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Who is a doctor?

What exactly do they do and why is there so much prestige associated

with that profession? Well, according to the Oxford Dictionary, a doctor is "a person,
especially a physician, dentist, or veterinarian, trained in the healing arts and licensed to
practice". According to me, a doctor is much more than that.
Ever since can remem!er, have always dreamt of a career in medicine and the reason
is not for something small li"e money or prestige. #he reason that want to !ecome a
doctor is the satisfaction that would get from "nowing that made a difference in
someone$s life. When one is a doctor, people loo" up to that individual when they are at
their wea"est point, and when they have no one else !ecause a doctor helps maintain a
sense of hope for the patient and his or her family. %nowing that will !e the person
people will turn to on their most unforgetta!le days, when there is no other hope and it
will !e my responsi!ility to solve their pro!lem and possi!ly save a life gives me
satisfaction that has much more value than any amount of money.
One factor influencing my decision of pursuing a career as a doctor is that my parents
!elong to the same field. idoli&e my parents and admire their commitment and
contri!utions, !ut this alone would not !e enough to ma"e me want to !ecome a doctor
myself. 'any instances have reiterated my decision to !ecome a doctor. Of all the
instances, the one that profoundly stic"s out and has had the greatest influence on me was
the death of my grandfather due to !lood(cancer even !efore my !irth. 'y mother tells
me how difficult their life !ecame without him. #his disappointing loss inspired me to
)oin the struggle against disease and sic"ness.
'y passion for science and research is also a factor why want to pursue a career in
medicine. #here are so many diseases which have no cure. And there are so many
illnesses whose treatment can !e improved. #hat*s why want to give myself to this
n the light of the massive !rain drain of health wor"ers, !y studying medicine and
practicing it in ones country, would help in the development of my country.
+pirituality and peace of mind are welcome !enefits for doctors. #here*s nothing li"e
helping needy people to cleanse ones soul. consider medicine to !e the no!lest
profession and an extension of ,od*s healing hand, the only profession given the
privilege to understand life and cure diseases afflicting man. Of the three learned
professions -the clergy, law and medicine., medicine serves the totality of the human
!eing, the spiritual as well as the physical.
#hus, !eing a doctor has much more meaning than what it is defined as. /y possessing
the 0ualities of perseverance, empathy, compassion, and good listening s"ills, would !e
a!le to !e a great doctor and "eep people hale and hearty .