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Academic Freedom: JFK,

9/11 and the Holocaust

A historic conference was held on April 26,

speakers: Kevin Barrett, Ph.D., James
Fetzer, Ph.D., Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph.D.,
Winfield Abbe, Ph.D., David Robinson,
Ed.D. & Stephen Francis
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Illini Union
Sponsored by Scholars for 9/11 Truth &Midwest 9/11 Truth, Coordination and videos
by Stephen Francis
Conference. Conference videos.&.
VeteransToday articles: NoamChomsky, temporary faculty and the future of academic freedom...
Al Etejah English TVEast West intervieww/Nicholas Kollerstrom&TruthJihad
News,debate, CODOH Revisist Forum, NoLiesRadio Nick Kollerstrom, OccupyCUlistUofI,
Shoah.org.uk Kevin Barrett, MORE
Part 1, Kevin Barrett
Part 2, David Robinson
Part 3, Nicholas Kollerstrom
Part 4, Stephen Francis
Part 5, Winfield Abbe
Part 6 James Fetzer
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Veterans Today articles
9/11, JFK Assassination, Holocaust Debated at US
Kevin Ryan: 9/11, Mind Control and the Holocaust
The War on Truth: Research on the Holocaust can End
your Career
Kevin Barrett
Kevin Barrett received a Ph.D. in African languages and literature with a minor in folklore from the University of
WisconsinMadison in 2004, focusing his dissertation on the topic of Moroccan legend. He has taught English,
French, Arabic, American Civilization, Humanities, African Literature, Folklore, and Islam at colleges and
universities in the San Francisco Bay area, Paris, and Madison, Wisconsin. He is the founder of the
website Muslim Jewish Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth and has numerous radio shows. He has been blacklisted
from teaching at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Illinois due to his views on 9/11. see
VeteransToday/Barrett, TruthJihad, TruthJihadRadio and MUJCA Muslim Christian Jewish Alliance for 9/11
"...the so-called War
on Terror, the book
concludes that this
concept is an empty
propaganda ploy that
must be exposed and

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James Fetzer
A former Marine Corps officer, Jim Fetzer has published widely on the theoretical foundations of scientific
knowledge, computer science, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and evolution and mentality. McKnight
Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, he has also conducted extensive research into the
assassination of JFK, the events of 9/11, and the plane crash that killed Sen. Paul Wellstone. The founder of
Scholars for 9/11 Truth, his latest books include The Evolution of Intelligence (2005), The 9/11
Conspiracy (2007), Render Unto Darwin (2007), and The Place of Probability in Science (2010). He devoted
himself to dealing with the most complex and controversial events of recent history on "The Real Deal" and his
articles on Veterans Today. VIDEO

Nicholas Kollerstrom
Nicholas Kollerstrom, PhD, has two history of science degrees, one from Cambridge 1968, plus a PhD from
London, 1995. He was an honorary member of staff of UCL for 11 years. He co-edited The Case Against
War (Spokesman, comprising the CND legal arguments against the Iraq war) and then co-organised the Belgrano
Inqury in 1986, publishing The Unnecessary War as its proceedings in 1998. In 2008 he received widespread
publicity and ethical damnation owing to his interest in studies of the residual cyanide levels found in walls of the
World War Two labor-camps. His recent book Terror on the Tube is the sole comprehensive account of the 2005
London bombings. It endorses the hypothesis of Islamic innocence.

David W. Robinson, Ed.D.
David W. Robinson, Ed.D., received a B.A. from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, went on to an
M.A. in Teaching (Social Studies) from Lewis and Clark College, and an Ed.D. in Educational Foundations and
Leadership from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. He has taught courses in history, the humanities,
and the social sciences at both the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as graduate courses in higher
educational teaching, course design, assessment, and administration. Additionally, he has served as Department
Chair, Program Chair, Vice President of Information Technology, and Vice President of Academic Affairs at
several colleges. This has made him well acquainted with the practical and complex issues of academic freedom in
action. Currently, he serves as an adjunct professor on three different university faculties, teaching graduate
courses in education, information technology and e-commerce, and doctoral course work in educational
foundations and leadership. His scholarly writing includes books and articles on the history of higher education,
specializing in academic industrialization in America, as well as Protestantisms role in the history of universities
and schools. As a long-time student of American history, David has a strong interest in academic freedom, liberty
of conscience, open access to historical evidence, and the implications of Americas loss of free inquiry in national
discourse. It is his conviction that our current national-security state civilization is the main by-product of the
loss of the checking-and-balancing power of reasoned dialogue in academic life. David is looking forward to further
exploration of these themes at the conference. video

Winfield Abbe, Ph.D.
Winfield Abbe received an A.B. degree in physics from the University of California Berkeley, M.S. in physics
from California State University at Los Angeles and Ph.D. in physics from the University of California Riverside.
His main areas of research are low temperature solid state physics and theoretical elementary particle physics. He
has also spent some time working on the long standing problem of Fermats Last Theorem which was recently
solved, but the esoteric solution is known and understood by only a handful of people in the world. Dr. Abbe was
a faculty member at the University of Georgia, Athens and an Institute of Science and Technology Fellow at the
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. During his career in academe, he has observed gross abuses senior faculty
have administered to junior and the deterioration of the practice of academic freedom, which he looks forward to
addressing during the conference.

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51 Documents, Leni Brenner, CounterPunch
Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis
6,000,000 hoax started in 1869, 1919 book
7/7 London bombings, MI6, MI5, patsies,
terror drills
9/11 in the Academic Community and meet
Director and Producer Zuberi, Adnan
9/11, Saudi Arabia, Brennan, hijackers found
Academic boycott of Israel
FBI classified document: response to JFK public
doubt of Warren Report
Federal Reserve Act of 1913, Wilson, Brandeis
Fetzer, JimPart 2 of Midwest 9/11 Truth
Fractals, literary ... Pollock
Freedman, Benjamin, 1961 Speech, Balfour
Gas chambers, impossible numbers
Genova, Nicholas De Genova
Global Technology Partners
Obama, war on whistleblowers
Oligarchs, Rothschild, Khordorkovsky, looters
Oded Yinon, Greater Israel
Oppenheimer, J. Robert Oppenheimer, probable guilt
Pale of Settlement, Cheka, 5 Yr Plan, GM, Dupont, forced labor
Peled, Miko The General's son, one state solution
Pentagon Flight 77, al Qaeda, Islamophobia
Permindex, Piper
Peterson-Overton, Kristopher
Peto, Jennifer ..Jewish lesbian anti-zionist
Pike, Herzl, Rhodes, London School of Economics, Zakheim
Piper, Michael Collins meltdown, Cass Sunstein
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Academic boycott of Israel
Academic Freedomand the Plight of our
Universities, Harry Crowe Foundation
American Association of University Professors,
American Studies Association Israel boycott,
Anti-semitic is a highly disputed volatile term.
AntisemitismMetpedia and Semitic definition
App, Austin ... predictably smeared by Anti
Defamation League.
Ashkenazi, Khazar, Polish Jews
Aspen Strategy Group, Libby, Deutch, Rice
Association for Asian American Studies
boycott of Israeli Universities
Balfour Declaration, Rothschild, signing table in
Haifa museum.
Bay of Pigs, Bush, Barbara, Sturgis, Hunt,
Berthold, Richard "Anybody who blows up the
Pentagon gets my vote.
Bnai Brith, Chicago, Obama, CBT, London,
Boitel, Pedro Luis, anti-communist
revolutionary who opposed Batista
dictatorship, exiled
Breivik, fascist far right support
Brenner, Leni antiwar activist,
Britton, Frank Britton Jewish origins of
Communismand its spread and book excerpt
Butz, Arthur ... Holocaust ist
Chabad Lubovitch, Jewish supremacism"the
soul-root of a Jewis higher than any other
creation" video
Chomsky ... 9/11 not a significant political
CIA, FBI, SS, Dallas police in Kennedy
CODOH Committee for Open Debate on the
Cold War Hoax, Oppenheimer,
Communism, Jewish Roots Britton page
Council on Foreign Relations, Iraq War
Jonathan Frankel's and Dan Diner's Oxford
University study: "Dark Times, Dire
Consequences: Jews and Communism"
Dreyfus Affair, unjust anti-Semitism
Defense Policy Board
Deligitimization of Israel
Dimona, Ben Gurion, Kennedy
Disecting the Holocaust
Duke, Dr. David Duke
Dulles, Allen and John Foster, ... Hitler, JFK
Empire of the City, London, Washington DC,
English Defense League
Eretz Israel
False Flag, Johnson-USS Liberty, 9/11,
Finkelstein, Holocaust Industry book
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
Fourth, Third, Second International,
Trotzkyists, Comintern
General Jewish Workers League, the Bund,
Global Technology Partners
Greife, Dr. Herman Greife Jewish-run
concentration camps in the Soviet Union
Gulag, Griefe
Harriman, Averall
Harry Crowe Foundation, Academic Freedom
and the Plight of Our Universities
Hayward, Joel
Hergesheimer, 6,000,000 hoax, 1869
Himmler, Goring, Eichman, Goebbels, Hess
'Hitler Created Israel' - Zionist/Nazi
Hitler, Wall Street financed
Holocaust associated with 9-11 Truth as
Zionist propaganda weapon
Holodomor, Ukraine
hydrogen cyanide
In Defense of Christian Hungary/religion,
nationalismand anti-semitism". Paul Hanebrick,
Irving, David
Jewish Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street
Jewish expulsions, over 100 since 250 A.D.
Jewish Genome Challenge
Jones, Steven Jones ... funding, AE911Truth? nanothermite
Judea Declares War on Germany, Fri. Mar 24, 1933.
Holocaust analogies
Hungarian revolution (1919) was run under almost complete
Jewish control. Bela Kun's
I. G. Farben, Otto Kahn, Alger Hiss, Colonel House
Kay, Jonathon attacks academic freedom, Blakeney, National
Post, Globalization Studies, Hall
Kuhn, Fritz 'anti-semite'.
National Council of the American Studies Association
boycott of Israeli universities.
Neo-Nazi section NeoNazi, white supremicism, ADL
Neocon / NeoNazi Collaboration
Kollerstrom, Nicholas Jabotinsky / Stern ism
Lansky, Meyer. Miami, JFK, Carlos Marcello
Larudee, Mehrene tenure case
Lukianoff, Greg FIRE president
Mack, John E. alien abduction, academic freedom struggles.
Madsen, Wayne ... WayneMadsenReport
Marxism and Zionism
Matzpen, Israeli Communist Party
Mizrachi Movement
Mob, Jewish, Mafia
McCloy, Zelikow - Warren Commission and 9/11
Commission controllers. McCloy, Israel restitution,
Shilumin, Adenauer
McMurtry, John
Moore, Michael Moore .. Ari / Rahm Emanuel
Mullins, Eustace, The Secret Holocaust, Secrets of the
Federal Reserve, 1952
Nelson, Cary Nelson 9/11 Truth gatekeeper
Netanyahu, 9/11 & 7/7, ICTS, Shoe bomber, Underwear
Novick, Peter
Nuremberg Trials, Holocaust legitimization, Dresden,
PNAC, Zionist dominated
Pritzker, General Dynamics, AMEC, BEA Systems, Blackstone
Professors, Why they (not all) can't tell you the truth
Rakah, Israeli Communist Party
Rancout, Denis UofO, invited Palestinian speaker, & much more
Reform Judaism
ReichsBank, Schacht, Fed Reserve Bank of NY, Bank of England,
Union Bank Corp. Banque de France.
Rothschild, Rockefeller
Rudolph, Gemar
Russian Revolution, 60 million dead from Jewish / Bolsheviks and
Stalin, never mentioned in MSM.
Ryan, Kevin 9/11 Whistleblower, fired from UL
Saad, Omar jailed violist consciencious objector, Israel
Sand, Schlomo Invention of the Jewish People
Savonarola, martyr
Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice
Sheehan, Daniel Meyer Lansky, Miami National bank.
Sheldon, June protected speech, settlement
Siddique, Dr Kaukab Key-note speaker at various Islamic and
Inter-faith Dialogue Sessions
Strax Affair
Skull & Bones, Freemasons, Pilgrim Society
Silverstein, Larry WTC, no planes, mini-nukes, USGS data
Solzhenitsen, forced labor camps
Sophocles, plays
Stern Gang, collaboration with Nazis, Jews emigration to Palestine
Soviet Birobidzhan project
Sutton, Anthony, The Best Enemy Money Can Buy
Terror on the Tube, Kollerstrom
TheRealNewsNetwork ...Is this a Holocaust Truth gatekeeper
website? Yes...search on holocaust and you only find articles
assuming the MSMversion of the holohoax.
Transfer Agreement, Haavara
Trotsky, Weizmann, Revusky
UCIMC Gehrig submission
Umbrella Man, Fetzer, VeteransToday
Union of Israeli Communist Youth
Vulcans, Zionist foreign policy group, runnup to 9/11, Ledeen
Walker, George Herbert, Bush
Wall Street funding of Hitler and Lenin, Trotsky
Walt Mearsheimer Report, AIPAC, JWC
Weizmann, ChaimWeizmann
Weizmann, Ezer, The Battle for Peace
Wiesel, Elie imposter
Wise, Stephen
Zuberi, Adnan Why Professors Can't Tell You the Truth about
Zionist exploitation of anti-Semitism, Pontius Pilot
Zundel, Ernst
NFU: 9/11 is the Achilles Heal of the Zionists/001%plans to dominate the world. Emboldened by the seemingly enduring Holocaust Hoax and the equally daunting juggernaut of JFK assassination cover-up, they
schemed that a new 'Pearl Harbor' would usher in a new more sinister era of war profits. But they underestimated the power of the internet to level the playing field and unleash the inevitable success of millions of
researchers exposing their miscalculation.

Research top
Progressive 1%
12160 Jewish Nazi Officers, 1200 Jewish GeonemChallenge AAUP American Association of University
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9/11 Zionists
Aangrifan Why Hitler hated the Jews
Aangirfan Oded Yinon Plan
Abundant Truth Zionist Illuminati
Adonis Were the Bolsheviks Khazars?
AfroCubaWeb Lansky Bronfman JFK, Piper
Final Judgement
American Studies Association ASANational
Council Votes Unanimously To Endorse
Academic Boycott of Israel The Council voted
for an academic boycott of Israeli institutions as
an ethical stance, a formof material and
symbolic action. It represents a principle of
solidarity with scholars and students deprived of
their academic freedomand an aspiration to
enlarge that freedomfor all, including
ArtofService Hitler finance
Bain, Kent S.K. Bain is the former art director
of the Weekly Standard magazine, where heThe
Most Dangerous Book in the World worked
with WilliamKristol, Fred Barnes, David
Brooks, Tucker Carlson and others for over five
years. During part of that time, the Project for
the NewAmerican Century shared offices with
the publication, and next door was the
Philanthropy Roundtable, where Bain also art
directed for Philanthropy magazine. The
Roundtable at that point was under the
leadership of John P. Walters, who went on to
become President George W. Bushs Drug
Czar. In the mid-nineties, Bain was art director
for the Oxford American magazine when it was
published by John Grishamand located in
Oxford, MS. In 2009, Bain helped author
portions of U.S. Public Law111-11.
Barefoots Mullins FEDchart 1914
Bavarian Soviet Republic, Jews, Communist
BDSMovement WHAT IS BDS? In 2005,
Palestinian civil society issued a call for a
campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions
(BDS) against Israel until it complies with
international lawand Palestinian rights. Atruly
global movement against Israeli Apartheid is
rapidly emerging in response to this call.
Behindthe Matrix Hitler
BibleBelievers, Jews expelled from109
countries, starting 250 AD.
Bibliotecaplayedes Fed chart
Bibliotecaplayedes Hitler connection
Bollyn / Barrett 9/11 radio interview
Boyle, Francis Boyle, University of Illinois
Law professor, YouTube, Impeach Obama ...
You've seen themall over the country.
Overpasses full of signs and people calling for
the Impeachment of President Obama. Some
have even got arrested for expressing this action
against America's Commander-in-Chief. Like
presidents before himObama is facing congress
to engage yet another sovereign nation in acts of
war. The last time Professor Francis Boyle
joined us he had returned fromconvicting former
president Bush of War Crimes at an international
CODOH Committee for an Open Debate on the
notes: Communism... Britton page...
Communismas an organized movement began
with the publishing of ISKRA(The Spark) in
December of 1900. Three years later, in 1903,
the "Iskrists" joined with the Polish Social
Democrats, the Jewish Bund, and others, to
formthe Russian Social-Democratic Labor
Party (which later changed its name to the
Communist Party). ISKRA, like every other
Communist publication which followed, was
mainly edited and controlled by Jews.
Cook, Jonathan, Wikipedia Oded Yinon
CSUN.edu Nazism
Darkmoon quest for Jewish gene

Debate: Jewish Genome Challenge, Eran
Elhaik, Ph.D. Is there a Jewish gene?
LiveLeak Holocaust lies ..1. That Jews are the
"Chosen People of God." 2. That Palestine is
"The Promised Land fromGod" for Jews only
(despite the fact that Christianity was born
there). 3. That the "Promised Land for Jews
extends fromthe Nile to the Euphrates." 4. That
Jews have been "homeless" for the last 2,000
years until Israel was created for themin 1948.
5. That the creation of Israel in 1948 has been a
"fulfillment of a Biblical prophecy." 6. That Arabs
have "hated" Jews for the last 2,000 years
(despite the fact that Arabs have always been
composed of Muslims, Christians, and Jews). 7.
That Palestine was "an empty land that did not
have any Arab inhabitants when the Western the
Zionist Jews created Israel on its land in 1948.
MichaelDuchaine Illuminati Bloodlines, Hitler
was a Rothschild
Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference, Urbana Free
Library, Sept 2013, 2014, see NewsGazette
articles and comments, anti-Semitic accusations,
Mark Gehrig
ModernHistoryProject Bolshevik financing
ModernHistoryProject Baruch-Meyer-
Rothschild connection
Mondoweis Max Blumenthal
Mondoweis Since the American Studies
Association (ASA) voted overwhelmingly to
boycott Israeli academic institutions in
December, more than one hundred and fifty US.
Presidents of IU, Kerr College withdrawn
membership fromASA, ... The Protect
Academic FreedomAct, would strip fed funds
fromany institution that boycotts Israel, also
NewYork, Maryland, punish individual
academics for engaging in political boycotts, total
silence on Palestinian human rights, Israeli
occupation strips Palestinians of any academic
freedom, negatively impacts working conditions,
because of 'special relationship' with Israel,
historical complicity of Israeli Universities and an
illegal, militarized occupation, 1940 Roosevelt
establisted NDRC, National Defense Research
Committee, funded 30,000 chemists,
mathematicians and engineers in WWII war
effort, Vietnamwar, MIT known as Pentagon on
the Charles, also Columbia University worked
with Institute for Defense Analyses, Title VI
funding revealed relationship between campuses
and the State Department., t. ..
November criminals
Mullins WWII hitler financed by Warburg,
Pieczenik, Dr. Steve, TomClancy novels, State
Dept, Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a critically
acclaimed author of psycho-political thrillers and
the co-creator of the New York Times best-
selling "TomClancy's Op-Center" and "Tom
Clancy's Net Force" book series. He is also one
of the world's most experienced international
crisis managers and hostage negotiators. His
Professors, 9/11 Truth, JFKassassination,
Holocaust Truth gatekeepers. ... Northwestern
News (Jan. 6, 1997) (NW). Professor Robert
M. O'Neil points out the troubling issues raised
by Professor Butz regarding "university
involvement-facilitation and attribution": (1)
"however little it may have 'cost' the institution,
this [webpage] was and remains a resource of
substantial value to the individual faculty
member"; and (2) that unlike Butz's book, where
he is identified as a Northwestern professor, "no
one would believe on that basis that the
university sponsors, or even condones, his views
. . . . But when one encounters Holocaust-denial
on a professor's Web page . . . there is at least
an inference of attribution or complicity."
ABCNews Holocaust Historian Returning
Award to Hungary, Holocaust survivor and
historian Randolph L. Brahamsaid Sunday he is
returning a high state award to Hungary to
protest what he says are government efforts to
rewrite history and exonerate the country from
its role in the Holocaust. Brahamsaid the
memorial was "a cowardly attempt to detract
attention fromthe Horthy regime's involvement in
the destruction of the Jews and to homogenize
the Holocaust with the 'suffering' of the
Hungarians a German occupation, as the
record clearly shows, was not only unopposed
but generally applauded." more
Amerherst.edu McCloy papers
BBC WW1, Bolsheviks, Germany
blog wwI propoganda
Chabad Lubavitch Schneerson ... Here the
Rebbe declares that: The Jewish people and
God are literally one !!! the soul-root of a
Jewis higher than any other creation
Commentary Mag Opposition to BDS ... What
is most remarkable about this letter is that it goes
beyond what too often passes for level-
headedness in academia, namely a ritual
denunciation of Israel followed by the argument
that although everyone agrees that Israel is an
international criminal, academic freedomis too
precious to sacrifice for the sake of denouncing
international criminals.
Dealbook.NYTimes Blankfein toasted, Judaism
Dissident Voice Kennedy's Corporatist and
Imperialistic presidency
Encylopedia Jewish... Zinoviev and Kamenev
were Lenin's inseparable companions and
Jewish (Britton)
FacingHistory Weimar Republic, Germany
Gilbert, Martin Gilbert Amazon
Heart Holocaust bs
Heritage CNN mistranslates Rouhani on holocaust
Farsnews "After distorting the statements of our country's
president, now CNN must be banned and proper legal action
needs to be taken in this regard," Chairman of the Iranian
Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy
Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi stressed on Saturday.
"This action by the CNN meant betrayal of trust and it can
be pursued and protested at," Boroujerdi added. On
Tuesday, September 24, CNN's Christiane Amanpour
conducted an interview with President Rouhani on the
sidelines of the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly in
New York which was full of not just mistranslations, but
fabrication and falsification of the president's remarks about
the Holocaust. While the Iranian president did not recognize
the Holocaust, the CNN aired a translation which contained
several words and sentences which were not uttered by the
Iranian President. For a full detail of discrepancies,
mistranslations and fabrications click here, here and here.
Hilberg, Raul Hilberg Ph.D. acknowledged that there was no
budget, plan or order by Hitler for a World War II program
to exterminate Europe's Jews. ... Wikipedia: He was widely
considered to be the world's preeminent scholar of the
H-Net reparation German Israel
Huffington Post Holocaust Deniers ...Ira
Forman, former CEOof the National Jewish
Democratic Council, was named special envoy
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Darkmoon quest for Jewish gene
David Icke, Zionismvs Bolshevism, Churchill
Griffin, David Ray Griffin
Dean Henderson, Saudi Oil McCloy, Aramco
Debate: Is the Holocaust 6
million a cover-up for the 60
million who died in the first
Zionist / Wall Street / NWO
experiment - The Russian
Educate-Yourself Khazars, Lilienthal
Elhaik, Jewish Genome Challenge
Eustace Mullins.us
EzraPoundSpeaks Italy radio broadcasts,
FailedMessiah Jewish Geneology Challenge
FIRE Foundation for Individual Rights in
Education, Greg Lukianoff ... The mission of
FIRE is to defend and sustain individual rights at
America's colleges and universities. These rights
include freedomof speech, legal equality, due
process, religious liberty, and sanctity of
conscience the essential qualities of individual
liberty and dignity. FIRE's core mission is to
protect the unprotected and to educate the
public and communities of concerned Americans
about the threats to these rights on our campuses
and about the means to preserve them.
Freedman 61 54 47
Global Research rr
Global Research Oded Yinon, Eretz Israel,
British Mandate, Zionist Plan for the Middle
HelpFreeTheEarth Silverstein and 9/11 Jews
Hitler the Jewfaked WWII
Holodomor, CT about: To serve as a portal to
information about the Holodomor: its tragic
history and its great relevance to todays world.
To describe the work of the Connecticut
Holodomor Awareness Committee, and howwe
can help educators and civic organizations host
an event as part of your human rights, current
awareness, history, or other educational
HolodomorInfo The Bolshevik has newclothes!
... On January 13, 2010, Kiev Appellate Court
posthumously found the Jewish Cheka guard
Lazar Kaganovich guilty of genocide against
Ukrainians for his participation in the 1932-33
Holodomor. The importance of the case is its
historical aspect that legally explains the
particularity of that historical event.
IamtheWitness Frank Britton ... any deep-down
discussion of Communismand Marxisminvolves
the Jewish question. We cannot honestly discuss
the subject without revealingand commenting
onthe fact that the founders of Russian
Communismwere Jewish.
IHRJewish Role in Russian Rev
IHRFreedman Balfour and Zionist history,
IHRBehind the Balfour, Weisenthal fraud
IM Gaz ford truck gorky pic
InformationClearingHouse, Oded Yinon
Internet Archive Sabatean Frankist, McCloy
Jewish Virtual Library Billionaires list
JenniferLake Israel bomb Mccloy, JFK
Jewish Genome Challenge Eran Elhiak
crisis managers and hostage negotiators. His
novels are based on his twenty years experience
in resolving international crises for five U.S.
administrations. Dr. Pieczenik received his
B.A. fromCornell University, trained in
Psychiatry at Harvard and has both an M.D.
fromCornell University Medical College and a
Ph.D. in International Relations fromM.I.T...
9/11 was an inside job
Puppet99 Rothschild RR copy
ReformedTheology Hitler, who financed, both
Reformed Theology Bolsheik revolution
Rense Rothschild and Hiroshima
ResistanceReport Holocaust
SlideShare Hitler
SocioEcon blog Barrett, Israel settlements
SoilandHealth The Marriage of I.G. and
Standard Oil under Hitler
StormFront Jewish Crimes Against Humanity
StuartBramhall HowBankers Engineered WW,
Bolshevish, Nazi, Great Depression
TruthJihad Radio Bollyn MP3
TruthinLife Rothschild Cartel, Morgan also had
close relations with Italian fascist Benito
Mussolini, while German Nazi Dr. Hjalmer
Schacht was a Morgan Bank liaison during
WWII. After the war Morgan representatives
met with Schacht at the Bank of International
Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland.
MemoryHoleBlog Disinfowars pc Higdon
NNforum Russian Revolution
Peled-Elhanan Palestinian Professor
PressTV Barrett, Israel mic Sephardic Jews,
RealJewNews How the Jews Prompted a
German Backlash more
Reformation Wall street and world revolution
RenewAmerica Baruch 1913
Sand, Schlomo Invention of the Jewish people
SaveTheMales, Hitler, James Warburg, son of
Paul Warburg pumped money into Nazis. in
exchange for aggressive foreign policy.
Scribd Baruch Plan, Wilson, sell the war, War
Industries Board
Siddique quote: For the Jews, I would say, see
what could happen to you if the Muslims wake
up. And I say to the Muslims, dear brothers and
sisters, unite and rise up against this hydra-
headed monster which calls itself Zionism. It
is obvious to us that Zionismis racism. It is
obvious to us that Zionismis genocide. It is
obvious to us that Zionismis terrorism. But
somehowthe man living in the White House
does not seemto knowthat. His silence is grim
and dismal.
Stormfront list jewish expulsions
Sutton, Wall Street Bolshevik
TheDaysOfNoah Rothschilds WW1
TheSecretTruth George Butler .. interviewed
James Tracy, Nov 2013
VeracityVoice Historian Did Hitler Have
Reason To Hate The Jews?
VeteransNewsNow nazi / jewish collaboration
VeteransToday, JimFetzer ... The War on
Truth: Research on the Holocaust can End your
JewWatch Yagoda, Stalin
ZionCrimeFactory WWI reparations funded
ZionCrimeFactory Psychic Pronouncements of
Whale Mullins, Monopoly capitalist support for
the Bolsheviks
Whale OpiumLords JFKassassination
Whale Mullins $5 Trillion Cold War Hoax
as the State Department released its annual
report on religious freedomaround the world.
Forman replaces Michael Kozak, who had
served in an acting role after Hannah Rosenthal
stepped down last year.
JewishVirtualLibrary Russia
JTAMcCloy award
JTAArchive Rabbi MenachemMendel
Schneerson and VeteransToday
OilEmpire.US Holocaust Denial No Planes and
No Gas Chambers: Holocaust Deniers pushed
hoaxes that sabotaged 9/11 Truth
Silver Investor PILGRIMS rockefeller city bank
USAToday OSWIECIM, Poland (AP)
Auschwitz survivors and Israeli officials on
Monday marked 69 years since the liberation of
the Nazi death camp in a ceremony that included
a large group of Israeli lawmakers. The
ceremony at the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial
took place on International Holocaust
Remembrance Day, established by the United
Nations in memory of more than 6 million
Holocaust victims, and includes 1.5 million
mostly Jewish victims who died at Auschwitz.
Survivors walked through the gate that bares the
infamous "Arbeit Macht Frei" (Work Makes
You Free) sign and laid a wreath at the former
camp's Executions Wall, where the inmates,
mainly Polish resistance members, were shot to
death. NOW DO THE MATH: Auschwitz
was only in operation for one and a half
years,... that's 18 months or about 540 days.
It takes a modern mortician using natural
gas about 90 minutes to cremate a body...
with coal it would take substantially
longer.... It is physically impossible to put
more than one body in the chamber at a
time and there were only 15 chambers. So at
Auschwitz assume that it would take at
least 2 hours per person to gas, cremate and
dispose of a body. So now we have 3
million hours tallied to kill and dispose all
the victims. So lets assume at least 500,000
were shot, but you still would have to
dispose of the bodies which would take
time. So, very conservatively lets take it
down to 2 million hours to kill and cremate
1 million people. The city of Atlanta,
Georgia has a population of about 1/2
million. So .... the math says that twice the
amount of people in Atlanta were killed and
disposed of in about a year and a half using
only 15 'ovens' all while the perpetrator was
carrying on a war on two fronts....this is
ridiculous. To say 1.5 million people died
at Auschwitz is a bald faced lie. Using
these figures it would take 150 years to
accomplish this.
Wikipedia Academic Freedomat BYU...
Academic freedomat BrighamYoung
University has been the subject of several
controversies regarding the school, mostly
focusing on its religious nature. In 1992, BYU
issued a statement limiting academic freedomin
certain areas, including language that
attacked The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-
day Saints, and language that violates the
university's honor code. search terms: gospel
encompasses all truth, limitations, contradict
church doctrine, deride church, ultimate
responsibility lies with president and board of
trustees, faculty accept spiritual and temporal
expectations of wholehearted church
membership, yearly endorsement, and BYU's
academic freedomcontroversy has not always
been limited to religious matters. BYU
placed physics professor Steven E. Jones on
paid leave in connection with an internal
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Jewish Genome Challenge Eran Elhiak
JFK and the Unspeakable
JFKTruth LBJ did JFKsynopsis, good
Khazar Conspiracy
LaRouchePub Smedly Butler 1934
Leuchter Report and Wikipedia Rebuttal
Lindsay, Robert He (Raul Hilberg) also thinks
that Holocaust Denial should not be criminalized
and doesnt worry too much about it. He has
previously said that Deniers do scholars some
favors by raising a lot of important questions
about the Holocaust that scholars need to get
cracking on.
Levant, Eastern Mediterranean, Mashriq

Whale Mullins $5 Trillion Cold War Hoax
Wernerchon Chomsky NoamChomsky and the
Holocaust Deniers
Wired Jewish Expulsions
WTC7 sec, cia,
YouTube gas chamber hoax, Leuchter Report,
no seals on doors, windows existed, no ability to
control temperature, explosion proof switches.
and Wikipedia rebuttal attack Leuchter's
credentials not the facts.
YouTube Ezra Pound speeches
YouTube Mullins Baruch, Oppenheimbanks
start WWII
YouTube Slave, Columbus
YouTube hate
Notes: Veterans Today ..Yukon Jack
Israel is like a bigger version of
Heavens Gate cult, If I dont get
my way I will castrate myself and
everyone else with my A-bombs!.
When you live within a lie, the
subconscious directs your actions,
the preparation of the Samson
Option is Israel telling everyone
that they know they are
pathological liars. The situation is
laughably insane, not only are the
myths of Israel fictions, Israel is
ruled by imposters. All of Israels
prime ministers have Polish origins.
notes: Wikipedia In 1983, according to one
source, Sand took part in a heated exchange
over Zeev Sternhells Ni droite, ni gauche:
lidologie fasciste en France, and later drewthe
ire of Claude Lanzmann with his 2002 book in
Hebrew, Filmas History, in which he not only
passed scathing judgement on Lanzmanns
Shoah, but (Schlomo Sand) also
revealed that the film had been
secretly funded by the Israeli
investigation that a paper he authored on the
causes finding that the World Trade Center
towers fell on 9/11 because of pre-set
explosives might not have met "scientific
standards of peer review" and his failure of
"appropriately distancing himself" fromthe
University in his statements regarding his
explosive theory.[18] Mr. Jones retired while the
investigation was in its early stages.
VillageVoice 9/11 Truth gatekeeper Bulow,
Andreas von ... secretary of state in
the German Federal Ministry of Defence .. says
9/11 was an inside job. Andreas von Blow:
The World's Most Respectable 9/11 Conspiracy
Wikipedia USER Shift/Change /People so-
called 'antisemites'.
Jewish Genome Challenge, Eran Elhaik, Ph.D. It has been suggested in the scientific and popular
literature that Jewishness is a genetic trait found in our genes and that worldwide Jews comprise a genetically distinct group with some Jewish communities being
described as population isolates (e.g., Atzmon et al. 2010; Behar et al. 2010; Ostrer 2012). For example, Atzmon et al. (2010) wrote that: "European/Syrian and
Middle Eastern Jews represent a series of geographical isolates or clusters woven together by shared IBDgenetic threads." Behar et al. (2010) wrote: "The most
parsimonious explanation for these observations is a common genetic origin, which is consistent with an historical formulation of the Jewish people as descending from
ancient Hebrewand Israelite residents of the Levant." The cover of the book "Legacy" says:"Ostrer shows that Jews fromdifferent Diaspora groups are linked by the
genetic threads that provide a biological basis for Jewishness." However, none of these blury descriptions of "genetic threads" are substantiated by any particular
genetic nucleotides, haplotypes, or genetic regions and even after decades of genetic research, these ideas remain controversial among geneticists as well as historians
and social scientists (e.g., Sand 2009; Elhaik 2013; Venton 2013) with some proposing that these notions are driven by non-scientific ideologies (e.g., Kirsh 2003). It
has been further suggested that traits such as intelligence are more strongly associated with Jews than with non-Jews (Ostrer 2012). Based on these notions, genetic
testing companies nowoffer genetic tests that promise to accurately determine ones Jewishness. Recently, A.B. Yehoshua an Israeli writer and scholar proposed
that "AJewis a Jewbecause he chose to be a Jewand not because he was forced - because of biology or by some external social force, to define himself as a Jew"
dismisssing any genetic notion of Jewishness. We therefore propose to put to test the claims that Jewishness is the genes. MORE and Daily Mail Hitler-descended-
Oxford Journal abstract ... The question of Jewish ancestry has been the subject of controversy for over two centuries and has yet to be resolved. The Rhineland
Hypothesis depicts Eastern European Jews as a population isolate that emerged froma small group of German Jews who migrated eastward and expanded
rapidly. Alternatively, the Khazarian Hypothesis suggests that Eastern European Jewdescended fromthe Khazars, an amalgamof Turkic clans that settled the
Caucasus in the early centuries CE and converted to Judaismin the 8th century. Mesopotamian and Greco-Roman Jews continuously reinforced the Judaized Empire
until the 13th century. Following the collapse of their empire, the Judeo-Khazars fled to Eastern Europe. The rise of European Jewry is therefore explained by the
contribution of the Judeo-Khazars. Thus far, however, the Khazar's contribution has been estimated only empirically, as the absence of genome-wide data from
Caucasus populations precluded testing the Khazarian Hypothesis. Recent sequencing of modern Caucasus populations prompted us to revisit the Khazarian
Hypothesis and compare it with the Rhineland Hypothesis. We applied a wide range of population genetic analyses to compare these two hypotheses. Our
findings support the Khazarian Hypothesis and
portray the European Jewish genome as a mosaic of
Caucasus, European, and Semitic ancestries,
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thereby consolidating previous contradictory reports
of Jewish ancestry. We further describe major difference among Caucasus populations explained by early presence of
Judeans in the Southern and Central Caucasus. Our results have important implications on the demographic forces that shaped the genetic diversity in the Caucasus
and medical studies.

