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Questions for the website

1) At what speed does SONET Transmits data?

A) More than One gigabit per second
B) Less than One gigabit per second
) Less than One gigab!te per second
") #ore than One gigab!te per second
$) T%&'% was first de(e)oped b! who?
A) *O#
B) Xerox
) Be)) Labs
") 'SO
*) The acron!m #A is short for?
A) #u)ti Access omputer
B) #edia Area omputer
C) Media Access Contorol
") #ain App)ication omputer
+) At which La!er of the OS' do ,outers wor-?
A) Data Link Layer
B) App)ication La!er
) Networ- La!er
") %rogram La!er
.) /ho created T' techno)og!?
A) #icrosoft
B) Bell Labs
) 'SO
") 0ero1
2) 3ow man! bits consist in the '% address?
a) +
b) 4
c) 12
d) 32
e) 2+
5) /hat does 6"% stands for?
a) User Datagra !rotocol
b) 6ser "atagram %rob)em
c) 6ser "i(ision %rob)em
d) None of abo(e
4) /hich of the fo))owing is a t!pe of #edia Access ontro) 7#A)?
a) OS'
b) To-en ,ing
c) S#A&O
d) Both b and c
8) /hat -ind of address does hosts must -now from the other hosts to
communicate on a networ-?
a) 3ouse
b) Business
c) E9mai)
d) Software
e) "ard#are
1:) Based on their switching capabi)ities; 3ubs can be di(ided into how man!
a) 2
b) *
c) .
d) 5
e) None of abo(e
11) /hich term be)ow best describes a "atagram?
a) 't<s used in reference to an '% )a!er pac-et that uses
connection)ess de)i(er! of pac-ets
b) A session cannot be estab)ished before sending a datagram form one
node to another=
c) A pac-et that is transferred independent)! of a)) other pac-ets
d) Both 7a) and 7b) are correct
e) $a)% $b)% and $c) are correct
1$) Which of the following descriptions is true about a network hub?
a) Has no brain (like the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz)
b) It is a network component that centralizes circuit connections
c) Operates at the phsical laer
d) Operates as a central connection point and !oins lines in S star
network configurations
e) All are true
1*) Which of the following statements is not true about T"?
a) is used to transmit digital #oice$ data and #ideo signal%
b) &e#eloped b 'ell (abs
c) )e*uire a high fre*uenc medium such as microwa#e or fiber optic%
d) (a) and (b) are not true
e) +one are true
1+) /hat are Architectures?
a) SNA
b) "Enet
c) App)e Ta)-
d) All o& the abo'e
1.) /hich se)ection be)ow best describes #A6?
a) M(ltistation Access Unit
b) #odu)ar Access 6nit
c) #anagement Access 6nit
d) None of the abo(e
12) /hat is based on the manager&agent mode?
a) )*M!
b) SN'>'%
c) #'N
d) None of the abo(e
15) /hich is /ide Area Networ-ing 7/AN)?
a) "S6
b) S6
c) A and B
d) None of the abo(e
14) A ????????? use&uses networ- addresses=
a) Bridge
b) ,outer and bridge
c) ,epeater and bridge
d) +o(ter
e) None of these abo(e=
18) A ????????? use&uses networ- addresses=
a) Bridge
b),outer and bridge
c),epeater and bridge
$:) @i)tering he)ps to reduce ??????????????? and iso)ate segments of the networ-=
)a Bridge
)b Networ-
)c *et#ork ,ra&&ic
)d ,outers
$1) 3igh9speed chassis are used to interconnect indi(idua) LANs with?????????????????????=
a) '% Address
b) *et#ork anageent od(les
c) Another LAN
d) 36B
$$) A pac-et that is transferred independent)! of a)) other pac-ets is a 7TL)
a) Switch
b) 3ub
c) Datagra
d) ,outer
$*) ,eferring to Ethernet; the hosts must -now what about the other host to communicate on a
a) "ard#are address $MAC)
b) '% address
c) %ing
d) A,%
$+) The first b!te of a c)ass A address begins with a number fromA
a) -.-2/
b) 1$49181
c) 19$.2
d) 191::
$.) Brouter combines the best Bua)ities of both
a) Bridge% +o(ter
b) %rotoco); Address
c) 'ridge$ 'router
d) none of the abo#e
$2) , TI channel can carr
a) --%./0mbps
b) 1.-%".0 mbpS2
c) 1.5444mps
d) ++=5* Bmbps
1.) , datagram is a packet that is transferred independentl of all
pac-ets? ,r(e or @a)se
13) +et I& identifies a host on that network?
