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March, 2011 1

Published Quarterly Second Class Postage Paid at Celina, Ohio
(USPS 296880)
Vol. 48 MARCH, 2011 No. 1
Supreme Board Meeting
Saturday, July 16, 2011, at the Westin Hotel, Charlotte, NC.
Arrive on Friday, July 15, 2011, and depart on Sunday, July 17, 2011.
More information will be forthcoming.
As we begin Lent, move into Holy Week and the Easter Season, let us all
pray as Jesus did, and ask for the wisdom, strength, and courage to do the
Father s will.
March, 2011 2
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The Knight of St. John is the official organ of
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devoted to their interests.
The Knight of St. John is published under the
supervision of the Supreme Board of Trustees.
Communications will not be published unless ac-
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Communications for the current issue should be
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The Knight of St. John (USPS 296880) is a quar-
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Supreme Spiritual Director - Monsignor
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Cobbs Creek Parkway, Philadelphia, PA. 19143
Tel. 215-747-3250
Supreme Spiritual Director Emeritus - Rev. Fr.
Lawrence Burns, Our Lady of Good Counsel
Parish, 3688 So. Park Ave., Blasdell, N.Y. 14219.
Supreme President - General Timothy Hoerst,
631 Jefferson Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45215 - Tel.
513-821-3243 - Thoerst631@aol.com
Past Supreme President - General Frank
Waseleski, Sr., 2725 W. 38th Street, Lorian, OH
44053 - Tel- 440-396-9083
Past Supreme President - General Daniel R.
Vaske, 13 Pike St., Cincinnati, OH 45215 - Tel.
513-733-0198 - Daniel.Vaske@lexis-nexis.com
Past Supreme President - General John M.
Windsor, Jr., 1809 Altamont Pl., Forestville, MD
20747 - Tel. 301-350-1874 - Fax 301-808-5090
Past Supreme President - General Thomas C.
Graziano, 2206 Pinnacle Dr., Utica, N.Y. 13501-
4218 - Tel. 315-724-9238
Supreme First Vice President - Lieutenant
General Dale Gossiaux, 7375 E. Baldwin Rd.,
Grand Blanc, MI 48439 - Tel. 810-694-0203,
Supreme Second Vice President - Lieut. General
Fred Akwaboah, ABP Consult Ltd., Box AN
7186, Accra, N. Ghana, W.A.
Supreme Secretary - Lieut General Thomas
Zdanowicz, 238 Kerber Rd., Frankfort, New
York 13340 - Tel. 315-733-8694
Supreme Treasurer - Lieut. General Terrence
W. McCann, 63 Butternut Circle, Orchard Park,
N.Y. 14127-1904 - Tel. 716-662-5723. -
Assistant Supreme Treasurer - Francis Jerome
Countiss, Jr.
Supreme Trustee - Major General Douglas
Francony, 1010 W. North St., Piqua, OH 45356
Tel/Fax 937-778-0804 - dfrancony@woh.rr.com
Supreme Trustee - Major General Dan Anaebo
Okekenta, Darumi District of Area One Flyover,
P.O. Box 6252, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria, W.A. - Tel.
011-080-37-872835 - anebson@yahoo.com
Supreme Inspector General - Major General
George M. Check, 107 Miller Ave., Blasdell, N.Y.
14219 - Tel. 716-826-0538
Assistant Inspector General - Brigadier General
Don Killian - Tel. 716-633-0231 -
Gen. Timothy Hoerst, Supreme President,
Gen. Frank Waseleski, Sr., Gen. Daniel Vaske,
Gen. John M. Windsor, Jr., Gen. Thomas C.
Graziano, Lt. Gen. Dale Gossiaux, Lieut. Gen.
Fred Akwaboah, Lieut. Gen. Thomas Zdanowicz,
Lieut. Gen. Terrence W. McCann, Maj. Gen.
Douglas Francony, Maj. Gen. Dan Anaebo
Okekenta, Maj. Gen. George M. Check.
Baltimore-Washington - Brig. Gen. Robert F.
Brown, Sr.; 1708 40th Street SE, Washington,
DC 20020 - Tel. 202-575-3566
Buffalo - Brig. Gen. Donald Kirsch, 90
Greenhill Terr., W. Seneca, N.Y. 14224 - Tel.
716-674-2497 - dkirsch2@roadrunner.com
Cincinnati - Brig. Gen. Lee Stachler,
4532 Tri-Township Road, Minster, OH 45865 -
Tel. 419-628-3548 - stachlerl@frontier.com
Indiana - Brig. Gen. Eddie Obermeyer, 23129
Vote Road, Batesville, IN 47006 -
Tel. 812-934-3417 - gjaney@aol.com
Kentucky - Brig. Gen. George Ritchie, 2314
Quinn Drive, Louisville, KY 40216 - Tel. 502-
448-5607 - Fax 502-448-5607 -
Michigan - Brig. Gen. Eugene Sniezyk, 29951
Rosemont, Roseville, MI 48066 - Tel. 586-778-
8092 - sniezykc@wowway.com
New York - Brig. Gen. Joseph F. Schmitt, 1217
Parker St., Utica, N.Y. 13502 - Tel. 315-724-
0795 - Cell Phone 315-723-7585 -
Ohio - Brig. Gen. John Basso, Jr., 3225 W. 30th
St., Cleveland, OH 44109 - Tel. 216-631-3170 -
Cell Phone 216-798-6773
Supreme Subordinate Commanderies
Supreme Subordinate Commandery - Ghana -
Brig. Gen. Larry Kofi Tandjie (Acting
Brig. Gen. Marcel E. Videkar, Subordinate
Secretary, P.O. Box GP 13358, Accra, Ghana, W.A.
Tel. (+233) 277201230 - (+233) 543344645 -
Supreme Subordinate Commandery - Nigeria -
Major General C.O.E. Onwuliri, Subordinate
President, Vice Chancellor, Federal University
of Technology-Owerri, P.M.B. 1526, Owerri,
Nigeria, W.A. - onwuliri@yahoo.com
Brig. Gen. Chidi Arinze, Subordinate Secretary,
C-Fraternity Diagnostic Laboratory, 94 Zik
Ave., Uwani, Enugu, Nigeria, W.A. - Tel. 011-
080-36-660526 - lachidorinze@yahoo.com
Accra - Brig. Gen. Robert Foli, P.O Box 323,
Kaneshie, Accra, Ghana, W.A. - Tel. +233-
(0)244-257811 - bobfok2008@yahoo.com
Cape Coast - Brig. Gen. Naba Sigri Bewong, P.O.
Box 427, Tarkwa, Ghana, W.A. -
Tel. +233(0)261371970 - nabasig@hotmail.com
Tamale - Brig. Gen. Richard M. Nayasama, Ghana
Cotton Co., P.O. Box 371, Tamale, Ghana, W.A., -
Tel. +233(0)208167997 -
Sierra Leone - Brig. Gen. Joseph Lambert, 29
Kaningo Riverside Drive, Juba Freetown, Sierra
Leone, W.A. - Tel. +233-33-720269 - Cell Phone
+232-76-602812 - bolajeh54@yahoo.com also
Abuja - Brig. Gen. N.N.N. (Jude) Nwanesi,
Transworld Materials, Impex Ltd., Plot 377,
Deidei/Jabi Rd., Deidei, P.O. Box 5675, Garki
PC 900001, Abuja, Nigeria, W.A. - Tel. (9)
7805533, 2907285, Mobil# (806) 555-6644 -
Calabar - Brig. Gen. Maurice Effiwatt, P.O. Box
2656, Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria, W.A.
