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Denver Rainwater Harvesting

Help th Environment
Th environmental benefits t collecting rainwater onsite r many! Whn u install a rainwater
catchment system u r aligning with Mother Earth in a variety f ways:
Reuce ur !raw n "tresse "ystems: #ging water infrastructure i$ e%&ensive t u&ate'
n grounwater n reservoirs r ftn overrawn( Whn u su&&ly a &ortion f ur wn
water frm th rain tht falls n ur roof' u reuce ur raw n th$ stresse systems(
Restore th )yrologic *ycle: +n a nturl lansca&e' a&&ro%imately ,-. f stormwater
infiltrates int th groun' recharging grounwater( #but /-. eva&orates' n nl 0-.
runs off( +n evelo&e lansca&es b contrast 1e(g( ur neighborhoos!2' nl 0,. infiltrates
n a who&&ing ,,. runs off! Whn u collect rainwater fr u$ in ur garen' u fi%
th bro3en hyrologic cycle b restoring th infiltration lin3(
4rotect ur 5ocal Watershe: Whn rainwater infiltrates onsite' it i$ &revente frm
entering stormrains n surface waters $ &ollute runoff( 5eft unmitigate' rainwater sheets
ff harsca&es collecting contaminants lng th way(
Reuce ur *arbon 6oot&rint: Thr i$ a strong ne%us btwn energy n water in ur
moern worl( +n th state f *alifornia' 7-. f &er8ca&ita energy u$ i$ eicate t
treating' heating' n trans&orting water! 9 reucing ur reliance n &um&e n treate
water sources' u r contributing t a collective savings in energy(
Feed the Plants
Rainwater i$ high8:uality water tht i$ $;<ill great fr &lants( Why= Thr &rimary reasons:
0( Rainwater i$ free f th salts' minerals' n heavy metals tht leach int grounwater n
surface waters(
7( +f caught frm a roofto& n store in barrels' rainwater will accumulate a small amount f
organic matter whi<h <n b vr beneficial t ur garen(
>( Rainwater tn$ t b slightly aciic( M$t organically grown &lants &refer a soil &) f ,(,
? @(,' whi<h i$ n th aciic $i f th neutral &) A( Rainwater <n hl; u maintain th
&erfect soil &) balance(
B Prepared fr Emergencies
Thr i$ tremenous &eace f min in 3nowing tht u hv mn gallons f water store n
accessible n ur site in th case f n emergency( Whil collecte rainwater i$ nt &otable withut
treatment' in n emergency it <n b isinfecte with a variety f home8scale techni:ues( "tart t ur
local outoor su&&ly r s&orting goos store fr th latest offerings in water treatment fr &ersonal
Save Money
Th cost f water i$ rising in m$t regions n thi$ tren i$ e%&ecte t continue with n n in sight(
Whn u meet $m f ur water n$ with rain' whthr youBre n a munici&al water meter r a
&rivate well' u will $ ongoing cost savings( Metere sites will $ a ro& in metere consum&tion'
n th$ u$ing wells will save in energy costs ue t reuce &um&ing(
#n s&ea3ing f costs savings' mn cities n water istricts sweeten th &ot b offering rebates n
incentives fr rainwater harvesting(
*hec3 out here an here for more &lumbing relate to&ics too(