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6 2014 AHLC Conference Review
8 Meet Dr. Tamim Hamid
10 Press Release: New Image Labs
Relocates Corporate Headquarters
11 Follow the Ponytail
34 Catching Up With Brianna
37 #HairForHazel
The Girls Have It!
12 Hair Loss In Women
14 How to Have a Successful Womens Business
17 Cut It Out!
18 Eyelash Extensions
21 When the Student is Ready,
The Teacher Will Appear
AHLC Business Tools You Can Use
22 Change Your Life, Change Your Hair
24 The Evolution of Georgie
25 So, What Makes a Wig Kosher?
26 Meet Dimples
28 Leading Hair Replacement Products for Women
30 Alexia and Friends
32 Understanding Wigs
In Every Issue
20 AHLC Academy
39 Member Spotlight: Anthony Santangelo
40 Welcome New Members
42 Tricks of The Trade:
How to Measure the Head for a Wig
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In This Issue: The Girls Have It!
We are so excited to bring you our biggest issue yet. Tis issue we
focus on the Womens Market. In a special section called Business
Tools You Can Use, participating member manufacturers were asked,
What are your most popular sellers and why? We got great responses
and we think the information included will be a great asset to you and
your business. See pages 22-33 for this special section.
Our annual conference was a huge success! See pages six and seven
to see what you missed. It was SO great that weve already got com-
mitments from each vendor that participated (all 18 of them) for next
years conference! Te rest of the issue is chock-full of great articles.
Wed love to hear which are your favorites.
Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best.
On another note, there is a common saying, All press is good press.
In the nature of clarifcation, wed like to address some comments
made in the National Hair and Skin Journal. Around the frst or
second week of April, we received the Winter Edition. We were
delighted to see the editor mention the AHLC and state the obvious:
You now have choices. For a small industry, you are fortunate to have
two publications to bring you hair loss news.
For over two years Te Link has been making a positive impact on
our industry. Te impetus behind creating Te Link was there was
something missing from the newsfront in our industry, our voice. Te
voice of the individual salon owner, the stylist, the hair replacement
specialist and small business owner. We each have something to con-
tribute. And yes, now we all do have a choice.
Two publications for the same industry cant help but be competi-
tive, but that doesnt have to be negative. Our focus is always to pro-
vide the best news, current information, business building tools and
industry updates. We strive to be better with each issue to do the
best job we can for our members and the entire industry.
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4 The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014
The Link The Voice of the AHLC
TressAllure, a division of On Rite,
introduces 23 NEW fashion wig
designs by ms. noriko suzuki.
(We are not afliated with the Noriko brand by Aderans.)
For more information, call:
TressAllure, a division of On Rite
5130 North State Road 7
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33319
Choices are endless in look, color and styles.
Give Your Clients The Look They Adore
Loved it!
Well never miss another
one. I wish there had been
more time! I so enjoyed
meeting everyone, was
extremely pleased with
the contacts I made and
the classes I attended. The
food was excellent as well.
Had a great time with my
new friends. Thanks again!
Sylvia Caruso
Wigs by Sylvia
Saugus, MA

We had an
amazing time!
We enjoyed all the vendors
and education classes. It
was so great to revisit with
everyone. The conference
was organized and put to-
gether well. The Hyatt was
also a great location with
amazing room rates! We
appreciate being members
and thank you for doing
such a great job.
Jerry Piatt
Collette Peterson
Chele Piatt
La Jolla Hair Clinic
San Diego, CA
a doubt,
the most successful conference and
trade show I have ever exhibited
with in over 15 years! The quality
of attendees was vastly superior
to any other beauty industry show
that I have attended.
Shlomo Klein
Georgie Wigs

This was my
second year
attending the AHLC Annual Confer-
ence. What an amazing group of
professionals all under one roof.
The vendors were great as well as
networking with others
in the hair loss industry.
Les Porter
Western Maryland
Hair Replacement
LaVale, MD

I was truly
with the quality of AHLC's event
organization, the professional, yet
welcoming atmosphere and the
enthusiastic hair replacement
industry participation as judged
by the hundreds of visitors to our
stand. We saw many old friends
there and met many new ones.
The AHLC raised the bar for a
professional HRC tradeshow. We
will be back in 2015 for sure.
Michael Leigh
President, Follea.
est Sh

in over
20 Yea
You Voted
A H L C C O N F E R E N C E 2 0 1 4
and energetic!
Since Professional Hair Labs has
been directly involved with the
AHLC Conference we have had the
pleasure of seeing it grow from year
to year. Much of the credit is due to
all the hard work put in by the AHLCs
Board of Directors and the staf of
The Link Magazine. An exciting and
energetic atmosphere was created
by the vendors and members who
attended this weekend event. From
a vendor's perspective, I can really
see the members eagerness to learn
from the live demonstrations given
and the deep interest they show
in the products they use on their
clients day-to-day. It makes us feel
more comfortable as a manufacturer
of hair replacement products to
experience the level of awareness
and dedication that studio owners
and technicians have towards the
products' ingredients and application
process. This rare occasion to sit face-
to-face with many new and existing
clients provides us with the chance
to have group discussions and also
provides us with excellent trouble-
shooting opportunities. Our valued
client feedback allows us to discuss
with them the next step for Profes-
sional Hair Labs in the manufacturing
of new products specifcally targeted
to cater for the needs of the growing
hair replacement industry. We very
much look forward to participating
in next year's event.
Daryl Margolin
Vice President
Professional Hair Labs

The conference
was a perfect
size with a
perfect set-up.
It was exactly what I
needed for my business
at this time. Being able
to network with studio
owners was invaluable!
Everything fowed so well.
I felt welcomed by the
AHLC board and they were
ready to help me with any
information I needed.
Bonnie Grauer
Wigs and Hair Solutions
Columbia MD
We thoroughly
enjoyed the
2014 AHLC show.
We will be back in 2015
for sure with more Remy/
European: Top Pieces, Wigs,
and Hair Systems. Theres
no trade show in USA or
Europe that targets the
hair replacement industry
like the AHLC Conference.
Theres also plenty of
education from all the best
in the industry.
James Todd
Hair Extrordinaire
2014 Conference Review
APRIL 25-27, 2015
heradome is a science and engineer-
ing company dedicated to providing
efective, safe, accessible, afordable and
convenient hair restoration devices to
those who sufer from hair loss.

Founder and CEO Tamim Hamid
developed Teradome technology in
response to his personal hair loss. After
futilely attempting to restore his own
hair loss with Propecia, Dr. Hamid, a
former NASA special projects biomedi-
cal engineer, decided that there had to
be a way to apply his biomedical and
biochemical experience to design a
device that worked, was afordable and
could be used in the privacy and com-
fort of ones own home.

Having experience with industrial
lasers since his early days at NASA,
Dr. Hamid became intrigued with Low
Level Laser Terapy (LLLT) and its
powerful, biological benefts for many
conditions, including hair restoration.
He was surprised to learn that LLLT for
hair restoration was expensive and lim-
ited to in-clinic treatments. Te techni-
cal challenges included how to deliver
adequate photochemical stimulation to
the scalp without generating too much
heat and making it more accessible,
afordable and convenient.

Based in Silicon Valley, Teradome
had access to the worlds best scientists,
engineers and technical manufactures.
Five generations of prototypes were
developed over seven years, and the
ideal features of a hair restoration
device were realized. It had to be simple,
wireless, easy to use, convenient,
afordable, provide adequate scalp
coverage, with sufcient laser power to
deliver clinically efective therapy in a
safe manner.

Today, the Teradome LH80 PRO is
the frst FDA-cleared, over-the-counter
device of its kind.
AHLC: You just attended and presented
education at the AHLC conference. Your
class was well attended and greatly
received. What are some things that
you learned from being involved with
the AHLC and/or directly with our

Dr. Hamid: Te AHLC experience was
wonderful and it taught me a lot.
First, after a pre-conference brief-
ing with the AHLC board, I realized
that my proposed presentation was
far too technical for the audience; Id
been spending too much time with
scientists and engineers. So I spent
the evening before the event modify-
ing the presentation. In the end, I was
delighted to see the reaction, enthusi-
asm and to feld great questions from
the attendees.
Te biggest take-home from a learn-
ing standpoint is that anyone in the
hair restoration business, including me,
needs to not only understand LLLT and
its mechanism of action, but must also
be able to articulate this to the average
hair loss client. We have to speak with
authority when we market these devices
and help the consumer make educated
decisions about their treatment. In fact,
the experience motivated me to initiate
a class that will certify practitioners in
the scientifc, biomedical, clinical and
business aspects of LLLT.
AHLC: With an engineering background
and experience at NASA, it doesnt
get any more prestigious than that!
How has this played into the way you
run your business, approach product
development, market to salon owners
and small businesses for resale and a
Dr. Hamid: Believe it or not, launching
a space shuttle program and a medical
device share a lot of similarities. If you
think about it, both involve extensive
government interaction, diligent
research, rigorous trials and precision
engineering. Safety, of course, is of
primary importance in both undertak-
ings. So, in many ways, achieving FDA
clearance is not dissimilar to achieving
a go from NASA.

In terms of marketing, the parallels lie
in the need to explain the technology
and assure people that your solution
will work. NASA wants to be 100% sure
that a space launch will work; salon
owners and small business people
want assurances that a device that they
invest hard-earned money in will work.
In both instances, people have a lot of
questions. How does it work? Why is
it designed the way it is? So, you have
to anticipate questions and be able to
provide factual answers that support
your development eforts.

I cant stress enough how education,
understanding the science and help-
ing business owners and consumers
understand the science is critical to suc-
cessfully marketing LLLT. Most people
readily understand the benefts of in-
home use, hands-free operations, low
costs and other product features. Its
understanding the science that makes
the diference in successfully marketing
the product.
AHLC LINK MAGAZINE Introducing you to the news makers, pioneers researchers and CEOs
Meet Dr. Tamim Hamid
The Man Under the Helmet
Tamim Hamid in 1991 receiving the
NASA Engineer of the Year Award
8 The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014
AHLC: How has the Teradome changed
the at-home laser treatment market,
and where do you think the market is

Dr. Hamid: We made it convenient for
consumers to experience a clinical-
grade solution in their home. We made
it afordable. Now, clinically efective
LLLT is accessible to many more people
who could not previously aford it or
who found repeated visits to a treat-
ment center too inconvenient. Teres
always room in the market for some-
thing that works, is accessible, aford-
able and efective. In fact, I believe that
devices like the Teradome LH80 PRO
will become as common in the home
as the hair dryer is today. And because
of the benefts of LLLT, healthier hair,
greater hair volume and more luminous
hair, for example, well probably see it
marketed as a general beauty-enhance-
ment device as well.

AHLC: One surprising feature of the
Teradome not touted in the literature
is that it actually speaks to the user.
Whos idea was that?

Dr. Hamid: Te idea of incorporating
voice messages was a result of user
feedback in early development. We
knew we wanted the device to be
hands-free, and rejected the idea of
using a remote because people tend to
misplace them. So, that decision led to a
design constraint, how to best interact
with the system? Using voice messages
actually turned out to be a very good
feature because, in addition to notify-
ing users about operating status, the
need to charge the battery and other
procedural issues, weve found that it
helps with compliance. Voice messages
tell the user how many treatments they
have completed, how much time is left
during an individual treatment session,
and it seems to help them stay on track
with the treatment plan.

AHLC: We imagine you are getting all
sorts of feedback from users. What are
you hearing about results, and what has
been interesting about the feedback
youve received?

Dr. Hamid: In general, feedback has
been excellent; people are excited about
the device and very pleased with the
results. Initially, I was surprised by
some feedback until I realized that the
comments were a result of not under-
standing the technology or not under-
standing the bodys reaction to LLLT.
Scalp itching, for example, is common
during initial treatments. It typically
resolves within a few weeks. But its
also a sign of efective scalp stimulation
and part of the process leading to hair
growth. So, people were reassured to
learn that the itching was a natural part
of the process and was not an adverse

Because similar experiences, we con-
tinue to put a lot of efort into address-
ing common questions and to teach
people more about the process. As you
know, hair loss is a condition associated
with a lot of emotion, so the more users
know about the process, the more com-
fortable they become. Some of the more
interesting comments weve received
include great results in conditions or
populations that were not included in
our clinical trials. Our FDA clearance
includes hair growth in females with
androgenic alopecia and Fitzpatrick
Skin Types I-IV. When we hear about
treatment successes in conditions such
as alopecia areata and in people with
dark skin, it reinforces our belief that
the device can be efective in a variety
of patient types, despite the fact that
not every type was included in clinical
trials or not included in sufcient num-
bers for the FDA to deem signifcant.
AHLC: As a trade organization, the
AHLC is our industrys only non-biased,
not-for-proft association. Its no secret
that we are huge on ethics and stan-
dards. Since the FDA considers lasers
for hair regrowth to be a medical device,
some lasers on the market are still not
FDA cleared. While it may be obvious
wed like to know what made you decide
to go the FDA cleared route?
Dr. Hamid: Well, my background is in
biomedical engineering and any device
to be used in any way that involves the
human body should be cleared and reg-
ulated. Obtaining FDA clearance, while
it is not the easy path to the market,
involves both health and ethical consid-
erations. I never thought for a moment
about not pursing FDA clearance. Yes, it
is complex, involved and expensive. But,
it is a responsibility that any medical
device manufacturer should be held
accountable for. I believe there should
be no exceptions to and zero tolerance
for bypassing the clearance process.
And that applies to any medical device, I
dont care if it is as simple as a non-ion-
izing light source, it should be the law in
the case of all medical devices.
AHLC: In our last issue of Te Link, we
published Lexington Internationals
recent double-blind study. Te fact that
lasers help regrow hair has been put to
rest, at least as far as our industry is
concerned. Te general public, how-
ever, may be another story. What can
we do as hair restoration professionals,
to help spread the word, respond to
resistance to the technology and better
educate the public?

