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1. Name the player in multimedia
education, with 200 centres in six
countries, which now offers interest-free
education loans to its students all over
the country, in alliance with HDFC Bank,
at zero per cent rate of interest.
a) Aptech b) NIIT c) Arena
2. 50-50 Maska Chaska is a new
variant biscuit from:
a) Britannia b) Parle Foods
c) MarieGold
3. Auto major Kinetic Group is
based in:
a) Mumbai b) Chennai c) Pune
4. The online arm of this newspaper
has been ranked seventh best foreign
newspaper site in the world by the
Forbes Magazine. The site is the only
Indian media web site to be placed
among the top 10 foreign newspaper
sites by the Forbes. Whom are we talking
a) Hindustan Times
b) The Times of India
c) The Tribune
5. Sapnay Card is a new credit card
a) Citibank b) Standard Chartered
c) SBI Card
6. is the chairman of Nasscom
a) Phiroz Vandrevala
b) Rajiv Singh
c) N.R. Narayana Murthy
7. Ujala, the magic fabric whitener
is a product of:
a) Reckitt & Colman
b) Jyothy Laboratories
c) Hindustan Lever Limited
8. ___ and ___ have emerged as the
leading Indian software exporters
during 2000-2001, clocking exports
worth Rs 2,870.26 crore and Rs 1,852.94
crore respectively.
a) Pentasoft and Pentamedia
b) Tata Consultancy Services and
c) Satyam Computer Services and
HCL Technologies
9. Who is called as the Indian
Pharmas Pied Piper?
a) Kallam Anji Reddy
b) D.S. Brar c) M.K. Hamied
10. Touching peoples heart is the
punch line of:
a) Apollo Hospitals Enterprise
b) Yamaha Motor India Private
c) Blue Dart Express
11. National Geographic Traveller
has eulogised Kerala (Gods own
country) as:
a) State of Enlightenment
b) Kerala is very rich in colour
c) One boundless picture of ethnic
12. French bank assurance major
Cardif is partnering with State Bank of
India for:
a) Credit Card
b) Life Insurance Operation
c) Retail Outlet
13. Aamir Khan made his debut as
producer for:
a) Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak
b) Lagaan c) Dil
14. Finance is no laughing matter,
is a punch line from:
a) The Financial Express
b) Business Standard
c) The Economic Times
15. Which company has tied-up
with the Star Group for providing
content, advertising and marketing
support to its FM Radio project?
a) Ispat Group
b) Bennett Coleman Group
c) Millennium Broadcasting
16. What expression, prominent in
recent ads of Pepsodent toothpaste, had
to be withdrawn following an ASCI
ruling, as Colgate had used the same
expression in its tooth powder ads?
a) Dishoom Dishoom
b) Super Shakti
c) For strong teeth
17.Touch tomorrow is the baseline
a) BPL b) Air Tel c) Spice
18. Because learning never stops,
is a punch line from:
a) Aptech b) netvarsity.com
c) Arena Multimedia
19. Which air route has the highest
level of international passenger traffic
in the world?
a) Saudi-Kerala b) Dubai-India
c) London-Paris
20. NetKracker is which companys
retail ISP division?
a) Infosys b) Wipro c) Satyam
21. ___ is all set to adopt one of the
Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj
a) Indian Hotels Company Ltd
b) Mahindra & Mahindra
c) Philips
22. Some banks have removed
UTIs Unit scheme from the list of
approved securities for providing loan
against securities under their respective
schemes. The same is the largest mutual
fund scheme and considered as a
sovereign security with highest safety
some time ago. Name the scheme.
a) Net Asset Value b) US-64
c) Mastergain
23. US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer
Inc. is the producer of the controversial
a) Penegra b) Viagra c) Cortizone
24. Complete this rallying cry of the
French Revolution: Liberty, Equality,
a) Freedom b) Employment
c) Fraternity
25. Which American Presidents
signature is there on a plaque on the
a) George Washington
b) Bill Clinton c) Richard Nixon
26. Which media agency has signed
a one-year contract with the Central
Railways to advertise inside two Central
Railway trains, The Deccan Queen and
Deccan Express that ply between
Mumbai and Pune.
a) Enterprise Nexus
b) Initiative Media c) iB&W
27. The Rs 500.34 crore net loss
posted by Telco in fiscal 2000-01 is the
second largest loss posted by any private
sector company in the history of
corporate India after in 1999-2000?
