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EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas

Profit Funnel Ideas 1

Profit Funnel Ideas
Cool Low Ticket, Mid Ticket and High Ticket Product
Ideas That You Can Create And Profit From!
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the
creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or
represent at an time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidl
changing nature of the Internet!
"hile all attempts have been made to verif information provided in this
publication, the Publisher assumes no responsibilit for errors, omissions, or
contrar interpretation of the sub#ect matter herein! $n perceived slights of
specific persons, peoples, or organi%ations are unintentional!
This boo& is a common sense guide to mar&eting online! In practical advice
boo&s, li&e anthing else in life, there are no guarantees of income made!
'eaders are cautioned to repl on their own #udgment about their individual
circumstances to act accordingl!
This boo& is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or
financial advice! $ll readers are advised to see& services of competent
professionals in legal, business, accounting, and finance field!
(ou are encouraged to print this boo& for eas reading!
Profit Funnel Ideas )
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
TA%L #F C#"T"T&
The Profit Funnel Plan
A quick overview on how a successful Online Business Profit Funnel looks
like and how you can model your Online Business after it!
Low Ticket Product Ideas
Earn your prospects trust quickly at O! risks and "#$" volumes with
these ama%in& low ticket product ideas that you can quickly and easily
develop for your own!
Mid Ticket Product Ideas
'ake more money from your repeat customers( esta)lish su)stantial
credi)ility and e*pand your product empire!
High Ticket Product Ideas
+he true vehicle to massive riches as used )y +OP #nternet 'arketers and
Online $urus from around the planet!
In Closing$ 'hat Is Your Ideal Profit &trateg()
"ow to put these ideas into action for ma*imum results!

Profit Funnel Ideas *
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
Profit Funnel Ideas +
Profit Funnel Ideas
Cool Low Ticket, Mid Ticket and High Ticket Product
Ideas That You Can Create And Profit From!
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
The Profit Funnel Plan
Nothing warms the coc&les of a salesperson more than getting a new client!
,ften ou are able to secure that new client because ou have a -ualit core
good or service that is provided at a competitive price!
Profit Funnel Ideas .
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
"hile ou ma not ma&e a great deal off that initial offering, there will no doubt
be the chance to build on our initial rapport with our new client and engage in
the tas& man sales people &now as /up-selling!0
That is where the conce*t of the Profit Tunnel comes into *la(!
The Profit Tunnel is our pathwa to building a relationship with our customer
that begins with the purchase of initial goods or services! ,nce that initial
relationship is established, ou build on that relationship b evaluating the needs
of our client and identif other goods or services that will also benefit our
$s ou are able to ac-uaint, interest, and finall sell additional and often higher
priced items to our customer, our profit margin will increase! The Profit Tunnel
model wor&s ver well whether ou are wor&ing with a bric& and mortar business
or going strictl with an online presence!
In both instances, the tas& involves winning the confidence of the prospect,
identifing entr level products or services that will be of interest to the prospect,
selling the prospect on the goods or services, and then continuing to offer
additional products or enhancements that will ma&e life even easier for that
former prospect that is now our customer!
Low Ticket
"hen it comes to winning the confidence of a prospect, nothing spea&s louder
than a good deal! Persons who are responsible for securing goods and services
for their emploer love to save the compan mone!
Profit Funnel Ideas 1
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
It enhances his or her reputation with the officers and owners! $t the same time,
no one wants to end up with a low cost service that ends up being a dud! This
means the good or service needs to perform well along with being cost efficient!
(our #ob is to match low cost -ualit goods or services with the business tpe of
our prospect! ,nce ou demonstrate how one of our low cost offerings will
consistentl outperform the competition and save mone for the prospect2s
emploer, ou will be poised to help roll out our low cost offering throughout the
organi%ation, ma&ing our profit in volume distribution initiall!
,nce our offering is functioning throughout the organi%ation, ou ma find that
not onl do ou have the ear of our initial contact, but now ou have the abilit
to interact with persons throughout the organi%ation that ma be interested in
other offerings that ou can suppl!
Providing additional goods or services that are in a similar price range will be
another wa ou will increase the profit margin! This is sometimes referred to as
lateral selling!
