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New Users Guide to Symmetrix VMAX Auto Provisioning

Groups via CLI Part !

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 in Storage by slowe | 8 comments
Readers who also follow me on Twitter have probably noticed that !ve been in an "#$
Symmetri% &#'( training class this wee)* 's part of that class, we!ve been wor)ing with '+to,
-rovisioning .ro+ps* /or other +sers who might be new to S0#$1 2the Symmetri% $13 and
'+to,-rovisioning .ro+ps 2'-.s3, tho+ght this 4new +ser!s g+ide5 to '-.s via the $1 might
be handy* $omments from e%perienced +sers are welcome6 n f+t+re posts, !ll provide some
additional commands for modifying and viewing '-.s via $1*
7ote that this g+ide doesn!t disc+ss the re8+irements for S0#$1 2s+ch as Sol+tions "nabler3
or other prere8+isites* !ll li)ely cover those pieces in f+t+re blog posts*
'n '-., at its most basic level, consists of fo+r items9
1* ' storage gro+p containing one or more devices or device gro+ps
2* ' port gro+p containing one or more front,end director ports
:* 'n initiator gro+p containing one or more host initiator ports, denoted by their World
Wide -ort 7ame 2WW-73
;* ' mas)ing view that combines a storage gro+p, a port gro+p, and an initiator gro+p
<=, with that 2very3 basic introd+ction o+t of the way, here are some commands to create an
'-. from the command line*
To create a storage gro+p, +se this command9
symaccess -sid <Symmetrix ID> create -name <Storage group name> -type storage
-devs <Device IDs>
The device >s are the >s of the Symmetri% 1ogical &ol+mes yo+ created +sing S0#$1 or
Symmetri% #anagement $onsole 2S#$3*
To create a port gro+p containing one or more ports from one or more directors, +se this
symaccess -sid <Symmetrix ID> create -name <Port group name> -type port
-dirports <Director slice:Port number,Director slice:port number...>
The Director slice:Port number wo+ld loo) something li)e 7e:0 for port 0 on director slice ?e
2which wo+ld be in enclos+re ;3*
To create an initiator gro+p, wo+ld first recommend that yo+ create a te%t file containing a
list of all the WW-7s for the initiators in the gro+p, li)e this9
<nce yo+ have the te%t file created, yo+ can then create an initiator gro+p +sing this
symaccess -sid <Symmetrix ID> create -name <Initiator group name> -type
inititator -fi"e <Text file of initiators>
't this point, yo+ can r+n symaccess -sid <Symmetrix ID> "ist and yo+!ll see the storage,
port, and initiator gro+ps yo+ @+st created*
To combine these gro+ps into a mas)ing view, +se this command9
symaccess -sid <Symmetrix ID> create vie# -name <Masking view name> -
storgrp <Storage group name> -portgrp <Port group name> -initgrp<Initiator
group name>
This creates the mas)ing view that contains all three ob@ectsAthe storage gro+p, the port
gro+p, and the initiator gro+pAand a+tomatically performs the mapping 2associating devices
with directors3 and mas)ing 2e%posing devices to hosts3 operations*
To get more details on the mas)ing view once it is created, +se this command9
symaccess -sid <Symmetrix ID> s$o# vie# <Masking view name>
The o+tp+t from this command will show yo+ details on the devices in the storage gro+p, the
ports in the port gro+p, and the initiators in the initiator gro+p*