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ICICI Company Profile:
o ICICI Bank is India's second-largest bank with total assets of Rs. 4,736.47 billion
(US$ 93 billion) at March 31, 2012 and profit after tax Rs. 64.65 billion (US$ 1,271
million) for the year ended March 31, 2012.
o The Bank has a network of 2,901 branches and 10,021 ATMs in India, and has a
presence in 19 countries, including India.
o ICICI Bank's equity shares are listed in India on Bombay Stock Exchange and the
National Stock Exchange of India Limited and its American Depositary Receipts
(ADRs) are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
o ICICI Bank is one of the Big Four banks of India, along with State Bank of India,
Punjab National Bank and Canara Bank.
o It offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and
retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and through its specialized
subsidiaries in the areas of investment banking, life and non-life insurance, venture
capital and asset management.




LETTER OF CREDIT: ICICI Bank offers inland and foreign LCs of two types Sight
LC and Usance LC. Sight LC commands immediate payment on presentation of the
necessary documents. Usance LC, payment is set for a specified future date only after
acceptance of presented documents. Usance period of up to 180 days is provided. ICICI
Bank LCs can also be availed against 100% cash margin in the form of Fixed Deposits.
ICICI Bank LCs are available against 25%-35% cash margin and 100% collateral security in
the form of residential property or liquid securities. ICICI Bank holds first charge on current
assets. Icici bank Sanctions and issues LC quickly.
IMPORT FINANCE: The ICICI offers: Arrangement of short-term credit buyers
credit and suppliers credit; Provision of cheaper financing of imports through LIBOR
related interest rates; Negotiation for better rates with overseas banks; Issuance of bank
guarantees; Advance payment for imports and Booking of forward contracts
EXPORT FINANCE: Export Finance is available in both Indian rupees and foreign
currency, customized to support your export requirements. ICICI Banks Export Finance
services include both pre-shipment and post-shipment credit. Obtain pre-shipment finance in
the form of Export Packing Credit to finance purchase or import of raw materials and
processing and packing of goods for export. Our pre-shipment credit is based on actual
trading cycles. Post-shipment credit finances export sales receivables after you have shipped
the goods until the export proceeds are realized. ICICI Bank offers post-shipment credit in
the form of Export Bill Negotiation. Document scrutiny services to ensure compliance with
LC terms and conditions. Arranging forfaiting of your export bills drawn under LC at very
competitive rates, without recourse to you.

Interest Rate Structure on Export Credit in Foreign Currency: In respect of export credit
to exporters at internationally competitive rates under the schemes of 'Pre-shipment Credit in
foreign Currency' (PCFC) and 'Rediscounting of Export Bills Abroad' (EBR), banks are
permitted to fix the rates of interest with reference to ruling LIBOR, EURO LIBOR or
EURIBOR, wherever applicable, as under :
Type of Credit Interest Rate (per cent p.a.)
(i)Pre-shipment Credit
(a) Up to 180 days : Not exceeding 0.75% over LIBOR/EURO LIBOR/ EURIBOR
(b) Beyond 180 days and up to 360 days : Rate for initial period of 180 days
prevailing at the time of extension plus 2.0 percentage points i.e. (i) (a) above + 2.0%
(ii)Post-shipment Credit
(a) On demand bills for transit period Not exceeding 0.75% over LIBOR/EURO
LIBOR/ EURIBOR(as specified by FEDAI)
(b) Against usance bills (credit for total period comprising usance period of export
bills, transit period as specified by FEDAI and grace period wherever applicable) Up
to 6 months from the date of shipment
Not exceeding 0.75% over LIBOR/EURO LIBOR/ EURIBOR
(c) Export bills (demand or usance) realised after due Rate for (ii) (b) above plus 2.0
percentage points
(iii)Export Credit Not Otherwise Specified (ECNOS)
(a) Pre-shipment credit Free@
(b) Post-shipment credit Free@
@ Banks are free to decide the rate of interest being rupee credit rate keeping in view
the PLR and spread guidelines.


Type of transaction Commission/Charges Amount
1. Export bills and other outbound items
1.1 Negotiation discounting of export bills under LCs 1000
1.2 Negotiation of bills under LCs through other banks in India 1500
1.3 Indemnifying/guaranteeing discrepant documents to other
banks 1500
1.4 Discrepancy fee 1000
1.5 Export collection bills presented for purchase/discount 1500
1.6 Overdue bills (outstanding beyond 180 days from shipment)
including bills negotiated,purchased, discounted, collection
bills and deferred payment bills 500. per quarter
1.7 Dishonoured bills / return charges 1000
1.8 Commission in lieu of exchange
a. Bills drawn and collected in rupees, foreign currency bills
(negotiated, purchased or discounted) where proceeds are
received in rupees through other banks 0.125% minimum Rs.1000.
b. Where proceeds are credited to EEFC account or any
other account in the same currency in full or part 0.125% minimum Rs.1000.
c. Any other case where the bank does not earn any exchange
margin 0.125% minimum Rs.1000.
2. Letters of credit / Guarantees (Inward)
2.1 Advising of inward letters of credit / Guarantees (including
Inland LCs /guarantee)
a. Pre advising of LC / Guarantees 1000
b. Advising LC / Guarantees 1000
c. Advising amendments 1000
d. Transfer of letter of credit 1500
e. Cancellation of LCs / Guarantees 1000
3. Amendments to LCs (For both Import and Inland LCs)
a. Extension of validity - where the extended date falls within the
period for which commitment charges has been already collected 2000
b. Other amendments 1000
Issuance of delivery order/Shipping Guarantee. 2000
Issue of Certificates / Attestations of export/ import transactions 500
Postage 750
Courier 1000
SWIFT/L C 1500


BANK GUARANTEE: Maximum tenor of guarantee 18 months. Valid for a
maximum of 10 years. ICICI Banks Bank Guarantees are also available in foreign
currency for approved purposes as defined under FEMA. It issues Bank Guarantees
against 25% cash margin and 100% collateral security in the form of residential property
or liquid securities. Bank guarantees in foreign currency are available against credit limits
or 100% cash margin. The below rates are applicable for both Domestic and Foreign


Facilities offered : Cash Credit / Overdraft for meeting working capital finance requirement.
Export Credit to provide Pre-Shipment & Post Shipment finance .Letter of Credit to
facilitate trade. Bank Guarantees for meeting performance and financial obligations. Term
Loan for purchase of commercial assets & business expansion needs.
Lending Exposure: Upto Rs 50.0 million for working capital and capital expenditure needs .
Acceptablecollaterals are Residential/Commercial/Industrial property, liquid securities.
Eligible-entities: Sole Proprietorship Firm, Partnership Firms, Private limited Companies,
public limited company. Pre-requisites: Minimum one year business operation & audited
financial. Low collateral requirement- Lending available upto 3 times of the value of the

Processing Fees:Loan processing fees shall be charged based on loan sanctioned amount.
Interest:Pricing shall be linked to ICICI Bank's Base rate 9.50%p.a for fund based facility
Commission:Shall be charged on pro rata basis based on the tenure and the amount of non-
fund based facility being availed

This is a facility specially designed under the Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small
Enterprises (CGTMSE) scheme of SIDBI and Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises.
Collateral free loan-No collateral is taken providing ease to customers.
Facilities offered:

Cash Credit for meeting working capital finance requirement

Letter of Credit to facilitate trade.

Bank Guarantees for performance and financial obligations


Term Loan for purchase of commercial assets & business expansion needs
Lending Exposure: Upto Rs 10 million for meeting working capital and capital expenditure needs
Eligible entities: Sole Proprietorship Firms,Partnership Firms,Private limited Companies,Public
limited Companies. Eligible business segment: Manufacturers
Pre- requisites:

Audited financial statements of past two years .

Existing Track record of loans

Investment in Plant & Machinery to be less than Rs. 50 million

Financial Documents required: 2 years audited financial statements along with Income Tax
Returns of the entity and the promoters; Sanction letter of all existing bank loans; Last 6
months bank statement of the entity; Declarations for investment in plant & machinery .

