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Cebu Normal University

Osmea Blvd., Cebu City
Graduate Studies

Second Semester, School Year 2013-2014

Cogon, Compostela, Cebu

In partial fulfilment of the Requirements for the subject
Human Resources Management (HRM)
(PA 4007, Second Semester)


Cyrele C. Quinio
Masterand, Master in Public Administration

Submitted to:

Dr. Terry L. Andaya
Professor, Human Resources Management

April 2014
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Human Resource Management (HRM) is a relatively new approach
to managing people in any organization. People are considered the key
resource in this approach. It is concerned with the people dimension in
management of an organization. Since an organization is a body of
people, their acquisition, development of skills, motivation for higher levels
of attainments, as well as ensuring maintenance of their level of
commitment are all significant activities. These activities fall in the domain
of HRM.

Human Resource Management is a process, which consists of four
main activities, namely, acquisition, development, motivation, as well as
maintenance of human resources.

Human Resource Management is responsible for maintaining good
human relations in the organization. It is also concerned with development
of individuals and achieving integration of goals of the organization and
those of the individuals. Human resource management is not something
that could be separated from the basic managerial function. It is a major
component of the broader managerial function.

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French Wendell, defines Human resource management as the
recruitment, selection, development, utilization, compensation and
motivation of human resources by the organization.

According to Edwin B. Flippo, Human resource management is the
planning, organizing, directing and controlling of the procurement,
development, resources to the end that individual and societal objectives
are accomplished. This definition reveals that human resource (HR)
management is that aspect of management, which deals with the
planning, organizing, directing and controlling the personnel functions of
the enterprise.

These and many more are the reasons why the HR Department plays
a significant role in a company. Thus it must be handled keenly.


This paper wishes to look deep on how the Personnel Department of
Compostela Science and Technology High School (a public school under
the Division of Cebu Province of the Department of Education), works. This
also aims to compare and contrast the Personnel Department of a public
school to some government and private organizations. More so, this paper
provides suggestion to further enhance the HR Department of the subject
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The history of the Human Resource Department of Compostela
Science and Technology High School can be traced back to the
year the school was established. The School Administrator or School
Head or School Principal or Head Teacher or Teacher-in-Charge
performs the functions of an HR Manager in a public school setting.
Compostela Science and Technology High School started its
operation in the school year 2001-2002 under the administrative
supervision of the then Principal of Compostela National High School,
Mrs. Maria Teresa P. Selanoba. Having no physical facilities including
classrooms of its own, the school shares facilities including teachers
with Compostela NHS.
It took four years for the school to finally move to its own site
which was made possible through the efforts of the municipal officials
and the generosity of Dr. Norberto Quisumbing Jr., Chairman of the
Norkis Group of Companies who donated the 10 000 sq. m. lot.
Together with this transfer to its new and own site in 2005, Mr.
Luis R. Arioja was assigned as Teacher-In-Charge of the school. This
provided empowered him to carry on functions of a school
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Little by little, Mr. Arioja took steps to be independent from its
mother school. This included hiring teachers of its own. He also took
the school to a significant leap when he decided to increase the
number of student-enrolees. This gave him the justification and
opportunity to hire more teachers and increase the schools financial
capabilities to a more desirable level.
At present, the school has a total of eleven teachers, two
watchmen and Mr. Arioja as the newly appointed school principal. It
has a total of 13 classrooms and more are coming. It caters 302
students who underwent prudent screening process. It has produced
graduates who not only made names in their tertiary schools but also
to their field of work and profession.

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In Compostela Science and Technology High School
and other public schools across the country, the school
principal does almost all the things that basically an HR
manager performs. School principals are empowered to
perform managerial functions. They can actually recruit, select
and hire employees. They also check teachers attendance
and tardiness. They can evaluate teachers performance in a
certain school year. They also sign teachers Daily Time Record
(DTR) and Leave of Absence (LOA). They can even fil e
insubordination to teachers who refuse to obey rightful and
legal orders. They even contribute much to teachers
promotions. They can also impose disciplinary actions to
teachers. They take full responsibility of what happens to the
school. This includes the physical structure of the school, the
teachers and of course the students.


Similar to other public schools, Compostela Science and
Technology High School conforms to DepEd Guidelines in
Recruitment and Hiring. Each year the Department issues
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guidelines in hiring. The latest issuance is DepEd Order No. 14
Series 2014 signed by the Department of Education Secretary.
This will serve as the basis for the Personnel Selection
Board (PSB) to plan for their course of action. Usually, teacher-
applicants submit their pertinent documents to the school they
wish to apply. Each school creates a School Selection
Committee wherein the chairman is the school head. The result
is then consolidated to the Municipal Selection Committee
wherein the Lead School Principal acts as the chairman. The
results of the Municipal Ranking is then forwarded to the
Division office for review and approval. After the approval,
results shall be posted to the schools and applicants shall be
furnished with their own copy for the result. This copy is called
the Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA). An applicant can
never be hired if his name does not appear on the RQA. Hiring
is usually based on merit and fitness but not at all time. A lot of
chaos occur in the distribution of plantilla positions to
applicants. Some even go as chaotic as filing cases.

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Training and development of employees in Compostela
Science and Technology High School or any other public
schools in the country relies greatly from higher offices like
division offices, regional offices and the central office.
However, every semester, there is an In-service training in all
districts or municipalities, this is spearheaded by the lead
schools (for secondary) and central schools (for elementary).
The division office monitors the conduct of this training.
In the implementation of K-12 Program, a Regional mass
training has been set yearly to prepare teachers to this change
in curriculum. This is done nationwide. Private sectors can also
provide training to public school teachers provided that they
seek approval from DepEd. All trainings coming from private
firms should have an advisory or recommendation attached
from DepEd before teachers join these trainings.
International trainings and scholarships are also
available in the department. Some teachers are taught
foreign languages. There are also several trainings on
management for school administrators.