Enugu - Brig. Gen. Romanua O. Unegbu, Vice
Chanceellor, caritas University Emene, Emene -
Enugu, Nigeria, W.A. - Tel. 011-080-37-115290
Jos - Brig. Gen. Anthony Okechukwu, 2 Rabah
Rd., Malari, G.R.A. Kaduna, - Kaduna, Nigeria,
W.A. - Tel. 011-080-33-117053 -
anthony@tycol.net - info@tycol.net
Lagos - Brig. Gen. Felix Kola Olowu, #130 Bode
Thomas Street, Surulere, Logos, Nigeria, W.A. -
Tel. 01-7743386 - k_olowuksj@yahoo.com
Onitsha - Brig. Gen. C.N.C. Nwafor, 24A
Modebe Street, Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria,
W.A. - onitshagrand@yahoo.com
Owerri - Brig. Gen. C.C. Onwuneme, 34
Primary School Road, Amakohia-Owerri, Imo
State - Tel. 07030451903
e-mail clemonwuneme@yahoo.com
Liberia - Brig. Gen. Charles G. Kpan, c/o ICRC
Monrovia (DE), 19 Avenue de la Paux, 1202
Geneva, Switzerland, - garmodeh@yahoo.com
Togo - Brig. Gen. Octave Norman, Lome, Togo,
W.A. - ncomlan@yahoo.fr - togo_ksji@yahoo.fr
Trinidad and Tobago - Brig. Gen. Victor Cuffy,
10 Amowville, Point Cumana, Carenage,
Trinidad W.I.
Brig. Gen. Edward Obermeyer, Quartermaster
General - 23129 Vote Rd., Batesville, IN 47006-
9539 - Tel. 812-934-3417- Packing and Shipping
of all Supplies for all Commanderies
Assistant Editor Knights Journal - Colonel
James (Jim) Schafhausen, (all articles for the
Journal must be submitted 30 days before the
publication dates) - 4224 Green Cook Rd.,
Westerville, OH 43082-9706 - Tel. 740-965-8274
National Sports Chairperson - Brig. Gen.
Joseph F. Schmitt, 1217 Parker St., Utica, N.Y.
13502 - Tel. 315-724-0795 - Cell Phone 315-
723-7585 - Send all questions pertaining to our
Sports Events to the above address.
Assistant Ritual Director - Colonel Thomas
DeLuca, 135 Pontiac St., Buffalo, New York
14206-3330 - Tel. 716-827-8934
MARCH, 2011
Printed by The Messenger Press
Carthagena Station
Celina, OH 45822
FRANKFORT, NY 13340-4365
James J. Schafhausen, Asst. Editor
4224 Green Cook Road
Westerville, OH 43082-9706
March, 2011 3
Brig. Gen. Marcel Etsey Videkar, P.O. Box GP
13358, Accra, Ghana, W.A. - Tel. 011-233-
277201230, 011-233-543344645
Brig. Gen. Chidi Arinze, C-Fraternity Diagnostic
Laboratory, 94 Zik Ave., Uwani, Enugu,
Nigeria, W.A. - Tel. 011-080-36-660526
Innocent S. K. Appiah, Ghana
Augustine P. Gebeh, Liberia
Effective July 2010
to the Supreme Convention of 2012
Col. Charles ONeil
Maj. Gen. George M. Check
Brig. Gen. Don Killian
John M. Windsor, Jr., Chairperson
Thomas Graziano
Daniel Vaske
Frank Waseleski, Sr.
Donald Kirsch, Chairperson
Tom Zdanowicz
- - -
Douglas Francony, Chairperson
Dan Anaebo Okekenta
Gene Sniezyk
- - -
Terrence McCann, Chairperson
Thomas Graziano
Tom Zdanowicz
Frederick Awkaboah, Chairperson
John M. Windsor, Jr.
Bruce Stowers
Peter Ozemoyah
Victor Cuffy
- - -
Dan Anaebo Okekenta
Roman Nobbe, Chairperson
Robert Robinson
Robert F. Brown, Sr.
Robert Foli, Chairperson
Joseph Lambert
Joseph Kandy Pupo
Joseph Biney, Chairperson
Anslem Okafor
Octave Norman
Charles G. Kpan
Joseph Lambert
Robert Brokamp, Chairperson
Anthony Okechukwu
Jack Zint
Dennis Adjei
Thomas Graziano, Chairperson
John M. Windsor, Jr.
Daniel R. Vaske
Frank Waseleski, Sr.
James Schafhausen, Chairperson
Herb Reilinger
Micheal Clarke
Chukwu Osita Patrick
- - -
Joseph Schmitt, Chairperson (Knights)
Swynice Hawkins, Chairperson (Ladies)
Dale Gossiaux, Chairperson
Douglas Francony
George Check, Chairperson
Thomas Graziano
Richard Scott
James Gibbons
- - -
Dale Gossiaux, Chairman
Daniel R. Vaske
John M. Windsor, Jr
Joseph Biney
Douglas Francony
Terrence McCann
James Hortemiller
Joseph Charles Osei
Jack Pilgrim
Supreme Presidents Message .......................................... page 4
Supreme Secretarys Message .......................................... page 4
A Spiritual Message .............................................................. page 4
Welcome New Members ....................................................... page 5
Buffalo Grand Commandery .............................................. page 6
Kentucky Grand Commandery .......................................... page 8
Cincinnti Grand Commandery........................................... page 9
Indiana Grand Commandery ........................................... page 10
Baltimore-Washington Grand Commandery ................ page 11
Accra Grand Commandery .............................................. page 12
New York Grand Commandery ....................................... page 13
In Memoriam........................................................................ page 16
Local Commanderies, Grand Commanderies, Districts, and Regiments,
send your articles to be printed in the Knight of St. John Journal to:
or mailed to:
Under Secretary / Journal
Assistant Editor
Articles need to submitted
before the copy closing dates:
March Issue: by February 1st
June Issue: by May 1st
September Issue: by August 1st
December Issue: by November 1st
March, 2011 4
Greetings to all. As I sit here at
my computer during the middle of
February, we have finally seen to-
day that maybe spring is not far
away. We here in the United States
have suffered through a difficult
winter floods on the West Coast,
cold in the South, record snow fall
and freezing temperatures through-
out the Midwest and East Coast
it has been very dark and dreary
here since Christmas.
But our recent Sunday Liturgi-
cal Readings from Scripture paint
a similar picture that the dark-
ness we experience beyond just the
weather, in our everyday lives, can
only be over-come by, as Jesus chal-
lenges us becoming the light of
the world and salt of the earth!
How are we to comprehend the
dark and evil in our world without
the faith that we can make a differ-
ence? Do we really expect to stop
the horrible realities such as the
shooting of innocent people in Ari-
zona, U.S., and the trampling and
loss of life in Jos, Nigeria, even loos-
ing one of our brother Knights in
these senseless acts of violence? We
see it repeated daily in our cities
and villages. Can we as individuals
really make a difference?
