Your upcoming vote will represent your Moral Politics and

Religious Point-of-View, not just which president you like

First, I must say, I believe in a God. But not exactly a conservative and fundamentalist God.

I have read the Bible from passage to passage and memorized almost every verse in there,
roughly, I think. And my conclusion is that there is more to life's meaning, understanding, values,
and world view than just reading the words of the Bible (Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth).
There is a reality that exist in this world where the complexity of our individual experiences
cannot be explained nor understood by reading the Bible. An simple example is in Proverbs: 'The
righteous' house will be filled with honey, perfume, and oil' (another word: wealth). Is that really
so? From my experience, this world is almost always unfair to the righteous and the kind. There is
even a saying in America: "No good deed goes unpunished;" "The nice guy always finishes last."
"Chicks dig bad boys who can also make that dough."

There is a joke that I made up about Abraham's obedience to God's voice. "If I see a guy on the
top of his roof, with his son tied up naked, and has a knife in his hand about to slit his son's throat,
I would shoot him right away with my sniper rifle (then called the police)."

The Old Testament of the Bible, which is the fundamental basis for world's 3 largest religion --
Judaism, Islam, and Christianity -- is the most genocidal book ever written in the cannon of
literatures. Secondly, the Bible does not explain one single thing about the forces that are moving
this world: economy, military, politics, wars, and global relationships and soft power. The most
backward, poorest, proud, and violent nations in this world are fundamentalist nations or groups
of people (e.g. American Indians and the Muslims). They, especially the Muslims, are the most
proud people on this earth about their culture and religion who on the other hand are also so
angry about how poor and weak their nations stand on the grand stage of this world. The
Fundamentalist Muslims are the most violent people towards the "infidels" of other nations.

(But to be fair to the Muslims, the Crusade was the Christianity's age of mass delusion and

Thirdly, I think the Christians in the West are the most naive people and worldly people on this
earth. You answer a few questions correctly and emerge in the "Holy Water" and come out filled
with God's Spirit and become a changed person. "Once saved, always saved, right?" "Just believe
in Jesus and his Grace, and you will be forgiven.) This type of teaching, like Jesus once taught:
"My burden is light [rest in me].", is the most non-accountable teaching in the entire world. Sinful
acts are not a problem as long as you believe in Jesus. There should be no guilt when you believe
in Jesus: all consequences and wrongs and hurt you have put on to other people are
automatically forgiven as long as you pray the lord's prayer.

On the forth point, why did God put us here on earth? What is our ultimate purpose in life? Is our
lives just a test to see if we can get into heaven or not? I refuse to believe that my life and all
my hard work and sweat and blood are simply just a test. That, to me, is a joke! I believe that my
existence is real, and the world is real. I wish to live my life to the fullest, fulfilling every moment
to contribute to this world, so that there will not be a need for an after life. One life time will be
enough. No regrets nor doubts as I have poured out all that I have.

So why do I still believe in God and take lessons from Jesus' teachings?

I find that loving sinful, selfish, greedy, and imperfect people as they are and forgiving them time
after time -- just like Jesus' teachings -- are the hardest thing to do in your life time comparing
with getting baptized and going to church every Sundays.

This is why I believe in Jesus' teachings.

Churches are financial institutions where people go to meet other people, make friends,
networking, go on dates, and even find a wife or husband -- a place to get married in -- and on
the same time feel good about yourself by their worth to God that has put on you ("He has even.
counted every hair that is on your body"). The church breed some of the most narcissistic people
in this world believing in the value of their life (and spirit) without any supporting evidences nor
realistic accomplishments for this world to support their pride and self-righteousness. A church is
just full of talk... Talk of Grace, talk of spiritual matters. What I want to say to them is: "Get
Real." There are 7 billion people on this earth. You are accepted into a society of 7 billion people
by your merit, your responsibilities, your hard work, your contributions to society, and your
character. You are accepted into a church by the Grace of God. These two does cross-over
sometimes between society and the church on certain moral grounds upheld by both sides, but I
think there is a huge gap between what the church teaches "how the world should be" and "how
the world really is." And I think Jesus' suffering and the eventual Crucification because of his
righteousness in his few years of ministry should be taught over and over again in churches and
the heavy, painful, dissatisfying, depressing, sometimes delusional cross that you must bear if you
want to be "[a nice fellow] who will always speak for those who cannot speak for themselves,
fight for those who cannot defend for themselves..." rather than God's love and blessings for
everybody who believes (Jeremiah) "bring you blessings... no harm all the days of your life ..." A
real church need to prepare Christians to face this harsh world and get real! This world is a hard
place to live. And it is not forgiving, no matter how much you pray or how sincere your intentions