KYC documents: Identity proof and address proof of the promoters, Constitution documents
and address proof of the entity

Processing Fees -Loan processing fees shall be charged based on loan amount sanctioned.
Apart from the same CGTMSE charges guarantee fees of 1.50% of the sanction amount and
annual service charges of 0.75% payable every year .
Interest -Pricing shall be linked to ICICI bank's base rate 9.5% for fund based facility
Commission -Shall be charged on pro rata basis based on the tenure and the amount of the
non fund based facility being availed


ICICI Bank's Vendor / Dealer Finance solves your cash flow needs and ensures smooth
running and development of your business. ICICI Bank offers Bill Discounting services to
vendors of large Indian corporates, including priority sector companies. Discounting rate is
linked to the tenor based IBR.

Vendor Bill Discounting is the solution for your working capital requirements. If
you are a vendor with a turnover of Rs. 2 crore, ICICI helps to working capital needs,
and allows you to access funds at competitive interest rates.

ICICI Bank's Dealer Financing: is available to selected dealers of large corporates.
You can avail short-term unsecured finance to procure goods from corporates.

Dealer financing may be in the form of Bill Discounting or an Overdraft facility. Term
facility is available for purchase of assets.


Rate of Interest: are linked to ICICI Bank Base Rate (I-Base).It would generally be in the
range I-Base + 4.25% to I-Base+10.25%.
Processing Fee: A non-refundable processing fee of 0% to 2% (plus applicable service
taxes)on limit/loan sanctioned would be applicable at the time of fresh sanction/
Penal Charges: Penal changes on default shall be applicable as per the term sanctioned in
the Credit Arrangement Letter (CAL). Maximum penal rate is I-BASE + 16.25%.

Other Charges: Other charges such as stamp duty on documentation etc, as applicable, are
payable on actual basis and other changes as applicable

An overdraft is a facility granted to you whereby you can overdraw your current
account up to an agreed limit. Overdraft is an efficient form of borrowing as you pay
interest only for the time you use the money. It gives you flexibility. You can at any
time deposit money into the account to reduce the outstanding balance or can draw
out money whenever you need it as long as you do not exceed the limit. The overdraft
utilized determines the interest that will be payable by the customer.
Interest is calculated daily on the fluctuating outstanding balance and is normally
charged at the end of each month. The overdraft rate is linked to the Bank's Prime
Lending Rate 9.75% p.a and is charged to the account at the month end.

Documents: The borrower and/or the guarantors have to provide the following documents
to the banks or the lending institutions while submitting Term Loan Application. Certain
documents may be demanded by the bank or the lending institutions in post sanction phase or
on periodical basis.
Address Proof: Latest Electricity/Telephone Bill or Receipt of Maintenance Charges
or Valid Passport or Voters Identity Card or Purchase/Lease Deed/ Leave & License
Agreement of Residence or Office Premises.
Identity Proof : Valid Passport, PAN Card, Voters Card, Any other photo
identification issued by Government Agencies.
Business Proof : VAT/CST Registration No. or MIDC Agreement or SSI Permanent
Registration Certificate or Warehouse Receipts or Shop & Establishment Act
Certificate or Copy of Lease Agreement along with the latest Rent paid Receipt.
Business Profile on Companys Letterhead.

Partnership deed in case of partnership firms.
Certificate of incorporation, Date of Commencement of Business and Memorandum
of Title Deeds, Form 32 in for Addition or Deletion of Directors in case of
Last three years Trading, Profit & Loss A/c. and Balance Sheets (duly signed by a
Chartered Accountant wherever applicable).
Last one years Bank statement of the Firm.
ICICI Bank's Long Term Loan (RBTC+): facilitates obtaining a loan of up to Rs. 3 crore
against your residential/commercial property.
Benefits: No fees on part payment; Insurance options for your loan at attractive premiums;
Easy documentation and speedy processing.


ICICI Bank's Rural, Microbanking and Agribusiness Group (RMAG) offers Overdraft and
Cash Credit facility to traders, processors, transporters, aggregators etc. in the Agri-sector.

Products offering Working Capital Loans are:
Smart Cash Credit (SCC).
Agri Credit Line (ACL).
Jet Overdraft.

Smart Cash Credit (SCC): SCC is a financial assistance to large agri and rural enterprises
for the working capital needs of the businesses with hypothecation of stock & debtors and
supported by property as collateral security.
Limit: Minimum Rs. 25 lakhs, maximum Rs. 20 crores.
Product range: Cash Credit, Term Loan, Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantee, Export Packing
Credit (EPC) etc.