I am the Light of the World, he
who follows me shall not walk in
darkness says Our Lord. So if we
refuse to hide our light under a
bushel basket, and be an example
in our personal lives, in our family
lives, and certainly in our lives as
active members of the Knights of
St. John, we can be that clear and
effervescent light of example to
what can be, rather than what is
in our troubled world!
The Season of Lent is also tradi-
tionally seen as a somewhat dark
season of penance and sacrifice.
However, it too can be a time of very
positive and enlightened prepara-
tion for the greatest celebration of
our Catholic Faith Easter.
I, along with the members of the
Supreme Board of Trustees, wish
you and your f ami l y a Bl essed
Lenten and Easter Season.
In Knighthood,
General Timothy L. Hoerst
Supreme President (Continued on page 16)
I respect all of you and am proud
to call you brother, however, every day
when I check my e-mail, more and
more of you are approaching me to
friend you on Face-Book or on your
chat site. I mean no offense, but I
must tell you that I delete all such
requests. With the volume of e-mail
I receive and must respond to on a
daily basis, there just is no time for
anything else. There is always much
work to be done.
By now the 2011 Per Capita Tax
bills are all out. The Supreme Trea-
surer, Terry McCann is anxiously
awaiting your responses. I urge you
Overseas Commanderies and Grands
to use the wire transfer to our bank.
I have provided all the necessary data
for wire transfers to your Grand Presi-
dent. See him for that information,
if you dont already have it.
Once again, it was like pulling
teeth to get some Year End Reports/
Rosters in a timely manner. Although
we have repeatedly requested these
reports to be submitted by mid-Janu-
ary, some commanderies are still fail-
ing to do so, and in some cases, it ap-
pears some local presidents and sec-
retaries are either unaware of or are
neglecting their responsibilities.
Grand Presidents : You are the voice
of the Supreme to your Local Com-
mandery. It is your responsibility to
make sure that yearly visitations are
made to your commanderies. That is
how you can determine how a com-
mandery is functioning, if they are
viable, if they conduct their meetings
properly, and if they fully understand
their responsibilities to the Supreme.
Most Grand Presidents are excep-
tional men and devoted Knights. But,
unfortunately, there are some out
there who, after achieving the distinc-
tion of General, have neglected to act
for the good of the Order by fulfilling
the responsibilities of the office.
And, in doing so, have made my du-
ties as Supreme Secretary more diffi-
As you read this, we are in the
midst of Lent, preparing our hearts
and minds for Holy Week and Easter
Sunday. When I was a child, I used to
On this seventh Sunday in or-
dinary time: there is much said in
todays sacred scripture passages
about being holy and being called
to holiness. The First Reading
states it with unequivocal words:
You shall be holy, for I the LORD
your God am holy. The holiness of
Gods people is like drops of water in
the great ocean of divine holiness.
Sacred scripture also tell us how this
holiness needs to be shown in our
daily lives. It is above all in love to-
wards our neighbor, with whom you
live shoulder to shoulder day after
day at home, in the office, on the
street, on the freeway, in the super-
market. It is also in respecting ones
own spiritual identity: Gods temple
is holy, and you are that temple (Sec-
ond Reading). Holiness is shown in
the true wisdom that God grants to
those who love and seek him, and who
know that all belong to you, and you
belong to Christ, and Christ belongs
to God (Second Reading).
Of course the most excellent way
to holiness is love. Jesus Christ will
sum up the whole law in love: In love
for God and neighbor is found the
whole Law and the Prophets. How do
we achieve it? In the First Reading
God gives two commandments that
are like two sides of a coin: a negative
precept do not hate, do not bear
grudges against your neighbor fol-
lowed by a positive one you shall
love your neighbor as yourself, that
is, I will consider the other as I con-
sider myself, and I will love him as I
love my own being, my own identity.
Jesus in the Gospel goes beyond this
and tells us: Be perfect (in love) as
your heavenly Father is perfect. This
way of loving is not human; it has
to come down from heaven as a gift,
as a participation in something that
surpasses us and ennobles us. We
need to accept this gift with a grate-
ful spirit that accompanies us day by
day in our life. The Church teaches us
that to be holy, its not necessary to
do extraordinary things. She tells us
that we can all be holy in the daily
duties of the family, work, rest, hu-
man relationships, parish life, etc.
(Continued on page 16)
March, 2011 5
Welcome to our New Members Welcome to our New Members Welcome to our New Members Welcome to our New Members Welcome to our New Members
Comm. #59 Reading, OH Mark Hacufle, Johnny Muniz
Comm. #98 Columbus, OH Joseph R. Landusky, Paul R. Theibert
Comm. #218 Washington, DC Peter Quander
Comm. #243 Batesville, IN Patrick Weiler
Comm. #243 Batesville, IN Fred Dall
Comm. #282 St. Wendel, IN Rev. John Silva, Duane Goedde, Eric Bain, Jeff Redman
Comm. #382 Buffalo, NY Joseph Sheehan
Comm. #387 Orchard Park, NY Rick Wilson
Comm. #392 Tamale, Ghana Bede K. Kuunyigr, Kennedy Konlan, Emmanuel Otchere-
Comm. #403 Koforidua, Ghana Joshua Odoi, Nick Afari Arthur, Paul Adika, George Enty
Sellasie, Naeroh Andy Reagan
Comm. #418 Akim-Oda, Ghana Leonard Kwaku Omane
Comm. #430 Nsukka, Enugu, Nigeria Charles A. Mjoku, Anthony Gtani, Ejike Ikem, Charles C.
Odoh, Emmanuel Diyoke
Comm. #438 Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria Paul Okafor, Fidelis Ekwe, Alphonsus Igwilo, Emmanuel Oha
Comm. #497 Achimota, Ghana Albert Antwi-Amoah, David Nkansah, John Asikina Benga,
Anthonoy Sunday Sactor, John Cofie Dey, John Ignatius
Mensah, Samuel Mensah, Reuben Cl ottey, Mi chael H.