Why do I still believe in God? Because of his creation. But do I believe in Vishnu, the Glorious God
of War and be a real man?! Or Do I believe in Buddha, a real nice, existential, fat ass, who teaches
"the world is not real, it's all in your mind." (If I ever meet Buddha, I'd strip him naked and put
him in the snow for one night, and teaching him what is this thing called "reality and science."
Jesus on the crucification, I already explained that earlier: there are no blank slates, fresh starts, a
complete makeover, and forgiveness by the world. The world will hold you accountable for
everything, for your past: everything you have done is still there, after your baptism. (The best
predictor of your behaviors in your future is your actions that you have done in your past -- Study
of Psychological Statistics of the past 50 years.) And there are consequences to everything you
have done prior to knowing Jesus. A God that I believe in is so much more than what the Bible
describe Him to be, even more than the metaphorical description of "I am the Alpha and

I am a scientist and an engineer. If I randomly find a piece of clock clicking in a controlled pattern,
I will assume that there is a maker to this watch. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe in
patterns and evidences. That put me in the Liberal category of a God believing person, as my
beliefs are so different than what is written in the Bible. I believe that a faith that is not
scientifically examined, is a faith not worth believing in.

This is my system of beliefs, philosophies, and evidences for my case on the existence of God -- a
liberal one if you will.

1. I believe in Intelligent Design instead of Creation.

2. I believe A) Suicide, B) Homosexuality, and (C) Abortion are not always a sin, like how
Conservative Christianity believe them to be.

3. I believe in a busy God who care more about the entire universe's balance and harmony and
diversity rather than relying on a personal God who is a Universal Vending machine to your
whims and wills (as long as you pray) or a vengeful God of Justice who is waiting to devour you
into hell as soon as you cross that line.

4. I am a feminist, unlike the description of women's role in the New Testament. Therefore, I
believe where wealth should not be equally distributed nor given to the poor unconditionally, if
that welfare program is not designed to empower women and give them opportunities. Financial
aid should also not be blindly given to poor countries without strings attached that emphasizes
educating and empowering women to be equal to that of a man in that country.

5. I do not believe in the dichotomy between soul and body because of what Modern Science
tells me.

6. Lastly, I believe in the modern sciences' claim of Universal Language's Grammar, Universal
Morality, and a Universal God and Religions who likes diversity in how He is worshiped upon
different religious groups.

1. Intelligent Design over Creation.

The entire Genome Project united the entire world of developed counties more than 10 years to
sequence the human DNA. It mapped out the entire genetic blue print or the code and language
that make up a human being. Every scientists who work in this field (including me, right now)
understood at that point, this was not an accomplishment. Neither did this solve the mystery of
life or self-awareness. There is simply not enough information stored in our DNA to describe the
complexity of a human being. A lot of the genes do not function and are suppressed as they are
left over genes from evolution. A mice' DNA is 95% identical to that of humans. (That explains
why drug experiments are almost always performed on mice prior to the Genome Project:
because the reactions to the drugs are quite similar on mice to what you will get in clinical trials.
The scientists figured this out before the Genome project by statistics and data.) This is why I
partially believe in evolution; however, that is far away from Intelligent Design, what I really
believe in.

These days, with second generation sequencing machines, the entire human genome can be
mapped out within hours. We are now discovering that a lot of these "garbage genes left over
from evolution" perform a great deal of regulatory functions of active genes. And the DNA is
made up of more than just 4 letters: "A", "T", "G", "C." On each one of these nucleotides, there
are chemicals attached that are called "Methanation" that determines how the RNA copies will
be transcribed, or how long the sequences will be, or which nucleotides will changed.

DNA contains codes within codes. This makes everything the blue of life infinitely more
complicated. The combinatorial factors involved with computing codes embedded within codes
are infinite -- definitely enough to describe all the possibilities of life, even the mystery of
self-awareness, I think. And so far, we have found over 25 different methanation factors altering
how the nucleotides will be interpreted. And these methanation change over time with the
environment, for the better or for the worse, so we are not just stuck with the genetic
inheritance that our parents gave us like how even the newest biology books teach students now
in college. And there are still more different methanation code yet to be found influencing the
interpretation of DNA.

Also the processes of protein synthesis from DNA are also not exact. RNAs are not always
transcribed according to the DNA templates. It is also up to the interpretations of the
transcription processes to produce different proteins for each given situation. So there are
enough mysterious information that we still do not understand that are stored in DNAs and RNAs
and the entire protein synthesis process to describe the blue prints of life.

