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Fatma Faisal Al-Hashemi H00232951 06B60BU51


Work Experience Journals

Student name: Fatma Faisal AL-Hashemi

Student ID: H00232951 Section: 02

Company: Dubai International Financial Centre Authority


Competencies and Skills (CLO 3 and 4)

Describe how you applied, IT, business, customer awareness and numeracy skills during
your work experience.

I have applied my IT skills during the work placement and throughout all of the tasks that
were assigned to me as everything was related to the laptop and to the land line phone also.
For example, I had to use some of the Microsoft Office applications to complete some of the
tasks such as the Microsoft Word, Excel and the PDF and most importantly I was applying my
IT skills regarding the Microsoft Outlook as I had to send and receive most of the files from the
employer and some of the companies (clients) also. I have also used the phone in order to
complete some of the tasks and to call and contact some of the companies. Moreover, I had to
use the printer also as I had to print some of the documents. On the other hand I had applied
some of the business skills such as when I cooperated with some of the colleagues to set the
risks of one of the projects and the ways that these risks should be avoided. Nevertheless, I
have applied some of the numeracy skills when I had to deal with some of the products prices
and the sum of the cost of those products that the DIFC should pay.

Compare the skills you learned in the HCT College with the skills needed to succeed in
the workplace.

All of the skills and abilities that I have built and that I have improved in college were
really effective and helpful in my work placement as I needed most of them to complete the
tasks that were assigned to me. Some of these skills are; my listening and communicating skills
as I can listen and communicate effectively while seeking and sharing information in two
languages English and Arabic, and I also had the ability to listen carefully and understand the
other peoples point of views had helped me a lot as I had sometimes to explain or discuss
some of the issues with the employees. On the other hand, I had also the ability to collaborate
and work with others in teams even if they were different in their working styles; this skill allowed
me to cooperate with the employees very well. Moreover, my capability of working under
pressure without complaints and taking multiple tasks at the same time if required had helped
me during the work place as sometimes I was really under pressure but I managed to complete
the tasks as soon as possible without delaying them to another time. Nevertheless, my ability to
act with limited supervision was also beneficial to me as the employees were very busy and I
was able to perform the tasks professionally.

Fatma Faisal Al-Hashemi H00232951 06B60BU51


Evaluate the competencies and skills that you still need to develop.

In my opinion, I think I need to develop, improve and enhance my social skills; its right
that I interacted with the employees but I think that I should be much more advanced and
improve my skill as I found myself sometimes shy from certain employees or certain situations.
Ill develop this skill by improving my self-confidence and self-acceptance. On the other hand, I
think I should also improve my IT skills in order to be able to handle some basic problems that I
may face with the laptop or the printer or any other technical or mechanical equipment. Such as,
internet connection problems, expired windows issues, the printer paper jam or any other basic
problems that I may face. Moreover, the critical thinking is a very important skill that I should
keep on improving as the learning never stops and the cases or situations that I may face may
be different each time; so I should keep on improving and advancing my logical and critical
thinking skills.

How could the HCT College have prepared you better for Work Experience?

I think the college have prepared us very well however, In my opinion, I think that the
college should have got the work plan of each student before we start the work placement in
order to be able to relate the tasks assigned to the student with her major and also to know also
if the tasks that is assigned to her should be much more advanced or not. This will give the
student and the college an overview and a background about the tasks that the student will go
through. I think by this way I will be prepared to start the work experience with a background in
my mind and not a blank page about the tasks that I will have.

Reflect on feedback you have had on your work, and how you plan to use it.

I have done the tasks assigned perfectly and on time, I tried not to delay any of my work.
However, one of the feedbacks that I got when I was contacting one of the companies was to
never keep the work overloaded in order not to be pressured after. Moreover, Ive been told to
not keep some of the clients or some of the companies on their comfort whenever we request
something from them, as an employee I should keep on following up with them as they
sometimes forget or never bother themselves to reply. Ive been told also to keep on growing in
the field that I am working in such as to keep on studying and get a higher degree and to keep
on getting training sessions or courses to be much more advanced in the field and to have the
best experience. I am planning to use these advises and will try my best to keep on developing
my skills and to get the highest degree that I can and to keep in mind that knowledge never
ends. I will also try to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses as I cant change what I dont

Fatma Faisal Al-Hashemi H00232951 06B60BU51


Critical Thinking

Non-working students please answer these questions

Would you recommend this company for Work Experience for students in the future?
Give reasons for your answer.

Yes, I recommend the DIFC for work experience for many reasons. First of all, it has a
very developed and well organized environment were the students could go and see how the
work environment is really and get familiar with it. It is also a place where the students could get
a very good experience as it I one of the first 10 financial Centres in the world. this will allow the
students to get experienced from the wide variety of experts that they may interact with while
they are doing their work experience which may let them improve their career path. The most
important reason that makes me recommend the DIFC is that their employees are always
welcoming the intern students; they offer them some of their own time to teach them and give
them the best knowledge about the department or the company in general this communicative
and welcoming environment will make the students pleased and interested to give the best they

Would you like to work in this organization or a similar type of organization when you
graduate? Give reasons for your answer.