3impl put, ou are not reall pushing items with a higher price tag, or even
enhancements to services ou have alread sold which would increase the
profits! (ou are simpl broadening our current situation to include more of the
same, from a charge perspective!
There is nothing wrong with lateral selling! In fact, it can be -uite profitable!
4owever, in time it reaches a point where there is no more room for more of the
same and ou need to move on to the ne5t level!
Mid Ticket
Profit Funnel Ideas 6
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
Now safel ensconced with several low cost offerings, ou can begin to loo& at
other needs of our customer! 7hances are ou have goods or services that ma
be used on a less fre-uent basis, but carr a higher price tag!
"ith our low cost items wor&ing #ust fine for our client, ou will easil be able to
gain attention for these mid priced offerings!
$s part of our presentation, it is important to demonstrate not onl what ou
have to offer toda, but also be prepared to present the attributes of the offering
in such a wa that our client can begin to brainstorm possibl uses within the
(ou ma want to have one or two ideas read, #ust to prime the thin&ing process,
if necessar! 8ut the more our client can come up with possible uses, the
greater his ownership of using the mid tic&et item will become, and the closer ou
will be to another sale!
8e prepared to have to wait until the timing is right to spring our mid tic&et item
on our client! If the item is onl going to be used a few times a ear, the interest
level ma not be there until the time is growing near for the ne5t relevant event!
8 all means introduce the item but if our client wants to put off the discussion
until closer to time, loc& in a date and time to renew the discussions!
High Ticket + ,tremel( High Ticket
The dream of selling high tic&et good or services is often the goal of the
salesperson! $fter all, who would not love to be able to sell five thousand dollar
items in one afternoon, rather than spend the entire wee& selling hundred dollar
items in order to ma&e the same commission9
Profit Funnel Ideas :
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
,f course, ou want to be on the alert for an chance to introduce and sell a high
tic&et item!
(ou have a couple of things going for ou at this point in our relationship with
our client!
First, there is the matter of the proven trac& record of the low tic&et and mid tic&et
offerings the have alread tried and found to be great for their business
operations! Nothing breeds confidence in a supplier the wa that an ongoing
record of e5cellence will!
3econd, ou have demonstrated a continual desire to bring their attention to
goods or services that have relevance to the business! (ou are not laing our
entire product line out on the table and as&ing them to figure out what the need!
(ou are someone who does the legwor& first and then brings items to their
attention! That ou care enough to understand their business and do some
legwor& on their behalf sas a lot about our integrit!
"hat his means for ou is that when ou call our contact about arranging a
demonstration of a high tic&et item, ou are alread more than halfwa to ma&ing
a sale! The attitude will not be /prove this is worth m time,0 but /let2s find out how
we can use this!0
"hen ou go into a live or virtual demonstration with our client wor&ing with that
tpe of mindset, our chances of closing the sale are ver high indeed!
The Profit Tunnel helps ou understand that our relationship with our client
wor&s on several levels and in several phases!
8uilding upon the sterling reputation ou establish with low tic&et sales and
rolling it into the sale of more profitable sales will not onl ensure ou a great
Profit Funnel Ideas ;
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
commission, but also will provide ou with a wor&ing relationship that will last for
man ears!
Profit Funnel Ideas 1<
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
Low Ticket Product Ideas
"hen ou thin& in terms of low tic&et products or services, ou are tal&ing about
items that usuall carr no more than a =)6!<< price tag! The most common
average range for a low tic&et item would be in the =.!<< to =;!;. range!
There are man of online and bric& and mortar businesses that consider low
tic&et items to be the bread and butter of the business, the wa that ou &eep the
lights on ever month!
,f course, in order for those low tic&et items to &eep a stead flow of basic
revenue, there is the need to promote our offerings and entice new clients to
give them a tr! 4ere are a few ideas that ma help ou promote our low tic&et
offerings to fresh faces!
&*ecial -e*orts
3potlighting the low tic&et items that are our biggest sellers to a wide range of
customer demographics is a great wa to get the attention of prospects!
$ special report is going to essentiall focus on two things> first, this is a product
or service that has is being successfull used b hundreds of thousands of
people right this ver minute!