Then there is the discovery of DNAs and RNAs embedded within some of the organs of the cells
itself that operate almost independently but in a cohesive manner with the entirety of the cell's
functions, e.g. mitochondrial and chlorophyll. I believe that these individual, small and specific
components are designed at first as simple objects. Then as these simple objects began
intermixing, eventually they became one fully complex functional and dependent unit that
eventually developed into cells. And as cells mixed together, their individual functions
differentiated, like Stem Cells as we know now, controlled by cell-to-cell signals and matrices, and
became bigger and bigger and more complex organisms.

The process that I have described above is the fundamental principle of modern engineering and
computer science, in a language and a system called "Object Oriented Language." The four
principles of Object Oriented Language are:

A. Encapsulation
B. Data Abstraction,
C. Polymorphism
D. Inheritance

As an engineer, if you want to design a complex machine or program, you first divide the project
into sub-units until they each become the most specific and simplest parts. You program or
design them each accordingly from the simplest function that is needed. Then you test each of
these simplest parts individually to see if they function as they are programmed to do. If they
function as they are suppose to, you encapsulate them (Principle A).

A cell's entire complex function to its ultimate design is then defined as an abstract, waiting for
these sub-units to fill in the details (Principle B: Data Abstraction).

As time goes on, cross overs and mutations happen for the better or for the worse as cells grow
and divide or meiotic, cells join together. This can be considered to be (Polymorphism, Principle
C, similar codes, slight changes, and multiple purposes). That is why the study of SNPs (Single
Nucleotide Polymorphism) is so important these days. Because the change of even one single
nucleotide can cause the change of the production of an entire series of proteins, which can alter
an entire functional pathways inside your body.)

And Reproduction of these genes as cells divide or as the mating process begin, Principle D
(Inheritance) manifest itself.

Finally, if you look at the how fast the computer and the Internet have developed in past few
decades, it is astonishing to those who do not know the history of cognitive study before the
invention of an integrated circuit. To those who know the background, HTTP hyper-links that
make up the structure of the Internet and knowledge data search links was invented way before
there was even a computer. A huge library filled with note cards with serial numbers attached to
them was designed to store a vast amount of knowledge and allow its easy search and
categorization. The designer of this library did nothing but studied cognitive psychology of neural
networks of how our memories work. In our brain, it takes one sensation or just one trigger to
light up one neuron in the brain, then automatically, those neurons that are connected to the
neuron that has lit up also begin to light in a sequence of reactions, just like how hyper-links and
our modern day search engine works.

This is not to mention how the computer categorize and process data, how to fit in new and
different knowledge, and the different data structures and trees and hash tables that we have
created into our computer software that we have directly copied out of how our brain works.

As time is progressing, our bodies are teaching us how to design and engineer machines that can
explorer Mars by artificial intelligence without much human control. Why do humans have 2 eyes.
So we can see and manipulate things in 3D and detect motion. We designed the Mars Explorer
that way and also that of 3D IMAX movie theaters. We also put this into our modern sensors and
radars (especially the Mono-Pulse Radar) and weapons. Why do we have 2 ears and a broad
shoulder, so we can hear everything in 3D: from up to down, left to right. We designed surround
sound and Phase Scanning Radars by the slight time difference of sensing the sound between the
2 ears.

So this is not just the brutal and cruel natural selection process of the most violent, aggressive,
selfish, strong and promiscuous order that allow the most selfish, aggressive, or competitive
genes to survive into modern society. (How else would you explain the order, welfare programs,
and monogamy provided by civilizations of people despite of heavy competition still going on.)
Intelligent Design is more fine tuned and in line and along with the order of Scientific and
Engineering Design that can explain the modern world as it is, not perfect, but still more civilized
with people who have compassion for each other, need a sense of belonging, where a life-time of
shared memory with a single sex partner is still valued heavily and yearned for despite of rancid
Hollywood Depiction and Freud's declaration of Sexual Freedom. Therefore I do not believe in the
doctrine of "Original Sin" and the "Selfish Gene."

I believe in a God because of His Grand Engineering used in His Creation and the current order of


A. Suicide,
B. Homosexuality
C. Abortion.

A. Suicide
The Conservatives believe that if you committed any of the above "sin", you are going to hell.
This is not exactly stated in the Bible, but that what Conservative Politics and Religion
indoctrinates. To start with suicide, from the most fundamental biological point-of-view, cells
commit suicide. It's called "Apoptosis." When a cell is infected by a virus or bacterial, it sends out
signals to the surrounding immune cells to kill itself before it further propagates the infection or
toxin to the surrounding cells and tissues. And if a cell detects that it is not doing its supposed
functional purpose within a group -- what it is destined to do -- not following cell-to-cell signals
and orders, or simply just something wrong with itself, it contains a series of suicidal genes,
mainly a gene called "P-53", to kill itself before it becomes something terrible, such as cancer.
(Cancer still develops because some mutations in the gene have caused the cells to synthesize
proteins to block genes such as "P-53" from becoming active.)

