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Field Trip Proposal, Submitted By: Liz Konkolowski

School: Holy Wisdom Academy, West Campus

Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time: 8:30AM-1:00

Place: Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Transportation: Yellow Bus

Trip Activities: The students will leave the school at 8:30AM. It will take approximately an
hour and a half to get there. Once the students get there, which should be around 10:00AM, they
will go to the Swiss Jolly Ball which is the world’s largest pinball machine. At 10:15, they’d
then go to The Henry Crown Space Center. There they can learn about failed space trips, how we
landed on the moon, and interactive activities such as landing a
remote control land rover.

At 10:45, the students would go to the farm exhibit. Here you can see how farms use new
technology and how your food gets to your plate. Students should always know what they’re
eating and how it was made. You can do interactive activities such as simulating milking a cow,
driving tractors, and seeing how poop turns into power that we use every day. Students will get
to learn how people use garbage to make a green way of living.

At 11:15 until 11:45, the students eat a bagged lunch provided by the school.

Once lunch is over, the students would head over to the genetics exhibit. There the students can
watch baby chicks hatch out of their shells and see them begin their life. Seeing the birth of any
animal is a rare, exciting, and educating experience that is not available in school. You can see
genetically cloned mice, strands of Abraham Lincoln’s hair under a microscope, as well as your
own. Learning about your own DNA, and even others, is interesting because it shows us the
building blocks of life. Having a general idea of DNA is important for everyone to know.

At 12:15, the students would head over to Petroleum Planet. Here, you can see how petroleum is
used in our everyday life, and how it gets into our products. Knowing what is in the products we
use every day is important because you know you won’t be using a mystery product that may
end up being toxic. Knowing what you use every day is a skill needed for the everyday world.
There are various mazes you can go through. At the “Petro Mall” you can check our various
things and fabrics made by petroleum, and try and simulated skiing or snowboarding activates.

At 12:45, their final stop, the students will go to Yesterday’s Main Street. This is a very amazing
and educational experience because you get to see what the world was like almost 100 years ago.
You can see the beginning of cities and how they began to grow into busy centers of America.
Here, they show real, running models of the stores back in the 1910’s. There are clothing and
corset shops. You can stop in to watch silent movies. You can stop and have your picture taken
by a 1902 car and vintage clothing accessories. You would be able to see how your great
grandparents and even grandparents lived and worked every day.

At 1:15, all the students would head over to the main entrance and go back to school.

This field trip if educational because, there are many new experiences and hands on activities
that we would not be able to do in school. Students will be able to experience and learn about
fun, historical, yet educational things that they could only read about in school. These hands on
activities give the students a chance to feel and experience these exhibits in their own hands.
They’d also get to see the sights of busy Chicago on the way to and back from school.

Cost: $7.00 per student