3econd, this product or service can ma&e a big impact in the -ualit of our life
and wor&! ,nce ou have it, ou will not understand how ou ever got along
without it!
Profit Funnel Ideas 11
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
These tpes of special report promotions are meant to spotlight all the positive
attributes of our offering! (ou want to tal& about the great performance, the low
maintenance, and of course the low price!
,ne thing that can help dress up a special report is charts and relevant graphics!
?ost people are visual in the wa the relate to the world, so using a simple chart
to illustrate a point, or inserting some other tpe of visual that is related to the
sub#ect matter will help to enhance and hold the attention of the reader!
Testimonials from current clients also are a big part of a successful special
report! If at all possible, var the industr tpes that are represented in our
The broader the use of our offering in various parts of the business world, the
more li&el a prospect is to see the need to investigate a little more closel!
3pecial reports are relativel eas to produce and e5tremel cost effective to
have available! The content can be used in a direct mail piece that can be
reproduced cheapl!
The special report can be posted online, with a uni-ue @'A that can then be
distributed far and wide b both manual and electronic means! The result is an
effective promotional tool that has a ver lost cost to create and has the potential
to ield big returns in a ver short time!
&hort Audio &essions
4ave ou ever listened to those short audio clips that are on man web sites9
The often are informative and can spur people to loo& more closel at a product
or service!
Profit Funnel Ideas 1)
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
3hort audio sessions are not anthing new! For decades, businesses have
emploed fifteen-second audio sessions to promote their products while callers
were on hold, waiting to spea& with a customer service rep!
Theater owners have emploed them to get in a plug for concessions that are
sold in the theater lobb! "ho among us have not heard a short audio session
while in the grocer store or in a discount retail store9
Biven the histor of the success of short audio sessions, it is no wonder that the
are also wor&ing on the Internet as well!
To a degree, a short audio session ma&es the sales process via the Internet a
little more personal, as the prospect hears a human voice! That alone ma&es the
session an appealing wa to reach a certain part of the populace!
,f course, a successful short audio session is going to be to the point and
informative! It will give the prospect enough to ensure he or she will progress to
the ne5t level and seriousl consider the offering, rather than simpl scanning
some te5t and moving on to another web site!
3ettle on the sub#ect for the session, ma&e is crisp, clear, and eas to
understand! Then shut up before ou get too word!
Trial Mem.ershi* #ffers
Everbod wants to get a bargain, but there are those that will sit on the fence
forever before ma&ing a decision! $ trial membership offer can be #ust what ou
need to get them to commit!
There are several things that are ver attractive to a prospect! $mong them are>
Profit Funnel Ideas 1*
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
There is no long/term commitment! If I don2t li&e what I see during the trial
period, I simpl move on!
I don0t ha1e to *a( full *rice! ?ost trial offers will be at a discount, so ver
little revenue is invested!
The trial offer gi1es me the chance to test dri1e and show the offering to
other people who would be using it! I can find out up front if the see an
advantages to using this new offering
This gi1es me the chance to think of 2uestions that should .e answered
.efore a commitment is made! I ma thin& of something while in the trial
period that I would not thin& of during a simple demonstration!
If ou offer a trial membership, ma&e sure ou provided specific terms, as well as
a wa for the prospect to convert the trial membership into a full membership at
an time during the trial!
Trial &oftware #ffers
If software is involved in our product or service offering, ou ma also want to
provide a demonstration version of the software that is good for a limited amount
of time! Thin& in terms of some of the free electronic trail games ou can
?an of them will allow the plaer to access and start a new game session for a
specific number of times before the software becomes inoperative and the
plaer will have to purchase the full version in order to continue!
Profit Funnel Ideas 1+
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
Trial software should be representative of what the full version does, but ou
want to ma&e sure that the software cannot be reconfigured to get around the
limited time usage!
This is not a difficult tas& for anone who develops softwareC all ou will need to
do is provide the perimeters of the trial time and ou are all set!
$s with the trial membership offers, ou want our prospect to be able to upgrade
from trial to permanent software at an point during the trial time, so ma&e sure
ou include that in our pac&age as well!