Thompson, Collins Baudi, Albert Atsu Saah
Comm. #472 Garki, Abuja, Nigeria Charles Uhaegbu, Rolland Uwakwe
Comm. #511 Nnewi, Anambra, Nigeria Anthony Ezekwelu, Raymond Unachukwu
Comm. #512 Ihiala, Onitsha, Nigeria Cornelius Uj u Udeouj i, Samuel Nwakaeme, , Vernatius
Ipenatuora, Gabriel Onyeonagara
Comm. #528 Aguleri, Anambra, Nigeria Victor Nwagbo, George Eunsealor,m Simon Okeji, Basil
Okafor, Emmanuel Omwuegbu, Peter Okonkwo, Benedict
Okachukwu, Benedict Oki Okoye
Comm. #529 Afikpo, Ebonyi, Nigeria Stephen Agha Egwu, Joseph N. Udensi, John R. Eze Ogbu,
Denis Obisike
Comm. #545 Enugwu-Ukwum Anam. Nigeria Francis N. Anene
Comm. #546 Iuboukwu Aguata, Anambra Martin Onusulu
Comm. #547 Ozubulu, Anambra, Nigeria Emmanuel Epunam, Donatus Orazuliki
Comm. #548 Umunze, Anambra,Nigeria John Ogugua, Hyacinth Oniouka
Comm. #572 Okija, Anambra, Nigeria Dominic Obiejesi, Kenneth Iheabunike, Benjamin Anaka,
Charles Uzor
Comm. #577 Fegge-Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria Lawrence Chukwudebelu, Emmanuel Ejidike, Vitalis Okolie,
Ensebus Ezeoniwa, Kevin Chukwuka, Livinus Ejidike, Obiosa
Comm. #584 Enugu, Enugu, Nigeria Emmanuel Igiligi, Calistus Amake
Comm. #587 Nkpor, Anambra, Nigeria Boniface Ujah, Alphonsus Anikwe, Basil Okeke, Joachim
Ogenyi, Joseph O. Okeke, Sam J.T. Edognu, Emma J. Ibekwe,
Jude Nwadi, Ikechukwu Ilongwu, Emmanuel Udeh
Comm. #588 Agulli, Anambra, Nigeria Donatus Uche Orgu, Leonard Ofoekelu
Comm. #604 Madina, Ghana Nicholas Awaga, Kwame Kwarteng, Killian Yao Darko, George
Torgbor, Raymond Dzandu, Martin Basing
Comm. #608 Los Angeles, CA Jerry Okolo
Comm. #609 Sakumono. Ghana Rev. Martin Hattoh, Jean Muchimiyimana, Francis Afeke,
Prince Botwe, Wilson Mensah, Alphonse Doamekpor, James
Kanor Akuaku, Peter Kassenu
Comm. #614 Onisha, Anambra, Nigeria Ugochukwu Okafor, Benedict Okonkwo, Frederick Mmadu
Dec. 2010 thru Mar. 2011
March, 2011 6
Buffal o Grand Commandery Buffal o Grand Commandery Buffal o Grand Commandery Buffal o Grand Commandery Buffal o Grand Commandery
Grand Presidents Comments
Brig. Gen. Donald Kirsch
Greetings from Buffalo. It has
been a long cold winter here but we
are looking forward to Spring. With
the change in season, let us remem-
ber that Spring brings rebirth and
new life. It is a perfect time to reach
out to our friends and parishioners
to be part of something unique, the
fraternity of the Knights of St. John.
People are so busy these days that
we cannot expect men to come seek-
ing us out but we must seek them
out and i nvi te them to j oi n us.
There is something special about
being part of our organization that
can only be conveyed in person. So
talk to someone about the Knights!
I had the pleasure of attending
the annual Installation of Officers
and installing the civil officers.
Congratulations to the elected of-
ficers and thank you for your ser-
Buffalo Grand News and Dates:
The Buffalo Grand Commandery
is planning our 2011 meeting which
will include election of officers. If
you wish to serve at the Grand level,
please contact a grand officer.
Colonels Comments
Col. Tom DeLuca:
This has been a very strange win-
ter. The snow has been constant
since November and Spring cannot
get here too soon. The December
Regimental meeting was canceled
because of the bad weather, some-
thing that is not done lightly. But
we had to make a decision early in
the day so the necessary phone calls
could be made. To that end, I have
registered us with WGRZ TV for
their closing reports. In the future,
if we need to communicate to our
members, we can use Channel 2 to
get the word out.
Congratulations to all the newly
el ected and re-el ected ci vi l and
military officers who were installed
at our Installation on January 23.
Thanks to Bill Patterson and Com-
mandery 377 for hosting us once
again. Thanks to Dennis Potozniak,
my Adjutant, for setting it up and
bri ngi ng ref reshment s. Many
thanks to Grand President, Don
Kirsch for coming and installing the
officers. And thanks to my wife
Cindy, who helped get all the snacks
and set everything up at the instal-
Buffalo Regiment News & Dates:
The Buffalo Regiment has regis-
tered with WGRZ, TV Channel 2, for
their closing list. In case of bad
weather, members should tune to
Brig. Gen. Don Kirsch installing elected Presidents.
Comm. 387 presenting Fr. Biernat with the check from the
Supreme Commandery, which was approved at the Convention,
at a recent pot luck dinner. Pres. Tom Weinstein and Grand Pres.,
Brig. Gen. Don Kirsch presenting the check to Father with the
Commandery looking on.
(Continued on next page)
March, 2011 7
Members of Commandery 381, West Seneca, New York at their
Annual Parish Christmas Wish Tree at Seneca Manor Nursing
Home. Seated L- R: Cpt. Eugene Pol towi cz, Cpt Edward
Czuprynski, and 1
Lt. James J. Setlock. Back row L-R: Lt. Col.
Thomas Kelly, Cpt. Thomas Fischer, Cpt. Michael Kelly, S.K.
Phillip Steffan, S.K. Richard Stoddard Sr., and S.K. Edward
WGRZ for closing information for
the Regiment.
The Regimental Installation of
Officers was held on January 23,
2011. Despi te the bad weather,
there was a good turnout for the
event. Congratulations to all the
newly elected and re-elected civil
and military officers.
From Comm. 381, West Seneca,
New York
On December 6
, 2010 gifts do-
nat ed were di st ri but ed by t he
Knights of St. John to all 215 pa-
tients. All gifts were donated by
parishioners of Blessed John XXIII
parish. This event has shown many
people what charity and Knight-
hood is all about.
We have quite a few Knights and
spouses that are ill or recovering
from surgery. They have been faith-
ful members for many years and
now can use our support. If you
know of a member who is ill or
homebound, give them a call, see
what you can do to help them.
They woul d appreci ate your
prayers, so that they all experience
a speedy and full recovery. May our
Heavenly Father bestow on them
His healing power and give them,
every grace and blessing in this life
and everlasting joy in His presence.
Note: Let us know if a Knight
is ill or recovering from sur-
The following Brother Knight
has passed away si nce our l ast
JOURNAL article:
Lt. Richard Grinsell of Com-
mandery 204; January 28, 2011.
We also mourn the loss of Ladies
Auxi l i ary Past Presi dent, Mrs.
Marie Killian, who passed away on
February 13, 2011. Marie was a
great supporter of the Knights of St.
John and Ladies auxiliary and she
will be missed.
May their souls and the souls of
all departed Brother Knights and
Ladies, through Gods mercy and
compassion rest in peace.
Brothers when contacted, please
turn out for Wakes & Funerals.
Col. Thomas J. DeLuca, Buffalo
Grand Secretary
Please visit the Buffalo Grand
web site at:
ht t p: / / me mbe r s . l oc al ne t . c om/
Regimental Commander, Col. Tom DeLuca and Grand President,
Brig. Gen. Don Kirsch congratulating newly elected military
March, 2011 8
Dear Brother Knights, it is with
deep sorrow and grief that I inform
you of the death of one of our most
active and dedicated members, Col.
Joseph C. Beinlein, Jr. At approxi-
mately 10:00 p.m. on November 1,
2010 (All Saints Day) Joes son, our
Commandery Presi dent Joe
Beinlein III, called me to say that
his dad had went into cardiac ar-
rest and had died suddenly at age
59. It was very unexpected that our
Commandery would be without an-
other well known Brother Knight as
Joe Jr. had last wrote telling of the
death of our former Commandery
President Ed Williams in the March
2010 Knights Journal.
On Friday, November 5, 2010,
ten of our Brothers in either uni-
form or sash and cap stood guard
and participated in the Knights
Memorial Ritual. Saturday, Novem-
ber 6. 2010, nine Brothers served
as Honor Guard for Joe Jr. as he was
laid to rest at St. Michaels Cem-
etery after Mass at St. Elizabeth of
Hungary, which incidentally was the
church where one of Joes daughters
was married earlier this year.
