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Creation Assignment

-By Sheryl Varghese-

Section 1:
Quote Images
Day 1-Light
and Dark
Genesis 1:3 Then God said
let there be
light and there
was light And
God saw that
the light was
good and God
separated the
light from the
darkness. God
called the light
day, and the
darkness he
called night.
And there was
evening ad
there was
morning, the
first day.

Day 2- Sky and
Genesis 1:7 And God
said, Let there
be a
vault between
the waters to
separate water
So God
made the vault
and separated
the water under
the vault from
the water above
it. And it was
called the vault

Day 3-
Seperation of
Genesis 1:9 Let the waters
under the sky
and be gathered
together into
one place, and
let the dry land
appear. God
called the dry
land Earth and
the waters that
were gathered
together the

Day 4-
Creation of
sun, moons
and stars
Genesis 1:14 Let there be
lights in the
dome of the sky
to separate the
day from the

Day 5-
Creation of
sea animals
and birds
Genesis 1:21 So God created
the great sea
monsters and
every living
creature that
moves, or every
kind with which
the water
swarm, and
every winged
bird of every

Day 6-
Creation of
Genesis 1:26 Then God said
Let us make
humankind, in
our image,
according to our
likeness and let
them have
dominion over
the fish of the
sea and over
the birds of the
air, and over the
cattle, and over
all the wild
animals of the
earth, and over
every creeping
thing that
creeps upon the

Day 7-God
Genesis 2:2 And on the
seventh day
God finished the
work that he
had done, and
he rested on the
seventh day
from all the
work that he
had done

If I could create one day which one would it be and why? Needs to be a
paragraph response and an image also needs to be included.
If I had the chance to re-create one day I would chose to re-create day five the day when God created sea
animals and birds. The reason I chose to re-create day five was because would try to make the animals
friendlier and also so that we can play with them because some of the animals these days are dangerous to
play with.


Section 3:

1. Read Genesis 1:2-4 and 2:5-24. It contains the two
accounts of creation
2. Compare and Contrast the two creation stories
The differences in the story was that the first one had a short passage. The other thing was that the
water was already existing till day 3 when God had gathered the waters together. The second story
had a way bigger explanation. God had mentioned to create humans first before crops and herbs
was made. Also this land had pre-existing land
The similarities between these two stories was that both stories have it mentioned where they both
did create humanity. Both stories had it mentioned when they did create herbs, crops and animals.
The other thing is that Earth was existing even before anything was actually created on Earth.
Both stories are about how God was the one who had created everything, by everything I mean
crops, birds, animals, humanity and etc.
3. Explain what each story tells us about God
Both stories tells us about how God had created this world. It tells us about how God hadnt given up
however long it had taken God to create the world.
4. Identify quotes from the two creation stories in the
Book of Genesis that support the following statements
-God created and then brought order to the world
Genesis chapter 1:3- Then God said Let there be light, and there was light
-God created everything in the world
Genesis 1:31-God saw everything he had made
-Gods creation was good
Genesis 1:31- God saw everything that he had made, and indeed it was very good.
-God created man and woman out of love
Genesis 2:15- God took man and placed him in the Garden of Eden to till it and take care of it

Section 4:
1. Why do people plant gardens?
People plant gardens because they want to grow things like plants and crops. They also want to
grow plants because of the natural beauty it shows and also because it might be their hobby.
2. List the things that make a garden grow and flourish.
The things that make a garden grow are:
-Caring/Dedicated Gardener -Water
3. Describe the role that gardeners play in developing
The role that gardeners play in developing areas are looking after their crops. There are some
gardeners who just planting new flowers and trees, watering and feeding plants, and other things.
4. Explain the ways in which you think a garden is a
metaphor for creation
I think a garden is a metaphor for creation because the garden is where things get planted and grow.
5. What does it tell us about God the creator
The stories of the creation mainly tell us how God created the world. And he was happy with what
he had created.

6. What does it tell us about our role in creation?
We should love one another just as he showed love by creating all of this for us. It also tells us that
we should take care of what God created us because he created animals, crops and many other
things just for us.