Promoting our low tic&et items will &eep our compan moving along, providing
the operating capital that ou need to enhance our offerings and also develop
more high priced offerings as well!
8 utili%ing these and similar ideas, ou can effectivel increase our client base
without investing a huge chun& of our profits into public relations endeavors!

Profit Funnel Ideas 1.
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
Mid Ticket Product Ideas
4aving established ourself with some of our low tic&et offerings, ou will want
to investigate the potential for up-selling our client b creating interest in our
mid tic&et products and services!
For the purposes of the discussion, ou ma want to thin& of mid tic&et items as
being priced in the 345677 to 385677 range per unit!
There are plent of methods ou can use to promote our mid tic&et offerings!
4ere are some e5amples of methods that have proven trac& records of
generating interest among e5isting clientele as well as garnering some attention
from new customers as well!
It seems that no matter what the tpe of product or service that is offered, an
electronic boo& will be an ideal wa to generate interest! "h9 There are actuall
several levels on which an E-boo& attracts us! 4ere are three e5amples>
In spite of the hpe, most of us do like to read! "e will read everthing from
sonnets to the bac&s of cereal bo5es!
/.ooks are easil( stored! "e can download them onto our hard drives and
read them an time we li&e!
Profit Funnel Ideas 11
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
/.ooks are often free or a1aila.le at a fraction of the cost of a hard cop
"hen using an E-boo& to promote our product line, ou will most li&el have it
available as a free download!
Providing a few online e5cerpts from the boo& as /hoo&s0 will entice people to
ta&e the few moments needed to download the boo& and will also increase the
chances the will actuall read it after downloading!
(ou ma want to also give them the chance to read a few pages before the
perform a download, assuming ou have the bandwidth re-uired for this sort of
$nother potential wa to &eep the relationship going is to have a sign-up page
where basic contact information is collected before the download commences!
This will give ou the chance to follow up on everone that downloaded the boo&
and perhaps close a sale ver -uic&l, due to the obvious fact of our diligence!
Paid Mem.ershi* &ites
"hen ou run a paid membership site, one of the things ou must do in order to
maintain and grow our client base is provide something that ma&es people feel
li&e that monthl membership fee the pa is worth the cost!
$s an e5ample, ou ma include a short wee&l or monthl newsletter as one of
the per&s of being a member of the site! Don2t fill it with mindless fluff that
circulates around the Internet constantl!
Profit Funnel Ideas 16
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
?a&e the information relevant to our customers, to our product line and most of
all worth the time to read about! @se it to tal& about upcoming enhancements to
favorite products, do a spotlight on one of our customers and the wor& he or she
$long with the newsletter, ma&e sure there is access to online pages that capture
the attention of our customers! Perhaps ou can arrange for them to download a
coupon the can use locall as part of a promotion campaign!
(ou ma suppl a message board where clients can tal& about how the emplo
the goods or services ou sell! The point is to ma&e the membership per&s
something that people will want to engage in often enough that the want to
maintain access to those per&s!
&oftware 9 &cri*ts
3oftware that fills a need with our customers can be a great thing! Depending
on where ou draw our ma#orit of clients from, this can be #ust about anthing
from software that helps to catalog plants to software that helps to design a home
accounting sstems, to software that can be used to trac& sales efforts!
In short, ou identif and anticipate needs within our client base and then come
up with the software that will meet those needs!
Now, do ou develop proprietar software or do ou partner with someone and
act as an agent for that partner9 It all depends! If ou can entering into an
agreement that allows ou to ma&e a decent profit from the sale of the software
and still offer it to our clientele at a price that is better than what the can get it
for themselves, the answer is es!
Profit Funnel Ideas 1:
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
If ou can barel get a better deal than standard retail, forget it and tr to develop
our own software products! If the profit is not there for ou, and the savings is
not there for our clients, then the pro#ect is of no value to either of ou!
Eeep in mind the software can cover #ust about an sub#ect ou want! For
development ideas, wh not -uer our current clients9
$s& them what tpe of software the would li&e to see, and what tpes of bells
and whistles would be attractive to them! (ou ma be surprised at how easil ou
can fulfill those wishes!