Joe joined the Knights on June
1, 1966 and became active from the
very beginning. He held 14 differ-
ent positions of leadership in his
more than 44 years of membership.
He was Kentucky Grand Treasurer
1985 until his death in November
2010; Kentucky Grand Sergeant at
Arms 1981 - 1985; 1
District of
Kentucky Colonel 1983 until his
death in November 2010; 1
trict Jr. Major 1973 -1977; Com-
mandery 2
Vice President 2001 -
2006; Commandery Treasurer 1980
- 2000; Commandery Financial Sec-
retary 1983 and 2006 unti l hi s
death i n November 2010; Com-
mandery Trustee 1971 and 1972;
Uniform Rank President 1972 -
1976 and 1978 - 1980; Uniform
Rank Vice-President 1969 - 1972
and 1982 - 1984; Convention Club
President 1983 -1994; Convention
Club 2
Vice President 1981-1983;
Convention Club Secretary 1979 -
1981; and Noble Degree Trustee
1984 - 1987 and 1990 - 1992.
Joe received the 4
Degree in
1970 and the Noble Degree in 1977.
He had attended every Supreme
Convention since 1968, including
the 2010 Convention in Midland,
Mi chi gan wi th hi s brother Ji m
Bei nl ei n, Bri g. General George
Ritchie and Tony Tabler.
One of Joes passions about the
Knights was the history of our orga-
nization. Joe researched and com-
piled several detailed books on the
history of Commandery No. 103, as
well as, the Kentucky Grand and the
Kentucky Temple Noble and Ex-
alted Degree of the Holy Cross.
These books are where most of the
information for this article came
Joe was always ready and willing
to use his time and talents to help
promote membership and to reward
our Brothers for their attendance at
various functions. In July 1982 Joe
began a Service Pin Awards Presen-
tation to members with 25 years or
more of service in the organization.
He designed the layout of a new
District Banner in September 1985.
Recently he designed the layout of
the ad that our Commandery placed
in the church bulletin of our home
parish, St. Lawrence. Unfortunately
he did not get to see the ad in the
bulletin as it was placed starting
November 7, 2010, but I think he
would have been proud.
We could always count on Joe to
be present for any event that we
would be involved with, whether it
be a rel i gi ous f unct i on or a
fundraiser. He worked our bacon
and sausage booth at St. Josephs
Childrens Home for over 40 years
and other events for churches and
related organizations. Anytime the
doors of our commandery hall would
be open, Joe would be there to do
his part, whether it was the dances
and Christmas baskets from many
years ago to our annual Derby Eve
Fish Fry or Card Party that he also
spent his time buying prizes for or
for the bi-monthly meetings that
would be held.
Joe was many things with Com-
mandery No. 103 father, brother,
cousin and friend to many of us. He
was a very integral part of our com-
mandery and will be truly missed
for his leadership and his contribu-
tions to the Knights, as well as, his
friendship that meant so much to
us. Please pray for Joes family and
our Commandery as we grieve the
loss of our Brother and try to con-
ti nue the many responsi bi l i ti es
that he so willingly took on.
Brothers in Christ,
Col. Anthony W. (Tony) Tabler
Kentucky Grand Commandery Kentucky Grand Commandery Kentucky Grand Commandery Kentucky Grand Commandery Kentucky Grand Commandery
At the 2010 Supreme Convention. From the left to right: Jim
Beinlein, Joe Beinline Jr. and Tony Tabler
March, 2011 9
Ci nci nnati Grand Commandery Ci nci nnati Grand Commandery Ci nci nnati Grand Commandery Ci nci nnati Grand Commandery Ci nci nnati Grand Commandery
The Cincinnati Grand held its
annual board meeting the morning of
January 23, 2011. The meeting was
held at Community Lanes at Minster,
Ohio with all but two of the Grand
Board members present. Included as
part of the Cincinnati Grand Board
where Supreme President-General
Timothy Hoerst, Past Supreme Presi-
dent-General Daniel Vaske, Supreme
Trustee-Maj or General Dougl as
Francony, and the Assistant Editor
Kni ghts Journal -Col onel James
Schafhausen. Committees where set
up and final plans made for the Grand
Convention to be held the weekend
of March 26 and 27, 2011, hosted by
St. Rochus Commandery # 313 of
Maria Stein, Ohio. A Second and Third
Degree initiation will be held at Mass
on Sunday March 27, 2011.
Following the Board meeting the
annual Cincinnati Grand bowling
tournament was held. Six teams par-
ticipated in the tournament this year,
and a grand time was had by all.
Prizes where given and food was
served at the hall of Commandery #
313 afterward.
The team of Mike Kremer, Todd
Gagel, Ken Wolters, and Brian Gagel
representing Commandery # 313
went by the team name of Dont
Care, did care by rolling a score of
2346 and took first place tournament.
The team of Kevin Mescher, Vern
Kremer, Ted Heitkamp, and Kent
Schaner also of Commandery # 313
took second place with a score of 2315.
Third place was won by Rich Bruns,
Jack Hoying, Russ Seger, and Jim
Meyer of Commandery # 300 Ft.
Loramie, Ohio with a score of 2299.
Brian Gagel took the prize money for
high game, scratch, with a 268 score
and high series, scratch, with a 610
series. John Garman won high game
plus handicap with score of 241 and
also high series plus handicap with a
665 series.
From #313 Maria Stein, OH
This years joint Cincinnati - Ken-
tucky Grand is scheduled to be held
the weekend of March 26-27, 2011,
and will be held at Commandery
#313s meeting hall located at 8608
State Route 119 Maria Stein, OH.
We are planning on offering all
Knights of St. Johns members from
From #97 & 98 Columbus, OH
Several members from Command-
ery 98 are once again gearing up for
the 18th annual Appalachia Project.
This program consists of approxi-
mately 50 high school and college age
youth from Christ the King and St.
Catharine parishes and from several
high schools in the Columbus area.
During the last week of June, these
youth along with an experienced
adult staff of around 20, journey to
Scioto County to do home repairs for
the needy in Southern Ohio. Roofing,
siding, flooring, painting, bath and
kitchen repairs, and cutting firewood
for heating are only a few of the jobs
taken on each year. Last year ten fami-
lies benefitted from this program. All
supplies are either donated or pur-
chased using money from a stock sale
where parishioners invest in the
youth, fully knowing where and how
their donations are being used.
This year several members of Com-
mandery 98 were the guests of the
Ladies of Auxiliary #3 at the St.
Marys Gala. The evening of food,
drink, music, and a silent auction is
always very enjoyable. Last year over
$30,000.00 was raised to help sup-
port St. Marys Elementary School,
Columbus, Ohios oldest Catholic
School and the home parish of Com-
mandery #98 and the ladies of St.
Elizabeth Auxiliary #3.
Jim Schafhausen
Commandery #98
the Cincinnati Grand the 2
& 3
degree during the 9:00 Mass on Sun-
day, March 27
. In order to ensure
sufficient seating for these members,
we would like to get a head count of
those wishing to receive it.