Dr. Hamid: Hair replacement profes-
sionals need to learn as much as they
can about LLLT. Look into all the vari-
ous medical applications and under-
stand what occurs at the cellular level
and why it works. Understanding the
technology and how it promotes hair
growth will help educate the public
as well as dispel myths and skepti-
cism. When talking with the public, a
frm understanding of the science, the
biomedical process and the biomedical
response is fundamental to consumer
understanding, good treatment results
and a wider acceptance of LLLT.
Dr. Hamid wearing an early prototype
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 9
The Link The Voice of the AHLC
Join PBA today as an Individual
Member for only $50 or take $50 off
your Business Membership.
advancing our industry
Support the beauty
industrys trade association.
West Palm Beach, FL New Image Labs Corporation,
a leader in non-surgical hair loss solutions, is expand-
ing and announces a major corporate relocation. Tis
summer, both, the US headquarters as well as the
Canadian ofce will be relocating to new facilities.
Te new 25,000 square-foot global headquarters,
will be located at 1501 Northpoint Parkway in West
Palm Beach, FL. Tis new state-of-the-art location
features a ground-breaking training center for all
educational needs where New Image will host edu-
cational events throughout the year. Te company is
especially proud of an expansive, high-tech warehouse
with an innovative cooling system for accessories as
well as more space for an even larger inventory of hair
replacement solutions to even better serve the needs
of the global hair replacement industry.
Te new home of the Canadian ofce will be 6-6305
Northam Drive, Mississauga in Ontario and features
everything and more needed to cater to todays Cana-
dian hair replacement market.
New Image is raising the bar to better serve our cli-
ents and help them energize their business. Tats why
we have added extended hours and cell phone accessi-
bility for all Product Consultants to our service palette.
We are now continuing on with our expansion by mov-
ing to a brand-new facility, which will open doors of
opportunity, states scar R. Urzola, President of New
Image Labs Corp. We are on a winning journey and
I would like to invite our clients to join us and travel
together with us on the road to success.
Te relocation of the US global headquarters is
expected to be completed by mid-June 2014. Te
Canadian ofce moved on May 26, 2014. New Image
maintains an open door policy. Clients and friends are
invited to stop by both locations when in the area.
New Image Labs
Relocates Corporate
hildren With Hair Loss (CWHL)
has provided high quality, full
human hair systems to over 300 chil-
dren annually, with no obligation or
cost to them or their families, for over
14 years. Te impact on the childrens
lives theyve touched is immeasurable
and their families are forever grateful.
Te vision is that children should be
able to go outside, to go to school and
face their young world with confdence
and ambition, not worrying about what
other people will think or say about
them. Todays children face so much
peer pressure to ft in and those who are
deemed as diferent or not normal
by their peers, generally face a much
more challenging childhood.

Tere are many misconceptions about
non-proft companies and their claims
of philanthropy. Finding out the facts
before partnering with and supporting
them is crucial. Tere are organizations
that claim to give, however their giv-
ing comes with a price. Many families
are facing medical bills or fnancial
burdens and are not able to aford the
high cost of a quality wig for their child.
We hear how some families must wait
up to 8 months to see if their child
will qualify or hear if they are eligible
for a wig. Some organizations require
W-2s, letters of need and even personal
endorsements with before and after
pictures and thank yous.

Jon Renau has proudly partnered
with Children With Hair Loss for over 7
years, and we continue to support their
generous eforts every day. Children
With Hair Loss is the only non-proft
organization that provides this service
to children the way they do. Tere is
no child with medical hair loss that
is turned away. CWHL has only one
requirement. Tis is a note stating a
diagnosis from a doctor or social worker
with a date of birth accompany the
childs application. Tere has never
been a family who was charged, billed
or obligated for what they receive from
CWHL. Each child in-need receives a
new human hair wig or hair system
every year up, until the age of 21. In
addition each recipient receives a care
package containing one hat, two head
wraps, a hair halo (to be worn under
hats when not wearing the system), hair
care products, a head form, a brush
and comb and an instruction video on
how to care for the hair system all at
no cost to the child or the childs fam-
ily. Te retail value of the wig alone is
approximately $2,500. CWHL is able to
provide the tools, education and wigs
due to their partnerships and the com-
munitys support. More importantly,
they are able to ofer each child a sense
of self-confdence and normalcy.

A child who experiences hair loss is
often left feeling isolated and alone
in her experience. Tey realize the
loss of something very personal, their
hair. A part of their self-identity that
most everyone around them takes
for granted. Te joy and excitement
of watching a little girl or boy put on
their wig for the frst time is incredible.
CWHL ofers these kids a safe haven
and community of children just like
them. Te wigs not only help them feel
good on the inside, but they help them
to step outside to face the world every
day with strength and confdence. Te
CWHL team works very hard to provide
the products and services to help better
the lives of these children. It is with
great pride that Jon Renau partners
with CWHL while they fulfll their
mission to Cover Young Heads to Heal
Young Hearts.
Follow the Ponytail...
Helping to Cover Young Heads to Heal Young Hearts
By: Lisa Minervini, VP Product Development & Branding, Jon Renau/easihair
The journey for each donated ponytail looks something like this:
1 The donated ponytail (8or longer) is sent in to CWHL, and is pre-sorted by color.
2 The bundles of hair are then sealed in bags and sent to Jon Renaus headquarters in San Diego, CA.
3 The hair is further sorted by length and color by the Jon Renau Product Development/Quality Control Team.
4 The sorted hair is then shipped to our human hair factory.
5 The factory then sorts the hair separately from any other production systems. The hair is stored by length and color.
6 The custom designed childs cap (named Regina after CWHLs founder) is then constructed and ventilated with the donated hair.
7 Once completed, the wigs are then sent back to Jon Renau and shipped to CWHL in South Rockwood, MI.
8 The CWHL Team assembles the care package as a gift and sends them directly to the child and their family, again, at no cost or obligation.
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 11
The Link The Voice of the AHLC
ith the growing number of
women afected with hair loss,
many studio owners who traditionally
only work with men and have been
hesitant moving into the female market
segment, are looking for information
and guidance. Hopefully this article will
provide just that. We also hope it will
inspire newcomers to the hair replace-
ment industry with the necessary spark
to start working with and helping
women with hair loss.
Suering in Silence
Today it is socially acceptable for men
to be bald. In fact, being bald is even
connected to such positive attributes
ranging from extra-ordinary intelli-
gence to increased virility.
For women on the other hand, in
most cultures; a full head of luscious
hair still is the epitome of feminine
beauty and even of female gender iden-
tity. When a woman loses her hair, she
may feel like she is losing her identity
and often sufers from secret shame.
Tis can be a traumatic experience
with devastating impact on a womens
On top of that, often there is little
social and public support and if she
is not dealing with a life-threatening
disease, a womans complaint about
losing her hair is often overlooked and
down-played. Comments like Teres
worse than that, Youll have to live
with it or Its no big deal can be
demoralizing. Its no surprise that 47%
of hair loss suferers would spend their
life savings to regain a full head of hair
and 60% would rather have more hair
than money or friends.
Causes of Hair Loss
From crowning glory to terrifying
nightmare, here are some reasons why a
woman can lose her hair:
Causes of hair loss can range from
hereditary hair loss, which means it
can be inherited from a parent to hair
cosmetics (harsh chemicals) to self-
infiction (traction alopecia) where
constant pressure is causing the hair
to fall out (wearing certain hair styles,
such as tight braids or tight ponytails).
Causes can also include illnesses and
medications, like cancer and chemo-
therapy for example. Other causes can
be hormone-related disorders, such as
Tyroid disease or high stress levels.
Autoimmune diseases can cause hair
loss. During pregnancy and also during
menopause women can lose their hair.
Poor nutrition and rapid weight loss can
also contribute to hair loss. And on the
rise not only in the USA are allergies,
which are a major health concern and
can result in hair loss.
Diagnosis of Hair Loss
Generally, no doctor is needed to
validate the frst signs of hair loss,
which often can push a woman into a
state of high alert, if not panic. Tese
signs are experienced in the privacy of
the bedroom or bathroom; she wakes
up in the morning to fnd hair on the
pillow. She notices excessive hair loss
when washing her hair and while brush-
ing or combing. Her, once full, ponytail
suddenly looks thinner or her part is
When these concerns persist, a
woman who sufers from hair loss
generally will consult a dermatologist to
fnd the root causes and determine the
appropriate route of action. An expe-
rienced dermatologist will normally
establish a patient profle and ask for a
detailed history, including medications,
allergies, family history, diet, record of
menstruation, pregnancy, menopause,
etc. Often blood tests will be ordered.
A thorough examination of the scalp
and hair will follow. Scalp biopsies can
be used to make or confrm a diagnosis
of hair loss. Hair distribution over the
rest of the body will also be evaluated.

Most Common forms of female
pattern hair loss can be inherited from
either the mother or the father. In the
case of androgenic alopecia, we are
looking at a type of hair loss, which can
start in the late teens. Te earlier hair
loss starts, the more aggressive and
severe it tends to be.
Most women with female pattern
hair loss do not sufer from a receding
hairline or a bald spot on top of the
scalp, as men often do. Instead, they
have noticeable thinning in the crown
area. Because of the shortened growth
cycle, the hair is miniaturized. Looking
wispy, more like hair on the forearms,
the hair on the head falls out before it
achieves the usual length.
Treatment Options
Te good news is that available
treatment options for hair loss are as
manifold as the actual causes for hair
loss. In the early stages, a new hairstyle
or scalp camoufage technique can help
minimize the appearance of hair loss in
Depending on the situation certain
lifestyle changes, such as stress reduc-
tion and improved diet, will fortify the
health and balance the emotional well
Hair Loss in Women
Its a Really Big Deal!
By: Elvira Amankwa, CMP, Marketing Manager, New Image Labs
Average number of hair follicles on the scalp: 110,000
On average a person loses 50 to 100 hairs per day
12 The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014
The Link The Voice of the AHLC
being, which can improve hair growth.
Low level laser hair therapy is often
recommended. LLLT increases the
circulation and stimulates the biological
march that makes hair grow. Todays
therapy options range from hairbrush-
like, hand-held devices to laser helmets.
Topical Minoxidil can facilitate the
regrowth of hair or help slow down hair
loss. Minoxidil 2% is the only topical
medication approved by the FDA for
female pattern hair loss.
Hair loss caused by diseases such as
thyroid disease can be reversed with
treatment of the underlying disease. In
certain cases iron supplements are used
to combat low levels of ferritin, which
can result in hair loss.
Medical hair growth shampoos
are also available. Certain conditions
respond well to topical or injectable cor-
tisone medications and patients report
accelerated hair regrowth.
Surgical hair restoration is a more
permanent type of hair loss solution. It
is necessary to have some natural hair
left to be a viable candidate for hair
transplant surgery. It can be benefcial
to women who lost their hair due to
burns or other injuries and can also be
performed on brows and/or eye lashes.
Non-surgical Options
Many immediate and non-invasive
hair replacement solutions are available
to help women with hair loss. More is
less and the goal is to enhance the per-
sonality and appearance of the female
client with a most natural, undetectable
look. Medical scenario, age, preferences,
lifestyle and budget all weigh in when
choosing the most appropriate hair
replacement solution for a female client.
Tose successful in the female mar-
ket segment will confrm that certain
sensitivities apply when working with
women with hair loss. In addition to
technical skills, private environments
paired with a smart sales consultation
will open doors. In fact, the industrys
leading female hair replacement experts
advocate creating a pampering make-
over experience every time the female
client walks through the doors.
Female hair replacement solutions
range from extensions to top of the
head systems, to integrations and full
cap systems. Many hair types are avail-
able to cater to todays sophisticated
female client; 100% Remy human hair,
European hair, and Biolon (man-made
fber which mimics the molecular struc-
ture of human hair) or a blend of these.
Each of these hair systems are designed
and available in trendy colors and styles
which are often inspired by the fashion
runways of Paris and Milan. Todays cap
designs promote comfort, ft and secu-
rity. Only about 80% of female clients
really need a full cap hair system, so a
top-of-the-head or integration system
is the way to go. In case of an integra-
tion system, the female clients own
hair is gently pulled through openings
in the cap. Te clients own hair is used
together with the hair systems hair and
both are blended together for that per-
fectly natural look. Many women feel
strongly about this hair replacement
solution, as their own, real hair is used.
For medical clients with no hair at all,
the full cap is the best solution. Most
manufacturers ofer specially designed,
lightweight and breathable caps for
medical clients.

