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Ateeba Abid
Internship Report submitted in partial fulfillment of
The requirements for the degree of
Department of Business Administration
! "ni#ersity$ %aisalabad
Masood Te&tile Mills

I certify that the contents and form of internship report submitted by
Mr./Mrs, Roll No.. has been found satisfactory
and according to the prescribed format. I recommend it be processed for
evaluation by the External Examiner for the aard of the degree.

Name" ..............................................



#aculty of Management !ciences,
$% &niversity, #aisalabad.
Masood Te&tile Mills
Masood Te&tile Mills
Masood Te&tile Mills
I would like to dedicate this project report
To my beloved parents
respected teachers,
whatever i am today is all due to their prayers
their support
Masood Te&tile Mills
It is the age of information ' (ompetition) The s(ientifi( ad#an(ement has made the life more
dynami( ' (ompetiti#e *orld*ide) +o one must ha#e pra(ti(al ,no*ledge and trained enough to
li#e su((essfully in present (ompetiti#e situation be(ause it is be(oming diffi(ult to sur#i#e
*ithout (reating (hanges ' adapting oursel#es a((ording to these (hanges)
The students of MBA re(ei#e ,no*ledge during their study$ has (ompletely theoreti(al base) Their
ideas remain unsaturated$ unless students do not ha#e any pra(ti(al e&perien(e) +o to pro#ide the
students an e&tensi#e e&posure of pra(ti(al business aspe(ts$ department of business management
s(ien(es arrange a (ompulsory - *ee,s internship program$ for all of its MBA students$ in a *ell.
,no*n organi/ation) This thing enables the young business e&e(uti#es to familiari/e *ith
professional business approa(h) To enhan(e their *riting s,ill$ the students are also required to
ma,e the *ritten presentation of their e&perien(es during internship program)
Masood Te&tile Mills 0td) (Apparel Di#ision) a leading organi/ation in arment se(tor *as
assigned to me for internship) This report is about my e&perien(e ' ,no*ledge$ *hi(h I ha#e
gained during my internship program) In this report I ha#e made a humble attempt to e&press most
effi(iently and effe(ti#ely *hat I e&perien(ed ' obser#ed at Masood Te&tile Mills (Apparel
Di#ision)) I thin, that this report *ill be really helpful for those *ho *ant to ,no* about Masood
Te&tile Mills 0imited (Apparel Di#ision) %aisalabad)
Masood Te&tile Mills
All praises and than,s from deepest (ore of my heart are for the ALMIGHTY ALLAH) The
benefi(ent and the mer(iful$ *hose blessing enables me to (omplete this internship report) 1ith all
the lo#e$ I ha#e in my heart and soul$ *ith all the respe(t i ha#e in my mind and i praise for the
great personality of the *orld HLLY !"!H#T M$HAMMA% &!'$H(, the (ity of
,no*ledge$ tor(h of guidan(e *ho has guided his follo*ers to the ,no*ledge from (radle to gra#e)
I am pleased to present this report on the su((essful (ompletion of my internship at Masood
Te)tile Mills, Ltd &Apparel %ivision(* I am #ery than,ful to e#ery person that enables me to
present this report *hi(h is the result of my hard *or,$ struggle$ determination ' delegation (to
present it up to the best of its requirements) and blender of (o.operation (of the management$
super#isors$ operators$ inspe(tors$ (lippers$ helpers$ ma(hine me(hani(s$ industrial engineers$
seniors ' the +T , %- o. H"(, definitely it is a Team /ork) I *ish to a(,no*ledge a lot of
people for their #aluable (ontribution to this report)
I am (ertainly indebted to my Management$ for pro#iding us su(h a great (han(e to learn) I *ould
also li,e to e&tend my gratitude to my honored$ #alued 0ir 1amar Ali &"esearch 0upervisor(,
*ho ha#e planned our internship session and help us in e#ery step to (omplete our internship
su((essfully) I (ould not forget his affe(tionate super#ision and in#aluable ,no*ledge *hi(h he
(ontributed to *or, in a multitude of *ays)
0ast but not the least$ I e&press my admiration to my .riends and parents) It *as only due to their
moral support that enables us to (omplete my *or, effi(iently and profi(iently)
May Allah give them His blessings along happy life (Amin)
Ateeba Abid
Masood Te&tile Mills
Sr no% Discrip$ion Pa"e no%
1. #)ecutive 0ummary************************************************************************************************************* 2
2. bjective o. the 0tudy******************************************************************************************************* 34
3. Introduction************************************************************************************************************************ 33
a. A*ards))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 23
b. Mission))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 24
c. 5ission))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))24
d. !ustomers)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 2-
e. 6rodu(t line)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 27
f. 8rgani/ational Hierar(y))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 29
g. Apparel Di#ision)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 32
4. Human "esource %epartment****************************************************************************************** 56
5. Merchandisin7 %epartment********************************************************************************************** 66
6. !!8 %epartment**************************************************************************************************************** 69
7. !roduction %epartment***************************************************************************************************** :6
8. 1uality Assurance %epartment ****************************************************************************************:2
a. Military+ample +tandards)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 43
9. Industrial #n7ineerin7****************************************************************************************************** ;6
10.0tores ********************************************************************************************************************************** ;<
Masood Te&tile Mills
11.=inancial %epartment******************************************************************************************************** ;2
a. Balan(e sheet))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) -3
b. !ash %lo* +tatement))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) -:
c. 6rofit and 0oss A((ount))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) -4
12.Marketin7 Analysis************************************************************************************************************ <<
a. +18T analysis)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) -7
b. 6;+T analysis)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) -9
13.8onclusion , "ecomendations***************************************************************************************** >4
14.'iblio7raphy*********************************************************************************************************************** >5
Masood Te&tile Mills
E&ec'$i(e S'##ar)
In this < *ee,s internship program I attended the le(tures of ,ey departments (!utting$ +tit(hing$
66!$ Mer(handising$ =uality Assuran(e$ +tores) of this largest ,nitted garment manufa(turers of
6a,istan *hi(h are deli#ered by e&perien(ed managers running these departments) After attending
the le(tures I also #isited these departments for a(quiring pra(ti(al ,no*ledge)
All the departments of Masood Te&tile Mills 0td) (MTM) start their a(ti#ities *hen the
mer(handising department re(ei#es the pur(hase order (68) from the (ustomer) This 68 is sent to
66! department for further pro(essing) After the 68 (onfirmation the stit(hing department gets
(utting from indu(tion department and starts produ(tion$ other departments also *or, along *ith
produ(tion units)
I also obser#ed that MTM is fully moderni/ed and equipped *ith latest (utting$ stit(hing and
pa(,ing ma(hines) !omplete ba(, tra(, system and Apparel Management +ystems are unique
(hara(ters of MTM) It is fully equipped *ith quality (ontrol laboratory *hi(h frequently (he(, the
quality of fabri() =uality assuran(e (he(,s the quality of finished produ(ts> it ma,es sure 2??@
error free produ(ts)
Human Resour(e Department in Masood Te&tile Mills 0td) (MTM) is #ery strong) There are four
main fun(tions of HR department) 1hi(h are Re(ruitment and sele(tion$ !ompensation and
benefits$ Training and de#elopment and 6erforman(e appraisal)
Masood Te&tile Mills
O*+ec$i(es of $he s$'!)%
The main obAe(ti#es of studying the organi/ation are:
A big organi/ation to learn most out of it)
!omprehensi#e and +ystemati( fun(tions to enhan(e my (apabilities)
;&ports based !ompany)
More ad#antageous than lo(ally dealing !ompany)
Tremendous Transa(tions)
6ubli( 0imited !ompany)
To 6olish my +elf)
6ra(ti(al appli(ation of the ,no*ledge obtained in the spe(ifi( area)
To re#ie* *hether or not the theoreti(al (on(epts of spe(ifi(ation are being applied)
Internships *ill pro#ide me the opportunity to test my interest in a parti(ular (areer before
permanent (ommitments are made)
Internship *ill de#elop my s,ills in the appli(ation of theory to pra(ti(al *or, situations)
Internship *ill de#elop my s,ills and te(hniques dire(tly appli(able to my (areers)
Internships *ill aid me in adAusting from uni#ersity to full.time employment)
Internships *ill in(rease my sense of responsibility)
Internship *ill a(quire my good *or, habits)
Internships *ill pro#ide me the opportunity to understand informal organi/ational
To equip myself *ith enough pra(ti(al e&perien(e to ha#e a good pra(ti(ally$
+u((essful (areer
Masood Te&tile Mills
MTM(apparel di#ision) is a +B" of Masood group)Masood group *as founded by Mr)!h Ba/ir
Ahmad father of Mr)+hahid Ba/ir)Cohistan bus ser#i(e *as the first professional step by !h)Ba/ir
Ahmad After *ards dreamland hotel$ sangeet (enima and ai/ad be#erages *ere established in
297< and 29<D respe(ti#ely) Mr)+hahid Ba/ir and Mr)Eahid Ba/ir helps his father by the formation
of industrial (ooperati#e ban, along *ith the de#elopment of Rabia trust hospital) Ca,a ,hel hee
mills and a flying training s(hool *ere founded in 299:) The Masood Te&tile Mills is a 6ubli(
0imited (ompany) The (ompany has latest equipment and ma(hinery to ser#e globally) The
(ompany has modern (omputeri/ed net*or,ing system) All the A((ounting and finan(e related
*or, is (arried out through (omputers) The (ompany has (apability in %abri($ inning$ +pinning$
Cnitting$ 0aundry and Apparel manufa(turing)
The (ompanyFs apparel di#ision$ *hi(h is produ(ing high quality garments$ is situated at +argodha
road$ near eneral Bus +tand %aisalabad) But its registered offi(e has shifted to (anal road
%aisalabad) 1hi(h is obtained on leaseG The (ompany implemented the quality system and had
a*arded I+8 9??3 ' 1RA6 (ertifi(ate) The (ompany maintains quality standard at all le#els to
establish (onsisten(y and effi(ien(y) The (ompany is e&porting its produ(ts to ")+)A$ ")C) and
Masood Te&tile Mills
=TL Accuracy o. In.ormation and 8ompliance 0upplier award &544<(
%T0 has a*arded MTM HA((ura(y of Information and !omplian(e +upplier A*ard H)
?8!enney !urchasin7 !artnership Award &544: , 544<(
6osted on 23.April.?-
I!6enney has a*arded MTM H6ur(hasing 6artnership A*ardH)