Tenure: Cash Credit for 12 months, Term Loan up to 5 years, Letter of Credit/ Bank
Guarantee for 12 months.
Security: Charge on current assets i.e. stocks and debtors supported with commercial /
residential property.
Repayment: For Cash credit, the interest on the outstanding loan amount is payable
monthly, term loan is repaid as per fixed EMIs.
Repayment Mode: Through regular transactions in the account.
Renewal of the account depends on maintenance of good track record and submission of
fresh financial documents.

Agri Credit Line (ACL): Agri Credit Line is the financial assistance to rural enterprises in
the form of overdraft based on property & income. The borrower can avail OD facility upto 5
crores and the interest will be charged only on the utilised amount.

Limit: Minimum Rs. 10 lakhs, maximum Rs. 5 crores.
Tenure: The overdraft term is 12 months and is renewable.
Security: Self-owned residential /commercial/ industrial land or property.
Repayment: For overdrafts, the interest on the outstanding loan amount is payable
Through regular transactions in the account.
Renewal of the OD account depends on maintenance of good track record and submission
of fresh financial documents.

Jet Overdraft
Faster and quicker overdraft facility for business needs based on income, secured with

Limit - Minimum Rs. 10 lakhs to Maximum Rs. 65 lakhs.
Faster and quicker.

Security: Facility against Residential Property/ Commercial Property / Industrial property.
Interest charged only on amount used.

Maximum Rate of Interest ( Fund Based Facility): I-BASE + 12% plus applicable interest
tax or other statutory levy.

Maximum Rate of Interest ( Non- Fund Based Facility) : Commission : 2% per annum.
Final applicable rate is decided by ICICI Bank based on various other parameters as per the
policy of ICICI Bank and will be communicated to the customer upon sanction of loan,
subjected to minimum of I-BASE.

Processing Fee: A non-refundable processing fee upto 2% (plus applicable service taxes) on
the loan sanctioned by ICICI Bank shall be payable by the customer. The applicable
processing fee that will become payable at the time of sanction/every disbursement, will be
communicated to customer on sanction of the loan application by ICICI Bank.

Front End Fee: Front End Fee up to 1% (Plus applicable service taxes) of facility(ies)/
loan(s) amount applied for 75% of the total Front End Fee would be refunded (without any
interest) in the event of rejection of the facility (ies) / loan Application by ICICI Bank.

Default Charges: ROI +6% for any financial or non financial irregularities as per sanction
terms & conditions.

Prepayment Charges: Prepayment charges of 2% of the sanctioned facility (ies) / loan
amount or the rate as may be specified by ICICI Bank from time to time.

Other Charges: Other charges including but not limited to statutory charges, such as stamp
duty on documentation etc., as applicable, are payable on actual basis and any other charges
as communicated to the customer from time to time by ICICI Bank.


Advisory Services: ICICI banks offers advisory services in two areas:
1. CAPITAL RAISING: the business which have expansion and growth plans there is a
need for external capital. ICICI Bank has good lending experience, fully understand this
and help clients raise equity to fund growth. We have developed a strong network of
domestic and international investors who are keen to partner with such success stories in
India and these players solicit our advice for investing into such companies.
2. BUY AND SELL SIDE ADVISORY: ICICI Bank provide assistance on both buy side
and sell side transaction. With a large client franchise built, more than 10,000 asset
clients and international linkages in developed economies, ICICI Bank can bring in the
best synergy partner to conclude a sell side or buy side advisory assignment.


PREPAID CURRENT ACCOUNT: prefer to pay a fixed prepaid charge on an annual
basis and who do not want to commit any balance at any point of time. In Prepaid Current
Account, the customer does not have to maintain any minimum or average balance but
just has to charge his account with Rs. 2999 every year. Charge once and enjoy free*
banking for the whole year. Free unlimited fund transfers. Free Internet/ Phone/ Mobile
Banking. 50 free transactions every month and charges thereafter

ELITE CURRENT ACCOUNT: Bank's Elite Current account gives you a wide range
of facilities with an MAB of Rs. 10,00,000/-. The following benefits comes with Elite
Current Account: Free Non-Cash services: Demand Drafts, Pay Order, Multicity cheque
payments, Local Cheque collection Non base & Upcountry Cheque Collections; Free
Cash withdrawal at non base branch through Self cheques up to Rs. 50,000/- per day;
Free Cash deposit at base branch location up to Rs. 1 crore per month; Free physical
Billing statement; Zero Annual fees for the Debit card;Free mobile alerts, phone banking,
corporate internet banking.