Even cells commit suicide when they lose their purpose and function within a body.

Then if we move into the animal kingdom. Before Jesus even walked the Earth, Aristotle have
observed and recorded that some horses commit suicide by jumping off a cliff when their
masters die, and they lose their purpose on this earth. Moving to modern time, the Oscar
winning documentary recently on dolphins, the most preciously cared for, heavily trained, and
most famous dolphin in the world -- "Flipper," committed suicide in front of his founder, master,
and friend, by simply stopped breathing. His master later reflected that their team have stripped
away all of "Flipper's" animal instincts and Flippers God designed purpose to be free in the ocean
with other dolphins. These are just a few examples.

Now we move into the most controversial subject of "euthanasia" in humans, especially in the
case when a person has become useless, taking up a great deal of society's resources to sustain
his life that is suffering heavily from a hopeless and painful, incurable, terminal disease. What if
this patient has declared that he or she sees no further meaning to this useless living and daily
suffering. This is a hot topic between Liberals and Conservatives and Religion, because all
Conservatives and Catholics believe that "If one commit suicide, one is going to Hell." But as we
see from the most fundamental case of cellular suicide to that of the animal kingdom, we might
productively conclude that it is the rightful freedom of the patient to choose euthanasia. And I do
not see, from God's Law (Anywhere in the Bible) or the Natural Law, that a person who commits
euthanasia is going to Hell.

B. Homosexuality
This goes along with the subject of suicide. As we have seen throughout the history of mankind,
millions of people are willing to die for some abstract notion such as "freedom", "happiness",
"love," "the truth", and their beliefs system, however peculiar or distasteful (as they may be to
some). The entire Western Renaissance leading up to the American revolution was surrounding
the idea of the importance of a single human being, his/her rights, and his/her freedom to
pursue his own interests, passions, love, and life. Wars were fought. Millions were killed. At the
end, many kings and queens and the bourgeoisies were beheaded by the guillotine in France,
which later helped the American Revolution as well.

Romeo and Juliet is an endless tale that will be told as long as time still exist, as their love and
romance transcended beyond social status and societal classes, materialism, family loyalty, the
stringent culture, the metaphysical principals of rational, and even the physical world, ending
with both committing suicide to be with each other in the afterlife. This story shows the
immortality of love that each one of us yearn to experience and taste, which will live within each
one of us for as long as we live as humans. To die for love is rational, only to humans.

The history of Helen of Troy told a story where a nation went to war with another nation in the
past, where hundreds of thousands had died, for the love of one single woman by a prince.

For the truth that Earth revolved around the Sun, and not the other way around, Copernicus
stood up to the entire Catholic Church who controlled the Holy Roman Empire at the time and
confronted them with his precise astronomical calculations. Because he refuse to step down, the
Catholic Church burned him in the public after staking him on to a cross for blasphemy. But after
Copernicus' death, the entire Holy Roman Empire started asking questions about science and
evidences instead of blind faith, which resulted in the Copernicus Revolution and the beginning
of the Western Science.

The Crusade by the Catholic Church also killed millions of people to claim the holy land from the
Muslim's territory. These "soldiers" went on willingly by faith and marched to their death.

Freedom, Love, Faith, and Truth, these are all noble causes to die for, in today's modern rational.
But how about stupidity? In the 17th to 18th Century, all of Europe was exploring the new found
world, America. The explorers brought back many new wonders, where one of them happened to
be the potato. The main food source of Europe at the time was wheat, and it was very delicate
and weather dependent. It did not contain as much nutrient as the potato nor essential vitamins
and amino acids and require a lot of grinding and processing that involved the whole society to
turn wheat into bread. That why at that time in the history of Europe, there were constant
famines because of the Northern cold climate where Europe resided upon on the Earth that does
not see much sun. Potato on the other hand was so easy to grow that all you needed to do was
dig a hole, put in a seed, and wait for a month, then dig it up.

However, because potato was brought in from the new world and the nobilities in Europe did not
eat them, it developed into a common culture where people considered potatoes to be second
class food, food for the savages in the new found world, or food for pigs to eat. Vast amount of
people died in these food famine times in Europe simply because of what people believed in and
because of how they felt. If vast amount of people are willing to die so that they will not be
undignified to be second class citizen by eating potatoes, let's think about what else people are
willing to die for?

