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What is multimedia?

What is multimedia? The word multimedia is composed of two parts: the prefix multi and
media . Multi = Plural, more than 1, many Media = Medium of communication
What is multimedia?:
What is multimedia?
What is multimedia?:
What is multimedia? Definition: Multimedia is the presentation of a computer application
incorporatin media elements such as text , raphics , animations , audio , and !ideo .
Multimedia is any com"ination of diitally manipulated text, raphics, sound,animation and
!ideo. M#$T%M&D%' T&(T '#D%) *+'P,%- .%D&) '/%M'T%)/
Classification of media types:
-lassification of media types -aptured from real world 0ynthesi1ed "y computer Discrete or
space2"ased -ontinuous or time2"ased 0ound Photo .ideo 'nimation *raphics )riin
Time30pace nature Text
Captured Versus Synthesized Media:
-aptured .ersus 0ynthesi1ed Media -aptured media refers to information types captured from
the real world 4e.. 0till pictures, mo!in pictures, and sound5. 0ynthesi1ed media refers to
information types synthesi1ed "y the computers 4e.. Text, raphics and computer animation5.
Discrete Versus Continuous Media:
Discrete .ersus -ontinuous Media Discrete media refers to media in!ol!in space dimension
only 4e.. 0till imaes, text and raphics5. Discrete media is also referred to as static media or
non2time2"ased media or non2temporal media or space2"ased media. -ontinuous 4time "ased5
media refers to time2"ased media 4e.. 0ound, mo!in imaes, and animation5. -ontinuous
media is also referred to as dynamic media or time2"ased media or temporal media.
Multi-sensory system:
Multi2sensory system 'ccordin to Dr. 'l"ert Mehra"ian , a specialist in interpersonal
communication at the #ni!ersity of -alifornia, says: Multimedia allows for seein, hearin and
doin 4multi2sensory system5 People recall 678 of what they see 978 of what they see : hear
;78 of what they see, hear : do
Multimedia- Definitions:
Multimedia2 Definitions Multimedia elements are composed into a pro<ect usin authorin tools .
Multimedia 'uthorin tools are those prorams that pro!ide the capa"ility for creatin a
complete multimedia presentations "y lin=in toether o"<ects such as a pararaph of text 4son5,
an illustration, an audio, with appropriate interacti!e user control. Multimedia % 2677>
Mohammed Dwi=at 11
Multimedia- Definitions:
Multimedia2 Definitions ?y definin the o"<ects@ relationships to each other, and "y seAuencin
them in an appropriate order, authors 4those who use authorin tools5 can produce attracti!e and
useful raphical applications. To name a few authorin tools Macromedia Blash Macromedia
Director 'uthorware The hardware and the software that o!ern the limits of what can happen
are multimedia platform or en!ironment 16
Types of Multimedia:
Types of Multimedia $inear multimedia /on2$inear multimedia: %nteracti!e multimedia
,yperacti!e multimedia4,ypermedia5 1C
Types of Multimedia:
Types of Multimedia Multimedia is linear , when it is not interacti!e and the users <ust sit and
watch as if it is a mo!ie. Multimedia is nonlinear , when the users are i!en the na!iational
control and can "rowse the contents at will. Multimedia is interacti!e when the end2user is
allowed to control what and when the elements are deli!ered. %nteracti!e Multimedia is
,ypermedia , when the end2user is pro!ided with the structure of lin=ed elements throuh which
he3she can na!iate. 19
Linear VS Non-Linear:
$inear .0 /on2$inear ' Multimedia Pro<ect is identified as $inear when: %t is not interacti!e
#ser ha!e no control o!er the content that is "ein showed to them. &xample: ' mo!ie ' non2
interacti!e lecture 3 demo show $%/&'+
Linear VS Non-Linear:
$inear .0 /on2$inear ' Multimedia Pro<ect is identified as /on2$inear when: %t is interacti!e
#sers ha!e control o!er the content that is "ein showed to them. #sers are i!en na!iational
control &xample: *ames -ourseware %nteracti!e -D /)/2$%/&'+
Multimedia is Multidisciplinary:
Multimedia is Multidisciplinary
Multimedia System:
Multimedia 0ystem Bollowin the dictionary definitions, Multimedia system is any system that
supports more than a sinle =ind of media %mplies any system processin text and imae will "e
a multimedia systemDDD /ote, the definition is Auantitati!e. ' Aualitati!e definition would "e
more appropriate. The =ind of media supported should "e considered, rather the num"er of media
Multimedia System:
Multimedia 0ystem ' multimedia system is characteri1ed "y computer2controlled, interated
production, manipulation, storae and communication of independent information, which is
encoded at least throuh a continuous 4time2dependent5 and a discrete 4time2independent5
medium. 1>
ntroduction to Multimedia -CD-!"M and the Multimedia #i$h%ay:
%ntroduction to Multimedia 2-D2+)M and the Multimedia ,ihway The primary media for
deli!erin multimedia pro<ects are: -ompact disc read2only 4-D2+)M5.: +ed $aser E97M?