Other activities include:
Feb 20 Knights Breakfast Buf-
fet. Al l -you-can-eat breakfast
fundraiser held on a monthly basis.
Food preparation is done by Knights
member volunteers.
Feb 26 Chicken Fry dinners -
Monthl y fundrai ser hel d on a
monthly basis except for June and
December. This work is also done on
a volunteer basis and is organized by
one of our uniform rank members.
March 6 Marion Local Young
Farmers Organization annual break-
fast at the Knights hall. Command-
ery #313 supports the local farming
organization by providing a facility
to host their annual appreciation
Commadery #313 has i mpl e-
mented a new cash prize drawing for
2011 to increase meeting attendance.
A $25 prize will be awarded to a
member selected in a drawing, but
they must be present during the
meeting. The pot will continue to
increase by $25 each meeting until
won by a member who is present at
the monthly meeting.
Gary Bertke
Commandery #313
At the Cincinnati Grand bowling tournament.
March, 2011 10
Indi ana Grand Commandery Indi ana Grand Commandery Indi ana Grand Commandery Indi ana Grand Commandery Indi ana Grand Commandery
In August of this year St. Wendell
Knights of St. John Commandery
282 held our annual golf scramble
for Marian Education Outreach.
Thanks to our great hole sponsors
and the many golfers, 144 total, we
were able to raise $6,000.00. At
our November meeting we gave
Beverly Williamson, of M.E.O., a
check for $6,000.00.
Larry Neumann and Gi l bert
Adler, two of the many members who
worked l ong hours putti ng the
scramble together, presented the
check. The Knights of St. John thank
all the workers, hole sponsors and
the many golfers for making this
another successful year.
Since 1965, when Commandery
282 started to back M.E.O., we have
raised over $116, 000. 00 to help
this non profit organization help to
educated young people with learn-
i ng di sabi l i ti es i n our cathol i c
schools from grade thru high school.
From the 5
District of Indiana
At the Tri-County Council for
Special Children Christmas Party
on December 2
, Brother Knights
f rom Batesvi l l e, Hamburg and
Ol denburg Commanderi es pre-
sented a $3, 000. 00 check to the
Special Childrens Program. The
Beverly Williamson receiving the $6,000.00 check from Larry
Neumann and Gilbert Adler.
Presentation of the $3,000.00 check to the Special Childrens
Program. From the left are: Ron Obermeyer, Jim Hortemiller,
Karen Addison, Director of Tri- County Council and Jerry
Obermeyer and a special guest.
donation was from the proceeds of
the 26
Annual Jerry Becker Me-
morial Golf tournament.
From the 6
District of Indiana
Here are a few things that has
been going on. The Indiana Grand
Convent i on wi l l be hel d i n
Haubstadt, IN on March 18, 19, and
20, 2011. Haubst adt i s maki ng
there home made pork sausage with
the profits going to Marion Educa-
tion Outreach.
St. Joe Commandery 355 had a
good fund raiser at the west side
fall festival with some of the prof-
its going also to M.E.O. They also
held several fund raiser to help in-
stal l a new front door i n there
Secret Heart 335, last fall, made
over 240 gallonc of chili with some
of the profits going to a number of
St. Wendell Commandery 282
had several fun raisers with most of
the profits going to Marion Educa-
tion Outreach; $6,000.00 was raised
at the annual golf scramble. They
al so donat ed $1, 500. 00 t o t he
Ronald McDonald House. The new
officers at Commandery 282 for the
years 2011 thru 2013 are: Presi-
dent, Kelly Crowder; 1
Vice, Andy
Rudolph; 2
Vice, Jerry Knapp; Re-
cording Secretary, Larry Neumann;
Treasurer, Clayton Kraemer; Finan-
cial Secretary, Scott Beckerle; Trust-
ees, Mark Elpers, Joe Hisch, and
Jim Koester. Jon Raben and Chap-
lain Father Ed Schnur. The 1
ment of the 6
district also gave
M.E.O. $200.00
Larry Neumann
Recording Secretary 282
March, 2011 11
Bal ti more- Washi ngton Grand Commandery Bal ti more- Washi ngton Grand Commandery Bal ti more- Washi ngton Grand Commandery Bal ti more- Washi ngton Grand Commandery Bal ti more- Washi ngton Grand Commandery
Mani festi ng the Ki ngdom
Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl, Arch-
bishop of Washington, celebrated
his 25th anniversary of his ordina-
tion as bishop by offering Mass at
the Basilica of the National Shrine
of the Immaculate Conception and
honoring 201 parishioners from par-
ishes and Catholic organizations
throughout the Archdiocese of Wash-
ington for their dedicated service
to their local church. The recipients
were nominated by their pastors,
religious communities or other or-
ganizations. Cardinal Wuerl pre-
sented each wi th an i ndi vi dual
award, an engraved glass plaque.
Mary and Jerome Brigham, Sr.,
members of the Church of the In-
carnation, were among the several
married couples honored by Cardi-
nal Wuerl for their distinguished
service to the Church, They are ac-
tive in a variety of ministries at
Incarnation including Religious
Education. Eucharistic ministers.
Sodal i ty of Our Lady, the Hol y
Name Society, Knights of St. John
Commandery 296, and other parish
service groups.
Service Awards
Recently, Brig. General Robert F.
Brown, Sr., Grand President recog-
nized several members of the Na-
tional Capitol Temple of the Noble
and Exulted Degree of the Holy
Cross with meritorious service and
appreciation awards.
Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington and S/K and
Mrs. Jerome Brigham, Sr.
Brig. General Thomas N. Dotson
was recognized for meritorious ser-
vice for planning, coordinating and
conferring the Noble Degree. Re-
ceiving certificates of appreciation
for their dedication and devotion to
the Baltimore-Washington Grand by
supporting the Noble Degree can-
didates as sponsors were: Col.
James E. Chittams and Sgt. Joseph
M. Bates, Ascension Commandery
283; Maj. Russell M. Hall and S/K
Anthony E. Jackson, Incarnation
Commandery 296; Lt . John L.
Brown, Sacred Heart Commandery
309; Maj. James O. Johnson, St.
Mary Commandery 370; Maj. James
H. Butler, St. Dominic Command-
ery 373; and S/K Fredrick Holton,
Immaculate Conception Command-
ery 386. Thanks for your continu-
ing support!
Please remember that when we
gather to meet or to socialize keep
in mind those Brothers and Sisters
who are ill or confined to their resi-
dence or to a private nursing home.
They will appreciate your telephone
calls, personal visits or cards to
show that they are not forgotten.
But most of all keep them in your
Ron Taylor
Grand Secretary
Col. Ron Taylor (center) presets appreciation awards to S/K
Anthony E. Jackson and Maj. Russell M. Hall of Incarnation
Commanery 296.
March, 2011 12
Accra Grand Commandery Accra Grand Commandery Accra Grand Commandery Accra Grand Commandery Accra Grand Commandery
NEW Officers of the Holy Spirit
Commandery #431, Adabraka,
Knights of St. John International,
have been inducted into office for a
two-year term, ending December
2012, wi t h Capt ai n Paul F. K.