CLUSTER CURRENT ACCOUNT: Customized to specific business segments which
are sufficiently large scale and which have unique transactional needs. The benefits
offered are: Allows your customer to deposit cheques into your account from any ICICI
Bank branch, Dynamic limits on the amount of free transactions based on the Monthly
Average Balance (MAB) maintained by you, FREE Funds transfer within ICICI Bank
Accounts, Free NEFT/ RTGS services. Four types of Cluster Current Account available:
Seasonal Current Account, Public Works Contractor Account, Company Current
Account, Textile Current Account.

COLLECTIONS: ICICI Bank's Cash Management Services ensure speedy and
efficient collections. Local Cheque Collection (LCC) - IClearCollect & ISwift Collect
Funds are guaranteed at more that 340 ICICI Bank locations and over 315 tie-up
locations. Courier pick-up facility is provided. Upcountry cheque collection (UCC) :
ISmartCollect, IQuickCollect & IAnywhereCollect; draw a cheque on any location in
India and deposit at more than 340 ICICI bank centers.
PAYMENTS: Bulk DD/ PO printing; DDs can be issued payable at more than
540 locations in India; Remote printing of pay orders at 46 major centres. ICICI offers
2 products: IMultiPay - Execute bulk payments with a single file upload, ISafePay -
Make 'at-par' payments at locations selected by you.
Exchange Earner's Foreign Currency Account: This is for exporters and
importers. ICICI Bank's EEFC Account protects you from potential losses due to
exchange rate fluctuations. It enables you to retain any foreign currency earned abroad
for as long as you want. You can also convert it into Indian Rupees whenever you
want. This insulates you from any market volatility. You can maintain a zero balance
EEFC account with us, pertaining to all major currencies.



GENERAL BANKING: There are four types of accounts:
1) Current Account: It provides a host of services like Anywhere banking in India also
anywhere in the world, which enables the customer to operate from any branch, provides for
faster collection of upcountry cheques, Doorstep banking which provides for delivery and
pick-up of cash and documents, Internet banking which enables online tracking of the
account, execution of transactions and so on.
General features of Current Accounts include: Multi-location Funds transfer; Anywhere
deposit and withdrawal; Mobile banking; Electronic Funds Transfer; Corporate Internet
Charges/Fees: In Current Deposit Accounts shall be levied as per instructions issued from
time to time which for the present are as under: Service Charges to be levied in Current
Deposit Accounts with or without ABB facility. Cheque Book Charges should be recovered
in Current Deposit Accounts are as follows, Cheque Book charges should be waived, if
Minimum Monthly Average Balance in the account is not less than the following ceilings:


The current account holders are required to maintain a minimum balance in their accounts as
per instructions issued by the Bank from time to time, which for the present are as under:

Roaming Current Account (RCA) offered by ICICI Bank travels the distance with your
business and helps effect lucrative business relationships. It is 'Anytime Anywhere' banking,
enabling you to operate your RCA from any of our branches in over 700 cities across India.
Recognizing the fact that every business has particular requirements, a range of variants are
available under the branch of RCA to suit varying needs. The choice of variants is based on
committed Monthly Average Balance. It is also possible to change your current variant every
month in response to changing needs.
The following features are also available with all variants: Multi-city cheques/Local cheques;
Unlimited withdrawal and deposit; Demand drafts and pay orders; Funds transfer

At ICICI Bank, we provide escrow services for cash and demat transactions. The Escrow
services are offered to meet diverse requirements of clients that include the following:
Project financing and Loan repayments; Sale purchase transactions; Share Buyback and
Mergers and Acquisitions; Revenue and Profit sharing transactions; Demat Escrows.
Benefits: Provides safe and secured mode of routing cash flows; Transactions can be
customized to suit requirements of parties; Simplified documentation; Online tracking of
your escrow account.

