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1) cut 2 hearts out of the tan felt using a cookie cutter

as a pattern

2) cut a slightly smaller heart out of red or pink felt

3) sew the colored heart to one of the tan hearts
using a running stitch

Running Stitch—This stitch is used for outline and

padding. The needle is carried in and out of material making small up and down even
stitches. Take several stitches on needle before drawing it through.

4) sew sprinkles onto the cookies using embroidery floss

5) sew the 2 tan hearts together using a running stitch. leave a small hole and fill with
stuffing before completely sewing the hearts together


Step 1:

Decide on how many eggs and orange

slices you would like to make. For each
egg you will need to cut out (from felt) X2
egg whites (using white felt) and X1 yolk
(using yellow felt). For each orange slice
you will need to cut out X1 large circle
(using orange felt) and X1 small circle (using yellow felt). Of course you can vary the
colors however you like.

Step 2:

Let's begin with the egg. Position the yolk onto the felt and start machine stitching
around the circle until you are about two thirds of the way around.

Step 3:

With a little stuffing, stuff the yolk - push it in nicely until it is a slightly rounded shape. It
helps to lift up the machine foot while you are stuffing.

Step 4:

Holding everything into position, finish sewing around the yolk.

Step 5:

Position the other egg white directly behind the one (that you've just sewed) and
machine stitch around the outer edge to hold both whites together. If there is any
overhang of felt once finished, simple trim it off with the scissors.

Here we go with the orange slices:

Step 1:

Fold the large orange circle in half and machine stitch around the curve to hold both
sides together.

Step 2:

Pin the yellow felt circle onto the orange one (as shown here in the picture).

Step 3:

Machine stitch this into position. I found it easier to stitch the middle line of the orange
slice first - it helps hold everything into place. Follow the rough diagram on the template
sheet to see where all stitching lines on the orange slice should be and sew accordingly.
Trim off any felt overhang to complete the orange slice.

Ok, first of all, you choose the colors you want to

be in your cupcake. I chose brown for the base,
white for the topping and red and green for the
strawberry… (i looove strawberries )

Then, cut out a circle. Remember not to cut it

tooo big becuase the bigger you cut it, the
bigger your cupcake will be ^^

After this, you need to cut out a stripe of the (in

my case brown) felt again. This needs to be
wrapped around your circle…

Then take some yarn and sew these 2 things together. After you have done it, turn the
inside out and stuff the base.

Cut out a not really round piece of your topping-coloured felt. It has to be a little bit
more big than your cupcake base…. Cut out many of these not-so-round shapes and
get smaller every time. To let the topping be more “real”, sew another piece of smaller
felt on the first two “steps” and stuff it with what ever you use to stuff. (I use cotton)

Sew all the “steps” together. You only need to make one stitch in the middle and back…

Then, finally, put the two things – base & topping – together. You only have to sew the
topping onto the base.

Hooray! Your basic cupcake is DONE!

Well, and every cupcake needs some decoration! I decided to put a strawberry on it,
but you can do whatever your fantasy tells you to….

For the strawberry, cut out 2 pieces of red felt in the right shape of that fruit <3 And then,
cut out grrrreeeeen felt in the shape of leves. It’s pretty easy. Just sew the parts together,
stuff and then sew the strawberry onto your topping.


1) You will need: two colors of felt, matching thread, sewing needle, a
couple of pins, beads for sprinkles, scissors, a marking pen, stuffing,
and something to trace for shape (I used a CD).
2) Trace and cut out two matching donut shapes, and cute one
freeform frosting shape.
3) Pin the frosting onto one of the donut shapes. Straight-stitch all
around the frosting.
4) Stack both donut shapes together and overcast-stitch through all
three layers around the donut hole.
5) Going only through the frosting and the top donut layer, randomly
sew on the sprinkles.
6) Overcast-stitch through both donut layers, leaving a few inches
open. Pack the stuffing inside and stitch up the opening.

For this project you will need:

1 sheet Sweet Potato, or orange colored felt (will

make 2 carrots)

1 sheet Fresh Cut Grass or dark green felt (will

make 2 carrots)

Stuffing, I used 100% wool legacy stuffing but any

stuffing will do

1 6 inch strip of colored hook and loop in Fresh Squeezed (Velcro). (will make 2 carrots

with quite a bit left over.)

Thread to match orange colored felt.

Cut 1 carrot top from fresh cut grass felt.

Cut everything else from Sweet Potato color

Step 2.
Roll stem up stem piece and stitch up as shown, stitching can be done with any color
thread, it won’t show.
Step 3
Cut Hook and Loop (aka Velcro) into small circles

Step 4.

Match up rounds you have cut out, you should

have two of each place scratchy side (hook)

onto one of the pieces and soft side (loop) to

matching piece, stitch into place as shown.

Make sure the right pieces fit together, it will be

hard to correct later.

Step 5. Sew up sides of rings using a running stitch as shown below, turn inside out so

seam doesn’t show

Step 6.

