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1. What are the three major components of HTML document?

HTML declaration
The head
The body
2. List out some of the HTML tags?
<LI>, <DIR>, <DL>, <DT>, <DD>, <MENU>, <OL>, </UL>
3. What kind of tag is HTML?
Every HTML ta i! either a container ta or !tandalone ta"
4. How to format tags?
HTML #rovide! a ho!t o$ ta! that %e can &!e to chane hoe te't i! di!#layed on a bro%!er !creen"
. !efine HTML.
It i! a !i(#le #ae de!cri#tion lan&ae, %hich enable! doc&(ent creation $or the %eb"
". List out the document structure tags.
<TITLE>, <BDO>, and <BODY>.
1. What is #$$?
)** !tand! $or )a!cadin *tyle *heet!" *tyle! de$ine ho% to di!#lay HTML ele(ent!"
2. List the features of #$$?
Te't handlin incl&din $ont!, !i+in, !tyle! and !#acin"
,rintin !#eci$ic $eat&re!, do%nloadable $ont!
*&##ort $or vertical r&nnin te't, (&lticol&(n layo&t $acilitie!"
3. What are the three main parts of #$$ s%nta&?
The )** !ynta' i! (ade &# o$ three #art!- a !elector, a #ro#erty and a val&e" $e'ector (propert%)
*a'ue+ ." The !elector i! nor(ally the HTML ele(ent/ta %e %i!h to de$ine" /" The #ro#erty i! the
attrib&te %e %i!h to chane and each #ro#erty can ta0e a val&e" 1" The #ro#erty and val&e are
!e#aerated by a colon and !&rro&nded by c&rly brace!"
4. How to insert a st%'e sheet?
2hen a bro%!er read! a !tyle !heet, it %ill $or(at the doc&(ent accordin to it" There are three %ay!
o$ in!ertin a !tyle !heet-
E'ternal *tyle *heet
Internal *tyle *heet
Inline !tyle!
M&lti#le !tyle !heet!
1. !efine) !HTML
Dyna(ic HTML i! a ter( &!ed by !o(e vendor! to de!cribe the co(bination o$ HTML, !tyle and
!cri#t! that allo% doc&(ent! to be ani(ated"
2. How to access an e'ement in !HTML?
The ele(ent (&!t have an id attrib&te de$ined and a !cri#tin lan&ae i! needed"
3. List the !HTML document o,ject mode'.
1. What is -pp'et?
3 4ava a##let i! a !(all a##lication %ritten in 4ava and delivered to &!er! in the $or( o$ bytecode"
2. What is ser*'et?
The !ervlet i! a 4ava #rora((in lan&ae cla!! &!ed to e'tend the ca#abilitie! o$ a !erver
3. What do %ou mean ,% .ncapsu'ation?
.ncapsu'ation 5 re$er! to 0ee#in all the related (e(ber! 6variable! and (ethod!7 toether in an
ob8ect" *#eci$yin (e(ber! a! #rivate can hide the variable! and (ethod!"
4. What are the ,enefits of the /a*a co''ection framework?
)ollection $ra(e%or0 #rovide! $le'ibility, #er$or(ance, and rob&!tne!!" ." ,oly(or#hic alorith(! 5
!ortin, !h&$$lin, rever!in, binary !earch etc" /" *et alebra 9 !&ch a! $indin !&b!et!, inter!ection!,
and &nion! bet%een ob8ect!"
1. List out the ,asic 0nternet 1rotoco's.
T),/I,, ,O,1, MIME, IM3,
2. What are We, $er*ers?
- 2eb *erver i! !o$t%are that acce#t! HTT, re:&e!t! $ro( %eb client! and ret&rn! an a##ro#riate
re!o&rce in the HTT, re!#on!e"
3. !efine We, #'ients.
3 2eb )lient i! !o$t%are that acce!!e! a %eb !erver by !endin an HTT, re:&e!t (e!9!ae and
#roce!!in the re!&ltin HTT, re!#on!e"
1. !efine protoco'.
3 #rotocol i! a $or(al !et o$ r&le! that (&!t be $ollo%ed in order to co((&nicate"
2. What is the ro'e of ser*er?
The !erver ; Manae! a##lication ta!0! ; Handle! !torae ; Handle! !ec&rity ; ,rovide! !calability ;
Handle! acco&ntin and di!trib&tion
3. !efine internet .
Net%or0 i! an interconnection o$ !y!te(! to !hare data and in$or(ation" Internet i! net%or0 o$
net%or0 or collection o$ heteroeneo&! net%or0!"
1. !efine firewa''.
The hard%are and !o$t%are that !it! bet%een the Internet and the local net%or0, chec0in all the data
that co(e! and oe! o&t i! called <$ire%all!=" The !ec&rity i! #rovided &!in **L6*ec&re *oc0et
Layer7 in internet"
2. What is the use of http protoco'?
HTT, i! a !tandard #rotocol that de$ine! ho% a %eb client tal0! to a !erver and ho% data i!
tran!$erred $ro( the !erver bac0 to the client" HTT, relie! heavily on t%o other !tandard!" MIME
6M&lti#&r#o!e Internet Mail E'ten!ion!7, HTML
3. !efine port.
3 #ort i! a loical channel to an a##lication r&nnin on a ho!t" ie", The a##lication! r&nnin on the
ho!t (achine! are &ni:&ely identi$ied by #ort n&(ber!"
1. What is the purpose of 2$LT?
The >*LT !tand! $or >*L Tran!$or(ation! and >*L !tand! $or e>ten!ible *tyle!heet Lan&ae" The
>*LT i! &!ed $or de$inin the >ML doc&(ent tran!$or(ation and #re!entation!"
2. What is the use of 2ML dec'aration?
>ML declaration i! a !#ecial ta &!ed to !#eci$y the ver!ion o$ >ML &!ed to %rite the doc&(ent and
o#tionally !o(e additional (eta9in$or(ation abo&t the doc&(ent !&ch a! the character !et/encodin
&!ed" ?or e" the !ynta' o$ >ML declaration i! <@ >ML AER*IONB=."C=@>
3. What are 2ML 1arsers?
>ML ,ar!er! are &!ed to chec0 %hether the doc&(ent i! %ell $or(ed and valid"
4. What are the t%pes of 2ML 1arsers?
Aalidatin ,ar!er!
Non9Aalidatin ,ar!er!
1. What is !3M?
DOM 6Doc&(ent Ob8ect Model7 i! an 3,I that de$ine! ho% 4ava*cri#t #rora(! can acce!! and
(ani#&late the HTML doc&(ent c&rrently di!#layed by a bro%!er" It incl&de! the de$inition o$ the
#ro#ertie! o$ doc&(ent ob8ect, (any o$ %hich are the(!elve! ob8ect! %ith their o%n #ro#ertie!"
2. What is 4ode o,ject?
Every ele(ent in a doc&(ent tree re$er! to a Node ob8ect" *o(e node! o$ the tree are 4ava*cri#t
ob8ect! corre!#ondin to HTML ele(ent! !&ch ht(l or body
3. !efine Thread.
3 thread i! the 4ava AMD! ab!tract re#re!entation o$ the #roce!!in to be #er$or(ed to acco(9#li!h a
#artic&lar ta!0, #o!!ibly conc&rrently %ith other ta!0!
4. List out the methods of #ookie c'ass.
)oo0ie, etNa(e67, etAal&e67, !etMa'3e67
1. What is 2ML 4amespace?
3n >ML na(e!#ace i! a collection o$ ele(ent and attrib&te na(e!" Each na(e!#ace ha! a &ni:&e
na(e that #rovide! a (ean! $or doc&(ent a&thor! to &na(bi&o&!ly re$er to ele(ent! %ith the !a(e
na(e in order to #revent colli!ion!