$'L @ $'L Award
6osted on 23.April.?7
%ivisional 1uality Award 544;
6osted on 34.May.?-
Masood Te&tile Mills
I!6enney has a*arded Masood HDi#isonal =uality A*ardH)
1RA6 . 1orld*ide Responsible Apparel 6rodu(tion (3??:$ 3??4$ and 3??-))
6osted on 34.May.?-
Masood Te&tile Mills 0td) is (ertified by the 1RA6 !ertifi(ation Board)
1uality 8ontrol Award 544;
6osted on 32.May.?-

%ruit of the 0oom has a*arded Masood H=uality !ontrol A*ard 3??4H)
perational #)cellence Award .or 5445
6osted on 3D.Iul.?D
Masood Te&tile Mills

I!6enney has a*arded Masood H8perational ;&(ellen(e A*ard for 3??3H)

I!6enney has a*arded Masood HBest =uality A*ard for 3??3H !ertifi(ate)
A1uality "eco7nition 5443@5445A 8erti.icate
6osted on D?.Bo#.?3

Russell !orporation has a*arded Hlobal =uality Re(ognition 3??2.3??3H!ertifi(ate)
I!6enney A*ards Masood HThe best supplier of the region a*ard 3??2.3??3H) The (eremony *as
held in +ingapore on 27th Iuly 3??3) +hahid Ba/ir (!);)8)) re(ei#ed this a*ard)
Masood Te&tile Mills
Co#pan) -ission%
H8ur Mission is of (ontinual impro#ement and sustained gro*th$ and of a family of *or,ers) 1ho
are gi#en the best (ompensation benefits and *or,ing (onditions in the region) In this respe(t$
mTm (ontinues to emphasi/e the need to in#est in and de#elop its most pre(ious resour(e . its
human (apital) mTm (ontinues to pro#ide training (ourses and self.enhan(ement opportunities for
all our *or,ersH)

