklnd, Lhe Cod of manklnd,
from Lhe evll of Lhe whlsperer, who whlspers lnLo Lhe breasLs of man evll abouL Lhe [lnn and

||'un 1unj:n| ||'un 1unj:n| ||'un 1unj:n| ||'un 1unj:n|- -- - 1c lr|,cr o kc:c, 1c lu| or | K:nd o Coodnc 1c lr|,cr o kc:c, 1c lu| or | K:nd o Coodnc 1c lr|,cr o kc:c, 1c lu| or | K:nd o Coodnc 1c lr|,cr o kc:c, 1c lu| or | K:nd o Coodnc

1hls ls a very lmporLanL uua, a prayer Lo ask for all klnds of goodness and rellef from all
klnds of problems. lL ls Lo be reclLed 4o Llmes dally:

Allahumma salll 'ala Sayyldlna Muhammadln (wa 'ala all Sayylduna Muhammadln)
salaLan Lun[lna blha mln [aml'l'l ahwaall wa'l afaaL,
wa Laqdl lana blha mln [aml'l'l haa[aaL,
wa LuLah-hlruna blha mln [aml'l- s- salyaaL,
wa Larfa'una blha 'ala darra[aaL,
wa Luballlghuna blha aqsa'l ghayaaLl
mln [aml'l'l khayraaLl
fl'l hayaaLl wa ba'ada'l mamaaL."

Pasbl Allahu wa nl'amal Wakll (3x) ,
nl'amal Maula wa nl'amal naslr, Chufranaka, 8abbana, wa llayka'l maslr."

(Ch our Lord, granL ?our blesslngs Lo our MasLer Muhammad (and Lhe famlly of our MasLer
90 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

blesslngs wlLh whlch we may be saved from all adverse condlLlons and mlsforLunes,
wlLh whlch all our needs may be fulfllled,
wlLh whlch we may be cleaned from all slns,
wlLh whlch may be ralsed Lo hlgh splrlLual ranks,
and wlLh whlch we may aLLaln Lhe besL of all klnds of goodness
ln Lhls llfe and Lhe hereafLer.

Allah ls sufflclenL for me and Lhe besL Lo arrange all my affalrs (3x),
Pe ls Lhe besL Lord l can have and Lhe besL Cne Lo advlse me, l am asklng ?our forglveness,
Ch our Lord, and Lo ?our resence we reLurn.)

91 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


Adab: Cood manners, proper way of behavlng, respecLlng people's feellngs and knowlng
how Lo LreaL Lhem as well as keeplng respecL Lowards Allah AlmlghLy and havlng a
correcL aLLlLude ln your relaLlonshlp Lo Plm, are aL Lhe hearL of Lhe Leachlng of Lhe
Poly ropheL Muhammad sws. 1hls whole area of knowledge and wlsdom ls referred
Lo as Adab.
Adhan: 1he Call Lo rayer read from Lhe mlnareL of Lhe Mosque flve Llmes every day. 1he call
says: Allah ls Lhe CreaLesL, l bear wlLness LhaL Lhere ls no Cod oLher Lhan Lhe 1rue
Cod Allah, l bear wlLness LhaL Muhammad ls Lhe Messenger of Allah, Come Lo Lhe
prayer, come Lo Lrue success, Allah ls Lhe CreaLesL, Lhere ls no Cod buL Allah."
Ah|u'| naqq, Ah|u'||ah, Aw||ya: 1he eople of 1ruLh, Lhe eople of Allah, 1he lrlends of
Allah. 1he SalnLs.
A||ah: lL comes from Al llah (Lhe Cod) . 1he name of Lhe Cne and Cnly Cod.
8araka: 8lesslng, benedlcLlon, abundanL and conLlnual good- a splrlLual emanaLlon of holy
people, places and ob[ecLs, places of pllgrlmage and Lombs of SalnLs.
8arzakh: 1he World ln whlch Lhe dead exlsL whlle awalLlng Lhelr belng called from Lhe
graves for !udgemenL.
I|tna: ulscord, sLrlfe, affllcLlon.
nad|th: ropheLlc LradlLlon.
na|a|: ermlsslble, lawful, leglLlmaLe, accordlng Lo Lhe SharlaL (Lhe ulvlne Law).
naram: 8ellglously forbldden, unlawful, prohlblLed elLher because of sacredness or
harmfulness. All acLlons whlch fall ouLslde Lhe llmlLs of Sharlah.
nawa: valn deslres, fancles, lncllnaLlons, dlsLracLlons and ldle or valn LhoughLs whlch keep
one from reallLy and worshlp.
n|mmah: Lnergy, vlgour, amblLlon, resoluLlon, deLermlnaLlon, zeal, asplraLlon.
Ikh|as: 1rue slncerlLy, purlLy of lnLenLlon. A very hlgh sLaLe of devoLlon.
Is|am-Iman-Ihsan: 1he Lhree levels of falLh.
1) lslam: ouLward surrender Lo Lhe orders of Allah, accepLlng Lhe 3 plllars of lslam: 1.
ueclarlng LhaL Lhere ls no Cod save Lhe Cne 1rue Cod Allah AlmlghLy and LhaL
Muhammad sws ls Lhe Messenger of Allah, 2. 1o pray Lhe rlLual prayer (SalaL) faclng
Mekka flve Llmes a day, 3. 1o fasL Lhe whole monLh of 8amadan, absLalnlng from all
food, drlnk and carnal pleasures from dawn unLll sunseL, 4. 1o glve one-forLleLh of
one's wealLh annually Lo Lhe Musllm poor, 3. 1o make Lhe pllgrlmage Lo Mekka ln Lhe
Llme of Pa[[ aL leasL once ln a llfeLlme, provlded one possesses Lhe necessary
maLerlal means.
2) lman: a sLage aL whlch Lhe falLh has enLered Lhe hearL of a person. 1here ls 6
plllars of lman: 1. 8ellef ln Allah, 2. 8ellef ln Lhe ropheLs of Allah, 3. 8ellef ln Lhe
Angels, 4. 8ellef ln Lhe Poly 8ooks whlch Allah senL Lo Manklnd Lhrough Pls
ropheLs, 3. 8ellef ln Peaven and Pell, and 6. 8ellef, LhaL Allah has pre-desLlned
everyLhlng LhaL occurs ln Lhls World, regardless of wheLher lL appears Lo us Lo be
good or bad.
3) lhsan: Lhe level of Lrue goodness whlch develops from falLh. 1he Poly ropheL sws
sald LhaL lhsan means Lo worshlp as lf you were seelng Allah ln fronL of you, for even
lf you don'L see Plm, Pe sees you.
92 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