Corporates can invest their surplus funds in fixed deposits for a wide range of tenures. The
minimum deposit amount is Rs.10, 000. Other features of the account are: Funding through a
debit to the operative account/cheque for clearing; while interest is compounded quarterly,
payment of interest is quarterly, monthly or on maturity; Interest payouts can be through
credit to your account or through banker's cheque

ICICI Bank offers immediate quotations for cash, tom, spot or forward rates depending upon
your requirements. Cash rates are for delivery today, tom rates for tomorrow, spot rates (most
commonly used) are settled two working days from the date of the deal. If you need to hedge
your currency risk for a longer period, forward currency transactions can be arranged in
Forward Rate Agreement (FRA) is an agreement between two parties that gives one a
guaranteed future rate of interest to cover a specified sum of money over a specified period
of time. Alternatively, it gives one party a guaranteed future rate of interest on his
investments over a specified period of time.

With the focus on providing complete interest rate risk management solutions, we offer a full
suite of interest rate derivative products.
In an interest rate swap, the underlying is the interest rate. It is an obligation for the
counterparties to pay or receive interest, either fixed or floating as per the agreed terms, on an
agreed amount (notional) in the same currency.


It is a currency-trading platform, which enables clients to take leveraged positions in the
forex market against cash collaterals. ICICI Bank is currently offering this product to its
private clients across IBG locations, becoming the first Indian bank to offer such a product.
Clients can trade online in 21 currency pairs. The positions of the clients are monitored
continuously for mark-to-market on a real time basis, and if this breaches a predefined level,
then the system automatically squares off the client position to protect the client from further
losses. Collateralised Trading Service is not offered to Indian residents, residents of
Singapore and Singapore nationals. Presently, it is offered only to customers of Dubai
International Financial Center (DIFC)

ICICI Bank's Global Investment Group services you through the entire length of your
project. From advisory and strategizing services to successfully executing profitable deals to
handling all the banking requirements, ICICI Bank provides the support at all stages.
MAAG Provides end-to-end advisory services to the client in the mergers and
acquisitions involving target search, analysis of the target and potential synergies for the
client, value analysis, pricing strategy, review of the transaction documents, negotiation
support, documentation and closure of the transaction.
International Syndication Group (ISG) acts as arranger / underwriter for a variety of loans
across the risk spectrum. ISG is an active player for India linked loans in both the primary
and secondary loan distribution market.
ICICI Bank services the financial sector for the entire set of banking requirements and
provides a complete range of solutions. The Financial Institutions and Syndication Group
(FISG) is responsible for ICICI Bank's relationship with the financial sector.
Under this umbrella, the Bank caters exclusively to the needs of

Domestic Financial Institutions

Mutual Funds
Insurance Companies
Fund Accounting
ICICI Bank is an active capital market intermediary. It is one of the promoters of several
leading institutions in the country including National Stock Exchange Of India Limited
(NSE), National Commodities & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX), Central
Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL). Since 2000, ICICI Bank acts as a 'clearing and
settlement' banker for members of NSE, BSE, NCDEX, MCX and Spot Exchange. Two
types of capital markets are:-
1) Primary market collecting banker
2) Secondary market

ICICI Bank is a one stop shop offering end-to-end custodial solutions for:

Equities and Fixed income Instruments
Exchange Traded Derivatives
GDR/ ADR/ Euro Issues and Arbitrage
Government Securities and Treasury Bills
Fund Accounting
Regulatory Links
Latest Circulars
Project Finance is one of the key focus areas for ICICI Bank. The Project Finance Group has
institutionalized capabilities to successfully manage the unique and multidimensional process
of project finance transactions led by customized project structuring approach. Our project
finance activities include financing new projects as well as capacity additions in the
manufacturing sector and structured finance to the infrastructure and oil, gas and
petrochemicals sectors. Over the years, we have developed considerable expertise in
financing complex project finance transactions and effectively allocating the associated risks.


This service allows to Transfer Funds to your own ICICI Bank account across India enables
you to transfer funds instantly between any of your ICICI Bank accounts that are linked to
your Internet Banking User ID. The fund transfer can be made through NEFT / RTGS /
IMPS. The charges are given below: