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NASSCOM Big Data & Analytics Summit 2014

Industrialization of Analytics: Big Opportunity, Big Outcome

June 27
, Hotel Trident, Hyderabad

0800 0915 hrs Registration - Networking- Morning Tea/ Coffee

0915 0930 hrs Welcome Address & Opening Remarks

R Chandrashekar, President, NASSCOM

Institutionalization of Analytics release of report by Blue

Analytics SIG: Progress and road ahead

Venue: Padma, Godavri & Kaveri
0900 1100 hrs
Masterclass I: Big data
enablement putting in
place the key
capabilities for success

Venue: Tulip

Intro to the morning sessions
0930 1000 hrs Keynote I: Predicting, Explaining and the Business
Analytics Toolkit

Venue: Padma, Godavri & Kaveri
1000 1012 hrs Keynote II: Aligning Business and Technology: Big data
journey to success

Venue: Padma, Godavri & Kaveri
1012 1024 hrs Keynote III: Is analytics at the top of the SMAC stack

Venue: Padma, Godavri & Kaveri

1024 1035 hrs Q&A

Venue: Padma, Godavri & Kaveri
1035 1100 hrs Keynote IV: Industrialization of Analytics

Venue: Padma, Godavri & Kaveri
1030 1130 hrs

Roundtable I: Need
for the Chief Data
Scientist: do we
have enough to fill
the slots?

Venue: Iris
1100 1130 hrs Tea/Coffee Break
1130 1215 hrs Session V: Unlocking the Power of Customer Analytics to
deliver decisive, personalized targeting.

Venue: Padma, Godavri & Kaveri
1200 1300 hrs
Masterclass II

Impact of Analytics
Beyond Traditional
Reporting: The
Predictive Analytics Big

Venue: Tulip

1215 1245 hrs Session VI: Competing with analytics in the connected

Venue: Padma, Godavri & Kaveri

1245 1345 hrs Networking Lunch

Venue: Padma & Godavari Pre-Function Area

Intro to Track A Intro to Track B
1345 1430 hrs Session VII A: Keeping
Risk, Fraud & Supply
Chain in check: Predictive
Analytics to the rescue

Venue: Padma & Godavri
Session VII B: Big Data
Technologies &

Venue: Kaveri

1430 1515 hrs Session VIII A: Scaling and
institutionalizing analytics
by leveraging partnerships

Venue: Padma & Godavri
Session VIII B:
Developing a Seamless
Communication Strategy
for a Smooth Flow of
Intelligence from Data
Scientists to Customer
Facing Business Users
Venue: Kaveri
1445 1545 hrs

Roundtable II:
India Opportunity
in Analytics

Venue: Iris

1515 1545 hrs Networking over tea/coffee
Intro to the last section
1545 1645 hrs Session IX: Innovation, Speed, Optimization,
Alignment: Key to success for start-ups

Venue: Padma, Godavri & Kaveri
1545 1645 hrs
Masterclass III: Impact of Big
Data on Analytics

Venue: Tulip

1645 1715 hrs Session X: Big Datas five routes to value

Venue: Padma, Godavri & Kaveri