Nick Kollerstrom, a principle at Whatreallyhappened.info ... is based in the United Kingdom and devoted to free inquiry into historical events. This site
exists to promote an open scientific, evidenced-based approach to historical enquiry. We do not believe or reject anything, though naturally we do form
opinions. However, they are just that: opinions based on our current understanding of the facts. We are not emotionally attached to them and we would have
no problem with changing our current positions on any subject if the evidence suggested we should. We are mainly, though not exclusively, interested in the
Second World War and the German treatment of Jews during that conflict, since this is the area where free enquiry is most actively and efficiently suppressed
by force of law and imprisonment in some countries and by taboo in all. The topic is protected from any objective investigation by an electric fence of
emotion and insult, with the result that few other than those with a political axe to grind dare question the received story. We have no such axe. We have
looked at the orthodox story and at the arguments brought against it by ists, and we find that, at the very least, the ists have raised
questions which so far have not been satisfactorily answered. They are met with insults and ad hominem accusations of political bias, which, even if they are
true (they are in some cases but not in others) are irrelevant, since the historical facts of what happened in the 1940s cannot be influenced by anyone's views
today on anything. The reality is that those who promote the orthodox story are themselves also largely driven by emotion and political bias. On the whole,
whatever their motives, it is the ists, not the proponents of orthodoxy, who have looked for material evidence and applied scientific methodology.
Background: Zoominfo d

Holocaust Revision and Academic Freedom (articles) top
Progressive links 1%
9/11Review The association of challenges to
the official myth of 9/11 with ( ists) of
the Nazi Holocaust of Jews is one of the more
potent weapons in the arsenal of the apologists
for the official myth, although its use so far has
been limited. In a column in Scientific
American atattacking the 9/11 "conspiracy
theories" Michael Shermer states: The mistaken
belief that a handful of unexplained anomalies
can undermine a well-established theory lies at
the heart of all conspiratorial thinking (as well as
creationism, Holocaust denial and the various
crank theories of physics). denier
American Studies Association ASANational
Council Votes Unanimously To Endorse
Academic Boycott of Israel The Council voted
for an academic boycott of Israeli institutions as
an ethical stance, a formof material and
symbolic action. It represents a principle of
solidarity with scholars and students deprived of
their academic freedomand an aspiration to
enlarge that freedomfor all, including
notes: App, Austin ... was an English professor
at the University of Scranton who had defended
Germany during World War II. He claimed that
Germany didnt desire to dominate Europe but
rather was legitimately attempting to get raw
materials. Once the war ended, App
energetically denied German atrocities SPLC
Brenner, Leni Zionist abbreviations. Leni Brenner
was a prominent civil rights activist and a
prominent opponent of the VietnamWar. ...
books: Zionismin the Age of the Dictators, The
Iron Wall: Zionist ismfromJabotinsky to
Shamir, Jews in America Today, and The
Lesser Evil, a study of the Democratic Party.
His books have been widely translated
Brodkin, Karen HowJews Became White
Folks &What That Says About Race in
Butshikan.net Dr Kaukab Siddique Average of
Five Presentations every year on Islamic Related
Topics and/or Feminismin South Asian and
Middle Eastern societies. Invited Speaker at
Rehmat Chomsky is a Crypto-Zionist
Zionist financing of the leaders of the Russian Revolution
inextricably linked to the financing of Hitler and the so-called
Scribd I was nowDavid Cole, theJewish
Holocaust istwhod been hiding as
DavidStein. The story of my outing was
carried by The HuffingtonPost, Yahoo News,
AOL News,The Guardian, Gawker, MSN, The
Washington Times, AmericanSpectator, and PJ
RadioFetzer blog There's a difference between
having honest investigators such as Nick
Kollerstrom talk about this subject and having
Hitler-loving Nazis do so. However, I can't
blame negative public opinion for rejecting such
research inasmuch as it wishes to condone itself
on the grounds that there's a qualitative
difference between murdering millions of
innocent people by forced labor, torture, and
starvation, and murdering themwith gas. To
confront the myths that are held and promoted
by Zionists by rehabilitating the Third Reich
undermines the struggle against the real enemy,
which is the Jabotinsky/Stern ismthat
has hijacked the nationalistic impulses of the
world's Jews - ironically serving to promote the
pro-Nazi (and formerly Hitler-allied) element
within Zionismthat today rules the State of
Israel. The state and professional organizations
shouldn't be in the business of stifling scientific
research, to be sure. Post a link to any petition
to re-instate Nick, and I'll sign it.
Rev-isionists Austin J. App Predictably App was
viciously smeared by the Zionist Anti-
Defamation League and media figures such as
Walter Winchell and DrewPearson.
Throughout his life, he was a devout Roman
Catholic and fervently anti-Communist
GemarRudolph website
Sand, Schlomo Sand, The Invention of the
Jewish People Leon T. Hadar review:
Countering official Zionist historiography, Sand
ADL HoHolocaust ist Bradley Smith,
founder of the Committee for Open Debate on
the Holocaust (CODOH), has reached out to
Georgetown University to inform themthat the
universitys Jan Karski Institute for Holocaust
Education is promoting Holocaust myths for
financial gain. denier.
AmericanThinker Richard Baehr ... About: The
right to exist and the survival of the State of
Israel are of great importance to us.
AmericanThinker Hitler's Long Shadowover
Israel ... Why do so many Arabs sound like
Nazis when they talk about Jews? The answer
lay buried for decades in the archives of the
Third Reich. Then a generation of younger
German scholars expanded their attention
beyond the death camps of Europe to Hitler's
activities in the Middle East. What they
discovered: it was Hitler who financed the
modern jihadi movement. Nazi-Arab
collaboration was crucial to the Final Solution.
The Third Reich financed and trained the Muslim
Brothers of Palestine and Egypt in terrorismand
focused their anti-modernity rage on Jews. One
of the first people Hitler told about his plans to
kill Europe's Jews was the head of the Muslim
Brotherhood in Palestine, the infamous mufti of
Jerusalem, Yasser Arafat's cousin. Hitler and the
mufti shook hands on a plan to exterminate all
the Jews of the Middle East. The Reich
preserved the memo, the minutes, and a photo
of their famous handshake.
Antisemitism list of non American holocaust
ists / deniers: Fred Uchter, Ger Honsik,
Wolfgang Frolich, Herert Schaller, Gredrick
Toben, , Michael Hoffan II, Richard Kriege,
Hohn Tuson Bennett, Leonardo Clerici,
Sidgfried Verbeke, Bishop Richard Williamson,
Lady Michele Renouf, Paul Fromm, Christian
Lindtner, Rober Faurisson, Serge Thion,
Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, Ursula
Haverbeck, Rigolf Henniq, Konstantinos Plevris,
Alfonso Penqas, Carlo Mattoqno, Norman
Lowell, Dariusz Ratajczak, Flavio Goncalves,
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Middle Eastern societies. Invited Speaker at
prestigious universities such as Cornell, Duke,
Milwaukee, Montreal, Waterloo, etc.; Frequent
Key-note speaker at various Islamic and Inter-
faith Dialogue Sessions throughout Maryland,
Washington DC, Virginia, and North Carolina.
Butz, Arthur Amazon ...Professor A. R. Butz
was the first (and so far the only) writer to treat
the entire Holocaust complex fromthe
ist perspective, in a precise scientific manner.
This book exhibits the overwhelming force of
historical and logical arguments which
ismhad accumulated by the middle of the 70s.
This newedition comes with several
supplements adding newinformation.
Dissecting the Holocaust Amazon ... The
blockbuster anthology that struck Holocaust
orthodoxy a body blowfromwhich it has never
recovered. Dissecting marshals the work of
more than a dozen researchers to subject the
conventional historiography of the "gas
chambers", the "six million", the postwar trials,
and other linchpins of the extermination story to
careful, precise, methodical, and withering
analysis. Germar Rudolf on howchemical
analysis gravely weakens the case for gassing in
the Auschwitz-Birkenau crematoria, Carlo
Mattogno and Franco Deana on the crematory
ovens of Auschwitz, Robert Faurisson, Manfred
Khler, and Claus Jordan on howtestimony
was coerced and convictions manufactured,
Fritz Berg, Ingrid Weckert, Carlo Mattogno,
and Arnulf Neumaier on the technical and
evidentiary absurdities of gassing claims for
German trucks in gas chambers and at
Majdanek and Treblinka, Udo Walendy and
John Ball on analysis of photos alleged to depict
the crimes or their locations, Rudolf on the
evidence for Jewish losses during WWII, Jrgen
Graf on myths about the concentration camps,
and more. Dissecting's handsome design and
format lend themselves well to the numerous
illustrations, charts, and diagrams with which
these leading revisionists advance the wealth of
evidence the book offers against the Holocaust
myth. This is a book -- the book -- that every
revisionist needs to own, and to read.
Elie Wiesel Cons the World Elie Wiesel has said
under oath that he has one, and that it is number
A7713 Where's the tattoo?
Human Sciences Research Council of South
Africa (HSRC) released a study indicating that
Israel is practicing both colonialismand
apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian
Territories.8 jp
Freedman, Benjamin 1961 Speech, Balfour
Declaration, Treaty of Versailles, Hitler financed
by Wall Street.
GlobalFire Kollerstrom... Holocaust, the
mother of all hoaxes If the
arguments of the
Holocaust rev-isionists
were as false as
claimed, rev-ision
there wouldnt be a
necessity for
destroying and even
imprisoning anyone
who engages in 'denial'.
Countering official Zionist historiography, Sand
questions whether the Jewish People ever
existed as a national group with a common origin
in the Land of Israel/Palestine. He concludes that
the Jews should be seen as a religious
community comprising a mishmash of individuals
and groups that had converted to the ancient
monotheistic religion but do not have any
historical right to establish an independent Jewish
state in the Holy Land. In short, the Jewish
People, according to Sand, are not really a
people in the sense of having a common ethnic
origin and national heritage. They certainly do
not have a political claimover the territory that
today constitutes Israel and the occupied
Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem.
Siddique, Kaukab notes That takes us to
Kaukab Siddique, who teaches literature and
mass communications at Lincoln University, in
Pennsylvania. He has used public forums outside
the classroomto declare the Holocaust a "hoax."
He cites writers like David Irving and the white
supremacist Mark Weber. Siddique maintains
that, in promoting Holocaust denial, he is simply
speaking for the "other side" of the issue. But
there is no credible "other side." No respectable
historian advocates Holocaust denial.
Notes Sublette, Lori A Northwest Career and
Technical Academy teacher is accused of
denying the Holocaust happened and telling
students that the Nazis lacked the technology to
kill so many Jews, one senior said. Sublette told
students that history textbooks have inaccurate
information and Holocaust photographs were
doctored or distorted. She also said Sublette
said in class that some Holocaust photographs
were actually taken during an earlier time period
in Russia. ReviewJournal
Scribd 51 51 Documents Incredibly, Avraham
Stern, the leader of the notorious "Stern
Gang,"late in 1940, made a written proposal to
Hitler, by which the Jewishmilitias in Palestine,
would fight on "Germany's side," in the
waragainst England, in exchange for the Nazis
help in resolving the"Jewish Question" in Europe,
and their assistance in creating an"historic Jewish
state." By this date, German troops had
alreadymarched into Prague, invaded Poland,
and had built the firstconcentration camp at
Auschwitz. The deranged Stern had further
braggedabout howthe Zionist organizations
were "closely related to thetotalitarian
movements of Europe in [their] ideology and
structure."Stern's obscene proposal was found in
the German embassy, in Turkey,after
WWII.Finally, I think Brenner was right, when
he wrote, "This book presents51 historic
documents to indict Zionismfor repeated
attempts tocollaborate with Adolf Hitler. The
evidence, not I, will convince youof the truth of
this issue...Exposing the Zionist role in the Nazis
erais part of the scrutiny of the past, required of
The Guillotine At Work
The Holocaust Never Happened and the CIA
Killed JFK .... American Free Press book ...
The critical information available in this book
destroys the hoax of the 6 million Jewish victims
of Nazi Germany and exposes the enormous
cover-up involved in the Warren Commission
Report on the assassination of the 35th President
of the United States, John F. Kennedy.
The International Conference to Reviewthe
Global Vision of the Holocaust Wikipedia
Theness Ward Churchill, 9/11, Tenure, and
Academic Freedomvs Standards ... The
purpose of tenure is to protect academics from
being fired because of their political views or the
nature of their research or other academic
pursuits. Originally it was designed to protect
Oleq Anatolyevich Platonov, Nadin Ravski,
Pedro Varela, Ahmed Rami, Ditlieb Felderer,
Bernhard Schaub. American: David Duke,
Mark Weber
Carol Yeager.net White Supremicist, wants to
revive white-only Europe..... Elie Wiesel
imposter... Newwebsite to challenge Elie
Wiesel on Auschwitz tattoo and identity
Florida Holocaust Museumboard: Carolyn Bass
Michael P. Brundage Eva Gerson Housh
Ghovaee Steven GreenbaumMichael A. Igel
Brian Katz Helen Levine, Ph.D. Walter
Loebenberg Natarsha Nesbitt Suzy Peraza Toni
Rinde Lisl Schick Michael Sobel Brian Taub
Joyce Tawil Rachael Worthington
BBC Relatives' fury .... The BBC has
admitted paying Dr Kollerstromexpenses,
including the fare fromLondon to Luton, where
bombers Mohammed Sidique Khan, Shehzad
Tanweer, Jermaine Lindsay and Hasib Hussain
caught a train to King's Cross before the 2005
attacks which killed 52 innocent people.
Cohn, Werner unaware that Chomsky is Israel
JCPA Since 2001, anti-Zionist discourse has
found its way into classrooms and academic
events at the University of California, Santa Cruz
(UCSC). At an academic conference held on
that campus in 2007, the speakers claimed that
Zionismwas an illegitimate ideology and argued
for the elimination of the Jewish state.
JerusalemPost 2013 Dec. Romanian state TV
airs Christmas carol about burning Jews,
celebrating Holocaust ... Song includes lyric:
"This is what the kike is good for, to make kike
smoke through the chimney on the street." ...
TVR3 said it did not select the carol but only
broadcast songs that were chosen and compiled
by the Center for Preservation and Promotion of
Traditional Culture, which belongs to the eastern
county of Cluj.
notes: Socialist Revolutionaries (who made
common cause with the Russian Zionists,
exemplified by its founder Zhitlowsky
JSpace German University Fires Professor for
Holocaust Denial .. The University of Aachen in
Germany fired historian Vladimir Iliescu for
claiming the Holocaust never happened in
JTAGermany commits to additional $800
million for home care for Holocaust survivors
... Some 56,000 survivors are nowreceiving
home care through the Claims Conference. The
announcement of newfunding comes
amid controversy for the Claims
Conference over revelations related to bungled
investigations in 2001 that failed to detect a
broad fraud at the Holocaust restitution
organization. Adocument obtained last week by
JTAshowed that top Claims Conference
officials were involved in the botched probes,
including then-executive vice president Gideon
Taylor and Berman, who in 2001 served as
outside counsel to the Claims Conference.
Claims Conference employee Semen Domnitser,
a director of two restitution funds who was at
the center of the 2001 inquiries, was found guilty
earlier this month in federal court of
masterminding the scheme, which ran up more
than $57 million in fraudulent claims from1993
until 2009. search Stuart Eizenstat, Greg
Schneider, fraud
JTA1924 Mizrachi Founds NewJewish Colony
in Palestine ... The corner-stone of a newJewish
colony in Palestine was laid today by the
Mizrachi Zionist Organization. The newcolony
will be named Kfar Ivre (HebrewVillage) and
will be financed out of funds of a loan granted by
the American Jew, David Schnur. Greetings
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who engages in 'denial'.
And since when do the sensitivities of a tiny
minority outweigh the freedomof expression of
the rest? The motivation for the invention of the
Holocaust, apart fromhumiliating a beaten
enemy, was to destroy all resistance against the
creation of a Jewish state in Palestine and the
genocidal treatment of the Palestinian people.
What interest did the ruling elite have in the
Jewish state? Apart fromthe fact that many - if
not most - members of the ruling elite have a
Jewish background, the Zionist project was
always about controlling the Middle-Eastern oil
Debate Auschwitz, air raid shelter, gas
chambers, search terms: Zyklon-B, delousing
chambers, blue residue impervious to weather,
chimneys built after war ended, glass windows
and wooden doors, keyholes, too close to
crematoriumconsidering explosive properties of
HCNgas, Auschwitz chemical plant produced
synthetic rubber, medical and armament
supplies, it was a labor camp, Block 11,
Stammlager, August 1941 until Dec 1942, 16
months tops, sites reconstructed after the war,
Zyklon Bis basically potassiumcyanide,
produces an indelible blue stain on walls, amount
of stain depends on concentration, duration of
exposure, surface nature, weathering.
IamtheWitness Ashkenazis are not the
descendants of the Ancient Israelites
Jewish Genome Challenge Eran Elhaik, Ph.D. It
has been suggested in the scientific and popular
literature that Jewishness is a genetic trait found
in our genes and that worldwide Jews comprise
a genetically distinct group with some Jewish
communities being described as population
isolates (e.g., Atzmon et al. 2010; Behar et al.
2010; Ostrer 2012). ... none of these blury
descriptions of "genetic threads" are
substantiated by any particular genetic
nucleotides, haplotypes, or genetic regions and
even after decades of genetic research, these
ideas remain controversial among geneticists as
well as historians and social scientists (e.g., Sand
2009; Elhaik 2013; Venton 2013) with some
proposing that these notions are driven by non-
scientific ideologies
Lopate, Phillip Lopate wrote it almost seems
that the Holocaust is a corporation headed by
Elie Wiesel, who defends his patents with
articles in the Arts and Leisure section of the
Sunday NewYork Times.
Mondoweis Peter Novick It is
perhaps unlikely that an obituary in the paper of
record would have appeared without his
publication in 1999 of the book The Holocaust
in American Life, which provoked great
controversy. As the Times obituary notes, Dr.
Novicks book drewwide and varying reactions
fromreviewers and academicians. The book
was largely a critique of Jewish-American
culture and institutions, rather than Jewish-
American politics and its relationship to Israel
and U.S. foreign policy.
Notes: Malekafzali Professor Farhad
Malekafzali teaches political science at the
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. ..
He has told students at rallies that Zionist Jews
only began moving to Israel in the 20th century
.. said that before any negotiations take place,
Israel must withdrawfromall territories won in
the 1967 Six Day War .. Compare and
contrast in depth the arguments advanced in
pursuits. Originally it was designed to protect
themfrominfluences outside the university
namely trustees or donors who would try to use
their money or influence to block or fire
academics they didnt like or disagreed with.
Notes: James Keegstra, MalcolmRoss, and
Paul Fromm... so-called hate-speech, holocaust
cases, educators.
TheNewHampshire Online Holocaust lecturer
makes statement on academic freedom ...
Kevin Barrett, for controversially teaching a
course on Islam. He dedicated one week of the
class to the study of 9/11, which he believes was
fabricated by the Bush administration. Though
many are outraged at Barrett's opinion, Koonz
firmly believes that academic freedomis
imperative for the well-being of our society.
TruthJihadRadio Henry Herskovitz of Jewish
Witnesses for Peace and Friends (JWPF), a
long-time pro-Palestine activist fromAnn Arbor,
Michigan, isn't afraid of asking the hard
questions...and confronting censorship from
within the Palestinian solidarity movement. and
TruthJihad Psychology professor demonstrates:
Conspiracy theorists OK; government dupes
clueless, humorless Coast to Coast Radio just
canceled its plans to broadcast a showtonight
on my widely-read Press TVarticle on research
suggesting that conspiracy theorists are saner
than government dupes. VeteransToday
TruthJihadRadioBlogSpot JimMarrs
VeteransToday In the past two weeks, Veterans
Today has published three pieces on Holocaust
ismby Alan Hart, and one set of
reflections by JimDean and Paul Eisen ... false,
misleading ...
VeteransToday JimFetzer The War on Truth:
Research on the Holocaust can End your Career
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Handbooks The Holocaust Controversy ACase
for open Debate ... "Enlightenment is man's
emergence fromhis self-imposed immaturity.
Immaturity is the inability to make use of his
understanding without direction fromanother to
operate. Self-incurred is this tutelage when the
cause is not the same due to lack of
understanding but of resolution and courage to
its without the guidance of another use.
WhatReallyHappened.info access the actual
monthly inmate tables for Auschwitz, as
compiled by the Bletchley Park anaylsts from
daily message transmissions fromthe camp itself
to their HQ.
WikiSpooks Germar Rudolf had completed his
doctoral dissertation in chemistry while working
at the renowned Max Planck Institute in
Stuttgart, when publication of his forensic study
of the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz
caused university authorities to forbid himfrom
completing the doctorate. In 1995 Rudolf was
sentenced to fourteen months in jail for authoring
the Rudolf Report; in the same year all available
copies of Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte, a
collection of up-to-date research on the
Holocaust problem, were seized and destroyed
by court order (the English-language version,
Dissecting the Holocaust, can be purchased
fromIHR). Rudolf edits the ist quarterly
Vierteljahreshefte fr freie Geschichtsforschung,
and is currently seeking political asylumin the
United States. He has submitted a lengthy
affidavit in support of David Irving's appeal of
the adverse ruling in the Lipstadt trial.
fromvarious parts of the world were read at the
laying of the cornerstone. Speeches were
delivered by Sir Gilbert Clayton, Civil Secretary
of the Palestinian Government, Rabbi Meir
Berlin, President of the Mizrachi World
Organization and others.
LawDigitalCommons When Academic Freedom
and Freedomof Speech Confront Holocaust
Denial and Group Libel: Comparative
NewVoices Arthur Butz ... comment: Academic
freedomis something that Jews believe only
Jews should have, not anybody else!
PJMedia What makes Siddique different are a
series of discovered emails in which Siddique
called the Holocaust a hoax and invented,
and states that Jews have taken over America
by devious and immoral means. Pennsylvania
lawmakers registered their protest, and Lincoln
University itself called Siddiques views
offensive. In an interview
with InsideHighered.comSiddique was
questioned about his statements. He fell back on
academic freedom, saying: Imnot an expert on
the Holocaust. If I deny or support it, it doesnt
mean anything. He added with respect to
Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the firebombing of
Dresden: We cant just sit back in judgment and
say those guys were bad and we were the good
guys. I always try to look at both sides.
Thats part of being a professor.
Scholars for Peace in the Middle East
SPLC Holocaust
University College, London, one of Europe's
greatest bastions of academic integrity, whose
founder, Jeremy Bentham, defended intellectual
freedomwith the stirring words: 'As to the evil
which results froma censorship, it is impossible
to measure it, for it is impossible to tell where it
ends.' AdamHolland blog
UofI Senate ThThe Senate Executive Committee
(SEC), 18 standing committees, and various ad
hoc committees assist the Senate in carrying out
its diverse legislative functions involving, among
other things, academic freedomand tenure,
admission policies, student conduct governance
and discipline, public engagement, educational
policy, equal opportunity, budget and faculty
benefits, general University policy, honorary
degrees, the Library, the Statutes, and Senate
WhatstheHarmThis French professor of
literature is a Holocaust denier. This is illegal in
France. He was removed fromhis university
chair, and later tried under this lawand fined
7,500. and Germar Rudolf, Nicholas
Kollerstrom, Fredrick Tben, David Irving,
Robert Faurisson .... all European scholars.
Wikipedia WilliamRobinson In 2009 Robinson
forwarded an e-mail to his "Sociology of
Globalization" course, to spur class discussion,
that had photos of the 2008-9 Israeli assault on
Gaza paralleling photos of the German
occupation of the WarsawGhetto during the
Second World War. The e-mail was widely
circulated and became the subject of media
controversy, after it was revealed that the Anti-
Defamation League (ADL), a conservative pro-
Israel lobbyist organization, pressured university
administrators to punish him.
Wikipedia Norman Finkelstein In 2007, after a
highly publicized rowbetween Finkelstein and a
notable opponent of his, Alan Dershowitz,
Finkelstein's tenure bid at DePaul was
denied.[1] Finkelstein was placed on
administrative leave for the 20072008
academic year, and on September 5, 2007, he
announced his resignation after coming to a
settlement with the university on generally
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contrast in depth the arguments advanced in
Mearsheimer and Walt, The Israel Lobby and
Plitnick and Toensing, The Israel Lobby in
Perspective. FrontpageMag
NormanFinkelstein Norman Finkelstein Holocaust
Industry ... Anti-Semitism from the far right is largely a
thing of the past, said Dershowitz, who is also the author
of The Case for Israel. But anti-Semitism from the far left
is becoming a very, very, very serious thing. Dershowitz,
speaking with intense passion, said anti-Semitism has
plagued the rhetoric of a number of prominent professors
who question Israels treatment of its Palestinian
Peto, Jennifer thesis The Victimhood of the Powerful:
White Jews, Zionism and the Racism of Hegemonic
Holocaust Education
notes: Jennifer Peto ... Wrestling with Zion:
progressive Jewish-American responses to the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict, edited by Tony
Kushner and Alisa Solomon and Prophets
Outcast: a century of dissident Jewish writing
about Zionismand Israel edited by AdamShatz
... Marc Ellis, Sara Roy and Ella Shohat
whose academic work focuses on anti-Zionism,
Israel and Palestine. Jewish and Israeli historians
and political scientists, including Ilan Pappe,
Norman Finkelstein, Uri Davis and Joel Kovel
... g Jeff Halpers An Israeli in Palestine:
Resisting Dispossession, Redeeming Israel and
Mike Marqusees If I AmNot For Myself:
Journey of an Anti-Zionist Jew.
undisclosed terms.[2][3] An official statement
fromDePaul strongly defended the decision to
deny Finkelstein tenure, stated that outside
influence played no role in the decision.[4]
Wikipedia Mizrachi Movement fromList of
descendants of Meir Katzenellenbogen (Karl
Marx) The Mizrachi, HaMizrahi, an acronymfor
Merkaz Ruhani lit. Religious centre) is the name
of the religious Zionist organization founded in
1902 in Vilnius at a world conference of
religious Zionists called by Rabbi Yitzchak
Yaacov Reines. Bnei Akiva, which was founded
in 1929, is the youth movement associated with
Mizrachi. Both Mizrachi and the Bnei Akiva
youth movement are still international
movements. Major figures in the Religious
Zionist Movement include Rabbi AbrahamIsaac
Kook who became the Ashkenazi Jews Chief
Rabbi of the British Mandate of Palestine in
1924 and tried to reconcile Zionismwith
Orthodox Judaism. see JewishGen Communists,
But with the help of the so-called Peasant
committees it was possible to prevent a pogrom
on the Jews which had already been prepared.
Thanks to the Peasant Committee no pogroms
were committed in Rzeszow, Dombrowa,
Dembica, Mielec, Ropczyce and Radomysl.
WW2History Judaismand Communism.... to
what extent was it possible at the time for people
in any sense to seek to justify the link between
Judaismand Communism?
JFK Assassination
James Fetzer & JFK50 Santa Barbaraa> ... On 22 November 2013, the Oswald Innocence Campaign hosted the premiere event to
commemorate the 50th observance of the JFK assassination in Santa Barbara, CA, at the Fess Parker Doubletree Hotel. Presenting
cutting-edge research on the death of our 35th President, which holds the keys to understanding what took place, it featured some of
the best authors on some the most important evidence that clarifies and illuminates that tragic event in Dallas on 22 November 1963.
The research presented advanced extensive, detailed evidence establishing that the assassination of JFK was a national security
event, which involved crucial elements of the most powerful institutions in the American government, including the CIA, the Joint
Chiefs, the FBI and the Secret Service, who conspired with the Mafia, anti-Castro Cubans and Texas oil men to remove JFK from
office and replace his policies with those of Lyndon Baines Johnson.

JFK and Academic Freedom (a(articles) top
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911Blogger Former University ofof Wisconsin lecturer
Kevin Barrett's new book, "Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle
Against the 9/11 Big Lie," is due out this month. The work,
a culmination of Barrett's now infamous class and his
personal journey hitherto, is the most recent reminder of a
higher education sore spot: academic freedom.
eBooksFromSusan I want to address a recently reported
decision made by the Coalition on Political Assassinations,
or COPA. Listed among speakers for the upcoming
November 22-25 Dallas conference, is Judyth Vary Baker.
This author of Lee and Me, a well-documented account of
her romance with Lee Harvey Oswald, has much to offer on
the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of President
John F. Kennedy. But Baker was told last week there is no
room for her at the meeting.
HiddenMysteries The Bronfmans and the JFK
Indymedia.UK 9/11 in the Academic Community: How
Professors Analyze 9/11 & "War on Terrorism
JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why it
matters. Barnes & Noble James Douglass. Douglass presents
a very compelling argument that Kennedy was killed by
unspeakable (the Trappist monk Thomas Mertons term)
forces within the U.S. national security state because of his
conversion from a cold warrior into a man of peace. He
argues, using a wealth of newly uncovered information, that
JFK had become a major threat to the burgeoning military-
industrial complex and had to be eliminated through a
conspiracy planned by the CIA the CIAs fingerprints
are all over the crime and the events leading up to it not
by a crazed individual, the Mafia, or disgruntled anti-Castro
Cubans, though some of these may have been used in the
execution of the plot. Israel? Ben Gurion?
JohnFriend JFK50 Santa Barbara, comments
Killgallen, Dorothy, killed for knowing too much about JFK
assassination, syndicated columnist, personality with
Pravda Ward Churchill and Death of Academic Freedom
(part I) ... Churchill was fired from his position at the
University of Colorado (hereinafter CU) after writing a
controversial essay shortly after the 9/11 attacks, comparing
some of those killed in the World Trade Center to Nazi
leader Adolf Eichmann. ... Blaming American foreign policy
for spawning acts of terrorism automatically made Churchill
a pariah in the eyes of the legal system, just as Malcolm Xs
chickens coming home to roost statement in the wake of
the John F. Kennedy assassination made him an outcast
during the early 1960s.
ProjectCensored 9/11 Film Festival Oakland Grand Lake
Theater Its the 9th Annual Nine Eleven Film Festival,
Wednesday, September 11th, One to Eleven PM at the
Grand Lake Theatre, Oakland. This years theme: Fifty
Years of Betrayal: From JFK to Today. Many short films
on 9/11 and the assassinations of the 60s will be screened.
New feature length films include Bill Stills, Jekyll Island
The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve; Project Censored:
The Movie; NATOs Secret Army: Gladio; and the evening
feature: 9/11 In the Academic Community.
Slideshare FBI Classified fbi document admits to jfk murder
cover up
StormFront A retired University of Minnesota Duluth
professor known for his conspiracy theories on John F.
Kennedys assassination, the 9/11 attacks and the Paul
Wellstone plane crash has found himself in the news again
this time for claiming the U.S. government was involved in
the Newtown, Conn., school shootings.
(above video) JFK at 50: The Who, the How and the
Truth and Shadows "The faking of the Zapruder film and
where the magic bullet really came from" an interview with
James Fetzer ... That means all the years and years of toil
based on the presumption that the Zapruder film is a reliable
clock for the timing of the sequence of the shots has been
CBSNews Release Of Jackie Letters Blasted ... A priest's
diary of private conversations with Jacqueline Kennedy after
her husband's assassination should never again be seen in
public, the head of Georgetown University's Jesuit
community said Monday. ... It's not about academic
freedom, it's about another value the value of the
relationship someone has with a priest."
InsideHigherEducation has the university simultaneously
defending the right of students, under the principles of
academic freedom, to organize the conference, and criticizing
how they have done so. The Israeli press has featured
articles with headlines such as "Harvard to Host Conference
of Hate," and a conservative American website has labeled
the conference "Harvard's academic pogrom."
Herald Sun It was a beautiful day, Oct. 12, 1961. Kennedy
received an honorary degree and met with then-Governor
Terry Sanford. Kennedys mother was in the crowd as he
spoke of the history of Carolina and its academic freedoms
during University Day.
Holocaust Controversies CODOH "is a strange world": The
Fetzer Fiasco A few days ago, conspiracy guru James Fetzer
visited the CODOH ist forum, likely encouraged
by his friend Nick Kollerstrom. Kollerstrom (aka 'astro3')
had earlier discussed Fetzer's defense of open inquiry into
the Holocaust in an academic journal. ...Fetzer: If the
Holocaust was real, then research will sustain it; and if it was
not, then we all deserve to know. ... Those who are rational
with respect to their beliefs make appropriate changes in
what they accept, reject, and hold in suspense when new
hypotheses and new evidence becomes available to them.
OilEmpire.us Operation Paperclip smuggled thousands of
Nazi criminals into the US to help with the space program
and the CIA, others were helped to relocate to South
America, where some destablized local governments and
helped institute fascism (Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay).
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assassination, syndicated columnist, personality with
tremendous media reach.
Kroth, Jerry Amazon Prof. Jerry Kroth's 50th anniversary
edition presents the single, most plausible theory of the
assassination. It is based on the admissions of grassy knoll
gunman, James Files, the deathbed confession of CIA
spymaster, E. Howard Hunt, and the most recent
scholarship to appear in the last decade. Based also in part
on his earlier work, Conspiracy in Camelot, Dr. Kroth
proposes that Lyndon Johnson, the CIA, and Mafia, acting
in concert, carried one of the greatest crimes in American
MemoryHole blog James Tracy is a guest on the most
recent edition of the weekly radio program The Secret Truth,
hosted by George Butler and Charlotte Littlefield. The
segment aired November 9, 2013.
MemoryHoleBlog in 1974 and subsequent Congressional
investigations into the US intelligence community thru the
early 2000s, an overwhelming majority of the US public (75
to 80 percent) recognized serious flaws in the Warren
Commission and mainstream medias strongly imposed
conspiracy theory that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole
Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) is alleged to have been the code
name of a secret committee of scientists, military leaders,
and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive
order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman. The purpose of
the committee was stated in the Wilbert Smith memo (see
below) to have been to investigate the slew of reports of
"flying saucer" sightings that were then being received by
U.S. military intelligence and in particular to look into the
possible physics and technology of propulsion of the aerial
objects that were being reported. The formation of the
committed is, because of the timing, widely believed to have
been precipitated by the recovery of a UFO north of
Roswell, New Mexico during July 1947.
Nation (softball, left gatekeeper) JFKs Presidential
CourageJune 10, 1963 Fifty years ago, Kennedy made a
historic speech that brought America and the Soviet Union
back from the brink. ... He had, with the help of brother
Robert in the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, avoided a
nuclear conflict with the USSR. Kennedy was very aware of
how close he had come to helplessness. He and Khruschev
reached an agreement at the very last hour, each desperate to
wrest control of the situation from their armed forces. The
terms of the agreement were kept secret (an undertaking by
Kennedy not to attack Cuba in return for the withdrawal of
the Soviet missiles). In the US, the event was interpreted as
an American triumph in a battle of wills.
clock for the timing of the sequence of the shots has been
largely unproductive, because so much of it has been
removed, he says. With current advances in imaging and
computer technology, the Zapruder film, easily the most
compelling, dramatic, and iconic artifact from the
assassination, can now be analyzed and scrutinized like
never before. And as a result, its authenticity is being
questioned like never before.
VeteransToday Nix film contradicts Zapruder: More proof
of JFK film fakery
VirtualJFK In the era of nuclear confrontation, John F.
Kennedy attempted to prevent war six times during his short
tenure as president. He didnt live to face a seventh. Virtual
JFK: Vietnam If Kennedy Had Lived takes up one of
Americas controversial what if scenarios, examining the
question: Would the U.S. have escalated the war in Vietnam
if Kennedy was not assassinated in 1963? With insight and
erudition, the film traces JFKs presidency a 1,000-day
term plagued with tense political stand-offs through rare and
previously-unseen archival footage, offering nuanced
accounts of the former presidents political decisions and, by
extension, his probable response to the escalating conflict in
Vietnam. Featuring unprecedented access into the leadership
style of one of the nations most important leaders, Virtual
JFK sheds new light on the man who helped avoid war in six
crises and did not live to save America from the devastating
war in Vietnam. and Twitter JFKsBackBone
VoiceOfRussia US Jewish group: Hawking "delivered slap"
in face of academic freedom Photo: EPA A US Jewish
organization slammed British physicist Stephen Hawking for
pulling out of an Israeli conference because of pressure from
pro-Palestinian activists.
WanttoKnow Kevin Barrett believes the U.S. government
might have destroyed the World Trade Center.
dwest 9/11 Truth Conference was held at
YouTube Daniel Sheehan, The Truth about the Kennedy

PBS Obama, Clinton ... 'honor' JFK at gravesite, PBS
NewsHour will live stream events surrounding the 50th
anniversary of the assassination of President John F.
Kennedy, beginning with the presentation of the Presidential
Medal of Freedom ... Michelle, Hillary, Arlington National
Cemetery. .... Lyndon Johnson replaced Kennedy in
bestowing the first of now more that 500 recipients of the
Political Assassinations Among the speakers were Dr. Cyril
H. Wecht, JD, MD (our founding president), Mark Lane,
Peter Dale Scott, and Dr. Ernst Titovets (Oswalds best
friend). Also: Dr. Gary Aguilar, Robert Groden, Abraham
Bolden, Dick Russell, Russ Baker, Joan Mellen, John
Armstrong, Daniel Sheehan, David Montague, PhD (ARRB
staff), Rex Bradford, Dr. Joseph Palermo, David Starks, Jack
Colhoun, Bill Simpich, Andrew Kiel, Chris Pike, Greg
Burnham, Joseph McBride, Stan Weeber, Wayne Smith, Ben
Rogers, Bill Holiday, Mel Barney, Randy Benson, John
Judge, John Potash and others.
the word university is derived from the Latin universitas
magistrorum et scholarium (community of masters and
USHistory John F. Kennedy backed the civil rights
movement and supported James Meredith's enrollment in
the University of Mississippi. Fear that violent opposition
to his attendance could erupt at any moment led to
Meredith's having to be escorted to class by U.S. marshals.