,r(e or @a)se
14) This is a)so -nown as a Cnon9discriminatingD de(iceA
a) Amp)ifier
b) +epeater
c) Seria) port
d) oa1ia) cab)e
*:) ,outers operate on the ??????? of the OS mode)
a) Data link layer
b) Networ- )a!er
c) %h!sica) )a!er
d) Transport )a!er
*1) 3ubs operate on the ph!sica) )a!er of the OS mode) and is&are a)so -now as
a) Switches
b) ,outers
c) LAN
*$) The ??????? monitors networ- performance and acti(ities in order to detect bott)e9nec-s
a) Adinistrator
b) #'B
c) LAN
d) Seria) port
**) /hich 'S"N channe) carries (oice; data or images?
a) A channe)
b) B channel
c) channe)
d) " channe)
*+) 'f the N' were rep)aced in a computer; which address wi)) be changed?
a) The ph!sica) address of the station
b) #A address of the station
c) The source address of the station
d) All o& the abo'e
*.) /hich organiEation di(ides the OS' )in- )a!er into #A and LL sub9)a!er7s)?
a) 0111
b) ANS'
c) A#
d) 'SO
*2) /hich networ-ing de(ice can ma-e traffic forwarding decisions based on '% addressing?
a) +o(ter
b) Bridge
c) 3ub
d) #A6
*5) A networ- that interconnects users with computer resources in a geographic area or region
)i-e uni(ersit! can be described as a
a) /AN
b) MA*
c) LAN
d) /LAN
*4) #A6 is the abbre(iation for
a) #u)tistation access unit
b) #edia attachment unit
c) All o& the abo'e
d) None of the abo(e
*8) /hat is the purpose of a repeater?
a) onnect one segment of LAN to another
b) ,epeat bits
c) ,egenerate e)ectrica) signa)s from one segment of cab)e to another
d) All o& the abo'e
+:) /hat does the Address ,eso)ution %rotoco) 7A,%) do?
a) Obtains '% address
b) Maps 0nternet address to physical address
c) ,egisters domain
d) ,eso)(es addressing issues
+1) /hich of the statements is&are true?
a) ,outers )oo- at networ- address not node address
b) Bridge tab)es use node addresses; not '% addresses
c) ,epeaters do not ha(e fi)ter function; boost wea- signa)
d) All o& the abo'e are tr(e
+$) A hub is
a) A networ- component that centra)iEes circuit connection
b) /ithout a brain
c) Operates at %h!sica) La!er of the OS'
d) All o& the abo'e
+*) /hich de(ice cannot connect two different networ-s?
a) +epeater
b) Bridge
c) ,outer
d) Brouter
++) ?????????? pro(ides a simp)e; connection)ess; but error free; datagram de)i(er! ser(ice for
certain specia)iEed app)ication ser(ices that do not reBuire the fu)) ser(ices of T%?
a) A,%
b) #A
c) 36B
d) UD!
+.) /hat is the networ- '" number reser(ed for )oopbac- and diagnostic functions?
a) 1$4
b) $15
c) -2/
d) $.2
+2) /hat -ind of address does hosts must -now from the other hosts to communicate on a
a) MAC
b) 3ardware
c) Emai)
d) Software
+5) /hat is the difference between hubs and switches?
a) h(bs ha'e a brain% s#itches ha'e no brains
b) switches ha(e a brain; hubs ha(e no brain
c) there is no difference
d) hubs are no )onger used
+4) /hich c)ass '% addresses are used on networ-s that ha(e )arge number of '% hosts?
a) Class A
b) )ass B
c) )ass
d) )ass "
+8) /hat is responsib)e for obtaining hardware addresses of T%&'% hosts b! using its '%
a) Ethernet N'
b) ,A,%
c) A+!
d) A)) of the abo(e
.:) /hat piece of hardware a))ows communication between different architectures and
a) 2ate#ays
b) ,outer
c) Bridge
d) 3ub
.1) Each node on a T%&'% 'nternet is assigned a &an ?????????? 'nternet address=
a) 49bit
b) 4 b!tes
c) 32.bit
d) *$ b!tes
.$) )ass B addresses might begin with a number of ??????????
a) 1$5
b) 1:1
c) -34
d) $42
.*) /hat are stored in A,% cache?
a) '% address
b) 3ardware address
c) Both o& a and b
d) None of the abo(e
.+) /hich one is not considered as 'nternetwor-ing components?
a) ,epeater
b) 3ub
c) Fatewa!
d) A+! cache
..) A,% stands forA
a) American ,eso)ution %rotoco)
b) Address +esol(tion !rotocol
c) Ad(antage ,eso)ution %ractice
d) AcBuired ,eso)ution %rotoco)
.2) A)) of the fo))owing are considered characteristics&Gobs of a repeater e1ceptH
a) %asses information recei(ed to each connected segment
b) connects one segment of a LAN to another
c) onnects different t!pes of media
d) 5orks on large LA*s $-66 nodes or ore)
.5) 'n order for other hosts to communicate on a Networ-; the 3ost must -now their
?????????????? address=
a) "ard#are
b) Soft ware
c) %h!sica)
d) '%
.4) /hich of the fo))owing are a)) ,outab)e %rotoco)s?