Al orchi e- Apetor as the Worthy
Captain Alorchie-Apetor thus
becomes the 11
person to assume
the position of presidency since the
establishment of the Commandery
in 1983, taking over from Major Jo-
seph Eddie Lamptey, who conducted
the induction ceremony in his ca-
paci ty as the Second vi ce Com-
mander of the Third District Com-
The other officers are Lieuten-
ant Innocent Samuel Appiah-First
vi ce Presi dent ; Si r Kni ght
Bartholomew Nyarko-Mensah-Sec-
ond Vi ce Presi dent ; Capt ai n
Emmanuel Charles Lamptey-Re-
cording/Corresponding Secretary &
Commander; Sir Knight John Nana
Osei Yeboah-Assistant Recording/
Correspondi ng Secret ary; Si r
Knight Emmanuel Kofi Tengey- Fi-
nanci al Secretary and Brother
Knight George Anyave- Treasurer.
Others are Sir Knight Dr. E. V. C.
DeGraft-Johnson, Major Peter Siaw
Nyarko, Sir Knight Michael Morant
Ezan, Li eutenant Dr. Godf ri ed
Kwesi Annoh and Captain Simon
Ketor-Tay as Trustees.
The rest are Lieutenant John
Adams Jnr.-First vice Commander;
Lieutenant Emmanuel Duho-
Second vice Commander and Mes-
senger; Sir Knight Anthony Dadzie-
Sgt-At-Arms; Sir Knight Mark Sosu
and Sir Knight Aloysius Courage
Sallah Jnr-Cadets Organizer.
In his maiden speech, the Wor-
thy President thanked the mem-
bers for the confidence reposed on
the new leadership and promised
that uphold that and ensure that
the Commandery continues to grow
in membership and spiritually.
I want to congratulate all those
who have been elected for the first
time on to the Board of Trustees
(BOT). The newcomers will quickly
find their feet so that together, we
will work for the common good of
the Order. I have entire confidence
in the goodwill of my BOT mem-
bers in accepting the high and hon-
orable office to which we have been
elected. I will only ask brothers to
exercise a little of self-restraint in
pointing out our faults and weak-
nesses to us but do not hesitate to
do that when the need arises, he
Captain Alorchie-Apetor on be-
half of the BOT members promised
to discharge the duties entrusted to
them for the two-year term, saying
that he and his team would count
on the support of members, espe-
cially past Presidents in order to
accomplish the task that has been
entrusted to them.
Brothers, permit me further to
say that I shall exercise the powers
with which you have vested in me
with firmness and moderation so
that at the end of it all, we can give
thanks to the Almighty God for a
good work done, he maintained.
He added: Our first and major
task to embark on is periodic visi-
tation to our aged and sick brothers
as well as wives of our deceased
brothers. We shall also intensify
membership drive for both broth-
ers and the cadets.
According to him, they would
continue to improve the spiritual-
ity of brothers by continuing the in-
depth spi ri tual refl ecti ons they
have been sharing during meetings
to have spiritual nourishment for
their lives.
Lt. Innocent Samuel Appiah
March, 2011 13
New York Grand Commandery New York Grand Commandery New York Grand Commandery New York Grand Commandery New York Grand Commandery
The 2011 New York Grand con-
vention will be held at the Marriott
Rochester Airport Hotel in Roches-
ter, NY on April 29, 30, and May 1,
2011. Informational letters have
been sent out, the information is
also available on the Grands Web
site at frontiernet.net/~nygrand.
Congratulations to all our newly
elected officers who were installed
at our annual installation dinner
held January 23rd at the Dutch Mill
Party House. Thank you Chester
Ventura and family for a great din-
ner. The Installing Officers were
Maj. Al Keidel and Maj. John Lloyd.
In October Bi shop Cl ark an-
nounced that, Our Lady of Perpetual
Help Church (the home of Com-
mandery 40) would be closing. On
January 2
we served as escorts for
the last time and on January 9
l ast Mass was cel ebrated. Thi s
brings to an end a long affiliation
for Commandery 40 with the church
as we were there for the laying of
the cornerstone for the 1
in 1904 and the dedication in 1905.
The Commandery was also present
for the laying of the cornerstone for
the current Church in 1925 and
dedication in 1926. We are now part
of the newly formed parish of St.
Frances Xavier Cabrini which is the
result of the merging of five par-
ishes into three.
Former Monroe County Sheriff
Andy Meloni and member of Com-
mandery 308 was honored with the
W. Burton Ri chardson Li feti me
Achievement Award during the sixth
annual Human Services Worker of
the Year awards luncheon. Several
local human services workers also
were recognized in other categories
at the event.
According to organizers, Meloni
has been active for many years with
such organizations as Camp Good
Days & Special Times, Compeer, SIS
( Sust ai n Inspi re Survi ve) , t he
American Heart Association, Ital-
ian Heritage Foundation, Sisters of
St. Joseph, Stroke Support Group
Knights of St. John Commandery 40 in front of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church 1906.
at Rochester Rehabilitation Center
and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
He also helped establish the Mon-
roe County Sheriffs Foundation.
The following Knights and La-
dies are ill or recovering from sur-
gery, Most Rev. James Moyniham,
Frank and Elizabeth Meleca, Tony
Perrotta, Carmen Cinanni, Charles
Perri , John Di Masci o, George
Schum, James Dui gnan, Edwi n
Morri s Jr. , Al Kei del , Kenneth
Scholl and Bill Higgins.
Please keep these and all our
Brother Knights and Ladies who are
ill or recovering from surgery, and
all those ailing at home, in hospi-
tals and in nursing homes in your
Publicity Chairman
Capt. George Hoffman Jr.
March, 2011 14
MAY 13 to 15, 2011
(Please note the change of dates due to Easter)
1724 Genesee St-Utica, New York 13502
Friday, May 13- Supreme Officers Match- 8 PM
Saturday, May 14- Doubles/Singles- 10 AM and 2 PM
Sunday, May 15- 4 Man Team Event- 10 AM and 1 PM
Entries Close- Friday April 29, 2011
All Entries MUST BE POSTMARKED by Saturday April 30, 2011
Headquarters Hotel
Ramada / New Hartford
141 New Hartford St, New Hartford, New York 13413
Phone Reservations- 315-735-3392
Room Reservations $89.00 per night plus tax
Please Mention Group Name- Knights of St John while making reservations.
Reservations Close on Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Mass at the Hotel Saturday- 8 PM
Note: Captains from the last three tournaments have received applications,
if interested; please contact the chairman at 315-723-7585 or email
commandery41sports@yahoo.com for an application.
Make your plans NOW!
March, 2011 15
Again this year the Supreme Command-
ery is encouraging all of our local command-
eries to participate in our annual Month of
March promotion for the St. Vincent de Paul
Society. The fact that the St. Vincent de Paul
Society is the Official Charity of the Or-
der may be old news, but the faces of the men,
women and children it helps are always
changing and new. This is true now more
then ever given some of the economic hard-
ships many people are experiencing and some
of those may even be our own brother
knights. As in the past we ask that your com-
mandery set aside the month of March and if
needed the first part of April, to do that
little extra or have a special promotion
over and above that which you do through-
out the year. This is also an excellent oppor-
tunity to show the St. Vincent de Paul Soci-
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Month of March Promotion
ety our continued support for them and that
their confidence in our organization was not
misplaced. We need only two simple things
to make all this work. First, take and active
roll in the Month of March promotion and
do that little something extra and second
please i ncl ude your acti vi ti es on your
mont hl y report . I f t here i s no l ocal
St.Vincent de Paul Society Chapters in your
area remember, that you can still take part
in this worthy effort and send your contri-
butions to your Diocese or the National or-
ganization through the Supreme Secretarys
office of the Knights of St John International.
