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Prefab construction concept gaining

prominence in India
The concept of Prefab
construction, even though at a
nascent stage, is fast catching
up in several major cities across
India. It ofers multiple
advantages in terms of saving on
time, cost and labour, besides
the beneft of improved quality. It
provides a tremendous shift from
the conventional model of
construction which was
timeconsuming and costlier due
to the number of steps involved
in the process right from sourcing the raw materials to assembling them in
the right proportion to constructing the structure. !esides, the labour force
that was required in the construction process was also much more compared
to prefab construction.
Prefab concept
Prefab construction which is also called precast construction involves the
construction of concrete bloc"s which are done ofsite and ahead of time.
#uch structures are generally constructed in standard measurements and
transported to the construction site as and when they may be required. The
speciality of these structures is that they are composed and assembled in
bloc"s, in such a way that they can be removed later, if required. Production
of such concrete bloc"s follows a mechanical and robotised system in which
components employed in the production process move starting from one
point to the ne$t, with additions in between, until the fnal product is
obtained. %uality chec"s are performed at every single stage of production
with strict adherence to assembling codes of production.
&ouses constructed using prefab bloc"s difer from conventionally
constructed houses in that a large portion of their structures are constructed
using preassembled concrete bloc"s made in a processing plant. They are
then mounted one on top of the other at the site of construction to give
shape to the structure as per the requirement. This type of lodging
construction is also called modular home development. #uch modular homes
can be developed completely or partially using fabricated components. 'ven
though such type of construction was previously employed in the
construction of schools, colleges, administrative o(ces and organisations of
military or nonmilitary personnel, it is currently being increasingly employed
in the construction of commercial and residential projects.
There are numerous benefts that accrue by employing the Prefab
construction concept, both tangible and intangible. #aving on construction
time and costs is the most tangible beneft by employing this concept.
)oving construction materials within the city from time to time can be
cumbersome and can add to the construction costs with delays ensuing. !y
bringing prefab bloc"s which have been fabricated at factories to the
construction site to be assembled directly, developers can reduce manual
labour that is otherwise required by upto *+ per cent. ,s a result,
construction of a -.storey building which normally ta"es upto -/ months to
complete, can be completed in -0 months. )oreover, there is the assurance
regarding timely delivery as well as quality control.
Acceptance in India
)any countries li"e #ingapore have generally accepted this technology
concept, globally even though it is yet to gain in prominence in India.
&owever, it has been used e$tensively in many major infrastructure projects
li"e in the construction of elevated e$pressways and metro rail projects.
!esides, many construction conglomerates li"e Tata &ousing and 12T have
employed this technology in their residential projects in major cities
li"e )umbai, Pune and!angalore. &owever, to gain general acceptance
across the country, public awareness should be created with regards its
quality, durability, cost and safety.
Assurance of quality
There are various chec"s and approvals underta"en at each stage of
production to ensure the quality of the fnished product. ,s specifed in the
3ational !uilding 4ode, four engineers should certify the product. They are
the ground engineer, the structural engineer, the review consultant and the
construction engineer. This ensures that the quality of the construction
bloc"s is not compromised in any manner.
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