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Marshall, Justin


Team: Ben, Bryan, Kate, Louis, Erica


Title: Cellular respiration in yeast


*Respiration is the process by which cells take oxygen and release carbon dioxide
and energy. It is a step by step breakdown of energy glucose (sugar) molecules to
release energy.

*It takes place day and night in all living cells.

*All cells carry out the process of cellular respiration in order to meet their energy

*Energy produced from sugar by cellular respiration, is required for survival.

*Cellular respiration takes place in the organelle called the mitochondria. (It makes
energy from food for the cells activities.)

*When living things respire they produce heat energy.

*The chemical equation for respiration is:

Glucose+oxygen-----------Carbon dioxide+water
purpose: students will will use/investigate the powers of the yeast to blow balloons
this experiment will reinforce the basic principles of cellular respiration in living

Hypothesis: If we are going to combine all of the ingredients together and then
balloon will inflate or explode I predict that it will grow to 9 inches or more.

*balloon (9 in latex)
*narrow funnel
*1 tbsp (15ml)active dry yeast
*1 teaspoon(5ml) sugar
*measuring spoon
*measuring cup
*warm water (50ml)
*string (12in)


1. place bottom of funnel into the opening

2. Pour yeast and sugar into the balloon through the funnel

3. carefully add warm water into the balloon and begin timing

4. remove funnel and tie balloon

5. measure your balloon immedity

6. place balloon in a warm place to wait

7. measure circumference and record data every 2 minutes

2 mins. 3 in.
4 mins. 5 in.
6 mins. 6 in.
8 mins. 6 in.
10 mins. 8 in.
12 mins. 10 in.
14 mins. 11 in.
16 mins. 12 in.
18 mins. 13 in.
20 mins. 15 in.

Observation: The balloon started to bubble and was growing in different directions.
You can literally see the balloon get bigger. When you put your hand on the balloon
you can feel it getting bigger and bigger.

Data: there was no pattern that the balloon grew in, like it would grow an inch then it
would grow only a half an inch for the next 2 minutes. The balloon that i used it never
shrunk unlike the other students in my class.

Analysis Questions:

1. What are the reactants in the observed reaction? The balloon was bubbling,
fizzing, popping, and growing.

2. What are the products? The products of cellular respiration is oxygen.

3. what is the purpose of warm water? It helps breaks down the sugar.

4. Why is respiration important for living organisms? Every living thing needs cell
respiration to breath.

Conclusion: In conclusion my hypothesis was correct because I predicted that it
would inflate and that all the ingredients would react together and fizz. I was
surprised that shaking it made it expand more. When my group set it on something
black it grew significantly. I think that if everyones group did the same thing the
inches would be really close. I wonder why everyones balloons grew in different
ways I would think that they would be different sizes but growing the same
I also predicted that the balloon was going to be 9 inches or more and that
was correct. The different techniques that other people changed the outcome
immensely. The hotter the balloon got the bigger it grew. I was surprised that most of
the groups shook the balloon just like my group. This was a great experiment I
learned that even the different ways you shook it or put it on the ground the outcome
would not be the same