Iah|||ya: 1he Llme of lgnorance, referrlng Lo Lhe pre-lslamlc era durlng whlch Lhe Arabs llved
ln Lhe darkness of lgnorance, worshlpplng ldols and followlng Lhelr lusLs and
I|had-u|-Akbar:'1he CreaLer Poly War' whlch ls foughL agalnsL one's own lower self, Lhe
ego. WlLhouL Lhe bellever galnlng Lhe upper hand over hls lower self, he cannoL hope
Lo perfecL hls rellglon nor Lo be of any use Lo Lhe communlLy of bellevers.
I|nn: 1he Poly Curan addresses boLh Manklnd and !lnn. 1he !lnn are made of smokeless
flre, Man from earLh and Lhe Angels from llghL. As ln Lhe case of Manklnd, Lhere are
boLh bellevers and unbellevers found among Lhe !lnn.
kaaba, '8a|tu'||ah': 1he Poly Pouse of Allah ln Mekka. 1he Musllms worldwlde dlrecL
Lhemselves ln Lhelr prayers Loward Lhe kaaba as Lhelr cenLral focal polnL, 'Clblah'.
When vlslLlng Lhe kaaba, Musllms perform Lhe rlLe of clrcumambulaLlon ln emulaLlon
of Lhe Angels clrcumambulaLlng Lhe 1hrone of Allah ln Peavens.
kaf|r: eople and !lnn who dlsbelleve ln and re[ecL Lhe 1ruLh whlch ls broughL from Allah
by Lhe ropheLs and SalnLs.
kh|dmah: Servlce for Lhe Shelkh, for hls followers, for all human belngs and all creaLures of
Muft|: Cfflclal expounder of lslamlc Law, a canon lawyer.
Mur|d: A follower who deslres Lo learn Lhe Sufl way from a Shelkh, a Murshld, one who
submlLs hlmself Lo Lhe care and Lhe orders of a Sufl Shelkh.
Mursh|d: Culde, advlsor, lnsLrucLor. Cne who leads anoLher Lo Lhe rlghL way. A Sufl Shelkh.
Mus||m: A person who has surrendered Lo Allah.
Nas|hat: Slncere advlce. 1he Poly ropheL sald: "Ad-dlnu naslhaL" (8ellglon conslsLs of
slncere advlce).
Cur'an: koran, lecLure, reclLaLlon, Lhe Poly 8ook of Lhe Musllms, whlch was revealed
unLo Lhe ropheL Muhammad over a perlod of LwenLy-Lhree years. lL ls a revelaLlon
from Allah, Lhe Lord of Lhe Worlds, lmparLed Lhrough Lhe reveallng Archangel
Cabrlel Lo Lhe hearL of Muhammad sws, and passed on by Lhe ropheL, by ulvlne
Command, Lo Lhe whole of Manklnd and !lnn. 1he Cur'an ls Lhe eLernal speech of
Allah LransmlLLed Lo manklnd ln Lhe Arablc language, Lhe sounds of whlch have a
speclal mysLlcal power. lL ls noL really posslble Lo make a LranslaLlon lnLo any oLher
language. A LranslaLlon of lLs meanlng may be useful, buL lL cannoL sLand ln Lhe place
of Lhe orlglnal, nelLher ln prayer nor splrlLual beneflL. Slnce lL was revealed noL even
one leLLer of lL has been changed, so LhaL Loday we sLlll read Lhe Cur'an as lL was
revealed almosL flfLeen cenLurles ago.
kakaat: A bow followed by Lwo prosLraLlons ln Lhe rlLual prayer (SalaL).
Sahaba: 1he 124.000 Companlons of Lhe Poly ropheL Muhammad who represenLed all Lhe
dlfferenL Lypes of personallLles LhaL would be found LhroughouL Lhe era of Lhe
naLlon of Muhammad, Lhe ummah.
Shar|at: 1he canon law of lslam, Lhe LoLallLy of Allah's commandmenLs relaLlng Lo Lhe
acLlvlLles of man, Lhe lndlspensable basls for rellglous llfe. SharlaL and PaqlqaL (Lhe
mysLlcal reallLy) form a correlaLed palr, glvlng Lo man Lhe posslblllLy of unfoldlng hls
poLenLlal Lo Lhe hlghesL degree.
Sh|rk: olyLhelsm, ascrlblng parLners unLo Allah. Pldden shlrk ls, for example, Lhe worshlp
of money, lusLs, repuLaLlon eLc.
Sunnah: 1he pracLlce and way of Lhe Poly ropheL Muhammad, whlch encompasses
everyLhlng from hls manners, pronouncemenLs, advlce, and rullngs.
93 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y