Currently, in Muslim countries, you can still see many stripped naked bodies with their genitals
cut off, hanged on telephone and power line poles. They are homosexuals, intolerable, in
fundamentalist societies in the Middle East, punishable by this kind of in-dignifying death and
presented as a huge humiliation to one's family. The majority of Conservative Christianity and the
many countries in the world refuse to accept homosexuality as true love between two same
sexed human being, but a perversion that is spreading like a disease. China, Russia, and India,
these major powers of the world refuse to recognize them but still tolerate them by turning a
blind eye to this phenomenon, at least for now. In a free society such as America, gay marriages
are still not allowed. Many Christian funded therapy centers are built to "cure" this "sinful
passion" in the name of the Christian God with a very low success rate and resulting many
homosexuals to become depressed and committing suicides after being alienated by the church
fellowship, friendships, family members, and simply out casted by society in general.
Homosexuality is so frowned upon on its distastefulness to the majority of heterosexuals, even
America reject same sexed unions.

The Bible has less than 10 verses speaking on the subject of homosexuality. But Christianity is
telling all of the homosexuals that they are going to hell. But even in societies where we can see
that homosexuality is punishable by humiliating, painful, cruel and unusual death, people are still
willing to die for their love and passion. That tells me something about Conservative and
Fundamentalist Christianity, and what they believe may be wrong about homosexuality.

And even in nature, you can observe homosexuality amongst the animal kingdom everywhere. I
even wrote an entire paper on the genetics of homosexuality where the SRY gene (Sex
Determining Gene) can sometimes get crossed over by chance on to the XX chromosomes during
meiosis, the prenatal hormone's affect on stem cells and the developing baby, and more. If you
are interested, search my name on Google to find this published paper: "Charles L Wang."

This is why I am a liberal God believer because I believe in Homosexual Unions in Marriages.

C. Abortion
To take the life of another developing human being is completely unacceptable in Conservative or
Fundamentalist Christianity. If you do so, you are taking control of the power that is suppose to
belong to God and God only. I believe this to a degree. However, in 3 cases, I disagree with this
holy doctrine. In the first case, in China, for most of its history, women had no power, education,
nor rights. Their only duty in that agricultural culture was to be married off and have male babies
-- as many as possible to work the land. This became a major problem because the explosion of
population and caused the depletion of the resources and land. If it continues, there is no hope
for a future. On the other hand, when a woman is uneducated and live in a rural culture where all
the meaning and value to her existence derived from making male babies, to tell her to stop
doing so is to take away her only livelihood and her only meaning and purpose to her life. This is
almost as cruel as death. To control the wellbeing of an entire nation's future, government has to
take this matter into their own hands to forcibly sterilize women or make the choice of abortion
for a family. I see this as a commandment to take care of "God's Creation" rather than taking
away life. You can see population explosion in all the poorest countries in the world everywhere
where women are considered properties and does not get the chance to have an education.
These places include Africa, India, the Middle-East, and etc... So giving them foreign aid without
strings attached about women's rights, education, and opportunities in that society will only
result in families with more mouths to feed and a nation growing even poorer.

Second case is straight forward, if a woman is raped, then she is a victim who has the power to
terminate the pregnancy.

Third case is more complicated. Unwanted pregnancy is directly tied statistically to poverty and
crime. A human baby is the most sensitive and complex being in the animal kingdom who spends
the longest period in the female's womb and depend the longest on his or her parents' care for
survival as compared to other mammals, where other mammals seem to be born with many of
the survival instincts already built in by genetics. If a human baby is ignored for the first 2 years of
his/her life, he or she will die no matter what. If language is not taught within first few years of
the baby's birth, he will never learn to speak. Such a fragile creature must be carefully tended for
and patiently trained and educated to fit into a civilized society where he or she is valued for his
work, cared for by friends because of his social skills, and responsible enough to bring in a steady
salary to eventually start a family of his own. Without such a delicate upbringing in the tender
ages of a child, he would most likely become worthless to society, unable to fit in, unable to
survive without a social support network, become deviant and anti-social, sexually frustrated and
lonely, and eventually desperate enough to become a criminal.

The majority of the statistics in the past 50 years points this out. However, I do walk a fine line
here. There are still children with hardy personalities who make it out of their desperate and
abandoned situation to become a successful people who are highly valued and accepted in
society. However, the most of the children in abandoned homes that does not provide a
nurturing environment continue a cycle of poverty, instability, drug abuse, and in desperate
situations, become deviant criminals to society. This is my case for abortion for women or for
families who are not ready to raise a baby. A baby brings some joy, but mostly responsibilities --
not as depicted by Hollywood films.

3. God who care more about the universal balance, diversity, order, and harmony instead of a
personal God who is like a Universal vending machine to our whims, wishes, and wills.