9/11 Truth
A Skeptic on 9/11 Prompts Questions on Academic
NYTimes MADISON, Wis., July 26, 2006Sipping on a bottle of water and holding a book about the history and future
of Islam, Kevin Barrett ticked off a fewexamples of what he sawas evidence that the Sept. 11 attacks had been an inside
job. ... As children zoomed by on tricycles and shot basketballs at a community center near his home, Mr. Barrett, 47,
described howsome news organizations (the French daily newspaper Figaro and Radio France International, in fact) had
reported that an agent fromthe Central Intelligence Agency visited with Osama bin Laden two months before the attacks.
He also said fires could not have caused the collapse of the World Trade Center towers at free-fall speed, as reported by
the special Sept. 11 commission. The 9/11 report will be universally reviled as a shamand a cover-up very soon, said Mr.
Barrett, who has been a teachers assistant or lecturer on Islam, African literature and other subjects at the University of
Wisconsin, Madison, since 1996. The 9/11 commission has its conspiracy theory, and we have ours. NYTimes
9/11 Truth and Academic Freedom (articles) top
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9/11Review The association of challenges to the official
myth of 9/11 with deniers of the Nazi Holocaust of Jews is
one of the more potent weapons in the arsenal of the
apologists for the official myth, although its use so far has
been limited.
9/11Blogger Chomsky Confronted on 9/11; Admits LIHOP
is "conceivable" James Corbett The Corbett Report 5
November, 2009 A 9/11 activist recently confronted Noam
Chomsky on his previous, well-publicized
disparaging+remarks+about+9/11+truth. After spending
several minutes repeating his tired arguments about the
impossibility of 9/11 as an inside job, Chomsky then
concedes that the notion that the Bush Administration knew
of an impending attack and let it happen on purpose is
"conceivable." Watch footage of the confrontation in the
video player below:
911inAcademia FoFormer AAUP General Secretary
Recommends 9/11 in the Academic Community Academic
freedom protects scholars who report inconvenient truths
from the uninformed, but, as Adnan Zuberi reminds us,
academic freedom is also the responsibility of scholars to
pursue the truth.
AHabit Despite the fact that Buckley is one of America's
most prolific writers, he has said next to nothing about this
JimFetzer blog Like many liberals/progressives in this
country, I was very happy when The Huffington Post was
launched on the web in 2005 ... Then earlier this year I
heard Governor Jesse Ventura and Dick Russell on Black
OpRadio with Len Osanic. Jesse had been promoting his
great book American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More
Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us, and he told
another very troubling story about what happened with
Huffpo. Ventura and Russell wrote a story for Huffpo
asking for a new investigation about what really happened
on 9/11/01. more on 9/11 Academic Freedom
below: Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference Part 2
Jim Fetzer, challenging the superthermite theory of how the
twin towers were demolished, and proposing that mininukes
may have been responsible and the characteristics of the
destruction better fit the data.
MemoryHoleBlog Tag Archives: academic freedom
December 14, 2013 The Sandy Hook School Massacre: A
Compendium of Research and Analysis
Mujca I would like to clarify my comments in the State
Journal (June 30) concerning the case of Kevin Barrett at the
UW. Whatever one thinks of Barretts' ideas concerning what
AEI Public opinion on conspiracy theories ...
Fifty years after President John F. Kennedys
assassination, the belief that more than one
person was involved in his assassination remains
the most widely held conspiracy theory in
America. In an April 2013 poll, 59 percent said
others were involved.
Daniel Pipes, Middle East Forum... Critiques of
the global academic march to the left tend to
focus on classroomantics, silly statements to the
press, articles with incomprehensible titles, and
efforts to punish students who have the temerity
to disagree with their radical professors. But
books are more important than all of this. Books
make up the heart of the scholarly enterprise.
Articles disappear, press analyses vaporize, and
classroomlectures effervesce; books endure.
They build the edifice of knowledge and
potentially acquire an influence across the
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most prolific writers, he has said next to nothing about this
part of his life. The best evidence is never publicly exposed.
While with the CIA he published "God and Man at Yale:
The Superstitions of Academic Freedom." He also worked
with Eudocio Ravines on "The Road to Yenan", a book
about the communist conspiracy to obtain world
domination. According to Buckley, he left the CIA after a
few months, but many believe it was decided that he would
be more useful to the agency as an "independent" journalist.
In other words, he was to become a key figure in covert
operations Operation Mockingbird: CIA Media
Manipulation. it is quite clear that William F. Buckley Jr.
was in fact the Umbrella man on November 22nd 1963,
because his calm actions, after the shots were fired, are his
precision trademark.
CanadianCharger Jonathan Kay attacks academic freedom
... My objective is to evaluate the content, value and
veracity of the body of literature that both supports and
criticizes the government version of history used to justify
the invasions and domestic transformations that make up the
GWOT (Global War on Terror). ... Now, after receiving a
$7,714 scholarship to investigate 9/11, University of
Lethbridge graduate student Joshua Blakeney has found
himself in Mr. Kay's crosshairs.
CitizensInquest Why Professors CANNOT tell YOU the
TRUTH About 911! Discover why our academic leaders are
gagged when it comes to speaking the truth about historical
events; from 911 to Syria. Attend this FREE session and
youll know why they dare not rock the boat when it comes
to true academic freedom! View a screening of the award-
winning documentary 9/11 in the Academic Community
DavidRayGriffin and Cognitive Infiltration Former Chicago
and Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein, who in 2009 was
appointed by President Barack Obama to direct an
important executive branch office, had in 2008 co-authored
an article containing a plan for the government to prevent the
spread of anti-government conspiracy theories. Arguing
that such theories are believed only by groups suffering from
informational isolation, he advocated the use of
anonymous government agents to engage in cognitive
infiltration of these groups in order to introduce cognitive
diversity, with the aim of breaking them up.
ElectronicIntifada Academic Freedom and Professional
Responsibility after 9/11 ... Attempts to undermine
professors abilities to teach and do research are increasingly
directed at scholars who seek to provide a contextualized
and critical view of recent international developments and
their interaction with US foreign policies and practices. ...
Academic freedom can be defined as the right of scholars to
have their ideas judged according to how well those ideas
stand up to debate, rather than according to the power of the
scholar her or himself.
Global Research Coming this fall, 9/11 in the Academic
Community, a Winner of the University of Toronto Film
Festival, is a unique film that documents academias
treatment of critical perspectives on 9/11 by exploring the
taboo that shields the American governments narrative from
scholarly examination. Through a powerful reflection on
intellectual courage and the purpose of academia, the film
aims at changing intellectual discourse on 9/11 and the War
on Terror.
InsideHigherEd The University of New Hampshire is
refusing to fire a tenured professor whose views on 9/11
have led many politicians in the state to demand his
dismissal. WilliamWoodward, a professor of psychology, is
among those academics who believe that U.S. leaders have
lied about what they know about 9/11, and were involved in
a conspiracy that led to the massive deaths on that day,
setting the stage for the war with Iraq. The Union Leader, a
New Hampshire newspaper, reported on Woodward's views
on Sunday, and quoted him (accurately, he says) saying that
he includes his views in some class sessions.
LinkedIn William Woodward teaches: psychology and race,
pioneers of psychology, intro to race, culture, & power; co-
founder of academic minor about race, culture, & power;
critical historian of psychology investigating the neocolonial
heritage of Western psychology; historian of Gestalt
psychology, scientific biographer of international female and
male psychologists, authority on the life and work of a
pivotal 19th c. German philosopher - Hermann Lotze;
member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker), peace
International Center for 9/11 Studies took place at Ryerson
University, Toronto, Canada during September 8 11, 2011
happened on September 11 (and I strongly disagree with
them), two things must be understood. First, Barrett's views
are protected under the canons of academic freedom if they
are relevant to the subject matter of the class and are
presented in a way that does not discriminate against
students or prevent them from disagreeing.
Mujca Professor Donald Downs has apparently
reconsidered earlier remarks proposing 9/11
truth as the possible equivalent of Holocaust
denial, and saying that Kevin Barrett's views on
9/11 are "absurd" and evidence of poor
judgment that should be taken into consideration
when Barrett applies for renewal of his
semester-to-semester position. Professor
Downs, after thinking the matter over, has
produced an exemplary statement in support of
academic freedom, and should be commended
for it. He has stated in a private email that he is
considering looking more carefully at the issues
raised by 9/11 truth activists--though the
motivation, at this point, would be to debate us.
That's fine. Professor Downs is a reasonable
man, as his letter belowshows, who is capable
of thinking things through and modifying his
previous opinions, however strongly held. In this
respect, we need more people like him. As the
John Albanese filmputs it, Everybody's Gotta
Learn Sometime!
ProgressivePress Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle against the
9/11 Big Lie ... Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad: My Epic
Struggle against the 9/11 Big Lie. The first humorous book
on 9/11, and outrageously so. Barrett sends critics like Sean
Hannity, neo-con politicians and the Secret Service packing.
Topics: 9/11, academic freedom (Kevin lost his university
teaching position for 9/11 Truth), Islam, autobiography,
humor, why people can't see 9/11 was an inside job, bigotry,
media bias, and return to American ideals.
Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Jim Fetzer
Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice members
Scientists for 9/11 Truth Academics Weigh In.... John
McMurtry, professor of philosophy at the University of
Guelph, Canada who was attacked by colleagues and faculty
alike but retained his position; and William Woodward of the
University of New Hampshire, who was similarly attacked
by colleagues and state officials but was defended and
retained by the university as coming under the banner of
academic freedom.
SXU After American Airlines Flight #77 flew into the
Pentagon on September 11, 2001, Richard Berthold, then
professor of classical history at the University of New
Mexico, told a class of approximately 100 students in his
Western Civilization course, Anybody who blows up the
Pentagon gets my vote. Although this was an in class
articulation of an opinion, Professor Berthold was
reprimanded and not allowed to offer any more classes of
Western Civilization. He was essentially driven out of the
university when he took early retirement the following
academic year.
TheTruthSeeker Gilad Atzmon
TruthJihadRadio Henry Herskovitz of Jewish Witnesses for
Peace and Friends (JWPF), a long-time pro-Palestine activist
from Ann Arbor, Michigan, isn't afraid of asking the hard
questions...and confronting censorship from within the
Palestinian solidarity movement.
Veterans Today Zionism The Greatest Criminal Ruse of
All Time ... The launching of Israel at the end of history, a
state based on archaic Bible myths, is proving to be
mankinds greatest folly. The Old Testament is now married
to high tech weapons. The human specie is threatened with
extinction because now the Jews have a state to carry out
out their lunatic agenda of world domination. Academic
VeteransToday Pete Carroll, Superbowl Seahawks coach is a
9/11 Truther, ... grilled four-star general, Peter Chiarelli,
forced him to lie ... WeAreChange, Guliani ... article by
Kevin Barrett.
VeteransToday 2 + 2 = Israel nuked the WTC on 9/11, The
most powerful proof, ironically, comes from dust samples
collected by the USGS, which substantiate the presence of
elements that would not be present in this form had the
destruction of the Twin Towers not been a nuclear event.
Those include: Barium and Strontium: Neither of these
elements should ever appear in building debris in these
quantities. The levels never fall below 400ppm for Barium
and they never drop below 700ppm for Strontium and reach
over 3000ppm for both in the dust sample taken at
Broadway and John Streets.
WanttoKnow 9/11 Commission Report Questioned by Over
100 Professors ... alphabetized list. ..on David Ray Griffin:
Griffin refuses to throw out possibilities simply because
they are outrageous, outlandish or shocking; he lets the
evidence speak for itself. The results are deeply disturbing.
With admirable academic objectivity, Griffin refuses to indict
or endorse any specific hypothesis. Rather he presents a
FreeRepublic David Horowitz to Debate Ward
Churchill at Academic FreedomConference
MacMillan Academic Freedomin a Post 9/11
World ... Academic freedomhas been a
principle that undergirds the university since
1915. Beyond this, it also protects a spirit of
free inquiry essential to a democratic society.
But in the post-9/11 present, the basic principles
of academic freedomhave been deeply
challenged. There have been many startling
instances where the rhetoric of national security
and terror, corporate interests, and privatization
have cast a pall over the terrain of academic
freedom. In the post-9/11 university, professors
face job loss or tenure denial for speaking
against state power, while their students pay
more tuition and fall deeper in debt. This timely
collection features an impressive assembly of the
nations leading intellectuals, addressing some of
the most urgent issues facing higher education in
the United States today. Spanning a wide array
of disciplinary fields,Academic Freedomin the
Post-9/11 Era seeks to intervene on the
economic and political crises that are
compromising the future of our educational
NewYork University ... Academic Freedomin
the Age of Permanent Warfare . Speakers
included Yeshiva University Professor Ellen
Schrecker, Ewen Center co-director Marilyn
Young, and NYUPresident John Sexton. Roger
Bowen, fromthe WoodrowWilson Visiting
Fellows Program, warned in his keynote address
that the increasing number of untenured faculty
hired by institutes of higher education was a
threat to academic freedom. Professor Stuart
Ewen of CUNY, chaired a panel that delved
into academic freedomand its theory and
practice. NYUProfessor of Middle Eastern
Studies Khaled Fahmy headed a panel that
explored academic freedomand the question of
Israel and Palestine. Professor David
Montgomery of Yale University led a panel on
labor and the corporate university, and NYUs
Mary Nolan chaired a panel on academic
freedomand high schools. and Joan Scott,
Institute of Advanced Study David Hollinger,
Professor of History, University of California at
Berkeley Zachary Lockman, NYUprofessor
of Middle Eastern Studies Rashid Khalidi,
Edward Said Chair in Arab Studies, Director of
the Middle East Institute, Columbia University
Sheila Slaughter, Professor of Higher Education,
University of Georgia AndrewRoss, Professor
and Chair of the Department of Social and
Cultural Analysis, NewYork University
Deborah Almontaser, Founding Principal of the
Kahlil Gibran International Academy Joel
Westheimer, Professor, University Research
Chair in Democracy; Education Director,
Democratic Dialogue, ..University of Ottawa
Gary Anderson, Professor of Education, New
York University Barbara Bowen, President,
Professional Staff Congress; Professor of
English, Queens College, City ..University of
NewYork. Midwest 9/11 Truth Conference,
Urbana Free Library, Sept 2013.
ShermanDorn ... I think Barrett, Jones, and
Woodward are dead wrong on 9/11, but I will
defend their rights to academic due process.
VillageVoice 9/11 Truth gatekeeper Bulow,
Andreas von ... secretary of state in
the German Federal Ministry of Defence .. says
9/11 was an inside job. Andreas von Blow:
The World's Most Respectable 9/11
Conspiracy Nut
Wikipedia 9/11 Truth ...In the same year, 61
legislators in the U.S. State of Wisconsin signed
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or endorse any specific hypothesis. Rather he presents a
substantial body of very disturbing evidence.
WashingtonBlog Two professors of structural engineering at
a prestigious Swiss university (Dr. Joerg Schneider and Dr.
Hugo Bachmann) said that, on 9/11, World Trade Center 7
was brought down by controlled demolition Tagesanzeiger
a petition calling for the dismissal of a University
of Wisconsin lecturer Kevin Barrett, after he
joined the group Scholars for 9/11 Truth.
Citing academic freedom, the
university provost declined to take action against
USNews BYUtakes on a 9/11 conspiracy
professor ... "BYUis literally the example we
use of a university that does not promise strong
free speech or academic freedomprotections,"
says Greg Lukianoff, the president of the
Foundation for Individual Rights on Campus. ...
Jones's paid leave will only add to the
conspiracy theorists' sense that the establishment
is out to get them. James Fetzer, the cofounder
of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, noted that President
Bush met with Gordon Hinckley, head of the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ...
Wisconsin state Rep. Stephen Nass
Wikipedia Peter Beinart Beinart was a vocal
supporter of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq
but by 2006 as he published his first book, he
"had concluded that it had been a tragic
mistake", according to George Packer in The
New Yorker. His second book, The Icarus
Syndrome: AHistory of American Hubris,
published in 2010, in Packer's words, "look[ed]
back at the past hundred years of U.S. foreign
policy in the baleful light of recent events [and
found] the ground littered with ... the remnants of
large ideas and unearned confidence [as
demonstrable in] a study of three needless
wars", the First World War, Vietnam, and Iraq.
Vietnamwas presented in the context of ozio
(indolence[14]) in the wake of the necessary and
successful World War II. WWI, Vietnamand
Iraq were presented as each "based on an
oversimplifying ismProgressivism, liberal anti-
Communism, and neoconservativismand ...
respectively, the hubris of reason, the hubris of
toughness, and the hubris of dominance.[8]
WashingtonBlog, these prominent, highly trained engineers all question the official account of 9/11 and want a new investigation... Alfred Lee Lopez, with 48 years of experience in all types of buildings: John D.
Pryor, with more than 30 years experience: Robert F. Marceau, with over 30 years of structural engineering experience: Kamal S. Obeid, structural engineer, with a masters degree in Engineering from UC Berkeley and
30 years of engineering experience Steven L. Faseler, structural engineer with over 20 years of experience in the design and construction industry: Ronald H. Brookman, structural engineer, with a masters degree in
Engineering from UC Graham John Inman Paul W. Mason notes: David Scott says: Nathan Lomba states: Edward E. Knesl writes: Antonio Artha,with 15+ years of experience in building design Steven Francis
Dusterwald: John S. Lovrovich: Travis McCoy, M.S. in structural engineering James Milton Bruner, Major, U.S. Air Force, Christopher Michael Bradbury: David Anthony Dorau Russell T. Connors, designed many
buildings and other types of structures Lester Jay Germanio, 20+ years experience Daniel Metz, 26+ years experience Jonathan Smolens, William Rice, P.E., Marshall Casey Pfeiffer Paul A. Thomas Steven Merritt
Kers Clausen Dennis Kollar, Doyle Winterton, American structural engineer (retired) David Topete The former head of the Fire Science Division of the government agency which claims that the World Trade Centers
collapsed due to fire (the National Institute of Standards and Technology), who is one of the worlds leading fire science researchers and safety engineers, a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering (Dr. James Quintiere), called
for an independent review of the World Trade Center collapse investigation. I wish that there would be a peer review of this, he said, referring to the NIST investigation. I think all the records that NIST has
assembled should be archived. I would really like to see someone else take a look at what theyve done; both structurally and from a fire point of view. I think the official conclusion that NIST arrived at is
questionable. Harry G. Robinson, III Professor and Dean Emeritus, School of Architecture and Design, Dr. David L. Griscom x

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.

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The Media and Academic Freedom (articles) top
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Global Coalition to Protect Education from
Attack The Global Coalition to Protect
Education fromAttack is a unique inter-agency
coalition formed in 2010 to address the problem
of targeted attacks on education during armed
MemoryHole Blog The greatest challenge to that
status quo might be waged once those on the
left and right move beyond their politics of
imagined opinion and allegiance toward a
common understanding of the oppressive forces
arrayed against them.
MemoryHoleBlog in 1974 and subsequent
Congressional investigations into the US
intelligence community thru the early 2000s, an
overwhelming majority of the US public (75 to
80 percent) recognized serious flaws in the
Warren Commission and mainstreammedias
strongly imposed conspiracy theory that Lee
Harvey Oswald was the sole assassin
MemoryHoleBlog Tag Archives: academic
freedom... December 14, 2013 The Sandy
Hook School Massacre: ACompendiumof
Research and Analysis ... Beginning in the late
1960s Operation Gladio and its corollary
maneuvers proceeded throughout Europe,
spanning over two decades. Researchers and
even the testimony of public officials have since
proven that the series of seemingly random
orchestrated bombings and shootings was
intended to cultivate the necessary degree of
anxiety and tension that would keep the
populace tethered to police state authority and
supportive of the right wing regimes preferred by
Western powers.
NevadaGovernor2014 National Boy Scout
Jamboree, FEMAFalse Flag operation July
2013. Video David Lory Van der Beek
Peter Kirstein Accuracy in Academia Seeks
Clarification of Reviewof No University is an
Island Accuracy in Academia is one of several
conservative organisations that is disturbed by
the alleged free-thinking, free-wheelin
progressivismof academia. They believe that
postsecondary education is too progressive and
provides fertile territory for the avante-garde and
criticismof all things America. Some of these
policing groups are aggressively pursuing an
agenda of ideological exclusivity such as
Students for Academic Freedom; others are
more bipartisan and less driven by ideology such
as FIRE. Academic FreedomConference 2014
Champaign Public Library.
Professor Griff ... Maniacz, is an internationally
renowned educator, writer, producer, musician,
platinumrecording/spoken word artist, lecturer
and founding member of the pioneering and
revolutionary hip hop group Public Enemy.
Author of the popular music business guide:
Musick Bizness R.I.P. (Resource Information
Publication), Griff stands as a highly acclaimed,
seasoned entertainment industry veteran and
sought-after resource on all aspects of the music
business. An activist within both the conscious
and hip hop communities, Griff currently stands
as a permanent fixture on the international lecture
circuit with his riveting and powerful
discourse/book, the Psychological Covert War
on Hip Hop.
Scholars at Risk Scholars at Risk is an
international network of institutions and
individuals working to promote academic
freedomand to defend the human rights of
scholars worldwide
Straight Dope
TruthJihad US, Zionists waging genocidal war
against Muslims: Kevin Barrett ... Press TVhas
conducted an interviewwith Kevin Barrett, a
founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-
Christian Alliance, fromWisconsin, to further
discuss the issue. Barrett is joined by Joe
Iosbaker, Stop FBI Repression, fromChicago,
and Daniel Pipes, founder and director of the
Middle East Forum, fromPhiladelphia. The
following is a rough transcription of the
interview. ... Barrett: If the government were
going to shut down all the media outlets that are
inciting criminality against people like me, I guess
they would pretty much have to shut down the
entire mainstreammedia, which has been on an
Islamophobic crusade ever since the pro-Israel
coup dtat on September 11th, 2001.
CampusWatch Critic Assails NYUAcademic
FreedomConference [incl. Zachary Lockman]
In October, 2007, the University of Chicago
hosted, "In Defense of Academic Freedom,"
an event whose unifying theme was "the notion
that Jewish groups have degraded the quality
and breadth of discussion in the media and in
Washington." Hardly the stuff of self-described
progressives, but such is the state of discourse in
the corridors of academia today.
CodesRIA International Conference :Academic Freedom and
the Social Responsibility of Academics and Researchers in
Africa: What are the new challenges? ... The Academic
Freedom and Human Rights Programme has been established
in CODESRIA since the early 90s. The initiatives
developed have enabled it to be at the forefront of the fights
that are being conducted for nearly two decades now for the
defence of academic freedom and the social responsibility of
African academics and researchers. The starting point of this
programme was the adoption, in November 1990, of the
Kampala Declaration (Uganda) which states, among others,
that Every African intellectual has the right to pursue
intellectual activity, including teaching, research and
dissemination of research results, without let or hindrance
subject only to universally recognised principles of scientific
enquiry and ethical and professional standards.
Cinamon Stillwell Campus Watch, MEForum
Discover the Networks Horowitz, Soros
MiddleEast Forum

Academic Freedom

Academic Freedom (articles) top
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9/11 in the Academic Community
DOCUMENTARY... Whatever else is done
by the men and women who work in our
universities, it is essential, I believe, that large
numbers of themstand sufficiently outside
society intellectually to see, understand, and
interpret what is going on. I find it troubling that
so fewthere are credible exceptionshave
seriously engaged with the question of what
actually happened on 9/11 and why. There are
so many holes and limitations in the official
version that it calls out for rigorous intellectual
fact-finding and analysis. Alvin A. Lee President
Mondoweis Universities as first responders to
ideological objectives of the US govt, thus ASA
blowback, Title VI, cold war programto
combat 'threat' fromthe Soviet Union, following
colonial era of scholars followin the wake of
merchants in imperialistism, 9/11 sawan 20
million increase in Title VI funds, FLAS
scholarships leapt, for Middle East, Central and
South Asia, guided ideological direction of
students, Homeland Security departments
established, counterterrorismstudies, SSE, and
US complicity with Israel, creating conditions for
colonialistic expansion, pariah. see Cornell and
Technion weapons development, Roosevelt
Island NewYork, Technion with Elbit Systems
AAUP American Association of University
Professors The 1940 Statement of Principles on
Academic Freedomand Tenure affirms that
"teachers are entitled to freedomin the
classroomin discussing their subject." This
affirmation was meant to codify understandings
of academic freedomcommonly accepted in
1940. In recent years these understandings have
become controversial. Private groups have
sought to regulate classroominstruction,
advocating the adoption of statutes that would
prohibit teachers fromchallenging deeply held
student beliefs or that would require professors
to maintain "diversity" or "balance" in their
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Emeritus, McMaster University
Association for Asian-American Studies
Resolution to Support the Boycott of Israeli
Academic Institutions ... Whereas the Association
for Asian American Studies is an organization
dedicated to the preservation and support of
academic freedomand of the right to education
for students and scholars in the U.S. and
globally; and Whereas Arab (West Asian) and
MuslimAmerican communities, students, and
scholars have been subjected to profiling,
surveillance, and civil rights violations that have
circumscribed their freedomof political
expression, particularly in relation to the issue of
human rights in Palestine-Israel; and more
BabulaBlog Pedro Luis Boitel was born in Cuba to
a family of modest means of French origin. He
studied at the University of Havana while
working as a radio technician. Opposing the
dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista he joined the
July 26 movement led by Fidel Castro. The
majority of the movement's members like Pedro
were anti-communists. Once Batista left for exile
and Fidel Castro took control the anti-
communist members of the July 26 movement
became an obstacle to absolute power.
Following the revolution, Boitel returned to
University were his fellowstudents nominated to
run for the presidency of the Federation of
University Students in 1960. Fidel Castro
personally intervened to remove himfromthe
presidency. Pedro Luis Boitel's threat to the
emerging communist regime was that he refused
to betray the Federation of University Students
and sought to maintain academic freedomand
FIRE Foundation for Individual Rights in
Education .. Defending individual rights in higher
Eric.ed.gov Calling Academia to Account:
Rights and Responsibilities.... Part 1 examines
the values and assumptions of academic
research and scholarship and accountability
issues concerning investment to fund that work.
Individual chapters address: values and the
world of scholarship, academic freedomand
professional ethics, value for money, and the
public interest. Part 2 examines the various
constituents that comprise a university and the
issues of accountability within the institution.
Chapters discuss structure and purpose of the
university; institutional autonomy of both
academics and managers; membership,
employment, office; internal legislation; the rights
of the subordinate and the insubordinate; and
resolving disputes.
Denis Rancourt on Academic Freedom[Part 1, 2, 3]
Greg Lukianoff is the President of the
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
(FIRE). He previously served as FIRE's first
Director of Legal and Public Advocacy until he
was appointed President in 2006.[1] Agraduate
of American University and Stanford Law
School, he has described himself as a "pro-
choice liberal."[2] Lukianoff has published
articles in the Los Angeles Times, the Boston
Globe, the Chronicle of Higher Education,
Inside Higher Ed, and the NewYork Post. He
is a blogger for the Huffington Post[3] and
served as a regular columnist for the Daily
Journal of Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Along with Harvey A. Silverglate and David
French, Lukianoff is a co-author of FIRE's
Guide to Free Speech on Campus. He testified
before the United States Congress on the state
of free speech on college campuses. Wikipedia

of Israel, built drones to attack Lebanon,
developed remote controlled Caterpillar D-9
bulldozer to demolish Palestinian homes, some
Israeli Telaviv university built on Palestinian land,
IDF / INSS killed over 1100, increasing
neoliberalism, Lawrence Summers
(Harvard/Clinton and Obama Administrations)
Robert Gates (CIA/Texas A&M), and Mitch
Daniels (Bush Administration/Purdue), and
women such as Condoleezza Rice
(Stanford/Obama Secretary of State). Tithi
Bhattacharya is Professor of Modern South
Asian History at Purdue.
Muslims for 9/11 Truth Chemist Kevin Ryan was
fired fromhis job at Underwriters Labs in 2004
for blowing the whistle on UL's participation in
the cover-up of the explosive demolition of the
three World Trade Center Skyscrapers. He has
continued to expose the 9/11 inside job through
research, publications, and talks. He recently
spoke alongside Richard Gage of Architects and
Engineers for 9/11 Truth to an audience of more
than 2000 people at the Nation of Islam's
Saviour's Day event in Chicago.
9/11: James Fetzer on Academic Freedom by BadKitty
PropagandistMag In the interest of historical
ism, imagine Howard Zinn as a Soviet
dissident wishing to write a book on Soviet
history fromthe perspective of Holodomor
victims. Theres not a chance of it, and anyone
who imagines otherwise is simply deluding
themselves. Aleksandr Solzhhenitsyn had to
defect to the west in order to safely write The
Gulag Archipelago.
National Council of the American Studies Association
ASAthe Academic and Community Activism
Caucus of the American Studies Association
(ASA) asked the Executive Committee (EC) to
consider a resolution to honor the call from
Palestinian civil society to support the academic
boycott of Israel. The EC forwarded the
resolution to the National Council. Following the
deliberative procedures detailed below, the
Council unanimously decided to issue a revised
version of the resolution, which we now
recommend to members of the ASA. Please
followthis link to read the resolution.
Sheehan, Daniel In 1994, Daniel served as Legal
Counsel to John E. Mack, Chair of the
Department of Clinical Psychology at Harvard
Medical School. Dr. Mack was a Pulitzer-Prize
winning biographer who, utilizing the scientific
methods of medical psychology, conducted
extensive research on the phenomenon of alien
abduction. In 1994 the Dean of Harvard
Medical School called Dr. Mack before a
special committee to defend publication of his
controversial book Abduction: Human
Encounters with Aliens. Aclear violation of his
free speech rights and position as a tenured
professorand highly respected
clinicianSheehan represented Dr. Mack
before the committee, successfully protecting his
right to academic freedom. Wikipedia
Strax Affair, Inventing Academic FreedomIn
1968, there was political ferment everywhere. In
Paris, students were in the streets. In the U.S.,
civil rights, the VietnamWar, and protests
against the draft brought out millions. In this
atmosphere, a young Jewish-American
professor in the quiet town of Fredericton, New
Brunswick sparked a controversy that
established the principles of academic freedom
on Canadian campuses. Amazon
VeteransToday Kevin Barrett Mainstream
peace groups are wary of 9/11 truth. A
standing-room-only crowd turned out at 8:30
a.m. today to listen to 9/11 whistleblower Kevin
Chronicle 2013 Canceled Conference Revives
Concerns About Academic Freedomin the
Persian Gulf By Ursula Lindsey Cairo The
London School of Economics and Political
Science abruptly canceled an academic
conference on the Arab Spring it planned to hold
over the weekend at the American University of
Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates, citing
"restrictions imposed on the intellectual content
of the event that threatened academic freedom."
EvolutionNews Holocaust Denier Led the
Charge Against Academic Freedomon
Evolution in Alabama ... For the last three years,
defenders of academic freedomand free speech
on evolution have supported Alabama's
Academic FreedomBill. Although the bill has
come close to final passage, it recently died
again in the Alabama legislature. An outspoken
opponent of the bill has been activist Larry
Darby. Mr. Darby's vehement opposition to the
Alabama Academic FreedomBill was on full
display at a House Education hearing back on
April 29, 2004. According to reports I have
received, committee chair, Rep. Yvonne
Kennedy (D), did not allowcitizens to testify for
the bill. But for some reason she let Mr. Darby
alone provide special commentary on it. Blasting
the bill, Mr. Darby claimed that Alabama
already had enough legislation filled with bible
and race-based hatred. Yet Mr. Darby himself
has recently gained attention for his own denial
of the murderous events of the Holocaust.
International Studies Association .. Academic
FreedomCommittee .. Created by ISAs
Governing Council in 2009 and first assembled
in 2010, the Academic FreedomCommittee
(AFC) is charged with documenting instances
where scholars in all disciplines related to
international studies are persecuted for their
peaceful, non-partisan, professional or personal
activities, particularly when engaged in activities
related to scholarly research and teaching. ..
Harvey Starr: "Some Theoretical and Analytical
Perspectives on the Arab Spring," Keynote
Address for the Annual Meeting of the Israel
Association for International Studies," Ben-
Gurion University of the Negev, June 10, 2013,
MirrorOfJustice Garcia, "Academic Freedom
and the Telos of the Catholic University" This
book presents a theologically-grounded
understanding of academic freedomthat builds
on, completes, and transforms the prevailing
secular understanding. Academic freedomin the
secular university, while rightly protecting
scholars fromexternal interference by
ecclesiastical and political authorities, is
constricting in practice because it tends to
prohibit most scholars fromexploring the relation
of the finite world to the infinite, or God. In the
Catholic university, true academic freedom
means both the freedomof the scholar to pursue
studies unencumbered by external interference,
and freedomto pursue knowledge beyond the
boundaries of specific academic disciplines
toward an infinite horizon.
NewsGazette Instructor of Catholicismat UI
claims loss of job violates academic freedom...
Kenneth Howell, taught courses in Catholocism,
adjunct professor ... The decision came after a
student complained about a discussion of
homosexuality in the class in which Howell
taught that the Catholic Church believes
homosexual acts are morally wrong. ... Howell
has been an adjunct lecturer in the department
for nine years, during which he taught two
courses, Introduction to Catholicismand
Modern Catholic Thought. He was also director
of the Institute of Catholic Thought, part of St.
John's Catholic Newman Center on campus and
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Ryan and activist Klayt Morfoot cast aspersions
on the official version of 9/11. Ryan, who was
fired by Underwriters Labs for exposing ULs
lies about the steel used in the World Trade
Center skyscrapers, recently published Another
19, which argues that the 9/11 Commission may
have blamed the wrong nineteen guys. Morfoot,
a veteran who has served repeatedly in Iraq and
Afghanistan, has sparked controversy at the
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire by starting a
student 9/11 truth group.
the Catholic Diocese of Peoria. Funding for his
salary came fromthe Institute of Catholic
Thought. search Natural Moral Law, McKim.
Students for Academic FreedomIslamic
Jihadists around the world have declared war on
America, Israel and the West and have made
clear that: The goal of the Islamo-Fascist jihad is
world domination The Islamo-Fasacist Jihad
demands the suppression of all Infidels The
Islamo-Fascist Jihad is a war against Women
The Islamo-Fascist Jihad is a war against Gays
The Islamo-Fascist Jihad is a war against
Christians The Islamo-Fascist Jihad is a war
against Jews The Islamo-Fasacist Jihad is a war
against non-religious people
Volokh Conspiracy Remarkable Take on JFKs
Assassination ... "The city of hate had, in fact,
killed the President." ... Look, guys. Lee Harvey
Oswald murdered JFK. Oswald was a
Communist. Not a small c, all we are saying is
give peace a chance and lets support Negro
civil rights kind of Communist, but someone so
committed to the cause (and so blind to the
nature of the USSR) that he actually went to live
in the Soviet Union.

Neo Nazism
This website is opposed to discrimination in any formincluding Israel's
apartheid policies toward the Palestinians or any other nationalist, white
supremacist contrivance. The following sites are listed for informational
purposes only. We may or may not agree with their contents.
Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists

American Nazi Party and Henry Ford's International Jew
and Mein Kampf
NewsNow Residents in Small Nevada Town on Edge ,
Rachel, Nevada Area 51, UFO, alien ... Watchdog groups list
JHM Church as a white supremacist outfit, in the same
category with the KKK and racist skinheads. It's the same
name Richard Bunck uses for his business as a licensed
Nevada contractor. The initials JHM are believed to stand
for John Hale Mcgee, a southern California minister affiliated
with the American Nazi party and who preached the gospel
of white supremacy. When Kenniston told Rachel residents
what he had uncovered, he got a visit from Richard Bunck.
Facebook Since the ADL has declared war on the patriots of
this country, including patriotic Jewish people--all people in
fact who are patriots, who understand that the Constitution
and the Bill of Rights are the only things that protect us
from despotism, from the same kinds of things that
happened to the Jews, to the gypsies, to the Poles, to the
blacks, to the Catholics in Germany during World War II.
And believe me, folks, the ADL is not Jews and it is not a
representation of the Jewish people. They serve their British
masters only. They manipulate the Jews through lies and
deception; through that old bugaboo: anti-semitism; by
painting swastikas on walls; and by taking out parade
permits for the Nazi Party.
JewWatch The German-American Bund was a pro-Nazi
political movement that started in 1935. Under the
leadership of its "Fhrer," a notorious anti-Semite named
Fritz Kuhn, the Bund at its height claimed about 15,000
members. A 1939 rally in New York City's Madison Square
Garden attracted an audience of 20,000 (which oddly were
mostly Jewish). The Bund's fortunes experienced a
downturn in 1939, when Kuhn was sent to prison for
embezzling funds. It turned out that the ADL was financing
the whole thing.
Brevik more below
from Wayne Madsen Report
OPERATION. Every time the Israeli lobbyists in the United
States demand more money or more special legal protections,
they wave about these so-called "Neo-nazi" or "White
Supremacist" groups like Stormfront and the American Nazi
Party. AIPAC, ADL, JDL, and their ilk raise tons of money
by waving these boogie-men around as a real imminent threat
and danger! Yet no matter what laws get passed and no
matter how many millions ADL, JDL, etc. raise, Stormfront
and the American Nazi Party remain strangely unmolested
by either criminal or civil actions.
The Crisis of Zionism Commentary Mag the new book by
Peter Beinart, is a simple morality play. On one side there
is the tradition of liberal Zionism in which Beinart was
nurtured. That tradition, in his account, runs from Beinarts
hero, Stephen Wise, Americas leading reform rabbi in the
Depression era and leader of the Zionist cause, through
Israels socialist founders up toBarack Obama. On the
other side is the ist Zionism of Vladimir
Jabotinsky now represented by Israels prime minister,
Benjamin Netanyahu, and backed by a craven Jewish
establishment here in America. Whats at stake in this epic
struggle, Beinart would have us believe, is nothing less than
the future of Israels democracy.
WhiteNationalism ists agree with
orthodox historians that the German National
Socialist State singled out the Jewish people for
special and cruel treatment. In addition to
viewing Jews in the framework of traditional
antiSemitism, the Nazis also sawthemas being
an influential force behind international
communism. During the Second World War,
Jews were considered to be enemies of the
State and a potential danger to the war effort,
much like the Japanese were viewed in this
country. Consequently, Jews were stripped of
their rights, forced to live in ghettos,
conscripted for labor, deprived of their
property, deported fromthe countries of their
birth and otherwise mistreated. Many tragically
perished in the maelstrom.

