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I thought id do up a more concise set of instructions.....

2. You will need a virtual disc drive to mount the ISO images.(magicdisc 2.7.106
is what I currently have installed) Install this and it will enable you to moun
t virtual images. A new icon
will appear in the system tray as a hand holding a cd.
3. You will need 7zip to extract the contents of the archived file. Using winrar
can cause issues sometimes with the length of filename and hence why you may ge
t errors trying
to extract all. I suggest sticking to 7zip for this extraction.
Installing the Program
1. Right click any of the 700Mb files >> Extract to "SW2013_SP3.0_WinXX_Multilan
This will take about 6-10mins to unrar dependant on your processor as its a larg
e file so have a cuppa whilst you're waiting. Once extracted you'll be left with
the new folder as labelled above and the old archived files. Delete these as
they will just take up unnecessary space on your drive.
2. Go to system tray in the bottom right >> Right click the Magicdisc icon >> Vi
rtual CD/DVD-ROM >> Navigate to where you have your extracted iso image.
Im installing the 64bit version so it will say something like
The drive letters arent important. Just make sure you are installing the correct
version for your computers architecture. ie x86(32bit) or 64bit
3. Once mounted open the folder and run 'setup.exe'. Install as an "Indivual(on
this computer)
4. Install the licences in this order using the ctrl + c then ctrl + v for quick
licence key entry
SolidWorks Standard, Professional, Premium or SolidNetWork License
0000 0000 0000 3486 Q5HF FG98
SolidWorks Workgroup PDM
0001 0001 0736 0361 JK3Q HDJ3
SolidWorks Simulation
9000 0000 0001 8043 TB9T SGD9
SolidWorks Motion
9000 0000 0002 7942 9KW4 9FBC
Flow Simulation
9000 0000 0003 3107 V8F3 PG44
Once all licences are entered click 'Next' and when the install asks about inter
net connection simple press Cancel and you will skip to the Summary tab.
Click Install Now and uncheck "Show me What's New in SolidWorks 2013"
Say "No Thank YOu" to the "Join the SolidWorks Customer Experience Improvement P
Restart the computer.
Ensure internet remains off when you allow the program to initiate on reboot. Yo
u can enable the internet again when youve initiated solidworks and can open up
a project file.
5). Once restarted navigate to the Crack folder and run 'SW2010-2013.Activator.G
UI.SSQ.exe' with Admin rights by right clicking and running as Admin.
Tick all the 2013 versions and after about 1 minute a box will pop up and say "A
ll Done- Enjoy".
This box has a key symbol on it.
Thats it. You're done. Enjoy :)