If you have seen the Hollywood's funny movie "Bruce Almighty," you might get a lot of laughter.
However, one thing about the movie that you might miss in all the funny scenes is that God
intentionally made this world "unfair," -- and for a reason. First of all, God cares not for all the
personal prayers to win the lottery or the personal request to be successful and prestigious at
your job, God cares about the whole balance, order, and harmony of the entire society or even
the entire Universe. This entire society is like a big functional machine and in order for the whole
machine to work properly, everyone must play its part, some of them unfairly devalued and
despised, some of them overly lavished with value. Does a CEO of a company really worth the 7
million dollars he got as a bonus this year on top of his millions of dollars of salaries? Or does a
little girl forced into slavery in a third world country, because of his father's gambling debt,
hooked on drugs, deserve to be sold on the sex market into Western Europe -- as pieces of meat
with no income?

God stated in the Bible that "My thoughts are not your thoughts, My ways are not your ways,"
meaning we can't understand God's will! The Bible is full of these stories. Even the righteous Job
complained to God: “Therefore, I will not restrain my mouth; I will speak in the anguish of my
spirit, I will complain in the bitterness of my soul.” Job 7:11

Job 34:12-20

12 “Surely, God will not act wickedly, and the Almighty will not pervert justice.
13 “Who gave Him authority over the earth? And who has laid {on Him} the whole world?
14 “If He should determine to do so, if He should gather to himself His spirit and His breath,
15 “All flesh would perish together, and man would return to dust.
16 “But if {you have} understanding, hear this; listen to the sound of my words.
17 “Shall one who hates justice rule? And will you condemn a righteous mighty one,
18 Who says to a king, ‘Worthless one,’ to nobles, ‘Wicked ones’;
19 Who shows no partiality to princes, nor regards the rich above the poor, for they all are the
work of His hands?

Is this the way God do business: bless the righteous; punish the wicked. No, He was having an
argument with the Devil and told Job 'who are you to question me when I have made all things
on this earth' at the end. Another word, God told Job that 'he was nothing in comparison to His
Grand Creation."

Or how about Habakkuk?
Habakkuk’s Complaint

How long, Lord, must I call for help,
but you do not listen?
Or cry out to you, “Violence!”
but you do not save?
Why do you make me look at injustice?
Why do you tolerate wrongdoing?
Destruction and violence are before me;
there is strife, and conflict abounds.
Therefore the law is paralyzed,
and justice never prevails.
The wicked hem in the righteous,
so that justice is perverted.

At the end of "Bruce Almighty" movie, there was a quote: "People need to stop depending on Me
so much and start to depend on themselves more." On this point, I take the view point of the
Catholics and the Liberals. After the Catholics realized that they wrongly burned Copernicus for
telling the Truth about the Universe, and as society advanced more and more into scientific and
humanistic direction, and for the Catholic church to hold on to its "claimed" 1 billion members all
around the world, lost its pride and started to humbly fund humanistic and scientific studies of
their own. Preachers studied Confucius in China to point out the similarities in the moral order of
a person's behavior, the order of a family, and the harmony of an entire nation. That taught the
Catholics a great deal as well as won many converts into Catholicism in China. Thomas Merton
was almost on the edge of completely merging the Eastern Buddhism with Catholicism in his
studies until the power struggle began within the Catholic Church for its own independent
identity. Thomas Aquinas, a devote Catholic humanist, studied the difference between God's
Laws, Natural Laws, and Manmade Laws. Even though his dialectics to find a system of integrative
truth to the entire world's order, derived from the study of Socrates, sound ridiculous these days,
which resulted in his early death when he had a mystical experience of complete emptiness of his
entire life time of work, laid the foundation to the modern day's impartial court system all over
the world. Dietrich Bonhoeffer started the Catholic Prayer Church in Nazi Germany to look for
"God's Will" because he saw that the Bible was no longer keeping up with the current time -- a
time a massive hatred, killings, and clashes of relentless war machines. He was one of the first
clergy who tried to assassinate the leader of a country: Hitler -- to release the demon that
resided within him.

The Catholics are one of the biggest financial support institutions of Astronomy these days -- to
find the origin of the Universe and Creation itself on Earth. I believe this is to honor all the
humble scientists that the Church dishonored, such as Mendel. To look through the lenses of the
Catholic Clergy, the Bible is not to be taken literally nor is it to be interpreted freely. You can see
the Modern Catholics are walking a fine line between science, modernity, and faith (if you read
the book by the Pope, "Mere Humanity." By the Catholics' astronomical figures, within the accord
with the scientific community, God waited more than 10 billion years from the point of the "Big
Bang" to the point where the universe unraveled in random, until earth finally started to take
form. Then it took another 6 billion years for the earliest life to start emerging on earth. Human
existence is but a blink on the radar screen of time. The Conservative Christian and a
Fundamentalist Christian explain that the Universe has only existed for few thousand years. And
it will end in the 7th thousand year. Which one will you believe? The Catholics believe in the
science of carbon isotope decaying, radiations background noise left over from the Big Bang, and
the rate of the expansion of the Universe or the Biblical opening of the 7 seals, each representing
a thousand years, and at the end of the 7th seal, Apocalypse and Judgment Day will come.

From this time line, you can either say that the God of Creation is either really busy or really lazy.
But from my point-of-view, God cared more about the overall balance, harmony, order, and
diversity of the entire world and universe instead of being a personal God whom Christianity and
naive believers of any faith that God is a Universal Vending Machine to our whims, wishes, and
will. Even more loudly told to me, God respect and put into His grand design diversity in
everything. Even in something as simple as a snow flake: you won't find 2 snow flakes that are
exactly the same.

Since the beginning of the time when humans started to gather together to form groups and
societies, every single community had some sort of religion or faith that united them. There is
plenty of evidence for this. And there is no explanation for why this is so. The earliest believers
carved goddesses that were fruitful in food and in multiplying their population in this world.

So I am a Liberal Believer. I believe in God because, as humans, we all have a common instinct to
explain the un-explainable, to meticulously calculate what cannot be counted. We need to see a a
grand cause or benevolent creator for the beautiful and intelligent world that we see and live in.
We need to see the most hateful and powerful fallen angel who betrayed God who rein upon
earth presently for the great evil deeds that have occurred in the darkest hours of man kind. As
humans, we instinctively do not accept the "Butterfly Effect." A grand creation must have a grand
creator. This is built into all of us. So if you ask the question why is religion still progressing as
science is advancing so fast. The answer I can give you, as a scientist and as an engineer, is that
sciences are only leads to more and more questions -- more complicated questions as it
progresses further. This is why, I think we are all made to believe in God, because we are all made
to ask questions. And a lot of these questions in this life time cannot be answered. So we need a
God to fulfill that emptiness stemming from all the unanswered questions, which we will all face
this life time.

I also respect the diversity that God has purposely put into his grand master piece of design. I
believe in the Freedom that Jesus has brought into this world to destroy the uniformity of Laws
that the Jews upheld as their symbol of prestige and pride against the rest of the world by
following them. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees in Mark 2 by telling them "Man made for the law or
the law made for man?" Jesus told us to take upon only his burdens in this world, because his
burdens are light and only has 2 commandments: "Love your God;" and "Love thy neighbors." If
you do the following, I believe all roads lead to heaven and to God.

Therefore I am a Liberal Believer.

5. Dichotomy of Body and Soul

And lastly, I believe in a Universal God who is a Liberal God who allowed the diversity of religion,
faith, and worship to occur in His Name to His liking. This argument comes from the erroneous
belief in religion of the dichotomy of soul and body.

Even the great Solomon, who asked God for Wisdom instead of Wealth -- the wisest King who
ever ruled Israel -- stated the below:

It is true that there may be an eternity for man:

<< Ecclesiastes 3:11 >>
"He [God] has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men;
yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end."

However, if you read on:
<<Ecclesiastes 3:17-22>>

17 I thought in my heart, “God will bring to judgment both the righteous and the wicked, for
there will be a time for every activity, a time for every deed.”
18 I also thought, “As for men, God tests them so that they may see that they are like the
19 “Man's fate is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies
the other. All have the same breath; man has no advantage over the animal. Everything is
20 All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return.
21 Who knows if the spirit of man rises upward and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the
22 So I saw that there is nothing better for a man than to enjoy his work, because that is his lot.
For who can bring him to see what will happen after him?

All have the same breath; man has no advantage over the animal (NOTE: Man
and animal have the same “breath.” Below is given the meanings and the use of
the Hebrew word ‘ruach’ used for “breath”)

Modern Science has proved that whatever goes on in your mind is going on within the matters
that make up your brain. Today, with modern fMRI technology, we can see everything, every
section, every layer in your brain that is moving or changing in "real-time." And Psychiatrist has
found spot in your brain that lights up with neurotransmitters and blood flow when you have a
religious or mystical experience or simply if you are praying. Scientists have already found out in
the 60s that drugs such as LSD and Ketamine allow people to experience God, to have mystical
experience with heaven and angels. Churches within Universities conducted massive studies on
this topic to confirm this fact. Many famous scientists all claimed that they witnessed the
presence of God of the Universe while on these substances.