WayneMadsenReport WMR August 1-3, 2011 -- Israeli co-option of Europe's far-right political parties Norwegian terrorist killer Anders Behring Breivik has been regaling Norwegian law enforcement
investigators with greater plans for conducting terrorist attacks and even a coup d'etat against the Norwegian government. However, when it comes to like-minded cells operating in Europe and elsewhere,
Behring has been closed-mouth. Breivik resistance to spilling the beans on colleagues in countries he has previously visited -- from Belarus and Malta and the United States to Mexico -- coincides with a
number of dubious statements from European law enforcement officials that insist that Breivik is a crazed "lone wolf." Breivik's terrorist connections to groups like the English Defense League (EDL) in
Britain and Knights Templar organizations in Malta and Mexico suggest that Breivik is one cog in a larger operation that has re-adopted the past terrorist tactics of CIA "stay-behind" fascist cells in Europe,
generically known as "Gladio" networks, that, during the 1970s and 80s, carried out terrorist attacks that were blamed on leftist groups. Although various media outlets, known to bend and succumb to the
pressure applied by Israel and its global sympathizers, tried to downplay the connections between Breivik and his allies in Zionist circles in Israel and Europe, no less than the Jerusalem Post, an echo
chamber for Zionist and neo-conservative interests, reported that Breivik was "motivated by Zionism" in carrying out his deadly attack in Norway.

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AmericanThinker The Ron Paul Campaign and its Neo-Nazi Supporters ... When some in a crowd of anti-war activists meeting at Democrat National Committee HQ in June, 2005 suggested Israel was
behind the 9-11 attacks, DNC Chair Howard Dean was quick to get behind the microphones and denounce them saying: "such statements are nothing but vile, anti-Semitic rhetoric." When KKK leader David
Duke switched parties to run for Louisiana governor as a Republican in 1991, then-President George H W Bush responded sharply, saying, "When someone asserts the Holocaust never took place, then I
don't believe that person ever deserves one iota of public trust. When someone has so recently endorsed Nazism, it is inconceivable that someone can reasonably aspire to a leadership role in a free society."
Ron Paul is different. Rep Ron Paul (R-TX) is the only Republican candidate to demand immediate withdrawal from Iraq and blame US policy for creating Islamic terrorism. ... On October 26 nationally
syndicated radio talk show host Michael Medved posted an "Open Letter to Rep. Ron Paul" on TownHall.com. It reads: Dear Congressman Paul: Your Presidential campaign has drawn the enthusiastic
support of an imposing collection of Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Holocaust Deniers, 9/11 "Truthers" and other paranoid and discredited conspiracists. Do you welcome- or repudiate - the support of
such factions? More specifically, your columns have been featured for several years in the American Free Press -a publication of the nation's leading Holocaust Denier and anti-Semitic agitator, Willis Carto.
His book club even recommends works that glorify the Nazi SS, and glowingly describe the "comforts and amenities" provided for inmates of Auschwitz.

Neocon, Neo-Nazi, Chechen and Al Queda Terrorism Colaboration
Neo-Nazis are far more likely to be linked to Neocons than they are to holocaust
WMRreport on Sochi ruse operation picks up steam as more facts emerge
Urban Dictionary Neo-conNazi
Neocons / NeoNazis in Ukraine Coup
Ukraine - NeoNazi coup
Ukraine Neocons, WMR
Jewish Virtual Library ... the real neo-Nazis.
Svoboda ( neo-nazi organization)
March 5-6, 2014 -- WMR report on Sochi ruse operation picks up steam as more facts emerge
WMR's previous report that the CIA and Saudi-funded militants arranged for Russian-made weapons to be smuggled into the hands of Ukrainian opposition units while Russian and Ukrainian security forces were put
on the alert for three veiled Muslim "black widow" suicide bombers targeting Sochi during the Winter Olympics is gaining traction.
Additional facts have emerged that point to Western intelligence agencies working with neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine and Chechen Islamist militants to successfully smuggle Russian-made weapons captured from
Muammar Qaddafi's armories to Ukrainian irregular forces.
A leaked phone call between Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton, the European Union's commissioner for foreign affairs, reveals that Paet was informed that Ukrainian protesters and
policemen were shot by the same snipers. Paet visited Kiev on February 25 during violent clashes between protesters and government security forces on Maidan Square.
Paet told Ashton that a Ukrainian female doctor showed the visiting Estonian official that the bullets that struck protesters and policemen all came from the same weapons and that the opposition was covering up for
the snipers. Paet told Ashton about his conversation with the doctor, Olga Bogomolets: "So . . . she then also showed me some photos she said that as a medical doctor she can say that it is the same handwriting, the
same type of bullets, and its really disturbing that now the new coalition, that they dont want to investigate what exactly happened."
WMR previously reported that the neo-Nazi units in Kiev and elsewhere were armed with the Russian-made Libyan weapons to make it appear that it was Russian troops who were killing Ukrainians. These same
Russian-made Libyan weapons may be used in future "false flag" attacks that will be blamed on the Russian government.
Just as in Syria, where Saudi and Israeli intelligence and military forces are assisting Al Qaeda-linked elements to overthrow President Bashar al Assad in a bloody civil war, Israeli Defense Force veterans in Kiev
joined hands with Chechen Islamist guerrillas, in addition to neo-Nazi units to help overthrow the government of President Viktor Yanukovych. An Israeli Defense Force veteran codenamed "Delta" led a unit called
the "Blue Helmets of Maidan" in battling Ukrainian security forces. "Delta" led a 40-man unit consisting of other ex-IDF members. Delta defended the main neo-Nazi political party, Svoboda, stating that claims that
the party and its members are anti-Semitic are "exaggerated." Opposition fighters wounded in Kiev received medevaced to Israel, a clear sign that the Israeli government supported the coup against Yanukovych.
The leader of the neo-Nazi Right Sector party, Dmitry Yarosh, coordinated support for the coup leaders in Ukraine from the Al Qaeda-linked Caucasus Emirate of Doku Umarov, the Chechen terrorist who is
responsible for deadly attacks that have killed hundreds of people in Russia. Chechen government officials, including Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, confirmed that Yarosh was working with Umarov loyalists
inside Ukraine. Chechen intelligence officers picked up on the coordination between Yarosh and the Caucasus Emirate by monitoring postings on the social networking site
Israeli Ukrainian opposition militia leader "Delta" worked hand-in-glove with neo-Nazis and Al Qaeda to overthrow Yanukovych government. This alliance has not been so active since their joint 9/11 attack on the
United States.
Although there are reports that Umarov was killed by Russian security forces, the United States and UN Security Council continue to list Umarov on their international terrorist lists.
It was through the Al Qaeda network that the Russian-made arms from Libya were smuggled into Ukraine. And it was the Chechen terror network that was behind the CIA's ruse operation that had Russian and
Ukrainian security personnel on the alert for the three "black widow suicide bombers in Sochi, this diverting critical resources from surveillance of the Russian-Ukrainian border for illegal arms smuggling.
Rabbi Moshe Azman, a claimant to the title of chief rabbi of Ukraine, provided support to the Blue Helmet units, which was allied with a seemingly strange coalition of neo-Nazis and Islamist terrorists.
Volodymyr Groysman, the rebel government's deputy prime minister for regional policy, which includes responsibility for Russian-speaking Crimea and eastern Ukraine, is Jewish, a supporter of Israel, and is
working closely with the neo-Nazi ministers for national security, defense, and justice.
Russian President Vladimir Putin provided more details of the Western operation to overthrow the Ukrainian government. Putin told a press conference that the key Ukrainian agitators received training in Poland and
Lithuania. Putin said, "They underwent preparation in bases in Lithuanian and Polish border areas, and in Ukraine itself. Their instructors were ready for a lengthy time, you saw how they were prepared, like special
forces, they were even divided up into squads."
Poland and Lithuania are members of NATO.
Against the backdrop of the false flags and ruse operations used to overthrow the democratically-elected government of Ukraine and then justify the operation are the NSA- and British Government Communications
Headquarters-led cyber operations now taking place with the corporate news media and on social media websites. Sock puppets are out in force. They are making wild accusations likening Putin to Adolf Hitler, even
though it is the Ukrainian opposition government that has allotted one-third of the government ministries to neo-Nazis. There are wild and unfounded rumors coming from acting Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy
Yatsenyuk, a former World Bank official and George Soros ally, that Yanukovych and his aides stole $70 billion from Ukraine and moved the money into offshore accounts. With only Yatsenyuk's word, the corporate
media is running with the story as fact. The truth is that Ukraine was broke due to International Monetary Fund and World Bank policies before the coup against Yanukovych and it is doubtful the country's treasury
had one billion dollars at its disposal let alone $70 billion. The story is as fake as the other disinformation now being reported as factual news from Ukraine.
WMR Ukraine Neocons
The neocons are still alive and active as ever inside Secretary of State John Kerry's State Department. Kerry's Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, who previously served
as Hillary Clinton's State Department mouthpiece, has threatened sanctions against Ukraine.
Ukraine, which resisted efforts by the European Union to integrate it into Europe's banker-led federation of austerity and poverty, came into the EU's cross hairs after it abandoned talks with Brussels and Berlin in
favor of an economic union with Russia. That move triggered off what can be described as the "Second Orange Revolution," a mass street uprising in Kyiv's Maidan (Independence) Square that demanded the
resignation of Ukraine's democratically-elected President and government.
The connections between the Kyiv uprising and the EU outside manipulators are so apparent, the Kyiv square that has become the "Tahrir Square" of Ukraine is called "Euromaidan."
This "Orange Crush" was spearheaded by the same George Soros/National Endowment for Democracy/CIA provocateur guru Gene Sharp hydra that saw the overthrow of Ukraine's government in 2004 in the so-
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called Orange Revolution. This time, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is the target.
Nuland, who is married to the bloody-handed neocon archangel Robert Kagan, handed out snacks to protesters on Maidan Square. Imagine the reaction of the United States had a second-tier official of either the
Russian or Chinese foreign ministry handed out food to Occupy Wall Street protesters in Washington and urged them to overthrow, by force if necessary, President Obama. Yet, that is exactly the scenario Nuland
engaged in by supporting protesters in Maidan. Furthermore, she reprimanded Yanokovych for the heavy security presence in Maidan. Nuland and Kerry, who also upbraided Yanukovych, forgot the acts of police
brutality committed by U.S. cops against occupy protesters, as well as a plan by the FBI to use snipers to assassinate the leaders of the group.
And Nuland and Kerry were very quiet when the Turkish government sicced riot police on peaceful protesters in Taksim Square in Istanbul earlier this year. After all, Turkey is a member of NATO and Ukraine, for
the time being, is not.
For Gene Sharp and his two NGO "babies," OTPOR and the Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), vanguard organizations for organizing "rent-a-riot" anti-government protests around the
globe, only nations resistant to the "New World Order" designs of Wall Street and the Pentagon are fair game for receiving cash, snacks, and other support from the United States. Recently, it was discovered, through
leaked emails, that CANVAS founder Srdja Popovic was collaborating with the CIA- and Pentagon-linked intelligence firm STRATFOR, founded by George Friedman, whose ties to the U.S. and Israeli military-
intelligence establishments are well known.
And as with all fake "themed" revolutions, an "embattled martyr" is needed to rally the "rent-a-mob" to action. For the Ukrainian demonstrator, the "Maiden of Maidan" is Yulia Tymoshenko, the former Prime
Minister who was imprisoned for corruption.Tymoshenko, who is now held at a clinic in Kharkiv, has become the "Aung San Suu Kyi" of Ukraine. But for many Ukrainians, the former Prime Minister is a shameless
attention seeker whose trademark braided hair coif is derided as a "bagel" on top of her head. The quip is a reference to Tymoshenko's support for Ukraine's leading Zionists and jailed Russian tycoon Mikhail
Khodorkovsky, another darling of the Soros/Sharp/Nuland set.
Nuland, Kagan, Soros, Sharp crowd rally around Ukrainian protesters and the "Euromaidan Maiden," the lady with the "bagel" on her head, Yulia Tymoshenko.
One of the demands of the EU to agree to the pact with Ukraine was the release from prison and political rehabilitation of Tymoshenko. AndNuland and her neocon friends have made no secret of their desire to have
Ukrainian ex-boxer and Udar Party leader Vitali Klitschko replace President Yanukovych in an undemocratic process brought about by the type of hooliganism that saw protesters topple a statue of Vladimir Lenin in
central Kyiv. Who really benefits from the destruction of a Lenin statue? The answer to that question can be found in the banking corridors of Frankfurt and London, as well as the political power corridors of
Washington and Brussels.
Jewish Virtual Library ...pamphlets imply the neoconservatives are the real neo-Nazis..
. This interaction has created a dynamic in which antisemitic ideas and conspiracy theories once circulated almost exclusively by German Nazis and their neo-Nazi offspring entered popular culture, mainstream
political debate, and even broadcast television series, especially in Islamic and Arab countries in the Middle East. These even included a revival of the false allegations from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. These
conspiracy allegations moved into more mainstream circles through bridging mechanisms that often mask the original overtly anti-Jewish claims by using coded rhetoric about "secret elites" or "Zionist cabals." The
international organization run by Lyndon LaRouche is a major source of such masked antisemitic theories globally. In the U.S. the LaRouchites spread these conspiracy theories in an alliance with aides to Minister
Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. A series of LaRouchite pamphlets calls the neoconservative movement the "Children of Satan," which links Jewish neo-conservatives to the historic rhetoric of the blood libel.
In a twisted irony, the pamphlets imply the neoconservatives are the real neo-Nazis.
Urban Dictionary Neo-Con-Nazi
Short for Neo-Conservative Nationalist-Socialist. Basically an American member of the Republican party who claims the conservative ideology of Ronald Reagan, but in practice acts like a Nazi in that they are pro-
corporate, anti-<insert-current-scapegoat-here>, pro-military, anti-sharing, pro-self-serving, anti-abortion, pro-death-penalty, anti-tax, pro-greed, etc. Their intent is to establish a totalitarian-style state with the
pretense of democracy and freedom cloaked in faux-patriotism, but controlled only by like-minded individuals. I don't know what an Islamo-Fascist is because they don't exist, but there definitely are Neo-Con-Nazi
hordes running the Republican party. George W. Bush, Donal Rumsfeld, any of the PNAC aithors, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, etc.
TruthOut Neocons and the Ukraine Coup, (Truthout, left gatekeeper)
American neocons helped destabilize Ukraine and engineer the overthrow of its elected government, a regime change on Russias western border. But the coup and the neo-Nazi militias at the forefront also reveal
divisions within the Obama administration, reports Robert Parry.
More than five years into his presidency, Barack Obama has failed to take full control over his foreign policy, allowing a bureaucracy shaped by long years of Republican control and spurred on by a neocon-
dominated U.S. news media to frustrate many of his efforts to redirect Americas approach to the world in a more peaceful direction.
But Obama deserves a big dose of the blame for this predicament because he did little to neutralize the government holdovers and indeed played into their hands with his initial appointments to head the State and
Defense departments, Hillary Clinton, a neocon-leaning Democrat, and Robert Gates, a Republican cold warrior, respectively.
Even now, key U.S. diplomats are more attuned to hard-line positions than to promoting peace. The latest example is Ukraine where U.S. diplomats, including Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs
Victoria Nuland and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, are celebrating the overthrow of an elected pro-Russian government.
Occurring during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the coup in Ukraine dealt an embarrassing black eye to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had offended neocon sensibilities by quietly cooperating with
Obama to reduce tensions over Iran and Syria, where the neocons favored military options.
Over the past several weeks, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was undercut by a destabilization campaign encouraged by Nuland and Pyatt and then deposed in a coup spearheaded by neo-Nazi militias. Even
after Yanukovych and the political opposition agreed to an orderly transition toward early elections, right-wing armed patrols shattered the agreement and took strategic positions around Kiev.
Despite these ominous signs, Ambassador Pyatt hailed the coup as a day for the history books. Most of the mainstream U.S. news media also sided with the coup, with commentators praising the overthrow of an
elected government as reform. But a few dissonant reports have pierced the happy talk by noting that the armed militias are part of the Pravy Sektor, a right-wing nationalist group which is often compared to the
Nazis. more
Wikipedia Svoboda ( neo-nazi organization)
The Social-National Party of Ukraine changed its name to the All-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" in February 2004 with the arrival of Oleh Tyahnybok as party leader.[2] Tyahnybok made significant efforts to moderate
the party's extremist image.[48] The party not only replaced its name, but also abandoned the "I + N" ("Idea Natsii" Ukrainian "idea of a nation") Wolfsangel logo (a symbol popular among neo-Nazi groups)[2][36]
with a three-fingered hand reminiscent of the 'Tryzub' pro-independence gesture of the late 1980s.[36] Svoboda also pushed neo-Nazi and other radical groups out the party,[49] distancing itself from its neofascist
past while retaining the support of extreme nationalists.[48] In 2004, Tyahnybok was expelled from the Our Ukraine parliamentary faction for a speech calling for Ukrainians to fight against a "Muscovite-Jewish
mafia,"[50] and celebrated the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists for having fought "Moscovites, Germans, Jews and other scum who wanted to take away our Ukrainian state."[36] The speech was delivered at
the grave-site of a commander of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army where Tyahnybok praised its struggle against "Moskaly", a derogatory term for either Russians[51] or pan-Russian nationalists;[52][53] Germans; and
"Zhydy", an archaic but controversial term for Jews in Ukraine due to it being a slur when used in the Russian language.[54][55] In the 2006 local elections the party had obtained 4.2%of the votes and 4 seats in the
Ternopil Oblast Council, 5.62% of the votes and 10 seats in the Lviv Oblast Council and 6.69% of the votes and 9 seats in the Lviv city council.[14] In the 2007 parliamentary elections, the party received 0.76% of
the votes cast,[33] more than double their share during the 2006 parliamentary elections, when they received 0.36%.[33] It was ranked eighth out of 20 parties (in the 2007 elections) and the non-participation of the
Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists made the party the only far-right party to participate in the 2007 parliamentary elections.[14] In the autumn of 2009, Svoboda joined the Alliance of European National Movements
as the only organisation from outside the European Union.[2] That year the party claimed to have 15,000 members.[14]
GlobalResearch How and Why the U.S. Government Aided a Coup Led by Neo-Nazis in Ukraine
The people of the United States are being deliberately misled and misinformed about the leading role played by the U.S. State Department, intelligence agencies and neoconservative leaders in bringing neo-Nazis to
power in Ukraine.
The same neoconservative politicians and strategists that drove the country to war against Iraq in 2003, against Libya in 2011 and nearly against Syria in 2013 have been neck-deep in a protracted regime change effort
in Ukraine as part of a larger geo-strategic struggle against Russia. The fact that they have worked hand in glove with armed neo-Nazis in Ukrainewith Sen. John McCain and Assistant Secretary of State Victoria
Nuland literally joining the protestsspeaks volumes about the political nature of the events.
The Maidan protest movement was launched in Kiev in November 2013 when Ukrainian President Yanukovych rejected a European Union economic plan that would have imposed a harsh austerity regime on Ukraine
as the price for admission into the economic sphere dominated by German banks. The U.S. and E.U.-backed street protests, supported most fervently by neoconservative elements inside and outside the Obama
administration, began when Yanukovych instead accepted a $15 billion loan from Russia and an economic plan that did not require austerity measures but did include discounted prices for Russian natural gas.
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Oleh Tyahnybok, leader of the Neo-Nazi Svoboda party. Fascists now control key posts in the government, including over the armed forces
Another case of imperialist-backed regime change this time with neo-Nazis
The U.S. government has engineered, financed and fully supported a classic coup dtat that overthrew a corrupt but democratically elected government in Ukraine. Joining in the destabilization of the Ukrainian
government were Germany, France, Britain and other NATO powers.
The U.S. State Department funds an international network of non-governmental organizations and media outlets that are used to create political opposition and conduct regime change against targeted countries from
Venezuela to Bolivia to Syria to Ukraine and other countries. A principal vehicle for these U.S. operations is the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).
A recent article by Robert Parry reports: NED, a $100 million-a-year agency created by the Reagan administration in 1983 to promote political action and psychological warfare against targeted states, lists 65
projects that it supports financially inside Ukraine, including training activists, supporting journalists and promoting business groups, effectively creating a full-service structure primed and ready to destabilize a
government in the name of promoting democracy.
The new coup-led government was selected by a rump session of the parliament when many elected members could not show up to vote for fear of physical attack. It is filled with fascist and semi-fascist forces, as
well as powerful billionaire oligarchs. The fascist forces promote hatred toward Russians, Jews, Poles and other minorities.
Progressive 1%
AboveTopSecret The 7/7 London Bombings Brilliantly
Exposed as an Inside Job ... video
TerrorOnTheTube Me and Kieth
The TruthSeeker, Nicholas Kollerstrom Nick Kollerstrom
academic, researcher and author of such varied titles as
Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2007: Higher Yields in
Vegetables and Flowers and Terror on the Tube: Behind the
Veil of 7/7, an Investigation.
Wikipedia 7/7 Bombings
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What Happened to Joel Hayward
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Thursday, 3 January 2013
What happened to Joel Hayward and how long are we going to put up with this?
A few weeks ago I posted The Hayward Thesis and remarked that it was my favourite Holocaust ist text. I also mentioned that, under pressure, Hayward recanted.
I would no more believe Hayward saying, under pressure, that millions perished in gas chambers than I would have believed Galileo, also under pressure, saying that the sun went round the earth. I don't
believe it and I don't believe Hayward (or Galileo for that matter) believed it either.

Still, this piece by Thomas Fudge describes and evaluates some of that pressure and, after you've read it, you can read what happened to Thomas Fudge.
This all happened over ten years ago but it's still happening now so, we might also ask ourselves, how long are people going to put up with this?
The Fate of Joel Hayward in New Zealand Hands:
from Holocaust Historian to Holocaust?
By Thomas A. Fudge
For the past three years, newspapers, national periodical publications and television programmes have intermittently provided coverage about the Joel Hayward affair: a story of a New Zealand student who
wrote a controversial thesis. Contestable work and arguable conclusions are not uncommon in modern universities but Hayward's unpublished work as a student seems to remain, after ten years, a point of
unusual and continuing interest. Late in 2002 the New Zealand Listener ran a "special report" on what is popularly termed holocaust denial.[1] Juxtaposed photographs of David Irving, Adolf Hitler and Joel
Hayward on page 28 provide adequate summary of the article's focus. When asked why he was putting forth another piece on Hayward the author Philip Matthews replied that nothing had appeared for a
while. The Listener article says little new or relevant and the questions of motivation might be raised. Is Canterbury University supportive of holocaust denial? The university answers no.[2] Is Hayward a
denier? He claims he is not. Does his thesis constitute holocaust denial? His critics say yes (though some without having read it), while others (who have read it) answer in the negative.
The Story so far
In June 2002, Joel Hayward resigned from his position as senior lecturer in history at Massey University where he had been respected as an effective teacher and productive scholar. His departure generated
applause from some quarters. Others lamented academe's loss. "[S]hame on the scholarly community for not rallying behind the universities' necessary freedoms."[3]What brought Hayward, a year and a half
after the Hayward affair, still in the early stages of a potentially distinguished career, to this act of professional extinction? The protracted "facts" in the so-called Hayward affair may be distilled briefly.
In 1993 Hayward was awarded a Master of Arts degree with First Class Honours in History by the University of Canterbury for a thesis on the historiography of the holocaust. He later wrote a PhD thesis
and in 1996 was appointed to a lectureship at Massey University. In late 1999 the MA thesis was publicly denounced. The New Zealand Jewish Council alleged that the work amounted to historical
ism constituting holocaust denial, and called on the University of Canterbury to revoke the degree.[4]
Hayward repeatedly apologized for any harm or distress his thesis might have caused, agreed to the extraordinary step of including an appendix to his thesis modifying his findings, cooperated with the
subsequent investigating Working Party and appears to have made efforts to distance himself from holocaust denial.[5] Under pressure, the University appointed an independent Working Party to investigate
the claims against the thesis.[6]This committee consisted of retired High Court judge Sir Ian Barker and academics Professor Ann Trotter and Professor Stuart Macintyre to look into the matter and make
recommendations.[7] The lengthy report concluded the Hayward thesis was "seriously flawed" and that Hayward "should not have essayed a judgment in such a controversial area..."[8] The report did not
recommend withdrawal of the thesis by the University and did not agree with the allegations that Hayward's argument was racist or motivated by malice. While the opinion that the thesis did not deserve the
high marks it received was widely publicized in the media, no fewer than six serving or retired members of the History department persisted in their own judgment that it was a first-class effort.
Notwithstanding the apparent finality of the report and its qualified exoneration of Hayward, during 2000, 2001, and 2002 Hayward received hundreds of pieces of "hate" mail, abusive telephone calls, threats
against himself, his wife and small children, harassment at Massey University and continued negative media attention.[9] Further attempts to publish as well as efforts at finding other employment have been
unsuccessful. The issue therefore goes beyond the apparent concern over alleged flawed (but unpublished) research. Is this issue really about academic values and freedom?
Animosity towards Hayward arose not in 1999 but several years earlier.[10]The subject of Hayward's thesis was controversial before he wrote it and there were attempts to censure Hayward at the
time.[11] Aware of these factors, Hayward embargoed the thesis for three years as soon as it was examined. When the embargo expired, he notified the University Library that the thesis could be made
available to researchers. The library replied that it had decided to restrict the thesis so that it could be consulted only with Hayward's permission until January 1999.[12] Almost immediately allegations were
published about his alleged "holocaust denial." That someone should have chanced upon the thesis so promptly seems an unlikely coincidence. Rather, events were to show that there were good reasons for
the embargo on access. Was this because Hayward had written things that he knew to be reprehensible? The Barker enquiry found no evidence of malicious intent, dishonesty or deliberate efforts to
circumvent the truth on Hayward's part. Is it possible that the outrage over the thesis itself was also a device for attacking Hayward?
Academic Values

One of the complexities of the Hayward affair is its apparent relation to issues of academic freedom and intellectual fashions. Hayward's detractors claim that he is wrong in terms of both. One of his critics
stated that "academic freedom cannot exist without academic responsibility."[13] However, considered legal opinion concluded that the interpretation of academic freedom being applied in the Hayward affair
permitted a "very limited right to academic freedom."[14]
Proponents of academic freedom insist that universities should be great storehouses of wisdom and learning, and students ought to be able to go there, learn and choose. Academic freedom implies there are no
taboo subjects, no off-limits topics.[15] The fuss made about this obscure piece of work fits rather awkwardly with the position taken by New Zealand academic libraries. Official statements read, "No
library materials should be excluded... because of the... views of their authors [and] no library materials should be censored, restricted or removed from libraries because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval or
International intellectuals also defend the right of dissidents to say things they disagree with. Noam Chomsky defended the right of "holocaust denier" Robert Faurisson to say what he thought about "Zionist
lies."[17] Raul Hilberg objected when St Martin's Press cancelled David Irving's contract for his book on Goebbels, saying, "If these people want to speak, let them... I am not for taboos and I am not for
repression."[18] Universities and other institutions of higher learning are regarded as marketplaces for the exchange of ideas; as forums for discussion; as venues for critical thinking, honest enquiry and the
challenging of status quo.[19] In this context, the Hayward thesis was a legitimate academic exercise. Others argue that Hayward was simply wrong, his judgements flawed, his conclusions erroneous, his
methodology ill-conceived and his entire MA thesis a sustained exercise in egregious violation of scholarly procedure. Amid such extreme position, one might ask whether the significance of the Hayward
matter is an issue of truth? Is it a crucial indictment of education in general? Does it have to do with accountability within institutions of higher education? Or, is it about the limits of toleration in New
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Zealand society?
Just as there is no such thing as a perfectly free market, similarly academic "freedom" operates within a framework partly determined by non-academic considerations. Senior academics within New Zealand
universities are often sensitive to public opinion and political moods. They may actively discourage graduate students from investigating certain topics. There are other topics that although encouraged or
permitted, are sometimes subject to constraints on arguments that may be employed, evidence that may be weighed and conclusions reached. This is especially the case in areas that touch on contemporary
political or ethical concerns. Many people do not regard these strictures as problematic but rather praise them as virtuous.[20] The Jewish holocaust is one of those delicate topics about which certain beliefs
have become so fashionable as to be unassailable regardless of intellectual considerations. The Hayward affair elicited the pronouncement "that at least in this country anyone wanting to... question received
notions about the Holocaust is controlled by accepted truth standards."[21] The danger in this thinking lies in the ambiguity of the term "truth standards". Does it mean "standards for establishing truth" or
"propositions proclaimed to be true"? Some insist that the religious significance of the holocaust is equal to the revelation on Mt. Sinai to Moses.[22] Is that a "truth standard"?
What Did Hayward Say?
The major issue appears to be the belief that Hayward rejected well-established facts about the holocaust.[23] His thesis examined the writings of some of those who question the holocaust industry which
has reached significant political proportions in the past thirty years.[24] Setting aside the question of whether Hayward's conclusions were really so exceptional, is it not the duty of universities and
researchers to challenge conventional understandings? Modern philosophy teaches that all theories worth defending must be continuously subjected to re-evaluation and retesting.
In his MA thesis titled "The Fate of Jews in German Hands: An Historical Enquiry into the Development and Significance of Holocaust ism" Joel Hayward investigated holocaust historiography,
especially that branch thereof regarded as ist.[25] He concluded that some of the ist literature was unworthy of sustained scholarly consideration.[26] Other approaches within the genre he
found to be significant and worthy. He came to three principal conclusions from the historiography, the weight of historical evidence and his own discernment: first, that there is no unimpeachable evidence
that Adolf Hitler personally ordered the physical extermination of Jews. Second, that it is impossible to know how many Jews were killed and third, that gas chambers were not used systematically to murder
Jews in European concentration camps. Do these conclusions make Joel Hayward a "holocaust denier"?
This allegation that he is can be easily evaluated. First, there is no document which has yet come to light to prove that Hitler gave a "final solution" order. That Hitler was anti-Semitic is beyond denial. That
Hitler wished for Jews to be subjugated is without argument. Hayward makes these points. That Hitler gave an order for Jews to be exterminated cannot be proven.[27] Second, Hayward agrees that millions
of Jews perished during the ravages of the Second World War.[28] He regards the figure of 6,000,000 murdered as symbolic and impossible to actually prove on the basis of documentary evidence. There are
no reliable or comprehensive records available to establish the exact number of those who perished during the Nazi era. Projections must be calculated guesses which necessarily have variation.[29]The
traditional figure of 11 million killed by the Nazis (Jews and others combined) is essentially the invention of Simon Wiesenthal, the famous hunter of Nazi war criminals. This speculative figure has attained
virtual canonical status in holocaust historiography.[30] In 1986 Shmuel Krakowski, then archives director of Yad Vashem, the international center for holocaust documentation in Jerusalem, told
the Jerusalem Post that of the 20,000 testimonies he had on hand from alleged "survivors" of the holocaust most of them were untrustworthy, fraudulent, lacking support or in some way
untruthful.[31] Although this statement is at least as " ist" as anything Hayward wrote, Krakowski is not regarded as a holocaust denier. Wiesenthal admits that he manufactured figures but appears
to have escaped censure; Hayward merely questioned other suggested figures and was denounced for it.
Third, it was once held that concentration camps in Germany were used to gas Jews en masse. That hypothesis has now been abandoned by most historians of the Second World War without this being
condemned as holocaust denial.br /> [32] (See map, and the distinction made on it between "death [extermination] camps" and "concentration camps".) There is stronger evidence for the use of gas chambers in
Polish camps. Hayward relied upon certain studies (now regarded as highly controversial or discredited) to question the extent of the use of Polish gas chambers and for his skepticism was labeled a
"holocaust denier" although he unequivocally states that millions of Jews perished under the Nazi regime through various means.[33] He wondered merely what contribution gas chambers made to these
results. Some of his detractors, however, claimed that he denied the existence of gas chambers altogether.[34]
That the historic Jewish community has been subjected to various measures of discrimination and persecution must be acknowledged, but that does not mean that there might not be new understandings of
that experience. It does not therefore provide that same community or any of its representatives with immunity to investigation. Nor is it true that what happened to Jews historically is fundamentally
different from atrocities perpetrated against native Americans, Africans, Gypsies, the victims of the witch hunts in early modern Europe, those trapped in the Stalinist purges in Russian lands, the fate of
Iraqis in the hands of Saddam Hussein, heretics hunted by crusaders, and indigenous peoples around the world throughout human history, in which large numbers of people have been subjected to campaigns
of mass extermination. There is a great difference between anti-Semitism and arriving at research-based conclusions which do not support or conform to values, ideas and interpretations held by Semitic
peoples and cultures.
Diversity of interpretation is not the same thing as discrimination. To contest common
opinion is not racism. To argue against or disagree with conventional wisdom, regardless
of the subject, cannot, ipso facto, be characterized as cultural or religious insensitivity.
Even Jewish communities cannot stand detached from intolerance, violence and
destruction against others. The conquests recorded in the Hebrew Bible are one example.
To argue that the holocaust is in some way culturally specific or historically significant
in unique ways on a universal level is opinion, neither binding, necessarily persuasive,
nor intellectually obligatory. To insist that it is amounts to "intellectual
terrorism".[35] A holocaust of those dimensions is less about history and more about
myth. To say so does not constitute a "total betrayal of Jewish history."[36] Whether
Nazis were engaged in the "banality of evil" or in displaying collective consciousness is
a matter to be investigated not legislated.[37] There may be good reasons for preferring
Stanley Milgramover Daniel Goldhagen.[38] The Working Party found that Hayward
was not guilty of racism or anti-Semitism, or of deliberately falsifying data.
Nevertheless, the report was critical of the quality of Hayward's work, and dissented
from the grade that it was awarded.
... widely used map of Germany and Poland during World War II
depicting National Socialist concentration and (alleged) extermination camps.
Hayward's novice research exercise however, became widely regarded by academics, university administrators, news media persons and members of the general population, as the product of a contemptible
scoundrel, a man lacking in probity, unfit to influence impressionable minds, and indeed unworthy of being employed even in non academic circles and whose writings, even though he has written nothing on
the holocaust since his MA thesis, should be suppressed.[39] It should be borne in mind that unlike many ambitious young academics, Hayward made no attempt to publish any aspect of his MA
thesis.[40] Nor was it the basis of his employment as an academic. Its only role in his career was to qualify him to proceed to the PhD degree, for which he undertook research on an unrelated topic.
Judging from the essays in The New Zealand Jewish Chronicle, the report issued by the Working Party in December 2000 and the articles appearing in the New Zealand news media, the Hayward affair might
seem to be a rather straightforward case of incompetent research and defective supervision.[41]TThere are other details which have been less publicised if at all. While some voices have condemned the lack of
balance in the Hayward affair,[42] others have dismissed it all as a "hysterical diatribe."[43] Continuing publicity indicates that important parts of the story are not known.