To be the *orldFs best apparel (ompany
Or"ani.a$iona Va'es
/'ai$) Poic)
2) !ustomerFs satisfa(tion
3) Eero Defe(tKBe#er ;nding Impro#ement
D) Total =uality Management
Masood Te&tile Mills
-ain C'c$o#ers of -T-%
MTM is a leading apparel (ompany in 6a,istan ha#ing e&pertise ' ma(hinery (apable of
transforming (ustomer ideas into superior quality garments$ *hi(h are ta,en as the most
famous brands in the *orld)

!hampion !haps !al#in Clein Do(,ers

A6 Hanes I!6enney 0e#iLs

Bauti(a 6olo 6olo R)0 Russell

+peedo Tommy Hilfiger Tom Tailor 5antage

+ears Io(,ey uess %oot 0o(,er
Masood Te&tile Mills
T)pes of fa*rics%
+ingle Aersey
Bird eye
Hea#y Aersey
Mini thermal
6iqueKp, fabri(
Masood Te&tile Mills
Ver$ica Opera$ions%
%abri( dying Mills

%inishing Apparel Di#ision
Or"anisa$iona Hierarch)%
Chief Executive
Masood Te&tile Mills
6ermanent ;mployee
Mills -4??
arments 9424 24?24
General manager
Assistant Manager
Deputy Manager
Senior Manager
Senior Officer
Masood Te&tile Mills
6ie(e Rate 1or,ers
Mills :???
arments :439 <439
TTAL 56;::
Departments (an be distinguished into three (ategories
8perations$ +er#i(es ' %inan(e
3* Opera$ions
6rodu(tion 6lanning ' !ontrol
Industrial ;ngineering
=uality Assuran(e
01 Ser(ices
Human Resour(e
Information Te(hnology
=uality Assuran(e
Masood Te&tile Mills
6rodu(t De#elopment
21 Finance
APPARE3 DIVISIO4 Or"ani.a$iona S$r'c$'re
Flow of Apparel Division
+e*in to 6a(,
=uality !ontrol
;&ternal Audit
r7aniBational 0tructure o. Apprel %ivisionC

Di(1 -ana"er
Di(1 -ana"er
AP -ana"er
Uni$ -ana"er
/'ai$) Con$ro
HR- Depar$#en$
At a general le#el$ it is important to analy/e training needs against the ba(,drop of
organi/ational obAe(ti#es and strategies) "nless you do this$ you may *aste time and
money on training programs that do not ad#an(e the (ause of the (ompany 6eople may be
trained in s,ills they already possess the training budget may be squandered on rest and
re(uperation sessions$ *here employees are entertained but learn little in the *ay
required Aob s,ills or Aob ,no*ledge$ or the budget may be spent on glittering hard*are
that meets the training dire(torFs needs but not the organi/ationFs)
It is also essential to analy/e the organi/ationFs e&ternal en#ironment an internal (limate)
Trends in the strategi( priorities of a business$ Audi(ial de(isions$ (i#il rights la*s$ union
a(ti#ity$ produ(ti#ity$ a((idents$ turno#er$ absenteeism$ and on the Aob employee beha#ior
*ill pro#ide rele#ant information at this le#el)
Ho*e#er$ assessing the needs for training does not end here) It is important to analy/e
needs regularly and at all three le#els in order to e#aluate the results of training and to
assess *hat training is needed in the future)
At the organi/ational le#el$ senior managers *ho set the organi/ationFs goals should
analy/e needs)
At the operations le#el$ the managers *ho spe(ify ho* the organi/ationFs goals are
going to be a(hie#ed should analy/e needs)
At the indi#idual le#el$ the managers and *or,ers *ho do the *or, to a(hie#e those goals
should analy/e needs$ ,eeping in mind that performan(e is a fun(tion both of ability and
H'#an Reso'rce Pannin"
Human resour(e planning is all about measuring the organi/ation need to identify the
numbers of employees and s,ills required to do those Aobs) %urther$ an understanding of
a#ailable (ompeten(ies is ne(essary to allo* the organi/ation to plan for the (hanges to
ne* Aobs required by (orporate goals)
At MTM$ maAor (hanges a((ording to e(onomi( and so(ial en#ironments are required
pur(hasing ne* and additional offi(e equipment to enhan(e effi(ien(y e)g)$ (omputer
hard*are or soft*are$ (oping *ith the re(all of a defe(ti#e produ(t and dealing *ith the
need for a ne* design e)g) ne* automati( rotary ma(hine)
This suggests se#eral spe(ifi($ interrelated a(ti#ities that together (onstitute an human
resour(e planning system)
They in(lude:
A talent in#entory to assess (urrent human resour(es and to analy/e ho* they are
(urrently being used)
A human resour(e fore(ast to predi(t future HR requirements)
A(tion plans to enlarge the pool of people qualified to fill the proAe(ted #a(an(ies
through su(h a(tions as re(ruitment$ sele(tion$ training$ pla(ement$ transfer$ promotion$
de#elopment and (ompensation)
!ontrol and e#aluation to pro#ide feedba(, on the o#erall effe(ti#eness of the human
resour(e planning system by monitoring of HR obAe(ti#e)
S$r'c$'re of $he HR- Depar$#en$%

Manager #$
Assit Manager
Sr% #$
#$ executive
#$ Assistant
4'#*er of E#po)ees workin" in HR- Depar$#en$
Bo* IFll dis(uss the personnel management of Masood te&tile 0imited under #arious
steps of Human Resour(es Management Masood Te&tile also ,no*s this fa(t and has
personnel department) 6ersonnel Department of Masood Te&tile (an be (riti(ally
analy/ed on the basis of #arious steps of human resour(es management pro(ess)
%irst I *ould li,e to des(ribe the *are bouts of department) Department is situated in an
old building *hi(h *as (onstru(ted at the time of establishment of Masood Te&tile) There
are about 2?? personnel *ho a(tually handle the departmentFs affairs)