a) Malvika Steel b) Essar Steel
c) Ispat Steel
28. Legendary music maestro
Naushad Ali, who has composed
memorable music for all-time hits like
Mughal-e-Azam, Baiju Bawra and
Kohinoor, is coming out with a special
album comprising poems of:
a) V.P. Singh
b) A.B. Vajpayee
c) Yashwant Sinha
29. Morepen Laboratories, the
international generic manufacturer of
bulk drugs, has introduced a malaria test
kit called:
a) Optimal Rapid Malaria test kit
b) Optimal Plasmodium
c) Optimal Rapid Diagnostic Assay
30. Not just thunderous, but
wonderous is the tagline of:
a) Onida Thunder
b) Samsung Metallica
c) Videocon Bazoomba
31. Amtrex Hitachi Appliances Ltd
is a joint venture between Hitachi Ltd,
Japan and:
a) Thapar group b) Lalbhai group
c) Khaitan group
32. Gillette Diversified Operations
Pvt. Ltd. had introduced its parents
international toothbrushes in India five
years ago. Name the brand:
a) Oral-B Plus b) Pepsodent
c) Ajanta
33. How to speak Australian is the
tagline of which beer brand:
a) Bacardi b) Smirnoff c) Foster
34. Allied Domecq Spirits and
Wines India was the first company to
bring its Scotch brands into India in
1994. Name the brands
a) Old Smuggler Scotch and
Teachers Highland Cream
b) Chivas Regal and Johnnie Walker
c) None of the above
35. QRs on hundreds of import
items are being lifted by the
government. What does QR stands for?
a) Quantity Restrictions
b) Quota Raj
c) Quantitative Restrictions
36. Zee Tele Films has pinned its
hopes on yet another mega copy to bring
its back into cable reckoning. Its new
reality show, is supposed to be inspired
by the success of Western TV shows of
the same genre such as Survivor, Big
Brother and Jailbreak in the US and
Europe. Name the show:
a) Aaj Tak b) Prisoners of War
c) Haqeekat
37. Chennai-based Delta Innovative
Enterprises Ltd is set to introduce a
nationwide voice-mail service under its
brand name:
a) Deltagram b) Delta Satcom
c) Net 2 travel
38. Tulleeho.com is an online portal
a) Boozards b) Advertisers
c) Bargain
39. In 1998, Radio Khaitan Ltd
introduced 8 pm Whisky which has
become a runaway success. In its first
year, it achieved a record production of
one million cases finding a place in the
Limca Book of Records. The group also
produces rum, which is amongst the
largest selling rums in the country. Name
the brand.
a) Black Thunder b) Contessa
c) XXX rum
40. Clinic All Clear, anti-dandruff
shampoo is a product of:
a) Hindustan Lever Ltd.
b) Colgate-Palmolive
c) Sunsilk
41. After Arzoo and Hotmail, he
now has launched Telivoice, a global
phone messaging service unit. Whom
are we talking about?
a) Sabeer Bhatia b) Sanjay Mukerji
c) Rajan Mittal
42. What can I do for you? is the
slogan of:
a) HDFC Bank b) IDBI Bank
c) ICICI Bank
43. The shortest route to minus 18
degree Celsius is the punch line of :
a) Whirlpool b) LG
c) Kelvinator
44. The most beautiful eyes you
never saw, said the print ad, released
a) Johnson & Johnson
b) Bausch & Lomb
c) Ray Ban
45. The number of people
widening their outlook has consistently
been on the rise, is the latest statement
by this magazine on its circulation.
Whom are we talking about?
a) The India Express
b) Outlook c) A & M
46. AC ke bare me kal bataana ...
(tell them about the AC tomorrow) is
the new TV commercial campaign for:
a) Opel Corsa
b) LG Air conditioner
c) None of the above
47. Besides being a distribution
partner for channels such as AXN, SET
MAX and CNBC India, this group is
planning to rope in four new channels
in the area of music, science, current
affairs and childrens programming.
Name the group.
a) Zee b) Star c) Sony
48. Tropicana Beverages Company
is a unit of:
a) Parle Agro b) Enkays
c) Pepsico
49. Madras Rubber Factory, one of
the leading Indian tyre manufacturers,
is commonly known as:
a) JK Tyres b) MRF c) Dunlop
50. Dare to wear black mania is
the new promotional slogan of:
a) Kwality Walls b) Clinic All Clear
c) Captain Cook
1. c 2. a 3. c 4. a
5. b 6. a 7. b 8. b
9. a 10. b 11. a 12. b
13. b 14. b 15. a 16. a
17. b 18. b 19. c 20. b
21. a 22. b 23. b 24. c
25. c 26. b 27. b 28. b
29. a 30. c 31. b 32. a
33. c 34. a 35. c 36. b
37. a 38. a 39. b 40. a
41. a 42. b 43. c 44. b
45. b 46. a 47. c 48. c
49. b 50. b

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