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Hi !

I've just read your last post on your Blog _about those sorrows at your job ...
Most probably, I won't find_once again_ the right words to fully epress !y
deep co!passion, sy!pathy and e!pathy. I could not find the! in !y own
language _either. But I a! convinced that "od will transfer and pour his
positiveness, His light, His good vibration_upon you# because I as$ed Hi! to
help# to help !e to help you, to soothe your sufferings and to influence for the
better_the state of your inner being.%hese days, I was thin$ing to send you an
e.!ail _as$ing you for so!e $ind of feedbac$, regarding your spiritual evolution
_but just have delayed .
&o, let !e as$ you now _have you had noticed, yet, any signs which !ight be
considered as of divine origin _since our first 'discussion'(as I've recently chec$ed,
_!y first visit on your blog dates fro! )uly *+, -! I $now that these recent events
at your wor$place, !a$e not this be the best !o!ent for such $ind of .uestion_
but still !
Meanwhile _ !aybe it's ti!e for us to advance a little !ore on this path _which
is the path of returning to "od, you $now...
/ith this in !ind _ I write here, for you, %he 0ord's 1rayer and I reco!!end you
to !editate, as !uch as you are capable at this !o!ent, upon it's true and !ore
I'! convinced that "od Hi!self will give you so!e insights, so!e gli!pses_ which
distinguish as being divine inspiration.
But, few days since now, I'll send you another !ail, with so!e of !y own revelations
about what are we as$ing, in fact_ by this prayer...
2s a sign that I'! not just so la3y as it !ight see! _I've acco!plished the'huge' tas$
of transcribing that audio with 4.Bara3andeh. In the net future I intend to send it to you
and to 2gy _ divided in several !ails.%here are so!e ideas in his presentation _that you
find inspiring for yourself ... 2s I could notice till now _"od uses, often, various
for!s in order to reach to one's !ind and soul.
%hat audio could be one of the!...

%he 0ord's 1rayer

5ur 6ather who art in heaven
Hallowed be %hy na!e
%hy $ingdo! co!e,
%hy will be done
5n earth as it is in heaven.
"ive us this day our daily bread
2nd forgive our debts
2s we also have forgiven our debtors#
2nd lead us not into te!ptation,
but deliver us fro! evil7
6or %hine is the $ingdo!, and the power, and the glory, forever,
(8ew 2!erican &tandard Bible ,

your friend,