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Reincarnation is taught in the Bible

RESPONSE 1: It can be demonstrated that no Scripture teaches reincarnation. One reason is because the
God who inspired Scripture never contradicts Himself and the philosophical premises of reincarnation are
antithetical to major biblical teachings: e.g., self-perfection vs. salvation b grace apart from good wor!s
and individual merit" self-atonement #paing off one$s own !arma% vs. &hrist$s atonement for others sin.
Indeed, if &hrist paid the divine penalt for all sin (Karma) no !arma remains to be wor!ed off individuall.
'egardless, (man is destined to die once, after that to face judgment) #Hebrews *:+,%.
Reincarnation circumvents the nihilism of materialism.
RESPONSE 3: -ach incarnation involves an entirel new person" each person$s life is forever e.punged at
death, leading to the same nihilism of materialism. -ver individual person e.ists onl once in a
meaningless personal life and is then e.tinguished for eternit. /his offers similar conse0uences to the
nihilism of materialism.
Because of the associated law of karma, reincarnation provides perfect justice.
RESPONSE 5: ou cease to e.ist at death" the person punished in the ne.t life is not !ou but a new entit
entirel. /he fact that it is punished for !our sins, is hardl (just.)
Reincarnation is a universal belief found in all cultures.
RESPONSE 6: 1an, but not all. It is usuall found among pagan and spirituall primitive cultures. /he
are pagan and primitive largel from the spiritual and other conse0uences of their religious philosophies,
including reincarnation.
Reincarnation engenders personal responsibilit!.
RESPONSE 8: 2s documented in occult writings and pagan histor, it rationali3es or engenders amoralism,
selfishness, immoralit, and all sorts of sin, often (justifing) them b recourse to allegedl spiritual
principles and (truths.)
On the variant the gift of Heaven seems arbitrar and unfair. 2 father
who bestowed unmerited gifts on some of his children and not on
others would be considered unjust and arbitrar. Surel much the
same thing could be said about God if He were to act in a similar wa.
4ut suppose we accept the standard view that going to Heaven is
based on merit. It still seems unfair. Suppose that Heaven is a reward
for belief, for e.ample in 5esus as the Savior. 1illions of people
through no fault of their own have never heard of 5esus or at least
have not been e.posed to Scripture. /hese people6s failure to believe
is hardl grounds for punishment, that is lac! of reward.
Suppose the reward of Heaven is based not on belief but on moral
behavior. /his is still unfair. 1illions of people have not been e.posed
to the moral teachings of the 4ible. /hat the do not live according to
4iblical standards is not their fault. 1oreover, even those who have
been e.posed to the 4ible ma find its moral message unacceptable
on moral ground