1ab||n: 1he followers of Lhe Sahaba, Lhose who were lnsLrucLed by Lhe Companlons of Lhe
Poly ropheL.
1a[a|||: SplrlLual emanaLlons and manlfesLaLlons.
Wudhu: 8lLual AbluLlon. 8efore praylng and readlng Lhe Poly Curan every Musllm musL
perform abluLlon: Cne makes Lhe lnLenLlon Lo perform abluLlon for Lhe sake of Allah
and Lhen washes hls hands, mouLh, nosLrlls, face, arms, head, ears, back of neck and
feeL. AbluLlon musL be repeaLed afLer golng Lo Lhe LolleL, passlng wlnd, geLLlng angry
or sexually exlLed, and afLer sleep. (AfLer sexual lnLercourse and afLer Lhe
mensLruaLlon one Lakes a shower- Chussl.)

94 | B r i d g e t o E t e r n i t y


1here are golng Lo be unexpecLed evenLs LhaL no one can brlng an explanaLlon for. And
Lhere should be ulvlne urposes and Wlsdoms for Lhose evenLs. And Lhls ls a new beglnnlng.
A new perlod for Lhls world, uunya, ls comlng now.
now, for a few monLhs only, all naLlons are golng Lo carry very heavy burdens. When LhaL
flnlshes, Lhere wlll be a new openlng for Lhe whole world. We are ln a Lunnel, and unLll we
pass Lhrough lL, lL wlll geL more and more narrow. 1hen, when !esus ChrlsL ls comlng, lL wlll
geL wlder and wlder. Cnly splrlLually sLrong people wlll pass Lhrough Lhls Lunnel. MaLerlallsL
people won'L be able Lo make lL, Lhe power of Lhelr baLLerles wlll be flnlshed.
We have hope, we are bellevers, we know LhaL Lhls ls only a brldge from one slde Lo
anoLher. Cnly for a shorL dlsLance you musL pay aLLenLlon, so LhaL you may pass freely
Lhrough LhaL valley.
LveryLhlng depends on bellef. 8ellevers should be ln safeLy, worshlppers much more, and
servanLs for Allah's ulvlne resence should be ln full safeLy.
8lg evenLs are comlng Lo desLroy everyLhlng LhaL makes manklnd arLlflclal. 1echnology has
made people lnLo arLlflclal belngs, and Lhelr real ldenLlLy has lefL Lhem. Man doesn'L know
who he ls, lf he ls an anlmal or an angel. 1herefore we are saylng LhaL man should run back
Lo naLure now, Lo save hlmself and Lo flnd hls real ldenLlLy.
lL ls now a blg obllgaLlon for you Lo ask Lo come back Lo your real personallLy, Lo flnd your
ldenLlLy. lL ls lmporLanL now for everyone Lo Lry dally for some mlnuLes Lo be wlLh Lhelr own
selves, Lo come Lo Lhemselves. 1hls ls golng Lo be a foundaLlon for Lhe llfe of manklnd on
earLh afLer Lhe year 2ooo, ln Lhe 3rd mlllennlum.
Lveryone musL know whaL ls hls real value as a human belng and musL follow a new way
afLer Lhe desLrucLlon of humanlLles' quallLles. lf human belngs are noL reachlng ln Lhls very
shorL perlod Lhe speclal and valuable quallLles LhaL were granLed Lo Lhem by Lhelr CreaLor
Allah AlmlghLy, Lhey are golng Lo slnk down. lf Lhey qulckly run and flnd Lhem, Lhey are
golng Lo be saved."

/// :/c :'// .o/ //o'/