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Revised-Performance Appraisal System for Teachers (R-PAST)

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DepEd, similar to other existing government agencies
Implements a system of Employee Compensation and Salary
Administration. It abides by the Position Classification and
Compensation Scheme for Teaching Positions in Elementary
and Secondary Schools set by the Department of Budget and
DepEd Teaching employees enjoy several benefits,
allowances and bonuses to wit;
Productivity Incentive of more or less Php. 2 000.00
Uniform/Clothing Allowance of Php. 5 000.00
Chalk Allowance of Php. 1 000.00
Mid-Year and Year-End Bonuses
Performance-Based Bonus (PBB)
Bonuses, rewards and awards are given when an
organization wants to motivate employees in achieving a goal
or when employees have accomplished an organizational
objective. The bonuses received by the teaching employees
are the Mid-Year bonus in the month of May; the Performance-
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Based Bonus (PBB) in the month of August and the Year-End
Bonus in the month of November. Subject to Philippine
Presidents approval, teachers also received cash grants during
Christmas season.
The agency that value and promote a healthy lifestyle
may have an edge when it comes to attracting and retaining
key people. In addition, their employees may be more alert and
more productive. The results strongly support the premise that
well-designed workplace wellness programs can be highly
effective in employees adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle
change, with significant benefits for employee and employer
alike. In DepEd, there is no concrete employee health program.
However, employees are required to submit medical records
yearly for clearance signing.
Employee Discipline in the Philippine Education sector
starts at a school level. If the issue cannot be resolved at a
school level, it is then brought to the District or Municipal Level
where the lead principal takes charge. If the issue still persists,
it is then brought to the Area Level or to the office of the Area
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Supervisor. Should worse turns to worst it is then brought to the
Division Level or to the Office of the Schools Division
Superintendent which he will then channel to his administrative
The same procedures apply in taking employee
grievances. Employees, as much as possible, are encourage
to carry their grievances through proper channel.
Administrative remedies shall be exhausted first in the school
level before carrying it up to higher channels. Amicable
settlement should be the number one option in the settlement
of complaints and grievances.
Clearly, teachers in the department lack career
management and development. A lot of teachers have been
in service for more or less twenty years but still are in Teacher I
position. This is because a lot of them dont know and are not
aware of their career pathing. They are not encouraged to
pursue post graduate studies to elevate them in the rank and
file. One must struggle by himself in preparing his own
documents should he wish to be promoted.
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The career management process begins with setting
goals/objectives. A relatively specific goal/objective must be
formulated so the agency conducts a review for Civil Service
Examination for the illegible employee. The employee who is
legible can apply for a permanent item when there is needed.
A priority given to that employee who is qualified and serving
already in the outlet for so many years.
1. Employee Tardiness
-Oral Reprimand
2. Limited Number of Classroom Buildings
-Sought sponsors/benefactors
-Maximized community linkages
-Encouraged PTA to increase miscellaneous payment
3. Adequate Teaching Personnel
-Hired teachers locally
4. Poor Employee Performance
-Sent teachers to trainings and seminars
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5. Adequate Budget Allocation from the Government
-Created Income Generating Projects
6. Decreasing Enrolment Rate
-Exposed schools to various academic contests
7. Security from Thief and Robbery
-Implemented School Perimeter Fencing Project
1. Strict Compliance to schools rule on tardiness
2. Encouragement of teachers to pursue graduate studies
3. Settlement of complaints and grievances the soonest time
possible and the nicest way possible
4. Solicitation of personnels ideas in different activities
5. Equal delegation of duties and responsibilities
6. Taking care of employee welfare and benefits
7. Giving due recognition to personnel who performs well

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Human Resources Department in every agency plays a very
significant role. It aids in developing a company's strategy at the same time,
it handles employee-centered activities within the organization. HR also
provides awareness and inform departments and functional areas on
changes in policy. HR's mission is to manage the employee experience
during the employment life cycle.
Its sad to note that there isnt any personnel in DepEd who is solely
in charge of HR functions, duties and responsibilities. It would be better if
there is an HR manager in each school. In order for the HR to have a good
company strategy, HR planning should be conducted to determine and
ensure that the organization has adequate number of qualified persons
available at the proper times and meets the needs of the organization and
provides satisfaction for individual employees.
If there is someone who will take charge of the personnel, the school
head can focus on other important matters such as improving the schools
physical capabilities. He can also focus in his instructional supervision
DepEd should also provide a good working condition to the
employees in order to be productive and efficient in their work and also the
waiting area of the clients, it should be convenient and accommodating.
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The school head, being the immediate supervisor of the teachers
should here complaint from his staff. And talk the problem in a private room
not to be heard by everybody. And also the overtime work of teachers
should be charged to their service credit. The agency should provide some
health programs to the teachers and have a team building even by quarter
to interact and integrate skills into a united effort, reduce conflicts between
team members, increase awareness of each individuals worth and
usefulness as well as binding the team together for the common good.
The HR department is like the mother of the organization. It takes care
of the employees. Like a mother, it worries about the future of the
employees. It disciplines employees in a way mother disciplines her
children. Being an HR manager is also never an easy task but the price is
very rewarding.
Human Resource Management aims to improve the productive
contribution of individuals while simultaneously attempting to attain other
societal and individual employee objectives. Therefore, HR is concerned
with the optimum utilization of people to attain an organizational objective.
The key point here is that HR is the backbone of a productive, happy and
harmonious organization. This is because nothing in a company is
accomplished without its people. Skilled management of the people and
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support of their productivity is a vital foundation for the rest of the company.
So get your HR department functioning correctly now and reap the rewards
down the line.