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Cotton Textile Industry in India

India's textile industry is predominantly cotton based which makes cotton play and
important role in the Indian economy. Cotton Textile Industry in India is one of the oldest known
industry in the country. India holds around 25% share of the cotton yarn industry worldwide. Apart
from that she also contributes to around !2 percent of the worlds production of cotton yarn "
India is now the #orld's $econd %ar&est producers and exporters of cotton yarn where
'arious states $tates like (u)arat *aharashtra and Tamil +adu in the fore front followed by Andhra
,radesh -A,. /aryana ,un)ab *adhya ,radesh -*,. 0a)asthan and 1arnataka.
The cotton textile Industry in India is based on indi&enous raw materials. It is a labor2
intensi'e industry -after the a&ricultural sector. which has been recorded to ha'e been pro'idin&
direct employment to more than 34 million person in the mills poerlooms " hand2looms. In lieu to
this its lar&e re'enue &eneration for the Indian economy it is interestin& to note that cotton textile
industry brou&ht home one2third of India's total export earnin&s5
India boast of 'arious forei&n reputed forei&n retailer and brands that imports Indian Textile
,roducts such as2 Carrefour (ap /"* 6C ,enney %e'i $trauss *acy's *arks " $pencer
*etro (roup +ike 0eebok Tommy /ilfi&er and #all2*art. The Cotton textile Industry in India
howe'er does not only focus on the raw materials exports but also on the textile2 manufacturin&7
&arments export as well.
#ith (u)arat bein& the top amon& the other states in producin& cotton textiles with numbers
of cotton textile manufacturers in $urat itself. 8or instance $hahlon &roup based in $urat is amon&
the top fabric manufacturers in India where this sin&le manufacturers ha'e a turno'er of o'er 9$ :
;4 million with o'er !<== employee stren&th5. They manufacture world class synthetic yarns
beams fabrics &arment for sellin& to manufacturers exporters defense personals " wholesalers.
$hahlon has been able to be the top manufacturers because their manufacturin& philosophy
is focused on manufacturin& world class >uality standards and deli'er inno'ati'e product that is
>ualitati'e efficient " dependable. %ist of their products includes? Apparels for #omen ,rotecti'e
Apparels ,olyester fabrics ,olyester Textured @arn ,olyester Aeams carpet7 ply @arn ,rinted
8abrics and Byed yarns.
The Apparels for #omen from $hahlon has >uite a di'erse and >uality based collections.
,rinted and plain blouse7 shirts are made of !==% pure cotton which &i'es it the maximum
durability and comfort feel.
#ith Cotton Textile Industry rapidly expandin& where hi&hly skilled work force are in
abundance Indian manufacturers are now in'estin& hea'ily in state2of2the2art machinery "
e>uipment expandin& spinnin& wea'in& finishin& processin& and cut2and2sew facilities.