The Working Party Report and the Reaction
In December 2000 the Working Party established by the University of Canterbury in April that year, to investigate the Hayward thesis released its report totalling 296 pages including supporting
materials.[44] This report was received by the administration, adopted by the University council on 18 December and no public contest was offered to its findings.[45] However, the report was not accepted
unanimously. Several senior Canterbury University historians took the view that their institution had been far too apologetic.[46]Vincent Orange, Hayward's thesis supervisor, contested a great deal in the
report by the Working Party and that of Richard Evans (see below).[47]Professor John Jensen of Waikato University likewise did not accept these reports as fundamentally accurate.[48]
Other academics considered the report's verdict to have been "pre-determined", to have exceeded its own legal advice, and upon which the University of Canterbury assumed an official position "on a matter
that seems to be the province of individual academics."[49]
In February 2001, the History Department at Canterbury took the report under consideration and concluded its deliberations by affirming that it "supports the broad thrust of the recommendations of the
Barker inquiry..."[50] The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of this ambivalent motion but not unanimous. Three members of the department (besides Orange) put forward arguments in opposition to the
report and to the nature of the enquiry. One member of the department insisted on being named in the minutes of the meeting as opposing both the report and the departmental support for it.[51]Among
those who supported the motion were some who admitted having read neither the report nor the thesis. One senior member argued that the department should not be seen as being in opposition to the
Vincent Orange, who absented himself from the February meeting submitted to the department for consideration a dossier consisting of thirty-one documents titled "A Case for the Defence of Dr. Joel
Hayward."[53] The dossier included submissions from academics who had read Hayward's thesis, documents presenting another side of the matter and related materials. These materials had been submitted to
the Working Party but appear to have had no significant influence on the ultimate report.[54]
The dossier was prepared for three reasons: first, for consideration by the Working Party, second, that it might be attached to the Working Party report as an extended appendix (to provide balance) and,
third, so that it might be placed in the university library where scholars or students in the future considering this matter might have access to both sides of the story. The Working Party Report did not
respond to the contents of the dossier. Efforts to have the dossier appended to the report itself were unsuccessful, and the other objectives were not attained. This casts doubt on the statement of the
Working Party that it had "fully and properly considered the matters at issue" and on the corroborating comment by Vice-Chancellor Daryl LeGrew that the report submitted by the Working Party was "an
open and thorough academic review."[55]
Why was this body of material not made more widely available to those actively involved or interested in the Hayward affair?[56] Vincent Orange or other members of the History Department opposing the
submissions of the New Zealand Jewish Council could very well have distributed the dossier on their own. The apparent reason that they did not do so appears to be that they agreed to acquiesce in repeated
requests by university officials that no comment be made to the media and that the university administration be responsible for comment on the Hayward affair.[57] The university administration, though
aware of the dossier, elected not to publicize it.
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For this reason, the public has not been able to form a balanced judgment informed by testimony on both sides.
The Barker committee, however, did rely heavily on a report, noted above, by Cambridge University Professor Richard J. Evans who was engaged by the New Zealand Jewish Council (NZJC) to provide
comment on Hayward's thesis.[58] The NZJC originally presented a fourteen page submission to the Working Party on the Hayward thesis which summarized their concerns and specified their wishes about
the enquiry.[59] It submitted that the thesis was dishonest, the award of Hayward's MA should be revoked, and all University of Canterbury endorsement of Hayward's work towards the MA be withdrawn
and by implication that the Hayward thesis be removed from the university library.[60]
Fresh from his very public victory over David Irving (a controversial figure in the German historiography of the 1930s and 1940s) in a high profile London court case in April 2000 wherein Irving was found
to have falsified historical evidence, Evans submitted a 71 page report trenchantly condemning the thesis. Professor Gerald Orchard, one of New Zealand's most highly regarded lawyers, in turn denounced
this report to the Working Party as "adversarial", the work of a "partisan advocate," and not an "objective expert", who engaged in exaggeration, omission of material and misrepresentation, and whose
opinions in the Hayward case could not be relied on.[61] The Working Party acknowledged that Evans "appeared to diminish the objectivity required of an expert witness", submitted unwarranted allegations,
and was "highly antagonistic." It professed to have "made every effort to discount Professor Evans' tendency to intemperate expression" but accepted the report as authoritative and seems not to have been
influenced markedly by the sustained responses to Evans' report included in the "Dossier for the Defence".[62] But faced with the profound disagreement on the merits of Hayward's thesis between its
official examiners (Orange and Jensen) and Evans, the Working Party had received legal counsel that preference for one perspective over the other was "a question for appropriate expert
historians."[63] Macintyre and Trotter were historians but not "appropriate expert historians". No "appropriate expert historians" were approached. Why, on such a critical point supported by legal advice,
did the Working Party not take this step? Vincent Orange and Joel Hayward made a strategic error in not also contracting an expert on holocaust historiography to review the Hayward thesis and submit a
report. This step apparently did not occur to them at the time and the faux pas proved costly and monumental in its eventual implications. The willingness of the Working Party to accept a partisan opinion
commissioned by an interested caucus is curious and places the enquiry itself in a troubling light.
Notwithstanding the Working Party's remarks on Evans's intemperate language and lack of objectivity, he appeared both to the Jewish Council and the Working Party as a witness otherwise above reproach.
Evans is an excellent scholar but published reviews of his own books accuse him of sometimes "going over the top in ways that are unnecessary to his argument"; of engaging in "gratuitous speculation"; in
certain cases of not having "studied the primary sources... under discussion"; elsewhere that he often misses the point, resorts to intemperate attack and is often confused.[64] In other words, in the opinion
of some of his peers even Richard Evans violates many of the sound principles of historical method that he considered defectively employed in Hayward's thesis.
Evans is also curiously inconsistent in his attitude to scholars who have erred. In the 1980s a scandal arose over a book written by a young political scientist, David Abraham, and which Evans had reviewed
favourably. When it was revealed that Abraham was guilty of egregious errors he was hounded out of the academic profession. Evans writes of how unfair this was even though, as he points out "the book
was so riddled with errors" that Abraham was sometimes contradicting his own thesis. "My own view is that while Abraham did not deliberately falsify evidence, he was extremely careless with it, far more
than is permissible in a work of serious historical scholarship." Nevertheless, he concluded, "To deny Abraham the... chance of making amends... was surely wrong."[65] In support of this conclusion Evans
cites the case of Lawrence Stone whose early published work was exposed as fundamentally flawed and yet he subsequently spent a long and productive career engaged in highly regarded scholarship. His
early work is barely recalled. Abraham's work was on the Weimar Republic, Stone's on early modern England. Hayward's alleged shortcomings were not of the same order as Abraham's, and were not
published as Abraham's were, but Evans's report makes no reference to extenuating circumstances, qualifications about the nature of Hayward's preliminary research exercise go unnoted and Hayward is
treated as though the thesis in question was the culminating work of a long career rather than an inaugural effort. Why? At the same time as Evans was recommending Hayward's censure and the revocation of
his MA degree, he was also reflecting again on Abraham's situation with the comment, "this fate is also thankfully extremely rare."[66]

Continued Dissent
The Working Party Report satisfied neither of the protagonists. It appears to have been intended to soothe by offering a compromise solution: it agreed with the Jewish Council and Richard Evans that there
were serious flaws in the Hayward thesis, but not that it was either dishonest or fraudulent, or that it was unworthy of being awarded a master's degree, or that the degree should be withdrawn or that the
thesis itself should be removed from library collections.[67] On the other hand, the report was not the exoneration of the thesis that Hayward and Orange had hoped for, and the university's examination
procedures were severely criticised. Consequently both parties were embittered; neither could claim victory, and indeed, everyone seemed discredited by the whole affair: the academics felt betrayed and the
NZJC felt that its cause had been frustrated. The official Jewish view was that the outcome of the enquiry was unacceptable.[68] David Zwartz told a newspaper, "We must take it further."[69]
However, the University of Canterbury was unprepared to invest further time or financial resources on the Hayward affair which it considered resolved.[70]Since the university clearly was not going to
revoke Hayward's degree, excoriate him any further, censure Vincent Orange (the thesis supervisor whom some regarded as ultimately responsible for Hayward's work) or keep the matter at the forefront, one
might have expected that the Hayward affair had run its course. Hayward continued with his duties at Massey University and press releases seemed to indicate that his tenure there was secure and the
university had no intention of withdrawing support.[71] The affair was closed at last.
It did not, however, end. There were people whose passions had evidently been aroused by the affair and the extensive publicity it had received, and these had recourse to informal and sinister methods of
expressing their anger. In early 2001 Hayward began to receive even more vitriolic hate mail along with obscene and disturbing telephone calls. More than a year after the report by the Working Party became
public, Hayward received death threats directed at his children. He continued occasionally to issue apologies for any unintended consequences created by his MA work and tried to get on with his life and
career. Feeling ridiculed and harassed, and believing that even among his colleagues at Massey sentiment had turned against him, Hayward suffered an emotional breakdown. He spent over two years under
medical care.[72]
More than that he became disenchanted with the world of higher education. He no longer believed universities (at least in New Zealand) were places for the free exchange of ideas. He had come to regard the
exalted virtue of academic freedom as an illusion now sold out to considerations of expediency. He became convinced the ideals he had been taught by his professors and lecturers at Canterbury were simply
rhetorical. He no longer believed in the alleged ideals of the academy. In brief, he no longer wished to be an academic. He regarded higher education irreparably soiled by "indifference and moral
cowardice."[73] In December 2001, in deep depression, Hayward tendered his resignation from Massey University effective in June 2002. Massey appears to have made no effort to assess Hayward's
condition or provide support of the kind usually available to distressed employees.
With Hayward out of Massey and his academic career at an end was the Hayward affair now truly over and done with? Efforts were made to link another Canterbury thesis to holocaust denial and to
Hayward but came to naught,[74] but for Hayward there was more to come. In early December 2002 he was informed by HarperCollins, a major international publisher, through their Auckland office, that
they wished to withdraw from publishing a book of which Hayward was co-editor. The volume in question was a collection of essays about New Zealand airmen.[75] The book was fully prepared and ready
for printing. Hayward was shocked at the news and pressed for an explanation. A volume of essays about New Zealand airmen seems innocuous enough. HarperCollins was reluctant to provide Hayward
with an explanation for their eleventh-hour decision apart from saying they had been put under considerable pressure not to associate with Hayward on account of the negative publicity surrounding
him.[76] Somehow, the matter had been taken far beyond the question of whether a thesis had been honest.
Nor is HarperCollins alone in shunning Hayward. People fear being seen in a caf with him. Others are afraid that emails might be monitored and association with him might have serious consequences for
their own careers. They no longer converse with him for fear of being linked to him. Some of his former associates suspect their own work has been scoured for traces of "heretical" thinking about topics on
which freedom of thought and independence of expression are unwelcome. Was this a consequence that could have been imagined when the Working Party submitted its report a year earlier?
Shortly after the HarperCollins shock, Hayward was hired by Fonterra, the large dairy and meat company as Communications Coordinator with responsibilities for writing the company's internal
communications, information and training documents.[77] His employment with Fonterra, however, ended the day he began when the company decided to terminate the position having been advised that
employing him was a very risky proposition.[78] Was this commensurate with what Hayward was alleged to have done ten years before?

Why Won't the Hayward Affair Come to an End?
Apologies have availed nothing. Resignation has been for naught. Passivity has been unproductive and the Hayward affair continues. One feature which has been entirely overlooked in all the publicity is why
an unpublished, embargoed, research-training exercise should have been given such notorious publicity. Do the alleged (but contested) deficiencies of the thesis justify the chain of events from the
unauthorised copying of a thesis, to a highly publicised but not public inquiry, to nation-wide ridicule and humiliation, personal threats, isolation and termination of a career? What good was it thought was
being served by this action? Relatively early in the story, some senior New Zealand academics wanted to know why the issue was pursued, and called for an enquiry into the "motives for such
activities."[79]On the most recent publicity, even a senior Canterbury University official wondered what the motivation could be in keeping the Hayward affair at issue.[80] Another opinion was blunt:
"There seems to be a determination both to break Joel's career and to silence enquiry into the facts about the Holocaust."[81] On the latter, the implications are precipitous. Dogmatic emphases on the
holocaust only "reinforces and legitimates closedmindedness, unrealistic foreign policies and barbaric behaviour."[82]
Further, why has Joel Hayward been frustrated in attempting to publish or work even in fields totally unrelated to his MA research exercise? These are questions the media have not asked. Do they deserve
an answer? What specifically constitutes denial of the holocaust? Is it as simple as questioning whether less than 6,000,000 Jews died? Does it extend to expressing sympathy for Germans in Dresden in
1945? Questioning testimonies of survivors? Alleging that countries other than Germany committed war crimes? Denying that Jewish suffering during the Second World War was somehow unique?[83] Is it
anti-Semitic to try to remove the element of "sacred myth" from 1940s Jewish history? Is it really so intolerable to deny that the holocaust "transcends history", that it is "the ultimate event" or the "ultimate
mystery"? Is it truly obligatory to acquiesce in the view that "any survivor has more to say than all the historians combined about what happened?"[84] Alternatively, to express sympathy with the
Palestinian cause in the contemporary Middle East in some quarters suggests hostility to the Jews and to argue that Palestinians perhaps should be accorded their own autonomous territory free from Israeli
oppression is regarded as anti-Semitic. Such arguments are as specious as they are jejune but the shackles of a new orthodoxy suggests universities can not allow certain assumptions to bear the weight of
enquiry. Can morality be that flexible?
There is nothing redemptive about the holocaust and arguably less redemptive value in the pursuit of Joel Hayward along a journey from holocaust historian to the fate of personal holocaust. A consideration
of the larger story suggests quite clearly that the Hayward affair is not just "a storm in a teacup."
What is the motivation for keeping Hayward on the front burner? Justified comeuppance? Malice? Witch hunting? Witch hunters in early modern Europe were renowned for tenacity, success and ruthless
application of their programme. Would their successors be any less vigilant? Are there "witch-finder generals" in New Zealand? Has the ghost of Joseph McCarthy appeared again? Is Joel Hayward a victim
of outlooks analogous to these? If so, how should New Zealand society respond?[85]


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In relation to the master's thesis of Joel Hayward at the University of Canterbury, we note the following events, of which the first five are detailed on the University's own website: 1. Joel Hayward was
awarded a Masters degree by thesis, with first class honours, by the University of Canterbury in 1993, in accordance with the procedures that the University employed at the time. 2. It was subsequently
argued by an external party that the degree should be revoked. 3. The University of Canterbury established a Working Party in 2000 to examine this claim. 4. The Working Party concluded that the thesis was
not dishonest, and therefore could not be "amended, removed, downgraded or altered". It further concluded that the thesis was flawed and did not deserve the award of first class honours. 5. The University
accepted these conclusions, apologised to those who were offended by the thesis, and stated that it did not support holocaust ism. 6. Dr Hayward resigned from his position at Massey University
in 2002, apparently as a result of the ongoing hostility towards him arising from the previous events. 7. Recently, Dr Thomas Fudge of Canterbury's History Department wrote a review of these events, for
inclusion in the University's journal 'History Now'. Although the journal was printed with this article, the Head of the University's History Department (Professor Peter Hempenstall) destroyed copies of the
journal, with the concurrence of the University's Vice-Chancellor (Professor Roy Sharp). As a result of this action by the University, the editor (Associate Professor Ian Campbell) has now left that position,
and Dr Fudge has indicated his intention to resign from the University. Our views on these events are as follows. Notwithstanding any personal misgivings or objections that individual signatories may have
as to the content of the thesis, we believe that certain fundamental principles have been breached by the University. First, we accept that a University has both the right and the obligation to revoke any thesis
on the grounds of proven dishonesty. However, in the event of it not revoking a thesis on those grounds, we believe that it is totally inappropriate for any university administrator or sponsored body to issue
negative public judgements about it, or to apologise to anyone who may be offended by it. No student should be subject to a de facto second round of assessment as to the quality (as opposed to the honesty)
of their thesis, particularly after having just been exonerated of the charge of dishonesty. Secondly, we believe that the Working Party's actions in criticising the quality of the thesis, and the University's
public reiteration of that, constitutes the very 'downgrade' that the Working Party asserted to be unwarranted. We consider it inconceivable that the University and the Working Party did not understand the
contradiction involved here. Thirdly, we do not believe that it is the business of any university administrator to issue public pronouncements upon any historical issues that are unrelated to the University.
This is a matter for individual academics in the relevant area, in the normal exercise of their professional duties. Finally, whilst there may be a range of opinions concerning the University's action in destroying
copies of 'History Now', we view the destruction of any published academic work with considerable concern. These concerns are not ameliorated by the University's earlier and clear breaches of the
fundamental rights of a thesis student, of its own judgement that the thesis could not be downgraded, and of the proper boundary between academics and administrators in the issuing of public statements. We
further consider that the effect of the University's actions has been to send a clear signal to potential students and other researchers at the University as to the acceptable conclusions to be reached in a
particular area of enquiry, and this is antithetical to the proper function of any university. Furthermore, the effect of the University's actions is likely to have contributed to the general climate of hostility
towards Dr Hayward, and therefore to his subsequent resignation from Massey University. These University actions are improper, and place an obligation upon the University of Canterbury to acknowledge
its errors and to offer appropriate remedies to Dr Hayward. Signatories Martin Lally, Associate Professor of Finance, Victoria University, PhD (Victoria University) Glenn Boyle, Professor of Finance,
University of Otago, MA (Canterbury), PhD (University of Texas, Austin) Beverley McNally, MBA (Henley), PhD student Tim Beal, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Victoria University, DBA, PhD
(Edinburgh) Benoit Julien, Assistant Professor in Economics, University of Miami, PhD (Western Ontario) Vincent Orange, Reader in History (ret), Canterbury University, PhD (Hull) Stephen Brewster,
Accountant, Ministry of Economic Development, CA, BCA MBA (Victoria University), MTax student Scott Chaput, Lecturer in Finance, University of Otago, MBA (UIC), PhD (Oklahoma) Robert
Mann, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies (ret), University of Auckland, PhD (University of California, Berkeley) Geoff Bertram, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Victoria University, D Phil (Oxford)
Bryce Wilkinson, Capital Economics, BSc Hons, MCom, PhD (Canterbury) Rodney Hide, Member of Parliament, MSc (Canterbury and Lincoln), MSc (Montana State) Richard Marriott, Managing
Director, Altair Financial Consulting Pty Ltd, formerly Senior Lecturer in Finance at Victoria University, MCom, MBA, B.Eng (elec) Alan Wilkinson, Company Director, BSc Hons, PhD (Canterbury)
Richard Martin, Lecturer in Economics, Victoria University, PhD (Simon Fraser University) Stephen Burnell, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Head of School of Economics and Finance, Victoria University,
PhD (Cambridge) Clare Gardner, Lecturer in Accountancy, University of Otago, MCom Arie Brand, Associate Professor, Dept of Sociology and Anthropology (ret), University of Newcastle (NSW), MA,
PhD (Leiden) Charles Corrado, Professor of Finance, University of Auckland, PhD (University of Arizona) Anna Carr, Lecturer in Tourism. University of Otago, Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism Studies,
PhD student Bryan Sinclair, Strategic Adviser, LLB, BMS Jerry Bowman, Professor of Finance, University of Auckland, PhD (Stanford) Michael Naylor, Lecturer in Finance, Massey University, MSc
(University of London) Matthew Ryan, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Auckland, PhD (Yale) Andrey Ivanov, Research Assistant, Dept of Economics, University of Auckland, BCom Hons,
PhD student Roger Kerr, MA (Canterbury) Rhema Vaithianathan, Lecturer in Economics, University of Auckland, PhD (University of Auckland) Stephen Poletti, Senior Tutor, Dept of Economics,
University of Auckland, PhD (University of Newcastle, England) Maureen Coulter, Teacher, MA, PhD student in English and French Tony Chad, Musician/Poet/Editor John Randal, Lecturer in Finance,
Victoria University, MSc PhD (Victoria University) Katie Drake, Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations and Security Studies, MA student Andrea Bennett, Lecturer in Finance, Massey
University, BSc Hons (Canterbury), MBS Hons (Massey) John Jensen, Professor in History (ret), University of Waikato, MA, PhD (University of Pennsylvania) Francis Jensen, BEd (University of
Waikato) Trevor Reeves, writer/publisher, Dunedin Christopher Milne, BComm LLB (University of Otago), CA Jeff Sluka, Associate Professor, Social Anthropology Programme, Massey University, PhD
(University of California, Berkeley) Tania Hinehou Butcher, Poet, GradCert ResAn, BA, PGmd Cert Def Start Studs Mary Beth Taylor, Language Education Consultant, MA (University of Washington)
Rick Boebel, Senior Lecturer in Finance, University of Otago, MBA (Chicago), PhD (University of North Carolina) Blair Simpson, Student Teacher, BA (Massey University) John Ross, Hon Research
Fellow in English, Massey University, MA (VUW), PhD (University of London) Joseph Tanner, Engineer, MA in Philosophy John Irvine, Poet, Writer and Editor, Coromandel Adrian Phillips, Director,
Kanuka Grove Educational Resource Centre, Massey University Carl Bradley, Masters student in Defence Studies, Massey University Emma Hamilton, BSLT, Masters student in Speech and Language
Therapy, University of Canterbury. Doreen D'Cruz, Senior Lecturer in English and Media Studies, Massey University, PhD (University of Michigan) Brendan Judd, Engineer, BA Hons, MA (Massey
University) Ananish Chaudhuri, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Auckland, PhD (Rutgers) Roger Openshaw, Professor of Social and Policy Studies in Education, Massey University College of
Education, MA, D.Phil (University of Waikato) Cary Nederman, Professor of Political Science, Texas A&M University, formerly lecturer in Political Science at Canterbury, MA, PhD (York University,
Canada) James Corum, Professor of Comparative Military Studies, School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, MA (Brown), M.LITT (Oxon), PhD (Queen's University) Simonne Walmsley, Legal Secretary,
BA (History) student Alan Papprill, Teacher, Auckland, BA, Dip TCh Kris Vette, General Manager in the National Health Service, UK, BSc, Dip Bus, Dip Bus. Admin, MPhil (Massey University) Lazar
Drazeta, PhD (Massey University) Garth Martin, Manager, Rotorua Paul Dunmore, Associate Professor of Accounting, Victoria University, BSc Hons, PhD MBA (McMaster University, Ontario) Judith
Lawrence, Copy Editor, formerly librarian at Massey University, MA Hons in English (Massey University) Tania Lamb, Counsellor, B.Ed, MPhil, M.Management Philip Meguire, Senior Lecturer in
Economics, University of Canterbury, MBA PhD (University of Chicago) Petition Organiser:
Martin Lally, Associate Professor, School of Economics and Finance, Victoria University of Wellington, PO Box 600, Wellington (martin.lallyt@vuw.ac.nz). Further signatories are very welcome, and should
if possible be communicated to me by email. Contributions to the cost of this advertisement are also welcome."

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to Alan Hayward, University Registrar (and no relation to Joel Hayward), under provisions of the Official Information Act 1982 on 4 April 2000. In reply, Alan Hayward declined to release some materials.
Acting on a request from the New Zealand Jewish Council, the Office of the Ombudsmen twice contacted Vincent Orange about the same materials on 19 June and 14 July. Orange declined to make public the
requested documents. However, in his reply of 17 July 2000, Orange wanted to know how David Zwartz had knowledge of a letter dated 21 April that Orange had sent to the University Chancellor. Request
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Hayward"s students likewise expressed their support for him. "Backing for controversial ex-lecturer" Evening Standard (31 October 2002).
[20] There are academics who oppose this. For example, Chris Connolly, "Submission on Joel Hayward"s Thesis," [undated, ca. July 2000] p. 4 where he states, "We have no business trying to "neuter"
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1985), p. 128) or "sterile" (Finkelstein, The Holocaust Industry, p. 47). The most systematic treatment of the doctrine of uniqueness is Steven T. Katz, The Holocaust in Historical Context, vol. 1. (New
York: Oxford University Press, 1994) esp. pp. 28, 58, 60.
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[38] Goldhagen says institutionalised hatred of Jews among Germans produced the holocaust. Daniel Goldhagen, Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust (London: Little, Brown &
Co. 1996). For a robust critique see Miles Fairburn, Social History: Problems, Strategies and Methods (London: Macmillan, 1999), pp. 263-80 and Raul Hilberg, "La Phnomne Goldhagen," Les Temps
Modernes 592 (Feb-Mar. 1997), pp. 1-10. On the other hand, Stanley Milgram, a Yale psychologist, in the early 1960s carried out experiments which suggested that ordinary moral people under dictatorial
influence could easily engage in atrocities. Stanley Milgram,Obedience to Authority: an Experimental View (London: Tavistock, 1974).
[39] For example, "Hayward lacks the integrity necessary to hold a position of trust in the academic world," Comment by David Zwartz cited in "Thesis supervision angers Jewish group," The Press (3
March 2001), p. 1.
[40] Hayward was criticised for having disseminated his thesis, while others condemned him for having embargoed it. It is true that Hayward did give copies of his thesis to two or three individuals. That does
not constitute academic publication. While he has been criticized for this there is nothing unusual in it. Whether or not he was naive is hardly relevant. It is a common practice for people assisting research
scholars with information to expect or even require a copy of the thesis in return for their cooperation. Hayward gave copies in this manner. "But I expressly forbade any use or publication of the thesis, in
part or in whole, and even attached a clearly worded statement to the inside cover, which read: Copyright 1993 J.S.A. Hayward All Rights Reserved No reproduction, copy or transmission of any part of this
MA thesis may be made without written permission from the author," Hayward goes on to say that as far as he was aware only Frederick Tben of the Adelaide Institute made any effort to further
"holocaust denial" by using his thesis. As soon as this came to Hayward"s attention he "took immediate and successful steps... to prevent any mischievous or harmful use of my thesis being made by that
man," Joel Hayward, letter to the University of Canterbury Working Party, 25 September 2000, pp. 3-4. It came to wider attention only after a copy apparently was removed from the Canterbury
University library, illegally photocopied and distributed. This act of theft was apparently never investigated by the authorities.
[41] David Zwartz, president of the New Zealand Jewish Council put it bluntly: "We lay full responsibility on the experienced professional historians at the university whose job was to guide and assess his
[Hayward's] work," "Making History" The Press (20 May 2000), p. 2. Astonishment later was expressed that Orange had been appointed convener of the History department Research Committee which
oversees all thesis proposals. "Historian in thesis post" The Press (10 June 2000), p. 8. Elsewhere, Orange's resignation was called for. "Shonky thesis a dire scandal" Sunday Star-Times (14 January 2001),
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Monday 18 December 2000 the Council adopted the... Report from the Working Party and approved its public release," Daryl LeGrew, letter to Vincent Orange, 19 December 2000.
[46] For example, Ian Catanach and Marie Peters to Vincent Orange, 30 December 2000. A dozen other scholars from around the country expressed their disapproval, some in strident terms.
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thesis but only afterwards read it. Elsewhere, "I have no hesitation in endorsing the New Zealand Jewish Council's condemnation of [Hayward's] University of Canterbury MA thesis," Greg Ryan, letter to
the editor, The Press (5 May 2000), p. 4. A month later (6 June), Ryan, a lecturer at Lincoln University, admitted to a member of the Canterbury History department he had not read the Hayward thesis. See
also Chris Connolly, "Submission on Joel Hayward's Thesis," p. 5.
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2001 consists of approximately 144 pages.
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of the documents also acknowledged by Stuart Macintyre, letter to Vincent Orange, 12 June 2000, p. 1. The documents again are referred to in some detail in Orange"s letter to "Ian Barker and Colleagues" on
16 July 2000, pp. 1-4.
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[56] The materials evidently were placed in the University archives. Chancellor Phyllis Guthardt, letter to Vincent Orange, 30 April 2001.
[57] "We feel that the Department should be 'closed lip' if approached by any media. Also we should wait until we have heard from the VC [vice chancellor], as to what we should say to the media," Judy
Robertson (on behalf of Miles Fairburn, head of the department of history), letter to all history staff, 20 April 2000. This was the basis for Orange declining to appear in a proposed segment of the 60
Minutes television programme. Vincent Orange, letter to Melanie Jones, 5 August 2000. A similar communiqu was circulated throughout the History Department on 2 February 2001 and again on 23
October 2002: "We are to give 'no comment' and if anyone is persistent refer them to... the Registry."
[58] Evans was supplied with the examiners' reports on Hayward's thesis as well as Vincent Orange's letter to the Canterbury Chancellor (21 April 2000) by Macfarlane, Dougall, Stringer, barristers and
solicitors, and asked by David Zwartz to examine and comment on them. Richard J. Evans, letter to David Zwartz, 19 September 2000, p. 1. Evans concluded that all three documents are problematic,
essentially repeating his arguments detailed in his report on the thesis.
[59] "Submission to the University of Canterbury Working Party on the Joel Hayward MA Thesis," (undated) consisting of seventy statements.
[60] There is some dispute over this last point. "Holocaust thesis investigated" The Press (27 April 2000) stated the Jewish Council wanted the thesis removed from the library but Mike Regan of the New
Zealand Jewish Council denied it (Canta 3 May 2000), as did David Zwartz. "Flawed arguments" Sunday Star-Times (28 May 2000) and in his letter to Chancellor Phyllis Guthardt, 4 April 2000, p. 2.
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between $150,000 and $200,000 and in "An open letter to our community from the University of Canterbury", 22 December 2000.
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[71] "Varsity leader defends historian" The New Zealand Herald (15-16 April 2000) wherein Pro Vice Chancellor Barrie Macdonald of Massey University affirmed the high regard the university had for
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who devoted forty years to Canterbury.
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shortly thereafter dismissed Bing"s suggestions as "Trivial to-do" The Press (29 October 2002). One wonders why editors of a leading newspaper permitted a "trivial" matter to appear on the front page or
composed an editorial on the same "trivial" subject?
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what basis can these criteria be considered binding?
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[85] Neither Joel Hayward nor Vincent Orange has been associated with the preparation of this article and neither has seen it prior to publication.
IHR The 'Holocaust' Put in Perspective By Austin J. App top
The 'Holocaust' Put in Perspective By Austin J. App I am highly gratified -- and I am sure all the other speakers are too -- that the Institute for Historical Review had the inspiration and the courage to
organize this 1979 rev-isionist Convention. It is badly needed and long overdue. Every major war is conducted on tidal waves of propaganda, fair and foul. World War II, because it involved almost the whole
world, and because the victors insisted on Unconditional Surrender, and because their side included the two most vengeful and vindictive ideologies in the world, Bolshevism and Zionism, also was guilty of
the most shameless and unscrupulous propaganda so far on record. In part because of the never-forget -- never-forgive mentality, World War II Allied atrocity propaganda has not ebbed down but kept in high
tide, as with the recent phony documentary the NBC-TV Holocaust. Therefore Historical rev-isionism is more important than after any other war: the more atrocity -- and hate-mongering vitiate the terms of
peace, as at Yalta and Potsdam, the more rev-isionism is needed to heal the wounds. The Institute for Historical Review does a vital service both to historical scholarship and also to basic values. Since 1946,
when mostly from small back-page items in brave little publications, I soon was sickened by mountains of evidence of the bestialities of the victors, especially the Soviet-Russians. In anger I
published Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe. The subtitle was: "The Big Three Liberators at Work Having a Wonderful Time Raping and Debauching the Women of Germany, Austria and Hungary;
Re-Educating Them to Become Good Christians." I followed this with History's Most Terrifying Peace. I got thousands and thousands of grateful letters. But I also discovered what hatred and recriminations
historical truth provokes among the vindictive vipers in public affairs and in the press! For me it feels good after thirteen years to see California again. In June 1966 I spoke at the San Diego Mann Jr. High
School on "Police Brutality a Phony Cry." But even farther back, in 1923-24 I spent a year in San Francisco, which climaxed with my taking a national scholarship examination (at St. Mary's College). What I
won was a Knights of Columbus four-year full Fellowship to the Catholic University of America, in D.C., a milestone in my career. Being here today unrolls the kaleidoscope of a lifetime before me. More
EUSTACE MULLINS: THE SECRET HOLOCAUST Eustace Mullins Posted July 8, 2009 Eustace Mullins is a veteran of the United States Air Force, with thirty-eight months of active service during World War
II. A native Virginian, he was educated at Washington and Lee University, New York University, Ohio University, the University of North Dakota, the Escuelas des Bellas Artes, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and
the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Washington, D.C. THE SECRET HOLOCAUST The devastation of civilization to date by the rapacious hordes of Godless Communism, as well as their planned annihilation of
all non-Jewish societies and political organizations, began to ravage the world in the nineteenth century. It has resulted in incredible suffering and death for many millions of Christian victims in many parts of the
world. Yet as these Christian victims lie in their graves, unmourned and unknown, a new class of international citizens, (the creators of Marxist terrorism), profess to be the only "victims" who have endured suffering
in the past one hundred and fifty years. They command the world to weep for them, because they control the world. These harbingers of terror claim to be "refugees", since they had no nation of their own, but
infested the civilized societies in every part of the world for two thousand years, bringing with them, in every instance, disease and death. They have emerged from one shattered nation after another, not as refugees,
but as the final victors, bearing away their loot, and scurrying through ports which they have created and which they alone know how to follow, until they come to another host nation. With them they bring, like the
medieval Bubonic Plagues, (an infection which they were accused of spreading), a terrible contamination, an infestation which quickly spreads through the new host country, and fells all who become its victims. This
plague is world Communism, and its known carriers, the furry scavengers who have found their way through the sewers into every civilized place, are the international Jews. P. D. . We are asked to weep only for the
Jews, and to ignore the many millions of actual victims of world terrorism in the past one hundred and fifty years, a chronicle of such horror that one scarcely can bear to put down this bloodstained record, not
merely in fear that the world might put away its business in order to mourn these countless victims of international Communist terrorism, but that the tragic fate of these innocents, most of them women and children,
is one of such pathos that one's heart could break from the full impact of its terrifying implications for everyone alive today. One of the first victims of the international financiers, shortly after publication of the
Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx in 1848, was the Southern civilization of the United States. White immigrants had wrested from a hostile territory the means to create a gracious culture, one which the ruder and
more unlettered sections of the new Republic could only gape at in admiration, an admiration, however, which soon turned to envy and then hatred. This hatred brought armies into the American South, bearing the
terrorists who, unknown at that time, were the first Communist totalitarians determined to wreak their hatred and policies of annihilation on all civilized people. M JO Mtfa-n American Jewry and the Civil War
Bertram W. Korn Introduction by Allan Nevlns with a raw chapter by ths author
Iron Light Is Elie Wiesel an impostor?
On 3 March 2009, a Hungarian website published an article entitled Mg mindig ksrti a halltbor (The extermination camp is still tempting)[2] and outlining important revelations by Mikls Grner, a former
deportee to Auschwitz. The article was translated and appeared the following day under the title Auschwitz Survivor Claims Elie Wiesel is an Impostor[3]. The text reads as follows:
In May 1944 , when Miklos Gruner was 15, he was deported from Hungary to Auschwitz-Birkenau with his mother and father as well as both a younger and an elder brother. He says that his mother and his younger
brother were immediately gassed after their arrival in the camp. Then he, his elder brother and their father had an inmate number tattooed on their arms and were sent to perform hard work in a synthetic fuel factory
linked to IG Farben where the father died six months later. After that, the elder brother was sent to Mauthausen and, as the young Miklos was then alone, two elder Jewish inmates who were also Hungarians and
friends with his late father took him under their protection. These two protectors of the young Miklos were the Lazar and Abraham Wiesel brothers.
In the following months, Miklos Gruner and the Wiesel brothers became good friends. Lazar Wiesel was 31 years old in 1944. Miklos never forgot the number Lazar was tattooed with by the Nazis: A-7713. In January
1945, as the Russian army was coming, the inmates were transferred to Buchenwald. During the ten days this transfer took, partly by foot, partly by train, more than half of the inmates died and amongst them was
Abraham, the elder brother of Lazar Wiesel. In April 8, 1945, the US army liberated Buchenwald. Miklos and Lazar were amongst the survivors of the camp. As Miklos had tuberculosis, he was sent in a Swiss clinic
and therefore was separated from Lazar. After recovering, Miklos emigrated to Australia while his elder brother, who also survived the war, established himself in Sweden.
Years later, in 1986, Miklos was contacted by the Swedish journal Sydsvenska Dagbladet in Malmo and invited to meet an old friend named Elie WieselAs Miklos answered that he doesnt know anyone with this
name, he was told Elie Wiesel was the same person Miklos knew in the Nazi camps under the name Lazar Wiesel and with the inmate number A-7713Miklos still remembered that number and he was therefore
convinced at that point that he was going to meet his old friend Lazar and happily accepted the invitation to meet him at the Savoj Hotel in Stockholm on December 14, 1986. Miklos recalls:
I was very happy at the idea of meeting Lazar but when I confronted the so-called Elie Wiesel, I was stunned to see a man I didnt recognize at all, who didnt even speak Hungarian or Yiddish and instead he was
speaking English in a strong French accent. Therefore our meeting was over in about ten minutes. As a goodbye gift, the man gave me his book entitled Night of which he claimed to be the author. I accepted the book
I didnt know at that time but told everyone there that this man was not the person he pretended to be!
Miklos recalls that during this strange meeting, Elie Wiesel refused to show him the tattooed number on his arm, saying he didnt want to exhibit his body. Miklos adds that Elie Wiesel showed his tattooed number
afterward to an Israeli journalist who Miklos met and this journalist told Miklos that he didnt have time to identify the number butwas certain it wasnt a tattoo. Miklos says:
After that meeting with Elie Wiesel, I spent twenty years of research and found out that the man calling himself Elie Wiesel has never been in a Nazi concentration camp since he was not included in any official list of
Miklos also found out that the book Elie Wiesel gave him in 1986 as something he has written himself was in fact written in Hungarian in 1955 by Miklos old friend Lazar Wiesel and published in Paris under the title
Un di Velt hot Gesvigen, meaning approximately The World Kept Silent. The book was then shortened and rewritten in French as well as in English in order to be published under the authors name Elie Wiesel in
1958, under the french title La Nuit and the English title Night. Ten million copies of the book were sold in the world by Elie Wiesel who even received a Nobel Peace prize for it in 1986 while says Miklos the
real author Lazar Wiesel was mysteriously missing
Elie Wiesel never wanted to meet me again, says Miklos. He became very successful; he takes 25 thousand dollars for a 45 minutes speech on the Holocaust. I have officially reported to the FBI in Los Angeles. I
have also complained to governments and media, in the US and Sweden with no result.
I have received anonymous calls telling me I could be shot if I don`t shut up but I am not afraid of death any more. I have deposited the whole dossier in four different countries and, if I died suddenly, they would be
made public. The world must know that Elie Wiesel is an impostor and I am going to tell it, I am going to publish the truth in a book called Stolen Identity A7713.
Mikls Grners declarations have been repeated many times, but have not caused any major research effort. We will thus scrutinize them critically but soberly.
First of all, some biographical data on Elie Wiesel:
Born on 30 September 1928 at Sighet in Romania, the son of Shlomo and Sarah Frig, the daughter of Dodye Feig, deported to Birkenau on 16 May 1944.[4]
The most important point to be verified is the reliability of the accuser. What can be considered established on the subject of Mikls Grner is the fact that he was at Buchenwald in May of 1945. In a Concentration
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Camp Inmates Questionnaire of the Military Government of Germany, we have an entry giving his name, and the date of his birth 6 April 1928 also conforms. The ID number is handwritten in the upper left
hand corner: 120762.[5] More Coincidentally, this fall marked the 75th anniversary of the Mercury Theater of the Airs broadcast of War of The Worlds, when Orson Welles and his talented players used the
conventions of the new-ish medium of radio to fool at least some unsuspecting Americans into believing their Halloween broadcast was actually a Martian invasion.[1]

Wikipedia Raul Hilberg ... Raul Hilberg ...Destruction of European Jews ... Droemer Knaur ... decided against publication, due to the work's documentation of certain
episodes of cooperation by Jewish authorities with the executors of the Holocaust material which the editors said would only play into the hands of the antisemitic right
wing in Germany. Hilberg dismissed this fear as "nonsense". ... finally came out in German edition in 1982... Hillberg was raised Polish Jewish but became an atheist, family,
Anschluss, Austria, Cuba, WWII to escape Hitler, encounter with Stephen Wise, Columbia University, more interested in perpetrators of holocaust than victims, President
Carter's Commission on the Holocaust, holocaust scholar, Geschwister-Scholl-Preis award. Hilberg not religious, attended Ohavi Zedek, "Jews are the conscience of the
world"... interviewd by Claude Lanzmann's Shoah, a strong supporter of Norman Finkelstein's Holocaust Industry, made posthumous appearance in American Radical: The
Trials of Norman Finkelstein, died of lung cancer, a life long Republican,

YouTube The General's Son. Miko Peled is a peace activist who dares to say in public what others still choose to deny. Born in Jerusalem in 1961 into a well known Zionist family, his grandfather, Dr. Avraham
Katsnelson was a Zionist leader and signer of the Israeli Declaration of Independence. His Father, Matti Peled, was a young officer in the war of 1948 and a general in the war of 1967 when Israel conquered the West
Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights and Sinai. Miko's unlikely opinions reflect his father's legacy. General Peled was a war hero turned peacemaker. Miko grew up in Jerusalem, a multi-ethnic city, but had to leave Israel
before he made his first Palestinian friend, the result of his participation in a dialogue group in California. He was 39. On September 4, 1997 the beloved Smadar, 13, the daughter of Miko's sister Nurit and her husband
Rami Elhanan was killed in a suicide attack. Peled insists that Israel/Palestine is one statethe separation wall notwithstanding, massive investment in infrastructure, towns and highways that bisect and connect
settlements on the West Bank, have destroyed the possibility for a viable Palestinian state. The result, Peled says is that Israelis and Palestinians are governed by the same government but live under different sets of
laws. At the heart of Peled's conclusion lies the realization that Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace as equals in their shared homeland. All rights-Alternate Focus under educational learning aid.

