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Muhammad Umer Tairq (30102935)

Assignment Task 1: Individual reflection of learning

Presentation Presented To: Dr Pu Chen
Prepare By: Muhammad Umer Tairq (30102935)

Muhammad Umer Tairq (30102935)

1- Introduction:
I have a very interesting research topic as Now-a-days mobile phone is part of everyones life. There
are so many mobile phone maker companies like I-Phone, Nokia and Samsung. On the one hand,
Customers are supposed to make a choice to select one company before making the purchase of a
mobile phone. One the other hand, users of mobile phone are again supposed to choose one
company to get mobile connection and there are again a lot of choices like Vodafone, Optus and
virgin mobile in Australia. I have chosen a research topic that how customers make choice while
buying mobile phone and mobile phone connection. In this report, I will use research philosophy and
strategies to get to the conclusion and in my opinion these research philosophies and strategies are
best way to get the conclusion of any research topic.

2- Design question:

My research will include details introduction of my research topic, literature review, research design,
research result and analysis, discussion and conclusion. My research is based on the following two
What factors effects a customers decision while buying a mobile phone and
mobile connection?
What are the Mobile phone Companys strategies in making their customers
choosing their mobile phone?
3- Reflection of my study

In my research I will apply interpretivism philosophy. Business research course is very interested
course and so far I have learnt a lot from this course. I have been introduced issues which are
involved in developing appropriate research strategies for investigating business and organizational
issues and concerns. The course is also
I am sure that at the end of this course I will be able to understand the role of strategic planning in
business research as well as business research in the decision making process. This also is also ideal
to know about the business research in the decision making process and process of conducting a
research process. Now I also have a good knowledge of how to identify appropriate research designs
and methodologies to arrange data about various types of business and organizational problems. It
is also been added to my knowledge that how to develop a research framework and objectives and
how to design appropriate types of data collection for different types of management problems.

Muhammad Umer Tairq (30102935)

4- Conclusion
To sum up, I believe in my chosen topic, it can be applied one aspects of epistemology or ontology
.the pragmatism, hence, would be more appropriate philosophy to this question. Based on this
philosophy, I will choose both qualitative and quantitative methods for collecting data. Mostly, I
prefer to do questioner and making some surveys. It can also useful top do some case study and
refer to regulation in the trade to Australia.