Audio9:ideo &essions
,nce upon a time, companies trained new people at large gatherings! These
das, new emploees attend audio and web conferences via the Internet, saving
time and mone to all concerned!
$udio and video sessions have applications in all sorts of was! Did ou &now
that there are churches that conduct 3unda 3chool classes with audio and
video lin&s, so that members who are unable to get to the actual church can
attend and participate9
,ne a denominational level, there is a denomination head-uartered in the ?id
"est that broadcasts both worship and business sessions of its bi-annual
denominational conference to members all over the world, via live feed and data
$udioFvideo sessions using the Internet can revolve around all sorts of sub#ects,
from how to fi5 a flat tire to detailed sessions on fi5ing bro&en relationships! The
can include travelogues to e5otic and distant places, helpful guidelines in dealing
Profit Funnel Ideas 1;
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
with a legal matter, and even something as simple as preparing a meal in twent
minutes or less!
Persons are often willing to pa on a per access basis or even a monthl
subscription to have access to these tpes of sessions!
3elling this sort of service is not hard at all, once ou identif the sectors of the
population ou wish to go after! Then it is a matter of securing the tpes of
audioFvideo sessions that will clic& with our customers and ma&ing it eas for
them to connect with the sessions!
$gain, ou ma find it cost effective to partner with someone else, or it ma be in
the best interests of ourself and our customers to develop the sessions in
house! (ou can evaluate our resources and ma&e a sound decision on which
wa to go!
?id tic&et items are a great wa to grab both a larger chun& of per unit profit, as
well as create reliable revenue streams that ou can depend on from month to
month! Bet some input from our e5isting customers and develop a nice suite of
mid tic&et offerings! (ou will be glad ou did!
Profit Funnel Ideas )<
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
High Ticket Product Ideas
No suite of products or services is complete without some /diamond0 level of
offerings that are of interest to our customers!
"hile these ma not appeal to more than a core group of our client base, the
fact that ou en#o such a strong relationship based on the performance of our
low tic&et and mid tic&et offerings will help them to trust ou with these high tic&et
products as well!
"hen ou thin& in terms of high tic&et products and services, an average of
=);6!<< to =;;6!<< is a nice average range! ,f course, there is nothing with
going for high tic&et products that are =1,<<<!<< or more, depending on how the
relate to our other products and the demographics of our client base!
4ere are some ideas for high tic&et offerings that ma be a great fit with our
business model!
Coaching 9 Mentoring
There is plent of demand these das for professional coaches and motivational
spea&er! $ll across the countr, people whose entire purpose is to inspire,
instruct, and help people identif where the want to go in life are ra&ing in ver
nice fees!
?otivational instructors and mentors are ma&ing their mone with in person
classes, but the are also doing ver well with audio and visual sessions as well!
Profit Funnel Ideas )1
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
Benerall spea&ing, a class will be promoted and persons will be invited to
register and pa a flat fee to attend!
Benerall spea&ing, that fee will depend on the number of sessions that will be
included in the series! @pon registration, the attendee will receive instructions on
how to access the sessions via phone andFor the Internet!
The session will often allow for some degree of interaction, with the fre-uenc
and mode of interaction controlled b the mentor!
4ow does this relate bac& to our product line9 7hances are ou had to identif
some specific applications for our offerings before ou ever got our first sale!
3ome of our mentoring can be to help people understand how our other
products save them time and mone and in some cases help them to ma&e more
mone and e5pand their business!
In a related note, if ou have a number of customers who wor& in companies
where dealing with customers is a dail thing, ou can most certainl fill a void!
$mong the mentoring sessions ou could offer are such topics as how to defuse
an angr customer, how to get a customer to tell ou what is reall bothering
them and how to bring a former customer bac& into the fold!
(ou can draw on our own e5pertise as well as our e5periences and come up
with some motivational stle mentoring classes that will be sure to be of interest
to our customers!
Ai&e mentoring sessions, tele-seminars are something that more and more
people are comfortable with! The save time, definitel cut bac& on travel
Profit Funnel Ideas ))
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
e5penses, and allow attendees to get bac& to wor& more -uic&l, which helps to
&eep productivit high around the office!