-a+or F'nc$ions of HR- !epar$#en$
;#ery organi/ation *hether it is a multinational (onglomerates a small business$ a
religious institution or a go#ernment agen(y depends on people) Appropriate (andidates
for ea(h Aob from (hairman of the board to night shift Aanitor must be lo(ated either inside
or outside the organi/ation and they must be (on#in(ed by pay benefits and *or,ing
(onditions to ta,e and ,eep the Aob) They must also be trained and moti#ated) Handling
these fun(tions is part of human resour(es managementFs Aob)
There are t*o types of re(ruitment
6ermanent Re(ruitment
T & D
unctions of #$M
!ontra(tual Re(ruitment
!ermanent "ecruitmentC
Management 0e#el
Bon Management 0e#el
Mana7ement Level
Management Trainee M-
Mer(handiser M4
Assistant Manager M:
Deputy Manager MD
Manager M3
+enior Manager M2
Don Mana7ement Level
"ns,illed 1or,er +:
+emi.s,illed 1or,er +D
+,illed 1or,er +3
+uper#isor +2
T 5 D
8ff Iob Training
8n Aob Training
!ollege 5isits
+eminars$ 0e(tures$ fun(tions et()
6erforman(e Re*ard +ystem 6R+
"nit of the Month
Best %inal Inspe(tor
Best Inline Inspe(tor
Best !utting Inspe(tor
Co#pensa$ions an! Benefi$s
Leave !olicy
To grant different ,inds of lea#e to its employees in order to fa(ilitate them to
attend$ to their domesti( and so(ial responsibilities)
T)pes of ea(e
The types of lea#e a#ailable to employees are$
2) !ausal lea#e
3) +i(, lea#e
D) ;arned lea#e
:)0ea#e *ithout pay
4) Maternity lea#e
Cas'a ea(es%
;#ery employee *ill be eligible for ten days (ausal lea#e in ea(h (alendar year)
2)!ausal lea#e (an be granted on pro.rata basis$ proportionate to the length of
3)"n.a#ailed (ausal lea#es shall lapse automati(ally at the end of e#ery (alendar
D)!ausal lea#e (annot be (ombined *ith any other type of lea#es e&(ept si(, lea#e)
:)!ausal lea#e (an be a#ailed for a ma&imum period of D days at one time)
Sick ea(es%
;#ery employee *ill be eligible for eight days si(, lea#e in ea(h (alendar year)
2)+i(, lea#e *ill be granted on pro.rata basis$ proportionate to the length of ser#i(e
3)+i(, lea#e e&(eeding 3 days must be supported by a medi(al (ertifi(ate from a
registered medi(al pra(titioner)
D)+i(, lea#e may be A((umulated up to a ma&imum of 2- days
Earne! ea(es%
;#ery employee *ill be eligible for earned lea#e as follo*s
1or,ers.2: days
+taff.24 days
2);arned lea#e *ill be due only after (ompletion of one yearFs (ontinuous ser#i(e
*ith the (ompany from the date of Aoining)
3);arned lea#e shell be (redited to the employee a((ount at the end of ea(h year of
D)It is in(umbent for management staff in grade M.23 and abo#e to a#ail a
minimum of 24 days earned lea#e in a (alendar year)
:);arned lea#e lying to the (redit of an employee *ill be en(ashed at the time of
separation for the (ompany for employee up to rade.23)
3ea(e wi$ho'$ pa)%
There is no pro#ision of lea#e *ithout pay in 0a*) Ho* e#er e&tra.ordinary lea#e*ithout
pay may be granted at the dis(retion of the (ompetent authority in spe(ial(ir(umstan(es
in#ol#ing absen(e from duty
-a$erni$) ea(es%
2)%emale married employees *ho ha#e been employed for more than one year *ill
be granted maternity lea#e)
3)Maternity lea#e of 23 *ee,s$ - *ee,s ea(h before and after the deli#ery *ill begranted
on produ(tion of medi(al (ertifi(ate from a registered medi(al pra(titioner
3ea(e Encash#en$
+i(, 0ea#es <
!asual 0ea#es 2?
;n(ashment 0ea#es 2:
O$her Benefi$s
;8BI (;mployee old age benefits ' Insuran(e
Death rants
Marriage rants
roup Insuran(e
Health Insuran(e
Ti#e -ana"e#en$
!ard +(anning system
Ceep the daily attendan(e of employees)
Ma,e the settlement of the resigned employees to be further pro(eeded to the H)R
i#es the half lea#es or temporary lea#e for about 2 to 3 hours
O$her Responsi*ii$ies
rie#an(e Handling
!harge +heet
A!#inis$ra$ion Depar$#en$
House Ceeping
S'ppor$ of HR $o o$her Depar$#en$s
The H)R Department is the ,ey strength of any organi/ation in moti#ating
employees$ managing HRMI+ system$ dealing e&ternal affairs$ handling *ith ea(h
departmentFs performan(e$ ma,ing promotions et(J))so my maAor area *as Human
Resour(e Department)
Through Aob rotation poli(ies and by e&tensi#e intera(tion *ith managers in all other
fun(tional areas) "nless these e&e(uti#es are per(ei#ed as equals by their (orporate peers$
their ability to ma,e signifi(ant (ontributions to the firm *ill be diminished)
Require the senior HR e&e(uti#e to report dire(tly to the !;8) At present this o((urs in
about 7? per(ent of (ompanies nation*ide) !onsider *hether any (orporate resour(e is
more important than its people) ;nsure that the top HR offi(er is a ,ey player in the
de#elopment and implementation of business plans pro#iding early *arning regarding
their a((eptan(e and ser#ing as the !;8Fs *indo* on the organi/ation and as a sounding
Representati#es from HR and line managers from the business unit generate ,ey business
strategies for the (oming year) To do so$ they identify maAor e&ternal and internal fa(tors
that may ha#e an impa(t on the future of the business$ together *ith future (ustomer