Diital .ersatile Disc 4D.D5: ?lue $aser
Compact Disc !ead-"nly &CD-!"M':
-ompact Disc +ead2)nly 4-D2+)M5 -D2+)M is the most cost2effecti!e distri"ution medium
for multimedia pro<ects. %t can contain up to F7 minutes of full2screen !ideo or sound. -D
"urners are used for readin discs and con!ertin the discs to audio, !ideo, and data formats.
Di$ital Versatile Disc &DVD' :
Diital .ersatile Disc 4D.D5 Multilayered D.D technoloy increases the capacity of current
optical technoloy to 1F *?. D.D authorin and interation software is used to create
interacti!e front2end menus for films and ames. D.D "urners are used for readin discs and
con!ertin the disc to audio, !ideo, and data formats.
ntroduction to Multimedia -The Multimedia #i$h%ay :
%ntroduction to Multimedia 2The Multimedia ,ihway Telecommunication networ=s are lo"al
and information elements will lin= up online as distri"uted resources on a data hihway. -opper
wire, lass fi"er, and radio3cellular technoloies also ser!e a means for deli!erin multimedia
files across a networ=. &xamples: Bull2text content from "oo=s and maa1inesG 0treet maps of
any cityG feature mo!ies are displayed at homeG real2time news reported from anywhere on earthG
lectures from participatin uni!ersities.
Characteristics of Multimedia System:
-haracteristics of Multimedia 0ystem They must "e computer2controlled. #ser is a"le to !iew,
hear, and see usin a Multimedia P- 0ystem. They are interated. 't least one discrete and one
continuous media com"ined for information presentation and sharin.
The information they handle must "e represented diitally. -onsists of !arious form of media i.e.
text, raphics, audio, !ideo, and animationsG created, stored, processed, and transmitted
D%*%T'$$H. The interface to the final user may permit interacti!ity. #ser is a"le to na!iate,
interact, create, and communicate.
(enefits of usin$ multimedia in soft%are:
?enefits of usin multimedia in software &ase of use #ser friendly, increase userIs effecti!eness
%ntuiti!e %nterface 'llows user to determine functions of an application "y their own intuition
%mmersi!e &xperience 2 0oftware application ta=es o!er the entire computer screen, allows user
to focus on application
(enefits of usin$ multimedia in soft%are:
?enefits of usin multimedia in software 0elf2paced interaction : "etter retention 2 allows
information processin at oneIs own pace ?etter understandin 2 simultaneous presentation of
different media pro!ides richer : "roader rane of information. -ost effecti!eness 2 less
trainin, less technical support
)ro*lems %ith Multimedia :
%n!estment costs 2 multimedia in!ol!es hih !olume of content 2 expensi!e copyriht and royalty
Technical "arriers 4accessi"ility issues5 2 uprade %T : P- infrastructure 0ociopsycholoical
"arriers 2 *eneration ap 2 $earnin rates 2 $earnin in roup3indi!idual 2 %mportance of teacher
$eal pro"lems 2 -opyriht Pro"lems with Multimedia
Where to use multimedia ?:
Where to use multimedia ? ?usiness *o!ernment &ducation ?roadcastin : &ntertainment
+esearch : De!elopment ,ealth
?usiness %nteracti!e Multimedia Merchandisin )nline2shoppin Jios=s .irtual shoppin 3
home shoppin http:33www.the!irtualmall.co.u=3 Des=top .ideoconferencin Due to the hih
cost of transportation and the lare amount of employee time spent tra!elin to meetins,
!ideoconferencin is on the rise.