"hen it comes to tele-seminars, ou can offer sub#ect matter ou create and host
in house, or ou can become a means of providing a special guest spea&er for a
tele-seminar! Perhaps ou can snag a best selling author who has written an
e5citing new boo& on Internet mar&eting!
$rrange for a one time tele-seminar where the author discusses his boo& and
entertains -uestions afterward! The audience will pa a flat fee to attend and
have the abilit to participate in the -uestion and answer session! For additional
revenue, ou can ma&e the proper arrangements to record the tele-seminar and
ma&e copies of it available after the fact!
,clusi1e Mem.ershi* &ites
Everone li&es to feel special! ,ne of the easiest was is to create and manage
an e5clusive membership site! (ou can put together something that is specificall
for a select group of persons, such as 7E,2s, chief financial officers, e5ecutive
directors of non-profit organi%ations, or an niche mar&et that is composed of
people who could benefit from networ&ing with their peers and can afford to pa
a nice figure for that privilege on a monthl or annual basis!
Include in the membership discounts on items of interest such as trade
maga%ines geared toward that mar&et or savings on attended tele-seminars and
mentoring sessions that are relevant to this e5clusive group! 8 providing
networ&ing opportunities as well as the discounts, ou can find ourself with a
nice wa to move high tic&et offerings with no trouble at all!
Profit Funnel Ideas )*
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
Lucrati1e &er1ice &uch As Co*(writing
3upport services are something that will alwas ma&e an impact with businesses!
8 offering to ta&e over such tas&s as writing cop for new ad campaigns or
sales and mar&eting collateral, preparing brochures, and editing other basic
tpes of correspondence that the compan uses regularl, ou can save them a
bundle and ma&e a nice bit of profit for ourself!
4ere are some reasons wh outsourcing to ou would be advantageous, rather
than &eeping it all in house>
The do not have to pa our ta5es! (ou are not an emploee, so Paroll
does not have to &eep up with ou!
There are no per&s such as insurance, retirement, or vacation to calculate!
"or&ing essentiall as a consultant, none of these factors enter into the
picture! The save mone!
The compan can focus on its business without devoting a lot of resources to
ancillar matters! (ou are dealing with all that!
No time spent in development! The simpl have to approve the finished
"hile it is true that consulting does not come cheap, it still ends up being much
more cost effective than &eeping someone on the paroll! 8etween the salar
and the benefits that would be re-uired b someone talented enough to do what
ou are offering to provide, ou could be tal&ing about saving tens of thousands
of dollars over the course of a ear!
Profit Funnel Ideas )+
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
The fact is that ou can ma&e -uite a tid profit b pitching a deal that re-uires an
opt in pament up front, with several smaller paments as each of the action
items or pro#ects are completed! This means some immediate profit for ou, with
the promise of more as the tas&s are finished!
"hen it comes to providing high tic&et offerings, &nowing what our resources
are and how well those match up with needs within our client base will help lead
ou to that tpe of high tic&et products ou can provide immediatel, as well as
help ou prepare a laundr list of others that ou hope to have set up and
wor&ing in a short time!
Profit Funnel Ideas ).
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
In Closing$ 'hat Is Your Ideal Profit
"hen it comes to developing our ideal profit strateg, there are several things
ou can learn from the basic Profit Funnel! Aet2s ta&e a loo& at those elementar
You Ha1e to &tart at the %eginning
Betting our foot in the door with a new customer is our top priorit! "e all &now
that the sales ccle can ta&e a long time in some cases! 8ut if ou are going
with a product or service that is relativel ine5pensive and can be identified
immediatel with a need, then ou can shorten than ccle a great deal!
Don2t worr about ma&ing a huge profit off that first sale! Gust get the sale and
ma&e sure the product wor&s right! (our reputation and our future opportunities
with that client rest on providing them with a -ualit product as a price the are
happ with!
It is for that reason that these entr-level efforts are so important! 3ure, the big
profit is not there, although ou ma end up with a nice amount of profit if ou are
able to move a product or service in bul&!
8ut ma&e sure ou see this as laing a foundation for things to come and not #ust
the beginning and the end of our efforts with this customer! If ou handle the
Profit Funnel Ideas )1
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
situation right, ou will soon be in a position to ma&e a great deal more inroads
with this customer!