InsideHigherEducation Academic Freedom and Holocaust Denial ... A Pennsylvania English professor whose anti-Israel rhetoric and denial of the Holocaust as a historic certainty have ignited controversy is citing
academic freedom as his defense. Kaukab Siddique, associate professor of English and journalism at Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, appeared last month at a pro-Palestinian rally in Washington, where he called
the state of Israel illegitimate. I say to the Muslims, Dear brothers and sisters, unite and rise up against this hydra-headed monster which calls itself Zionism, he said at a rally on Sept. 3. Each one of us is their
target and we must stand united to defeat, to destroy, to dismantle Israel -- if possible by peaceful means, he added. Read more: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2010/10/26/siddique#ixzz2rE6YbBN4 Inside
Higher Ed search terms: anti-Israel rhetoric, Holocaust was a hoax, example of a questing mind asking tough questions, freedom of expression, fire bombing, Hiroshima, Nagazaki, moral ambiguity of war, look at both
sides, part of being a professor, avoid topic in classes, Siddique's comments and conservative Christians, CBN, Pat Robertson, Siddique's positions similar to Carter's, extreme right wing defense of Israel, death
threats, dumbing down of discourse, expressed views do not represent Lincoln University, a black college,

Metapedia Anti-Semitism (also spelled antisemitism) is a term and contemporary epithet which has been used in a variety of contexts by different people and organisations, though it was originally invented in 1860
by a liberal Jew named Moritz Steinschneider, the son of a Talmudist born in Moravia. In its initial coining, it was applied in a criticism of Ernest Renan's contrast of Semites and Indo-Europeans, though at this stage
was in a wider more general context than just opposition to Jewishness. It was the socialist Wilhelm Marr who popularised the term in the 1870s with his League of Anti-Semites, applying it to himself in a positive
sense primarily in his attacks on Jewish finance, but also in regard to their non-assimilationism in wider society. The earliest self-identifying "anti-semites" or those figures whom the term was applied to, were
generally non-Marxian socialists who came to regard Jewishness and its values system, as the most anti-social form of the unrestrained bourgeoisie following the Industrial Revolution. This had coincided with the
ascent of various monopolistic Jewish financial dynasties in Europe and soon North America following their "emancipation". For a time, the phrase was adopted by certain integral nationalists, especially in France
such as Action Franaise. The phrase had its critics from the start and was regarded as inaccurate by people such as Eugen Dhring and largely fell out of use as a self-identifying term by the 1920s. "Anti-anti-
semitism" has led to mass murder on an industrial scale; following the Jewish coup d'etat in Russia in 1917 for instance, so-called "anti-semitism" was a "crime" punishable by death, often by shooting in the back of
the head. Today the thought police continue their war against people who criticise the legion of Jewish crimes against humanity by throwing "anti-semites" into modern gulags (ie - prisons) in many parts of Europe or
bring them to ruin financially. While in other parts of the world, particularly the United States, social ostracism is enforced. Because Jews believe they are a race "chosen" by God above the rest of humanity, they
believe they can commit atrocities with impunity and the mere goyim have no business asking them to limit or take account of their grotesque behavior.

Lulu Dr. Herman Greife Jewish-Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union ...An anti-Communist book from 1937 which revealed that Communist Jews were the commandants of 11 out of the 12 main Stalinist-
era Gulags, or concentration camps, including the camp system directors Matvei Berman and Hershel Jehuda. Ultimately, some 14 million people would be detained in the 53 camps which operated from 1934 to
1953. According to official Soviet data, some 1,053,829 people died in the camps from various causes. The modern-day Russian industrial cities of the Arctic, such as Norilsk, Vorkuta, and Magadan, were originally
Gulags. Contents Introduction to the 2011 edition by Francis Dupont ; Introduction to the 1999 Edition by Dr. E.R. Fields; About This Book; Foreword to the 1937 Edition; Preface to the 1937 Edition; Chapter
One: The Jewish Terror Grips Russia; Chapter Two: The Origin of the Compulsion Workers; Chapter Three: The Cry for Redemption of the Exiles; Chapter Four: The Division of the Compulsion Workers; Chapter
Five: The Construction of the Stalin White Sea Canal; ...
and Wikipedia Berman was the son of a Jewish brickyard owner. He joined the Russian army and entered the military school in Irkutsk. He then became a cadet of the 25th Reserve infantry regiment. Berman joined
the Bolsheviks in June 1917. In 1918 he joined the Red Army and was stationed in Tomsk and in June was working in a propaganda unit. In August 1918 he joined the Cheka and was named chief of state security in
the city of Glazov. From 1923 to 1924 he was People's Commissar for State Security in the Buryat-Mongol Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. He then led the OGPU in Central Asia. From February 1927 to
October 1927 he was the chairman of the OGPU in the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. In November 1929 he helped develop the GULAG system of camps and became deputy chief of the GULAG in 1930. From
June 9, 1932 to August 17, 1937 he was head of the GULAG.[1] He was awarded the Order of Lenin on August 4, 1933, soon after the completion of the White Sea Baltic Canal. By 1935, by his own count,
Berman was in charge of over 740,000 prisoners working on 15 major projects in the GULAG. After the fall of Genrikh Yagoda, Berman continued to rise in the hierarchy of the NKVD and he held the offices of head
construction of the Moscow-Volga Canal and Deputy head of the NKVD in 1936-1937. In August 1937, Berman's fall began in the time of the Great Terror. On August 17, 1937, he lost his position as head of the
GULAG and was appointed People's Commissar of Posts and Telecommunications (Russian: ). On December 23, 1938, he was expelled from the Soviet Communist Party, arrested the next day in the
office of Georgi Malenkov, and sent to prison at Lubyanka. He was found guilty by the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR of belonging to a "terrorist and sabotage organization" and shot on
March 7, 1939 at Kommunarka. On October 17, 1957 Berman was legally rehabilitated. Matvei's younger brother, Boris, also worked for the NKVD and the GULAG in supervisory positions. Boris was awarded
the Order of Lenin on December 19, 1937, arrested on September 24, 1938 and executed on February 22, 1939. He was not rehabilitated.

JFK Assassination and Academic FreedomArticles top
The JFK War: CBS endorses magic bullet absurdity
JFK visited grave of another murdered U.S. leader
The Bronfmans and the JFK Assassination .. a ban on 'Final Judgment"
Countering Criticism of the Warren Report, FBI, FOIA
VeteransToday The JFK War: CBS endorses magic bullet absurdity ... by James Fetzer
Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter howimprobable, must be the truthSherlock Holmes The latest defense of the magic bullet
absurdity comes fromCBS, which featured a father and son combination who claimto have used newforensic technology to demonstrate that The Warren
Report((1964) had it right when it posited the magic bullet scenario, where one bullet passes through JFKs neck and exits his throat to enter the back of Texas
Gov. John Connally. The distinctive feature of this reenactment may be its emphasis on the three feet between JFKand Connally as though what happened from
the time it hit the back of his neck and exited his throat did not matter. But the fact of the matter is that the magic bullet scenario is a fantasy: the hit to JFKs back
was 5.5 belowthe collar to the right of the spinal column, as J. Thorton Boswells autopsy diagram(above) displays. And if a bullet had hit at the base of the back
of his neck, it could not possibly have transited his neck without hitting any bony structures, because cervical vertebrea intervene. The magic bullet theory is not
even anatomically possible. So when we followSherlocks maxim, then we are going to have to look elsewhere, because once we have eliminate the impossible, the
theory is no longer tenableno matter howmany times it is reasserted. ... MORE
HiddenMysteries The Bronfmans and the JFK Assassination ... a ban on 'Final Judgment"
Aban on `Final Judgment'
Michael Piper's book on JFK's assassination creates a huge controversy on campus
Michael Piper was one of the scheduled speakers at a seminar that was cancelled at the South Orange County Community College District. Piper is the author of
"Final Judgment."
Speakers on the JFKassassination have been popular on American campuses for 30 years. Yet, the thesis of my book - "Final Judgment" - is one that some don't
want students to even hear: that Israel's spy agency, the Mossad, played a role with the CIAand the Meyer Lansky crime syndicate in the murder of President
My book is not yet "banned in Boston," but it is banned in Orange County, so it seems. The very week the American Library Association and the National
Association of College Stores sponsored "Banned Books Week," controversy raged in Orange County because some were upset that Steve Frogue, president of the
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South Orange County Community College District (SOCCD) trustees, had invited me to discuss "Final Judgment" at an SOCCDseminar on the JFKassassination.
Although heavy-handed lobbying forced cancellation of the seminar, there's nowa drive to remove Frogue fromoffice for believing in our Constitution's guarantee that
Americans have the right to express differing points of view.
Israeli diplomat Uri Palti says "Final Judgment" is "nonsense." Yet, contradictorily, critics still declare my discoveries "dangerous" - that my findings shouldn't be heard
by "impressionable" kids.
Unfortunately, because of what critics allege, many people believe I "deny the Holocaust," which is not true. However, for the record, my book does not discuss the
Here is what "Final Judgment" contends:
In 1963, JFKwas embroiled in a bitter (then secret) conflict with Israeli leader David Ben-Gurion over Israel's drive to build the atomic bomb; that Ben-Gurion
resigned in disgust, having told JFKthat because of JFK's policies, Israel's "existence [was] in danger." Upon JFK's assassination, U.S. policy toward Israel began an
immediate 180-degree turnaround.
This is all documented by Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh in "The Samson Option," by AndrewCockburn in "Dangerous Liaison," and by Stephen Green in
"Taking Sides" - each a respected historian. Where, then, is the "Israeli connection" to the assassination? The fact is that when NewOrleans DAJimGarrison
prosecuted Clay Shawwith conspiracy in the JFKassassination, Garrison stumbled upon the Mossad link.
WMR JFK visited grave of another murdered U.S. leader six months before his own
assassination December 4-5, 2013 -- top
The 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy brought to light another infamous assassination: the defenestration killing of America's first Secretary of Defense, James V. Forrestal,
on May 22, 1949.
Shortly after his discharge from the U.S. Navy following the end of World War II, Kennedy became a special assistant to Forrestal, was serving as Secretary of the Navy. Just a few months after Germany's
surrender, Kennedy accompanied Forrestal to Berlin.
Forrestal shared many of his thoughts with Kennedy, including how he was opposed to President Harry Truman's decision to reject peace feelers from Japan for a semi-conditional surrender and opt to drop
atomic bombs on the devastated country.
Some of Japan's peace feelers were extended to the West via the Vatican's Apostolic Nuncio in Tokyo. Forrestal and Kennedy had something else in common: both were devout Roman Catholics who not
only believed the Japanese peace feelers directed through the Pope should have been accepted by Truman, but who felt that Japan would agree to a partial unconditional surrender, with the only provision
being that Emperor Hirohito, who Americans had been programmed to hate during the war, would remain as spiritual leader. The plan envisaged Hirohito taking his orders from the Allied occupation
authorities. In fact, that is exactly what occurred, even with the dropping of the A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Ironically,. Kennedy's only surviving child, Caroline Kennedy, now serves as the U.S.
ambassador to Japan.
Today, President Obama is the first U.S. president to engage in a bitter feud with an Israeli Prime Minister (over the Iranian nuclear deal) since President Kennedy, in a series of letters to Israeli Prime
Minister David Ben Gurion, scolded Israel for trying to obtain the materials to develop nuclear weapons.
On May 18, 1963, Kennedy sent the following letter to Ben Gurion on the issue of Israel's secretive operations at the Dimona nuclear facility in the Negev:
I have received from Ambassador Barbour a report of his conversation with you on May 14 regarding the arrangements for visiting the Dimona reactor. I should like to add some personal comments on that
I am sure you will agree that there is no more urgent business for the whole world than the control of nuclear weapons. We both recognized this when we talked together two years ago, and I emphasized it
again when I met with Mrs. Meir just after Christmas. The dangers in the proliferation of national nuclear weapons systems are so obvious that I am sure I need not repeat them here.
"It is because of our preoccupation with this problem that my Government has sought to arrange with you for periodic visits to Dimona. When we spoke together in May 1961 you said that we might make
whatever use we wished of the information resulting from the first visit of American scientists to Dimona and that you would agree to further visits by neutrals as well. I had assumed from Mrs. Meir's
comment that there would be no problem between us on this.
"We are concerned with the disturbing effects on world stability which would accompany the development of a nuclear weapons capability by Israel. I cannot imagine that the Arabs would refrain from
turning to the Soviet Union for assistance if Israel were to develop a nuclear weapons capability--with all the consequences this would hold. But the problem is much larger than its impact on the Middle
East. Development of a nuclear weapons capability by Israel would almost certainly lead other larger countries, that have so far refrained from such development, to feel that they must follow suit.
From 1945 to 1948, Kennedy and his old friend Forrestal shared something else in common beyond their opposition to Truman's atomic bombing of Japan, opposition to the United Nations plan for the
division of the British mandate in Palestine between a Jewish and an Arab state. Forrestal, who had the backing of Secretary of State George Marshall and more quietly, General Dwight Eisenhower, believed
that Palestine should become independent as a federal state having no sectarian affiliations. A federal Palestine with special rights for Christians, Jews, and Muslims was also the goal of the Vatican, which
wanted to ensure protection for Christian sites in Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine. General George S. Patton was also known to be opposed to the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine. He died on
December 21, 1945 in Heidelberg, Germany after suffering injuries from a suspicious vehicle crash on December 8, 1945 involving his staff car and a truck. Patton, who was paralyzed, was not permitted any
outside visitors other than his wife.
Patton may have met with Forrestal and Kennedy during their summer visit to Germany and had discussions on the Palestine "problem" during a time frame when hundreds of thousands of European Jewish
survivors of the war were embarking on ships to Palestine and threatening to unleash a cascading effect of turmoil with the Arab nations of the region.
Forrestal in Berlin, summer of 1945. In the rear, second from the right is U.S. congressional candidate and Forrestal confidante John F. Kennedy.
Truman's old Army friend and haberdasher business partner, Edward Jacobson, pressured Truman to support the creation of Israel. Truman cast aside the protests from his Secretaries of State and Defense
and caved to Jacobson's pressure and agreed to acceded to Zionist demands. When Truman was wavering on support for Israel, Jacobson told Truman, "Your hero is Andrew Jackson. I have a hero too. He's
the greatest Jew alive. I'm talking about Chaim Weizmann. He's an old man and very sick, and he has traveled thousands of miles to see you. And now you're putting him off. This isn't like you, Harry." After
Truman met Weizmann, he decided to support Palestinian partition and recognize Israel in 1948. It was later discovered that the Jewish Palestinian terrorist group, the Stern Gang, sent letter bombs to the
White House in an attempt to kill Truman. The Secret Service successfully defused all the bombs. Apparently, between Jacobson's soft glove approach and the Stern Gang's hard punches, Truman got the
The move by Truman to support the creation of Israel infuriated Forrestal. He held a series of meetings with Truman's Republican opponent for the presidency Governor Tom Dewey of New York. Dewey
apparently agreed with Forrestal's opposition to Israel and promised that if he was elected in 1948, as everyone expected he would be, Forrestal would remain as Secretary of Defense and relations with Israel
would be minimized. Ben Gurion declared Israel and independent state on May 14, 1948.
After word leaked out about the Forrestal-Dewey meetings, mostly because "Washington Merry-Go-Round" columnist Drew Pearson and gossip columnist Walter Winchell succumbed to pressure from
Zionist elements within the media, especially Pearson's United Features syndication network and Winchell's American Broadcasting Company radio network, Truman pressured Forrestal to resign as
Secretary of Defense on March 28, 1949.
When Zionist interests discovered that Dewey and Forrestal were conspiring against Israel's interests, Jewish donors who had pledged their support to Dewey pulled it and threw their money behind
Truman. It was that move, more than anything else, that saw truman come from behind to defeat Dewey, notwithstanding the Chicago Daily Tribune's famous November 3, 1948 headline, "Dewey Defeats
Kennedy was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1946 and continued to remain a close confidante of Forrestal. Forrestal reportedly went into some sort of state of severe depression and was
flown to the private Hobe Sound, Florida estate of Undersecretary of State Robert Lovett, who was also a close friend of the Kennedys.
A few days after his trip to Florida, Forrestal was admitted to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. On May 22, 1949, Forrestal's body was found on the third floor roof of the hospital. Navy officials
immediately reported that Forrestal had committed suicide by jumping from a 16th floor window of a kitchen directly across the hall from his hospital room.
Forrestal was branded in the media as a paranoid and crazed individuals who believed "Zionist agents" were out to get him after his criticism of U.S. support for the creation of israel. In subsequent years,
authors and journalists who investigated Forrestal's death as an assassination were branded "conspiracy theorists" in the same manner those who questioned the Warren Commission's conclusions about the
death of Kennedy were similarly libeled and slandered.
Evidence surfaced in later years that Forrestal was being shadowed by agents of international Zionism, including the tailing of his official limousine in 1947 and 1948 by two men, masquerading as news
photographers, who possibly had ties to the Jewish terrorist group Irgun Zvai Leumi, of which Menachem Begin, a later Israeli Prime Minister who was a headache for President Jimmy Carter, was a leader.
British intelligence documents revealed that the Irgun had targeted two British Foreign Secretaries, both opposed to Palestinian partition and forced population transfers, for assassination. They were
Anthony Eden and Ernest Bevin.
In 1956, President Eisenhower also broke with the Israelis over the Israeli-French-British invasion of Egypt and the occupation of the Sinai peninsula and Suez Canal.
As with Patton, Forrestal's visitation list at Bethesda was highly restricted. Only his wife and sons were allowed to visit him, along with people he despised and wouldn't have wanted to have seen under any
circumstances: Harry Truman; his replacement as Secretary of Defense, Louis Johnson; U.S. intelligence chief Admiral Sidney Sours; and someone he hardly knew, Texas U.S. Representative Lyndon
Johnson, who was a major supporter of the Israeli cause. After President Kennedy banned the sale or transfer of nuclear materials to Israel, one of Lyndon Johnson's first acts as president was to lift the ban
and allow for the "approved theft" of uranium and plutonium from U.S. nuclear fuel caches.
On May 22, 1963, just four days after Kennedy sent the "cease and desist" letter to Ben Gurion, demanding Israel halt its development of nuclear weapons, the President paid a visit to Arlington National
Cemetery and the grave site of Forrestal on the 14th anniversary of the "defenestration of Bethesda." It is odd that the President of the United States would have made a pilgrimage to the grave site during a
time when suicide and its causes was still a verboten subject in the media. Also, suicide was and still is considered a sinful act by the Catholic Church, of which Kennedy was a devout communicant. Henry
Forrestal, James's brother, stated, in no uncertain terms, that his brother would never have committed suicide. One of the Catholic priests who arrived at Bethesda after Forrestal's death also suspected
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Kennedy's visit to the Forrestal grave can only be explained by his belief that Forrestal was assassinated and did not take his own life. Kennedy's problems with Ben Gurion also likely reminded him of
Forrestal's protestations that U.S. support for Israel would only bring about calamity for the world.
A haunting image: President John F. Kennedy at the Arlington grave site of former Secretary of Defense James Forrestal on May 22, 1963. Exactly six months later, Kennedy would be assassinated in Dallas
and three days after that he'd be laid to rest near Forrestal. What secrets, especially about Israel, did these leaders take to their graves?
Exactly six months after Kennedy's visit to Forrestal's grave, the young president would be cut down by gunfire in Dallas. Two well-known Zionists would figure into the events surrounding the president's
assassination: Abraham Zapruder, who "documented the event" with his Bell and Howell Zoomatic camera and who was a business associate of George deMohrenschildt, the accused assassin's "handler," and
Jacob Rubenstein, aka Jack Ruby, who would easily and without police interference assassinate the alleged "lone nut gunman" Lee Harvey Oswald before he could come to trial.
Postscript: President Barack Obama has engendered bitter hatred from Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The last time an Israeli Prime Minister was so vehemently opposed to a U.S. President
was David Ben-Gurion and his opposition to John F. Kennedy's ban on nuclear cooperation with Israel. Now, the issue with Israel remains nuclear weapons but it is an agreement to halt Iran's nuclear
program over the objections of the Israelis. Barack Obama is the President of the United States and Americans of every stripe should support our President in any principled showdown with any foreign
leader, especially someone of the ilk of Netanyahu. Whatever our differences with the President on other issues, he deserves the support of every American vis a vis Israel. And we should all pray for the
President's security and safety because Israel will have no problem striking out at America's leaders in the future in the same manner as it has done in the past.
Jim Fetzer, VeteransToday ...JFK, the CIA and The New York Times ...Umbrella Man interview
The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media. William Colby, former CIA Director
In 1977, Carl Bernstein, who would subsequently co-author All the Presidents Men (1994) with Bob Woodward, one of the most celebrated books in American political history, published The CIA and
the Media, Rolling Stone (October 20, 1977), reporting that, with respect to its infiltration of the American media, By far the most valuable of these associations, according to CIA officials, have been with
the New York Times, CBS and Time Inc. Those who lent their cooperation to the agency were Williarn Paley of the CBS, Henry Luce of Time Inc., Arthur Hays Sulzberger of The New York Times, Barry
BinghamSr. of the LouisviIle Courier Journal, and James Copley of the Copley News Service. Other organizations which cooperated with the CIA included ABC, NBC, the AP, the UPI, Reuters, Hearst
Newspapers, Scripps Howard, Newsweek, the Mutual Broadcasting System, the Miami Herald and the old Saturday Evening Post and New York Herald Tribune. It was therefore fascinating to discover
that The New York Times, which has a history of suppressing research on the assassination of JFK, was publishing The Umbrella Man: A video interview with the author of SIX SECONDS IN
DALLAS (1967), widely regarded as a classic of conspiracy research on the assassination of JFK.
Its author, Josiah Thompson (whose nickname is Tink), was at one time a professor of philosophy at Haverford College and, when I returned from 13 months in the Far East with the 1st Battalion, 12th
Marines, 3rd Marine Division, where we had been anchored out in Kauschung Harbor in Formosa (now Taichung Harbor, Taiwan), where I had been awakened at 3:30 AMby the officer of the deck who told
me that JFK had been shot and, then again, an hour later that they had caught the guy who had done it, who was a communist, which I thought at the time was pretty fast work, I obtained a copy of his
book while stationed at the USMC Recruit Depot in San Diego as a series commander, supervising 15 DIs and 300 recruits going through the training cycle, which I read with great interest, especially because
I had earned my A.B. at Princeton in philosophy and, like myself, Tink had served in the Navy (in the UDT rather than the Marine Corps) and was doing research on JFK, which was attracting my interest
as well. MORE
Countering Criticism of the Warren Report ... 1 April 1967 SlideShare, Namebase
JFK 01, p.1
Chiefs, Certain Stations and Bases
Document Number 1035-960
for FOIA Review on Sep 1976
SUBJECT: Countering Criticism of the Warren Report
For Oswald file! 2 copies
This was pulled together by ... in close conjunction with.... We furnished most of the source material, proposed many of the themes, and provided general "expertise" on the case. The Spectator article was
written 23 Jan 1967
1. Our Concern. From the day of President Kennedy's assassination on, there has been speculation about the responsibility for his murder. Although this was stemmed for a time by the Warren Commission
report (which appeared at the end of September 1964), various writers have now had time to scan the Commission's published report and documents for new pretexts for questioning, and there has been a
new wave of books and articles criticizing the Commission's findings. In most cases the critics have speculated as to the existence of some kind of conspiracy, and often they have implied that the
Commission itself was involved. Presumably as a result of the increasing challenge to the Warren Commission's Report, a public opinion poll recently indicated that 46%of the American public did not think
that Oswald acted alone, while more than half of those polled thought that the Commission had left some questions unresolved. Doubtless polls abroad would show similar, or possibly more adverse, results.
2. This trend of opinion is a matter of concern to the U.S. government, including our organization. The members of the Warren Commission were naturally chosen for their integrity, experience, and
prominence. They represented both major parties, and they and their staff were deliberately drawn from all sections of the country. Just because of the standing of the Commissioners, efforts to impugn their
rectitude and wisdom tend to cast doubt on the whole leadership of American society. Moreover, there seems to be an increasing tendency to hint that President Johnson himself, as the one person who might
be said to have benefited, was in some way responsible for the assassination. Innuendo of such seriousness affects not only the individual concerned, but also the whole reputation of the American
government. Our organization itself is directly involved: among other facts, we contributed information to the investigation. Conspiracy theories have frequently thrown suspicion on our organization, for
example by falsely alleging that Lee Harvey Oswald worked for us. The aim of this dispatch is to provide material for countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the
circulation of such claims in other countries. Background information is supplied in a classified section and in a number of unclassified attachments.
3. Action. We do not recommend that discussion of the assassination question be initiated where it is not already taking place. Where discussion is active, however, addressees are requested:
9 attachments h/w
DATE 4/1/67
1- Satts
JFK 01, p.2
a. To discuss the publicity problem with liaison and friendly elite contacts (especially politicians and editors), pointing out that the Warren Commission made as thorough an investigation as humanly
possible, that the charges of the critics are without serious foundation, and that further speculative discussion only plays into the hands of the opposition. Point out also that parts of the conspiracy talk
appear to be deliberately generated by Communist propagandists. Urge them to use their influence to discourage unfounded and irresponsible speculation.
b. To employ propaganda assets to answer and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose. The unclassified attachments to this guidance
should provide useful background material for passage to assets. Our play should point out, as applicable, that the critics are (i) wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in, (ii) politically
interested, (iii) financially interested, (iv) hasty and inaccurate in their research, or (v) infatuated with their own theories. In the course of discussions of the whole phenomenon of criticism, a useful strategy
may be to single out Epstein's theory for attack, using the attached Fletcher Knebel article and Spectator piece for background. (Although Mark Lane's book is much less convincing than Epstein's and comes
off badly where contested by knowledgeable critics, it is also much more difficult to answer as a whole, as one becomes lost in a morass of unrelated details.)
4. In private or media discussion not directed at any particular writer, or in attacking publications which may be yet forthcoming, the following arguments should be useful:
a. No significant new evidence has emerged which the Commission did not consider. The assassination is sometimes compared (e.g., by Joachim Joesten and Bertrand Russell) with the Dreyfus case; however,
unlike that case, the attacks on the Warren Commission have produced no new evidence, no new culprits have been convincingly identified, and there is no agreement among the critics. (A better parallel,
though an imperfect one, might be with the Reichstag fire of 1933, which some competent historians (Fritz Tobias, A.J.P. Taylor, D.C. Watt) now believe was set by Van der Lubbe on his own initiative,
without acting for either Nazis or Communists; the Nazis tried to pin the blame on the Communists, but the latter have been much more successful in convincing the world that the Nazis were to blame.)
b. Critics usually overvalue particular items and ignore others. They tend to place more emphasis on the recollections of individual eyewitnesses (which are less reliable and more divergent -- and hence offer
more hand-holds for criticism) and less on ballistic, autopsy, and photographic evidence. A close examination of the Commission's records will usually show that the conflicting eyewitness accounts are
quoted out of context, or were discarded by the commission for good and sufficient reason.
JFK 01, p.3
c. Conspiracy on the large scale often suggested would be impossible to conceal in the United States, esp. since informants could expect to receive large royalties, etc. Note that Robert Kennedy, Attorney
General at the time and John F. Kennedy's brother, would be the last man to overlook or conceal any conspiracy. And as one reviewer pointed out, Congressman Gerald R. Ford would hardly have held his
tongue for the sake of the Democratic administration, and Senator Russell would have had every political interest in exposing any misdeeds on the part of Chief Justice Warren. A conspirator moreover would
hardly choose a location for a shooting where so much depended on conditions beyond his control: the route, the speed of the cars, the moving target, the risk that the assassin would be discovered. A group
of wealthy conspirators could have arranged much more secure conditions.
d. Critics have often been enticed by a form of intellectual pride: they light on some theory and fall in love with it; they also scoff at the Commission because it did not always answer every question with a
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flat decision one way or the other. Actually, the make-up of the Commission and its staff was an excellent safeguard against over-commitment to any one theory; or against the illicit transformation of
probabilities into certainties.
JFK 01, p.4
e. Oswald would not have been any sensible person's choice for a co-conspirator. He was a "loner," mixed-up, of questionable reliability and an unknown quantity to any professional intelligence service.
f. As to charges that the Commission's report was a rush job, it emerged three months after the deadline originally set. But to the degree that the Commission tried to speed up its reporting, this was largely
due to the pressure of irresponsible speculation already appearing, in some cases coming from the same critics who, refusing to admit their errors, are now putting out new criticisms.
g. Such vague accusations as that "more than ten people have died mysteriously" can always be explained in some more natural way: e.g., the individuals concerned have for the most part died of natural
causes; the Commission staff questioned 418 witnesses (the FBI interviewed far more people, conducting 25,000 interviews and reinterviews), and in such a large group, a certain number of deaths are to be
expected. (When Penn Jones, one of the originators of the "ten mysterious deaths" line, appeared on television, it emerged that two of the deaths on his list were from heart attacks, one from cancer, one was
from a head-on collision on a bridge, and one occurred when a driver drifted into a bridge abutment.)
5. Where possible, counter speculation by encouraging reference to the Commission's Report itself. Open-minded foreign readers should still be impressed by the care, thoroughness, objectivity and speed
with which the Commission worked. Reviewers of other books might be encouraged to add to their account the idea that, checking back with the Report itself, they found it far superior to the work of its
Michael Collins Piper Meltdown VeteransToday ... James Fetzer ... The Ugly Truth about Michael Collins Piper, Cass
Sunstein and Sandy Hook
VeteransToday Jan 2014, Given the extraordinary attention that has been devoted to dissecting the sensational events in Tucson, Aurora, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, I would have thought that
those who deny that they were false flag or staged events orchestrated by elements within the federal, state and local governments are either unfamiliar with the evidence or cognitively impaired.
Imagine my astonishment to discover a new book, False Flags: Template for Terror (2013)featuring images of Lee Harvey Oswald, Osama bin Laden, Timothy McVeigh, Adam Lanza and Dzhokhar
Tsamaev on its coverin which Michael Collins Piper argues instead that those who believe Sandy Hook andthe Boston bombing were false flag events are not simply wrong about the facts of the matter but
are implementing the program of cognitive infiltration advanced by Cass Sunstein as tools of the government.
I have done research of my own on most of these subjects, including Cass Sunstein in Birds of a Feather: Subverting the Constitution at Harvard Law, which was first published and available
at OpEdNewsuntil its editor, Rob Kall, made it unavailable, apparently because I was submitting articles about 9/11 implicating Israel in the plot. Since no lesser an inside authority than Steve Pieczenik has
confirmed that Sandy Hook was a false flag event, I was floored by Pipers stance. MORE

9/11 Truth and Academic Freedom articles top
CAUT Academic Freedom Conference, Reportt
YUFA Conference Report CAUT Academic FreedomConference: Academic Freedom and the Plight of Our Universities: Fact or Fancy? A critical review of the Conference on Academic Freedom
By Benjamin Lowinsky, Ph.D The unfettered quest for the truth, the unconditional right to question and challenge prevailing norms, beliefs and established orthodoxies are often proclaimed as sacred and
inviolable by our universities the world over. Yet, it is precisely the practice of questioning and defying the canons of our traditional faith, of our conventional ideas and routines, that lands our courageous,
idealistic, and dissenting colleagues in trouble both in the sciences and in the liberal arts. History is replete with examples thereof in Canada, the US, and other countries in Europe and the developing world.
Nowhere, however, is the litany of violations of academic freedom more egregious and hypocritical than in those so called democratic countries like the US, Canada, and Great Britain where the discrepancy
between word and action is often more pronounced than elsewhere. Cataclysmic crises such as World War I, the Bolshevik Revolution, the Cold War, the War in Vietnam, 9/11, and the onset of the War on
Terror are critical turning points in worsening the climate of repression within which academic freedom is curtailed. One such critical juncture has been the 9/11 crisis and its consequences for academic
freedom in universities in the US, Canada, and Great Britain--the theme of a dynamic, critical, and informative conference that took place in Toronto in October of 2005, sponsored by the Harry Crowe
Foundation. The conference drew a host of academic speakers, faculty members, and faculty associations primarily from Canada, but also from the U.S. and Europe. The opening plenary set a framework
and historical context for the current problems relating to academic freedom. The speaker, Howard Pawley, president of the Harry Crowe Foundation and former NDP Premier of Manitoba, reminded us of
how indispensable academic freedom was and is to the very nature and composition of the university, calling it the glue that holds together our fragile institutions while tracing its history from Socrates to
Harry Crowe and into the present. At the same time, he warned us of the universitys vulnerability, as governments in Canada, the US, and Great Britain pursue security through draconian measures which
pose a threat to academic freedom everywhere.
FIRE GMU Disinvites Moore Speech, $35,000 Fee Drew Criticism ... George Mason University canceled a scheduled speaking engagement by liberal filmmaker Michael Moore yesterday after two
conservative state legislators and others complained that public money should not support an overtly political event. Moore, the outspoken director of the movie "Fahrenheit 9/11," was to have received
about $35,000 for his Oct. 28 speech at the Patriot Center on the Fairfax campus -- an event that university officials had arranged a week ago and had not begun to publicize. Word spread quickly, and after
complaints from the legislators and some members of the community reached the office of President Alan G. Merten this week, the school announced that the event, coming so close to the presidential
election, would be "an inappropriate use of state resources IS MICHAEL MOORE A 9/11 TRUTH GATEKEEPER? ... MOORE'S AGENT IS ALI EMANUEL, BROTHER OF RAHMEMANUEL, ULTRA
JEWISH POLITICAL KINGPIN, MAYOR OF CHICAGO ... see JewishJournal Rahm Emanuels brother, Ari Emanuel, is a Hollywood superagent ... Representing the likes of Michael Moore and Martin
Scorsese, Emanuel is among the best-connected in the business, and is known for leveraging his influence for public advocacy. After Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic tirade in July 2006, Emanuel publicly castigated
the actor/director and called upon Hollywood to blacklist him. Politically, Ari Emanuel and Endeavor frequently host Democratic fundraisers, which have included a $2,300-a-plate dinner for Barack Obama,
at Emanuel's home. With the appointment of his brother to White House chief of staff, Hollywood and Washington just got a lot closer.
YouTube 9/11 video Pentagon

Media and Academic Freedom Articles top
Witnessing Bostons Mass Casualty Event/a>
MemoryHoleBlog ... Witnessing Bostons Mass Casualty Event ... For the most part we do not first see, and then define, Walter Lippmann observed in 1921, we define first and then see. In the great
blooming, buzzing confusion of the outer world we pick out what our culture has already defined for us, and we tend to perceive that which we have picked out in the form stereotyped for us by our
culture. and ... a veteran hypnotherapist and mind control expert interviewed in 2001 by investigative journalist Jon Rappoport observes, The media gives you the illusion that you are seeing something.
Thats the billion dollar key to mind control 90%of all the mind control in the world is done by the media, and it is all based on the viewer or the reader never seeing anything really beyond the surface of
what is presented. and ... As with previous terrorist bombings, one must ask whether the ordnance described by police is in fact capable of wreaking the havoc that it purportedly caused. In 9/11 and
Oklahoma City, for example, subsequent investigation indicated that jet engine fuel and a sizable ANFO bomb by themselves could not have caused the structural damage to the World Trade Center Towers
and Murrah Federal Building respectively.

