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3rd of May 2013

hang nga Pub

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Cvl hang nga ls exclLed Lo begln a long Lerm parLnershlp wlLh Lhe Camlllan Soclal CenLer for
chlldren llvlng wlLh dlsablllLles. 8ased ln 1akuapa ln Lhe hang nga area, Lhe Camlllan CenLer
ls a unlque place, whlch provldes a safe and sLlmulaLlng envlronmenL for youLhs llvlng wlLh
physlcal and menLal dlsablllLles. 1he cenLer provldes physloLherapy and asslsLanLs for Lhe
chlldren as well as a place for Lhem Lo learn essenLlal llfe skllls. Cvl volunLeers have been
asslsLlng wlLh rehablllLaLlve exerclses and acLlvlLles Lo sLlmulaLe Lhe chlldren and supporL
Lhelr developmenL.
volunLeers, under Lhe guldance of boLh Cvl
and Camlllan CenLer sLaff, have been
asslsLlng wlLh physloLherapy and
rehablllLaLlve exerclses, and leadlng
creaLlve arLs and muslc based acLlvlLles.
volunLeers also provlde baslc Lngllsh
lessons ln a funny, enLerLalnlng and
encouraglng way. 8aslc communlcaLlon ln
Lngllsh wlLh Lhe chlldren ls posslble and Lhe
cenLer has become a melLlng poL of
lnLerculLural and language exchange.

>4)?0, @ "1-?(.,,05 .,'/&4() A()-45&

1he resulLs of our parLnershlp wlLh Lhe cenLer have been rewardlng for everyone lnvolved,
Lhe volunLeers' aLLendance aL Lhe cenLer encourages Lhe chlldren Lo lmprove and Lo work
hard durlng Lhelr Lherapy. lL's also an opporLunlLy for volunLeers Lo learn abouL Lhemselves
and develop Lhelr creaLlvlLy and ldeas abouL worklng wlLh chlldren wlLh speclal needs. Cvl
ls looklng forward Lo developlng and sLrengLhenlng
our parLnershlp wlLh Lhe Camlllan CenLre
At tbe beqlooloq of tbelt stoy lo tbe ceotte, tbe
cbllJteo wete sby ooJ JlJot loteqtote. 1lme posseJ
ooJ cbllJteo ote oow llke tbeyve oevet beeo befote -
cbeetfol, boppy, soppottlve fot eocb otbet. wotkloq
ot tbe ceotet ls locteJlbly tewotJloq. (Mottyoo 5koto
- Cvl lbooq Nqo commoolty ltojects cootJlootot)
Cvl conLlnues Lo work Lowards lLs long-Lerm ob[ecLlve
Lo lmprove healLh awareness and wellbelng ln Lhe
hang nga area. lf you would llke Lo read more abouL
Lhls pro[ecL and slgn up Lo volunLeer, please vlslL our
webslLe, llke our facebook page and follow us on
LwlLLer for Lhe laLesL up Lo daLe lnformaLlon dlrecL
from Lhe fleld.