-echan!isin" Depar$#en$%
It is bridge bet*een (ustomer and fa(tory) It is performing the tas, of mar,eting in
MTM) The obAe(ti#e of mer(handising department is to retain the e&isting (ustomers$ and
,eep (ontinuously (ommuni(ate *ith them and also to attra(t ne* (ustomers)!;8 and
Mar,eting Manager attend different e&hibitions all o#er the *orld to attra(t these
sour(ing (ompanies) All the sour(ing (ompanies are the !ustomers of the Masood
Te&tile Mills) Mer(handisers are the representati#es of Masood and they ,eep (onta(t
*ith (ustomers) Mer(handisers also try to a(quire ne* (ustomers and (ontra(ts through
personal selling)
Hierarch) in -erchan!isin" Depar$#en$
GM% Marketing
GM% Marketing
4o of E#po)ees in -arke$in" Depar$#en$
Mr) Tayyab Masood is eneral Manager of Mar,eting Department of Masood Te&tile
Mills 0td) There are almost 346 numbers of employees *or,ing in mar,eting department)

,orkin" of -erchan!isin"%
A mer(handiser re(ei#es a produ(t pa(,age (pp,) *hi(h (ontains time line$ fabri( detail$
arti(le des(ription (polo$ Henley$ (re* ne(,) and a((essories detail) After re(ei#ing the
66C the mer(handiser sends it to*ards 66! department that (he(,s a#ailability$ pri(e$
quantity and quality) After that the mer(handise a((epts the order and then send them
proto sample) 6ri(e negotiation *ill start) 6ri(e is determined on t*o basis either it is
(ustomer based or it is produ(t based) !ustomer based pri(ing is done by ,eeping in #ie*
the mar,et position of the (ustomer )The fa(tors *hi(h they ta,e into (onsideration are
brand popularity and the in(ome le#el of the ultimate (ustomer 6rodu(t based pri(ing is
done by the spe(ifi(ations of the produ(t) After a((epting the proto sample fit sample is
sent to buyer and after this (learan(e produ(tion in bul, is started)
F'nc$ions of -erchan!isin"C
Mar,et analysis
Data analysis
6rodu(t planning and R ' D
There are main t*o main produ(ts used in the seasons:
Replenishment produ(ts
+easonal produ(ts
Pro!'c$ Packa"e
66C in#ol#es : types of informationFs
The type of fabri( that *ill be used to ma,e the produ(t different types of fabri( are used$
li,e single Aersey$ flee(e et()
!MT stands for (utting manufa(turing and trims )
=uota is fi&ed for different (ountries a((ording to the garment style)
Bote: *ith the implementation of M1T8N$ quota system has been deleted in the pra(ti(e
of import and e&port$ so it *ill no further e&ist)
+hipment in(ludes the e& fa(tory and the e& (ountry dates that are gi#en by the
1hene#er the mer(handiser re(ei#es the produ(t pa(,age follo*ing things are done:
6roto sample
%abri( de#elopment
A((essories de#elopment
+hipment is done through t*o *ays
By boats
By air
-o!e of $ransac$ion
1hen the mer(handiser negotiate *ith the (ustomer he demands letter of (redit and ban,
guarantee et( from the (ustomer
Foow 'p *) $he #erchan!iser
Mer(handiser is in#ol#ed in the pro(ess from re(ei#ing the pur(hase order and payment
Co'n$ries of E&por$%
MTM is ma,ing a good effort to in(rease the mar,et share) Today (ompany is e&porting
its produ(ts to many (ountries li,e$
Hong Cong
PPC 6pro!'c$ion pannin" 5 con$ro7
66! stands for produ(t planning and (ontrol) As its name indi(ates its fun(tion i)e)$ to
plan a pur(hase order and (ontrol thereof) 66! is the bridge bet*een mer(handising and
produ(tion department) 66! department plays an indispensable role in a garment
manufa(turing (ompany) Its responsibilities start from the negotiation bet*een
mer(handiser and (ustomer and ends on the shipment of 68) This department *or,s on
the basis of DMFs (Man$ Ma(hine$ and Material))
There are three se(tions in 66! department)
F'nc$ions of PPC%
8ptimi/ation of resour(es (man$ ma(hine$ material)
!osting resear(h and de#elopment(R'D)
6ur(hase order re(ei#ing
Time line (time$ a(tion)
%abri( a((essories (stit(hing and pa(,ing)
%abri( demand plan (lead time)
A((essories demand plan
Hierarch) of PPC Depar$#en$%
PPC 6 senior -ana"er7
Senior Dep'$)
Dep'$) -ana"er
Assis$an$ -ana"er
Senior Officier
PPC Officier
,orkin" of PPC
Buyer sheet or produ(t pa(,age re(ei#ed by mer(handiser that 66C in(ludes
(olor and si/e brea,do*n
*hat is the +M required
*hat are the finishing parameter
garment *ash or not *ash
si/e spe(s parameter
8olor and siBe breakdown
It means that ho* many pie(es are required ) if (olor and si/e are not a#ailable )
!utting (annot and (onsumption *ill not be a((urate)
G0M reEuirement
+M is gi#en by the (ustomer it is gram per square meter )if +M is more less
pie(es are made) if the +M is less more pie(es *ill be made)
=actory .inishin7 standards
%a(tory finishing standards li,e tor(hing$ bo*ing$ s,e*ing$ ph #alue$ shrin,age$
(olor fastness)
Garment wash or not 7arment wash
Ho* many *ashes the (ustomer are requires *hen the garment is *ash their
+M and shade problem
0iBe specs parameter
0ength si/e$ (olor si/e arm holes$ shoulders length et() Margins are al*ays ,ept
so that after *ashing it (omes to the a(tual spe(s
If the garment is not to be *ashed there is no need to ,eep the margin)
Cos$in" s$eps
Time lines
To plan the a((essories
%abri( planning
"nit planning
In (osting you ha#e to see ea(h and e#erything
Type of fabri(
ram mage of the fabri(
%inishing standards
Oarn quality
Cnitting (harges
Re(ipe (ost
The (ost details are gi#en to the mer(handiser and he (ommuni(ates *ith the
(ustomer) if the pri(e is a((eptable then the order is gi#en
Then 66! has to plan that order it *ill ta,e into (onsideration three things
Material planning
Ma(hine a#ailability
"nit planning