Working with female clients can be
extremely rewarding and proftable. It
is a growing market segment. Tere
are many educational opportunities
available to studio owners, including
conferences and online learning pro-
grams. Contact manufactures for details
on their specifc programs. (See page 20,
AHLC Academy educational opportuni-
ties.) Many hair replacement experts
have benefted greatly from expanding
their business to include female clients.
If you are not one of them (yet), Ricky
Knowles, Owner of Rickys Knowles
Hair and Wellness in Houston, TX sug-
gests: Working with female clients has
proven to be a great opportunity for
my hair replacement business. Every
time we help a female client, I feel very
gratifed by seeing the amazing trans-
formation hair creates in a womens life.
Many of our female clients have been
with us for years and I fnd them to be
particularly loyal. Once you establish
the trust and build the relationship, a
female client will stick to you. Women
also share their experiences with other
women and it is not uncommon for us
to have a strong referral stream from
our female client base. All in all, I am
very happy to work with female clients.
It has been both, proftable for my
studio and rewarding for me as a caring
hair replacement professional.
Give it a try and you before long you
will join us in saying Women with hair
loss A really big deal!
According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women have visible hair loss by the
time they are 40 years old. As many as 5% of women under 30 are afected and as many as 60% of
those older than 70 sufer from hair loss.
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 13
The Link The Voice of the AHLC
he womens business continues to
fourish, and is still the fastest grow-
ing segment of our industry. For two
years Ive traveled all over the U.S. with
Kayla Martell, 2010 Miss Delaware and
2011 Miss America fnalist, educating
women with hair loss about the avail-
able solutions. We have met hundreds
of women and it still amazes me just
how many really want to have their hair
back and will do anything to make it
happen. For them, it is not a choice it
is a necessity. So, Ive wondered why it
is that some businesses thrive in this
area and some continue to have chal-
lenges closing sales with women.

Again for women, they do not see
this as a choice but necessity. I have
yet to encounter a market that does
not have a large segment of women
searching to fnd a solution and can
assure you that your market is no difer-
ent. I will be sharing what Ive learned
in my travels with the hope that those
in the industry who might be having
challenges in this very rewarding and
proftable segment learn from our expe-
riences and fnd fnancial success and
emotional rewards from helping women
in their markets.
Trust Women buy from someone
they trust. We are very intuitive and
instinctively recognize body language.
You must show true empathy and
understanding. If youre someone
who doesnt like doing consultations
with women they will sense that
instantly. Either fnd someone who is
truly empathetic and let them handle
your womens business or invest in sales
training. Women are very loyal and will
stay with you much longer than men
but know this Women do talk to their
friends who talk to their friends etc..
so make sure you always give a good,
honest and complete consultation.
Credibility Women align themselves
with businesses that are professional,
trustworthy, honest, have their best
interest at heart and who give back to
their communities. If you have been
in business for awhile, tell them how
long and reassure them that you will be
there for a long time to come. Display
community and industry awards on
your walls, a testimonial book with
before and after photos. Make sure
your testimonials are not too detailed
they should follow this format; When
did she start losing her hair and how
she felt, what were the things she tried,
and how does she feel now that she
has her hair how has it changed her
life. If a testimonial includes things like
services, glue bonded, system,
replacing hair, then remove those por-
tions. Tose items are information you
will want to cover during your consulta-
tion testimonials should be all about
emotions. You may consider having
some of your best testimonials framed
and hanging in the consultation room
as well as in your book.
Training is very important to women.
Every consultation should highlight
your companys investment in train-
ing and education of your entire team.
Women want to know that everyone in
your company is up to date on the best
technology, are educated in hair loss
and that your stylists have all of the tal-
ents that their current stylist has but
also the added knowledge of being an
expert in hair replacement too.
Cleanliness I cannot stress the impor-
tance of this enough! Tis item alone
will make or break you. Many times, in
the middle of a consultation, Ill see the
womans eyes roam across the room, in
the shampoo bowl, foors, countertops,
brushes and combs. Ive actually had a
woman ask, Tis isnt the room where
you will be treating me, is it? Defnitely
not something you want to hear during
a consultation! Ive also had a woman
refuse to sit in a styling chair for her
mold because it was covered with hair.
I recommend that everyone walk into
their front door with the eyes of a new
client. Look around your reception
area, the waiting room, the consultation
room and your styling stations. Floors
and corners should be free of hair, as
well as brushes and combs. Tool carts,
countertops and mirrors should be
wiped down and clean. Shampoo bowls
should be spotless.

It might be helpful to have a female
friend who will be honest go through
your ofce and take notes. It may be
difcult to hear, but if you want the
womens business, then your ofces
must be free of clutter and it must be
The Consultation Tese are tips only
as the consultation should include
education and information. Youre goal
is to guide her to the solution that will
work best for her and will meet her
expectations, while building trust and
credibility and excitement.

Always sit across from her. Not
behind a desk. You want to be at the
same level as her. Sitting behind a desk
or standing gives the impression that
you have more power, and it will take
much longer to gain her trust. If she
brings her husband or other friend,
Ive found that the best thing to do
is to bring her back to your consulta-
tion room alone, then ask if she would
like her friend to be here. If she says
yes, then they are telling you he/she is
likely an important part of the decision
process and its important that they be
there during the consultation.
Five Steps to Success
Practical Advice to Grow a Thriving Womens Business
By: Rhonda McCarthy, VP Strategy and Business Development, On Rite Company
14 The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014
The Link The Voice of the AHLC
Tis is where training is key! You and
your staf should know how to bond
hair systems without shaving. If you
dont, you must invest in training. Many
women will eventually be OK with shav-
ing for full head bonding or trimming
the perimeter for perimeter bonding,
but to most women, initially hearing
this is terrifying.

Explain that you are going to make
the mold, get some hair samples and
design her new hair. Tell her of the pay-
ment options and ask how she would
like to pay. Once payment terms have
been agreed upon, complete the consul-
tation by making the mold and taking
hair samples. Tis will end her consulta-
tion in a positive way, with her feeling
excited about her new hair.

After the sale, keep in touch. Call
her within 24 hours to thank her and
give her an estimated delivery date.
You might want to even schedule an
appointment for her to come in while
youre waiting for her hair. Give her a
free shampoo and style. Ask her to go
through magazines and cut out styles
she likes. Keep the excitement alive
throughout the waiting period.

If you are not currently in the
womens business, or if you are only
accepting women clients because the
mens business is down then I hope that
you rethink your strategy. Make sure
you look at all aspects of your business
and get help in the areas you may need.
Tere is training available for sales,
operations and technical.

Once your team is ready, fnd a good
marketing program that will attract
women, and then be prepared, because
they will respond. By actively marketing
to women with hair loss, you will not
only increase your sales and profts, but
you will also develop a very loyal client
base with deep emotional ties to you
and your business.
Step one Build rapport. Thank her for coming and ask
her how far away she lives (write this down.. this will help you later
especially if she is a laser candidate as she will need to commit to coming
in frequently), ask her about her family, how long she has lived in the area,
her job etc..

Step Two Discovery. Use a consultation questionnaire to
have a conversation about her hair loss. (If you dont have one, contact
your manufacturer for a sample one.) It is extremely insulting to have a
woman complete an in depth questionnaireand then not even refer to it.
Ask for permission to take notes and then do it. Women like to talk about
feelings so dont be afraid to ask her how she feels about her hair loss.
When did she start losing her hair? How did she frst notice it? How did
that make her feel? What was she hoping you could do for her when she
came here today? LISTEN to her answers let her talk, lean forward and do
not get distracted! Ask follow up questions. Stay engaged and do not start
thinking of your next question. Be mindful of your body language and pay
attention to buying signals. If shes is married, ask her about her husband;
Does he know that she is here today? Has she told him how much her hair
loss bothers her? Is he supportive of her desire to do something about her
hair loss?

Step Three Education. Include a hair and scalp analysis
in every consultation. This is a great way to establish credibility. Women
want information and education. First, show her healthy hair using a micro-
scope like Proscope. In some cases where she is thinning all over, I show a
section of my hair using the scope, allowing her to see the diference. Dont
be afraid to tell her that her hair loss is in a critical state and encourage her
to do something about it now, before it gets worse. She needs, and wants
to understand why this is happening. Explain DHT (Dihydrotestosterone -
make sure you know how to say it correctly) and its efects on hair follicles.
Tell her that once a follicle is dead, nothing will bring it back.
Step Four Identify Her Solution. After completing the
education portion of the consultation, sit down again and go over each op-
tion. I like to cover everything and explain why that option would not work
for her. For example: Kathy, to be a good candidate for surgery, you would
need to have plenty of donor hair available. We just looked at your hair
loss and we saw that you have difused hair loss, which means your hair is
thinning all over. You also told me that you would like to have more volume
Since you dont have enough donor hair to meet your expectations, I do
not recommend this as a solution. So, can we agree to take surgery of the
table? Once she agrees, move on to the next solution. Once youve gone
through all options, and removed some, then make your recommenda-
tionbased on her expectations. Build her excitement. Assure her that she
is going to love her hair, and tell her why. Talk about color and the length
that she wants. If she colors her hair to cover grey hair, tell her that her new
hair doesnt have to have grey! Her hair loss is over! She no longer needs to
worry about camoufaging, because she is going to have her hair back, 24/7.

Step Five The Close. Provide her with all necessary details
of the solution you both decided on and the price. Do not hesitate. This
is where I see many people lose the sale. You must believe in your prices
and their value. She should be excited to understand that she will have
her hair back. If youve decided on non-surgical hair replacement, I do not
recommend that you shave her head. She may have done research and ask
whether she needs to shave her head for this process. Your answer should
be, Absolutely not,Kathy, most women do not want to have their hair cut
down, because even though they know they are losing it. They want to hold
on to their hair as long as possible. What is great about this procedure is
we dont need to do that. Some of our clients fnd later that they love their
new hair so much that they ask us to trim their existing hair short, but it is
not necessary. If she understands the beneft of shaving her head, then
its OK to recommend that for her, but be prepared for her to say no,and
reassure her that she doesnt need to do that.
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 15
The Link The Voice of the AHLC
s a salon/industry professional,
you encounter countless people
from many diferent walks of life. Te
beauty of this industry is the diversity,
the multitude of relationships and
long-lasting friendships that are forged
through the work you do on a daily
basis. If you were made aware that one
of your clients, friends, or co-worker
was in trouble, would you help? What
if a client or co-worker confded in you,
and revealed that they are a victim of
domestic violence? Would you even
know what to do and how to help?
Tese questions raised are extremely
important and often times prove dif-
cult to answer. Te reality is that here in
the United States, domestic violence is a
horrible epidemic that has taken hold of
many individuals.

Research has shown that most bat-
tered women never call the police or go
to a shelter. In the United States, bat-
tery is the single largest cause of injury
to women, and accounts for 35% of
womens annual emergency room visits.
However, they do usually talk about
the abuse with someone they trust.
For an abused woman, a salon may be
an ideal environment to seek out help
because it may be one of the few places
she is allowed to go without her abuser.
Salon professionals are skilled and
experienced listeners who are person-
ally interested in those around them, so
many victims sufering from abuse feel
comfortable confding in them, even if
they would never tell anyone else. Tis
is one of the many reasons salons have
rallied and are preparing to take on
domestic abuse in an efort to make a
diference and refer victims to get the
help they desperately need.

Salon professionals are in a unique
position to recognize the signs and
symptoms of abuse in their clients and
coworkers. Due to the intimate and
nurturing nature of the relationship
between salon professionals and their
clients and coworkers, salon profes-
sionals can often spot signs of physical
abuse that others may never see.

With the amount of clients salon pro-
fessionals come into contact with every
month, they are potentially in the com-
pany of abused women often. Proper
training on how to recognize the signs
of abuse and knowing how to approach
victims can make salon professionals
invaluable and infuential community
partners in the fght against domestic
abuse. Industry professionals are in the
perfect position to safely refer victims
to the proper resources, where they can
gain the confdence and receive the help
they need to put a stop to the abuse.

Helping Through CUT IT OUT
Te Professional Beauty Associations
(PBA) CUT IT OUT program is dedi-
cated to mobilizing salon professionals
across the U.S. to help put a stop to the
epidemic of domestic abuse. Te mis-
sion is to educate salon professionals
to become more aware, have the ability
to recognize potential signs of domes-
tic abuse in their clients, coworkers,
friends and family to safely refer them
to local resources for help.

CUT IT OUT builds awareness and
creates a dialogue about domestic
violence to actively help clients who
are sufering from suspected abuse.
Supplies, such as posters and safety
cards, are distributed free to participat-
ing salons and are displayed at stylists
workstations and in discreet locations,
such as the restroom. Tese inconspicu-
ous safety cards contain the informa-
tion and phone number to the National
Domestic Violence Hotline. CUT IT
OUT also encourages salons to sup-
port their local domestic violence
shelters by organizing fund-
raisers, providing compli-
mentary services to shelter
residents, donating beauty
products, or donating
proceeds to local shel-
ters and programs.
program provides
salon professionals
with basic infor-
mation on domes-
tic violence and
in-depth, specifc
information about
how to respond
to a client who
may be the victim
of abuse. Educa-
tion seminars are
targeted toward
salons, cosmetology
schools, and
other venues.
are provided
with every-
thing needed
to provide abuse
victims with the
proper assistance
and referrals to help-
ful resources.