Multimedia Tra!el 0ystems: These systems ena"le the tra!el aents to show their customers
a"out where they will tra!el, what will "e their accommodation li=e, and what they will "e a"le
to do at their destinations. www.!isitmalaysia.com.my +eal &state Multimedia systems ena"le
"uyers to !isit hundreds of properties !irtually, !iew on screen photos of homes, inspect floor
plans, see street maps, and study neih"orhood demoraphics. www.penantimessAuare.com
-orporate Trainin: Many corporations ha!e used multimedia to reduce trainin cost and
impro!e employee producti!ity. 'd!ertisin and &lectronics ?rochures The electronic "rochure
is an ad!ertisin and mar=etin tool that usually consists of sinle dis=ette or -D2+)M sent to
tareted audiences. -orporations are also "einnin to offer shareholders annual reports on -D2
+)M. www.porsche.com
*o!ernment Pu"lic 0er!ice Jios=s Multimedia =ios=s con!ey pu"lic ser!ice information such as
<o"s and employment opportunities. -ity2info =ios=s offer to citi1ens and tra!elers the a"ility to
find information on addresses, points of interest, shops, restaurants, pu"lic transportation, hours
of openin, uided tours, city transport info.
Politics :Multimedia in eneral and internet in particular are playin a "i role in politics and
!irtual campainin where e!ery political candidate contestin in an election has a we" site.
-onsumer %nformation Multimedia "ased -D2+)Ms are a!aila"le which contains o!ernment
information on a wide !ariety of topics: o!ernment forms, list of o!ernment offices in each
state, tax preparation etc.
&ducation -omputer 'ided $earnin To assist student throuh simulation for "etter
understandin such as !olcano eruption, corrosion, lanuae pronunciation, etc. www.Aui12
tree.com .irtual -ampus $earnin ta=es place in a !irtual classroom usin !ideo conferencin
and online lecture so that students all around the world can attend.
(roadcastin$ and -ntertainment:
?roadcastin and &ntertainment &lectronic cataloue Product features and descriptions are
ad!ertised throuh we", -D and mo"ile de!ices. %nteracti!e Mo!ie .iewers can decide the
direction of the plot of the mo!ie and camera anle. )n2demand /ews or mo!ies /ews, mo!ies
and T. series can "e watched on demand throuh we" and mo"ile de!ices.
CD or animated mo!ies: Mo!ies created throuh ad!ance CD technoloy and animation
techniAues. .ideo *ames 'd!ances in the field of multimedia ha!e led to more attracti!e !ideo
and computer ames "ein a!aila"le now in the consumer mar=et.
.irtual +eality: .irtual +eality refers to the use of a computer to immerse the user into a
simulated experience that it seems real. .irtual reality systems often use special hardware to
enhance the experience, includin !isual displays. Kcontinued -y"er 0ports -y"er 0ports is the
use of !irtual reality to pro!ide computer users with a realistic sports experience. Two new
interacti!e !irtual reality de!ices let you L0winM and L,itM "alls at your P-.
Medicine .irtual 0urery .irtual surery authorin system has "een created for producin
surical trainin simulation. 0ureons can use C2D imaes created from manetic resonance
imain 4M+%5 scans of the human "ody to practice complicated procedures such as "rain tumor
remo!al and reconstructi!e surery.
.ideo -onferencin and %mae +etrie!al :The use of imain techniAues 4(2+ays, -T, M+%
etc5 is rowin in health care. The collection, maintenance, processin and distri"ution of these
records can "e sinificantly impro!ed "y usin computer "ased storae and multimedia
networ=in. )nce these records are interated with the on2line patient information and easily
shared "y "oth local and remote physicians, it results in a lare num"er of "enefits li=e reduced
cost and impro!ed care
Why use multimedia ?
&ase of use
%ntuiti!e %nterface
%mmersi!e experience
0elf2paced interaction and "etter retention
?etter understandin
-ost effecti!eness
More fun = reater efficiency
Classification of Multimedia
1. Linear Multimedia
N Users have little control over the presentation, just sit back and watches
the presentation
N The presentation normally plays from the start to end or even loops
continually to present the information.
N A movie is a common type of linear multimedia
2. Interactive Multimedia
N Users dictate the flow of delivery, to control the what and when.
N Users have the ability to move around or follow different path through the
information presentation.
N Advantage: complex domain of information can be presented.
N isadvantage: users might lost in the massive !information highway".
N Useful for: information archive (encyclopedia), education, training and
Multimedia System haracteristics
#. $ultimedia systems must be computer controlled.
%. All multimedia components are integrated.
&. The interface to the final user may permit interactivity .
'. Information must be represented digitally.
!hy represent information in "igital #om
o igital representation permits the storage of different information types on
the same devices.
o (nformation may also be transmitted over a single digital network.
o )hen digiti*ed, all form of information may be treated by computer
programs, for editing, +uality improvement, or recognition of the meaning
of the information