Material planning
Material planning in(ludes the fabri( plan and the pattern a#ailability details
about the a((essories et(.
Machine availability
Then 66! has to see that ma(hines are suffi(ient to run the pur(hase order.
Unit planning
The pur(hase order *ill be run in *hi(h unit so *e ha#e the produ(tion
(apability so *e ha#e s,illed labor to perform the tas,)
'here are total () stitching units ith over (,*+, stitching machines, manned
ith the most s-illed and expert operators, Masood is capable of producing about
(./,/// do0ens approximately per month versatile garments ranging from basic
to high fashion, men1s, omen1s and -ids ith maximum flexibility in si0e and
color assortments. 'he 2uality control and 2uality 3ssurance departments are in
place to ma-e sure the company1s ob4ective of 0ero defect. %omputeri0ed 5ar
coding and 5ac- 'rac- systems provide Masood (//6 predictability and trac-ing
performance. 7rders of different companies are processed in different units
according to their s-ills. 'hey operate under the ob4ective of 89ero :efect;. <ere
=uality control is merged ith the production.
-ana"e#en$ hierarch)
Pro!'c$ion !epar$#ne$
t Trainee
Pro!'c$ion fow
6rodu(tion department re(ei#es samples from the mer(handising department the
produ(tion department finali/e the flo* by ,eeping that sample in mind) The tas,
is to impro#e produ(ti#ity and to ha#e the ma&imum output
6rodu(tion pro(ess Is as follo*s:
2) +tit(hing (6ro(ess flo*)
3) !lipping
D) Ironing
:) %inishing
4) 6a(,ing
-) +hipment
>roduction supervisor1s 4ob responsibilities
+etting of flo*
Arrangements of ma(hines
!he(,ing of indu(tion
Arranging number of operators a((ording to flo*
To meet the targets
In ine s'per(isor +o*
To maintain quality and help in line inspe(tor
In ine inspec$ors
To (he(, the garment is stit(hing quality operation *ise)
8in!s of nee!es
Bo) 9 to 2:
8in!s of -achines
%lat lo(,
Button Hole
Bar ta,e
Heat Transfer
Mini !ylinder
Auto trommer
Eig Eag
Button Atta(h
!ylinder Bed
;lasti( Atta(h
From cutting department the pieces goes to the production
department for stitching. The pieces are stitched than it goes in
the enter. From here the stitched fabric goes to cipping to
remo!e the e"tra threads. Then the garment goes for finishing.
Finishin" fows
%inal inspe(tion
+uper inspe(tion
-a+or Finishin" fa'$s
#tain $oi% dust&
'ter $s(ipping% stitch bro(en&
)afu $sma hoes&
*n fina inspection stain% ater and rafu fauts are remo!ed. *f
there is a ma+or fauts are send to reprocessing.
Packin" proce!'re
After finishing the garment goes in pa(,ing$ ID labels +ti(,ers are pasted
arments are folded pa(,ed in ploy bags) After that pa(,ed in master poly bags)
Differen$ $)pes of packin"
Assorted pa(,ing
+olid pa(,ing
!atalog pa(,ing
Assor$e! packin"
!olor is same but different si/es ratio are pa(,ed together$ 8r
+i/e is same but different si/es ratio are pa(,ed together
Soi! packin"
+ame (olor and same si/e
+olid by (olor (!olor remains same)
+olid by +i/e (+i/e remains same)
Ca$ao" packin"
Different si/es and different (olor$ say a((ording to the requirements of the buyer$
ea(h bundle *ill ha#e its o*n spe(ifi(ation and pa(,ing details
Ship#en$ #o(es $o s$ore
A+B (ad#an(e se(urity note)
+e(urity sti(,er
Bar (ode sti(,er
Pro!'c$ion pro*e#
6ie(es are reAe(ted
6ie(es are short
In both the (ases short fall are sanded to 66! department
It is a standard a(hie#ed by pro(ess to render defe(t free produ(t)
/'ai$) con$ro%
Implementation of pro(ess to a(hie#e the required standard*
/'ai$) ass'rance%
6re#enti#e measures ta,en to ma,e defe(t free produ(t)
Responsibilities of quality assuran(e:
There are three responsibilities of quality assuran(e)
(2) Monitoring the system
(3) e#aluating staff in#ol#ed
(D) assuring quality of produ(t
Hierarch) of Depar$#en$
Mana7er 1uality
%eputy Mana7er 1A
1A ..icer 1A ..icer
Accep$a*e /'ai$) 3e(e
A=0 mean a standard of ReAe(tion and a((eptan(e defined by the mutual
(on(entration of buyer and seller$ *here they mutually de(ides si/e of the sample
and standard for reAe(tion and a((eptan(e
O(era /'ai$) 3e(e
8=0 is a standard *here garments are audited on their total rating$ also (alled
a#erage quality rating$ after the A=0$ *hen o#er per(entage of reAe(tion is (he(,ed it
should also (omply *ith the standards already defined or de(ided in agreements)
Cose 3oop Correc$i(e Ac$ion6C3CA7%