Join Te Professional
Beauty Association (PBA)
in fghting domestic abuse
by ordering free materials for
your salon, hosting a fundraiser,
getting in touch with a local domes-
tic abuse trainer, to learn more about
the signs of abuse. Learn more at
The Beauty Industry Rallies to End Domestic Violence
By: Rachel Molepske, PBA Manager of Charitable Programs
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 17
The Link The Voice of the AHLC
ost women seek to have longer,
fuller and darker eyelashes to
enhance their beauty while minimiz-
ing their beauty regimen. Others seek
semi-permanent eyelash extensions to
counteract short, thinning and sparse
eyelashes resulting from the aging
process. Still others seek eyelash exten-
sions to treat lash thinning and lash
loss associated with medical conditions
and chemotherapy.
Semi-permanent eyelash extension
application is a non-invasive eyelash
enhancing procedure that is safe, pain-
less and relaxing. Tis eyelash enhanc-
ing procedure is recommended for
those who want fuller, thicker, darker
and more voluminous eyelashes, and
especially those who have thin, short
and sparse natural eyelashes. While
other eyelash enhancing products
do exist, only semi-permanent eye-
lash extensions can give your clients
custom designed, instant gratifcation
and long lasting results with minimal
maintenance. With so many lengths,
thicknesses, colors and curvatures
available, the looks that can be achieved
can be from the most natural, to the
most extreme without the hassles of
mascara. And, regardless of which look
you are going for, if you combine quality
eyelash extensions with proper applica-
tion and high performance semi-per-
manent eyelash extension adhesive, the
extended lashes will feel weightless and
completely real. And, because they are
semi-permanent the wearer can shower,
swim, sleep and enjoy the extended
lashes indefnitely with reflls.
Eyelash extensions are comprised
of individual synthetic fbers that are
curved to replicate natural eyelashes.
Tey are applied directly to individu-
ally isolated natural eyelashes, one
extension at a time, using a specially
formulated adhesive. Each application
should be customized to suit the indi-
vidual. Varying individual synthetic lash
lengths are chosen to carefully replicate
the shape and frame of a natural lash
line. Te number, length and thickness
of the extensions applied is determined
by the number, length and thickness of
the natural lashes as well as personal
preference. Te overall efect is added
length, curl, thickness, darker color, a
more open and oval eye, added defni-
tion to the lash line and an overall more
beautiful and more youthful efect.
Eyelash Extensions
A Rewarding and Protable New Service
By: Jo Mousselli, RN, Co-Founder/CEO, Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions
18 The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014
The Link The Voice of the AHLC
Semi-permanent eyelash extensions
can be very therapeutic to clients who
sufer from conditions such as alopecia,
trichotillomania and chemotherapy.
Tese conditions often take a toll on
a womans self-image afecting her
self-esteem. Semi-permanent eyelash
extensions applied by a compassionate
and well-trained professional lash styl-
ist can lift the spirits and self-esteem of
patients that are sufering from these
conditions. Using advanced techniques,
a lash stylist can correct and bridge
gaps in the lash line. A uniform and
fan-shaped set of lashes can be built
using the right lengths, thicknesses and
curvatures. Tis even works for those
whose lash line is very uneven due to
frequent and premature natural lash
loss and/or natural lash pulling result-
ing in uneven growth and crooked natu-
ral lashes. Because eyelash extensions
are applied directly to existing natural
lashes, a client must have sufcient
natural lashes to receive the procedure.
Tose undergoing chemotherapy should
wait until their chemotherapy sessions
are complete and they are in remission
to have eyelash extensions applied
because their extended lashes will
continue to shed prematurely while on

A main advantage of eyelash exten-
sions is how much time that can be
saved. With our busy lifestyles eyelash
extensions allow the wearer to spend
less time applying makeup. Because
extended lashes are bigger at the base,
they create the same efect as eyeliner
so that step can be avoided as well.
Overall, eyelash extensions will give the
appearance of having put signifcant
efort into eye makeup when, in reality,
there is no time spent at all. Te added
beneft is waking up to beautiful eyes
with extended lashes and enjoying them
all day and all night without having to
apply and remove mascara and without
having to deal with the consequences
such as stains around the eyes. With
eyelash extensions the wearer can look
and feel gorgeous from the moment
they wake up until the moment they fall
asleep, all with little to no efort.
How long do they last?
Natural eyelashes grow in and fall
out in cycles (every 60 -150 days). When
a natural lash matures and falls out, a
new lash has already been growing and
quickly replaces it without us noticing
the turnover. Tis process is constant
and at any given moment our many
natural lashes are at diferent stages
of maturity. Some are just growing in,
while others are ready to shed. People
typically shed between one and fve
natural lashes each day, depending
on their individual growth cycles. On
shorter natural lashes, this growing and
shedding cycle is virtually unnotice-
able. With proper care and maintenance,
touch-ups are typically only needed
once every two to four weeks to replace
the lashes that have shed. A stylist will
add extensions to the newest mature
natural lashes to maintain a full, lush
How long does it take?
Depending on the expertise and
experience of the lash stylist, and the
number of lashes being applied, it gen-
erally takes between 120 to 150 minutes
to apply a full set of eyelash extensions.
Touch-ups can be done in as little as 45
to 60 minutes. Tere is no discomfort or
pain involved in the procedure. In fact,
most clients fnd it is so relaxing and
comfortable that they fall asleep.
Semi-permanent Eyelash extensions
are for professional application only.
And the process requires professional
training in order to create safe, hygienic,
and beautiful results. Only credentialed
and licensed professionals in health
and beauty who have had professional
hands-on training and achieved verif-
able certifcation from a reputable brand
should provide the service. An initial
full set of semi-permanent eyelash
extensions ranges from $200-400, re-
lashes range from $75-150 at intervals
of every two to four weeks based on the
natural eyelash growth and extension
If you are a studio wishing to pro-
vide semi-permanent eyelash exten-
sion services to your clientele, do your
research, and partner with a manufac-
turing brand that provides a holistic,
therapeutic and systematic approach
to eyelash extension application with
comprehensive education and training
programs developed to be synergistic
with compatible application products
and end-consumer retail products.
Application products and end con-
sumer retail products are designed to
work synergistically with one another
enabling you to provide a service to
your clients using well designed client
consultation and design forms, detailed
application guidelines, professional
tools, sanitary and single-use applica-
tion supplies with multiple curvatures,
thicknesses and colors to enable you to
custom-design looks that accommodate
your customers desire as well as her eye
shape and lifestyle.
A strong brand will have a line of
specially formulated consumer prod-
ucts to retail to your client to help her
maintain and extend the longevity of
her extended lashes. A quality company
will provide same day shipping and live
trouble-shooting support seven days a
week, in addition to ongoing newslet-
ters, online education and resources. By
partnering with the right brand, provid-
ing semi-permanent eyelash extension
services is rewarding and proftable.
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 19
The Link The Voice of the AHLC

Di Biase Hair, Extension Certifcation
For a listing of scheduled certifcation classes
throughout the U.S. please visit
or call 248-489-8900.
Follea 4C Workshops
6/22-24 Beverly Hills, CA
7/20-22 New York, NY
With classes held regularly throughout the year, FOLLEA
4C Workshops are uniquely designed to allow FOLLEA
salon professionals reach the highest level of expertise
in handling the supremely natural European hair Next
Generation Wigs and Topette Crown Extensions. Learn
from our experts. The Care, Cut and Color classes were
designed by a master stylist in collaboration with a
professional scientist/educator to emphasize the speci-
fcities of working with top-quality human hair pieces.
The fnal class, Customization explores all the options
available and details about each unique collection. Call
310-821-2860 or email salon@follea.com.
New Image - NIU LIVE 2014
9/6-8, 10/4-6, 11/8-10
NIU LIVE 2014 Business Success Series, an exciting
line-up of hands-on conferences, hosted in our new,
state-of-the art facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.
During this business elevation series, you will get to
know New Image intimately and learn all there is to
ensure the continued success of your hair replacement
business. We will share with you new ways to gain and
convert leads, teach you how to create new streams
of revenue and show you how to upgrade your entire
business. Choose the dates that work for you. This se-
ries is an investment well worth your time and money.
Call 800-359-4247 to register.
Thursdays With Jay: 6/12, 6/26, 7/10, 7/24, 8/7, 8/21
New Image hosts free educational webinars every
second Thursday at 12.30 pm EST. Thirty minutes of hair
inspiration can make a hair day so much better (and
proftable). Tune in to success and join us for these free
webinars. In the convenience of their studio or home,
webinar attendees can learn from Jay Benjamin as
he shares his vast experience and interviews special
industry guests to discuss the latest hair and business
trends. Call 800-359-4247 for registration details.
On Rite
Regional Academies:
6/16, Philadelphia, PA
6/29-30, Denver, CO
8/25-25, Charlotte NC
Hair Academy, Corporate Ofce, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
7/26-29 Four Day Mens, Womens and Medical
Certifcation. Includes three days of hands-on mens &
womens hair replacement plus a one day medical class.
7/26-28 Three Day Mens and Womens Hair Replace-
ment. Class ofers combined hands-on mens and
womens hair replacement.
7/14, 9/15 One Day Ultratress, Ultrastrands and Ultra-
links Extensions
Class featuring our attachment methods: Ultra II plus
& UltraTress II [pre-bonded], UltraLinks [cold fusion],
and UltraStrands [heat fusion], Ultra Weft [braided or
corn row].
7/29 One Day Certifcation, Medical Hair Loss Class.
Class covers understanding the medical market, choos-
ing the right augmentation, alterations and custom-
izing. This Gemtress/One-Day certifcation medical class
is a Provider of Continuing Education (CE) registered
and approved by the Board of Certifcation - Accredita-
tion, International (BOC) and the American Board of
Certifcation (ABC). Call 800-327-5555 for information.
AHLC Academy
Class Listings
started my journey in the beauty
business over thirty-four years ago
and have been a salon owner for almost
thirty-one years. I had always been
interested in wigs, hair systems and
add-ons for both men and women, but
there was a big problem. I thought
everything looked fake and unnatural. A
lot has changed since then.

A few years ago I was reading an
article about hair replacement. My
interest was piqued all over again. I
began to research diferent companies,
their products as well as educational
and training opportunities.. My time
had come to go into hair replacement,
and I knew that education and training
would be the key to my success. God
has put some very special people and
mentors in my path, and what a journey
it has been.

A whole new world opened up to me.
At frst, my salon began selling wigs,
human hair add-ons and extensions. To
my surprise, we did very well, not only
helping the medical community, but
also those ladies that just needed a little
more hair that they did not have natu-
rally. When you see smiles on faces and
attitudes change right before your eyes,
you get instant gratifcation. It is very
addictive, to the point that you want to
help so many people. For me, work is
not work anymore.

Te AHLC Annual Conference is my
most favorite event to attend. What an
amazing group of professionals who are
willing to share old ideas, new ideas and
all of the new stuf that is on its way.
I love being there to share information
and to have the opportunity to ask lots
of questions. I am so thankful for this
great group who has defnitely pointed
me in the right direction.

Previously, I had only used human
hair and synthetics. Getting involved
with Cyberhair was foreign to me, but
what a great change this has been. I
cannot thank Jen Brooks enough for
thoroughly teaching and walking me
through the process of getting to know
the products and what would suit each
clients specifc needs. I still have a lot
to learn, but I know I will get there.

We all have some special clients that
stand out, ones that just grab your
heart and will not let go.
It is people like Leslie Poling that
gives me the motivation to serve my
community and to help others. Making
people happy and helping them feel bet-
ter about themselves is what makes the
hair replacement business so special.
When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear.
By: Les Porter, Owner, Western Maryland Hair Replacement Center
In Leslies own words:
After almost 25 years with a bald head, I feel pretty again. At the age of 19 (with a great hairdo),
I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and lost all my crowning joy, my hair. The modern hair
system has brought me back to life. Im 43 now and can feel the old me coming through. My
self-confdence is back. I can actually look people in the eye again. This hair system came to me
when I had given up hope of ever fnding a solution. Wearing a wig was not for me, and left me
with so many, what ifs.My self-worth has risen so high, all because of this hair system and I
know it will do the same for anyone else.
Les Porters Client, Leslie Poling
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 21
The Link The Voice of the AHLC
ne of our mottos at Follea is
Change your life, change your
hair. We aim to give women their best
hair day, every day and specialize in
supremely natural European wigs and
top pieces for women. While many
women without hair loss like to wear
Follea for fashion, a majority of our
clientele are women who are experienc-
ing hair loss.
For our women wearers, hair loss is
understandably traumatic, therefore
we spend many years designing bases
specifcally suited to their core needs
so they can get their life back and stop
worrying about their hair. To that
end, a woman with a specifc type of
need often prefers our most popular
products. In wigs, the standout favorite
by far is our Follea Gripper wigs. Te
Gripper was specifcally designed for
women with little to no hair of their
own. Tis cap comes in six sizes, includ-
ing XXXS and XXS for children. It has
a special geometry to the base, which
combined with medical grade silicone
panels will stay on without tape or glue
even through heavy movement.

Te Gripper is made with a
lace top and small open lace
front edge that replicates a
natural hairline so it can be
worn of the face and in up-
dos. It features a lined, wefted
back with an advanced design
to prevent weft-show through
that contours to the head.
Tere are two stock versions of
the Gripper, the Cool and the
Sport. Te Sport has added
silicone along the wefts, which
creates extra grip for chil-
dren and people with active
We fnd that a majority
of the women wearing the
Gripper are the women it
was designed for, Alopecians.
When we were creating the
Gripper we enlisted the help
of fve hair replacement center
owners who had alopecia
themselves to test the cap and
give their seal of approval.

At the AHLC conference, we inter-
viewed Twila Donnelly of Fantasia Salon
named the Gripper her favorite. When
asked why, Twila responded, Ive
transferred people who have used the
hard cap, the vacuum, into the Grip-
per because it stays on so well. Also, it
is more lightweight and not so hot.
We contacted some of the women
who wear the Gripper and asked them
to give feedback as well and their
responses were overwhelming. We
selected a few we thought were espe-
cially heartwarming to share.