Sew bottom to slice A, the dot represents Hook and Loop


Depending on how far in you made your seam on each carrot

ring the bottom and top circles may need to be trimmed a bit to

fit properly.
Step 7

Set up like a cup and gather stitch around and

lightly stuff.

Step 8.

Place stem into carrot and pull gather stitches tightly, pass needle through the stem a

few times to hold it into place, the top is done.

Step 9

Sew tops and bottoms on to remaining rings as specified above. Stick Hook and Loop

(Velcro) sides together and Viola! A felt carrot!


All I did was take a piece of tan felt and

cut the biggest circle I could from it. Then I
cut another circle about 3/4" less all
On the first circle, I folded in the edge
about 3/4" and machine stitched the end
down. I left the ends open so I could stuff a
little batting in for the crust.
I then machine sewed the second circle to
the first, wrong sides out. I left a little
opening so I could stuff the batting in and then turned it inside out.
Next I stiched 2 vertical & 2 horizontal seams and cut down the middle so I had 4 pieces.
I took each in turn and stuffed each with batting then sewed the edges shut.
Now I had 4 little tan poofy triangles.
I then cut 4 triangles of red felt for the sauce & hand stitched them on.
Next came the cheese.
Then I had a plain pizza. You could stop there or make some toppings. I made some
mushrooms, pepperoni, onions, sausage & peppers. These I did not sew down. I left them
loose so he could play and make his own custom ordered pizzas.

These little guys are easy to make here’s what I used:

This will give you 4 crackers

1 sheet of felt in buttercream

Thread to match the felt

Wool batting- about 4 inch square, you can also use

acrylic batting but you will need to double them

possibly even triple since they don’t have the same

loft as wool, you can also use stuffing but you will

want to make it lay as flat as possible.

Cut the felt into a 2.5 inch square and the batting
into a 2 inch square.

Sandwich batting between two felt triangles and

whip/ overcast stitch up sides in coordinating thread I used red for clarity. (at this point

you may want to mark out the pattern of dots shown above with pencil if you don’t want

to wing it) Now knot your thread and go in to the cracker through the side.

Pop the needle through the first dot on the template above, sew a small stitch pulling

thread slightly so the batting puffs up around the stitch. Pop needle back out on the

opposite side and make another small stitch mirroring your first.

Now instead of moving the needle out of cracker move needle head between the

sandwiched felt squares (where your wool is) and out through the next dot on the

template above . Sew a small stitch once again pulling it tight and repeat for the last

indentation on the first row.

Start dots on second row by once again moving in between your two felt pieces. Place

your next stitch underneath and in between your dots above. The line up doesn’t need
to be precise. This becomes second nature after you do one or two. Now move

between the felt again and create the second and last stitch on the second row, the

row patterns are 3, 2, 3, 2, 3 .

Proceed to the next set of three lining them up directly below the first set of three.

Finish your cracker by coming out the side and hiding your knot between whip


Made using wool blend felt in "buttercream" whip cream made

from "white" 100% wool cherry, fudge hot glue, and nut beads all

available at American Felt and Craft.

Cake Instructions:

Not hard to make at all, although it does take time. Here's

the pattern for the big (10" diameter) and medium (8") cake

slices. The top layer (6")is a solid disc so that the candles

have a nice stable platform.The foam is 3" thick and in

addition to the pieces in the pattern, you will need

(quarter-inch seam allowance included)

For each large cake slice:

1 piece felt 10.5" x 3.5"

1 piece felt 4.5" x 3.5"

11" of 1/2" ribbon

For each medium cake slice:

1 piece felt 8.5" x 3.5"

1 piece felt 4.75" x 3.5"

9" of 1/2" ribbon

to make the walls of the slice.

Top-stitch the ribbon lengthwise along

the longer felt rectangle.

Some notes and tips:

An electric knife is really nice for cutting foam, provided you don't also use the same

knife to carve the Thanksgiving turkey.

If you don't have an electric knife, a box cutter/X-acto knife works well if you position

the blade vertically, not slanted, and saw up and down.

It doesn't matter if the edges of the foam are slightly uneven or bumpy because the

felt case smooths these out.

I used a little over a yard of the white wool-blend felt for the entire project.

Resist the temptation to make the felt case either too snug (the final product will be

bulgy) or give too much allowance to make it roomy. The cake slices will fit

together best if the felt cases fit the foam inserts just so.

I did not consider stuffing the felt cases with polyfill rather than a foam insert because I

wanted the flat sides to facilitate smooth and tight packing and stacking.

When making the circular cover for the whole cake (see 4th picture), I found it helpful

to complete all the slices, then pack them together and measure the final

diameter of the circle they made. Mine measured 10.5" and 8.5" in the end.

The small cake with the velcro was made simply with two 6.5" circles and a rectangular

piece 3.5" x 19.5" (quarter inch seam allowance included in all dimensions).