Academic Freedom Articles top
Academic witch-hunt target Nick Kollerstrom
Peterson-Overton, Kristopher Got his job back
Kevin Barrett case, University of Wisconsin
Rising Censorship in Israel
NoLiesRadio Jan 2013 THE KEVIN BARRETT SHOW EXCLUSIVE LIVE BROADCAST: Academic witch-hunt target Nick Kollerstrom returns Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom, a history of science Ph.D.
with a specialty in chemistry, is the author of the best book on the 7/7 London bombings, Terror on the Tube. (Watch the 7/7 video Kollerstrom and Farrell Are Dead.) Today, Nick presents what he says is
breakthrough evidence supporting his contention that the claim that Nazi gas chambers were used for mass executions with Zyclon-B (cyanide gas) are not true. According to mainstream historians as well as
rev-isionists, Zyclon B was indisputably used in de-lousing chambers in German concentration camps to prevent outbreaks of insect-borne typhus. Nick and other rev-isionist argue that what they call the
myth of mass-execution gas chambers stems from these de-lousing chambers, which ironically were used to keep the inmates alive, not to kill them. (Yes, very large numbers of inmates died, and some were
killed, in other ways.) READ MORE HERE. Nick is the principal behind the new website http://www.whatreallyhappened.info/ Is Nick right? I dont knowbut what I do know is that the
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people who fired him from his job at the University of London had better contact me and come on my show to explain, using logic and evidence, why he is not just wrong, but so egregiously and obviously
wrong that he deserved to lose his academic position. Nicholas Kollerstrom, PhD, has two history of science degrees, one from Cambridge 1968, plus a PhD from London, 1995. He was an honorary member
of staff of University College, London for 11 years. He co-edited The Case Against War (Spokesman, comprising the CND legal arguments against the Iraq war) and then co-organised the Belgrano Inqury in
1986, publishing The Unnecessary War as its proceedings in 1998. Nick risked his reputation as a first-rate historian of science, and got kicked out of University College, London, by researching the evidence
for Nazi gassings in WWII death camps and finding that evidence underwhelming. His findings are illegal in many European countries. Check out Kevins new book: Questioning the War on Terror: A
Primer for Obama Voters. The Kevin Barrett Show is independently produced and hosted by Kevin Barrett and these shows are externally produced content. All externally produced content broadcast on No
Lies Radio is the sole responsibility of the program-content producer and is not the responsibility of NoLiesRadio.org. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the content producer. more
Kevin Barrett case top
Provost Patrick Farrell's statement on Anti-Defamation League
criticismm Oct. 11
Letter from Provost Farrell to Kevin Barrett PDF, July 20
Political Science Professor Donald Downs' perspective on academic
freedom July 13
Statement announcing Provost Farrell's decision July 10
Statement announcing Provost Farrell's review June 29
ACLU of Wisconsin applauds university support for academic freedom in
lecturer's case PDF, July 10
How Wisconsin Can Avoid Future Kevin Barrett Controversies (American
Council of Trustees and Alumni) PDF, Aug. 2
Letter from UW System President Kevin P. Reilly to Rep. Steve
Nass PDF, July 28
Peterson-Overton, Kristopher top
Peterson-Overton, Kristopher There is something particularly poisonous about the kind of political opportunism on display at Brooklyn College right now. Unfortunately, its all dj vu for me and my
former colleagues in the political science department. The Brooklyn College chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) recently organized a panel discussion on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions
movement (BDS) featuring noted Palestinian activist Omar Barghouti and internationally renowned philosopher Judith Butler. It promises to be an exciting evening, but not everyone shares my enthusiasm.
Harvard law professor (and Brooklyn College alumnus) Alan Dershowitz and New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind successfully canvassed support from a number of politicians, and managed to
transform a standard panel discussion on a controversial issue into a cause for pious outrage. The discussion is scheduled to take place tomorrow and, thanks to a massive backlash against such unwarranted
political pressure, it will take place tomorrow. Yet, the rapid manufacture of a national controversy in this case reveals, once again, the tenuous state of academic freedom on our campuses and the ease with
which extra-academic influence stifles free debate.
June Sheldon top
TheFire Victory for Academic Freedom: 'Human Heredity' Professor Receives $100,000 Settlement ...
SAN JOS, Calif., July 26, 2010Nearly three years after terminating her over her protected classroom speech, the San Jos/Evergreen Community College District (SJCCD) has agreed to pay adjunct
professor June Sheldon $100,000 in lost earnings in exchange for dismissal of her First Amendment lawsuit. In 2007, Sheldon had led a brief discussion about the nature/nurture debate regarding sexual
orientation in her Human Heredity course. After she was fired due to a student complaint, she turned to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) for help.
"This welcome settlement demonstrates that colleges cannot get away with punishing a professor for teaching relevant class material, even if a student finds it offensive," said FIRE President Greg Lukianoff.
"Professor Sheldon is finally able to put this ordeal behind her, but the district's ignorance of academic freedom and the First Amendment has left the taxpayers of California on the hook for over $100,000."
Sheldon's trouble began in the summer of 2007 when, in her Human Heredity course at San Jos City College, she led a brief discussion on sexual orientation. The topic was covered in the course readings.
When a student asked her to comment on the nature/nurture debate regarding sexual orientation, Sheldon noted the complexity of the issue, citing examples from the textbook as well as relevant research
findings. A student complained a month later that the material was "offensive and unscientific." More

MemoryHoleBlog ..Adnan Zuberi
Originally received January 22, 2013) Dear Dr. Heather Coltman and Dr. Diane Alperin, I have examined Professor James Tracys writings regarding the Newtown, Conn., massacre and I am briefly
presenting a case-study to you on how a university can deal with this situation. I was awarded by the University of Toronto for my documentary entitled 9/11 in the Academic Community which examines
how academia treats critical perspectives of media or governmental narratives. I documented what happened to John McMurtry, a Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of Guelph and
Fellow of the Canadian Royal Society. When McMurtry questioned the official narrative just three months after 9/11, academics flooded his university with e-mails, from its president to his department
chair, demanding that he be fired. His colleagues at Harvard notified McMurtry that they are reporting to the FBI and CIA. The university maintained his professorship on grounds of academic freedom.
Although McMurtry engaged in a topic far more controversial than what Tracy has engaged in, University of Guelph succeeded in overcoming the pressures by simply defending the foundations of
institutions of research and critical thinking, which is academic freedom. More
YouTube Rising Censorship in Israel A few months ago I signed my name as co-defendant to a possible legal action threatened by an Israeli law firm, Shurat HaDin, targeting two
Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS) academics - Professors Jake Lynch and Stuart Rees for publically refusing to co-operate with Israel's Hebrew university. Almost two thousand Australian and
international academics, writers, human rights activists and other members of civil society have since joined this unprecedented historic act of solidarity signing as co-defendants along with the two targeted
professors. Jake Lynch was practicing a basic democratic right when he made a moral and ethical decision to refuse to collaborate with an academic representing Hebrew university. Part of Hebrew university
campus and dormitories were built on illegally annexed Palestinian land in contravention of the four Geneva Conventions. The university also sponsors the archeological digs in the Occupied Territories ,
appropriating Palestinian historical artifacts, preventing Palestinians from accessing those sites and displacing them from there - an act considered to be plundering under International Humanitarian Law.
There is a long list of other violations by Hebrew university such as its links to Elbit systems - one of Israel's largest military security and surveillance companies that monitors and maintains Israel's
continued illegal occupation of Palestinian land. But this story is not just about Jake Lynch or Hebrew University, it is a story about how democracy functions. Defending the rights of academics to express
their views on controversial issues is a basic tenant of democracy. Given that democracies are a work in progress, it is up to us as citizens within democratic nations to use our voice to protect our civil
liberties. Part of this means we have to empower those who have been disempowered and stripped of their basic human rights, both at home and abroad. This does not bode well for Israel - a state criticised
by UN bodies and reputable human rights organisations for its flagrant human rights violations. Israel's supporters react to criticism in two ways. The first is by intimidating and slandering critics claiming
they are anti-Semitic and/or terrorist sympathisers. The second is by attacking and eroding our democratic rights thus destroying the tools by which we are able to expose its abuses and war crimes. Academic
freedom is hindered when governments interfere with their citizens' right to form and express independent political views. In this case, Israel's network of supporters has launched all the fire power at their
disposal, slandering the academics while pressuring the Australian government to erode our democratic right to dissent. CPACS is now faced with the real threat of losing federal government funding for
programs unrelated to the campaign "Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions" (BDS), solely on the basis of the political views held by the Centre's director Jake Lynch. Academic freedom is hindered when
governments interfere with their citizens' right to form and express independent political views. Last year following lobbying by the National Tertiary Education Union, the former Gillard government
introduced a proposal to reform the objectives of the Higher Education Support Act making it a condition of funding that higher education institutions uphold academic freedom. Jeannie Rea, the National
Tertiary Education Union president told Sydney Morning Herald, ''these changes...are an explicit acknowledgment that university staff has a right and a responsibility to exercise free intellectual inquiry,
including the right to expression of controversial or unpopular opinions without being disadvantaged or discriminated against.'' The significance of this reform was lost on Australia's new government. Before
winning the elections, the now Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop promised to deny funding for projects by all academics who voice support for boycotting Israel regardless of whether or not these
projects are related to the Palestine/Israel conflict. But make no mistake about it, this policy of repression will not only target pro-Palestine supporters or critics of Israel, it will impact all sectors in
Australian civil society. PM Tony Abbott has plans to re-prioritise about $900m in annual Australian Research Council (ARC) grants ensuring that only projects that are deemed worthy by the Liberal
government and in line with their ideological beliefs will receive funding. The National Tertiary Education Union was amongst the first to criticise this infringement on democracy. Other condemnations
followed from many peak bodies in the sector including the Deans of Arts, the Council for Humanities Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS), Science and Technology Australia (STA), Social Sciences and
Humanities, the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) and Universities Australia.

AAUP, The mission of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) is to advance academic freedom and shared governance; to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher
education; to promote the economic security of faculty, academic professionals, graduate students, post doctoral fellows, and all those engaged in teaching and research in higher education; to help the higher
education community organize to make our goals a reality; and to ensure higher education's contribution to the common good. Founded in 1915, the AAUP has helped to shape American higher education by
developing the standards and procedures that maintain quality in education and academic freedom in this country's colleges and universities. search terms: tenure, academic due process, professional
employment practices, campus, amicus briefs, Supreme Court, Federal and State, court decisions, faculty members, rights violated, higher education legislation, college presidents, policy statements,
procedural guidelines, distance education, intellectual property, graduate student education, family policy. search terms: faculty compensation survey, benefits, non-tenure-track faculty, workloads, state
intervention, accredited, Executive committee. InsideHigherEducation

NewEconomicPerspectives December 18, 2013, the Kansas Board of Regents drastically curtailed tenure and academic freedom. The state attorney general aided this action. The Regents decided that when
university faculty use common forms of modern communication (social media) they no longer have the protections of tenure and academic freedom. The Regents policy change does not even mention
tenure or academic freedom. The Regents acted without consulting the faculty and without any open debate. The Regents policy begins with a broad definition of social media that includes the primary
means that many faculty members engage in academic discourse, such as blogs and videos of lectures, interviews, and congressional testimony posted on line, but also any online publication.
Academics frequently publish their research online and even when they publish in print they often publish a version of the paper online (see, for example, my SSRN page) so that other academics can
easily read it. more

Bay Area Indymedia Feb 2014 Unconstitutional Protect Academic Freedom Act by Stephen Lendman On February 6, Rep. Peter Roskam's (R. IL) press release headlined "Roskam, Lipinski Introduce
Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Academic Freedom by Preventing Academic Boycott of Israel." On February 6, HR 4009 was introduced. It was referred to committee. No further action so far was taken.
It's an outrageous anti-academic freedom measure. It's unconstitutional. It targets the American Studies Association (ASA). It's the nation's oldest and largest organization involved in the interdisciplinary
study of US culture and history. Its members represent numerous academic fields. They include academics, researchers, librarians, as well as public officials and administrators. Last December, they acted
responsibly. They overwhelmingly endorsed an academic boycott of Israel. They oppose anti-Semitism, other forms of racism, discrimination of all kinds, and xenophobia. They acted in "solidarity with
aggrieved people in the United States and in the world." They said America "plays a significant role in enabling" Israel's occupation, its "illegal settlements and (its) Wall in violation of international law..."
They oppose "systematic discrimination against Palestinians." It's had a "devastating impact on (their) well-being..." Their fundamental rights are denied. Palestinian academic freedom is spurned. ASA "is
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dedicated to the rights of students and scholars to pursue education and research without undue state interference, repression, and military violence" everywhere. It "resolved (to) honor the call of Palestinian
civil society for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions." It's justified, it said, for the following reasons: US military and other support for Israel; Israel's systematic violation of international laws and UN
resolutions; its longstanding occupation harshness; "the extent to which Israeli institutions of higher education are a party to state policies that violate human rights," and strong ASA member support.
Their resolution remains binding until Israel stops violating fundamental international laws. It bars official collaboration with Israeli academic institutions. It doesn't apply to Israeli scholars. ASA supports
their academic and related rights. Its boycott followed Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) members unanimously approving their own resolution last April. It was the first scholarly
organization to do so.

Reference (articles) top
22Nov1963 What Does Noam Chomsky Say About the
JFK Assassination? he considers it not to be a significant
political event. His opinion of the JFK assassination
follows from his conclusion that there was no substantial
change in policy between the Kennedy and Johnson
American Thinker . In a recent article, I quoted Professor
Richard Landes who, in a very profound and insightful
sentence, articulated his theory that American Jews "are
subtly engaged in a proxy honor killing of Israel." Prof.
Landes was describing the apathetic, progressive, and
politically correct Jews who have enabled others to
destroy the Jewish state for them - "people...who are
embarrassed by Israel are enabling and abetting its
destruction." Sadly, the term "people" can now be
replaced by "institutions," as claims of academic freedom,
First Amendment rights, and other liberal values permeate
the foundations of Jewish culture and infect the very core
of American Jewish identity replacing the common sense,
Biblical teaching, and basic human morality that has
AAUP The policies published in the AUPs Policy
Documents and Reports, also known as the "Redbook,"
and see 1940, search terms: American Association of
University Professors, Association of American Colleges,
Association of American Colleges and Universities, 1925
Conference Statement on Academic Freedom and Tenure,
1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and
Tenure, The purpose of this statement is to promote
public understanding and support of academic freedom and
tenure and agreement upon procedures to ensure them in
colleges and universities.
BriansandBerg Wordpress Academic Freedom ... Many
researchers and authors, including myself, are excited about
the possibilities of open access publishing. Open access
models have the potential to increase accessibility to new
research, to facilitate the dissemination of new ideas, to
expand audiences for publications, and to enhance
scholarly exchanges.
CBSLocal NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) Mayor
Michael Bloomberg is speaking up for the cause of
academic freedom amid controversy over an upcoming
event at Brooklyn College. The BDS Movement, a pro-
Palestinian, anti-Israel group which has called for boycotts
and sanctions against Israel, was invited to speak at the
schools student center on Thursday, Feb. 7. Bloomberg
said Wednesday he couldnt disagree more violently
with their viewpoint.
Chronicle Canceled Conference Revives Concerns About
Academic Freedom in the Persian Gulf
InsideHigherEd After the Arab Spring, new opportunites and
threats after Arab Spring, organized by Scholars at Risk
Network, Center for Dialogues, University of Manouba,
Tunisia, targeted by Islamist militants, dean on trial for
assaulting two veiled students who came into his office,
constitution does not protect institutional autonomy but does
protect academic freedom,
JFK Library Education and Public Welfare; but we were
defeated on the floor of the Senate by that same coalition of
viewpoints that looks with suspicion upon any advancement
in the principle of academic freedom.
Nation (softball on JFK assassination) Not for everyone
though. Kennedy continued the cold war policies of his
predecessor. The Bay of Pigs, his ill-fated attempt to
overthrow Fidel Castro, was a disaster that resonates in our
foreign policy today, as does his escalation of hostilities in
Vietnam. Kennedy also moved slowly in aiding the nascent
civil rights movement. Domestically, the civil rights bill later
promoted by his successor, Lyndon Johnson, was a much
stronger bill than Kennedy's.
Patheos Ohio Supreme Court Will Hear Case from Creationist
Teacher Wanting Academic Freedom in Science Class ...
This Court must intervene if students and teachers in
Americas public schools are to remain free to engage in open,
respectful dialogue about competing academic theories and
their respective merits. Nowhere is such freedom more crucial
than in a science classroom, where the asking and answering of
questions is the very basis of the universally acknowledged
scientific method, Freshwaters attorney, R. Kelly
Hamilton argued in his request for the court to hear the case.
Society for US Intellectual History Conspiracy culture,
theories, course. ... Teaching a course on conspiracy theories
is always interesting in the Age of Obama, but this fall has
been an especially propitious time to guide an intellectual tour
through American political paranoia. One of the hallmarks of
the class is demonstrating how conspiracy thinking was
baked right into the cake that is our republic, from colonial
witch-hunters to patriot paranoids, money cranks, crusaders
against the Slave Power, UFOlogists and, of course,
presidential assassins. My course is not meant to glorify this
type of thinking, but to teach students to recognize it, how it
changed over time, and (heres the secret ingredient, to
continue with my baking metaphor) to interrogate conspiracy
theories with a special vigor and skepticism.
SXU Kennedy assassination ... Indeed, the baton was passed
to L.B.J. after the Kennedy killing in Dallas who merely
escalated the war to more murderous heights and mayhem.
SXU Opponents of academic freedom frequently embrace
the notion of American exceptionalism and reject criticism
of the violent and even racist projection of power that
accompanies our imperial overstretch. Many, but
certainly not all, are supporters of Israel which is a key
component of their political religion. For them Israel,
unlike other nation-states, should not be criticised; its
wars and use of cluster bombs, blockades, settlements,
separation walls and targeted assassinations against the
Palestinians or other Islamic peoples should be immune
fromethical or moral challenges and the remarkable
assumption of an American-Israeli identical identity of
interests never challenged. However, their resistance to
modernity includes distorting reality to advance their own
perceived interests which may not be compatible with the
national interest as their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have
all too starkly revealed.
UofI HR Academic Freedom .. (Article X: Section 2 of
Board of Trustees Statutes) University policy which
grants faculty members the right to exercise full academic
freedom of inquiry, discourse, teaching, research and
publication without institutional censorship or discipline.
Provides protection to academic staff against influences
which would restrict the member's right to exercise these
freedoms and includes information about the staff
members entitlement to a hearing when he or she believes
that they do not enjoy these freedoms. statutes
VDare Harvard Students Denounce Academic Freedom ..
Harvard students, outraged over a doctoral dissertation
arguing that Hispanic immigrants lack raw cognitive
ability or intelligence, this week urged the university to
investigate how the thesis came to be approved and to ban
future research on racial superiority.
enabled the Jewish people's survival over millennia
WhiteOliphant Academic Freedomand the Challenges of
Going Global: LSE (London School of Economics,
Rothschild bankster school) Cancels Conference in UAE.
Wikipedia Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed ... The film
contends that the mainstream science establishment
suppresses academics who believe they see evidence of
intelligent design in nature and who criticize evidence
supporting Darwinian evolution and the modern
evolutionary synthesis as a "scientific conspiracy to keep
God out of the nation's laboratories and classrooms.
YnetNews That academics so carelessly throw about
politically-loaded, and inaccurate, terms when discussing
Israel and sanctifying the Palestinian causewords like
apartheid, occupation, and racismindicates
exactly why a boycott that seeks to make absolute moral
judgments is bound to be perilousespecially for
academics who give the pretense of standing for values of
academic freedom, scholarly inquiry, a respect for history
and law, and open debate over a complex geopolitical

Wikipedia Academic freedom is the belief that the freedom of inquiry by faculty members is essential to the mission of the academy as well as the principles of academia, and that scholars should have
freedom to teach or communicate ideas or facts (including those that are inconvenient to external political groups or to authorities) without being targeted for repression, job loss, or imprisonment.
Academic freedom is a contested issue and, therefore, has limitations in practice. In the United States, for example, according to the widely recognized "1940 Statement on Academic Freedom and
Tenure",[1] teachers should be careful to avoid controversial matter that is unrelated to the subject. When they speak or write in public, they are free to express their opinions without fear from
institutional censorship or discipline, but they should show restraint and clearly indicate that they are not speaking for their institution.[citation needed] Academic tenure protects academic freedom by
ensuring that teachers can be fired only for causes such as gross professional incompetence or behavior that evokes condemnation from the academic community itself.[citation needed] Contents [show]
Rationale[edit] Proponents of academic freedom believe the freedom of inquiry by students and faculty members is essential to the mission of the academy. They argue that academic communities are
repeatedly targeted for repression due to their ability to shape and control the flow of information. When scholars attempt to teach or communicate ideas or facts that are inconvenient to external political
groups or to authorities, they may find themselves targeted for public vilification, job loss, imprisonment, or even death. For example, in North Africa, a professor of public health discovered that his
country's infant mortality rate was higher than government figures indicated. He lost his job and was imprisoned.[2][3] The fate of biology in the Soviet Union is also cited[citation needed] as a reason why
society has an interest in protecting academic freedom.[who?] A Soviet biologist named Trofim Lysenko rejected Western sciencethen focused primarily on making advances in theoretical genetics, based
on research with the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) -- and proposed a more socially relevant approach to farming that was based on the collectivist principles of dialectical materialism. (Lysenko called
this "Michurinism", but it is more popularly known today as Lysenkoism.) Lysenko's ideas proved appealing to the Soviet leadership, in part because of their value as propaganda, and he was ultimately
made director of the Soviet Academy of Agricultural Sciences; subsequently, Lysenko directed a purge of scientists who professed "harmful ideas," resulting in the expulsion, imprisonment, or death of
hundreds of Soviet scientists. Lysenko's ideas were then implemented on collectivised farms in the Soviet Union and China. Famines that resulted partly from Lysenko's influence are believed to have
killed 30 million people in China alone.[4] AFAF (Academics For Academic Freedom) of the United Kingdom[5] is a campaign for lecturers, academic staff and researchers who want to make a public
statement in favour of free enquiry and free expression. Their statement of Academic Freedom has two main principles: that academics, both inside and outside the classroom, have unrestricted liberty to
question and test received wisdom and to put forward controversial and unpopular opinions, whether or not these are deemed offensive, and that academic institutions have no right to curb the exercise of
this freedom by members of their staff, or to use it as grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal.' AFAF and those who are part of the campaign believe that it is important for academics to be able to
express their opinions - not just full stop, but to put them to scrutiny and to open further debate. They are against the idea of telling the public Platonic 'noble lies' and believe that people should not be
protected from radical views. Academic freedom for professors[edit] The concept of academic freedom as a right of faculty members is an established part of most legal systems. Different from the United
States, where academic freedom is derived from the guarantee of free speech under the First Amendment, constitutions of other countries (and particularly of civil law jurisdictions) typically grant a
separate right to free learning, teaching, and research. zxcv
Gilad Atzmon: "I am happy i circulated" Holocaust denial propaganda Submitted by david gehrig on January 24, 2008 - 12:02pm UCIMC Independent Media Center, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
Gilad Atzmon: "I am happy i circulated" Holocaust denial propaganda Submitted by gehrig on January 24, 2008 - 12:02pm Global News Racism Gilad Atzmon has distributed -- and defended in general
terms -- an essay by Paul Eisen designed to promote Holocaust denial. The Eisen essay, titled "Holocaust Wars," claims among other things that the gas chambers of Auschwitz are fraudulent and couldn't
work. It "backs up" this claim using the same lies used by the leading lights (such as they are) of the Holocaust denial movement -- people like David Irving, the self-described "Hitler-lover" Ernst Zndel,
and the faux engineer Fred Leuchter. When you defend Paul Eisen's essay, you're defending the very same lies promulgated by the "Hitler-lover" Zndel, his flunky Leuchter, and his admirer David Irving.
Yet this is what Gilad Atzmon does. Now, if you think I'm exaggerating by calling Paul Eisen's essay "Holocaust denial propaganda," you might want to skip to the last section of the post, in which I
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document exactly that. For now, it suffices to say that Eisen has said "... the evidence for the use of homicidal gas-chambers [at Auschwitz] is not good at all. The evidence against it is much, much
stronger." http://www.haloscan.com/comments/thecutter/117192641046077827/ And the following paragraph from the essay Atzmon circulated gives little room for doubt on where Eisen stands: "Many
will take the view that Holocaust rev-isionism [the boilerplate euphemism for the Holocaust denial movement] is but pernicious nonsense motivated only by a hatred of Jews and a desire to rehabilitate
Hitler and National Socialism specifically, and fascism in general, and therefore not even worthy of scrutiny. I don't agree, and those with sufficient curiosity to wish to research the subject can visit the
website of the premier rev-isionist think tank, the [fascist-founded, though Eisen doesn't mention that] Institute for Historical Review, locate the Journal of Historical Review and its archive of articles and
papers and start reading." I'll describe the "Institute for Historical Review" in a little more detail below. You can find the Eisen essay itself, the one Gilad Atzmon thought was so brilliant, by googling
"Eisen 'Holocaust wars'"; you'll pull it up on a number of "Poor Hitler was misunderstood" sites like Ernst Zndel's. What was Gilad Atzmon's reaction recently when he was challenged over having
distributed a stack of standard-issue Holocaust denier lies? "I am happy i circulated Eisen and he is indeed a friend of mine." http://www.haloscan.com/comments/thecutter/8761647492477468265/ Is
Atzmon an open Holocaust denier, as Tony Greenstein claims? Not quite; he's got too much to lose to go around saying openly what Eisen does. But Atzmon clearly has no serious problem with
circulating pro-denial essays or praising Holocaust deniers, as shown by his decision to distribute Eisen's essay, a decision he's "happy" about. And when challenged about the propriety of spreading the
lies of Nazi apologists, Atzmon resorts to the same line of patter I describe in the next section. -- Some notes on the Holocaust denial movement. One of the favorite lines of patter of the Holocaust denial
movement is that nothing should be taboo when it comes to studying history. They're right -- or at least they're right if by "studying" you mean studying, not "making up lies about." Unfortunately, they
mean the latter. It helps to remember some facts about the Holocaust denial movement. And the first thing to notice is that the Holocaust denial movement is and has been for thirty years a product of the
racist right, the brownshirt right. Ernst Zndel -- the guy who paid for the Leuchter report I'll discuss below -- let us know exactly where he stands politically when he wrote the book, "The Hitler We
Loved and Why." The Holocaust denial movement in America was also a product of the racist right; the "Institute for Historical Review" -- for decades the leading Holocaust denial organization in the US -
- was funded by Willis Carto, a former Bircher who led it for more than a decade. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willis_Carto And, of course, David Irving -- well, nobody's about to argue that *he's* in any
way a political progressive, right? His racism was completely exposed in the Lipstadt trial, but so was his tendency to speak to neo-Nazi organizations. Like any crackpot organization, Holocaust deniers
have two core ideas. One is that the Holocaust was vastly exaggerated by the greedy Jews. The second -- common ground for all crackpot organizations -- is that they are being censored and persecuted for
their ground-breaking views. (Name a crackpot who doesn't claim he's being persecuted for his ideas. It's part of the syndrome.) When legitimate historians refuse to debate Holocaust deniers -- for exactly
the same reason that legitimate astronomers don't debate flat-earthers -- Holocaust deniers do the "nothing should be taboo in historical study" dance. Which sounds pretty good, if you've removed it from
context. The context, though, is this: the Holocaust *has* been very widely studied and will continue to be very widely studied. And from the very beginning these studies have shown that Holocaust
deniers are full of shit. (I'll give a specific example below.) They're like -- although considerably nastier than -- the "intelligent design" folks, who start from an absolutist religious position but try to dress it
up as if it were a scientific position. Scientists see right through "intelligent design," just like historians see right through Holocaust denial, which is antisemitism trying to pass for historical inquiry. The
Holocaust denial movement starts from the stance, "the brownshirts weren't as bad as they say, and The Jews are lying," and then tries, through pseudo-scholarship, to make that seem like it might be a
legitimate historical stance, rather than an expression of basic antisemitism. -- a note on law A key difference, of course, is that spreading Intelligent Design isn't illegal, while several countries have included
Holocaust denial as part of their laws against hate speech. These countries -- all but two, last time I checked, either having been part of the Reich or having been occupied by the Reich -- aren't wrong to
consider Holocaust denial a form of hate speech. I think these are bad laws, not because they somehow mischaracterize Holocaust denial (they don't), but because I don't think there should be laws against
hate speech as such, except when that speech is used to incite to violence. Of course, Holocaust deniers -- and their defenders -- natter on about "thought police throwing people into prison" and such,
never mentioning that Holocaust denial is only one of many forms of hate speech such laws prohibit. Having said that, let me repeat that I don't agree with such laws. I think the best way to confront
Holocaust denial is simply to show how ridiculous its claims are, when unwrapped from their lies and rhetorical flourishes. But let's be clear: if you start saying things like "why is investigating the
Holocaust taboo" you have bought into the Holocaust denier frame, which is wrong for two reasons. One is that investigating the Holocaust is not taboo; the second is what Holocaust deniers are doing
isn't "investigating" but lying. -- the repackaging of Holocaust denial for leftist consumption And let's be clear about something else: there are some folks on the left starting to repackage classic, by-the-
book Holocaust denial in "anti-Zionist" garb, hoping to spread it over here. Paul Eisen is one, and Gilad Atzmon is self-admittedly "happy" to help him do it. In the new version, tailored for the left, the
culprit is not the Jews -- heaven forfend, no! -- but "the Zionists." Same lies, same reliance on Zndel and Leuchter and Faurisson and Irving and the rest of that jackboot lot, new false "anti-Zionist"
moustache. There was an interesting example of this in the US just a few years ago. The nation's oldest regular publication, a progressive magazine called The Nation, ran an ad for a book by Roger
Garaudy called "The Founding Myths of Modern Israel." The ad ran for one issue only before it was discovered to be a work of Holocaust denial and pulled. The placing of the ad was a clear and
conscious decision by Holocaust deniers to repackage their lies for the left by making the villains not the Jews but "the Zionists" -- even though the ad was placed by the same "Institute for Historical
Review" I mentioned above, a group just as happy to blame the Jews. This -- the antisemitic pile of lies called Holocaust denial -- is what Eisen wants to bring to leftist discourse, and his friend Atzmon is
happy to help. Anything that makes you hate "Zionists" is fair game, apparently, even when it's repackaged Nazoid horseshit like Holocaust denial. They're hoping you'll be useful idiots. But you can't be
a useful idiot if you're not an idiot, and the best way not to be an idiot is to educate yourself. So let's take a look at the real sources of Paul Eisen's Holocaust denial. -- Paul Eisen's essay Let me start out
by saying that I've been following the Holocaust denial movement for over a decade, and that related to the David Irving trial I've probably read, all told, somewhere around three thousand pages of reports,
submissions, transcripts, etc. I'm not going to footnote every last thing I write in this section, but be assured that I can, and feel free to ask me for details about the source(s) of any particular fact. I am
*so* not making this up. Here is an example of what Eisen wrote and Gilad Atzmon was so "happy" to have distributed: "Nothing seems to fit about the gassing story. The numbers of victims crammed
into the space, the design and construction of the gassing facilities, the lack of protection for the attendants, the implausibility surrounding the rate of cremation, the huge errors, omissions and disparities
in eye-witness accounts -- all these and more, when added to the near total absence of hard affirmative evidence, makes one wonder why anyone believed such a story in the first place..." Let's just take the
very first issue, "the numbers of victims crammed into the space." If you followed the Irving trial in any detail, you already know that this is one of the standard gambits of the Holocaust deniers, and has
been for decades. Goes like this: "There simply wasn't enough capacity in the supposed gas chambers of Auschwitz to hold all the Jews who were allegedly murdered there, not even enough room to cram
them all in." Where does this claim come from? It comes from a guy named Fred Leuchter, the twit Ernst "The Hitler We Loved" Zndel paid $35,000 dollars to in the 1980s to produce a bogus "scientific"
refutation of the gas chambers at Auschwitz. Zndel wanted to prove in Canadian court that the Holocaust didn't happen, and he thought that throwing down a bullshit "engineering report" about the gas
chambers would help his case. It didn't. But that document, the "Leuchter Report," has the grim historical hallmark of having been the work that made David Irving decide to become a Holocaust denier
himself; Irving published it in the UK under his own imprint and repeatedly referred to it in his talks as an irrefutable blow to the Auschwitz "myth." I'm not going to link to the Leuchter report; you can
find it at your nearest swastika-kissing site. A detailed demolition of the Leuchter report can be found here: http://hdot.org/trial/defense/van/ix. This is a chapter of the expert report submitted by
Auschwitz historian Robert Jan van Pelt as part of the Irving v. Lipstadt trial, and it chops the Leuchter Report into bits. Well, say what you want about whether or not Leuchter is an antisemite, but he's
certainly an idiot, and his "Report" is full of appalling idiocies, many of which have been taken up by Paul Eisen and spread, in turn, by Gilad Atzmon. Leuchter made his calculation of the gas chamber
capacity at Auschwitz and concluded that there just wasn't enough. His calculation is, as van Pelt shows, full of all sorts of stupid assumptions and errors -- Leuchter vastly overestimated fatal HCN
concentration levels, he ignored the presense of a ventilation system Leuchter didn't notice, vastly overestimated the minimum possible time between gassings, etc., etc. But maybe the single dumbest
factor of Leuchter's calculation is this: he assumes that -- despite eyewitness accounts of how packed the "showers" were -- that each person, required *nine* square feet of standing room within the gas
chamber, man, woman, or child. Why such a ridiculously large figure? Because he wasn't trying to get at the facts; he wasn't "studying" the chambers; he was instead trying to force his numbers to fit his
pre-ordained conclusion, as bought and paid for by Ernst "The Hitler We Loved and Why" Zndel. So he lied. And Ernst Zndel picked up that lie ("not enough floor space") and ran with it. Why not? He
paid for it. And then David Irving picked it up as well, when he started selling copies of the Leuchter report in the UK. And the lie wound its way through the Holocaust denial movement as a standard
part of the "gas chambers wouldn't work" saga. And it is as part of that saga that the Holocaust denier Paul Eisen picked it up -- without mentioning its source -- and put it into his love letter to Ernst
Zndel, the very same "Holocaust Wars" essay Gilad Atzmon was so "happy" he circulated for his "good friend."