Tania, a woman living with alopecia
totalis in Northern California wrote to
tell us, For the frst time in decades
I got to go in a convertible thanks to
the Gripper and feel the wind in my
hair again.

We heard from another alopecian
further south. B.J. Cobb of Texas who
wrote in depth, I want to thank you
for what you are doing changing lives
one hairpiece at a time. Im sixty-one
and have worn hairpieces for over
ffty years. I spent the frst twelve
years mostly in the hospital and have
had a total of twenty-fve surgeries
on my head. Te surgeries left me
with no hair and lots of scars and
dents. I started wearing wigs at ten
years old.
I am amazed how Te Gripper stays
put. I dont have to worry about it
slipping of. Te hair is beautiful and
I have received so many compliments
since I started wearing Te Gripper
Cool. Tank you Follea, from the bot-
tom of my heart!

On the other end of the hair loss
spectrum, we have many clients with
partial loss. Te efects of female pat-
tern baldness, hormonal changes, alope-
cia areata, PCOS and innumerable other
conditions which cause hair loss in one
in four women during their lifetimes.
For these women, we created a collec-
tion of partial pieces called Topette
Crown Extensions, but usually known
as Topettes.
Change your life.
Change your hair.
Folleas Motto
By: Holly Slear, Technical Director and Head Educator, Follea
Gripper Cool
22 The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014
Te collection is made up of four
diferent designs, two clip-in and two
bonding bases. Te most popular of
the Topette designs is the TA115, a
lightweight clip-in lace base with no
polyurethane. Te front edge is a thin
folded lace for easy blending and there
is monoflament ribbon around the
rest of the piece to give it longevity. It
is considered a starter Topette and is
most commonly worn by women in
the beginning stages of hair loss due
to its lightness and fexibility.

During my interview with Twila at
the AHLC conference, I asked her about
her favorite partial piece. She smiled as
she spoke, Topettes, we love those.
Te TA115, because its clip in and the
hair is so beautiful. Tey have the
best hair, theres no question about
that. Were seeing a lot more people
with hormonal hair loss today and
younger people. So, they dont want a
wig. So if you show them something
like that theyre much more comfort-
able. Tey blend, they cut well and we
can perm them. We can color them.
Te integrity of the hair is wonderful.

One of the benefts of creating partial
pieces with European hair is the way
they blend so naturally into biological
hair due to the fner denier of the hair
shaft. In addition, because the pony-
tail hair Follea uses comes in so many
shades, we only have to color the hair
1-2 shades to match the color ring and
never from dark to light. Tat leaves the
integrity of the hair intact for the kind
of salon work Twila mentioned.
Nikki, a client from Transitions of
Australia in Surry Hills who wears the
TA115, talked about how she regained
her confdence with her Follea after
her hair began thinning. I chose the
Topette because obviously I couldnt
have a full head of extensions because
my hair is too fne. You would just be
able to see the extensions through
the hair. So I went for the Topette for
just the easiness
of being able to
clip in and out
every day. Its just
so easy to look
after. You cant
even see where it
starts. You cant
even feel it. When
my friends actu-
ally met me, I said
to one have you
noticed anything?
She said, Yeah,
youve had your
hair done. You
went darker. She
didnt actually
notice it wasnt my
hair! I dont think
I want to take it of. I am much more
confdent in all situations now.

Tese stories are why we do what we
do, but what makes Follea products dif-
ferent, is the quality of the raw materi-
als and the expert craftsmanship. We
use only high quality ponytail hair from
Eastern European countries, double
drawn so that the hair is a uniform
length with no straggly ends. Te luster,
sheen, lightness and manageability
of the hair alone stand out and the
hair is even more beautiful after it is
washed, but we dont stop there in our
desire to making life-changing wigs and
partial pieces. We also import the best
materials from France, Switzerland and
Germany so that they are comfortable
and stand the test of time.

Since we have always owned and run
our own factory, we train our artisans
to make natural looking densities, so
that our products never look wiggy
Tey are also trained to make fne
knotting and special ventilations so the
top looks natural after parting as well.
Beyond that, our colorists train for up
to two years to learn our proprietary
colors, which span blacks, brunettes,
reds and blondes in shades that not
only look realistic out of the box, but
are also designed so that the stylists
who work with the hair can color it with
salon color.

We spend years perfecting our bases
and colors to give clients the hair they
truly desire and the ability to replicate
their hair easily undetectably. One of
our main goals is that no one ever has
to know our clients are wearing hair
unless they want them to, but instead
are asked, Who does your hair?
TA115 Toppette
Gripper Sport
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 23
The Voice of the AHLC
n 1970, our company Georgie Wigs,
started as a manufacturer of wigs for
Jewish women. In 2006, we started
to notice an increased interest in hair
extensions, as both a hair replace-
ment option and as a fashion state-
ment for women. During this time, we
approached the Walt Disney World
Company and signed a licensing agree-
ment to market a line of human hair
extensions using Hannah Montana,
High School Musical, Suite Life and
Cheetah Girls as a brand label. We have
always used human hair in our exten-
sion lines, but soon realized that there
was a more consistent demand from
the adult market, rather than the tween
market, as they were satisfed with
spending less money only on Synthetic
hair at that time, due to their con-
stantly changing fashion tastes.
Our custom order business grows
every year and we continue to develop
innovative new product lines, such as
our MORIAH & HD line of multi-direc-
tional Virgin European Human Hair
wigs. Originally, we felt that Microlink
extensions would be a safer extension
method than fusion, as they caused less
hair loss for the client. However, we
quickly realized that fusion hair had
a greater demand in the market and
eventually became a major part of our
In the past three years, the market
has signifcantly moved to the tape-on
method, what we call Charmed Hair.
There are a few reasons for this:
1. A full head application can be done in 45 minutes.
2. Removal can take as little as 5 minutes.
3. The hair can be reused up to two more times.
4. Because of the greater weight distribution of each
piece of extension, there is less pull on the clients
own hair and obviously less hair loss for the client.
5. The extension lies fatter against the clients scalp
and so is less noticeable.

As we have seen, all new
interest is now in the Tape-
On (Charmed Hair) sys-
tems, But for experienced
extension professionals,
they too need to realize
that their client needs
have started to change! I
was visiting some salons
in a major metropolitan
city recently. Te frst hair
replacement specialist told
me that she was just at a
womens support group for
female cancer survivors
the night before. Tere
were over 70 attendees, all
under the age of 40! I went
to a second salon from
there and happened to ask her if she
noticed the same thing? Her response
was that she does not even deal with
cancer patients, rather her clients were
now bringing in more and more of their
teenage daughters that were showing
early signs of hair loss! Whether this
trend is due to the overuse of exten-
sions or as a by product of environmen-
tal causes (food, chemicals, etc.), we
frmly believe that hairpieces and wigs
will become a major growth area for the
immediate future.

As a hair replacement professional
you already have seen this in your
own clients. But have you marketed
your services to new clients? Have you
advertised to local salons letting them
know that you can ofer a commission
for referring clients that are sufering
from hair loss? Have you advertised
to the general public that maybe they
need to give their hair a rest from
extension overuse and that you can
provide an alternative for them? One of
our highest revenue producing salons
shared her secret with me recently. She
dresses down in sweat pants, goes to
the local hospital and places fyers
ofering coupon promo-
tions in the areas where
cancer patients are. As
she explained, if she
looks professional, the
nurses will stop her
and ask her what she
is doing there. But if
she dresses down, they
think she is there
visiting a patient
and ignore her. Te
ultimate in guerilla
marketing! Even some-
thing as simple as your
stylists wearing a dif-
ferent color clip-on bang
will get the conversation
started with a client that
may be ashamed to talk about
her hair loss.
Start incorporating
new strategies in your
salon marketing
and watch your
The Evolution
of Georgie
From Wigs, to Extensions to Hair Replacement
By: Shlomo Klein, VP, OSY Inc., Georgie Wigs, Xtensify
24 The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014
n an effort to bring some clarity to
the issue of kosher wigs, it is impor-
tant to understand a brief history of
Jewish women and wigs. Te Talmud
says that a married Jewish woman
should cover her hair, as her own hair
is a very private part of a womens body
and should be reserved only for her
husband to see.

Now this may be a little hard to
understand, but if we step back and
look at the fact that the womens hair
care market is a multi-billion dollar
industry, and how much time and
attention is given to womens hair, it
actually makes sense that for many
people, the hair is the most attractive
part of them (from a purely physical
viewpoint). After all, when you walk
down the street, you notice a womens
hairstyle, before any other part of her.
Tis statement is not made in a chau-
vinistic way, but to only try and explain
the root causes of this whole issue.

Once we accept that, and why the
Rabbis wanted women to cover their
hair, we can then approach the Indian
hair controversy. It is not unheard
of for difering Rabbis to ofer
diferent opinions on the same
matter and sides are obvi-
ously taken. Many Rabbis
came out both in sup-
port of the ban and
against it.

In 1964, the
greatest Rabbi
in the world at
the time, Rabbi
Moses Feinstein
from New York,
was asked if Indian
hair was okay to
use on wigs.
Te problem
was that
Indian women
were donating
their hair as a gift
ofering in the
temples to Buddha
and the Jewish religion frowns upon
using any idol oferings in any way.
Rabbi Feinstein stated that although
the women were cutting of their hair
as an ofering to Buddha, the fact that
the temple priests were using this ritual
solely as a pretext to make money, this
excluded it as a true idol ofering.

In 2006, Rabbi Elyashiv in Israel was
approached with this question again.
However, he decided that Indian hair
was considered an idol ofering and
therefore banned it from use in wigs for
Jewish women.

In order to avoid any controversy,
many Jewish wig companies (mine
included) have refused to use Indian
hair in our wigs, hairpieces and exten-
sions. As such, we have a rabbinic
authority that gives his seal of approval
that our wigs are not made with Indian
hair. Tis makes our wigs Kosher.

How can you sell to the Jewish
Many hair replacement salons look
at the Jewish market and see big dollar
signs foating in front of them. After all,
there is a lot of money spent by Jewish
women on wigs, so how can you get a
part of that? Here are some guidelines
on how to market your business to this
market segment.

Dont try putting and ad saying you
sell kosher wigs and expect Jewish
women to beat a path down to your
door! Tese women have been wear-
ing wigs for years, so have their sisters,
mothers and best friends. Tey know
prices better than you do. Tey also
know where to go for the best pricing.
Whether they fy into New York, Los
Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Toronto or
Israel, they are getting a better deal
than you can ofer them.

Instead of trying to sell wigs to
them, sell your services instead!
Each woman needs a professional
stylist to cut and style, dye, perm or
fx problems with their wigs. You can
do that. You are doing it already, arent

How do you let them know that you
oer these services?
Look up your local Jewish Orthodox
temple, not Conservative or Reformed
(they dont wear wigs). Every temple
maintains an e-mail list of all their con-
gregants. For a nominal fee ($18 or $36),
they will send a mass e-mail advertising
your services.
When emailing it is important to
include the following information:
You ofer private ftting rooms.
You have female stylists (Jewish women wont
uncover their hair in front of men).
List your prices! Diferentiate prices between short,
medium or long hair wigs.
Look up a Jewish calendar, or ask your temple con-
tact when the next Jewish holiday is. Ofer discount
pricing before the holidays.
Ofer drop of service, where they can drop of the
wigs and pick it up at a later date.
If you have a full service salon, then advertise mani/
pedi, massages, facials, etc. Jewish women want to
be pampered as much as the next woman.

Once you establish a rapport with
your new customers, you can start sell-
ing wigs to them.

Additionally, teenage Jewish girls
are wearing extensions. You can sell
them clip-on extensions (such as our 20
runway line), and explain to them that
once they marry, you can use the hair
from the extensions to sew into their
wigs when they need to fll in missing
hair on their wigs. Te extensions must
be Kosher as well!

