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Cerastus Knight-Lancer ........................................................

400 points
A rare and highly valued pattern of Knight, the Cerastus Knight-Lancer is a rst strike weapon, attuned to rapid assault tactics and
lethal outanking charges against a foe. It is justly renowned for its speed and its power, as well as for the temperamental and
restive nature of the machine-spirits which dwell as anima within its colossal frame.
WS BS S Front Side Rear I A HP
Cerastus Knight-Lancer 4 4 10 13 12 12 4 4 6
Unit Composition
1 Cerastus Knight-Lancer
Unit Type
Vehicle (Super-heavy Walker)
Cerastus shock lance
Ion gauntlet shield
Special Rules
Flank Speed
Flank Speed
If the Cerastus Knight-Lancer opts to make a Run move
rather than ring a weapon in the Shooting phase, it may
move 3D6".
Ion Gauntlet Shield
The ion gauntlet shield generator mounted in the Cerastus
right gauntlet assembly is more concentrated than the
directional ion shield mounted on the Knight Paladin, but
lacks its tactical exibility. The ion gauntlet shield is used just
as a standard ion shield is (see Codex: Imperial Knights), but
may not offer protection to the Cerastus Knight-Lancers
rear. However, the ion gauntlet shield also provides a 5+
invulnerable save against attacks in close combat and forces
close combat attacks by other Super-heavy Walkers and
Gargantuan Monstrous Creatures to suffer a -1 to hit.
Cerastus Shock Lance
The shock lance mounted on the Cerastus is a magneto-
hydraulic power spear of prodigious size, whose disruption
eld may also be projected as a powerful electromagnetic
plasma blast over short ranges. The weapon has two
proles, one of which is used in close combat, the other can
be used in the Shooting phase:
Weapon Range Str AP Special
Shock lance
- (Melee) - D 2 Melee,
Swift Strike
- (Energy Blast) 18" 7 2 Heavy 6,
Swift Strike: The weapon gains a +1 bonus to Initiative on
any turn it charges into close combat.
Using the Cerastus Knight-Lancer in your army in games of
Warhammer 40,000
Codex: Imperial Knights: Cerastus Knight-Lancers may be
chosen as part of a Codex: Imperial Knights army as you
would other types of Knight. However, owing to their
rarity in the 41
Millennium, you may not have more
Cerastus Knight-Lancers in your army than you have
Knights of other kinds.
Other Armies of the Imperium Factions: A Cerastus Knight-
Lancer may be taken as a Lords of War choice for any
faction that is a part of the Armies of the Imperium (see
the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook).