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1 Cash fund set aside for current purposes /
Current Assets
a) petty cash fund
b) payroll fund
c) dividend fund
d) travel fund
e) interest fund
f) change fund
g) tax fund
2 Investments

Short term highly liquid investments /
Current Assets
ore than three months but !ithin one year
ore than one year
"ong term investments
#$ Cash fund set aside for non%current or payment
of non%current obligation &parallel to related liability) /
"ong term investments &non '
current assets)

a) Sin(ing fund
b) )reference share redemption fund
c) contingent fund
d) insurance fund
e) fund for acquisition/construction of ))*
+$ )reference shares !ith specified redemption date

acquired three months before redemption /

acquired more than three months before redemption
Current Asset if !/in 1 year
A$ *AS,-**./
a$ Short /erm 0und ' usually are considered as Cash
and Cash *quivalents
b$ "ong /erm 0und ' carried at the amount plus the
cost of securities ad1usted for discount/premium
amorti2ation3 and other assets in the fund$
1$ Sin(ing 0und ' set aside for the liquidation of long term%debt
I$ /he classification is parallel to the
classification of the related liability
b$ ,nder the administration of the entity
*ntries )roforma4
S0 Cash xx
1) Cash
&/ransfer of Cash to S0)
2) S0 Income
&Interest/5ividends from S0 Securities)
#) S0 Securities
&Sale of S0 Securities)
1) Cash &-eturn of -esidual Cash to 6en$ 0und) xx
2) S0 *xpense &Interest/0und *xpenses) xx
#) S0 Securities &Investing S0 Cash to Securities) xx
S0 Cash
-etained *arnings xx
Appropriated -/* for S0
7reverse entry upon payment of debt
c$ ,nder the charge of the trustee ' 8Sin(ing 0und '
/rustee9 is used$
2$ Insurance 0und ' to meet obligations that may arise on
certain ris(s on fortuitous events$
#$ Cash Surrender :alue
a$ *mployee as the beneficiary ' payments are
charged to insurance expense
b$ *ntity as the ;eneficiary '
I$ /he policy is a life policy
II$ )remiums for # full years must have
been paid
III$ /he policy is surrendered at the end of
the third year or anytime thereafter
Insurance *xpense xx
Cash xx
Cash Surrender :alue at the end of <ear #
CS: xx
Insurance *xpense &current year) xx
-etained *arnings &1st = 2nd) xx
If surrendered4
Cash xx
CS: xx
If Insured died4
Cash xx
CS: xx
6ain on "ife Insurance xx
+$ >ther 0unds ' any excess !ill be reversed
a$ )reference Share -edemption 0und
b$ 0und for Acquisition of )roperty
c$ Contingency 0und
0,.5 = >/?*- I.:*S/*./S