These types of studies were stopped because too many graduate students were committing
suicides at that point, unable to cope with reality, after having witnessed the ecstasy in the
presence of God under the influence of either LSD or Ketamine. (LSD is still legally used in the
United States by the American Indians as part of their spiritual worship as social workers found
out that LSD induced spirituality replaced alcoholism upon the American Indians.)

So, by logical progression, if drugs can induce a religious, a mystical, or a heavenly experience of
tender and warm love to people of any religion or even famous scientists who are sworn atheists,
can we assumed that our brain are made to experience God and all of his wonder from time to
time, with any religion. And if any religious clergy man praying under a mystical spell have the
same spot in their brain light up with neurotransmitters and abundant flow of blood and
nutrients, can't we assume that they are all praying to the same God who love diversity? Just like
there is a Universal Grammar that Chomsky found out and described in his book "Syntactical
Analysis" that is the underpinning of the design of all computer languages these days and
Universal Morality observed by David Humes, observed in insects and the animal kingdom, by
Adam Smith, the founder of Western Capitalism, who also observed compassion built into human
beings described in his book "The Theory of Moral Sentiments" along with his book "The Wealth
of Nations," and by modern science that all human beings in this world has a cluster of neurons
called "mirror neurons" which account for celebration between human beings for one person's
happiness because happiness is contagious, explained scientifically by mirror neurons, or for
mass grievances and moments of silences and for welfare system in almost every developed
country or even just for every compassionate moment you have for someone sadness or for
every cent that you give to a homeless person, we all share this commonality in our brain called
Mirror Neurons, Universal Morality, and Universal Grammar.

6. Universal Grammar, Universal Morality, and a Universal God who loves the diversity of how
He is worshiped within different Religions all over the world.

And as a Liberal Believer of God, having all the scientific evidences that a man is made for God --
the inevitable sensation of experiencing God is built into his brain cells -- and that all religious
experiences light up the same spot on every person's brain on this earth. Shouldn't we assume
that a God, who love diversity in all of His Creations, accept a Universal Religion as well?

Islam is about submission, submission to the only God. From my study of Islam and my contacts
some of my Muslim friends, I have learned to be better follower of Jesus' only 2 commandments
under submission. A Muslim man helped me to be a better person.

The Jewish belief is all about following the commands that God has given to Mosses, carved upon
2 stones. Jewish faith is all about obedience to the commandments, to the laws, to the Torah, and
to Jehovah. My Jewish study have taught me to be a better citizen and grow in my character and
virtues under obedience to the commandments.

When I studied Hinduism, it taught me that God is in everything and everywhere in His Creation.
There is nowhere where he is not present. God's light is shinning in everything so that they don't
even want to kill a bug. Why? Because that is a sentient being of God's light. And I learned to see
God in everything, even in science and engineering and in ugly places, situations, and people.

Buddhism changed my life. Buddhism taught me to look pass the suffering and really learning
how to live life in the flow of Universal love and wisdom.

Taoism has taught me to appreciate all the Universal Order of things by studying astrophysics
through the lenses of love and harmony, and live life in the balance of the Ying and the Yang.

Conservative Christianity has really not done much for me. It's legalism stood in my path to find
God, confused me, and has really hurt me. Jesus is the only good thing that I have gotten out of
Christianity, "the unconditional love he has poured out as an example to his followers." But
Conservative Christianity as the world knows it, as I have experienced it, hasn't done much for
me, but instead put so much fear into me that drove me further and further away from knowing
and loving God.
My life wouldn't be so rich in spirit if I hadn't studied all of the religions across the world. To all
the believers of different religions, I tell them, "Teach me!" Because ultimately I want to
understand God better through all of the diversity he has put in this world.

So as you vote for the president this term, don't be fooled by the personality or by what he
claim he will do, look at all the KING MAKERS that are funding his campaign whom he will have to
obey after the election and more so, look to the fundamental principals of moral politics and
religious perspective defined by his party's beliefs and doctrines that he must adhere loyally to.

Vote for universal tolerance, for acceptance, for peace and belonging, for diversity, and mostly for
the freedom of religion, expression, and pursuing of one's own life's destiny, goals, passion, and
love. Vote for the Liberals!

Vote against uniformity, intolerance, fundamentalism, legalism in religion and individual's value
system. And finally vote against conservatives, whom all believe that this is such a dangerous
world that we should all live in fear, own guns to protect ourselves, pour more money into the
military might of the US war machines to protect us against the rest of the world in a time when
the national deficit is souring, and finally lower taxes and cut welfare and public services (such as
planned parenthood) to promote more radical economic individualism, further widening the
wealth gap between the rich and the poor, the educated and the uneducated, and the Whites
and the Blacks and Latinos, to divide us all.