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JUNE 2012


I nstructi ons to candi dates:
a) Time allowed: Three hours (plus an extra ten minutes reading time at the start do not write anything during this time)
b) Answer any FIVE questions
c) All questions carry equal marks. Marks for each question are shown in [ ]

1. It is the duty of an employee to give notice to his employer of any personal injury caused by an accident at work.
a) State when this notice should be given and what form the notice should take. [3]
b) Outline the employers duties to be carried out upon receiving notice of an accident from an employee. [4]
c) List the information that must be contained in an accident record (usually entered into the prescribed form BI150:
Accident Book). [10]
d) Describe the steps to be taken to ensure accident records comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. [2]
e) State the length of time an accident book must be retained following the last date of entry. [1]

2. a) Outline the minimum provision for first aid on any work site. [4]
b) Describe the factors that might make greater first-aid provision necessary and list the aspects that should be
considered when developing suitable first-aid arrangements. [16]

3. a) Outline the requirements for an adequate means of escape from inside a place of work to a final exit door. [12]
b) Identify the issues to consider for the location of an assembly point for use in a workplace. [8]

4. Identify the FIVE main types of fire extinguisher, state the colours of their labels and describe the type of fire EACH is
suitable to tackle outlining the advantages and limitations of EACH. [20]

5. All employees should be made familiar with the routine to be followed in the event of a fire in their workplace. List and
describe the basic components that should be considered when designing any fire routine procedures. [20]

6. Explain the importance and location of Fire Escape routes and Assembly Points. [20]

7. The process of carrying out a Fire Risk Assessment is made up of several steps.
a) List and explain EACH step. [10]
b) Produce a simple fire risk assessment for a small restaurant business. [10]

8. Outline TEN possible Fire Hazards that could be present when considering a fire risk assessment for a city centre hotel
with 50 guest rooms. [20]