Finally, some women dont use full
wigs. Rather they use a topper. Tey call
this Kippah Falls or Yamulka Falls.
Start advertising and selling to them
immediately. Our Multi-Top HH 20 is
a very hot seller in this market.
So, What Makes a Wig Kosher?
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 25
The Voice of the AHLC
n 1968 my father, Bijan Todd made
the acquaintance of a young lady in
Manchester, England. She had the most
adorable Dimples. One day he asked her
out. It turned out that she worked in a
wig boutique. Tis was my fathers frst
introduction to wigs and hair pieces.
Although he was never a hair stylist,
hes always been a great business man.
He saw great opportunities in the hair
replacement industry. Soon after, my
father opened four wig boutiques across
Northwest England and by the early
70s diversifed into manufacturing and
For decades, Dimples has been
supplying Europe with medical wigs,
top pieces, hair systems and accesso-
ries. Our company has distributors in
Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Greece
and Scandinavia. In the UK, Dimples
maintains government contracts with
the British National Health Service hos-
pitals and Christie hospitals, to supply
medical wigs to patients in need.
As a family business, Dimples main-
tains its British traditional values of
quality and service. Today the company
has two locations, Manchester, England
and Los Angeles, CA.
With a new focus, in 2014, Dimples
USA launched natural hair solutions for
women. From talking to customers in
Europe and the USA, we found theres
constant increased demand for womens
hair solutions. Since the massive popu-
larity of hair extensions, the average
female consumer has become more
comfortable with hair additions. As a
result, wigs and top pieces have become
more socially acceptable. Women with
or without hair loss are proudly buying
wigs for fashion or for medical reasons.
Technology has created great advance-
ments in the production of top piece
base and wig cap constructions. But,
for many, the quest for fnding supe-
rior natural hair continues. As a result,
Dimples decided to create their ladys
wigs and top pieces in three diferent
hair qualities: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Meet Dimples
A Second-Generation Family Business
By: James Todd, Dimples
Te Dimples Bronze Collection has natural, remy hair wigs and
top pieces that are ready to wear, with beautiful rooted colors,
highlights, low lights, and blended colors. Te wigs are hand tied,
medical grade wigs with lace fronts, non-slip silicone and double
silk monoflament tops for comfort. Te Bronze Collection also
has a range of top pieces. Te top pieces come in various hair
lengths, from six to sixteen inches. Te bases have been designed
with several diferent materials and attachments, such as clips,
PU for bonding, mono and lace for the fattest, most seamless
With their easy-to-style and comfortable ft, Dimples makes selling a fne quality wig
a pleasure for the stylist and also for the client in need of a totally natural looking
hairpiece. Mr. Todd has taken a step forward in todays leading wigs and hairpieces.
Barry Hendrickson, Owner, Bitz-N-Pieces, New York, NY
I ordered a top piece with a French top from Dimples. The unit was very well manu-
factured and designed. The European hair was at the best price point in comparison
to the other manufacturers Ive looked into. I have found that I have been able to
get lengths from Dimples that were not achievable through other companies. More
importantly, the customer service is exceptional, they are always willing to work
with their clients.
Angela Robinson Owner, ADR Creative Hair, Maitland, FL
Kylie: Full Wig, Bronze in
Tofee Crme Rooted
26 The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014
I just opened up my new business, and I sold my frst piece. Ive been in and around the
industry for seven years and Ive dealt with plenty of hair before. This has been the frst
time Ive been able to go home knowing that my customer has been taken care of, with
the right top piece. She was so happy when I showed her the Lacey Bronze Top Piece. It
sits fatter than any top piece Ive worked with. The hair is beautiful and the color was
rooted with highlights, I didnt have to do anything to it. I told my customer the price
and she took it right away with no hesitation.
Ronda Ceola, Owner, Pure Grace Wigs and Salon, Springdale, AR
Ive been in the hair replacement industry for almost 27 years. I recently attended the
American Hair Loss Council meeting in Florida to look for a better quality product. I
found a company new to me by the name of Leading Man and Women/Dimples. The
Bronze top pieces I found to be just the product I was looking for. My clientele have
responded very well to the products. The quality of hair is amazing. It is easy to work
with and does not tangle. I would highly recommend this company and its products.
Leslie Robinson, Patient Coordinator/CEO, Mane Image, Merrivlle, IN
Te Dimples Gold Collection consists of natural Virgin European hair.
Tis collection was designed for advanced hair stylists and colorists, that
require the fnest hair quality of hand tied wigs and top pieces. All wigs
and top pieces come with French tops. Te current hair lengths available
are six, eight and ten inches for both wigs and top pieces. Wigs and top
pieces are available in limited quantities.

In addition to supplying the three distinct hair qualities of Bronze,
Silver and Gold, Dimples also creates custom made wigs, top pieces and
hair systems for men. Dimples also makes natural eyebrows in three
diferent styles, in colors 2, 4, 6 and 8. Each natural hair is individually
injected into a see through polyurethane base. Te eyebrows are bonded
using a water based copolymer. Te bond can last up to four days. With
proper care the eyebrows can last between four to six months.
Joy: Bronze Top Piece in Roasted Ginger
Olivia: Bronze Full Wig in Cofee Dolce
Michelle: Silver Full Wig, 12 Long Layered
Te Silver Collection was created for experienced hair stylists and
colorists that demand superior hair, to custom color and cut. Te Collec-
tion consists of wigs and top pieces in colored, natural European hair. Te
wigs are hand tied with French tops and the wig caps come in a selection
of cap materials. All current top pieces also have French tops with clips.
Te clips can also be removed for bonding. Te wigs are currently stocked
with hair lengths ranging from: seven to nine inches short layered, ten
inches long layered, twelve inches long layered and fourteen inches long
layered. Te Top pieces are stocked in hair lengths of 10, 14, and 18 inches.
Te base sizes for the top pieces include: 6x5 inches and 7.5x6.5 inches.
Julia: Gold Full Wig
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 27
The Voice of the AHLC
easiPart was inspired by a young girl with
trichotillomania, who was primarily pulling
her hair out from the top of the crown.
Classmates were less than empathetic to
her condition and made her school days
nearly unbearable. Her mother had taken
her to a hair replacement studio where they
were trying to ft her with a top of the head
system. Because the young girl was so petite
in size, every piece seemed to bombard her
small fgure and looked unnatural for a girl
of her age. The base designs were all far too
large and the density was not realistic. This
dilemma was what challenged us to create
something for this specifc situation. easiPart
was created to give full coverage of the part
area at the top of the head, with an easiclip
on attachment. Clients seeking to disguise
the early stages of hair loss, alopecia areata,
or simply for fashion fnd easiPart to be a
perfect solution.
This base design was created for
clients with the more advanced
stages of hair loss, giving the client
coverage of 2/3s of the head. The
French knotting technology gives
the appearance of natural follicular
growth with multi-directional
parting and the interior silk lining
provides ultimate comfort and pro-
tection to the hand-tied knots. The
fne monoflament is coated with
polyurethane around the perimeter
for both durability and bonding
purposes. This then transitions to
a thin skinpolyurethane base at
the front hairline, for a seamless,
natural look.
air loss in women continues to be, a pri-
mary focus of the alternative hair indus-
try. We have seen a shift in focus this past
decade to the advancements in technology
and design for womens hair loss solutions.
In society, hair defnes so much of a womans
appearance and who she is. It is viewed as our
statement to the world and how we project
and portray of ourselves. Manufacturers
are challenged every day to create the most
natural designs, as technicians and stylists
work to perfect both their clients look and

For women, hair loss in any form can
be one of the most traumatic experiences
of her life. Whether losing their hair
gradually over time, or suddenly, it can be
the most difcult thing to face and deal
with. We frequently hear of women facing
chemotherapy and/or radiation treat-
ments and their main concern isnt beating
the disease, but rather what about my
hair? Te thought of facing their families,
coworkers, even a mirror without their hair,
is absolutely daunting and is sometimes their
biggest challenge to overcome. Many women
feel that their doctor will be the one to fx
their health, but who is going to fx their hair

We have seen the need for support for
all types of hair loss, ranging from medical,
alopecia, trichotillomania, as well as geneti-
cally predisposed hair loss. Each client is
unique and each circumstance requires a
specifc solution. With the diferent stages of
hair loss, we fnd that there is never one fx
all product. A woman with fne, thin hair,
whose hair loss is gradual, may only require a
temporary, partial attachment. Others with
more advanced stages of loss usually require
a larger base design with a more permanent
attachment. Whatever the situation, there is
always a solution. From factory to manufac-
turer, from technician/stylist to client, each
design is created with the end result in mind;
natural, high-quality, solutions.
Leading Hair Replacement
Products for Women
Inspired by All Stages of Womens Hair Loss
by: Lisa Minervini, VP Product Development & Branding, Jon Renau/easihair
/ French
28 The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014
Top Form is a top of the head base de-
sign with a clip on attachment method,
designed for the beginning to mid/
advanced stages of hair loss. The base
size is large enough to give full coverage
of the top of the head, allowing the
hair to splay across and over the crown
area of the head. The polyurethane
perimeter gives durability to base, al-
lowing it to lie seamlessly to the head
shape. The pressure-sensitive clips allow
easy attachment, however they can be
removed to allow for semi-permanent
perimeter bonding as the clients hair
loss progresses.
When The SmartLace Collection
was launched in 2010, it proved
to be our largest and most
successful launch. Lace front
systems have been a huge part
of base designs in the industry,
ofering the client a natural look-
ing hairline with multiple styling
options. The advancements of
base materials is what led to
the design of SmartLace; to give
the client the option of a natural
hairline, without having to cut,
bond, or frequently repair the
lace front. The pre-cut welded
lace will give more durability
compared to fner lace materials
(Swiss and French lace) used
Coming June 2014! This design
is bridging the hair replacement
center and the wig shop, giving the
best of both worlds. Clients with
permanent hair loss, specifcally
alopecia, inspired Evolution. This
base design has been tested for over
a year now and the process was
both enlightening and challenging.
We reached out to four of our clients
who have alopecia, two of which are
hair replacement technicians. We
wanted to create a base that was not
only natural, but with the upmost
comfort for the wearer. We met with
our testersevery week for 8 weeks
at a time where we collected their
reports and feedback. The quarterly
testing phases allowed us to make
improvements and advancements
upon the next design, with each
of the testers suggestions and
requests. The invaluable information
during the design phase allowed
the evolvement of the system and
created the perfect system for
permanent hair loss.
Wearing a wig helps me feel accepted
in society, but Ive worn horrible wigs most of
my life - they never t or looked right! Being
a part of developing the Evolution Collection
means a lot to me. It feels amazing to give
feedback on this line, knowing it will
help others in many ways.
Melisssa Porras
Top Form
SmartLace % Hand tied Evolution
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 29
The Voice of the AHLC
Alexia and Friends
Anything but Average
By: Elvira Amankwa, CMP, Marketing Manager, New Image Labs
ophistication comes in many facets.
For some its style, for some its chic, for
some its elegance, for some its com-
fort, for some its security. For some
its all of that. Trough decades
of research and development,
New Image has emerged as an
industry leader in providing
todays demanding female
clients with some of the
worlds most sophisti-
cated hair replacement
solutions. Many are
hailed in the industry
as better than a natural
head of hair.
Te unwavering
commitment to excel-
lence has bridged the
gap between ordinary
and extraordinary.
New Image under-
stands that hair is
an integral part of
a womans natural
beauty and intricately
linked to a womans
self-confdence and
self-esteem. Tats why
we believe only the best
is good enough to restore a
woman back to beauty.
Innovative base design for
comfort and security, superior hair
quality for style,
as well as stunning color shades
inspired by the runways of Paris and
Milan for chic - all form a perfect
match to cater to todays sophisti-
cated woman who wants it all.
Te most common type of hair loss seen
in women is female pattern hair loss, also
known as androgenic alopecia, where the
hair is thinning predominantly over the
top and on the sides of the head. Terefore
roughly 75 % of all women who sufer from
hair loss do not require a full-cap system to
take care of their hair loss problem. A versa-
tile top-of-the-head hair replacement option
is the way to go, as the clients own hair can
be used to create that undetectable look.
Quantum 6 from New Image answers
the call and is bound to exceed your female
clients expectations. If you are a true hair
architect you will enjoy working with this
hair replacement solution, as it will allow
you to design a most natural hairline. Quan-
tum 6 is made out of human hair in vibrant
shades from L1 to L6. Gray is a man-made
fber. A limited color selection is available
with ethnic textures. Te hair length is
12 which provides many versatile styling
options. Density is light/medium and Quan-
tum 6 is recommended for extended wear
and daily wear.
With 6 to 8 hair replacement solutions per
year, Quantum 6 provides excellent value for
the demanding female client with androgenic
alopecia. It has enjoyed ongoing popularity
amongst national and international clients
alike and is to date one of New Images most
popular female hair replacement solutions.
In Greek, Alexia means absence of or
without. In hair replacement, New Image
has turned this around. Tanks to one of
New Images most popular medical womens
systems called Alexia, many women have
found new hope and restored self-confdence.
Some women would go as far as to say
that with Alexia, they have found new life. In
the absence of their own natural hair, with
Alexia, they have found a hair replacement
solution that comes so close to their natural
hair that it makes all the diference in their
life, allowing them to feel beautiful and
whole again.
Known as a hair loss alternative for
medical conditions, Alexia is geared towards
30 The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014
clients with medical needs. Te base is a state-of-the-art
construction and thanks to the new non-slip Flex Form
technology, it provides superior comfort and ft and can
be fully customized.
For a most natural look, it is made out of human hair
and comes in 19 stunning colors. Gray is a man-made
fber. Standard texture for this hair replacement solu-
tion is a light wave, but Alexia is also available in limited
colors with ethnic textures. Depending on your clients
needs, it comes in 8 and 14 hair length. Te density is
light/medium. Clients appreciate the Freestyle, which
provides great versatility and allows unlimited styling
Medical hair loss does not know any age and the
number of young clients in need of natural-looking hair
loss solutions is increasing. Moved by compassion, New
Image decided to make this popular hair system available
also to children. Tats why Alexia is often referred to as
the young hair loss solution from New Image. To help
satisfy the special needs of young clients, Alexia is also
available in 17 and 19 circumference and the ideal hair
replacement solution for children, pre-teens, teens and
young adults.
With 3 to 4 hair replacement solutions per year, Alexia
provides excellent value for your medical needs clients.
Which means one less thing for them to worry about. Or
as one satisfed end user puts it With Alexia, I can look
and feel beautiful again. Alexia has given me back what I
thought is lost forever: a full head of hair. I totally love it.
Alexia has restored my hope and confdence.
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 31
The Voice of the AHLC
ig designing has evolved rapidly
in the last 10 years. Te materi-
als and technology incorporated into
the product are far more sophisticated
today than ever before. Te art and
science of wig form requires much more
design and engineering knowledge to
create a great natural looking wig. Done
properly, it is almost impossible to
identify a person wearing a wig from a
person with natural hair.

