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Premature for CIDG to conclude missing firearms sold to NPAs

Members of the House Committee on Public Order and Security are unsatisfied
with the investigation of the Philippine National Police (PNP) on the missing !""#
firearms as they noted probers have prematurely concluded these were sold to communist
rebels! and that the PNP has not cancelled the license to operate of Caraga Security
$gency owner %sidro &o'ada who facilitated all () transactions for the rifles*
+uring the hearing of the committee chaired by ,ep* -effrey .errer (#
Negros Occidental) last /ednesday! ,ep* ,omeo $cop ((
+istrict! $ntipolo) was
unconvinced by the claim of the Criminal %nvestigation and +etection 0roup (C%+0) that
the !""# firearms were sold by &o'ada to the New People1s $rmy rebels*
2$re you trying to tell this representation that the NP$ can pay P3( million for
firearms4!5 $cop as6ed C%+0 +irector 7en8amin Magalong*
$cop also as6ed Magalong if they had chec6ed the financial capability of &o'ada to
determine if it was really his money that was used to purchase all !""# firearms worth
P3( million from 9win Pines! %nc*
2Kaya ba ni Mr. Lozada na bumili ng ganito karaming firearms4 7ecause if he1s not
capable of spending P3( million for !""# firearms! then somebody must be behind his
bac6! somebody who is moneyed!5 said $cop! an author of House ,esolution ::( see6ing
an in;uiry into the missing firearms issue*
$cop! a lawyer and former C%+0 +irector! advised Magalong that by chec6ing
these important matters! probers can delve all possibilities on the missing firearms issue*
.or the ne<t hearing of the committee! $cop as6ed 9win Pines! %nc* 0eneral Manager
Servando 9opacio! who was present during the hearing! to submit the company1s 7ills of
&ading for the () transactions involving the !""# firearms it sold to &o'ada! including
their pac6ing list*
2% am as6ing the committee to invite those from concerned 7ureau of Customs
(7OC) office that will show the 7ills of &ading tally with their documents!5 said $cop*
He also as6ed 9win Pines to submit pertinent documents showing how many maga'ines
and ammunitions were sold to &o'ada*
,ep* Samuel Pagdilao (Party=list! $C9=C%S)! another committee vice chairman!
;uestioned why the Civil Security 0roup (CS0) has not ta6en any course of action against
&o'ada and his Caraga Security $gency despite admitting he sold !""# firearms to the
NR # 3489B
JUNE 6, 2014
2Kahit di ninyo ni-renew ang license ng Caraga Security Agency, it is still
subsisting. Di ba daat inaksyunan na ninyo yan! >ven without a recommendation of the
C%+0 director daat meron na kayong aksyon na ginawa dyan sa security agency ni
Lozada considering that he admitted having sold so many high=powered firearms to the
NP$* "ala man lang kayong aksyon,# $agdilao told CS0 +irector Melito Mabilin*
Pagdilao! also a lawyer and former C%+0 +irector! said there is an apparent lac6 of
foresight and understanding on the part of the CS0 on what responsibility is*
2Can Mr* &o'ada still be trusted in running such business of handling weapons! and
securing persons and property considering that he sold so many firearms to the NP$4
Anong aksyon ang daat ginawa ninyo dyan! if any4!5 said Pagdilao*
$s6ed by .errer if the C%+0 will file a case against &o'ada! Magalong said the
C%+0 will definitely do so* Magalong said &o'ada was cooperative during the
investigation but he opted to submit an unsigned affidavit*
.errer said the committee will summon &o'ada if he still fails to attend ne<t wee61s
+uring Pagdilao1s ;uestioning of 9opacio! the businessman said all the ()
transactions with &o'ada were for four companies namely Caraga Security $gency! %sla
Security $gency! -9C Mineral Mining Corporation and Claver Mineral +evelopment
9opacio said only &o'ada dealt with 9win Pines in its 7utuan City branch!
representing himself as the following? owner and security provider for Caraga Security
$gency@ security provider for -9C Mineral Mining Corp*@ security provider for Claver
Mineral +evelopment Corp*@ and part owner of %sla Security $gency*
9he solons as6ed 9opacio to submit the number of firearms per tranche as they
came in! including the duties and ta<es! and also the list of 9win Pines1 firearms buyers*
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