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Gavva ramesh

Current Address Permanent Address E-mail Address and Phone
Xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
To acquire the position of a software developer which allows me to apply my
technical skills in an enlightened, dynamic, and high paced environment.

Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology completed !ay "##$, $%&$% '
Intermediate in !aths Physics and Chemistry, completed A(r "##) $* '
+econdary Education, completed in !ay )%%%, ,"&$ '
Career Profile
Project -etails.

Project /ame . xxxxxxx
Organi0ation . xxxxxxx&
Client . xxxxxxx
-uration . xxxxxxx
Project -escri(tion.
The project deals with maintaining the stability of the icrosoft !indows "perating
#ystem for the bugs logged by the customers all over the world. $hecking the stability of the
!indows "perating #ystem was a crucial task as the "perating #ystem is used by billions of
customers all over the world and any instability may result in millions of dollars loss the
icrosoft $orporation. "nce the bug is resolved by the icrosoft $orporation, the patch with
the resolved bug is applied to the !indows operating #ystem and its stability was checked.
1ey Com(etencies 2 +3ills
y $ompetency %rofile includes the following
4ard +3ills
O(erating +ystems !indows &'(&)(*+++, *++,server(X%.
%age - of ,
Gavva ramesh
$ore .ava, $, /T0, 1/T0, X0, .ava #cript, $2,
3#%, #40, %/%, !indows programming.
"racle &i. # 3$$5##
%hotoshop, 6lash.
$omplete understanding of icrosoft test technologies.
6raduation Project Thesis
%roject Title Internet Chatting
This project is used basically for chatting purpose with the
remote clients or users on internet or local networks. /ere in this
project java client(server combination is used to chat with remote
The project7s premier feature is whiteboard drawing utility8 user
can draw freehand, do circles, squares, lines, text or paste
image files to the canvas. 9sers can create and manage chat
rooms, which can be either :public; or :private;.
<ole %roject 0eader and 0ead %rogrammer
1raft initial charter and project plan.
$oordinate efforts for completing activities as planned.
9pdate plan regularly. =dentify and resolve issues.
#erve as the single point of contact for the Team to the
project stakeholders.
$ode the ainstream services.
Personal -etails
>ame xxxxxxx
1ate of ?irth xxxxxxx
0anguages 5nglish, Telugu
>ationality =>1=3>
%assport 3vailable
<eference 3vailable upon request
Current 5ocation xxxxxxx.
%age * of ,
Gavva ramesh
7illing to 8elocate @5#
= hereby declare that all the particulars mentioned above are true to the best of my
%age , of ,