Of course, the look needs to be
perfected by the in-house technician
to ensure the client is ftted properly
and is educated on how to brush, clean,
style and reattach the wig daily to keep
the hair looking its best.

Designers have created four catego-
ries of cap construction to meet the
needs of all wig wearers, each with
advantages and unique features to be
aware of when selecting a wig for client
Cap Congurations
Te features of the cap that secures
the synthetic or human hair fber can
be used to categorize wigs. Te cap is
designed to create a specifc look and or
to meet a cost profle in the market to
satisfy a range of afordability for the
clients. Te four primary types of cap
confgurations are:
Standard Wefted / Open Cap
Te standard weft cap is the most
basic of designs. It is a wefted construc-
tion where synthetic hair is machine
sewn into strips of weft material. Wefts
are narrow strips of material that have
fber or hair aligned in the same direc-
tion and sewn into it at one end. Wefts
are then joined together to form a base
cap. Tey are connected in horizontal
planes going back and forth to form the
cap. By overlapping layers of hair wefts
the designer is able to simulate natural
hair growth. Te base lining is usually a
foral patterned net material.

Te weft design is both durable and
afordable. As a result of the method
of connecting the wefts, the cap is very
breathable. Te caps styling is ready
to wear right out of the box, and lends
itself to minimal maintenance to keep
its shape. Te cap construction pro-
motes a cost efective design, however
style versatility is limited.

A variation of the standard wefted
cap is the open cap design, also known
as capless. To be clear capless is not
really without a cap. Te base structure
does not incorporate any fower net
material in the top section of the cap.
Tis is why technicians have a tendency
to refer to these wigs as capless. Tis
confguration provides a lighter weight
fnished product with better air circu-
lation. Most clients prefer a capless
construction since the preference of a
lighter cap gives more comfort to the

Some open cap wigs may be secured
with tape, medical adhesive and/or
clips, although new advancements in
stretch base cap materials allows some
cap constructions with elastic coated
sides that create a comfortable full time
pressure ft. Many open cap wigs are
designed with straps at the nape (back
lower neck area) to allow the wig to be
adjusted for a better ft. Te open cap
design improves comfort, and ensures
maximum breathability.
Monolament Top
Monolament Part
Monoflament wig designs incorpo-
rate the mono material at the top of the
head or part area of the cap. Tis allows
hand ventilation (knotting) of these
areas to create a very natural look dur-
ing manufacturing. Each synthetic fber
or human hair strand is individually
hand tied into the monoflament mate-
rial as such that it appears to grow
out of the base scalp area. Individual
knotting allows each strand to move
naturally and allows the technician and
the client to adjust the part and style
of the hair on some styles. However,
recently the increased desire for light-
weight wigs has lessened style fexibility
somewhat. Fiber is typically reduced
from all areas of the cap except the part
section to provide for better coverage.
Monoflament wigs are the top choice
Understanding Wigs
From the Inside Out
By: Alan Eaton and Scott Walmsley, Envy Hair, LLC
32 The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014
for clients who are searching for a natu-
ral look while wearing alternative hair.
To accommodate a variety of alter-
nate styles, monoflament wigs may
have the mono material take on difer-
ent shapes and be located in diferent
areas of the base cap. Styles that require
a more natural looking and moving part
on the left or right side will have mono
material sewn to the cap in that area.
Many hairstyles do not require 100%
monoflament coverage to achieve a
stunning look. Hand tied monoflament
designs locate the mono material in just
the part or crown area.

Originally created for the medical
market, monoflament wigs are con-
sidered one of the best products for
women who have experienced sig-
nifcant hair loss due to chemotherapy,
alopecia, or other medical reasons and
that may also have sensitive scalps.

Te monoflament wig is very natural
in appearance and incredibly versatile
in the ability to change style day to day
depending on the mood of the wearer.
Coincident with the labor-intensive
manufacturing process to hand tie areas
of the caps, these wigs are expensive.
Lace Front
Lace Front wigs were created to allow
clients to wear their hair of the face.
First created for hair replacement prod-
ucts, wig designers saw an opportunity
to give the alternative hair clients the
same fexibility of style. Technically the
lace front can be added to any base cap
confguration to create a premium natu-
ral looking hairline. When combined
with monoflament hand knotted con-
struction, lace front wigs are generally
the most expensive and natural looking
wigs available.
Designers may create a lace front that
extends from temple to temple or from
ear to ear. Te style and costs will deter-
mine the size of the added lace front
area. It is not uncommon for clients
to have the lace front section altered
by trimming some of the front area. A
skilled technician should do this work.

Te lace front may be attached with
medical adhesive to make the look
completely undetectable however, this
is not necessary given the fne material
that is used to manufacture lace front
wigs today.
Fully Hand Tied (Synthetic or
Human Hair)
Fully hand tied wigs are the most
technologically sophisticated wigs in
the market. Each individual strand of
hair or fber is hand tied into the base
cap to create a fully natural look. Te
hair appears to be growing out of the
scalp and the movement replicates
natural human hair.

Te base material is so fne that when
the hair is separated the scalp appears
to show through. Te full cap, front,
crown, sides and back, is hand tied, not
just a specifc area.

Progressive manufactures design a
variety of fully hand tied wigs to incor-
porate the latest in fber, human hair
and fber / human hair blends.
Tese premium designs are easily
styled, generally have the best ft and
most authentic fnished look of all
constructions. Te amount of hand
fabrication translates into a high labor
cost. Te materials used are top quality
and strive to be as close to the natural
look as possible, and therefore are the
most expensive available.
Demand Trends
Envy Wigs manufactures wigs in
each of the above cap confgurations.
Although the global marketplace
demonstrates an afnity for styles
within each category there are demand
diferences between countries and
specifc regions within countries.
Not surprisingly, given the relatively
stronger wealth (and the improving
economic conditions) in North America,
the demand for fully hand tied wigs
is increasing rapidly. Sales growth of
these designs is increasing at a faster
rate relative to any other wig category.
Further, within the hand tied category
the demand for human hair wigs is now
rivaling synthetic fber.

Wig wearers are well schooled to
discern high quality products and seem
willing to accept the high cost of top
quality hair. Tastes are more refned
than ever and as such consumers expect
todays wigs to replicate natural style.
At Envy all styles are designed to look
and feel as natural as possible.

Closely following the hand tied
category in sales volume are lace front
wigs. Tis is likely due, in part, to the
importance of style fexibility. Clients
want to be able to alter the look of their
hair especially those that are every day
alternative hair wearers. Monoflament
and standard weft wig sales follow third
and fourth respectively.

Color and style are critical factors
for consumers deciding on specifc
wig design within each category after
deciding on cost. It is the responsibility
of the designer to follow global fashion
trends closely and to prepare for upcom-
ing consumer taste changes. We review
emerging color and hairstyles appearing
in major fashion capitals for trends and
we believe the key to success is wearable

In the wig industry, trends can come
and go faster than relevant styles can
be produced. It is also important for
a designer to introduce styles with
stamina and longevity. Envy launches
new designs semiannually to ensure
products are current and customers are
served with a balance of the latest and
most enduring styles in the industry.
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 33
The Voice of the AHLC
Richard N. Kaufman
249 Allenwood Drive
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308
(617) 620-6274



Wearing hair has given me more confdence in myself,
than I ever thought I would have. Especially, since I never
had any confdence in myself what so ever. I always disliked
myself, but my hair system changed my life signifcantly. I
am ever so thankful for Betty Ann Bugden, her staf and
Children With Hair Loss. Tey have given me much more
than I thought possible.

I graduated college as a Certifed Phlebotomy Technician,
in April 2014. I enjoy phlebotomy and aspire to be great in
my chosen career. Once while in college when asked what
my greatest achievement was. I answered, Writing an
article and being published in a hair loss magazine. I was so
delighted to know that people who try to help others in my
situation as well as people who sufer with hair loss like me
read my article. Hopefully my article changed their outlook
on life and confdence in themselves. Of course, being asked
to write another article was an even greater achievement. I
hope to be a great infuence to anyone going through hair
loss, and hope that they all fnd the confdence in them-
selves to embrace it.
Catching up
with Brianna
We Hear Congratulations are in Order!
By: Brianna Crochunis, Issue 5 Covergirl
The Theradome LH80 PRO harnesses the
Low Laser Light Therapy power of an in-clinic laser
at a fraction of the cost.
Theradome LH80 PRO is an over-the-counter (OTC) device indicated for treatment of
Androgenetic Alopecia to promote hair growth in females with female pattern hair loss
(FPHL) on the Ludwig and Savin Hair Loss Scale I-II; Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-IV.

Next Generation Hair Restoration Technology
Contact us to learn how you can add $2,000.00/month to your bottom line with
the convenient, hands-free, aordable Theradome LH80 PRO LLLT device.
Revolutionary Treatment for Women
with Hair Loss. Grow Your Clientele.
Ofer your clients American Hairlines for
the nest non-surgical hair replacement
systems on the market today.
For custom orders, the team of experts
at American Hairlines has over 40 years
of experience in designing one-of-a-kind
systems tailored to your clients unique
Ready to grow your business
with American Hairlines?
Call today to get started:
Natural styling. Superior technology.
Unmatched condence.
2014 HairUWear Inc.
In August, 2013, actress Shailene
Woodley began preparations to begin
flming her role in the flm, Te Fault
In Our Stars (TFiOS), based on the
heartbreaking novel by John Green.
Her character in the movie, Hazel Grace
Lancaster, is a 16-year-old living with
terminal cancer, and is described in the
book as having a pageboy haircut. In
an efort to embrace her role, Shailene
cut her long, beautiful locks, which
were as well known to her fans, as were
her previous roles in Te Spectacular
Now and Te Descendants.

Prior to her haircut, Shailene
researched organizations to which she
might be able to donate her hair, and
subsequently announced on her Tumblr
site, http://alohaimshai.tumblr.com/
post/58274550495/hairforhazel that
she was honored to be able to donate
her locks to Children With Hair Loss
(CWHL), a wonderful organization
who [would] then create a wig for
someone in need. Shailene didnt stop
there. She went on to rally her fans
and followers to also consider donat-
ing their hair to CWHL and post about
it on social sites using the hashtags:
#HairForHazel and #ItGrowsBack. Also
in her Tumblr post, Shailene describes
her personal relationship with [her]
hair and the spectrum of feelings that
she underwent those of strength,
beauty and power that she attributed
to her long, fowing locks to her
eventual freedom and being able to
allow her face to shine without hair
blocking it.
After Shailene announced her inten-
tions to cut her hair, Green shared her
story with his Tumblr followers
weekend, saying, When Shailene told
me about this, I immediately thought
there might be peoplewho [would]
want to join her. Almost immediately
after his post, girls across the country
began to post photos of their newly-
cropped locks in support of Shailenes
movement on Twitter that included
CWHLs Twitter username @CWHL_org
and the hashtags #HairForHazel and
#ItGrowsBack. Some had planned to
donate their hair for years, but it was
the push from Woodley that convinced
many of them to take the plunge.

Tanks to Shailene and John Green,
over the past several months Children
With Hair Loss has enjoyed extended
recognition due to their #HairForHazel,
#ItGrowsBack and #TFiOS campaigns.
Hair donations continue to be sent into
CWHL Headquarters from all over the
U.S. and from several other countries
around the world in honor of Hazel
Grace Lancaster.

Te flm, Te Fault In Our Stars, is
due to be released in theaters on June
6, 2014. Follow @ShaileneWoodley;
@RealJohnGreen and @CWHL_org on
Actress Donates Hair, Donating to CWHL Goes Viral.
By: Risa Balayem, for Children With Hair Loss
Fans follow suit on Twitter, cutting
and donating their hair and
sporting their shorter locks.
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 37
The Link The Voice of the AHLC
www. s ent oowi gs . com
1. 800. 328. 6182
Studios must sign an agreement
to this before the initial
order is shipped.
Sentoo takes all of the best features that everyone
wants in a wig to make it comfortable and ft right and
puts those features into every cap.
-Sara Lou Manning
Owner, Custom Design
Rogers, AR
248.489.8900 Info@DiBiaseHairUSA.com www.DiBiaseHairUSA.com
Why have ordinary
hair when you can have
1 0 0 % N A T U R A L H A I R E X T E N S I O N S
first started in the hair business
by mistake but once I was involved I
loved it. After a number of years doing
hair in a salon, that at the time was one
of Chicagos Top Salons, and blowing
my chance to work for Vidal Sassoon, I
accidentally got into the hair replace-
ment business. A family member was
given one of those wigs from the back
of a magazine, it looked atrocious but
he liked the thought of having hair. So
I searched out a way to get him some-
thing that looked better and more
realistic. Te next thing I knew, I was
in the hair replacement business. After
a couple years I left the industry to
explore other options and soon found
myself back in the business. I met Tony
Martingilio, who would become my
friend and colleague. While working
with Tony we met a very charismatic
and determined man named was Andy
Wright and thats when things really
took of.

Troughout the late
seventies, eighties and
into the nineties the mens
hair replacement business
was amazing. Te prod-
ucts seemed to get better
every year and the innova-
tions and evolution of the
industry was huge. When
I opened my studio we
quickly went from taping on
majority of our clients hair
to bonding. Te most signif-
cant change was kind of a
return to my roots, women
started wearing hair again
and not just for fun. Tey
needed it.

