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Executive summery

Grasim Industries Ltd. is the member of “ADITYA BIRLA” group. It was

established on 25th august 1947 in Madhya Pradesh.
Mr.Kumaramangalam Birla is the son of late Aditya Birla. Kumaramangalam
birla took over the reigns of “Aditya Birla “group after the demise of his father,
Mr.Aditya Birla.
The group has strategic joint venture with global majors such as sun life (Canada),
AT&T (USA) and TATA group and has made strategic toray in to the BPO sector. With
the acquisition of tans works, a leading ITES/BPO company.
The six sigma concept is relatively new way measures how ”good” a product is, when a
product is ,when a product is six sigma it tells us that product, quality is excellent. It says
the probability producing a defect is extremely low. It is also target that Motorola Inc has
established for the quality of its product.
The better understand how six sigma actually means it term statistical measuring
device that tells us how good our products are using the device. We can directly measure
the quality confidence we would have in a given product or process &they compare it to
another like product or processes & they compare it to another like product or processes&
they compare it to another like product or processes. To make things nice and simple,
will substitute the symbol “A’’ for the word “Sigma”.

Short cycle manufacture (SCM)

• Design for productivity
• Statistical process control
• Supplier statistical process(SSP)
• Participative management practice
• Part standardization & supplier qualification
• Computer stimulation
Not only do these tools helps us remove variation while the conduct is being built
there we go into production. In this manner we are able to prevent product calamities
before they happen we use this “ a prior” control –central that is gained before the fact
not after something goes wrong of we do not do things in a chance is in charge by
doing .we are in change.

There are 3 basic strategies for wining the war on variation. First we must gain a
Control during the product & process design cycle. To do this we must follow the
following points:
• Define six sigma tolerances on all critical product and process parameters
• Minimize the total number of parts in the product & minimize steps that
compromise all processes.
• Standardize the part and processes that, we use.
• Use the SPC principles & computer tools during the design and prototype phases.
The second strategy involves using from
1. people
2. machines
3. materials
4. environment
The study mainly aims at studying these areas benefits the impact due to six sigma in the
manufacturing industry. The study identifies, employee performance, attitudes of the
employee towards the six sigma and impact of six sigma on different departments in the