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CIN 501

Productivity Software

Project 2: Spreadsheet Software 10%

Due Date: Friday March 21st 2014
Time: 11.55 pm Midnight

This assignment should be done using Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010. The assignment is
designed for individual work and NOT group work. However, you may ask your tutor or
friends for a general understanding of certain tasks. This assignment will introduce you to
other useful tools provided by Microsoft Excel as well as enhancing the skills you learnt in
the lab. If you need help, MS Office Assistant is always there at your service.

Part A What to do
Your friend has just started lecturing at the School of Tourism and Hotel Management,
based in Namaka Campus. He is not very familiar with computers. He has to present and
submit final grade entry list for one of his courses. He has been storing student assessment
in a simple text file. He has asked you to create a spreadsheet to automate necessary grade
calculations and analysis.

Follow the instructions below.

Part 1 Creating the student list

1. Download Excel Project file.xls from Weblearn and save it as as
SXXXXXXXXX_Name.xls. where SXXXXXXXXXX stands for you student ID and Name
stands for you full name.

2. Rename Sheet 1 to Student Grades. This sheet will be regarded as Student Grades

3. Change the column width as follows: A=90 pixels, B=100 pixels, C=100 pixels, D=90
pixels, E=90 pixels, F=80 pixels, G=80 pixels, H=95 pixels, I=70 pixels.

4. In Cell A1 enter the name of the school as School of Tourism and Hotel Management and
format (font: Arial (Bold), size: 14, color: Blue (column 6, row 2 of the color palette),
Merge and center cell range A1:F1).

5. In Cell A3 enter the course code and title as THM1065 Introduction to Tourism and
format (font: Arial (Bold), size: 12, color: Dark Red (column 1, row 2), Merge and center
cell range A3:D3).

6. In Cell A4 enter Term 2, 2010 and format (font: Arial (Bold), size: 12, color: Dark Red
(column 1, row 2), Merge and center cell range A4:B4).

7. First you would need to create the student grade entry table. In Cell A6 enter Grade
Entry List and format (font: Arial (Bold), size: 12, color: Blue, Merge and center cell
range A6:I6).

8. Enter the following column headings in row 7 for columns A to I (A7:I7):

a) Student ID
b) Last Name
c) First Name
d) Test 1 20%
e) Project 30%
f) CW 50%
g) Final 50%
h) Score 100%

Format the range A7:I7 as follows: Font: Arial (Bold), Size: 11, Color: Red (column 1, row
3). Underline the range by applying heavy border style (column 2, row 6) in the Style Box
and color Blue.

9. You would next need to populate the table with student records provided by your
lecturer friend. The student records are in StudentRecords.txt file.
a. Populate the Grade Entry List from rows 8 to 27 with the student records from
StudentRecords.txt. Be mindful of the CW 50% (column F) which will be empty.

10. Enter 3 more student records of your own choice to make the total number of students
to be graded to 23. The student ID numbers for the 3 added students should be S11020,
S11021 and S11022; the rest of the field values are to be provided by you.

11. Format the range A8:I30 as follows: Font: Calibri, Size: 11. For the range D8:G30 format
the cells to only one decimal place (e.g. 10.0 or 14.5) and set the text alignment to

Part 2 Calculations

Now that you have the student assessment data, you can calculate the coursework (CW
50%) and then the Score (100%) and then use the Score to determine the resultant grade
of the each student.
1. Coursework for each student is the sum of Test 1 and Project. Use an appropriate in
built formula to calculate the coursework for each student in the range F8:F30.
2. Score for each student is the sum of CW and Final. But your friend needs the scores to
be rounded to the nearest whole number. For example, 26.3 > 26 and 26.5 > 27. You
will use the round function provided by Excel to achieve this. Use an appropriate in
built formula to calculate the score for each student in the range F8:F30.

3. Now that you have the scores achieved by the students in that course, you can lookup to
a grade table to determine the corresponding grade letter. To make the look up grade
table go to Sheet 2 of your workbook:

a. Click on Sheet 2. Rename Sheet 2 to Grades Distribution. This sheet will be
regarded as Grades Distribution worksheet.
b. In cell A1 enter Grades Distribution. Apply the format as in Part 1.7 except merge
and center cell range A1:C1.
c. Enter the following column headings in row 2 for columns A to C (A2:C2): Score
100%, Grade, Frequency. Format the column heading range A2:C2 as in Part 1.8.
d. Enter the following data (0, 40, 50, 57, 64, 71, 78, 85) through the range A3:A10
and (E, D, C, C+, B, B+, A, A+) through B3:B10 to obtain a table as such:

Select range A3:C10 and format (font: Arial (Bold), size: 11, Center alignment).

