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Chapter 1 Post-Test
Directions: Solve the following problems.
1. Jason is a lab technician and earns $9.65 per hour. What are his wages for 40 hours?

2. Estimate Jasons annual wages, based on 50 weeks.

3. Bailey works as an electrician with the Current Electric Company. She earns $17.25 per
hour with time and a half after 40 hours. If she works 44 hours Monday through Friday,
how much will she earn?

4. One day Bailey works from 8:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M., lunches until 1:30, and then works
until 5:30 P.M. How many hours does she work?

5. William receives $0.89 for every radio he wires at Benton Electronics. How much will he
earn if he completes the wiring on 128 radios?

6. Round $18.937 to the nearest cent.

7. Round $138.026 to the nearest dollar.

8. What is the annual salary for someone who earns a biweekly salary of $927?

Directions: Change these percents to decimals.

9. 6% = _______________________

10. 19% = ______________________

11. 115% = _____________________

Directions: Solve the following problems.
12. Mr. Johnson receives a 5% commission plus a salary of $285 per week. If his total sales
for one week are $3912, how much does he earn?

13. Ms. Smith sells a car for $16400. How much does she earn with a 1.4% commission?

Directions: Compute the total deductions and net pay for these two employees.

Soc. Sec.
Total Deductions Net Pay
14. $712 $108.70 $35.69 $44.09 $10.31 $49.37

15. $412 $46.54 $20.06 $25.55 $5.97 $27.19

Directions: Match each vocabulary term to the correct definition.
_____16. Hourly Rate A. The amount of money earned during a full year
_____17. Wages B. The amount of money paid for each hour of work
_____18. Annual Wages C. The money received on payday

_____19. Double Time A. Working time beyond a standard day or week
_____20. Overtime B. Payment of 1.5 times the regular hourly rate
_____21. Time and a Half C. Payment of two times the regular hourly rate

_____22. Tip A. Payment of a fixed amount of money at regular intervals
_____23. Piecework B. Extra money given in appreciation of good service
_____24. Salary C. Work paid according to number of units completed

_____25. Bimonthly A. Four times a year, or once every three months
_____26. Quarterly B. Every six months, or 2 times a year
_____27. Semiannually C. Every two months, or 6 times a year

_____28. Biweekly A. Payment based on a percentage of total sales
_____29. Semimonthly B. Twice a month; or 24 times a year
_____30. Commission C. Every two weeks; or 26 times a year

_____31. Rate of Commission A. The percent used to compute commissions
_____32. Deductions B. The amount of full earnings before deductions
_____33. Gross Pay C. Money withheld from gross pay