2. What are 2ML $chemas?
>ML *che(a! are #art o$ the >ML vocab&lary and it! addre!!e! the !tandard $or >ML doc&(ent
validation by incl&din a de$inition o$ a collection o$ !tandard data ty#e! %hich are &!ed to de!cribe
data !tr&ct&re!
3. What are the components of 2$L?
>*LT9>*L Tran!$or(ation! %hich de$ine! the !e(antic! o$ the vario&! ele(ent! and attrib&te! o$
the >*L na(e!#ace"
>,3TH 5 >ML ,ath Lan&ae %hich de$ine! the !ynta' and !e(antic! o$ (any o$ the attrib&te
val&e! &!ed in >*L ele(ent! $or acce!!in #o!ition! o$ the in#&t >ML
>*L9?O 5 >*L ?or(attin Ob8ect! i! a !e#arate vocab&lary $or de$inin !tyle #ro#ertie! o$ an
>ML doc&(ent"
1. What is the concept ,ehind /-2561# techno'og%?
The 2eb !ervice! are the !o$t%are !y!te(! that are di!#layed by the %eb bro%!er &!in the %eb
#rotocol" The!e !o$t%are !y!te(! are &!ed by the !o(e o$ the a##lication rather than by end9&!er!
2. What is 2$L and wh% it is used.
The E'ten!ible *tyle!heet Lan&ae 6>*L7 i! an >ML vocab&lary ty#ically &!ed to tran!$or( >ML
doc&(ent $ro( one $or( to another $or(" >*L doc&(ent are %ell9$or(ed >ML doc&(ent!"
3. What is meant ,% W$!L?
2*DL i! 2eb *ervice! De$inition Lan&ae %hich i! ba!ed on >ML" 2*DL de$ine! the %eb
!ervice li0e o#eration, #ara(eter, ret&rn val&e! and co((&nication #rotocol!"
1. What are We, $er*ices?
2eb *ervice! are !o$t%are !y!te(! that are de!ined to be acce!!ed &!in %eb #roto9col! and
technoloie! that are intended to be &!ed by other !o$t%are a##lication! rather than di9rectly by end
2. !efine the term 61#.
Re(ote ,roced&re )all i! the eneric ter( &!ed $or the ty#e o$ co((&nication &!ed to de!cribe %eb
!ervice o#eration! %hen the client (a0e! a call to a (ethod or #roced&re that re9!ide! on another
(achine 6re(otely7
3. List out the defau't ports of Tomcat We, $er*er and /a*a We, $er*er
To(cat 5 ECEC
42* 5 FCFC
*MT, 5 /G
Telnet 5 /1
,O,1 5 ..C
4. List out the o,jects used for data,ase access using /!7#.
1. What are the necessities of using HTML forms?
Hatherin &!er in$or(ation
)ond&ctin !&rvey!
Interactive !ervice!
2. What is a protoco'?
3n areed9&#on $or(at $or tran!(ittin data bet%een t%o device!"
3. List out the frame tags.
<IMH>, <M3,>, and <3RE3>
4. List out the frame tags.
<?R3ME*ET>, <?R3ME>, <NO?R3ME*>, and <I?R3ME>"
1. What is ja*ascript?
4ava!cri#t i! ca!e !en!itive and al!o it i! &!ed on client !ide (ainly $or chec0in $or( validation!.
2. !ifferentiate ,etween ja*a and ja*a script.
The (ain di$$erence i! that 8ava i! a #lat$or( inde#endent lan&aeI %herea! 8ava!cri#t i! a co(#&ter
#rora((in/!cri#tin lan&ae that doe! not re$er to ho% the !cri#t! are e'ec&ted"
3. Write down the !HTML s%nta& for ,inding an image to the data and sort the data on the
data source.
<i( data!rcB=JI(ae!= data$ldB=i(ae= altB=I(ae= *tyleB=#o!ition- relativeIle$t-KG#'=/><br/>