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Revised Anti-Carnapping Act passed on 2

The proposed Revised Anti-Carnapping Act, a substitute bill increasing penalties for
the crime of carnapping, has been approved on second reading on June 4.
The House Committee on Revision of Las chaired b! Rep. "arl!n L. #rimicias-
Agabas approved, reported out and defended in plenar! H$ 4%44 in substitution of H$
&os. '(), **4, +(), (,,+, ((-,, ()(., ),'+ and ).)+.
H$ 4%44 is entitled /An Act providing for a Revised Anti-Carnapping Act,
repealing for the purpose Republic Act &o. *%'+, otherise 0non as 1The Anti-
Carnapping Act of (+-).23
4ection ' of H$ 4%44 states that /carnapping is the ta0ing, ith intent to gain, of a
motor vehicle belonging to another ithout the latter2s consent, or b! means of violence
against or intimidation of persons, or b! using force upon things.3
Li0eise, 4ection ' provides that5 /An! person ho is found guilt! of carnapping,
shall, regardless of the value of the motor vehicle ta0en, be punished b! imprisonment of
not less than tent! 6),7 !ears and one 6(7 da! and not more than thirt! 6',7 !ears, hen
the carnapping is committed ithout violence against or intimidation of persons or force
upon things8 and b! imprisonment for not less than thirt! 6',7 !ears and one 6(7 da! and
not more than fort! 64,7 !ears, hen the carnapping is committed b! means of violence
against or intimidation of an! person, or force upon things8 and the penalt! of life
imprisonment shall be imposed hen the oner, driver, or occupant of the carnapped
motor vehicle is 0illed in the commission of the carnapping.3
/9nder the measure, an! person charged ith carnapping as penali:ed under the
Act shall be denied bail hen the evidence of guilt is strong,3 the authors said.
;n chronological order, the principal authors of the eight 6.7 original separate bills
ere the folloing5 Reps <loria "acapagal-Arro!o, =iosdado "acapagal Arro!o and
Lani "ercado-Revilla 6H$ '()78 Reps. Cesar >. 4armiento, Christopher 4. Co and Rodel
$atocabe 6H$ **478 Reps. ;rin C. Tieng, "ariano "ichael ". >elarde, Jr. and ?ose L.
Atien:a, Jr. 6H$ +()78 Rep. 4alvio @ortuno 6H$ (,,+78 Rep. Josephine >eroniAue R.
Lacson-&oel 6H$ ((-,78 Reps. Rufus Rodrigue:, "aBimo Rodrigue:, JoaAuin Chipeco,
Jr. and Angelina =.L. Tan ".=. 6H$ ()(.78 Rep. Cvelina <. Cscudero 6H$ ),'+7 and
Rep. Dinston Castelo 6H$ ).)+7.
En the other hand, 4ection 4 provides that5 /An! person ho commits an unlaful
act as provided in this la and in furtherance or concealment of the crime of carnapping
shall be punished ith imprisonment of siB 6*7 !ears up to telve 6()7 !ears and fine
NR # 3490B
JUNE 7, 2014
eAual to the amount to the acAuisition cost of the motor vehicle, motor vehicle engine, or
an! other part involved in the violation5 Provided, That if the person violating an!
provision of this Act is a Furidical person, the penalt! herein provided shall be imposed on
its president, secretar!, andGor members of the board of directors or an! of its officers and
emplo!ees ho ma! have directl! participated in the violation.3
Li0eise, /an! public official or emplo!ee ho directl! commits the unlaful acts
defined in this Act or is guilt! of gross negligence of dut! or connives ith or permits the
commission of an! of the said unlaful acts shall, in addition to the penalt! prescribed in
the preceding paragraph, de dismissed from the service and shall be permanentl!
disAualified from holding public office.3
Aside from Chairman #rimicias-Agabas and the principal authors, other co-authors
of the substitute bill include the folloing5 Reps. "aria Leonor <erona-Robredo8 ;barra
<utierre:, ;;;8 "oniAue Ha:min Lagdameo8 Cinchona Cru:-<on:ales, 4ilvertre $ello ;;;8
Iavier Jesus Romualdo8 <iorgidi Aggabao8 Henr! Eaminal8 &icasio Aliping, Jr., Leo
Rafael Cueva8 and "aria Lourdes Acosta-Alba.
The lama0ers ere one in declaring that the paramount obFective of the proposed
revision of the present la is to discourage the commission of the crime of carnapping.
The proposed measure, li0eise, defines other acts that ma! constitute actuations in
furtherance of or in concealment of carnapping. 6',7 dpt