In the middle of this boom I heard
about new organization that was just
starting named the American Hair Loss
Council. Being on the board of direc-
tors for Te Chicago Cosmetologists
Association I was intrigued so I checked
them out. From what I saw, I knew I
had to be involved and in no time I was
on the board of the AHLC and eventu-
ally became president. Te concept of
the AHLC was to bring together all the
facets of the hair replacement industry
while educating and informing the
public about treatments and options
available. Te AHLC evolved into a very
successful entity that not only informed
the public but educated and brought
together some of the best in the indus-
try. We worked our butts of to make it
happen, not to take anything away from
all the hard work and the wonderful job
the board is doing today. My belief in
education and giving back has aforded
me the privilege to work with and for
such companies as On-Rite, New Image,
American Hairlines and Taylormade as a
presenter and educator at many of their

While serving on the board of the
AHLC I became very good friends with
Greg Taylor. Together, we developed
designs specifcally for this newly
evolving womens market. We created a
phenomenal line of womens full wigs,
top of the head pieces and an integra-
tion that I think is still one of the
best. We also developed a full wet line
to compliment the hair. We traveled
overseas to fnd the best outlet to make
our products and ultimately settled on
China. Once we found the right facility
we taught them the little intricacies it
takes to product a great fnished prod-
uct. Greg and I also travel all across the
United States teaching studio owners
and their staf how to cut, style and
color the hair so they could elevate their
businesses to the next level.

Today, I look back on
those years with great fond-
ness; I think about the hey-
day, when almost everyone
in the business could say
(myself included) they were
doing this celebrity or that
celebrity and wish it was
as easy as it was then but
todays market is very difer-
ent. Today there is little left
to the imagination, today
the client knows almost as
much as we do, so you had
truly better know what you
are doing.

Todays client expects so much more
and is constantly evolving and changing,
if youre not up to the task they know
it. I love this business and am so glad
for all the mistakes I made that brought
me here. We get to make people happy
every time we see them and we get to
make dreams come true. I wouldnt
change a thing about my lifes path.
Member Spotlight
Anthony Santangelo, Owner, AMS Designs, Chicago
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 39
The Link The Voice of the AHLC
Sylvia Caruso
Wigs by Sylvia, Saugus, MA
I have been in the industry for 40 years and at 17 while
in college took a summer job at a wig factory. That was
a direction that brought me to where I am now. When
I became a hairdresser I trained in designing custom
hairpieces, and then brought wigs into my salon to help women going
through cancer treatment, alopecia, and trichotillomania. I am connected
with several insurance companies and provide my clients with the ability to
not have to worry about how to pay for their wig, because I bill the insur-
ance companies directly. My own experience with hair loss from chemo-
therapy has helped many women deal with the sudden loss and shock of
losing their hair. Whether it is a man or a woman, there is no better feeling
than to see that person look in the mirror, see themselves with hair, and
feel good about themselves again.

Deborah Ellis
Euphoria Spa & Wellness Center
Avon, IN
Deborah Ellis is a Licensed Cosmetologist and Estheti-
cian in Avon, IN. For the past 10 years she has owned
and operated Euphoria Spa & Wellness Center, and
works closely with clients undergoing chemotherapy-related hair loss.
Deborah is new to the hair replacement industry and welcomes the op-
portunity to learn from the seasoned professionals involved with AHLC.

Danielle Grillo
Transitions Hair Solutions
Wall Township, NJ
I have been in the hair replacement industry for 20
years. At my hair replacement center, Transitions Hair
Solutions, we specialize in various non-surgical hair
loss solutions for women, men and children. Continuing education is very
important to us. We constantly strive to stay informed and on top of what is
new in the industry. It is a priority for us to bring the absolute best quality
solution to our clients. We are excited to be a part of the American Hair Loss
Council and look forward to working with other members.

Kent Marlowe
Marlowes Executive Hair
Spartanburg, SC
Kent started his barbering career in 1977. He estab-
lished Marlowes Executive Hair, barbering services for
the professional, which transitioned into his passion
of hair replacement for men and women. Continuing education and
training in the industry allows his clients to beneft from the latest styles
and techniques. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Carolyn, of
thirty-seven years. He has two daughters, two sons-in-laws and is Poppy
to two grandchildren.
Bryan Harrold
B Hairy, Rancho Bernardo, CA
I have been a hair stylist in the Rancho Bernardo, San
Diego community for over 30 years, owning my own
salon for 25 years. I have incorporated non-surgical
hair replacement into my business and have special-
ized training in both mens and womens non- surgical hair replacement.
Having worn hair myself for 18 years, I understand well, the psychology
and importance of looking your best and feeling confdent with a full head
of real and healthy hair. My goal is to create a hair replacement experience
for each of my clients, which utilizes superior, quality, natural, human hair,
along with my personal, on-going service to maintain their hair. I want to
make sure my clients have a consistently positive and confdent feeling
after every appointment.

Therese Hughes, MBE
Tresses, Northern Ireland
In 1998, after 18 years of standing styling, cutting and
blow-drying, Therese closed her hairdressing salon
for good. She decided to change direction and Tresses
Hairpiece Boutique was born. Tresses has come a long
way to becoming Irelands leading Hairpiece boutique with outlets in both
Belfast & Newry. Tresses greatest achievement to date happened in 2008,
with Therese receiving the prestigious award of MBE from her Majesty the
Queen. This was in recognition for Thereses outstanding contribution to
National Health Service patients in Northern Ireland sufering from efects
of chemotherapy and alopecia. Therese gets great satisfaction on a daily
basis, when she sees her patients with their new hairpieces. They often
come in in a very fragile state, sufering from the efects of chemotherapy
or alopecia. When they leave, they have a big smile, their dignity and
confdence to face the world.

Christal Mercier
Hair by Christal LLC, Missouri City, TX
Specializing in damaged hair, Christal has been in the
hair care industry 30 years and in hair replacement for
19. She founded and is the CEO of the non-proft orga-
nization, Hair Dreams by Christal Inc. In 2008, her sister
Timothy, fondly-known as Dena, had hair loss, was later diagnosed with
and passed away from breast cancer in 2009. Dena never wanted anyone
to see her without hair, she was so depressed and withdrawn. Individuals
sufering from extreme hair loss or baldness are all too familiar with the
pitfalls of low self-esteem. Christal promised her sister that she would give
her and others like her, that sufer from hair loss, the opportunity to feel
good about themselves again. Christals goal is to alleviate the pain and
sufering associated with hair loss by enhancing the appearance of these
individuals with a non-surgical hair replacement system or weave, thereby,
simultaneously rebuilding a renewed self image. Her motto is: You can be
sick, but you dont have to look sick. You can have hair loss and no one has
to know it.
Welcome New Members!
40 The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014
The Link The Voice of the AHLC
Sherri Romm
Versacchi Hair & Face Courture,
Owings Mills, MD
A graduate from both Fine Arts of the Maryland
Institute College of Art and Computer Engineering from
University of Maryland, Sherri combined her artistic
and technical aptitude to become a sought-after hair designer when she
incorporated the Versacchi name in 1994. Versacchi has received numerous
awards and recognitions including the Baltimore Magazine Best Specialty
Salon, Top Salon, Top Women Under 40, Washington Business Journal, and
Top Women in Business. Sherri recently released a hand-crafted collection
representing the pinnacle of human hair enhancements for their modern
design, natural appearance, and simplicity - Sherri Renee French Enhancer
Collection - including fash enhancers, partials, bangs, falls, ponytails, crowns
and extensions.

LaDonna Roye
Ladonna Roye, Naples, FL
After 36 years in the traditionalhair industry I could
easily be burned outbut a few years ago I went to my
frst hair replacement conference. It was during that
conference that neurons started fring in my brain. I was
exposed to things I had never seen in a regular hair salon. Today so many
women and men are experiencing hair loss and I learned I could help them.
Once we started ofering wigs and other forms of hair replacement in our sa-
lon we began to see people who needed them because of medically related
hair loss. This is my biggest passion. Helping people to be happy about what
they see in the mirror.

Jeanne Sheldon
Allusions Cincinnati, Ohio
In 2002, after 25 years working in retail, my husband
and I decided it was time for a change. At the time a
dear friend was going through chemotherapy and she
asked me to help her select a wig. She knew Id helped
both my mother and sister through chemotherapy, and my interest in both
fashion and style. We visited Allusions, and while I had very little working
knowledge of the process, I was quite impressed by the scope of their work,
and the impact it had on their clients. When we left the salon my friend was
thrilled with her new look, and I was impressed by her beauty and self-con-
fdence. My husband and I purchased the salon shortly after this experience.
Allusions does all types of Hair Replacement with a special focus on women.
Now, 11 years later, with a beautiful facility and an incredible staf, I cant
imagine doing anything else with my life. Ive been humbled and touched by
so many of the men and women at Allusions, and I look forward to the next
11 years! I look forward to my membership in the American Hair Loss Council
and networking with all of the members.

Tony Smith
Tonys HRS, Columbia SC
Since 1976, Tony Smith has been assisting his clients with
their hair loss needs in Columbia, South Carolina and the
surrounding areas. As a founding member of HRS, and
continuing member until its dissolution, Tonys hands on
approach has led to a family atmosphere while being a leader in a technical
business and rapidly changing market. Having built a young, energetic staf
with many years of experience, Tony is looking forward to continued success
with male clients while reaching out to women and children sufering medi-
cal hair loss throughout the Carolinas.

Nadwa Yono
Nadwa Hair Spa, Bloomfeld, MI
Nadwa Yono is the owner of Nadwa Hair Spa, the most
high-tech and innovative salon and spa. Nadwa is
nationally recognized for hair, color, hair attachments,
wigs, wellness and as a fashion expert with more than
twenty-eight years of professional experience. Nadwas true passion in hair
involves hair attachments, wigs, and extensions. Nadwa is among the less
than 4% of hairdressers in the United States to perform these specifc types
of attachments and services. Nadwa has studied all over the United States
and abroad for these types of attachments, wigs, and extensions.
Willings International
The Evolve Volumizer is a wear-
able solution for women with
hair loss or fne and thinning
hair. It is a non-surgical hair integration system, which provides volume at
the top and crown of the head. The system is non-damaging to the natural
hair and scalp. No chemicals or adhesives are required. The Evolve Volumizer
is designed specifcally for women and can be worn naturally day and night
for 4-5 weeks and then just reset at the salon by certifed stylists. The Volu-
mizer looks and feel totally natural and is comfortable to wear. The Evolve
Volumizer is customized for each client by selecting the color, texture and
density during a professional consultation. Salons/stylist must be certifed
via training. However, purchasing and caring inventory is not required. For
more information go to www.evolvinghair.com

Theradome is redefning
scalp and hair care by taking clini-
cally proven light-based aesthetic
medical technologies out of the
clinical setting and bringing them into the home. Our easy-to-use, FDA-
cleared medical devices deliver results comparable to professional aesthetic
treatments at a fraction of the cost. The Theradome LH80 PRO, the frst and
only FDA Over-The-Counter (OTC) cleared wearable laser delivers easy to use
clinical-grade results at afordable pricing in the convenience and privacy of
the home. Learn more at www.theradome.com
To become a member or renew contact Betty Ann Bugden,
Membership Director, 570-462-1101 or log on to AHLC.org.
The Link Issue 10, Summer 2014 41
The Link The Voice of the AHLC
Now available
in your salon
With The Complete Follicle Boosting Treatment
Dietary Supplements Hair Fibers Minoxidil Thinning Hair & Scalp Treatments HairMax LaserComb

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Tricks of the Trade
How to Measure the Head for a Wig
By: Richard N. Kaufman, Euro Hair Imports
. Circumference The circumference
or around the headsize of every wig can be
adjusted up to an inch larger or smaller to
ensure a secure ft. The tape should be just
above the ear and continue to the natural
hairline at the forehead. It should continue
to just above the other ear to around the
nape of the neck and then back to your start-
ing point, just above the frst ear.
. Front to Back Measure the head
from the nape of the neck over the crown to
the top of the forehead where the natural
hairline is.
. Side to Side Measure the head
from just above one ear, over the crown to
just above the other ear.
A wig is only good if it looks natural and feels comfortable. It is essential to measure your clients head prior to ordering a wig for it
to do both. Use a cloth tape measure making sure to fatten the hair before measuring. Dont pull the tape measure. Just rest it over
or around the head using the slightest tension. Pulling stretches the tape and will distort it and give you the wrong size.
If the size of a wig falls between two sizes, choose the larger of the two sizes, the wig can always
be altered or taken in. The key dimension in ordering a wig is almost always the circumference.
If other dimensions indicate a smaller size and the circumference indicates a larger size, always
go to that larger size.

A wig that is ordered too small will either slide of the head or will slide up and pucker at the
crown. In addition a smaller wig cant be altered to be made bigger. If in doubt, it is always best
and safest to custom order. This can save a lot of time and money and will ultimately give your
client the best ft.
Choosing the Correct Size Must be Exact and not over!
Wig Size: Circumference Front to Back Side to Side
Ultra Petite Child 18-19in/45.75-48.25cm 12in/30.5cm 12in/30.5cm
Petite 21in/53.34cm 13.25in/33.66cm 13in/33cm
Petite/Average 21.25in/53.98cm 13.75in/34.93cm 13.25in/33.66cm
Average 21.5in/54.61cm 14.25in/36.20cm 13.5in/34.29cm
Average/Large 22.25in/56.52cm 14.75in/37.47cm 13.75in/ 34.93cm
Large 23in/58.42cm 15.75in/40.01cm 14in/35.56cm