Once you have the grade look up table, you would be able to automatically determine the
corresponding grades. But to do this, you will need to use some functions. Excel has a
lookup function for these sorts of task. A VLOOKUP function is used for looking up values in
tables vertically.

1. Use VLOOKUP function to determine the grade for the each student on Student
Grades worksheet in the range I8:I30.

2. Apply conditional formatting to highlight those grades that are below the C grade in
the Student Grades worksheet. Below C grades are the failing grades D and E.
Conditional formatting should set the Font to Bold, Font Color to White and Cell Fill
Color to Red for all the D and E grades in the range I8:I30.

Part 3 Grade Analysis

Now you will extract some basic information from the grade data. Your friend will need this
for the grade presentation. The analysis will be done on the Grades Distribution worksheet.

1. First calculate the number of occurrences (frequency) of each grade in the student
grades. Use an appropriate inbuilt function to determine the frequency of each
grade in the range C3:C10.

2. Next you will calculate the average for coursework (CW 50%), final (Final 50%) and
the Total (Score 100%).
a. In cell B13 enter the heading CW 50%, in C13 enter Final 50% and in D13
enter Score 100%.
b. In cell A14 enter the heading Average.
c. In cells B14, C14 and D14, write appropriate formulas to calculate the
average for coursework, final and score respectively. The average should be
rounded to one decimal place.
d. Format (font, size, color) the above cells, of your choice, to represent the
information appropriately.

3. Calculate the total number of students and the pass rate of the course.
a. In cell A17 enter Number of Students and merge the range A17:B17.
b. In cell C17 write an appropriate formula to count the number of students
c. In cell A18 enter Pass Rate and merge the range A18:B18.
d. In cell C18 write an appropriate formula to determine the pass rate for this
course. A fail is either an E or a D grade.
e. Format cell C18 using Percentage Style.

4. You will need to present information in a chart form as well.
a. Select the range B2:C10 and create a Column Chart using the Chart SubType
as Clustered Column. Create the chart on the current sheet.
b. Give the chart an appropriate Title and carry out any further formatting to
enhance the appearance of your chart and also making it informative. Adjust
the location and size of the chart.

Part B What To Do
1. Open the worksheet Discount.
2. The worksheet consists of a discount calculation at the top and the lookup table at the
bottom. The discount available depends directly on the number of items bought.
3. Using the Function Wizard, enter the appropriate lookup calculation in cell D8 that will
search for the appropriate discount percentage for the customer.
Hint: use one of the lookup functions that you have practised in your lab
4. Excel will look up the value in D4 in the table covering C18:I19, and will return the
value in the 2
row of the table.
5. As the Range lookup field was left blank, Excel will find the largest value which is less
than the lookup value. If you key in FALSE in the Range lookup field, Excel would only
look for an exact match, or return as error value of #N/A.

Part C What To Do
1. Open the worksheet Text Functions.
2. In B6, use the CONCATENATE function to join together the text in the cells in row 3.
Remember to add spaces between the words. Add a question mark at the end of the
3. In cell B7, use the PROPER function to make the first letter of each word in cell B6 a
capital letter, with all other characters in lower case.
4. In B8, capitalize the whole sentence from B6.
5. In B9, reformat the sentence in cell B6 so that every letter is in lower case.
6. What is the length of the text string in cell B6? Place the answer in cell B10.
7. What are the first three characters in cell E3? Display the answer in B11.

What to submit
You will submit a single file on the submission link on Web learn created in MS Excel with
the following criteria. Your file name will be the same as your Student ID_ Name. That is if
your ID is XXXXXXXXXX_Name then your assignment file name should
XXXXXXXXXX_Name.xls as stated in the beginning of the document.
Failure to comply will result in 1% deduction from your assignment.
Late Submission
If you do not submit you assignment on time then the will be a deduction of 2% per day for late