Yes, I would like to work in DIFC or a similar type of organizations, because of various
reasons. First of all, I really loved the organizations environment. The environment was really
welcoming as I have not felt that I am a stranger between the employees; the employees,
managers and the higher positions employees were very welcoming. The environment made
me feel that I belong to the organization; and these kinds of relaxed environments affects the
employees positively and makes the employees give the best that they have and work much
better that the stressed and pressured environments. Secondly, I would also work for these
organizations because of the very knowledgeable and experienced employees and experts that
I would meet and work with in the organization. This will benefit me as I will learn a lot from
them and I will also get the best experience and knowledge from them. Moreover, I would also
like to work for DIFC and the similar type of organizations because of the wide range of clients,
companies and vendors that the organization are working with. This would allow me to improve
many of my skills such as my communication skills and it will allow me also to improve my
relationship with many people from various organizations.

How has your Work Experience placement affected your future career plans? What do
you want to do in the future?

From this working experience I have changed my career plans; I realized that the
education never ends and that I have to complete my studies after I complete my Bachelor
Degree; I realized that the employee should keep on growing and developing his/her skills
throughout their career path and never to stop. So, in the soon future, after I graduate with an
accounting degree, I will try my best to get the CPA. Moreover, I will also complete my Masters
degree. I have noticed from the work experience that the knowledge you have along with the
experience that you have affects your work professionalism. I am also planning to keep on
developing my knowledge and skills over time such as by the training sessions that I may get in
and by the experience also. However, I didnt change my opinion about the accounting as a
Fatma Faisal Al-Hashemi H00232951 06B60BU51


major and the accountant as a job that I will be in as soon as I graduate because I have realized
from the work experience that the accounting, Auditing, taxation and the finance is a very
important job in each single company and their role leads the company to its success. This
importance made me get much more interested in the major and the career path that I want to
go through.

Working students I am a non-working Student
Reflect on your future career plans, do you plan to continue working in your current position with
your current employer or are you planning a change? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Work Plan
Week/s Department Activities (at least 4 tasks) Supervisor, Job Title,
Telephone, e-mail
Week 5


1. Labeled some reports/

2. Entered Pre-qualification
to the Suppliers Master

3. Created a list of the
missing companys details

4. Entered a Meeting to
open the tenders

5. Contacted and followed
up with a company
quotation request

Supervisor: Omar Bin
Job Title: Director
Commercial Procurement
Telephone: 04 3622663

Week 6


1. Entered a Meeting with 2
companies Services

2. Labeled some reports/

3. Entered Pre-qualification
to the Suppliers Master

4. Followed up, and ordered
from Last weeks
company Requested
some documents

5. Listed the updated
employees details for the
new business cards

Supervisor: Omar Bin
Job Title: Director
Commercial Procurement
Telephone: 04 3622663
Fatma Faisal Al-Hashemi H00232951 06B60BU51



Labels and prequalification forms and the list of missing details and the credit form

Business cards details and the quotation received

Fatma Faisal Al-Hashemi H00232951 06B60BU51


Were you late or absent this week? No, I wasnt late or absent during this week.
If yes, give reasons

Days late - reason

Days absent reason

Feedback Survey (part of Journal 4 grade)
The HCT College is interested in your feedback on work experience. This will help us improve
work experience for next years students. Please complete one online survey.
There are 2 different surveys:
Non-working students
Working students

Fatma Faisal Al-Hashemi H00232951 06B60BU51



Dubai International Financial Centre Authority
Program: Business Administration
Major: Accounting
Dates: From 27
April 2014 to 12
June 2014
Mentor: Dr. Maysoon Otoum

1. Rate your general level of satisfaction with your experience in the workplace.

Very satisfied Satisfied Dissatisfied Very dissatisfied

2. What were the best aspects about your experience?

The best aspects about my experience was that I have sat with many experts in the organization,
I have gained a lot from them and most importantly I have got in to the working environment.
Moreover, I have got some tasks were I have improved some of my skills such as my
communication skill.

3. What could have been different to improve the experience for you?

I think that if I was assigned to be in a different department than the one I have gone to; a department
which is much more related to my major. This would have allowed me to get the experience
about my major and to have an overview on the accountants job to be able to choose my path in
the future.


4. Which language did you use most of the time?

English Arabic Bilingual

5. Overall, did you find the tasks:

Please Choose One ONLY

Too difficult Challenging
Too easy Acceptable

6. Overall, did you find the working environment

Please Choose One ONLY

Open & friendly Neutral / Mixed Closed and hostile


7. Were you offered a job for a current vacancy?

Yes No
Fatma Faisal Al-Hashemi H00232951 06B60BU51


8. Did you accept an offer of employment from your WE organization?

Yes No

9. Would you recommend this organization for other students?

For work experience Yes No
For graduate employment Yes No

Please justify your answer
I think that the DIFC is a good place to learn from, the employees are very welcoming where they
Try to teach you and give you the best knowledge and experience from them. Moreover, it is a
Challenging organization where you could have challenging employees and tasks to deal with
from which you will get a good experience.


10. Evaluate the preparation you receive from Careers for your WE?

Satisfied Dissatisfied

What could Careers do differently?
I think if we, the students, were provided with the work plan before day 1 it would have been
much better as we will have an overview about the tasks that we will be dealing with throughout
the work experience.

11. Were you academically prepared for WE?

Yes No

How could your Program prepare you better?
I could have been prepared better if I had learned much more about the working environment.

12. Was your work plan ready on day 1?

Yes No

13. How many times did your mentor visit you in the workplace?

My mentor visited me 2 times.

14. Were you satisfied with this number of visits?

Yes No

15. Please provide any additional comments that would be useful