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Nimra Akram
Global history

How does Islamic art resemble Religion??

Islam is a really old religion and has changed throughout history. Allah is the god and Muhammad is the
messenger. Islam has a lot of religious arts thats made by the line of prophets. Islamic art has been
expressed through the verses of the Quran and Allah's different names. So how did it start right? And
when? Well it started about 1400 years ago. Around the 7th century. Islam was really not a religion
back then because people worshipped idol things. Idol meaning status and things that they can see.
There was no time for anything. It all just started. Islamic art is not just one thing but many things. There
are many things that have Islamic art such as textiles. Every Islamic art always contains Arabic and
verses from the Quran. Islamic art is found basically everywhere. It is in Dressing, Warrior cloths, books,
home dishes, weapons, Mosques, and Rugs/carpets.
Islamic art in Mosque is beautiful. It is so detailed with the amount of art is in it.. It takes so much time
to make it so detailed. Islamic mosque for many uses. For prayer, get together, for reading Quran, and
many Islamic meeting for events. The art started in the 7th century. The most detailed and biggest
Mosque is The Blue Mosque in Moscow. The windows to the floor are really detailed. There is Arabic
writing all over it. Allah's name is really important in the Islamic art because it is a sign of being close to
go itself. Arabic is really beautiful art itself. The wood carving of Allah and Prophet Mohammad's
Rugs and Carpets might be the most 2nd most important art! It is so beautiful and detailed. They rugs
take time to be made because you have to pray on them. It is made sure that the place is clean and
ready to be prayed on. The treading of the carpet is extremely detailed. Most rugs have the high corner
at the top to point out that this is where you bow done. They are designed so your know which way you
can put the rug to pray properly. Rugs became really important during the 16th century, and were being
made a lot.
The weapons also have a lot of Arabic on it. The weapons back in the old time had a lot of gold. The
weapons by the Ottoman Empire had a lot of gold sword with verses from the Holy Quran. The sword
had the first section the first 4 lines. They take that as a sign of a blessing. They have the first a few
words of Quran on the weapons. People thought it was an honor to have gold. But not everyone was a
Muslim back then so they did not really have a lot of swords with verses of the Quran.
The Quran is the most important book to the Muslims. It was brought from the heavens in Ramadan.
During the Ramadan the Muslims fast, pray, and recite the Quran as much as possible. The Quran is
written in Arabic and it is beautiful. It is written in colors. But in the older time it was written in Gold. On
top of the Kaaba in Saudi, Arabia, the verses are written on a cloth and written in gold. This reflects
religions because the people are willing to pay so much money for a couple of verses of the Quran
written in Gold. The cover of the Quran has beautiful decoration all around it. It always contains gold.
The Armor clothing also have Allah name. The shield and helmets have names of god. They are so
detailed that you can barely see them. The shield is made up metal and it is carved. This is a beautiful art
as well because it is super heavy and then it is carved. The helmets are usually always circle with many
Arabic words verses running down from the top. This all started from Mamluk Period and was kept on
going by the Ottoman Empire. The Mamluk period was when art came in many designs.
Religion is really important in Islamic Art. I don't think that any art in Islamic art is without verses. They
always have Arabic on them. It really influences Islam in many ways. If a person didn't know about
Islamic religion they would at least know who the god is and who his messenger is by just looking at the