PJMedia What are the limits to academic discourse? Are lies and calumnies from academics protected speech outside the classroom, as well as inside? Does protected mean immune from criticism or
from direct consequences? Are there distinctions between statements made within ones field of expertise and those made outside? When do such distinctions become hairsplitting rationalizations or
mere defensiveness, as opposed to valuable exercises in reasoning and in defense of a noble enterprise? search terms: Professor of literature and communications at Lincoln University, Philidelphia, Jews
have taken over America by devious and immoral means, offensive views, look at both sides, part of being a professor, moral certainty, juncture, Cary Nelson, Holocaust denial merits a hearing before a
committee of his peers. Is his professional fitness at issue? ... a deluded idealogue, extracurricular remarks, line that must not be crossed, Holocaust denial raises the question of a faculty members] overall
professional competence the capacity to weigh evidence, to undertake rational analysis, to perform academic responsibilities reliably. MORE

ABC News Holocaust survivor and historian Randolph L. Braham said Sunday he is returning a high state award to Hungary to protest what he says are government efforts to rewrite history and
exonerate the country from its role in the Holocaust. Braham also asked the Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest to remove his name from the BrahamTheque Information Center, which collects his
research results and publications. His two-volume "The Politics of Genocide: The Holocaust in Hungary," from 1981, is considered one of the most important books about the subject. He received the
Medium Cross of the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic in 2011. Braham, Professor Emeritus at the Center for Jewish Studies at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, said in
an open letter addressed to executives of the memorial center that the "straw that broke the camel's back" leading to his decision was the government plan to erect a memorial commemorating the March
1944 invasion of Hungary by the Nazis. Braham said the memorial was "a cowardly attempt to detract attention from the Horthy regime's involvement in the destruction of the Jews and to homogenize
the Holocaust with the 'suffering' of the Hungarians a German occupation, as the record clearly shows, was not only unopposed but generally applauded." Miklos Horthy was Hungary's autocratic
leader from the 1920s through most of World War II. Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government has also been criticized by Jewish groups for tolerating statues of Horthy being set up by far-right groups
in several places. MORE

Duke, David Duke Amazon By Dr. David Duke, incorporating the writings of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Frank Britton and others. The single most important work on the ethnic origins of the Russian
Revolution and the greatest Holocaust in the history of mankind: Soviet Communism and its tentacles which spread out all over the world. This book rips aside the curtain which to expose the dedicated,
fanatic and murderous ethnic group which founded and controlled this "worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization" (as Churchill called it): Jewish Supremacists. Read how Jewish
Supremacists created the Communist movement, from its germination, to the "Russian" Revolution, the seizure of Eastern Europe, America, Britain, South Africa and even in early Communist China.
Contents Introduction 1 Communism with the Mask Off 2 The Ethnic War On the Russian People 3 Communism & Zionism 4 Bloody Sunday & the 1905 Revolution 5 The First World War 6 The
March 1917 Revolution 7 The Origins of the Bolshevists 8 The Ground is Prepared 9 The Sixth Party Congress 10 Trotsky to Power 11 Encyclopedia Judaica on the "Russian Revolution" 12 Winston
Churchill 13 American Intelligence 14 The London Times 15 The Executioners of the Red Terror 16 Exporting the Revolution 17 Trotsky in Decline 18 Lazar Kaganovich & the Holodomor 19 The "Soviet
Zion" and Plans for a Jewish Homeland 20 The Greatest Mass Murderers in all of Human History 21 Iron Curtain Dictators 22 Russians Rise & Zionism Surges 23 Jews Come to America 24 The U.S.
Communist Party 25 A Communist Defector in America Spills the Beans 26 Spies, Spies and more Spies in America 27 Atomic Treason 28 The Tribal Shift: Spying Now for Israel 29 Communism in
Hollywood 30 A Tribal Media 31 The Communist Origins of Neoconservatism 32 The Communist Movement in Britain 33 South African Marxism: The Usual Suspects 34 Spreading of Communism to
China 35 The Key to Communism: Jewish Tribalism 36 Final Words from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Behind Communism, Frank L. Britton excerpt from Iamawitness
To understand the total problem of Communism it is necessary that we trace the course of the movement from its beginning down to the present. We must understand who its originators were, and what
they were, and we must gain some idea as to the forces which influenced and shaped their philosophy.
Unfortunately, any deep-down discussion of Communism and Marxism involves the Jewish question. We cannot honestly discuss the subject without revealingand commenting onthe fact that the
founders of Russian Communism were Jewish. Neither can we ignore the fact that all but a few of the top leadership of the American Communism partyincluding the recently convicted spiesare of
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the same race. These are facts of history over which we have no control. But we are faced with the very serious problem of how to reveal these facts without being labeledand treatedas "anti-Semites."
The main reason why so little is known concerning the true nature of Communism stems from this problem. Historical writers have been understandably reluctant to hold forth on the subject for fear of
marking themselves as "race haters" and "bigots." For this reason the entire subject has been placed beyond the pale of discussion. One simply does not use the word "Jew" and "Communism" together.
The result is, of course, censorship. In this work we have decided to breach the wall of silence at whatever the cost, and to treat the subject as fairly and as honestly as we know how. No attempt is made
to single out individuals because they happened to be born to a certain race: neither have we exempted anyone from criticism for that reason. It was decided that since Communism and Judaism are so
irretrievably bound one to the other, a history of the Jewish people would contribute substantially to an understanding of the present communist menace.
Encyclopedia Britannica is used as a reference source because of its ready availability to the average reader. It is not an "anti-Semitic" publication. In fact, the Encyclopedia Britannica Corporation was
purchased by the (Jewish) Julius Rosenwald interests in 1920, and since then all material pertaining to the Jewish question his been re-written to conform to the Jewish outlook.
The Funk & Wagnall's Jewish Encyclopedia is uniformly referred to throughout this work as the "Jewish Encyclopedia." Consisting of 12 volumes, it is available in all major libraries. It should not be
confused with the 10 volume "Universal Jewish Encyclopedia," published by Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Inc., New York, 1939. Both, however, are authoritative Jewish publications, compiled by and
for Jews.
Valentine's Jewish Encyclopedia, Shapiro Valentine Co., London - 1938. England.
Outline of History, third edition, by H. G. Wells.
With Shrill Insistence
We cannot undertake even this brief history of the modern Jew without taking note of a phenomenon which has confounded gentile societies for twenty centuries. This is the ability of the Jewish people
to collectively retain their identity despite centuries of exposure to Christian civilization. To any student of Judaism, or to the Jews themselves, this phenomenon is partly explained by the fact that
Judaism is neither mainly a religion nor mainly a racial matter, nor yet is it simply a matter of nationality. Rather it is all three; it is a kind of trinity. Judaism is best described as a nationality built on the
twin pillars of race and religion.
All this is closely related to another aspect of Judaism, namely, the persecution myth. Since first appearing in history we find the Jews propagating the idea that they are an abused and persecuted people,
and this idea is, and has always been, central in Jewish thinking. The myth of persecution is the adhesive and cement of Judaism; without it Jews would have long since ceased to exist, their racial-religious
nationality notwithstanding.
Jews do not always agree among themselves, and it is only in the presence of their enemiesreal or imaginedthat Jewish thinking crystallizes into unanimity. In this respect they differ not at all from
other peoples: Adolph Hitler solidified German opinion around the idea that Germany was wronged at Versailles, that the German people were abused and victimized by the Allies, and that only by
holding together could they prevail against the overwhelming might of their enemies ...
For twenty-five centuries the Jewish mind has been conditioned by the same appeal. Through all Jewish thinking and all Jewish history the refrain of persecution has sounded with shrill insistence. Thus
we find every accident of fortune being chronicled, enhanced, and passed on to succeeding generations as another example of gentile cruelty to the chosen race. And almost inevitably we find opposition to
Jewish aspirations and ambitions being translated into these same terms of persecution, and all Jewish shortcomings being excused on the same basis.
Now it is a fact that the Jewish people have suffered numerous hardships in the course of their history, but this is true of other peoples too. The chief difference is that the Jews have kept scorethey
have made a tradition of persecution. A casual slaughter of Christians is remembered by no one in 50 years, but a disability visited upon a few Jews is preserved forever in Jewish histories. And they tell
their woes not only to themselves, but to a sympathetic world as well ...
Even The Coins Were Jewish
We find the first Jews filtering into Europe some time before the Christian era, particularly in the region of Greece. The ancient Greeks spoke of these Asiatic invaders with considerable bitterness. Very
quickly they spread throughout the Roman Empire and into Europe proper. The Jewish merchant, artisan, and slave trader appear on the Roman scene with increasing frequency after the second century
A.D. and there can be no doubt that their position in the Roman world was one of growing importance even as the Empire drifted to destruction. Under Justinian, says the Jewish Encyclopedia,
"They enjoyed full religious liberty, in return for which they assumed all a citizen's duty toward the state; minor offices were also open to them. Only the synagogues were exempt from the duty of
quartering soldiers. The trade in slaves constituted the main source of livelihood for the Roman Jews, and decrees against this traffic were issued in 335, 336, 339, 384, etc."
[Funk & Wagnall's Jewish Encyclopedia, page 460, vol. 10]
Seneca, in his writings, bitterly assailed the Romans of his day for aping the Jews, and some historians (notably Gibbon in his monumental Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire) have ascribed the
downfall of Rome to their corrupting influence. Nero's wife, Poppaea, was a converted Jewess. As Rome reeled into decline and final collapse, and as the Dark Ages descended over Western civilization,
we find the Jew taking a strangle-hold over what remained of European commerce. Says Encyclopedia Britannica:
". . . there was an inevitable tendency for him to specialize in commerce, for which his acumen and ubiquity gave him special qualifications. In the dark ages the commerce of western Europe was largely in
his hands, in particular the slave trade, and in Carolingian cartularies Jew and merchant are used as almost interchangeable terms."
[Encyclopedia Britannica, page 57, vol. 131947.]
This hold over European commerce finally became so utterly complete that few gentiles engaged in trade at all; it had become almost entirely a Jewish monopoly. In Poland and Hungary, the coins bore
Jewish inscriptions ...
Throughout the Medieval period, ["Dark Ages," "Medieval Period," and "Middle Ages" are synonymous terms used to describe the period of decline which characterized western civilization between 500-
1300 A.D.] which lasted from 500 A.D. to 1300 A.D., the Jew merchant was dominant all over Europe (except Scandinavia, where he was never permitted to enter) and this dominance included control
over the eastern trade routes to the Levant. There was to be no relief from this situation until the Jews were evicted from Europe in the century directly preceding the Renaissance.
In 1215 the Catholic Church, at the Fourth Lateran Council, broke the back of European Jewry with a set of restrictions designed to curb their commercial monopoly. These decrees restricted Jews to
residence in their own communities, prohibited absolutely their hiring of Christian employees and prohibited them from engaging in many types of commercial activity.
The Fourth Lateran Council restricted Jewish commercial advantage but it did not end the Jewish problem. Beginning in the latter part of the 13th century, one European country after another expelled its
Jewish population as the only final solution to the problem. First to take the step was England which banned them in 1290. Fifteen years later in 1306 the French followed suit. In steady succession the
various states of Europe emulated this example with Spain being one of the last to enforce the ban in 1492. The situation in Spain is worth noting. Says Encyclopedia Britannica: [page 57, vol. 13 - 1947]:
"... The 14th century was the golden age of their history in Spain. In 1391 the preaching of a priest of Seville, Fernando Martenez, led to the first general massacre of the Jews who were envied for their
prosperity and hated because they were the king's tax collectors."
Ferdinand and Isabella, after uniting Spain and driving out the Moors turned their attention to the Jewish problem, with the result that they were evicted completely in 1492. In 1498 Portugal evicted its
Jewish population also.
The Exploiters
A great deal has been said about the "persecution" of the Jews in Europe and elsewhere, and they have pretty well convinced the world (or at least Americans) that these hardships were inflicted on an
innocent people. But these rich Spanish Jews we see being evicted in 1492 were not down-trodden folk. They were the wealthy, the privileged, the exploiters: they were the well-fed merchants and the
gouging tax collectors ...
So it was in Portugal; in that country we find that the deportation of the Jews ...
"deprived Portugal of its middle class and its most scientific traders and financiers."
[Encyclopedia Britannica, page 279, vol. 18 - 1947.]
Undeniably this class of traders and financiers was put to hardship by this banishment, but it does not follow that they were victims of discrimination in the accepted sense, nor were they underprivileged
in any way. Rather we see a wealthy merchant group being ousted from its seat of vested privilege by a thoroughly outraged, and a thoroughly exploited Christian society ...
The situation in England was similar. The Jews had come to England in the wake of the Norman conquest and had quickly gained a position of wealth and prosperity. SaysValentine's Jewish
Encyclopedia of this period:
"Their numbers and prosperity increased, Aaron of Lincoln being the wealthiest man in England in his time ... his financial transactions covering the whole country and concerning many of the leading
nobles and churchmen ... On his death his property passed to the crown and a special branch of the exchequer had to be created to deal with it."
England, ironically enough, was the last country to be invaded by the Jews and the first to evict them. After the Fourth Lateran Council the Jews had become increasingly difficult to deal with and there
were a number of anti-Jewish riots. Perplexed by the problem posed by this alien minority which seemed well on its way to corralling the kingdom's wealth, and failing in an attempt to force its
assimilation. Edward I confiscated all Jewish wealth and evicted them permanently in 1290. Not until 1655 was a Jew legally permitted to re-enter England. Britain thus established the precedent for the
later eviction which soon followed on the continent.
In France too the Jews were dominant in trade and finance and had been since before Charlemagne's time. Under Philip the Fair (1285-1314) one of the last, and certainly one of the greatest of the Capetian
line, France had become the greatest power in Europe. It was Philip's need for money which led him to seize Jewish wealth and drive them from the country. He had already before 1306 taken desperate
measures to raise money, which was in short supply, by forbidding the export of gold and silver from France. The same need for money brought him into conflict with the Templars, whose wealth he also
seized. But it was the Jews who controlled the greatest supply of floating wealth. In 1306 Philip solved his financial problemand France's Jewish problemby expropriating their wealth and evicting
them. Thus ended the centuries-long commercial dominance of the Jew in France. Later a few were permitted to return and these were in turn ejected in 1394.
The Evictions
Space does not permit a detailed discussion of the other evictions which followed and which resulted in the banishment of the Jews from virtually every country in Western Europe in the succeeding
centuries but here in chronological order is a list of the evictions:
ENGLAND: Jews expelled in 1290 by Edward I. Not permitted to re-enter till 1655.
FRANCE: Expelled in 1306 by Philip the Fair. A few were permitted to return but were again evicted in 1394. Jewish settlements remained in Bordeaux, Avignon, Marseilles, (from where they were
evicted in 1682) and in the northern province of Alsace.
SAXONY: Expelled in 1349.
HUNGARY: By 1092 the Jews were in control of Hungary's tax collections. In 1360 they were expelled but later returned. In 1582 they were again expelled from the Christian part of Hungary.
BELGIUM: Expelled in 1370. A few settled there again in 1450, but no large numbers came till 1700.
SLOVAKIA: Ousted from Prague in 1380. Many settled there again after 1562. In 1744 Marie Theresa expelled them again.
AUSTRIA: Expelled in 1420 by Albrecht V.
NETHERLANDS: Expelled from Utrecht in 1444.
SPAIN: Expelled in 1492.
LITHUANIA: Expelled in 1495 by Grand Duke Alexander. They later returned.
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PORTUGAL: Expelled in 1498.
PRUSSIA: Expelled in 1510.
ITALY: Expelled from Kingdom of Naples and Sardinia in 1540.
BAVARIA: Banned permanently in 1551.
Jews were not permitted to enter Sweden until 1782. None were permitted to enter Denmark before the 17th century and they were not allowed in Norway after 1814. Today only a handful reside in all
Back to Poland
By 1500 all of Western Europe except northern Italy, parts of Germany, and the Papal possessions around Avignon, had been rid of the Jewish invasion. For a while, at least, Europe was free of the Jews;
not until 1650 did they return in any numbers. SaysEncyclopedia Britannica: [page 57-58, vol. 13 - 1947.]
"The great mass of the Jewish people were thus to be found once more in the East, in the Polish and Turkish empires . . The few communities suffered to remain in western Europe were meanwhile
subjected at last to all the restrictions which earlier ages had usually allowed to remain as an ideal; so that in a sense, the Jewish dark ages may be said to begin with the Renaissance."
As the Jew Departed ...
The period marked by the evictions1300 to 1650also marks the period of the Renaissance which broke over Europe as the Jews departed. Starting at first in the trading cities of northern Italy in about
1300, there began a great rebirth of culture and learning which at first was based almost entirely on the writings of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Very quickly this renascent culture spread over Europe
and when the age had ended, in about 1650, Europe was by comparison with her former status, enlightened and civilized. Quite obviously all this could not have taken place had it not been for a great
upsurge of commercial activity which occurred simultaneously with, and as an adjunct of, the Renaissance. Not until the nations of Europe had wrested commercial control from the ghetto did this rebirth
of western civilization occur.
The Ghettos
"Wherever Jews have settled, since the beginning of the Diaspora, they have proceeded to create their own communal organizations. Various factors of an internal characterreligious, cultural, social, and
economicas well as external factors, have contributed to this factor"
(Page 201, The Jewish People, Past and Present, by the Central Yiddish Culture Organization (CYCO), New York).
It is virtually impossible to comprehend the character of Judaism without some knowledge of the nature of the Medieval Jewish community. (Kahal; Ghetto). Probably one of the commonest fallacies
extant today concerns the true origin of the ghetto. Most history books defer to Jewish sensibilities by giving the Jewish version, namely that the Jewish people were for centuries forced to reside in a
special quarter of the city as a result of the bigotry and intolerance of the Christian majority. This is not true, and no scholar of Judaism believes it to be.
Valentine's Jewish Encyclopedia describes the origin of the ghetto as follows:
"At any rate the word became general for a Jew's quarter. Already in antiquity the Jews voluntarily occupied special quarters; In the Middle Ages, Jew's streets or Jewries were to be found from the end of
the 11th century, but the motive of their concentration was no longer religious or social: trade caused them to settle near the market, or danger made them seek the protection of the reigning prince, the
protector also wishing to have them together for the easier collection of taxes. It was not until the 13th century that the Jew's quarter was turned into a compulsory Ghetto. ... The concentration of Jews in
Ghettos, although unintended, had its good result. It preserved the communal feeling and the traditional Jewish culture."
As a point of fact these ghetto-communities existed only because the Jews wanted them to existthey represented a desire on the part of Jewry to remain aloof and exclusive of Christian Society.
Says Valentine's Jewish Encyclopedia [p 589]:
"There were as a rule officially recognized authorities in the Jewish communities in Europe during the Middle Ages to regulate their own affairs and to treat as a body with the civil government. Even with
no other incentive but that of living up to the requirements of Judaism the Jews of a locality were compelled to organize themselves into a community (Kahal; Kehilla), in order to regulate ritual,
educational and charitable institutions. Courts of law were also a necessity, since Jewish litigants were expected to obey the civil code of the Talmud."
The ghetto was not merely a place of residence; it was in the fullest sense a community within a community. Here the Jews maintained their culture, their religion, and their tradition of solidarity. Here
they nursed their age-long hatred for Christian civilization. Says Encyclopedia Britannica [p 59, vol. 13 - 1947.]:
"All these activities necessitated a great deal of legislation and in this the autonomous Jewish community was granted the widest latitude. Ordinances were enacted by Jews governing every phase of life:
business, synagogue attendance, social morals, policing, prescriptions for dress, and a detailed regimentation of amusements ... The characteristic common to the medieval Jewish community were: self
imposed discipline, the considering of all religious, philanthropic, educational, and self defense problems as common concerns, and a strong sense of solidarity fortified by a uniform way of life."
For ten centuries preceding the great evictions, in virtually every Christian nation of Europe (and in Mohammedan Spain, Africa, and Asia Minor) these Jews settled into these parasitic ghetto-
communities and here they nurtured and maintained a culture which was quite a thing apart from the culture of the European. When finally they were driven from Western Europe in the centuries preceding
the Renaissance, we find them settling and establishing ghetto-communities in Poland and Russia which have lasted down to the present day. The Medieval ghetto did not disappear with the ending of the
Dark Agesit was transferred, unimpaired, to Eastern Europe, where the majority of the world's Jews settled.
The institution of the ghetto has enabled two basically different cultures and peoples to remain side by sideone Asiatic and Judaic, the other European and Christianwithout becoming integrated. It is
primarily for this reason that the Jew has remained an alien in spite of centuries of exposure to Christian civilization. And that is why the Spanish Jew remained a Jew first and a Spaniard second, and why
the Polish Jew, the Russian Jew, and the German Jew, have given their first allegiance to Judah and rendered a sort of second-hand loyalty to the country of their abode.
The Chazars
The modern Jew is descended from a mixture of Asiatic peoples, largely Semitic in origin, but not Hebraic. This map is based on Britton's reproduction from Funk & Wagnall, itself based on Atlas de
Gographie Historique by Schrader. Shading showed Roman Catholics, Greek Catholics, Mohammedans, Jews, and Pagans. I've indicated the boundaries, on the same map, of the Khazars, the Pale, and
Russia; and emphasized where Ukraine is. The rectangle corresponds to the maps of Poland, below.
The modern Jew with his Yiddish culture and rapacious financial traditions should not be confused with the biblical Hebrews, who were mainly a pastoral people. The international Jew of modern times is
indeed the bastardized product of a bastardized past. He does not truly worship the Bible, but the Talmud; he does not speak Hebrew, but Yiddish; he is not descended from Israel, but from the scum of
the eastern Mediterranean. This is vividly illustrated by H. G. Wells in his great Outline of History:
"The Jewish idea was and is a curious combination of theological breadth and an intense racial patriotism. The Jews looked for a special saviour, a Messiah, who was to redeem mankind by the agreeable
process of restoring the fabulous glories of David and Solomon, and bringing the whole world it last under the benevolent but firm Jewish heel. As the political power of the peoples declined as Carthage
followed Tyre into the darkness and Spain became a Roman province, this dream grew and spread. There can be little doubt that the scattered Phoenicians in Spain and Africa and throughout the
Mediterranean, speaking as they did a language closely akin to Hebrew and being deprived of their authentic political rights, became proselytes to Judaism. For phases of vigorous proselytism alternated
with phases of exclusive jealousy in Jewish history. On one occasion the Idumeans, being conquered, were all forcibly made Jews. (Josephus). There were Arab tribes who were Jews in the time of
Muhammad, and a Turkish people who were mainly Jews in South Russia in the ninth century. Judaism is indeed the reconstructed political ideal of many shattered peoplesmainly Semitic. It is to the
Phoenician contingent and to Aramean accessions in Babylon that the financial and commercial tradition of the Jews is to be ascribed. But as a result of these coalescences and assimilations, almost
everywhere in the towns throughout the Roman Empire, and far beyond it in the east, Jewish communities traded and flourished, and were kept in touch through the Bible, and through a religious and
educational organization. The main part of Jewry never was in Judea and had never come out of Judea."
[Outline of History page 493-494, third edition, by H. G. Wells. Section 'Christianity and Islam', with a footnote recommending the Cambridge Medieval History.]
The "Turkish" people whom Wells mentions were the Chazars [Chazar=Khazar], who built an empire in south Russia in the 9th century A. D. This Chazar empire was infiltrated by large numbers of
Byzantine Jews. By process of intermarriage and conversion these Chazars became identified as Jews and in all Jewish histories and encyclopedias the words "Chazar" and "Jew" are used interchangeably.
In the tenth century a succession of invasions destroyed the Chazar empire and large numbers of these Chazar-Jews settled in the area of what is now Poland. Others found their way to western Europe
and Spain, where they mingled with the already bastardized conglomeration of European Jewry.
Poland's Fate
These Jews we find settling in Poland in the early 14th century came there at the invitation of Casimir I, who seems to have been under strong Jewish influence. As early as the 10th century the Jews
(chiefly of Khazar origin) were influential in Poland, and by the 12th century they were well enough entrenched to monopolize the coinage of Poland's money. Says the Jewish Encyclopedia: [Funk &
Wagnall's Jewish Encyclopedia, page 56, vol. 10]
"Coins unearthed in 1812 in the Great Polish village of Glenbok show conclusively that in the reigns of Mieczyslauw III (1173-1209), Casimir, and Leshek (1194-1205), the Jews were, as stated above, in
charge of the coinage of Great and Little Poland."
It is interesting to note that these coins bore Jewish as well as Polish inscriptions.
The history of Poland for the next 3 centuries revolves around the struggle for supremacy between the native Polish people and the Jews. During the greater part of that time Poland was more or less
dominated by the Jewsa situation most beneficial to all, according to Jewish history books. But when, as occasionally happened, there was a lapse in Jewish fortunes, these same histories are replete
with accounts of gentile cruelty and bestiality to the chosen race. And because these laments have been repeated often enough and loudly enough there is a widely held belief that Poland has been a land of
oppression for Jewry ...
It has been the unhappy fate of Poland to be saddled for the greater part of its history with a large proportion of the world's Jewish population. This, more than anything else, accounts for the tragic
disunity which has kept Poland from taking its place among the great nations of the earth.
In 1793 (third partition) Poland was divided between Prussia and Russia and thus ceased to exist as a nation. Russia thus fell heir to a full fledged Jewish problem.
The third partition of Poland was an event of paramount significance in Russian history because as a by-product of the partition she acquired the world's largest Jewish population. From this moment on
Russia's history became hopelessly intertwined with the Jewish problem, and eventually, as we shall relate, the Jews brought about the downfall of Imperial Russia.
No one can possibly understand the nature of present day communism, nor of Zionism, without some knowledge of the situation existing in Russia in the century preceding the October revolution of 1917.
We have already noted the presence of Khazar Jews in Poland in the 10th century, and these same Khazar Jews are to be found in Russia from that time on. But whereas Poland had invited the evicted
Jews of western Europe to settle in vast numbers within its boundaries in the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries, the Imperial Russian government had permitted no such immigrations, and had in fact sealed its
borders to them. As would be expected, therefore, the Imperial government was something less than enthusiastic over this sudden acquisition of Poland's teeming masses of Jews.
Pale of Settlement

The Pale of Settlement extended from the Crimea to the Baltic Sea, encompassing an area half as great as western Europe. By 1917, seven million Jews resided there, comprising perhaps half the world's
total Jewish population. It was within the Pale of Settlement that the twin philosophies of Communism and Zionism flourished. Both movements grew out of Jewish hatred of Christian civilization
(persecutor of the "chosen race"), and both movements have spread wherever Jews have emigrated. The Pale of Settlement has been the reservoir from which the world-wide forces of communism have
flowed. It is worth noting that half of the world's Jewish population now resides in the U.S., and that all but a handful of these are from the Pale, or are descendants of emigrants from the Pale.
From the very beginning the Tsarist government imposed a set of restrictions designed to protect Russia's economy and culture from the inroads of the Jew. It was decreed (in 1772) that Jews could settle
in Greater Russia, but only in certain areas. Within this "Pale of Settlement" Jews were more or less free to conduct their affairs as they pleased. But travel or residence beyond the Pale was rigidly
restricted, so that in 1897 (date of Russia's 1st census) 93.9% of Russia's Jewish population lived within its boundaries, and only 6% of the total resided in other parts of the Empire. To prevent
smuggling, no Jew was permitted to reside within 50 versts of the border.
From the standpoint of Jewish history, the Pale of Settlement ranks as one of the most significant factors of modern times. Here within. a single and contiguous area the greater part of Jewry had gathered,
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and was to remain, for something like 125 years. For the first time Jewry was subjected to a common environment and a common ground of experience. Out of this common experience and environment
there evolved the Yiddish speaking Jew of the 20th century. Here too were born the great movements of Zionism and Communism.
The Kahal
We have already remarked upon the habit of Jewry from ancient times of establishing and maintaining their own tribal community (kahal) within the framework of Christian society. We have noted also
that as the Jew was driven from Western Europe, he brought with him to Poland this ancient custom. The Kahal was an established institution in Poland, and as the Jews settled within the Pale they set up
these autonomous communities here too.
At first the Imperial government recognized the autonomous Kahal organization permitting them to raise taxes and set up courts of law, where only Jewish litigants were concerned. In addition to the
individual communities, there were district Kahal organizations which at first were permitted to assess local Jewish communities with taxes. In 1786 these privileges were drastically curtailed and Jews
were there after obliged to appear before ordinary courts of law and the Kahal organization was restricted to matters of religious and social nature. Although Jewish propagandists have complained long and
loudly of being oppressed by the Imperial government, it is a fact that up until 1881 they prospered beyond all expectation. Jewry settled in the Russian economy like a swarm of locusts in a field of new
corn. Very quickly they achieved a monopoly over Russia's liquor, tobacco, and retail industries. Later they dominated the professions as well. Under the reign of Alexander I many of the restrictions
against residence beyond the Pale of Settlement were relaxed, especially for the artisan and professional classes. A determined effort was made to establish Jews in agriculture and the government
encouraged at every opportunity the assimilation of Jews into Russian national life.
Nicholas I
Alexander's successor, Nicholas I, was less inclined to favor Jewry, and in fact viewed their inroads into the Russian economy with alarm. He was much hated by the Jews. Prior to his reign, Alexander I
had allowed any male Jew the privilege of escaping compulsory military duty by paying a special draft-exemption tax. In 1827 Nicholas abolished the custom, with the result that Jews were for the first
time taken into the Imperial armies ...
In 1844 Nicholas I further antagonized Jewry by abolishing the institution of the Kahal, and in that same year he prohibited by law the traditional Jewish garb, specifying that all Jews should, except on
ceremonial occasions, dress in conformity with Russian standards. These measures, and many others like them, were aimed at facilitating the assimilation of Jewry into Russian life. The Tsarist
government was much concerned by the Jew's failure to become Russianized, and viewed with extreme hostility the ancient Jewish custom of maintaining a separate culture, language, mode of dress,
etc.all of which contributed to keep the Jew an alien in the land of his residence. It is to this determination to "Russianize" and "civilize" the Jew that we can ascribe the unusual efforts made by the
Imperial government to provide free education to its Jews. In 1804 all schools were thrown open to Jews and attendance for Jewish children was made compulsory. Compulsory education was not only a
novelty in Russia, but in any country in the early 19th century. In Russia education was generally reserved for a privileged few, and even as late as 1914 only 55%of her gentile population had been inside
a school. The net result of the Imperial government's assimilation program was that Russian Jewry became the best educated segment in Russia. This eventually worked to the destruction of the Tsarist
government ...
The reign of Alexander II marked the apex of Jewish fortunes in Tsarist Russia. By 1880 they were becoming dominant in the professions, in many trades and industries, and were beginning to filter into
government in increasing numbers. As early as 1861 Alexander II had permitted Jewish university graduates to settle and hold governmental positions in greater Russia, and by 1879 apothecaries, nurses,
midwives dentists, distillers, and skilled craftsmen were permitted to work and reside throughout the empire.
Nevertheless Russia's Jews were increasingly rebellious over the remaining restraints which still bound the greater part of Russian Jewry to the Pale of Settlement, and which, to some extent at least,
restricted their commercial activities. Herein lay the dilemma; the Imperial government could retain certain of the restrictions against the Jews, and by doing so incur their undying hostility, or it could
remove all restraints and thus pave the way for Jewish domination over every phase of Russian life. Certainly Alexander viewed this problem with increasing concern as time went on. Actually it was a
problem capable of being solved. [sic]
Alexander II lost a considerable amount of his enthusiasm for liberal causes after an attempt was made to assassinate him in 1866. He dismissed his "liberal" advisors and from that time on displayed an
inclination toward conservatism. This is not to say he became anti-Jewish, but he did show more firmness in dealing with them. In 1879 there was another attempt on his life, and another in the following
year when his winter palace was blown up. In 1881 a plot hatched in the home of the Jewess, Hesia Helfman, was successful. Alexander II was blown up and so ended an era.
The New Policy
The reaction to the assassination of Alexander II was instantaneous and far reaching. There was a widespread belief in and out of the government, that if the Jews were dissatisfied with the rule of
Alexander IIwhom the crypto-Jew, D'Israeli, had described as "the most benevolent prince that ever ruled Russia"then they would be satisfied with nothing less than outright domination of Russia.
Up to 1881 Russian policy had consistently been directed in an attempt to "Russianize" the Jew, preparatory to accepting him into full citizenship. In line with this policy, free and compulsory education
for Jews had been introduced, repeated attempts had been made to encourage them to settle on farms, and special efforts had been made to encourage them to engage in the crafts. Now Russian policy was
reversed. Hereafter it became the policy of the Imperial government to prevent the further exploitation of the Russian people by the Jews. Thus began the death struggle between Tsar and Jew.
All through 1881 there was widespread anti-Jewish rioting all over the empire. Large numbers of Jews who had been permitted to settle beyond the Pale of Settlement were evicted. In May of 1882 the
May Laws (Provisional Rules of May 3, 1882) were imposed, thus implementing the new governmental policy.
The May Laws shook the empire to its foundations. The following passage is taken fromEncyclopedia Britannica [page 76, volume 2, 1947]:
"The Russian May Laws were the most conspicuous legislative monument achieved by modern anti-Semitism ... Their immediate results was a ruinous commercial depression which was felt all over the
empire and which profoundly affected the national credit. The Russian minister was at his wit's end for money. Negotiations for a large loan were entered upon with the house of Rothschild and a
preliminary contract was signed, when ... the finance minister was informed that unless the persecutions of the Jews were stopped the great banking house would be compelled to withdraw from the
operation ... In this way anti-Semitism, which had already so profoundly influenced the domestic policies of Europe, set its mark on the international relations of the powers, for it was the urgent need of
the Russian treasury quite as much as the termination of Prince Bismarck's secret treaty of mutual neutrality which brought about the Franco-Russian alliance."
Thus, within a period of 92 years (from the 3rd partition to 1882) the Jews, although constituting only 4.2% of the population, had been able to entrench themselves so well in the Russian economy that
the nation was almost bankrupted in the attempt to dislodge them. And, as we have seen, the nation's international credit was also affected.
After 1881 events served increasingly to sharpen the enmity of Jewry toward Tsarism. The May Laws had not only restricted Jewish economic activity, but had attemptedunsuccessfully, as we shall
seeto preserve Russia's cultural integrity. Hereafter Jews were permitted to attend state-supported schools and universities, but only in ratio to their population. This was not unreasonable since
Russia's schools were flooded with Jewish students while large numbers of her gentile population were illiterate, but to the Jews this represented another bitter "persecution," and all the world was
acquainted with the enormity of this new crime against Jewry ...
On May 23rd a delegation of Jews headed by Baron Gunzberg called on the new Tsar (Alexander III) to protest the May Laws and the alleged discrimination against Jewry. As a result of the investigation
which followed, Tsar Alexander issued an edict the following Sept. 3rd, a part of which is given here:
"For some time the government has given its attention to the Jews and to their relations to the rest of the inhabitants of the empire, with a view of ascertaining the sad condition of the Christian inhabitants
brought about by the conduct of the Jews in business matters ...
During the last twenty years the Jews have gradually possessed themselves of not only every trade and business in all its branches, but also of a great part of the land by buying or farming it. With few
exceptions, they have as a body devoted their attention, not to enriching or benefiting the country, but to defrauding by their wiles its inhabitants, and particularly its poor inhabitants. This conduct of
theirs has called forth protests on the part of the people, as manifested in acts of violence and robbery. The government, while on the one hand doing its best to put down the disturbances, and to deliver
the Jews from oppression and slaughter, have also, on the other hand, thought it a matter of urgency and justice to adopt stringent measures in order to put an end to the oppression practised by the Jews
on the inhabitants, and to free the country from their malpractices, which were, as is known, the cause of the agitations."
[Russia and Turkey in the 19th Century by E. W. Latimer, page 332. A. C. McClury & Co., 1895.]
It was in this atmosphere that the twin movements of Marxism and Zionism began to take hold and dominate the mass of Russian Jewry. Ironically, both Zionism and Marxism were first promulgated by
westernized German Jews. Zionism, whose chief advocate was Theodore Herzl, took root in Russia in the 1880s in competition with Marxism, whose high priest was Karl Marx, grandson of a rabbi ...
Eventually every Russian Jew came to identify himself with either one or the other of these movements.
Six Assassinated
As an outgrowth of this political fermentation, there appeared at the beginning of the century one of the most remarkable terroristic organizations ever recorded in the annals of history. This was the
Jewish dominated Social Revolutionary Party, which between 1901 and 1906 was responsible for the assassination of no less than six first ranking leaders of the Imperial government, including Minister of
Education Bogolepov (1901); Minister of Interior Sipyagin (1902); Governor of Ufa, Bogdanovich (1903); Premier Viachelav von Plehve (1904); Grand Duke Sergei, uncle of the Tsar (1905); and General
Dubrassov, who had suppressed the Moscow insurrection (1906).
Chief architect of these terroristic activities was the Jew, Gershuni, who headed the "terror section" of the Social Revolutionary Party. In charge of the "fighting section" was Yevno Azev, son of a Jewish
tailor, and one of the principal founders of the party.
Azev later plotted, but was unable to carry out, the assassination of Tsar Nicholas II. He was executed in 1909 and Gershuni was sentenced to life imprisonment. This marked the end of the terroristic
activities of the party, but the effect of these political murders was far reaching. Never again was the royal family, or its ministers free from the fear of assassination. Soon another prime minister would be
shot downthis time in the very presence of the Tsar. This was the backdrop for the revolution of 1905.
Wikipedia Semitic ... In linguistics and ethnology, Semitic (from the Biblical "Shem", Hebrew: , translated as "name", Arabic: ) was first used to refer to a language family of West Asian origin, now
called the Semitic languages. This family includes the ancient and modern forms ofAhlamu, Akkadian (Assyrian-
Babylonian), Amharic, Ammonite, Amorite, Arabic, Aramaic/Syriac, Canaanite/Phoenician/Carthaginian,Chaldean, Eblaite, Edomite Ge'ez, Hebrew, Maltese, Mandaic, Moabite, Sutean, Tigre and Tigrinya,
and Ugaritic, among others. As language studies are interwoven with cultural studies, the term also came to describe the extended cultures and ethnicities, as well as the history of these varied peoples as
associated by close geographic and linguistic distribution ... The word "Semite" and most uses of the word "Semitic" relate to any people whose native tongue is, or was historically, a member of the
associated language family.[31][32] The term "anti-Semite", however, came by a circuitous route to refer most commonly to one hostile or discriminatory towards Jews in particular.[33] Anthropologists
of the 19th century such as Ernst Renan readily aligned linguistic groupings with ethnicity and culture, appealing to anecdote, science and folklore in their efforts to define racial character. Moritz
Steinschneider, in his periodical of Jewish letters Hamaskir (3 (Berlin 1860), 16), discusses an article by Heymann Steinthal[34] criticising Renan's article "New Considerations on the General Character of
the Semitic Peoples, In Particular Their Tendency to Monotheism".[35] Renan had acknowledged the importance of the ancient civilisations of Mesopotamia, Israel etc. but called the Semitic races inferior
to the Aryan for their monotheism, which he held to arise from their supposed lustful, violent, unscrupulous and selfish racial instincts. Steinthal summed up these predispositions as "Semitism", and so
Steinschneider characterised Renan's ideas as "anti-Semitic prejudice".[36] In 1879 the German journalist Wilhelm Marr, in a pamphlet called Der Weg zum Siege des Germanenthums ber das Judenthum
("The Way to Victory of Germanicism over Judaism") began the politicisation of the term by speaking of a struggle between Jews and Germans. He accused them of being liberals, a people without roots
who had Judaized Germans beyond salvation. In 1879 Marr's adherents founded the "League for Anti-Semitism"[37] which concerned itself entirely with anti-Jewish political action. However,
Antisemitism can also apply to other Semitic peoples also. In Iran, the minorities of Assyrians and Arabs in the country, as well as Jews, have suffered varying degrees of Antisemitism.[38] It is not just
the bearded extremists of Chabad that have such supremacist sentiments, many of the publicly acknowledged, most influential Jews of the United States. A perfect example is Stephen Steinlight. He served
for five years as the Director of National Affairs for the largest and most powerful Jewish organization in the United States, the American Jewish Committee. He made the following remarks in an article
on immigration in a national Jewish magazine in October of 2001: Ill confess it, at least, like thousands of other typical Jewish kids of my generation, I was reared as a Jewish nationalist, even a quasi-
separatist. Every summer for two months for 10 formative years during my childhood and adolescence I attended Jewish summer camp. There, each morning, I saluted a foreign flag, dressed in a uniform
reflecting its colors, sang a foreign national anthem, learned a foreign language, learned foreign folk songs and dances, and was taught that Israel was the true homeland. Emigration to Israel was considered
the highest virtue, and, like many other Jewish teens of my generation, I spent two summers working in Israel on a collective farm while I contemplated that possibility. More tacitly and subconsciously, I
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was taught the superiority of my people to the gentiles who had oppressed us. We were taught to view non-Jews as untrustworthy outsiders, people from whom sudden gusts of hatred might be
anticipated, people less sensitive, intelligent, and moral than ourselves. We were also taught that the lesson of our dark history is that we could rely on no one. [6]
Islamic Awakening on on Chabad Lubvitch ... Steven Steinlight, If any Gentile politician dared to say that typical Jewish kids are deliberately taught that their real loyalty is not to America but to
Israel; and that Jews say they are superior to Gentiles in intelligence and morals, he would be mercilessly condemned by the media and hounded out of politics as an anti-Semite. Yet, this stark admission is
by the former head of National Affairs for the American Jewish Committee. It should be emphasized that Steinlights words are not from an off-handed or careless conversation, but are his carefully
chosen words from a major article he wrote for Jewish consumption, called The Jewish Stake in Americas Changing Demographics. Ill confess it, at least, like thousands of other typical Jewish kids of
my generation, I was reared as a Jewish nationalist, even a quasi-separatist. Every summer for two months for 10 formative years during my childhood and adolescence I attended Jewish summer camp.
There, each morning, I saluted a foreign flag, dressed in a uniformreflecting its colors, sang a foreign national anthem, learned a foreign language, learned foreign folk songs and dances, and was taught that
Israel was the true homeland. Emigration to Israel was considered the highest virtue, and, like many other Jewish teens of my generation, I spent two summers working in Israel on a collective farm while I
contemplated that possibility. More tacitly and subconsciously, I was taught the superiority of my people to the gentiles who had oppressed us. We were taught to view non-Jews as untrustworthy
outsiders, people from whom sudden gusts of hatred might be anticipated, people less sensitive, intelligent, and moral than ourselves. We were also taught that the lesson of our dark history is that we
could rely on no one. [6]
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