In!'s$ria en"ineerin"
Industrial engineering is that bran(h of engineering$ *hi(h deals *ith the 6rodu(ti#ity
in(reases the using all the a#ailable resour(es) These resour(es are follo*ing)
2) Men
3) Materials
D) Money
:) Ma(hine
4) Methods
-) +ystems
7) 0andKspa(e
Industrial engineering pro#ides us a systemati( (step by step) organi/ed *ay of in(reasing
produ(ti#ity using simple te(hniques)
It is defined as the ratio of output and input i)e)
6rodu(ti#ity P 8utput K Input
%rom the abo#e formula )it is #ery (lear that one or the (ombination of the follo*ing *ays
(an in(rease produ(ti#ity:
(a) De(reasing input$ *hile ,eeping the output same)
(b) In(reasing output$ *hile ,eeping at the input same)
(() In(reasing output appre(iably *ith slight in(rease in the input)
(d) De(reasing output slightly *ith signifi(ant de(rease in input)
Scope of I1E1
Industrial engineering te(hniques are appli(able e#ery*here$ starting from a small
8ffi(e$ home$ training pla(es$ small industry to a large industry)
It helps in:
Better layout planning)
Designing *or, aids)
Re stru(turing an organi/ationK Re engineering
Methods impro#ement)
Training in better methods
+etting +AMs for the better methods
6roblem sol#ing using studies by s(ientifi( methods
Managing e&tra *or, in the same a#ailable spa(e)
5a(ating e&tra premises got on rent)
In(reased output *ith the same manpo*er and ma(hines)
In(reased quality due to better managingKmethods
Redu(ed throughput K(y(le time$ using refined layouts)
Redu(ed (rises.(ross mo#ement of men and materials
0ess 1)I)6$ using better systems (line lay out)
Bette4r money (ir(ulation$ as less (apital tied up in 1)I)6)
0ess material *astages$ as no pla(e to hide)
There are three stores in MTM)
Main store
%abri( store (+to(, pledge)
+hipment store
-ain S$ore%
There are t*o types of things$ *hi(h (ome under main +tore)
2) eneral:
+tationary$ ma(hine parts$ maintaina(e and sentry et()
3) A((essories:
Buttons$ thread$ /ips$ labels$ and needles et(
!n'ar" Gate
!n'ar" Gate Pass
Acc% Deman"
or'ar" Procurement
Store issue Store issue
After approval
G$* take over +uality control Goo"s $eceive"
After approval
G$* take over +uality check ,y Goo"s $eceive"
Ship#en$ s$ore%
As it is e#ident from the name$ pur(hase orders *hi(h are ready to be shipped$ are store
here) In Masood *hen produ(tion order is (ompleted then it is pa(,ed in bo&es and bar(odes
are pasted on them) These bar(odes (ontain all ne(essary information regarding the (ontents
of bo&es) All the information regarding the =uality (he(,s of shipment is done here) 8n the
day of shipment the bo&es are loaded on tru(,s and final entries are stored in (omputer)
The pro(ess of the shipment store is