#nce in the ;oor, Look for "ew #**ortunities
Now that ou have a satisfied customer who li&es what he has bought and now
has a reason to trust ou, the time has come to loo& for other was to broaden
our business dealings with our client! Identif mid level products that ou can
offer to our customer, helping him to get ideas about how and where in the
organi%ation the ma be effective!
Aet our now e5cellent reputation precede ou as ou offer enhanced services
that wor& with the original product offering, as well as more upscale services and
products that can meet other needs within that compan!
Eeep in mind that as ou e5pand our presence among various contacts
associated with our main contact, there will be additional opportunities to begin
the same process as outlined b the Profit Funnel with them! In addition, ou will
find that our clients are more than happ to act as references for ou once ou
have provided them with multiple offerings that are doing a great #ob for them!
Antici*ate "eeds that ma( Ha**en Infre2uentl(
(ou ma have some high level services or products that will ma&e a great impact
on something our customer does once or twice a ear! This is where our
rapport with our client has come in hand! (ou &now about these opportunities
because ou are trusted!
Profit Funnel Ideas )6
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
$s ou become aware of these chances to get involved with our high level
offerings, ma&e sure to demonstrate the value that ou bring to the table! It is not
#ust that ou can save them more mone, and most li&el in these cases a great
deal of mone! (ou also can offer them at least as good and most li&el better,
than the have made do with in times past!
Eeep in mind that though these high tic&et chances ma not come our wa
ever month, the fact is that people remember when ou had a hand in ma&ing
them shine to their constituenc at a critical moment!
Thus, if ou offered consulting services that helped our client organi%e a
successful wee& long conference with persons coming from all fift states to
attend, our client will remember ou ver fondl and ou will no doubt be called
upon to provide those same services ne5t ear!
A.o1e All, ;eli1er 'hat You Promise
$lwas &eep in mind that all the goodwill that ou have built up as ou moved
through the low tic&et to mid tic&et and finall high tic&et offerings can be blown
completel awa with one simple failure to deliver what ou promised!
There used to be a saing in the movie industr about a director H he was onl as
good as his last picture! That is also often the case with vendors who suppl
goods and services as well!
(ou can avoid disappointing our clients b ma&ing sure ou do not promise
them anthing that cannot be delivered immediatel! Far too often, salespersons
sa, /es, we can do that0 &nowing full well there is nothing in place currentl to
Profit Funnel Ideas ):
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
The result is that those that are bac&ing ou ma or ma not be able to come up
with a solution! If the can2t ou have torpedoed our reputation with our
customer, destroed an hope of getting good word of mouth that could have
opened doors for ou elsewhere, and probabl damaged the reputation of our
compan right along with our personal reputation!
8e honest about what ou can provide and sta awa from promising that which
ou &now ou don2t have in place right now!
A Final 'ord a.out the Profit Funnel
The concept of the Profit Funnel provides a common sense approach to selling!
(ou start at this point and continue to build on that success! 8ut don2t get the
idea that ou ta&e one compan through the funnel and ou are done with them!
,ver and over again, ou can use the Profit Funnel to create new contacts within
an e5isting client, perhaps at different locations or different departments!
(ou ma even be at several points simultaneousl with one single contact, as
ou identif more and more opportunities within the realm of his authorit! 8
&eeping the model of the Profit Funnel in mind, ou will never find ourself in the
rut of going onl after the lowest hanging fruit on the tree!
(ou will scoop up that fruit of course! 8ut ou will also continue to reach upward
as ou progress from one level to the ne5t, ma5imi%ing the time and assets of
our customer, ma&ing a profit for our compan, and getting an ever nicer
commission for ourself!
In the end, ou are in complete control of developing our persona ideal profit
strateg! No matter what our product or service offerings, chances are the fit
the mode of the Profit Funnel! Incorporate the concept into our profit strateg
and use the Funnel as a wa to measure our current level of success!
Profit Funnel Ideas );
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
(ou will find it an e5cellent tool for helping ou to sta on trac& as ou reach for
our goals!
Profit Funnel Ideas *<
EZ Net Profits Presents - Profit Funnel Ideas
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