a) Dec*et 0!% 0!X% X*)
b) NetBE6' ; "ecLAT
c) '%0; 0NS; "ecNAT
d ) None of the abo(e
.8) #'B
a) Stands for #anagement 'nformation Base
b) 's where information can be stored=
c) Stands for #en 'n B)ac-
d) a 7 b
2:) /hat must a 3ost -now on a networ-?
a) 'nternet address of the other hosts to communicate on a networ-
b) ,he hard#are address o& other hosts to co(nicate on a net#ork8
c) omputer addresses of the other hosts to communicate on a networ-=
d) Networ- address of the other hosts to communicate on a networ-=
21) /hat are the two issues to consider when internetwor-ing?
a) As networ-s grow prob)ems end and when cooperation separate; ma-e acBuisitions=
b) #anagement of the networ- become increasing)! eas! and di(ision of a compan! want to
-eep secret the information; prob)ems end=
c) Di'iding a net#ork into anageable pieces and the need to connect separate
d) "i(ision of a networ- into unwie)d! pieces and the need to arise to disconnect to separate
2$) 3ow does fi)tering he)ps?
a) 0t red(ces net#ork tra&&ic and isolates segents o& the net#ork=
b) 't increases networ- traffic and iso)ates segments of the networ-=
c) 't increases networ- traffic and unites segments of the networ-=
d) 't reduces networ- traffic and unites segments of the networ-=
2*) /hat are the disad(antages of a host?
a) 'f a host mo(es from one networ- to another its address must change=
b) The path ta-en b! pac-ets tra(e)ing to a host ma! be different with mu)tip)e addresses
referring to the same host=
c) Both a and b8
d) None of the abo(e=
2+) /hat is a Switch?
a) A de'ice that consists o& any high.speed ports connecting either LA* segents or
indi'id(al de'ices on a port.by.port basis8
b) Set up on a permanent basis b! the LE or )ong distance carrier=
c) A de(ice that separates LAN segments=
d) A de(ice that operates with .2- modem=
2.) The '% addresses ha(e how man! decima) integers that separated b! decima) points=
a) Two decima)
b) @i(e decima)
c) 9o(r decial
d) One decima)
22) The '% address and hardware address are stored in which cache?
a) A+! cache
b) ,A,%
c) %'NF
d) 6"%
25) T1 is the most wide)! used t!pe of ???????? at higher data speed=
a) Ana)og )ine
b) Digital line
c) Both A and B
d) None of the abo(e
24) ?????????? not on)! -nows the address of each segment but a)so determines the best path
for sending data and fi)tering broadcast traffic=
a) Bridges
b) +o(ter
c) Brouter
d) None of the abo(e
28) The information about the computer address is stored in the ????????=
a) /AN Bridges
b) Bridges +AM
c) #A Address
d) 6%
5:) /hich one of fo))ow in is correct?
a) )ass A begins 1918.
b) Class B begins -23.-:-
c) )ass begins 18$9$.2
d) None of the abo(e
51) /hich one of fo))ow in is correct?
a) T1 speed is 1=.++#pbs
b) T* speed is ++=5*2#pbs
c) "ia)9up Ser(ice modem initia)iEation; an!9to9An! connecti(it!
d) All o& the are correct
5$) ?????? bridges; a)so ca))ed ha)f9bridges; wor- together in pairs?
a) ,outer
b) LAN
c) 5A*
d) None of the abo(e
5*) Switch has a brain= ??????? #bps switch or ?????? #bps switch
a) 1::1::; 1:::
b) 1:111:; 1:::
c) 1:1:1:; 1::
d) -6--6% -66
5+) The bridge uses this ,A# to bui)d a ???????? based on the source address
a) +o(ting table
b) Networ- bridge
c) '% Address
d) None of the abo(e
5.) /hich OS' ,eference #ode) La!er is responsib)e for repac-aging data bits into data frames?
a) %resentation
b) %h!sica)
c) Data Link
d) Networ-
52) /hich of the fo))owing de(ices can reduce traffic bott)enec-s on a NETBE6' networ-?
a) ,outer
b) Fatewa!
c) #u)tip)e1er
d) Bridge
e) Brouter
55) /hich )a!er of the OS' ,eference #ode) trans)ates data formats?
a) Networ-
b) App)ication
c) !resentation
d) Session
54) /hich of these hardware de(ices can be used to boost signa) strength across a )ong cab)e
a) Apli&iers
b) ,epeaters
c) #u)tip)e1ers
d) F)oba) %ositioning Sate))ite
58) /hich of the fo))owing is a transport protoco)?
a) *1,B1U0
b) SN#%
c) '%
d) '%0
4:) /hat occurs when the number of networ- broadcast messages is greater then the amount of
a(ai)ab)e networ- bandwith?
a) Attenuation
b) Beaconing
c) Broadcast )tor
d) rossta)-