Fa*ric s$ore%
The 66! department sends demand of fabri( to fabri( store a((ording to plane of party
order$ *hi(h is required by buyer) 1hen the fabri( rea(hed at main gate then re(ei#ed by the
fabri( store$ on the gate only the *eight of the fabri( is (he(,ed) Inspe(tion of the fabri( is
handled in mills in %abri( Inspe(tion Department (%ID)) 1hen fabri( is rea(hed at gate then
inter*ord gate pass is made) Then fabri( shifted into store in the ra(,s and ra(,s are
a((ording to (ustomers) 1hen the fabri( is reAe(ted it (ome first in store then sent to mills
by ma,ing 8ut*ard ate 6ass (86)
Packing list -merchan"iser
Au"it for +A
$acking -customer 'ise.
$eceive to /uality
O0 report after au"it
Green slip only on au"it
S$r'c$'re of Finance Depar$#en$%
a7 4o of E#po)ees
Masood Te&tile Apparel Di#ision %inan(e Department (onsists of D< employees at different
le#el *ith different Aob des(riptions)
*7 Finance 5 Acco'n$in" Opera$ions
o Maintaining the data base of a((ounts department
o Histori(al and periodi(al reports
o 6resentation of %inan(ial +tatements
o !ash flo* statements and (ash disbursement
o Ban, re(on(iliation statements
o Re(on(iliation *ith parities
o 5arian(e analysis
o 6rodu(tion #s) shipment analysis
o Analysis on loss of profits
o 6erforman(e e#aluation reports
o Oield analysis
o Monthly +to(, reports of all units ' stores
o 1or,ing of !omplian(e Audit)
F'nc$ion of Finance Depar$#en$%
A((ounting +ystems
%inan(e +ystem
"se of ;le(troni( Data in De(ision Ma,ing
Mobili/ation of %unds
eneration of %unds
Allo(ation of %unds
Financia Ana)sis
In 3??< Deffered in(ome on sale and lease ba(, of operating fi&ed asset are :$<92 and in
3??9 it is de(reased by 3$424
In 3??< total equity and liabilities are <$3D:$:32 and in 3??9 it rose to 9$-32$7D9
In 3??< non (urrent assets are D$?:7$9:2 and in 3??9 it rose to D$2--$-24
And (urrent assets in 3??< are 4$2<-$:<? and in 3??9 it is in(rease by -$:44$23:
+o total assets in 3??< are <$3D:$:32 and in 3??9 it is in(rease by 9$-32$7D9
Bet (ash generated from operations *as 9<2$7:< in 3??< and in 3??9 it de(rease to -D3$<32
In 3??< net use in in#esting a(ti#ities is :24$D97 and in 2??9 it is de(rease to D7?$42D
Bet (ash use in finan(ing a(ti#ities in 3??< *as 2$:4<$<D3 and in 3??9 it is de(reased to
+o (ash at the end of the year of 3??< *as 2D7$344 and in 3??9 it is in(rease to D32$?3-
+ales in 3??< *as 7$<<:$7<4 and in 3??9 it is in(rease by 2?$9:-$2<?
+o ross profit is also in(reased in 3??< it *as 2$:44$9<7 and in 3??9 it is 3$?9:$7-:
6rofit after ta& in 3??< *as DDD$74D and in 3??9 it is in(reased to :42$7?-
+o earning per share in 3??< *as 22)2D and in 3??9 it is in(reased to 24)?-
-a+or Co#pe$i$ors of $he Or"ani.a$ion
The maAor (ompetitors of Masood Te&tile Mills 0imited are as
2) !henab %abri(s 0imited
3) Amte& 0imited
D) Ar/oo Te&tile Mills 0imited
:) +apphire Te&tile Mills 0imited
4) !res(ent Te&tile Mills 0imited
These are the lo(al (ompetitors at the te&tile (ity but MTM fa(e in international mar,et so
their (ompetitors are the !HIBA$ IBDIA and BAB0ADA+H in these (ountries labor is so
mu(h (heaper a#ailable$ so they sell their produ(t in the international mar,et (heaper as
(ompare to 6a,istan)
Core co#pe$ence%
The (ore (ompeten(y of the MTM is it IT based system and quality (ontrol)
Uni9'e sein" poin$ 6USP7%
=uality (ontrol system is their usp)
S,OT Ana)ses of -T-
In$erna fac$ors
=uality produ(ts
+,illed labor
"sing modern and latest te(hnology
Ba(, tra(, system
Highly edu(ated management
5erti(ally integrated system
"sing apparel management system
I+8 (ertified
Ha#ing lo* spa(e
High turn o#er
!ommuni(ation gap bet*een different departments
B. (orporati#e (ulture
High produ(tion (ost
E&$erna fac$ors
;&ploring ne* mar,ets
!apturing ;uropean (ountries
!an e&pand their operations and finding ne* mar,et segments
"sing their o*n label
8pening their outlets throughout the *orld
;nd the quota system$ no* they e&pand the business
%ull potential of entertaining the lo(al mar,et
!ompetition in(rease in that parti(ular region)
Depend only a fe* (ustomers
0o* pri(e offer other (ompetitors Aust li,e (hina ' India
6oliti(ally instability in 6a,istan
!hange go#ernment poli(ies that are not in fa#or of te&tile industry
PEST Ana)sis
!olitical situationC
The politi(al situation of 6a,istan is not satisfa(tory and unstable) Rapid (hange in
the o#t) and the (hange of the poli(ies of the pre#ious go#t) by the ne* go#t) abruptly
effe(t the 6a,istanFs politi(al situation) Due to these entire fa(tors the foreign in#estor
hesitates to in#est in 6a,istan)
o#t) should de#i(e su(h poli(ies that are benefi(ial for the lo(al e&porter as *ell as for the
#conomic 0ituationC
The e(onomi( (ondition of 6a,istan is not suitable for in#estment) Mar,et gro*th
rate is #ery lo* and ne* in#estors hesitate to in#est) In(reasing inflation rate
due to hea#y loan ma,e the business en#ironment stri(t) A(tually in(rease in
inflation rate leads to high (ost of produ(tion so our (ountry produ(ts sell out
at a high pri(e but *ith lo* margin)
0ocial 0ituationC
The (hange in the lifestyle of the people affe(ts the gro*ing demand of the MTM
produ(ts) The (hange in the lifestyle and needs in different demographi(s also affe(t the
demand of the (ustomers)
Due to all these (hanges MTM is performing e&(ellent for the e&(ellen(e of organi/ation as
*ell as for the (ustomer)
Technolo7ical =actorC
Te(hnologi(al ad#an(ement in all the se(tors of the (ountry has (hanged the entire
so(io.e(onomi( en#ironment) ;spe(ially te&tile se(tor has in(orporated te(hnologi(al
de#elopment and ad#an(ement in their organi/ations)
Conc'sion 5 Reco#en!a$ions
Masood te&tile mill is the best ,nit *ear in the *orld) In a short span of time$ the (ompany
has established a good image in the international mar,et)
Although there is a tough (ompetition in the international mar,et$ but Masood te&tile mills is
(ontinuously going on its *ay to prosperity )The main (ustomers of Masood are$ I!
6;BBO$ +ARA 0;;)
They ha#e established a good image in the mind of its (ustomers) This is all due the
(ompanyFs high quality produ(ts) !ompany quality assuran(e department is so *ell
establish that some times the (ustomers request the quality inspe(tor to #isit some other
(ompany s *here their other produ(ts are being manufa(tured$ so the quality of that
(ompany (an be (he(,ed)
!hina$ India$ Bangladesh are the maAor (ountries$ *hi(h ha#e dire(t (ompetition *ith
6a,istan) Due to quota system the (ompany has a((epted only limited orders) The main
ad#antage to the (ompany is of its mills unit) The (ompany has manufa(tured the fabri(
itself$ so the (ost of the produ(tion of the (ompany is mu(h redu(ed) Ra* material li,e
fabri( and ribs are produ(e by itself)
Beed to de#elop a (ulture of (ooperation and team*or,) %or this purpose a
re#olutionary (ommitment from higher management is required at this time$
other*ise MTM may not be able to (ash the benefits of quota elimination)
The misbeha#ior of some responsible managers *ith the *or,ing for(e is (reating
unrest and feelings of being treated li,e sla#es among the *or,ers) %or the purpose
of impro#ement in this se(tor the line management should be trained and must be
edu(ated ho* to beha#e the *or,for(e)
De(entrali/ation of authority should be there) 1ith the a(ti#e parti(ipation of all the
management le#el employees in the de(ision.ma,ing is fruitful for MTM)
;mployees should be en(ouraged to (ome up *ith re#olutionary thoughts)
6roper training at ea(h le#el should be gi#en to the employees)
+pe(ial in(enti#es li,e bonus on ;id and on other spe(ial days should be gi#en to the
+hould hire *ell.edu(ated$ trained$ and e&perien(ed young professionals)
There should be a (omplete follo* up of I+8 9??3 (ertifi(ation a((ording to desired
quality standards)
The lo* (apa(ity is generating problem for MTM) Due to lo* (apa(ity the MTM has
a) 6ro(ure Oarn from mar,et$ *hi(h (ause delays$ #ariations and high
b) Cnitting from out door$ that (ause delays$ #ariations and high pri(es)
() Dying and finishing of the fabri( from out door$ that also (auses the same
abo#e mentioned problems)
The biggest problem that I thin, this lo* (apa(ity is generating is e&traordinary pressure on
the *or,ing for(e) This (reates mental toughness and stress among the employees$
espe(ially among the 66! department staff)
The solution to this entire problem is ob#iously the in(rease in (apa(ity of produ(tion) But
this tas, should be done systemati(ally through proper planning and after preparation of
feasibility report)