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Release Support : http://scenedl.usr.me/Forum/thread-5.

Read In Terminal Font for better view!!

Install Notes :

Start The Installer [ONLY installs build 145]
Check "I accept the license conditions"
Check "I have read the data...."
Check "Custom installation"
Click Next

Choose the target folder and click "Next"

Check for updates :
Uncheck "Immediatly on first start-up"
Uncheck "Run automatically at regular intervals and
inform me"

Continue the installation

After the installation finishes, uncheck "Launch Tuneup
Utilities when finished" and click "Finish"

You can now either let the Update Wizard download and
install the Build 169, or if your offline or prefer to
close it, then unzip
package_14.0.1000.145_to_14.0.1000.169.zip to a temp
folder and then ONLY launch
base_14.0.1000.88_to_14.0.1000.110.msp and allow this to
update your TuneUp to v14.0.1000.169. AGAIN make sure to
UNCHECK: "Launch TuneUp Utilities 2014 when finished" on
the final update installation window.

If you chose to manually update and recieved an error
about file(s) inuse (because you didn't uncheck as stated
before), make sure to close the front end and then stop
the service "TuneUp.UtilitiesSvc" with task manager or
launch services.msc and stop it there and then retry

Finally make sure that TuneUp Utilities 2014 front end
isn't running, else shut it down, and
Next copy over the precracked dll from the Crack folder,
to the installed folder of TuneUp Utilities 2014, making
sure to overwrite the existing file. Now just import the
Registration.reg into your registry by double clicking
the file. You now have a fully registered and activated!
version of TuneUp Utilities 2014

Thats it..



|Credits For Medicine To:|
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| TE & Ishaan Rathour |