Thank you in advance for your efforts.
Supreme Trustee
Major General Douglas Francony
As the deadline for this issue
neared, I received this email:
Col. Schafhausen,
Since obtaining the position
in my Commandery for the
Knights of St. John, Ive been
reluctant to submit any report
or information for printing in
t he Kni ght s Supreme
Journal. In the beginning, I
reasoned that I didnt know
who, when, or where to submit
information for the Journal.
After receiving details regard-
ing this information, Ive been
further reasoning that I had
nothing of interest of our Com-
mandery that would justify a
Only after a discussion with
a senior member within our
group did I understand that
information such as new mem-
bership, social activities, and
notes of a members death is
valuable at the Grand and Su-
preme levels.
Therefore, I shall make a
conscious effort to submit, on
a regular basis, a report based
on i nf ormat i on f rom t he
monthly newsletter I prepare
for our Commandery.
I also was able to speak with this
gentleman and assured him that
any and all information he had
about the activities of his com-
mandery was useful, printable, and
needed at the Grand and Supreme
l evel s. Most i mport ant l y, i t i s
needed on the local level so all can
benefit from our labors. Knowing
and understanding what is going on
and is successful in other command-
eries may inspire and motivate oth-
ers to try the same and thus our or-
ganization grows.
Gentlemen, remember to send all
monthly reports to our Supreme
Secretary, and then PLEASE send
me the articles and photos of all
your commanderys activities. Dead-
line dates, my mailing address and
email address can be found on page
three (3) of this issue.
Thank you for helping me make
our Journal a most successful news-
Finally, I wish each and every
member a most blessed and holy
Lenten and Easter season.
Col. Jim Schafhausen
Supreme UnderSecretary/Journal
from the desk of the Assistant Editor
March, 2011 16
In Memoriam
59 Reading, OH Fred Corsmeir
59 Cincinnati, OH Paul Wilkins
98 Columbus, OH Rev. Joseph Stanton
100 Schenectady, NY Chester Griffith
100 Schenectady, NY Gus Scalise
204 Cheektowaga, NY Richard Grinsell
218 Washington, DC Alvardo Campbell
236 Georgetown, IN Elmer Geswein
243 Batesville, IN Victor Kaiser
300 Ft. Laramie, OH John Pleiman
315 Accra, Ghana Thomas N. Norten
330 Cleveland, OH Gary Longro
352 Keta, Ghana I.K. Awunyo
352 Keta, Ghana Alphose Dogboatse
385 Utica, NY Amadeo Circelli
391 Blasdell, NY Gary Meegan
400 Nkawkaw, Ghana Stephen Otoo Armah
400 Nkawkaw, Ghana Christopher Alfred Obu
403 Koforidua, Ghana Charles Addison Danquah
411 Wa, Ghana Tobias Sory
423 Ikot-Ekpene, Akwa, Nigeria Mazachy Ibanga
427 Jirapa, Ghana Cyprian Bowuo
434 Awka, Anambra, Nigeria Joseph Ibezim
438 Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria Martin Nnorom
438 Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria Gregory Amobi
445 Aba, Abia, Nigeria P.B.C. Nwankwo
452 Jos, Plateau, Nigeria Peter Nnoli
461 Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria Daniel David Orem
472 Garki, Abuja, Nigeria Damian Obiakor
481 Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria Joseph Edet
482 Abeka, Ghana John K. Amuquanor
495 Mataheko, Ghana J.K.S. Mensah
500 Dansoman, Ghana Sampson K. Armah
511 Nnewi, Anambra, Nigeria Augustine Edokwe
528 Aguleri, Anambra, Nigeria Anthony Agbata
537 Essene-Ikot-Abase, Akwa, Nigeria Fidelis N. Udo Enang
545 Enugwu-Ukwu, Anambra, Nigeria Benjamin Okala
546 Igboukwu, Anambra, Nigeria Timothy Emeli Onuegbu
546 Igboukwu, Anambra, Nigeria Patrick Okey Umeh
561 Nguru, Imo, Nigeria Linus O. Iheagwura
562 Ezinihitte, Imo, Nigeria James Otulako
571 Lafia, Nasarawa, Nigeria Anthony Oao
576 Awada, Onitsha, Nigeria Edmond Nwachukwu
579 Ugep, Cross River, Nigeria Francis Nkanu Omini
587 Nkpor, Anambra, Nigeria Julius Udoh
587 Nkpor, Anambra, Nigeria Charles Okeke
589 Uga, Anambra, Nigeria Fidelis Mmagu
590 Katsina-Ala, Benue, Nigeria Moses Akighir
592 Korinya, Benue, Nigeria G.N. Ade
593 High Level Makurai, Benue, Nigeria Joseph Norgea
602 Boki, Cross River, Nigeria Peter N. Bogbo
602 Boki, Cross River, Nigeria Benedict Kekong
602 Kakwagom, Cross River, Nigeria Edward E. Agbor
603 Ikom, Cross River, Nigeria Matthias Atta Asu
608 Bellflower, CA Sebastian Duru
613 Abagana, Anambra, Nigeria Frederick Aghamblu
628 Bole, Ghana Joseph Nantege
650 Otukpa, Benue, Nigeria Johnson Okwor
Deccember 2010 to March 2011
(Supreme Secretary from page 4)
look forward to a Sunday in Lent
called Laetare, it meant that Lent
was two-thirds complete and soon Id
be able to eat candy and ice cream,
and go to a movie again. It meant
that daylight savings time was near
and thered be enough evening light
to begin regular baseball practice
again. And, Summer vacation wasnt
far behind. Yes, that was a day of ra-
diant joy. Little did I realize how ac-
curate my childlike understanding
was. Lent is a time for doing spiri-
tual practices that open you to the
light of Christ and make your whole
life better.
So rejoice in how well .... or not so
well ... your Lent has gone. Joyfully
remind yourself of where God has
helped make your resolutions suc-
cessful. And face your Failures with
a smile of humble humor, fully ex-
pecting Gods light to bless those fi-
nal few weeks of Lent.
Lt. Gen. Tom Zdanowicz
Supreme Secretary
Using the words of Vatican II: All the
faithful, whatever their condition or
state though each in his own way
are called by the Lord to that perfec-
tion of sanctity by which the Father
himself is perfect (Lumen Gentium
11). Holiness exists, then, whenever
a person performs the ordinary affairs
of his or her life and state, though in
an extraordinary way that is, ful-
filling his or her duties well, compe-
tently, and completely, and allowing
him/herself to be led by the interior
action of the Holy Spirit, life-giver
and giver of Gods life. A nurse is holy
by being a good nurse out of love for
God and neighbor. A businessperson
is holy by living his or her profession
responsibly in benefit of his or her
workers and the business, fulfilling
the commandment of justice and love.
A teacher or professor is holy fulfill-
ing with great professionalism his or
her work of teaching to form authen-
tic Christians and just citizens.
How are you growing in holiness
in all aspects of your daily living?
Father Michael J. Lumpe
Pastor: St. Catharine Parish
Columbus, Ohio
(A Spiritual Message from page 4)